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tv   CBS 2 News at 5  CBS  April 1, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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avenue, the hernandez family looking out the window recorded the aftermath. >> oh, my, she was a nanny. she saved a baby but i don't know what is the story. >> reporter: you saw the victim under the car? >> under the car. let me show my phone. >> reporter: a 62-year-old nanny caring for the toddler across the street had the right of way in the crosswalk. a senior citizen driver did not see her pushing a stroller victims. >> ran outside because i up the car. by that time, it was too late because at that point, when we were trying to lift the car it looked like we were hurting her more than helping her. so when i looked down, the lady was literally under the car. and then i saw her back of her head was bleeding. >> reporter: good samaritans joined together as the nanny, her legs and head pinned, cried for help. the baby she had pushed free with barely a scratch.
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heroes an overused term, this is one time it's not overused. >> reporter: the community is filled with emotion. the baby's dad agrees but won't speak publicly yet. >> i just wanted to find out if there's any comment or anything that you could say in behalf of -- right now. >> it was a miracle at work. >> reporter: the elderly driver was supposed to yield to pedestrians but since her actions were not considered from rockville centre, jennifer mclogan, cbs 2 news. >> tonight the nanny is at south nassau community hospital in a medically- induced coma. first sunshine, now showers. tonight. scattered showers thunderstorms. >> scattered off with wet weather and now it's partly sunny 78 degrees. 78 is the typical high temperature for june 12. but like kristine was talking about, we are watching more
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there's the wet weather you had this morning. this is what we watched. now, we said hey could have some thunderstorms for your evening commute. lightning out there now. a little thunderstorm right here. you see it up in orange county. that extends down towards mount olive. all this is pushing off to the east around 6:00 or so the city, new york city, could be seeing some of this stormy weather move in. as a matter of fact, national weather service has us under a marginal risk for severe weather tonight. it's not a huge risk, it's marginal but it's out there. we'll track it throughout the newscast. now to breaking news. another slashing attack in the city. this time at penn station. cbs 2's dan rice live overhead in chopper 2 right now. dan. >> reporter: this is the be the section of 34th and seventh avenue at 3:10 this afternoon. a 51-year-old man was entering the subway when he was slashed in the back.
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a man and woman are being sought who were involved in the slashing. the victim is in stable condition in the hospital. no interruption on the subway line. again a 51-year-old man was slashed entering the subway here at 34th and seventh. back to you. >> thank you. hours earlier, another man was slashed while waiting for the subway in lower manhattan. he says he was cut by someone who demanded cash. cbs 2's steve langford spoke with the victim about this frightening attack. >> reporter: 4:30 a.m. at this subway station next to the world trade center, and a 64-year-old parking garage supervisor from long island is heading up this staircase to work on vesey street. we spoke to the victim by phone. >> somebody came behind me, he said, give me the [ censored ] -- give me the money. and i said i don't have any money. >> reporter: the victim, mel, who doesn't want his last name used, said he got slashed from behind on the cheek. >> it hurt.
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the stags after this, the latest city slashing, but the suspect had already fled as police swarmed the station. the victim didn't get a good look at the attacker. >> we'll check the video to see if we can identify him. >> reporter: you can't help but wonder, does the guy next to you in the subway have a knife? like it or not, a climate of fear pervades the subway system! >> honestly, i don't -- i'm afraid for my mom, my dad and, you know, family. >> that's why i ride a bike as much as i can. >> reporter: the victim's face wounds described as relatively minor, but he admits after 42 years of taking public transit to work without a problem this might change things for him. >> i don't know. i'm still confused. >> reporter: the wounds felt across the city. in lower manhattan, steve langford, cbs 2 news. we have new information tonight in the search for a mugger targeting the elderly. investigators say 64-year-old clarence jones is the man behind the rash of violent robberies in brooklyn and
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saturday shows him near the scene of the most recent attack in kensington. the victim, an 83-year-old woman who had her nose broken. police say the robber has struck at least five times leaving victims with serious injuries. new york's new budget has good news for 6 million middle class taxpayers in the form of a cut. cbs 2's political reporter marcia kramer says that some are already thinking about how to spend the windfall. >> reporter: it's not an april fool's joke. middle class new yorkers are going to see their income tax rates drop to the lowest level since 1948. >> i think we took care of working men and women across the state. i think we focus on real working people and tried to find ways to help. >> reporter: the tax cuts part of a new york state budget will mean an average of an extra $767 in the pockets of
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$150,000 a year. an extra $1,829 for families with incomes between $150,000 and $300,000. some are already thinking about what to do with the money. >> probably my credit card bills. >> daycare. >> i love to buy clothes and buying things and stuff like that. >> my dog. >> spend it? debt. spend it on debt. >> reporter: through a combination of an improving economy, lowering state debt and a 2% cap in spending, there are also extra funds for new initiatives. they are also hiking the minimum wage from $9 an hour to $15 an hour. that spells extra state revenue from income and sales taxes and the governor says it's good for the economy. >> you give a person on a minute mun wage a raise, they spend it. they don't put it in the bank. they need it. >> reporter: the minimum wage goes into effect gradually. in new york city it will get to $15 in three years, or four years if a business has fewer than to employees.
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island, $15 in six years. there is also a plan for 12 weeks of paid family leaves, and increased funds for city schools, charter schools, mass transit including long island rail road and metro-north, roads and bridges, the heroin crisis, help for seniors with prescription drug costs and water quality improvements. new york city avoided plans to increase medicaid costs and cuts to the university system. mayor de blasio, who is often feuding with governor cuomo, was quite laudatory. >> i commend the governor and the legislature. >> reporter: but mayor de blasio isn't out of the woods yet especially when it comes to albany. he needs the legislature to extend mayoral control of the schools before the session ends in june. senate republicans who are afternoon critical of de blasio want public hearings. also a laundry list of possible ethics reforms still
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after the convictions of skelos. >> thank you. several more schools in newark have been found to have high levels of lead in their water. that's on top of the 30 schools already testing it positive. janelle burrell has more from a school affected. >> reporter: frustration among newark parents reaching the boiling point. they want to know how long have officials known lead was in the water and how long have their children been exposed. >> it's crazy for the kids to go through that because, you know, some kids they don't carry bottled water. they depend on the schools. >> reporter: the most recent round of testing took samples from 8 nontraditional school facilities in the district. all 324 sources of water in theling withs were tested -- of the buildings were tested. a quarter came back with elevated levels. 17 samples were from drinking water sources. ten samples can from drinking
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the school had already taken preemptive action when news broke last month that 30 other newark buildings had high levels of lead. >> we immediately turned off all our water sources and switched to bottled water at that time. >> reporter: the coo says independent testing from an environmental expert found the water to be safe. they are now retesting but already have an overhaul under way. >> a high-end water filtration system calls reverse osmosis in the process of installing that now. >> they did a very good job. they got bottled water to our kids and were pro-active. i don't want the school to get a bad rap. it's the government and city. >> reporter: city officials say the water is safe and pipes are causing contaminations. they have been offering free blood tests to students but some parents say they don't trust the city to test their kids. the 17,000 students eligible, only 300 have so far used the service. >> i will not take my children to the same people that caused the problem. that would be ridiculous.
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officials will be releasing weekly updates about the water testing. they also say that they will be releasing lead test results dating back to 2012 in an effort to remain transparent. reporting from newark, janelle burrell, cbs 2 news. hundreds of local, state and federal health officials met in atlanta today coordinate a line of defense against the zika virus. >> at the end it's really important that we have the resources that we need to respond effectively. >> the centers for disease control says mosquitos that carry zika are already active in u.s. territories including puerto rico and the virgin islands. the mainland u.s. could see clusters of the virus in the come months. the zika outbreak is linked to birth defects in newborns. danger at the mall. chilling new information about the woman charged with kidnapping a newborn.
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story about a baby shower. >> so sick of the lying. >> bernie sanders responds to the question that got hillary clinton so upset on the campaign trail. >> so i'm thinking it's april fool's joke and then lo and behold there actually was a cow. >> oh, my god!! >> a bull on the run in the city. police go above and beyond the call of duty to rescue a wild animal on the run. >> and from excitement to anger, firefighters in love
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tonight a woman is charged with kidnapping a baby boy at a shopping mall outside of philadelphia. police say surveillance video captured the woman carrying the baby as she walked out of the king of prussia mall. investigators say the 32-year- old had befriended the child's family at the mall and then took off with the child. the 7-month-old was later found after a frantic search. >> that's a bad thing not knowing where your baby is at that somebody got your baby
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>> i think this is real hard for somebody to go through. >> police say the woman told them she had given birth to a baby that died after only a few hours in february. detectives are not sure whether that's true but they do say the woman did have a baby shower and relatives believed she was pregnant. some new information in the city's fight against graffiti today department of transportation crews power wash graffiti under the brooklyn bridge in chinatown. on wednesday, queens senator tony avella claimed that the city is not doing enough to fix the problem. but the city's department of transportation commissioner says the mayor directed $7 million to the city's economic development corporation, part of it going to graffiti clean- up. the mayor says he wants a city that's safe and clear and vision zero is a big priority. but the mayor also is a believer in the broken windows theories and he is investing also to do community clean-up. >> the department of
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clean 4.5 million square feet of graffiti around the city during the year this was no april fool's joke. a bull ran wild through the streets of queens this morning. the animal was eventually caught but not before it attracted a curious crowd. imagine that. we have a report. >> reporter: one of the kids yelled out cow. i'm thinking it's a april fool's joke but there was a cow. >> reporter: it was actually a bull. it was sellers' first time chaperoning students on a tour of a college in jamaica, queens. he is a guidance counseling. he wasn't expecting this to be the most memorable part of the student visit. >> i did not want anything to happen to these kids. this is only my first shift. >> reporter: he realized he needed proof of what he was seeing and took this video so people would believe him. police say the bull ran off as
5:17 pm
truck on liberty avenue and 160th street in jamaica. that happened around 10:00 this morning. the same time sellers' high school group was on campus. >> everybody started videos. the cow was erratic so the police blocked us off pushed us across the street. >> reporter: once captured, it was brought here to animal care and control in brooklyn. >> i hope he don't end up on nobody's table. that would be such a pity. >> got him. got him. >> reporter: a pity indeed especially since this bull's journey to freedom ended on liberty avenue. in jamaica, queens, reagan methodgy, cbs 2 news. >> an animal control and care spokesman said the bull is placed in a sanctuary. i feel really bad for the bull. >> yes. >> i mean, did you ever -- it must have been under a lot of stress every stress during all that, right? >> i feel bad for all the kids who have to see that. >> i don't know.
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but i think the nypd needs to work on their lassoing skills after all, these, you know, exits -- >> lived in nebraska or whatever where these things happen all the time. >> it's true. >> anyway, lonnie is here. >> the last ones probably may not be part of the curriculum. >> i don't think it is but given the trend. may want to reconsider. >> all right. here's what we have outside right now. pretty good-looking shot right there. partly sunny, 78 degrees south- southwest wind is warming us up. the high temperature 79. knocking on the door of 80 degrees today. 79 degrees. typical 56. well above that at 3:13 p.m. and now we are seeing some of the showers and storms make their way into the area. it's this skinny line and watch this area bubbling up to the west of philadelphia because that could be passing through, as well. zoom in tight here. i'll show you what's out here now. up at newburgh was the last thunderstorm i saw out there. the only bolt of lightning i
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if we could time this out, i'd like to show you where it's heading so if we have it there, yeah, let's just front edge there, georgie -- let's pull that one out for me and we'll give you a little idea of just how fast this is moving. gets into new york city looks like around 6:20 or so, a little earlier than that for about 5:36. newark 6:51. temperatures will be a huge story through the weekend. really dropping by some strong winds that come in. a high wind watch in effect for late saturday night into sunday morning. wind chills well below freezing for a lot of folks out there. we'll talk about that kristine later. the men and women can join uconn as the only program to win the national championship in the same season and as cbs 2's otis livingston tells you they have some jersey
5:20 pm
towards making that happen. >> right-handed tyler. >> reporter: before tyler robeson and malachai richardson were leading syracuse to this final four they were teammates at roosevelt catholic high school in new jersey and led them to chips there. >> he was a senior and malachai was a sophomore that year. i wasn't sure how good they would be at that level. they were tremendous. >> richardson three! [ applause and cheers ] >> reporter: richardson scored 21 second half points in the elite eight win over virginia. his former coach saw that before thinking back to the tlc final. >> malachai hit over 25-foot three and step-back three from the corner and it was almost exactly the shot that he hit from the right side of the court in the game the other night and i remember thinking like that is just what he does. he makes big shots when needed. >> this man stepped up so big for us, man! [ applause and cheers ] >> i bleed orange. >> reporter: columbia high
5:21 pm
four years at syracuse making the ncaa tournament in 2003 her final year. so she takes extra pride seeing another essex county player brittney sykes star in the orange. >> watching her develop through high school and now syracuse and now has the opportunity to play in the final four. it's been great with the jersey connection to syracuse and to our county and our state. >> reporter: the ultimate goal it so win the national championship. these players have a chance to do that. >> i know that syracuse university will be crazy. crazy! >> we are just hoping that they are able to get two more wins and cut down the nets no matter what happens to reach the final four and do what they have done giving us a tremendous sense of pride. >> the men have long odds facing number one north carolina in the national semifinal tomorrow night. the syracuse women will face 7th seed washington on sunday. now, neither will be easy. just a reminder, uconn pulled off that double twice 2004 and 2014. so wouldn't it be great if they could --
5:22 pm
mountaintop quite frankly at the final four. so time to cut down the nets! a lot of talent in the tri- state area. and jersey. >> always this time of year i get jealous. i wish i was back in college. it's such a fun time. >> it was. >> to root for a team that's done so well. >> if your school is there. ahem. [ laughter ] >> thanks, otis. coming up in just a moment. good news for coffee lovers. the latest study shows how it could help fight cancer if you drink the right amount. >> plus, a docking danger. a whale watching boat sends speak running for safety. >> a disturbing discovery on suburban school buses. why did the cia accidentally leave explosives on board? >> she is a high school volleyball star but banned
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we'll have more just ahead. t mt ard twk.nogesur-st00eginrn tanphe
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coming up at 6:00, students sickened at school. authorities say they drank something that made them so sick, they had to go to the hospital. >> plus, more homeless hoarding creating potential danger. this time, on a ledge over railroad tracks. who is responsible for cleaning it up and keeping it from happening again? >> that's tonight at 6:00.
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mounting ahead of the next test for the candidates. we are just four days away now from the primary in wisconsin where early voter turnout is up by more than 400%. cbs 2's alice gainer has the story. >> reporter: the friction between bernie sanders and hillary clinton is growing here in new york. on "cbs this morning," sanders accused clinton of taking money from the fossil fuel industry. >> if people receive money from lobbyists on the industry, i think you're receiving money from the industry. >> reporter: clinton claims she just has donors who happen to work for those companies. a greenpeace protestor confronted clinton about it at a rally yesterday. >> i'm so sick, i am so sick of the sanders campaign lying about this. >> reporter: an estimated 15,000 people showed up last night in the bronx to hear sanders speak. while clinton spent today in syracuse. here in new york, 247 delegates are at stake. clinton has a 12 point lead. but polls show sanders has an
5:27 pm
wisconsin primary after winning the last three states. clinton is also lashing out at sanders, criticizing his plans for free college. republican contender john kasich also took a shot at sanders' plans for free college today while campaigning in pennsylvania. >> do you believe we can have free college? >> no. >> okay. so just tell people. be realistic, folks. >> reporter: in the republican race, donald trump's chances of getting enough delegates to win before the convention could be in jeopardy if he loses in wisconsin tuesday. he trails ted cruz by 10 points in the latest polls. earlier this week, trump said he would no longer honor a pledge to support the nominee which he had previously agreed to do. wisconsin has 42 delegates up for grabs. maurice and kristine, a quiet day on the republican side. >> it's friday. >> which is rare. >> every day. >> thank you. [ laughter ] fighting back in the name of love. >> i was scared, man. i wasn't even thinking at the time when i reacted. >> a man and his girlfriend face off with a mugger in brooklyn.
5:28 pm
very special ring. >> plus, what once was a lifeline now being called an eyesore. the fight over a relief tent on staten island. should it stay or go? >> plus, an april fool's prank goes wrong.
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to apologize. it's a ring worth about $600 but it nearly cost a brooklyn man his life. good evening, i'm kristine johnson. >> welcome back. i'm maurice dubois. the victim fought to keep the jewelry out of the hands of an armed robber. scott rapoport has the story new at 5:30. >> i was scared, man. i wasn't even thinking at the time when i reacted, you know? >> reporter: larry gonzalez is talking about a frightening moment last week around 2 a.m. when he and his girlfriend were confronted by a gunman outside his apartment here on adelphi street demanding money, which gonzalez said he would have given him to save their lives. the problem was -- >> i didn't have money, no. debit card. >> reporter: after going through his backpack searching for anything of value the mugger saw a pinkie ring he had on his hand at the time and demanded he turn it over.
5:32 pm
something he just couldn't do. >> i'm just like, nah, man, i'm not giving that like i can't give it to you. >> reporter: he says the ring, a 114kt gold ring with two diamond hearts was a promise ring he was going to give to his girlfriend natasha a symbol of their love and when he refused to give it up -- >> that's when he got mad and he hit me in the side of the face with the gun. >> reporter: gonzalez says he fought back to save himself and the woman he loves. >> i just slammed him against a tree and the gun dropped i started beating him with the gun. he found some way to grab me. i found some way to grab him, the gun dropped again. >> reporter: gonzalez says when the gun dropped, he kicked it over to his girlfriend and told her to run to this nearby deli and call 911. when she did, police rushed to the scene and arrested the gunman, 42-year-old milton simon. he has been charged with robbery, criminal possession of a weapon, and menacing. >> it wasn't brave bring. it was nothing.
5:33 pm
quick reaction trying to live. >> reporter: and tonight he says the ring is where it belongs, on the finger of the woman he loves. scott rapoport, cbs 2 news. >> now, police suspect that milton simon had actually robbed another man at gunpoint just an hour before attacking gonzalez. the gunman who murdered a state trooper at a greyhound bus station yesterday had spent much of his life in prison. 34-year-old james brown iii shot trooper chad dermyer in richmond. brown had previously been charged with attempted murder and served time after pleading guilty to lesser charges. he had also been locked up for drugs, weapons and domestic abuse convictions. the officers had been on a training drill at the station. brown was shot and killed by officers at the scene. >> reporter: a helpful resource or an eyesore? people are divided on a superstorm sandy aid tent that's been standing outdoors for more than three years.
5:34 pm
others want it to stay. cbs 2's magged doris pressed the owner of the tent for answers. >> reporter: this military grade tent was a staple in oakwood section of staten island. it stored and supplied necessities to people displaced by superstorm sandy. now for some it's a nasty reminder. >> how would you like it in the front of your house. >> reporter: the tent owned by a relief aid nonprofit had been in the same spot since sandy. at that time many of the residents have left the government bought out mill road but 150 neighbors left are petitioning to have it gone. >> it's ugly and reminds us of superstorm sandy. >> reporter: we went to the owner for answers. are you still helping people out of that tent? >> not as of today. >> reporter: all activity has been halted this week. >> we help people shovel snow. when there's flooding. >> reporter: christopher who lives around the corner says
5:35 pm
>> they forgot about us. i called 311, no help. every time i call derek, derek's here in blink of an eye derek's truck is here. >> reporter: after months of coordination, the nonprofit will be packing up but fed up neighbors want to know why is out? >> we have to find a trucks. it's a big process. what i say to those people is, please, help us. working with catholic charities of staten island to get this tent removed within the next two weeks. it will be stored at mount loreto until the next time neighbors may be in need. in the oakwood section of staten island, magdalena doris, cbs 2 news. >> the rescue group says that the city has not offered to military-style tent. we did reach out to the city for response and are waiting to hear back. the cia admits it accidentally left explosive material under the hood of a virginia school bus after training exercises. the bus was then used to transport elementary and high
5:36 pm
before the material was found during a maintenance check. the cia hid the explosives inside the engine compartment for an exercise with local authorities to train police dogs. the cia says it was stable and not dangerous. and it is investigating what happened. the city's 911 dispatch system went down yesterday forcing operators to use pen and paper. the ems computer-aided dispatch was down for about 20 minutes yesterday afternoon. officials say no emergency calls were missed. the cause of the outage is still under investigation. the city adopted a new system three years ago and since then software has suffered sporadic glitches. new york city police commissioner bill bratton welcomed the best trained class ever, he said, to the nypd. 634 new officers joined the ranks of new york's finest today in a ceremony at madison square garden. the graduates hailed from 36
5:37 pm
the class includes the largest percentage of latino cops to date, 32%. we wish you all the very best. still ahead, a girl fighting to join an all boys volleyball team. what's stopping her from playing? >> plus, seconds to flee. an out-of-control ship crashes into a pier packed with people. >> then later, brothers on and off camera. their rise to "blue bloods" fame and their lives off the screen in westchester county. [ music ] >> speaking of "blue bloods," here is our little tie-in. 1986, new kids on the block. donnie wahlberg there in the middle. why do i know all this? [ laughter ] >> tell me why. [ laughter ] >> anyway, was a fan girl. debut album featuring their first single, here it is. [ music ] >> be my girl. joey macintyre at the lead. i know way too much. >> still a fan. >> the boy band from boston went on to sell more than 80 million records before parting ways in 1994. however, they do still do reunion tours.
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two westchester brothers have a co-starring role in the hit cbs drama "blue bloods." so what's it like to share the screen and life at home? cbs 2's jill nicolini sat down with the teenagers. >> why would anyone want to burn the american flag? >> they do it all the time in the middle east. >> reporter: meet tony and andrew. real life brothers who live in the small historical town of pelham in westchester county. they also act as brothers on the cbs drama, "blue bloods." they welcomed me into the home and say they are normal teens. >> sometimes i'll be at the movie theaters and someone will recognize me and they go wow, i thought you were a movie star. >> we all do the same thing except i'm out once a week and have to catch up on homework. >> reporter: they started out modeling at the age of six months and their mother continued taking them on acting auditions as they got older.
5:42 pm
8 when they landed the role of playing donnie wahlberg's sons. >> he is a goof ball always messing around with us playing jokes and tricks on us. it's fun. >> reporter: after school it's all about having fun and tony loves coming to glover field. >> i'm there almost every day whether it's for football season, lacrosse season. >> reporter: is better at football? >> definitely him. >> reporter: now for some more fun. and, of course, we had to go to the boys' favorite spot to eat. four corners pizzeria. >> i come at least once a week. it's just the best pizza. i really like the grandma slices. they have the best crust. i just like the plain slice. that's the best. >> reporter: and boys will be boys. they still make time for molly andrew's twin sister. in pelham, jill nicolini, cbs 2 news. >> and you can watch "blue bloods" tonight at 10:00 right here on cbs 2 followed by us, the news at 11:00. just a couple of regular guys with a cool job on the side. >> yes, they do. great show, too, by the way,
5:43 pm
lonnie quinn monitoring changes in the forecast. we have rain tonight and then it's going to feel a lot more like winter this weekend. >> hurt me really bad. >> a star volleyball player fighting to play with the boys. more coming up. >> an innocent man killed during a police pursuit now questions for the agency chasing a suspect through parts of new jersey. >> and residents on central park west complaining about neighbors smoking marijuana
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a short cruise in california ended with a crash yesterday that injured seven passengers. [ horn and crash ] >> a ship was returning from a whale watching trip in san diego when witnesses say it came in too fast. [ inaudible ] >> people on the pier ran for cover while passengers braced for impact. >> ran down the side of the
5:47 pm
going to hit. >> another guy said everything we got to move, we got to move. it's coming in hot. >> somebody said he can't stop. run. so we did. >> all the injured are expected to be okay. the crew says a mechanical malfunction caused the throttle to become stuck. here's another reason to grab your next morning cup of coffee. it may reduce your risk of colon cancer. this study is from the university of southern california. they found drinking one or two cups of coffee daily reduced cancer risks by 26%. the risk fell to 50% when a person drank more than 2.5 cups of coffee a day. the decreased risk was seen across all coffee types even decaf. researchers believe special compounds found in coffee contribute to overall coal ron health. banned but why? a high school star athlete
5:48 pm
was suddenly cut from the boys volleyball team. she says she was informed just days before the first game and without any reason. cbs 2's ilana gold has the story from the bronx. >> it was maybe the worst feeling. >> reporter: 17-year-old [ non- english language ] just had her volleyball dreams crushed just months after helping her girls varsity team win the city championship. yo no, you can't play, it hurt me bad. >> reporter: the senior at dream yard prep from the bronx is one of the top high school volleyball players in new york city. she planned to play on the school's boys volleyball team this season for more practice before heading to her college team in the fall. >> i feel like if i play with them, it's going to, like, help me you know? help me as a player to get better. >> reporter: she says she passed the required physical, the boys coach put her on the roster and two days before the first game last week she was banned without explanation. >> it hurts me because they are not telling me a reason why. >> reporter: what was your team's reaction when this decision was made? >> it was all surprise oh,
5:49 pm
this because we really thought we was going to get her this season. she is a great amazing player even better than the boys to be honest. >> reporter: the state guidelines say girls are allowed to submit a request to play on the same school's boys volleyball teams but a panel with the new york city public schools athletic league has to review each student's case and it goes to a vote. in aquino's case the vote was no. we contacted the public school's athletic league to find out why that decision was made. no one would comment. instead, they referred us to the city department of education. the department of education said, allowing students to play on both the boys and girls teams for the same sport during a school year decreases opportunities available for other students. but aquino isn't backing down. >> i had the skill to play with them. >> reporter: she is planning to fight the ruling and file an appeal. ilana gold, cbs 2 news. turning to the weather, weather picture lonnie quinn -- we have a weird one come
5:50 pm
we have severe thunderstorms and feeling like winter before the weekend is over. outside right now, the clouds are starting to thicken up. there's the empire state building. the temperature 78 degrees. new york city. okay? right around bridgewater right warning in effect for hunterdon county and for portions of mercer county, as well. the storms are making their push off to the east. looks like they would get to city about 8 p.m. we'll keep an eye on that. they were moving quickly. maybe earlier than that. just know that they are out there off to the west of our area, west of new york city, that is. unsettle saturday. chance of rain. strong winds will be kicking in saturday night. those strong winds, it's even more so sunday with the big winds. they are going to bring in cold temperatures. it feel really cold waking up early sunday morning. some of could you see some snow. believe it or not the models are starting to pump out some snow accumulations anywhere north of the city possibility
5:51 pm
some folks maybe even a little more than that. not a huge storm but just the fact that we are into april and we're talk about the possibility for a coating or more. vortex satellite and radar, here's the front making its way through the area. the bigger rain that you see down around the panhandle of florida will ride up the eastern seaboard. a lot of it stays off the shore, and it's all about what's on the back side of this front. the winds are going to be so strong we have a high wind watch saturday night into sunday. and again those winds are not just strong. they are cold. okay? let me show you how the futurecast is picking up on things. here we are this shows 8:30 and again, this heavy rain could very well be over the city earlier, you know, maybe 7:00 or something like that. just know there's the possibility of it moving again, spotty. it's out there. then into saturday, saturday morning, that rain came up from the south. that was that system i just showed new florida. so more clouds for saturday. and we are looking at rain chances saturday morning.
5:52 pm
not an all-day rain but unsettled and look at this sunday 6:30 some snow falling out there for some folks. and then you get into your day on monday morning, and the possibility for another wet snowflake to be mixed into our forecast. temperatures go way down. 79-degree today, a 59-degree reading for saturday. you are unsettled. saturday night those winds kick in drops the temperatures even more. sunday 45. early sunday morning again the possibility for some of you to wake up to a little coating out there. monday you're 46. look, it's basically an unsettled week this week coming up. and, you know, sunday morning monday morning tuesday morning, some wet snowflakes are in the forecast. >> all right. we're ready. >> thank you. some people were not laughing at the prank feature google added to its gmail service for april fool's day. a mic drop button would send an animated image of a minion
5:53 pm
the minion would drop a microphone and mute responses to whatever email the user had sent. the gmail help forum was flooded by angry users say they mistakenly added the mic drop to important business messages. google apologized and turned off the feature. >> ouch. >> yes. coming up next, a symbol of love under fire. >> i got a phone call saying that i will be suspended if i didn't take it down in an hour. >> volunteer firefighters engaged after meeting on the job. now in trouble over their wedding invitation. >> all hours of the day comes through -- guys sitting in there burning all day and all night comes through the vents.
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
constantly smoke marijuana. (vo) with thousands of quality pre-owned vehicles... and exceptional customer service, head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone...
5:56 pm
two volunteer firefighters in new jersey threatened after posting a wedding invitation on facebook. >> ali bauman talks to the couple who says the fire chief has gone too far. >> reporter: you are invited to the westing of szep and mellor. >> it's my invitation. i'm excited.
5:57 pm
>> reporter: like maybe brides to be in 2016, danielle szep posted a picture of her wedding invitation on her facebook page. >> i didn't think it was a big deal and i got a phone call saying that i will be suspended if i didn't take it down in an hour. >> reporter: that phone call danielle says from the chief of the garfield new jersey fire department where both she and her fiance are volunteer firefighters. >> i was upset. i didn't think there was a reason why we needed to take it down. and i just thought it was a little ridiculous. >> reporter: the couple says the chief enacted a new policy a few weeks ago banning firefighters from posting photos that could link them back to the department. and the couple tells me that the fire department is where they met. it's where they fell in love. it is part of their relationship. and they just want to celebrate that part of the relationship in their wedding. >> it's my home, you know? it kind of -- it -- i don't know. it makes our love special. >> reporter: and garfield officials agree with them. the city manager telling cbs
5:58 pm
city is anything that puts the fire department in a positive light should be put on social media and shared with the public." >> we just want the same pictures that everybody else has. >> reporter: but the city manager says ultimately, the photo policy is up to the chief. in garfield, ali bauman, cbs 2 news. >> we have reached out to the garfield fire chief to hear his reasoning but we are still waiting to hear back. that's it for the news at 5:00. the news at 6:00 starts right now. your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. an innocent man killed in a police pursuit. did police follow policy during a chase through new jersey? >> sick at school. two students hospitalized. what authorities say they drank that made them so sick. >> covered in graffiti. shopping carts full of junk. who is responsible for this mess along the henry hudson parkway?
5:59 pm
frantic search to find a place for more than 100 animals. good evening, i'm maurice dubois. >> i'm kristine johnson. dana tyler is off again tonight. we begin with breaking news. another slashing attack in the city. >> this latest victim was attacked near penn station. cbs 2's lou young there now with what happened. lou. >> reporter: yeah, this happened about 3 hours ago on the subway platform to the 1, 2 and 3 lines at penn station. this is where police confirm a 51-year-old man who got himself to the hospital after being cut in the back as attempted to board a southbound train. he was treated and released at the hospital. the victim told cops he believes one of the two panhandlers he saw at the station are responsible for cutting him. since this is the second slashing on the subway system today, it's a hot topic according to one police source and they sent a number of detectives town here comb the
6:00 pm
homebound commuters though don't seem worried. many new yorkers reacting the way they usually do. listen. >> cost of living here. >> reporter: yeah? >> if it never happens to you, it never happens to you. if it does, then it's a problem, ha, otherwise you just keep riding the trains and get to work and go home. >> reporter: it's new york, isn't it? the previous session, the slashing today, took place about 10 hours earlier on the "a" train mezzanine level at chambers street and in that incident the victim told police his assailant first demanded cash then slashed him in the face. from behind. the victim left the scene, went to work, called 911 from his employment. police aren't happy about that because they would prefer to get to the scene a lot sooner. here in midtown, they put up tape and closed the station just a short time ago. the tape apparently for the benefit of late arriving news crews because we were down


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