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tv   CBS 2 News Saturday  CBS  April 2, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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right now a dramatic change in the weather is on the way. temperatures are expected to take a plunge and some places could even see snow. plus a video of knocking down an elderly woman and taking her purse. that's not all she got away with. and stop that steer, the mad dash to catch the runaway animal in queens and the comedian who rushed in to help it.
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starts right now. good morning, it is 6:00 on this saturday, april 2 pped. i'm andrea grimes. >> i'm dick brennan. today's top stories are just ahead. first a wild round of weather. take a look at this funnel clou over raritan bay, looking over the south shore of long island. wow! >> there goes my car. >> also hail coming down in parts of the area. thissed video was taken in nyack and wayne in new jersey. and then there's the cooldown. the wind anna chance for snow. meteorologist vanessa murdoch is here with this crazy forecast. >> crazy indeed. >> yes, it is really all over the place. so today calmer than yesterday with regards to the storms, but we still have some showers. temperatures will be in the 50s. then tomorrow morning it is going to feel like single
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will be gusting as high as 60 miles per hour and, of course, you know, there's still the little bit of snow to mention. yeah, that happens overnight tonight into early tomorrow morning. not a whole lot, but certainly a significant change from severe thunderstorms that we dealt with yesterday. right now on the vortex satellite and radar picture there's a lot of green on the screen. expect showers for today, some breaks this afternoon. we're at 54 right now in the city, 43 in monticello, 47 in the hamptons, 54 in belmar. the 24-hour temperature change looks like this. it's 18 degrees cooler in monticello, 10 degrees cooler in the city. hour by hour, as we roll on through the day, expect showers on and off, not a total washout, but certainly not bright and beautiful. 3:00 this afternoon your high is 59 degrees, a little breezy today, but nothing compared to what we expect tomorrow. your full forecast not too far away. back to you, andrea and dick. >> all right, vanessa, thanks very much. well, a 103-year-old woman
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steps from her apartment. >> the hunt is now on for the her. cbs 2's magdalena dors joins us live from the scene. >>reporter: dick an andrea, who would do this to such a vulnerable target? well, now police have an idea and they're releasing some surveillance video in hopes of finding their suspect. take a look at this video. police are looking for this woman. they say at 4:30 friday afternoon she followed this elderly woman into her building in co-op city. she followed her up to the elevator and police sources say they got off at the eighth floor. that's when the suspect targeted this senten airian, knocking her to the floor, stealing her shopping cart that was filled with food she just got from the community center. she also made away with her purse. now, police say that this suspect got away with an undetermined amount of cash as well as credit and i.d.
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year-old victim is doing okay. she refused medical attention after being assaulted and robbed. in the co-op city section of the bronx, magdel 'na, cbs 2 news. >> thank you. police have now identified another suspect, a man they say has been targeting the elderly in a series of violent robberies in brooklyn and queens. investigators say 64-year-old claireance jones has robbed at least five people over the last couple of weeks. the most recent attack left an 83-year-old woman in kensington with a broken nose. and we now know the name of a man killed when a police car crashed into his vehicle in new jersey. 67-year-old john parm was just blocks from his hackensack home when he was struck on summit and ross avenues. the officer was headed to another accident in maywood after a police chase. the crash is still being investigated by bergen county prosecutor's office. parm leaves behind a wife and son. new york state's minimum
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$15 an hour in the city. it'll take three or four years to get to that increase dpengd on the size of the employer. it'll take six years for long island and westchester. upstate workers will see a minimum wage of $12.50 in five years followed by increases to $15 an hour after that. it's all part of the budget deal which also includes a plan for paid family leave. >> we should have the capacity to be there when the family needs you, whether it's a good news or bad news situation. >> paid family leave will be 12 weeks. the current minimum wage is $9 an hour. this deal also drops most people's taxes to the lowest level since 1948. some troubling news for parents in newark. a new round of testing has found elevated lead levels at more schools. the last testing involved eight school buildings in the district, 324 water sources were sampled. and quarter came back with elevated levels, 17 of them from drinking water sources. that's on top of the 30 schools already testing positive.
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isn't with the school. >> they did a very good job, they got bottled water to our kids. they were very proactive in making sure our children are safe and it is the government, it is the city. >> city officials insist the water is safe and blame the contamination on old pipes. now to a commuter alert this morning. the pulaski skyway is closed this weekend while crews continue a massive rebuilding project. it will reopen money morning, but drivers should expect several traffic pattern changes as crews begin replacing the southbound bridge deck. starting monday raymond boulevard exit will also be closed for about two years. it's 6:06 in the morning. call it nanny to the rescue. >> her one concern that she asked was if the baby was okay. >> a woman is struck by a vehicle seconds after pushing a baby out of the way. why the driver is not facing charges this morning. plus trapped an going under, the rescue that was seconds away from becoming a tragedy.
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should have to cut your chances of a certain type of cancer. first here's vanessa
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x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x=x= don't forget we're always on facebook and twitter. well, not always on, not while we're doing the show. >> oh, no. >> not exactly. but you can join our conversation at full and sweet us @cbsnewyork. president obama is warning leaders to not be complacent about isis getting ahold of nuclear weapons. >> if these mad men ever got their hands on a nuclear bomb or nuclear material, they most certainly would use it to kill as many innocent people as possible. >> the president spoke at the nuclear summit yesterday. he said preventing isis from getting nuclear weapons must be
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isis does not have the capability to bill a warhead, but could steal one or hijack a nuclear facility. the president closed his nuclear summit by questioning donald trump. the republican presidential frontrunner recently said south korea and japan should arm themselves with nuclear weapons. >> person who made the statements doesn't know much about foreign policy or nuclear policy or the korean peninsula or the world generally. >> on the democratic side, bernie sanders is accusing hillary clinton of being in the pocket of energy lobbyists. both candidates have taken donations from employees of oil companies. during a campaign stop on thursday, clinton told reporters she was sick of the sanders campaign lying about her. but the vermont senator is not backing down. >> secretary clinton, you owe our campaign an apology. we were telling the truth. >> clinton's campaign says it has no plans to apologize.
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voters in wisconsin head to the polls for tuesday's caucuses. well, it turns out the knife found at o.j. simpson's former california estate is not connected to the infamous murder case. los angeles police concluded the weapon was not used to kill simpson's ex-wife nicole and her friend ron goldman. the knife supposedly was found in 2003 while construction crews were working on the brentwood estate after the property changed hands. the lapd took possession of it just this past february. health officials from around the country gathered for a zika summit at cdc headquarters in atlanta. their aim yesterday was to coordinate a line of defense against outbreeks. >> -- outbreaks. >> at the end, it's really important that we ventilate resources we need to respond effectively. >> the cdc says mosquitoes that carry zika are already active in the u.s. territories, including puerto rico and the virgin islands. the u.s. could see clusters of the virus in the coming months. a zika epidemic has been sweeping through latin america
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infections in pregnant women have been strongly linked to fetal deaths and potentially devastating birth defects. well, there's another reason to grab your morning cup of coffee, it may reduce colon cancer. researchers from the university of southern california found drinking one to two cups of coffee daily reduce the cancer risk by 26%. the study showed the risk fell to 50% when a person drank more than 2 1/2 cups of coffee per day. the decreased risk was seen across the board in all coffee types, even decaf. researchers believe special compounds in coffees contribute to overall colon health. >> it's tough to keep up with all these studies, but i like this one >> this is a good one. >> keep going. keep going. >> i have at least 2 1/2 cups a day probably. >> only 2 1/2. >> on this shift >> yeah, i was going to say in this hour maybe 2 1/2 >> yeah, in this hour, you're right. vanessa will be very busy. she'll need a lot of coffee too. >> there's a lot going on with the weather >> there is so much going on, guys. we are making big swings and the weather tomorrow could be a big issue, not the snow.
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compared to the winds which could be gusting as high as 60 miles per hour. let's take you live ouz, show you what's happening here. things are looking very bleak this morning, i should say. we have got showers across the region, 54 degrees, northeast winds at 5 miles per hour. your headlines, unsettled today, colder air arrives overnight and then gusty winds develop. we're talking, again, gusts as high as 60 miles per hour. i think more in the range of 40 to 50 for the most part, but extreme cases could be 60. as we look at the temperature trend, it was 79, scorching yesterday. today 20-degree drop, 59 degrees, coupled with showers. it won't be an all-day washout, but nonetheless 59 degrees, a lot cooler and damp today. tomorrow early in the morning a little clip of snow, but it's going to feel like the single digits and teens to start off. by afternoon a high of 44, feels like the 20s and 30s because those winds will be cranking. monday we start to warm on up a bit, but i'll tell you what, monday into tuesday we have
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of wet weather that will start as snow and transition to rain. can you believe it? april 1st, yesterday was not an april fool's joke. that's when whee started talking about all this stuff. so here's the deal, we do have a high wind warning going into effect tonight at midnight through tomorrow midday, gusts as high as 60 miles per hour possible. at present showers are moving on through. this will be the trend for today, showers on and off, and then what are we talking about with regard to the snow? it's this that's bringing the cold air with it. so big drops in temperatures. and a little clip of snow. hour by hour, here's what it looks like. we take you through the day today, periods of showers, could be heavy at times. as we go into the afternoon expect more breaks from the rain, and some breaks of sun as well. but, again, it will be a lot cooler than it was yesterday. overnight a little bit of clearing. here we are at 2:00 a.m. note how it starts as rain in the city, but snow north and west. but by the time it exits, as that really cold air makes its
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see a little bit of snow early tomorrow morning. then it clears out, but it is still going to be windy and cold for the second half of your day on sunday. as far as snowfall totals, what do we expect? not a lot to stick here, but as far as what will fall, a trace for most of us. but we could actually see up to two, maybe 2 1/2 inches well north and west of the city. so a little bit of accumulation there, but for the most part most of us just see some flakes falling early tomorrow morning. today cooler, showers, late breaks of sun. 59 degrees, becoming breezy later today. overnight those winds start to crank up. 37 degrees will feel like single digits and teens for most of us. winds will be out of the west/northwest at 15 to 25, gusting to 40 overnight. then for your day tomorrow early snow giving way to some sun, 44. winds cob gusting beyond that 50 mile per hour mark tomorrow. okay. so that's your crazy weekend. monday we are watching the chance for a storm that will
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and then change over to rain, 53 degrees your high on monday. tuesday it is 42 degrees and breezy. note these temperatures. these are well below seasonable. we should be in the mid-50s. for wednesday it is 46 degrees and mostly sunny, remaining on the chilly side. then thursday into friday much more seasonable, but certainly plenty of clouds in the forecast and more wet weather. so moral of the story, incredibly unsettled and just brace yourself for those winds tomorrow because, really, we could see some isolated power outages as a result. >> should have been taking notes through all of that. thank you, vanessa. >> i know. >> thank you. >> thanks, vaness a. sports this morning, the knicks and nets face off in a hometown showdown >> and spring training really isn't going well for the mets. here's otis with your sports update. >> good morning, everyone. the knicks and nets played each other at the garden last night so we were assured one would pick up a win. kurt randis says zingus will not return this season unless his shoulder is 100%. a pair of teams that packed it
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give the younger guys more time. jerry and grant in his first start of his career and he starts it off with an airball. melo gave back some minutes but he didn't cut down on his attempts. 6-15 from the perimeter finishing with 13 points. and how about langeston. get out of the way. he led new york with 18 points. the knicks pumped in 14 threes as they take down the rivals by 14. they say you can't weigh too heavily the results of spring training baseball games, but when you've gone 14 straight without a victory, there has to be at least a little bit of concern. and are the mets really ready for prime time? final spring training game against the cubs in vegas. steven max threw five hitless innings and struck out six, including the big bats of new jersey's anthony rizle and also kyle slabber. matt's last two starts, only allowed one run in over 10 2/3 innings. that was his first home run of the spring.
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a "w" taking down the cubs 8-1. for cbs 2 news, i'm otis livingston. have a great saturday. the taste of the day is baby heirloom tomatoes. these are fantastic. you know what? the flavor profile and the colors and the textures we put them on a salad or cut them in half, a little bit of olive oil, salt and pepper on their own is delicious. selection in the store is very important on the baby heirloom tomatoes. they're sold in trays like this which is important. that's what you'll see at the market. but what you want to do is look at the tray carefully because they are fairly expensive. make sure there's no decaying whatsoever and no moisture inside there whatsoever. then when you bring them home, open up the top, store them on the county. do not store -- in the counter. do not store them in the refrigerator. the reason why you want to open up the top is because tomatoes actually bring out their own heat.
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temperature at your -- in the refrigerator they decay much faster. open them up and that's t. baby heirloom tomatoes in the market, delicious, on a salad, olive oil, salt and pepper, maybe some ricotta cheese on top too, dry ricotta. i'm tony tantillo your fresh grocer. i could keep building on these tomatoes on and on and on >> it seemed like it. looks good >> it's just tomatoes. he's so excited. >> but you put cheese on them and it makes it all better. balsamic. we gotta move on. time 6:20. a symbol of love under fire. >> i got a phone call saying that i will be suspended if i didn't take it down in an hour >> firefighters engaged after a meeting on the job. now they're in trouble over their wedding invitation. and showing blue, it's world autism day. after the break the warnings
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this is cbs 2 saturday morning. police in connecticut rescued a woman when her car plunged through a barrier along eastern point beach in groton. some people nearby tried to help the 85-year-old by smashing her car wl. the water line was just inches
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lieutenant broke the passenger side window, finally pulling her to safety. we're told she was not seriously hurt and will be okay. dick. well, andrea, today is world autism awareness day and people across the globe will be lighting it up blue as we are, andrea and i, shining to shine a spotlight on autism and celebrate individuals on the spectrum, as we say. when it comes to autism, early diagnosis is key and parents need to know what to look out for. joining us live is lisa, she's the executive vice president of programs and services for autism speaks, the nation's largest autism advocacy organization. lisa, thank you for joining us. and it's -- as you know, it's difficult when parents suspect their child may have autism, but the big question is how do you know? what are the warning sign? >> right. so there are signs parents should look for. no big smiles by six months, no back and forth gesturing by 12 months if there aren't any babbling -- if there's not any
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and then at 16 months, you're looking for words and at 24 months you're looking for two- word weather then heathers. and if you don't see those things, parents should talk with their pediatricians. >> now, is it really right down to those numbers, or, you know, it could be a few months back and forth parents should go crazy right away, is that how it is? >> right. so those are guidelines. however, we do know that intensive early intervention yields the best possible results. so, you know, we encourage parents, if they have concerns, any of those concerns to go to speak speak to their pediatrician, go to we have a tool kit called first concerns to action that really walks parents through what they can look for and how they can speak to their pediatrician about those concerns. >> and that's essentially the first step you should really be taking? >> yes. >> and just how effective are the therapies? i mean, you know, people say you start early. >> right.
6:26 am
what is the effectiveness of the therapy? >> so we do know that early intensive intervention yields the best results for children. you want -- it's hard for parents if they think that their child is struggling or that there's a challenge. if they get a diagnosis, they'll have a road map for the proper treatment that that child needs, and it's so important to remember this is the same child as before you had that diagnosis, you're just providing them with the support and the help that they need to be the best child that they can be. >> right. how hard is it a parent to almost acknowledge that? are parents saying, gee, i don't want to go there and it prevents people from jumping in right away, is that what happens? >> for some parents it is difficult, and for others, they know that there is something wrong and they're looking to find out what that is. but, you know, no matter what, it's your child and you want to be able to provide the best for that child and so it's so important to look at those signs, understand your child's development and seek help when
6:27 am
tell us about -- i just said that we're all dressed in blue today in honor of the light up the blue campaign. tell us about the campaign. >> so today, april 2nd is world autism day. >> you have your blue on. >> i didn't notice it first, but it's there. >> it's there. world autism awareness day, 147 countries throughout the world, over 11.000 buildings, we are asking people to wear blue. light it up blue to support those with autism, the 70 million people with autism around the globe. >> 70 million. >> 70 million people are affected by autism around the world. >> and the real frustration i'm sure you know this is just the level of the research. where are we right now in terms of the research? there's really no known cause of autism, correct? >> right. but the research has yielded some results. we know that there is a genetic predisposition. it's not what we know from research, it's not one gene, just like there's not one type of autism. in addition to that, we know
6:28 am
trigger and it's so important that we continue to fund research so we can understand better what that environmental trigger is, and also so that we can find the treatment and support that people need throughout their lifetime, those affected by autism. >> well, lisa, congratulations to you and everybody with the light up the blue campaign. good luck today >> thank you. and thank you for wearing blue >> we got the blue. thank you so much. thanks for joining us. and for more information about world autism awareness day, head to our website, and we'll be right back. spruce up your home today with up to 30% savings on hundreds of styles and colors. spring is here. and so are the savings. blinds to go.
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most weekends only last a couple of days. some last a lifetime. hampton. we go together. book at to get a guaranteed discount. t mt ard twk.nogesur-st00eginrn tanphe
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blinds to go faux wood blinds combines the warmth of natural wood with modern durability to make any room beautiful for years to come. spruce up your home today with up to 30% savings on hundreds of styles and colors. spring is here. and so are the savings. blinds to go. blinds for life. right now a 103-year-old woman robbed of her purse and her food. video this morning of the woman accused of attacking her. plus this: >> i looked down, the lady was literally under the car. >> jumping in front of danger, a nanny risks her life to save a child.
6:31 am
how the comedian rushed in to help an animal that caused a lot of chaos in queens. good morning. it's 6:30 on this saturday, april 2nd, i'm dick brennan. >> i'm andrea grimes. the day's top stories is straight ahead. actually, one of them is the weather. >> a top story, yeah. >> let's get to vanessa. >> a lot of people are talking this today because we were near 80 yesterday. huge change this weekend >> massive changes. i think we could fill a half hour, honestly, just talking about the weather. >> go. just start now. >> there's a lot of details to discuss. first let's just focus on today because it's your saturday. i'm sure you have plans. what can you expect? first things first. we've got showers out there and this will be the trend for much of the day. it will not be a complete and total washout, but expect showers on and off, mainly cloudy skies, temperatures will
6:32 am
50s for highs today. a lot cooler than yesterday. right now it's 54 in the city, 43 in liberty, 50 in montauk. toms river at 54. this is the 24-hour temperature change. 19 degrees cooler in sussex, 10 degrees cooler right now in the city. but by this afternoon when we reach those daytime highs, it will be pretty much 20 degrees cooler than yesterday across the board. here's a look at the breakdown. 56 by noon, still showers. by 3:00 this afternoon a high of 59. showers are still around, but more breaks of sun as we get into the afternoon. then temperatures tumble. we'll talk snow and frigid wind chills in my full forecast. andrea and dick, back to you. >> vanessa, thank you. many bronx residents are on alert this morning after a 103- year-old woman was robbed just steps away from her apartment. >> now the hunt is on for the attacker. cbs 2's magdelena doris joins us live from the scene in co-op city. >>reporter: good morning, dick
6:33 am
very vulnerable victim is doing okay, but now police, as you mentioned, are looking for this suspect, and they have released surveillance video in this case. i want you to take a look at this video. police say this woman, this suspect entered the co-op city building following the elderly woman behind her. now, this woman followed the elderly victim into the elevator, up to the eighth floor which is where her apartment was. and that's when investigators say she targeted this sentarrian, pushing her down to the ground, robbing her, stealing a shopping cart which had two meals she just received from the community center inside. she also made away with her purse. police say that suspect got away from this situation with an undetermined amount of cash, i.d. cards and credit cards as well. thankfully, again, that 103- year-old victim is doing okay. she refused any kind of medical attention after being assaulted and robbed. live in the co-op city section of the bronx, magdalena doris, cbs 2 news.
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a long island woman is set to be arraigned today on murder charges in the death of her newborn baby. 20-year-old sharon suddenat was head. nassau county police say she hid her pregnancy from her parents, initially denied giving birth. investigators say she suffocated her newborn and stuff the child's body in a plastic bag at her home. a lyle nanny is in the hospital after risking her life to save a baby in her care. the nanny pushed a stroller carrying the baby just out of the way seconds before a car crashed into her. cbs 2's brian spoke with one of her employers. >> she's practically family to us. >> dawtry is talking her part- time nanny critically injured by this silver suv in rockville centre wednesday. what she did. >>reporter: what 62-year-old loretta penn did a split second before the crash is push a stroller with a 9-month-old boy in it to safety.
6:35 am
she saved the baby. >>reporter: neighbor anna hernandez took this cell phone video at the corner of hempsted and north village avenues as good samaritans tried to get the suv off penn before firefighters arrived. >> when i looked down, the lady was literally under the car, and then i saw her the back of the head was bleeding. >>reporter: penn had multiple fractures and rushed to south nassau's community hospital in nearby oceanside where police say she is in a medically- induced coma. >> she was in and out of consciousness and her one concern she asked was is the baby okay. we're praying for her. it's really unfortunate. >>reporter: police say the victim and the child in the stroller had the right of way. they were crossing with the light here, but the elderly driver did not see them as she tried to make a left turn. she is not facing any criminal charges in the accident, and police say she is simply distraught over what happened. reporting from rockville centre
6:36 am
cbs 2 news. also on long island, two student wrs rushed to the hospital after -- were rushed to the hospital after ingest ago strange drink at school. school officials say yesterday morning two students at north babylon high school drank an unknown substance out of a water bottle in class. they were taken to the hospital with elevated blood pressure and heart rates. they have since been released. it's unclear if they were victims of an april fool's prank. the contents of the bottle still under investigation. and the city continues its fight against graffiti. department of transportation crews power washed graffiti unthe brooklyn bridge in chinatown. on wednesday queens senator tony avella claims the city is not doing enough to fix the problem and instead focusing more on the mayor's vision zero program. the d.o.t. commissioner says the mayor has committed $7 million to clean up for efforts this year. >> the mayor has said he wants a city that is both safe and clean and it's no question that zero is a big priority for d.o.t. and the city. but the mayor is also a
6:37 am
theory and is investing also to do graffiti cleanup. >> the d.o.t. says crews will clean 4.5 million square feet of graffiti around the city during the year. new rules could make the skies over newark airport even busier. the faa is easing limits on the number of hourly flights. in 2008 flights were restricted to 81 per hour to reduce congestion and delays. the faa says those delays are now down significantly. the port authority says the move should lead to more competition and help reduce fares. the changes take effect in october. there is new information on the steer that caused an imprompturodeo in queens and the celebrity that came to its rescue. police say the animal took off while it was being unloaded from a truck yesterday. check this out. do you believe it? it was running across the york college campus and it eventually was caught, round em up. comedian jon stewart and his wife tracy, they came from somewhere and took the animal
6:38 am
watkins glenn, new york. video shows stewart feeding it hay after his busy day. there he is. >> put down the cell phone, everybody is taking videos. the cow became a little erratic, so, you know, the police blocked us off, pushed us across the street. >> we're toll the steer's name is frank lee because i guess steers have names. and stewart and his wife tracy have partnered with farm sanctuary for several years. that explains that. >> they d. they did a wonderful story on them sunday morning not too long ago an just the work they do with animals. but a crazy scene for sure. >> who knew stewart feeding -- who knew? a farm guy >> at least they got him. time now is 6:38. it is supposed to be the happiest occasion in their lives but it nearly created a major issue at work. how an invitation got two firefighters in hot water with their boss. and it's a double date for syracuse, the local connections helping both big orange teams dance in the final four. but, first, here is vanessa murdock with a check on the forecast. >> showers moving through this
6:39 am
some snow moving through tomorrow morning. and then the biggest story of all, winds gusting to 60 miles per hour. i will have your full forecast coming up. (vo) shop all makes, models and colors in your neighborhood... all with worry-free ownership. head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone...
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good morning. waking up to the sounds of luke bryan. he is expected to open up tomorrow night's academy of country music awards with this song, "huntin', fishin' and lovin' everyday." it is 54 degrees as we look out at the empire state building. >> you said he's doing some country -- huntin' and fishin' and lovin' everyday
6:42 am
you know i love country music. the biggest stars will be on hand when dierks bentley will host the show at mgm grand garden arena. many of them spent yesterday rehearsing for the big day. miranda lambert is one of the performers. she is nominated for entertainer of the year. eric church will take the stage. he's nominated in five categories, including his first for entertainer of the year. there he is. you can watch the awards live right here on cbs tomorrow night beginning right here at 8:00. >> i know miranda lambert, i've heard of her. >> heard of garth brook? >> come on. i'm not that bad. >> okay. >> all right. anyway, two volunteer firefighters in new jersey say they're being threatened after posting a wedding invitation on facebook. >> cbs 2's allie bowman talks to the couple who say their fire chief has gone too far. >>reporter: you are invited to the wedding of dezap and p. miller >> it was my invitation. i'm excited. i can't wait.
6:43 am
bride-to-bees in 2016, she posted an invite of her wedding on her facebook page. >> i didn't think it was a big deal. and i got a phone call saying that i will be suspended if i didn't take it down in an hour. >>reporter: that phone call danielle says the chief from the garfield, new jersey fire department where both she and her fiancee are volunteer firefighters. >> i was pretty upset about it. i didn't think there was a reason why he needed -- why we needed to take it down, and i just thought it was a little ridiculous. >>reporter: the couple says the chief enacted a new policy a few weeks ago, banning firefighters from posting photos that could link them back to the department. and the couple tell meece that the fire department -- tells me that the fire department is where they met, where they fell in love, it's part of their relationship, and they just want to celebrate that part of the relationship in their wedding. >> it's my home. it kind of -- i don't know. it makes our love special. >>reporter: and garfield officials agree with them. the city manager telling cbs 2 "the position of the city is
6:44 am
department in a positive light should be put on social media and shared with the public." >> we just want the same pictures that everybody else has. >>reporter: but the city manager says ultimately the photo policy is up to the chief. in garfield, allie bowman, cbs 2 news. >> and we've reached out to the garfield fire chief to hear his reasoning behind the policy, but we have not yet heard back. there's new information on the fiat that pope francis used during his visit here to new york city. the car sold at auction for $300,000 to philanthropist and renowned car collector miles nadow. the proceeds will benefit catholic schools and charities of the new york arch diocese. we saw him at the airport driving around. it's so funny >> this brings back such nice memories of those few days he was here. apparently he has two fiats and the archdiocese isn't quite sure yet what to do with the second one. >> he has been known to jump in the car and drive it around himself. >> i know. which is really nice. >> uh-huh. >> and all for a good cause. >> yes, absolutely. >> auctioning it off, i meant.
6:45 am
for vanessa. >> it is time for vanessa. >> my turn. >> it's your turn. and you know what? you're working way too hard for april. >> i know >> this isn't right. >> it's spring, baby. >> you're supposed to put your feet up now. >> let's go ahead and get things kicked off with our weather watchers, see what the temperatures are out there. right now they are cooler than they were yesterday morning. that's for sure. take a look at the list of temperatures here, 51 in babylon village. we've got 53 for bloom fl. just 43 in yulon, new york this morning and 55 in bayonne, new jersey. live outside right now, let's show you what's happening in the city. we see a little bit of sun trying to break through, but it's cloudy, showers, 54 degrees, northeast winds at 5. what to expect from this forecast. unsettled today with late breaks of sun, and then the strong cold front rolls through overnight. so some rain becomeses some snow early tomorrow -- becomes some snow early tomorrow morning. the bigger story, though, these very gusty winds.
6:46 am
miles per hour possibly. that means power outages could become a problem. so a high wind warning goes into effect tonight at midnight until noon tomorrow. after that the winds will subside and we'll see some sunshine. on the vortex satellite and radar picture right now, showers are lifting up and through the region. this is the general trend for today. there's an area of low pressure to the south that is drumming up the unsettled weather here at present. later today some showers, then tonight these two cold fronts push through, bringing with them much colder air, and because of just how intense these systems are when combined, the winds will be really ramping up big time. so let's show you what the forecast looks like hour by hour. for today showers on and off. i don't want to say it's going to be a total washout. i don't want to make it a bummer to start your weekend. we will see some breaks of sun, especially in the afternoon hours. overnight a little bit of clearing and then you see what happens. here we are 2:00 a.m. tomorrow morning.
6:47 am
for points slightly north, but well north and west it's going to start as snow, and as it wraps out, it will wrap out as a little bit of snow for all of us. then as we get into sunday afternoon, skies are clearing. but it will be cold tomorrow afternoon. highs will only be in the low- to mid-40s. and because of the winds, it will feel like the 20s and low 30s out there. so now we show you the future wind chills because with those winds cranking up and with the temperatures dropping, it's going to feel, oh, so chilly. so tonight around 7:00, feeling like 54 in the city, feeling like 39 in monticello. look what happens at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. feels like 25 in the city, feels like 11 in monticello, and by afternoon the situation does not improve much. we're talking about feeling like the 20s and teens for most of us as we make our way into your sunday afternoon. so for today it is 59 degrees with showers. then late today you'll notice those winds start to pick up overnight into the day tomorrow, winds gusting as high as 60 miles per hour.
6:48 am
morning will give way to afternoon sun, but not afternoon warmth. 44 will feel more like the 20s and 30s. for monday a little snow will change over to some rain, yes, 53 degrees on monday. then for tuesday breezy, clearing and 42. wednesday 46 with sun, and then we're back to seasonable by mid- 50s by the end of the week so spring is in play. this is an unsettled pattern. i think the biggest problem over the next 48 hours is the winds >> thank you, vanessa. this week syracuse basketball teams, men and women are making it one step closer to history. men and women can join u-conis the only program to win a national championship in the same season. >> as cbs 2's otis livingston tell us urks they've come a long way in making that happen. >> a left handed flush. tyler roberson >> before roberson and richardson were leading syracuse to this final four, they were teammates at roselle
6:49 am
jersey, leading them to the state title and champions ground in 2013. >> tyler was the new jersey state player of the year. he was a senior and malachi was a sophomore that year. i wasn't sure how good he was going to be at that level, but he was absolutely tremendous. >> richardson three. [ crowd noise ] >> richardson has gone mad. >>reporter: richardson scored 21 second half points in the elite eight win over virginia. his former coach has seen that before, thinking back to that tlc final >> malachi hit a 25-foot three and then a stepback three from the corner. it was almost exactly the shot he hit from the right side of the court in the game the other night and i remember thinking, like, that's just what he does. he makes big shots when his team needs it the most. >> this man stepped up so big for us, man. [ cheers ] >> i bleed orange. >>reporter: maplewood's colombia high school babble coach jasmine wright played four years at syracuse, making the ncaa tournament her final year. she takes pride seeing another essex county player, brittany
6:50 am
>> watching her develop in high school, now syracuse, and now she has the opportunity to play in the final four, it's been great, not only as me, you know, being that jersey connection to syracuse, but to our county and our state. >>reporter: and the ultimate goal is to win the national championship. these players have a chance to do that. >> i know that syracuse university will be crazy. crazy. >> we're just hoping that they are able to get two more wins and cut down the nets. no matter what happens, to reach the final four and do what they've done has given us just a tremendous sense of pride. >> to say the least. well, the men's team will face number one seed north carolina in the national semifinal tonight. the syracuse women will face seventh-seeded washington tomorrow. >> and let's not forget our other local team, villanova, the wildcats. >> i know. exciting. >> a lot of wildcat fans in our neighborhood. time now 6:50. up next, living large inside a mansion in the hamptons that you'll never want to leave. >>reporter: we are in a compound in the hamptons, but it's modeled after something
6:51 am
from a life-sized fire pit to a sauna, a steam room and something in between and that's just the beginning. that's coming up in "living large." the bayonne bridge will be closed until midnight tonight for the long-term construction project to heighten the roadway. so motorists should use the goethals bridge as an alternate. and on sunday in brooklyn, the grand street bridge over newtown creek will be closed from 7:00 to 5:00 p.m. for bridge repairs. drivers can use metropolitan avenue as an alternate.
6:52 am
traffic report.
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r st699 r nt li.cae n'ofr teetspdshifa aa icthodon fs n. (mailman) what are you guys doing? (receptionist) it-it gets boring between calls so i make phone music. (security guard) she has a gift. (receptionist) i'll bust out some sample beats for you. (mailman) why don't you try a new york lottery scratch-off game instead? it's fun. (receptionist) i'm incredible at this. (avo) take a break from the expected.
6:54 am
today's "living large" takes us to wayne scott in the hamptons >> this home has 12 bedrooms, 12,000 square feet and a world- class spa. cbs 2's emily smith takes us inside. >>reporter: the designers call this a fantasy compound with old world charm. neighbors call it the white house. berndt hieber designed the home at hieber cummings. >> the manor house, swedish, and it's very, very unique. >>reporter: a spacious great room has a large tray ceiling. >> in here we have the formal dining room, flannel on the wall to give it a good acoustic >> you can actually hear people talk, no echoing. >>reporter: the kitchen has a butler's pantry for staff and a kitchen which the designer calls heavy duty. it has a tin countertop and
6:55 am
>> you find the homes in the hamptons that are very much like a airport place. but this is very cozy. >>reporter: the first floor master bedroom provides privacy from the five bedrooms upstairs. it begins with a library. >> the owner is scandinavian, so we found a lot of the leather binded books from scandinavia which creates kind of a cozy feeling. it's a good size, has a fireplace. >>reporter: a courtyard surrounds a gorgeous guest house. >> i can't believe this is the guest house. it has a kitchen and four bedrooms diswhrvment here is the pool for the bests. >>reporter: there are two heated begunnite pools and a world-class spa house. the deck is all mahogany, including the fire pit which seats 20. >> a dipping pool. ja keuzy. >>reporter: step into the spa and find a dry sauna, a callederium or a steam room, a tepdareium which is something
6:56 am
in here a window that costs $25,000. >> especially in the winter it's gorgeous with the snow. >>reporter: you can get a massage in this room or use a spacious six-person shower. if you like yoga, a soft sauna will do wonders for your practice. >> the self-spa is not as warm as the other one. >>reporter: and for another retreat behind the spa house, a poetry house. to live large in wainscoat, it's listed in corkeron for $125 million >> vanessa and i want to move in. >> you guys are going crazy over there. >> property taxes are more than $28,000 a year. >> can you handle that, vanessa? >> sure. i can hanle the taxes. >> you may need some help from our friends at "cbs this morning saturday." >> yes, anthony mason and vinita nair, can you handle that house? >>reporter: i can afford the poetry house. >> you may want to change some of the names. >>reporter: coming up a look
6:57 am
one of the most anticipated technologies in years is released to the public, but will the oculous rift be the breakthrough moment for virtual reality. >> then he gave up the danger of war photography for swimming with sharks. find out why a single decision changed one man's career and saved his life. >>reporter: also, he's the man at the mic to this year's final four. bill raferty's catch weather then heathers has made him a legend. hear where he gets his classic lines. >> speaking of march madness, their song "turn up" was choazen as a theme song for the ncaa tournament. the song heavy will perform in our saturday session. >> no hoyas in the final four. sorry about that, anthony. next time. >> again. >> didn't mean to rub it in. let's get a final check on the weather. >> all right. showers for today, around the 50s. then tonight the cold air really sinks in. so what we show you here is our future snowfall total map. it's about a trace up to two
6:58 am
west of the city and getting very windy overnight into the day tomorrow. >> okay, vanessa, thank you. that wraps up today's "cbs 2 news saturday morning." our next newscast is tonight at 6:00. >> nor the entire news team, i'm dick brennan. >> i'm andrea grimes.
6:59 am
have a great saturday. t mt ard twk.nogesur-st00eginrn tanphe
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