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tv   CBS 2 News at 6  CBS  April 6, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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will it work? good evening, i'm kristine johnson. >> i'm maurice dubois. dana tyler is off tonight. their job is to protect children but they are now accused of crimes against them. a teacher and a bus driver are among more than a dozen people facing charges in a sweeping child porn bust. cbs 2's meg baker has the story new at 6:00. >> reporter: these 16 men are now facing ten to 15 years in prison for child pornography. arrested over the past two months in operation safeguard, by federal and state law enforcement. >> this operation specifically targeted file sharing networks that are popular with those who download and share these aberrant videos. >> reporter: two of the men worked with children. thomas guzzi worked with fifth grade teachers in vineland taught in the district for 12 years. >> he had over 100 files of child pornography on his personal computer.
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productions, involving children at the school's drama club, as their adviser and stage manager. >> reporter: the next offender a bus driver for the sparta school district. eugene triston. >> eugene triston who allegedly would view child pornography during his breaks. >> reporter: the school district says the individual in question was not a direct employee of the sparta school district nor did he return to the district in any capacity once we learned of the allegations." >> teaches up to be vigilant and be aware who our children are interacting with in all experience. >> reporter: here in hamilton the new state-of-the-art lab the task force used to track down the predators. >> the lab will allow us and gives us the technology to do that full forensic deep investigation into these evidence. >> reporter: evidences like ip addresses may help track down others. one of the defendants is 17
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selling child porn on the internet for amazon gift cards. in hamilton, new jersey, meg baker, cbs 2 news. >> investigators say none of the children and the images are from new jersey but if you suspect a child is being abused, investigators say download the i.c.e. app or phone i.c.e. at 1-866-dhs-2-ice. a developing story on the east side. firefighters battling a fire at a 16-story high-rise. the flames broke out around 3 p.m. this afternoon on the 6th floor of the building on park avenue at 71st street. smoke is coming out of the one of the windows. one firefighter was treated for minor injuries. there is no word on a cause. a newtown, connecticut, middle school teacher is charged with bringing a gun on school grounds. 46-year-old jason add comes is charged with possession of a weapon on school grounds, illegal in connecticut. police were called after a security guard saw him with the firearm.
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permit, was placed on administrative leave pending the investigation. he is scheduled to appear in court on april 20. his arrest comes in the same town where a gunman opened fire in december of 2012 at nearby sandy hook elementary killing 20 students and 6 educators. new information tonight about that pet shop owner in paramus accused of keeping puppies in horrible conditions! >> pictures from police show the dogs crowded inside filthy cages. well today the store owner denied it all. he spoke with cbs 2's hazel sanchez. >> reporter: protestors were campaigning outside just pups's pet store in paramus, new jersey demanding it be shut down this after police say they found 67 puppies crammed in cages in a cold transport van behind the store. he owns just pups and the van and said he did nothing wrong. >> it's know illegal, or unsafe. >> reporter: officers say it
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some dogs had no food or water. they were covered in feces. losaco showed us an identical van saying police were to blame for letting the heat escape. >> they were in a customized van with heating. the door was open for who knows how long. >> reporter: he said the dogs may have been covered with feces when the store was loaded on a flatbed. he couldn't say how long the dogs were sitting in unsafe conditions because he claims he never spoke to the van driver to if you find out when he arrived. so then you can't say that it was here for more than a couple hours? >> no, i definitely know it was sometime sunday. [ simultaneous speakers right. okay. so then, yes, i'll say i can't say that. it was sunday. >> reporter: katie burns of hoboken wants losacco's shop shut down. she bought her daughter's puppy from him in march and said the dog almost died just days later. >> we wished that he would take a step back and realize
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lot of people, a lot of children and obviously the lives of the animals. >> i'm not denying that people bought dogs and got sick and may have left the store sick. i'm just saying we never let a dog that we know is sick leave. >> reporter: he is already facing 269 counts of animal cruelty charges connected to his east brunswick store, which was forced to close. bergen county prosecutors are still investigating what happened here in paramus. hazel sanchez, cbs 2 news. >> the animals are now with animal control. they are not available for adoption while the investigation continues. campaign 2016. donald trump set to hold a rally on long island within the next hour. as many as 12,000 people are expected to pack grumman studios for this event and others will be outside protesting. cbs 2's tracee carrasco is live in bethpage with more on this. tracee. >> reporter: kristine, things picking up steam out here.
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you can see, this area is designated for protestors to express their views. the area is fenced in with a massive police presence around it. you can see by the sign the space is filled with anti- trump people outside his rally tonight. there's been a history of violence at these trump rallies between protestors and supporters. but so far, things have been peaceful. and nassau county police want to keep it that way. >> nassau county we're not going to tolerate violence. everybody is more than welcome to express their views. we'll protect everybody's rights. >> reporter: now, south oyster bay road between grumman road and route 107 and all of grumman road from south oyster bay road will be closed until 10:00. the rally starts at 7:00 so if you don't have to be in this area, it is best to avoid it. live tonight from bethpage, on long island, tracee carrasco, cbs 2 news. >> no matter what party you
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you support, you probably won't be able to escape the presidential race in the next few weeks. >> no. it is the battle for new york! 13 days to go before voters go to the polls. cbs 2 political reporter marcia kramer here now with the latest on the campaign. marcia. >> reporter: well, maurice and kristine, it's very unusual but the new york primary has three new yorkers or people who lay claim to the empire state. republican donald trump was born and bred here. democrat hillary clinton is an adopted daughter. and vermont's bernie sanders was born in brooklyn and still speaks like he never left. trump is getting a huge welcome home tonight. what can you say about people who show up 8 hours early for a political rally? actually, it's what they can say. >> trump, trump, trump, trump, trump! >> reporter: yes, armed with their blazing red glittered signs, these long island supporters came to bethpage for trump's welcome home rally tonight hoping for a front row seat. undeterred by the security and the barricades. >> i think he is a strong leader. >> i have been waiting forever
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excited, tweeting, it is so great to be back home. looking forward to a great rally tonight in bethpage, long island. trump also welcomed home by a new poll that gives him a commanding lead. the monmouth university poll gives trump 52%, john kasich 25%, and ted cruz 17%. [ applause and cheers ] >> reporter: after beating trump in wisconsin, ted cruz campaigned in the bronx. >> people are hurting in this town. >> reporter: and he had his supporters too. is a constitutional conservative and inches in the constitution and that's how it should be. >> he is a real republican. you know, he speaks to our principles. and he is someone that won't embarrass the party. >> reporter: hillary clinton and bernie sanders took their campaigns to the airwaves. since sanders hasn't done as well with minorities, he is featuring erica garner whose father died in a confrontation with police. >> we need a president that's going to talk about it. that's why i'm for bernie.
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portrays her as a long time fighter for african-americans. >> she speaks for a city poisoned by indifference. >> reporter: we need action now. >> reporter: both campaigns have volunteers trying to get out the vote. >> we are involved in an important political campaign. >> bernie's message resonates. >> reporter: john kasich was off the campaign trail. the governor of ohio was delivering his annual state of the state address but he will be here tomorrow. and the town hall will focus on veterans needs. it's at the veterans of foreign wars post 8495. it's in brooklyn. and kristine and maurice, i think i got the post number wrong. [ laughter ] >> 9485. >> 9485. >> no worries, marcia. we got it. thanks so much. uber drivers in newark say they are being forced out as the city council considers making drivers of rideshare apps pay up for picking passengers up at certain locations. cbs 2's ali bauman talked to protestors at the city hall for today's hearing. >> reporter: there are few things more annoying than
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but in newark, those lines might soon be getting even longer if uber and lyft are banned. a proposal in the city council would require those drivers pay $1,000 annual fee to pick passengers up at newark liberty airport and newark penn station. and that's on top of a $500 fee to even drive in the city. >> charging $1,500 per year specific locations? it would essentially make it so they wouldn't be able to afford to operate. >> reporter: uber driver brian clark says it feels like the city is trying to push out the 2,000 newark drivers who are trying to make an honest living. just like him. >> you can't just say you gonna put people out of work or make them pay to, would. it makes no sense. >> reporter: but yellow cab drivers says it would not only level the playing field for business, it would keep newark residents safe. >> they will have a medallion just like our drivers so the
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that car has been fingerprint, background check and insurance in case something happens. >> reporter: for newark commuters traveling by plane and train, it's about getting where you're going with no hassle. >> i'm calling an uber right now because this guy wouldn't take me to my appointment. so i'm calling uber. >> reporter: today the could you be sill got familiar with the proposal detailed moving it along in the process. since today was just the first reading, the city council has to be back here for a final vote. the public hearing is expected to be april 20. in newark, ali bauman, cbs 2 news. >> an uber ride from newark liberty airport to manhattan costs up to $52 while a yellow cab is $65 not including tolls and tip. a precedent setting ruling by new york's highest court on whether parents can legally eavesdrop on their children. >> it was a good ruling for people who care about the rights of children. >> the opportunity to abuse this decision is very, very real.
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court's landmark ruling and what parents need to know. >> also, a warning for frequent flyers. a new airfare rule could lead to a costly mistake when you book your next trip. >> our next weathermaker is this cold front moving in. don't expect cold temperatures but expect the rain coming up. >> and coming up on the "cbs evening news," new funding in the fight against zika. >> scott pelley is here now live with more. hi, scott. >> reporter: kristine and maurice, today the white house said that it will spend half a billion dollars in an urgent battle against mosquitos and the spread of zika virus. we're going to have dr. john lapook here with us tonight to tell us about the imminent transition of zika virus into the united states which is expected by the cdc, a virus that causes birth defects. we'll have that and the rest
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at 6:30. are. a landmark ruling allows parents in new york stated as to secretly record their children's conversations in certain situations. critics say it's a slippery slope. cbs 2's carolyn gusoff reports. >> reporter: in this apartment in 2008 a beating of a 6-year- old at the hands of his mother's boyfriend.
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convicted of whipping the first grader with this weightlifting belt. the helpless child' screams caught on audiotape recorded in an open phone line by the boy's biological father. that recording just ruled admissible by new york's highest court. >> it was a good ruling for people who care about the rights of children. >> reporter: nassau d.a. madeline explains that now parents who reasonably believe it's in their child's best interests may record a conversation secretly. that's an exception to new york law that requires consent of at least one person in a recorded conversation. >> it's tremendously important for parents to know that they can protect their children. it's very limited in its scope. >> the opportunity to abuse this decision is very, very real. >> reporter: the attorney who defended the defendant says the ruling sets a dangerous precedent predicting more children will be used as pawns and bugging will become the norm in ugly divorces. >> it's going to be prevalent
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child as a secret recording device for your ex. >> reporter: and can parents now eavesdrop on teens? >> i don't think that's, like, right because you're violating privacy. >> reporter: d.a. singas says the ruling sets specific criteria. >> you have to demonstrated that a child needs this sort of protection so it's not a free-for-all. the attorney who argued the case in front of the new york court of appeals calls the ruling a bad decision and suggests it could go further to the u.s. supreme court. in mineola, long island, carolyn gusoff, cbs 2 news. >> and the man at the center of the nassau county case was sentenced to 7 years for assaulting a child. sticker shock for airline passengers. american, delta and united airlines will no longer offer nonrefundable tickets for passengers booking multicity trips. a refundable ticket for the same itinerary could cost hundreds of dollars more. this rule change impacts passengers especially business travelers who visit several
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now, there is a way to avoid the higher fares. travel experts say just book several individual tickets. okay. there you have it. let's talk weather now. lonnie quinn is on his way. >> what's going on? >> i guess we'll talk to him shortly. >> we have him coming into the studio here in just a second, in the meantime, it has been some chilly mornings, but now we're going to actually warm up overnight. >> can you imagine? we had snow on the ground, what was it, before yankees opened yesterday. >> hopefully they will be here. >> look who decided to show up. hi, lonnie quinn. let's make sure you have your microphone on. is it working? all right. >> wait until you see some of this new information i have to share with you guys because we are looking at -- we're not done. ready for this? we're not done with the snowflake chance and check this out. some new model runs are in. here we go. currently outside, 40s and 50s. you have a 52-degree reading. you have a 43 coming in to us
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the clouds were in place. they have broken right now. it's a good-looking shot there. beautiful. 45 degrees. temporary clearing. that's your keyword. those clouds are coming back into the picture. now, 48 was your high. 10 degrees colder than you should have been. you were subfreezing this morning. 30 degrees in new york city and basically the entire area at this freezing point or colder. well, the clouds in this picture will be coming back and for your day on thursday, there's going to be some rain at times. could even be heavy at times. i think it's more so later in the day than to start off your day but it's out there. still we are not done with the flurry chances. it's not necessarily tomorrow. tomorrow we're watching this front come through. and this front is going to have a big surge of warm air ahead of it so you hit 60 and then the rain comes in and on the back side of it that's where we see the colder air and that's where you could see some snow. let's map things out. overnight into the morning commute tomorrow at 8:00, it's a slight chance for some wet weather but it's out there. so i would say leave in the morning with the umbrella. could even have an isolated spot with some heavier rain
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watch the heavier rain come in later in the day. here your 4:30 gearing up for the evening right home could be rough weather out there and then pushing through. you know that, cold air i'm talking about now it slides into the back of that front and look at this area. friday 3:30 in the morning, could be some wet snowflakes north and west of the city. then you get into your day on friday afternoon, you still can't rule out a chance for precipitation. and how much are we talking about? maybe an inch to maybe a little bit more than an inch would be the biggest numbers but other than that it's a half inch or less for a lot of folks out there. but look at the numbers now. you're 60 on thursday with a wet weather chance. 50 on friday. when the mets are playing it should be okay in terms of rain. 46 saturday, 45 sunday. sunday morning will be 28 degrees. we are not done with subfreezing temperatures yet. could still be snow. >> always good to have you aboard, lonnie. >> thank you. >> seriously. [ laughter ] let's get to otis livingston with sports. >> "dark knight" couldn't get
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thor put the hammer down yesterday. look back at noah syndergaard's sensational season debut. why take three strokes when you can get it done at 1. the par three at masters, plenty
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augusta today. foalthr w vis.u n'brk .yowaa ecofakouswchs artemasitastoet00egntne usv d onfoju 9. p mthnle.
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lyioca the yankees at the stall game two wood astros. the pitching pineda and mchugh. here are some scenes from yankee stadium where it figures to be another chilly one in the bronx. things did get heated yesterday. dellin betances tro to first is high and wide. joe girardi thought the runner was in the baseline causing the errants throw. the ump didn't agree. it's a three-run inning. a lot of disappointed fans after the loss in the home opener. everyone thought the yankees they played the rest of the game under protest but we found out today they didn't. >> i'm not crazy about the rule because i still think that if the guy is running where he is running, it impedes the pitcher from throwing. so your only recourse is to throw and hit him in the back. maybe it's something we have to think about in spring training workingthan you put a
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in your -- in the path and on the grass, you got to throw it and hit him. >> so just do it. from a rule that needs to be looked at to one that has been changed. double play supplied to second yesterday in the ninth jose going in hard is out but the throw to first is wide two runs score. the rays asked for a video review and it shows that bautista looked like he was trying to sweep the leg of the second baseman. the ump said that just a slide impeded the throw. double play game over rays win 3-2. quirky beginning to the season for the mets. they had the season opener in kansas city on sunday off monday. play the royals on tuesday. off wednesday and thursday. before playing their home opener on friday again, the phillies. you get all that? that's two more days for mets fans to savor the performance of noah syndergaard. he was marvelous in his season debut! six shutdown innings, gave up at least hits walking one were a dominating nine strikeouts meant via his killer slider none better than this when he got out of a 6th inning bases loaded jam.
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beginning of the game i had a pretty good feel for it. i felt like i took him to the next level. i have never thrown a 95-mile- an-hour slider before. feel like i have matured since last year and keep maturing every day. finally it's a tradition unlike any others. masters week in augusta. tomorrow tee it up for real in round one. jordan spieth will try to he did fend his green jacket -- defend his green jacket but today a little fun with the par three contest. guys want to show their stuff. no player who won has won the real tournament. at one point justin thomas on the left and ricky fowler on the right had back-to-back holes in one on the fourth! this is consecutive swings. each took a little angle to the hole with the same result. the patrons went nuts. so did fowler and thomas! >> but biggest roar of the day came from unwith of the legends of the game. gary player the black knight recorded his fourth career ace, that's the most all time part of a day with the record
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i want to make sure it goes in. all right. >> wow. >> nice day out there. >> i'll just take one in my life just one, please. >> we'll be right back. [laughing] honey, you gotta see this! time warner cable now makes your internet do more. honey! [laughing] honey? our ultra-fast internet with home wifi keeps your devices connected, [laughing] anywhere in your home. [laughing] honey, have you seen this video? [laughing] discover how much more is included. get 50 meg internet for $39.99 per month. call 1-855-want twc.
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coming up at 11:00 tonight a librarian and loving father missing for more than a week. his final conversation with a friend before he disappeared and how the community is come together to try and track him down. >> i felt it was the end of the world embarrassing. >> a humiliation for teenagers could end up leading serious health issues in life. what's upping the risk of momentum? the cancer connection tonight at 11. >> the "cbs evening news with scott pelley" is next. captions by: caption colorado >> pelley: the white house sprays more than half a billion dollars into an urgent battle against zika virus as mosquito season begins. also tonight, wounded in wisconsin. front-runners trump and clinton look for a comeback. >> oh, man. >> come on, guy, get out. >> pelley: fire runs wild on


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