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tv   CBS 2 News  CBS  April 8, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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good afternoon i'm mary calvi. >> i'm dick brennan. chris wragge is off tonight. two people shot today. >> it appears to be a murder suicide. the shooting happened at the joint base san antonio in lakeland where the air force conducts basic training. the county sheriff's office says that the two bodies were found inside a room at the base and then went into lockdown. >> our deputies arrived making entry inside the facility. they did a search where they went throughout different rooms that were open. they went on different floors looking for an active shooter. >> authorities say they believe that the shooter is one of the dead. the lock down on the base has been lifted. and more breaking news. they made several arrests in
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they released new video of the key suspect the man in the hat who was seen at the brussels airport with two suicide bombers right before the attack. 32 people were killed last month when bombs went off at the airport and a train station. well after an amazing season last year, they hit citi field today. >> mets take on philly, but they may need to do without the help of their star pick -- pulmo-- their live pitcher jacob degrom. >> i have a few of them behind me. and the first time that the team is back at home since the world series. >> pumped and proud. >> i have been a mets fan forever, i love them, i live
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>> met fans cannot contain their excitement. the win is blowing, it's gorgeous. >> die hards sporting their orange and blue including furry friends. lining up for the first day in baseball since flush this year. >> i have been here every year since 1998. it's our daddy/daughter tradition. >> who is her vorite player? >> jacob degrom. >> several others. [ cheering ] >> reporter: like south cappella that were up and out even earlier to tailgate as he would roll in around 8:30 with a car full of kids. >> and the law school, that's all right. it's a friday. it's okay. and our destination to the world series that will start now. >> they were not alone.
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morning. i couldn't sleep last night. >> reporter: the others needed to fuel up. >> we've got steak kabobs, ribs, hot dogs. >> to cheer on the home team. >> it will be an exciting season especially after last year with no experience going to citi field. it's better than the other stadium in new york if you know what i mean. let's go mets. >> reporter: these people are really excited, right guys? they're excited. the game guys is sold out. first pitch is at 1:10. and they are hoping a world series this season. live at citi fie andrea grymes. will the showers hold off until after today's game? come on john we're rooting for you. >> if you stand next to the guy in the orange shirt he'll be warm up and he will help to keep the weather away. however, we have talked earlier
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showers. this batch of showers. the passing shower is not the kind of rain signature or the radar signature that in any way that they will impact the game other than the brief delay, but it will be cool and just 49 for that first pitch. and remember with that wind that west wind will be 10 to 25 miles an hour that feels a lot cooler than that. passing shower aside from that just a chilly day, but get ready that there is a chance that you'll see some snow tomorrow that we'll talk about that and record cold too. right now we'll send things back to the desk. >> all right, thank you very much. now the story will be inside that stadium to head back to citi field where otis livingston is now and even if you are inside that stadium that you will not be warm there. >> no, it is not warm at all and that it will be chilly like their home opener earlier this week. but the last time they would play on this field that you'll need to watch by and see them celebrate a world series title.
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the page in front of their home crowd to give them a glimpse of what they could be this season. first pitch against the phillies, sedged for 1:10. jacob degrom could get a call for daddy duty. >> opening day is like christmas for us, but the home opener, you know, is just as important. >> reporter: this opening day will be extra special. it's been 15 years since the franchise has been able to raise a national league championship flag. >> there's some amazing things last year and things that they did not expect for us. acknowledge what we did last season, that has been done and over with now 2016. now we need to focus on today's game against the phillies. >> reporter: they realize that it will be a national league tenant so they admit there's unfinished business. >> it is motivation. yeah, all those things and obviously the showing that citi field and the fans today that it will be very exciting, motivation to keep us going throughout this year.
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pitcher is in that precurious position. expecting their first child. his wife is in florida and so once he receives word that he has gone into labor that he will leave the game and hit south. >> very exciting after a good season last year we're looking forward to getting back to play in front of our home fans, expecting the baby boy that it will be an exciting time. >> hopefully that he will get time to see it and as he knows how exciting it is. if i were a mets scout i would try to look at him. >> reporter: and now we are here that we could be in a similar situation later on with his wife expecting. but you know that neil walker's wife was due in august with plenty of upcoming mets or newborn mets to be born later on this year. but we're going to keep an eye on jacob degrom because it is quite possible that he could be in the middle of a pitch and get the call and have to leave for the airport to go to florida. my advice to him just to go
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a perfect game and then go tomorrow. reporting live from citi field otis livingston back to you in the studio. >> all right, otis, we shall see, but plenty of new recruits coming your way. good to see you. well there's been another slashing in the sub square a tourist was attacked in a station in grenich village. janelle burrell is in the village with this story. janelle? >> reporter: mary, police tell us that they do believe that they have recovered the handle of the knife used in that early morning attack. you can see behind me still a number of detectives that are out here working the scene. the access to the subway station at bleaker and lafayette that is still closed off. the victim in this case is an israeli tourist as they are still trying to track down the man responsible. the subway map is what police say that the israeli tourist was looking at when he dozed off on this bench on the sixth train platform at bleaker street overnight. the man dressed in traditional
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from brooklyn to meet friends in the diamond district when he got lost. at some point just before 3:30 a.m. police say a man came up to him, slashed his networks arm, hands several times beore running away with the victim's cash. >> it is horrible. i mean it's horrible. >> just reaching out, striking anybody. >> reporter: this man found the victim bleeding after the attack, helping him put pressure on his wounds until they were able to flag down a patrol car. he was setting up the coffee cart and saw the commotion and the bloody scene. >> yeah, i saw this. and they put him in front of the tanks and put the guys in and put him in the ambulance. >> reporter: it's the second attack of its kind at this station this year. back in january a 71-year-old grandmother was slashed at the very same station, left with a four-inch gash on her face. 21-year-old damond knowles charged in that case. so far there's been more than 1,000 stabbings or slashing
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number of knife attacks are up year. >> i love it when i see them around i feel safer. >> reporter: some who live here say that it has made them feel more secure, but the threat is still very real. >> it is a serious problem and that people need to be aware and to watch this around at all times. >> reporter: and detectives say that there is surveillance video from inside that subway through right now. hoping that it will help them in their investigation. and as for the 55-year-old victim right now he's in stable condition at bellevue hospital. reporting live this afternoon from grenich village, cbs2 news. and they would release a new document telling them to be less judgmental and seem to signal that 200-page document.
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take a problematic approach. they call divorce evil, but leaves the divorce open for people remarry with an annulment. and on gender identity the document says that except argue menty in the way that it was created. >> it had is not a manual of answers to all the great problems. that it is rather an honest attempt to raise all the great questions that families are facing today. >> the document even offers marital advice to young couple suggesting that they share a morning kiss. there is much more ahead here on cbs2 news. a wild chase through traffic in los angeles and that driver put on quite a show and while police were trying to get him to stop. plus this. >> someone in the hospital would screw up. >> breaking her silence. lacey spears was convicted of killing her 5-year-old son by feeding him salt in her only
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the world a president has to grapple with. sometimes you can't even imagine. that's the job. and she's the one who's proven she can get it done. curing a massive reduction nuclear weapons... ...standing up against the abuse of women... ...protecting social security... ...expanding benefits for the national guard... ...and winning health care for8 million children. the presidency is the toughest job in the world and she's the one who'll make a real difference for you. i'm hillary clinton and i approvethis message. these two men were suspected of robbery, performing weaving in and out of traffic. as they waited to be arrested
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their hands and actually snap some pictures as well. unbelievable. cbs2 political reporter will join us with the very latest here. >> well, mary and dick, they seem to have become ground zero for the stop donald trump movement. trying desperately to eat away the hometown candidates hometown advantage. it mentions hillary clinton, but the real goal to prevent donald trump from getting the other candidates to contest. >> we will pick up more delegates here in the northeast. we'll go to the convention. >> reporter: but he is fighting back.
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in charge of the convention preparation and organizing the delegates. keeping them in their camp if there is a contested convention. >> that there will be a time when winning is not enough, but how you win and how much you win as he would recognize that this is a time to help them. >> reporter: also picking up the support of the former mayor after the prepass over the visit to the bakery. about so-called new york values. >> reporter: what that means is the policies of the politicians, hurting them for a long time. >> he is hoping to get a boost, announcing that he'll be going to the vatican next week. sanders saying that he respects that decision taken by pope francis. >> the need to have morality in
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as the pope simply tells us to agree and money. >> reporter: while it would take them five swipes on the metro card to get through the subway turnstile, which would happen to many of us. >> but i will take him over donald trump any time. >> reporter: and they are campaigning today as they will go and do tv interviews. raising money and donald trump, he is spending time at his day job saying in a tweet that he's catching up on many things while campaigning and loving it. all the latest. >> absolutely. >> yes, thank you. all right, behind bars after poisoning her son with salt.
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find out who she blames for her son's death. >> wait for them to break records.
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they could help save you in out-of-pocket medical costs. taking informed steps really makes a difference later. that's what it means to go long . call now and request this free decision guide and explore the range of aarp medicare supplement plans. all plans like these let you that accepts medicare patients. these are the only medicare supplement insurance plans endorsed by aarp. call now and request your free decision guide... and start gathering the information you need to help you go long . there is unusual case that the rockland county mother was
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poisoning him with salt. >> the hospital is to blame. 48 hours where they would have the only interview of the mother who says that all she did was try to save her son's life. >> i lost my 5-year-old son. i'm very saddened as i will never watch them grow up. >> how did your son die? >> that they would say homicide. >> much of the young life was spent seeking medical attention for often unexplained health issues. >> he was in and out of the hospital for the first nine weeks of his life. the biggest problem that we had was we couldn't get him to eat. so he was losing weight. >> reporter: he had surgery at 9 months old to incerta feeding tube. >> they were hopeful that within time he wouldn't have so much problems eating. >> reporter: in january of 2014, 5-year-old garnet was
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he was admitted with seizure- like symptoms. later during the hospital stay, garnet is in distress, stops breathing. and test showed high levels of sodium, which caused his brain to swell. >> does my 5-year-old son on -- this is my 5-year-old son on life support. >> reporter: two days later garnet is officially declared dead. they could not figure out how his sodium levels had gotten so high unless someone had given him salt. five months after garnet's death, lacey spears was charged with murder. >> i didn't kill my son. i never poisoned him with salt. >> and then why is his sodium levels so high? >> you would have to ask the hospital that. >> troy roberts joins us now. what type of evidence did they have against her? >> investigators recovered two feeding bags from lacey's apartment. there was a gap in the chain of
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analysis of the bags they found toxic levels of sodium. and now the equivalent of 69 small salt packs that you would get at the fast food restaurant in both of the bags. enough to obviously cause great damage to this little boy and his brain swelled. and that lead to his death. >> and the time before the trial now? reasonable time before she goes? and faces that evidence? >> she did face the evidence. we'll show you what happens during the trial. >> a rivetting interview. troy roberts, thank you so much. >> you can watch more of the interview a good one. it'll be tomorrow night right here on cbs2 at 10:00. now it is time to get a look at the weather as you could see a little bit of snow this weekend. let's turn it right over to john elliott for all of that. >> yes, that busy period will be tomorrow and tomorrow night. and in the city right now, we've got some clouds with some hanging on to the 30s. i like this though from big red
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know gray skies will clear up. put on the happy face or not. but unfortunately we may not be smiling on saturday. we've got some gray skies in the city right now. and a few passing showers to deal with. radar a second away mostly cloudy at 46. and the variable winds at 21. these numbers are around the area. well when you compare to yesterday and it is colder and when you factor in the wind it will feel cooler still. windchills in the low 40s for the game. this batch of the showers, yeah, that will just clip their city through parts of manhattan and that they could see a passing shower, but that's the keyword. passing shower. and that is system number one. now as you would expand their view that you'll see this developing low, leaving the ohio valley. now, it is actually going to gain some strength and that is why we're concerned about the possibility of the coating to an inch or two. and however that the north american mold came out this morning and that they would have it up to four inches. i think that's kind of the outlining right now, but that would be tomorrow during the
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and it will serve to keep pollen levels down dramatically tomorrow. as they will kind of work their way back to spring-like levels in concert with the temperatures next week. here is how the models are handling it. not a lot of activity during the course of the afternoon. then saturday morning will be dry. by saturday midday we'll start to see the snow kind of pivot in and around and the bulk of this will be staying south. so it is not a storm for the hudson valley or connecticut. but watch that line of the snow hold together. as this is as late as 10:00. and then they will clear up. one other feature this weekend, very cold. freeze watch on saturday night into sunday. windchills could be 10 to 20 degrees. we could tie or break records on saturday night into sunday. and so sunday is still cold. but then it feels more spring like and turns wet like monday and tuesday and watch out though. that they will be watching the potential for snow tomorrow. >> all right, oh boy. no shovel in a moment >> i hope not. >> we hope so too.
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that's it for us at noon. for the entire news team, thanks for joining us, i'm mary calvi. >> i'm dick brennan. we'll see you 4:30 monday morning.
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