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tv   CBS 2 News at 6  CBS  April 8, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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real estate industry about how the mayor raises money. >> new york city mayor bill de blasio. >> boo! >> reporter: a bronx cheer for mayor de blasio at the hometown opening of the mets baseball season as the feds start looking into his fundraising. sources tell us the united states attorney's office has started asking questions of members of the real estate industry about donations solicited by team de blasio including a former campaign manager. the move is an offshoot of the nypd corruption probe. while looking at ties to former chief of department phillip banks the phones of two businessmen were tapped who also served under the inaugural committee, two men, one on the left, one on the right. one gave $9,900 to the mayor's 2013 campaign. he also gave $50,000 to de blasio's controversial nonprofit campaign for one new york that was used to raise money for his initiatives and
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asked for help to get democrats to take control of the state senate. the other hosted a campaign for one new york fundraiser netting $35,000. a de blasio spokesman dan levitan said, we are fully confident that the campaign is conducted legally and appropriately at all times. >> this is not a particularly good day for the department. >> reporter: police commissioner william bratton says he remove four senior men from command posts. two lost badges and guns. today we learned how far they fell. deputy inspector james grant from commanding officer to working at desk in the medical division. deputy chief michael harrington from executive officer of the brooklyn housing division to a desk job in transit. deputy chiefer rib rodriguez demote as executive officer of brooklyn south to fleet repairs and logging in property confiscated during arrests. deputy chief david colon will no longer be the commanding
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he work on things like prisoner transfers with the courts. >> it's something we must do. >> reporter: all this digging into the nypd has led investigators back to city hall. i spoke to ross offinger de blasio's campaign treasurer who can't speak on the record. a mayor's spokesman said he decided not to take any donation from the businessmen going forward but now also all funds could be returned. i guess they will. >> much more on this to come. thank you. other news now. [ music ] meet the mets >> mets fans didn't let the weather dampen their spirits. citi field was packed for the home opener. otis livingston live in flushing with more after the big win. otis. >> reporter: hey, maurice. jacob degrom's much talked about dilemma was not an issue. know he baby news yet. it was another "b" word that shortened his afternoon. no baby news yet.
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the amazin's celebrating last year's national league championship. members of previous pennants doing the honors of raising the championship flag. but the man of the hour, degrom! a baby on the way but the degrom naturer he pitched great. he had to leave because of back issues. stay tuned on that baby. the mets go on to beat the the manager said degrom's wife took some of the pressure off her husband this morning. >> jake made a call earlier today to his wife and she said, not today. so we knew it wasn't coming. then she probably knew better than anyone. >> so he was able to focus and get that win today. coming up later in sports we'll have more post-game reaction plus check in on the yankees in detroit and the jets are looking for a new left tackle. from citi field in queens otis
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now to breaking news from the jersey shore. fire tearing through at least three businesses now in downtown keyport new jersey in monmouth county. we have just received this video from the scene. this is west front street. the flames broke out around 4:00 this afternoon. at least two firefighters have been injured. no word on how this fire started in keyport in the jersey shore. millions of vehicles are affected by one of the largest most complex cars safety recalls in history. 29million cars need airbag recall. repaired. cbs 2's sonia rincon reports, a recent tragedy has sounded the alarm for local drivers. >> reporter: the death of 17- year-old girl in texas this week was the tenth in the u.s. blamed on defective takata airbags. this woman heard about it after getting a letter from bmw saying her car has one. the letterer says at the
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parts to fix it. so she need to wait until they do. she consulted her local dealer. >> i called up to see if they had the airbags. and when that would happen. they told me the dealership told me the summer. >> reporter: until then, she doesn't want anyone especially her 18-year-old son driving the car. >> i don't even want him as a passenger in the car. and i think we'll probably avoid using it as much as possible. >> reporter: this is the local dealership that will likely be replacing that airbag once it's available because lisa's car is leased she is hoping they will let her switch the car for one with a different airbag. she is waiting to hear back from the dealership and so are it's a problems. >> we are talking about 29 million vehicles being recalled of lots of different brands from different countries. >> reporter: what are your options if you are waiting? he says it doesn't hurt to ask your dealer for a loaner. >> it's not something that a dealership would be required to do.
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rental. consult a mechanic about disabling your airbag so it won't deploy in a collision. >> that might be something you want to consider as long as you're keeping your seatbelt on. >> reporter: but of what you're not sure if you even have one? the family of huma says she had no idea. there is an app that will send you notifications of if your car is affected by a recall made by carfax. in dix hills, sonia rincon, cbs 2 news. >> the airbags inflaters can rip apart into sharp pieces and spray out when they deploy. in addition to the ten deaths, more than 100 people have been hurt by the shrapnel. >> there's another slashing in the subway. a tourist from israel was attacked and robbed in a station in the village. it happened overnight at the bleecker street stop. police say the 55-year-old tourist got lost then fell asleep on a bench on the 6 train platform. a man woke him up demanded money and slashed him on the neck, arms and hands. the attacker stole the cash.
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in the neighborhood who take that subway. >> if it's past 11 i don't take it because i am scared of being slashed which is sad. >> police say the victim was dressed in hasidic clothing but investigators don't think it was a hate crime. a parking garage at laguardia is causing headaches for drivers. they are returning from their trips and finding damage to their cars. cbs 2's ilana gold explains what they are dealing with. >> reporter: you can't miss the mess on level 4 of the parking garage at laguardia airport for terminal b. various parking spots now coned off where a waxy substance hanging from the ceiling is dripping down. not all the danger spots are blocked off. it didn't take us long to find that unknown liquid hitting the hood of this car leaving behind a chalky film that doesn't wash off. and it's not an isolated incident. >> my car looked like it was covered in paint. >> reporter: rebecca took
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covered in white spots after being parked here last month. she returned from a trip where her plane got struck by lightning and made an emergency landing. >> i said this cannot be hang. >> reporter: the next day she reported the damage to the garage management company called abm parking. that company sent her an email saying you will need to have your vehicle professionally detailed for the removal of calcium line and it's a known issue at laguardia airport. she was also told to file a claim with the port authority because it's responsible. it owns the garage. now rebecca has to submit this paperwork to get reimbursed for repairs that cost $150. >> i was kind of annoyed by that because it's going to happen to somebody else. >> reporter: we wanted to know how many people have been affected by this and how long the problem has been here. we also tried asking the port authority what's causing these calcium depositing and what's being done to fix it. a spokesman didn't answer the questions but confirmed the garage will soon be demolished for an airport renovation project. as per rebecca -- will you be
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>> absolutely not. >> reporter: she will be looking up next time she parks anywhere in this garage. at laguardia airport, ilana gold, cbs 2 news. up next, underaged drinking and anti-semitic beer pong. add social media and you have a big problem for students at a new jersey high school. >> i didn't kill my son. i didn't murder him. i didn't poison him. >> a mother's first interview since she was convicted of killing her own son. >> a lot of talk about this chance for snow on your saturday. well, here it is in the midwest. i'll tell you how we see things working out in just a bit. >> and coming up on the "cbs evening news," tonight airport safety in the united states, james brown in for scott pelley tonight. jb, good evening. >> reporter: good to see you, partner. tonight as you said securing the airports. major changes are coming to a terminal near you. so what's being done? kris van cleave is on that story for us. also, the last fugitive from the paris attacks is arrested. was he also the man in the hat in brussels?
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the road to find out what is so special about a ripped up
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"cbs evening news." if you're doing everything right but find it harder and harder to get by, you're not alone. while our people work longer hours for lower wages, almost all new income goes to the top 1%. my plan -- make wall street banks and the ultrarich pay their fair share of taxes, provide living wages for working people, ensure equal pay for women. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message because together, we can make a political revolution and create an economy and democracy that works for all and not just the powerful few. controversy tonight over a drinking game that pit jews against nazis. meg baker reports it involves
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>> reporter: it was a game that went way too far. jews versus nazis. this picture first posted to social media shows princeton high school students at a private home playing a game of beer pong called alcohol acaust. >> i saw it online. i wasn't going to anything with it but a friend said she had been at the party and asked them to stop and they wouldn't. >> reporter: jamaica who is not jewish decided to take to a blog and write about the appalling game. you can see the cups arranged in the shape of a star of david and a swastika. some students i spoke to agreed with her decision to bring this to light. >> i think what she did was right. this type of behavior needed to get out there and it needed to get the attention. >> i was appalled. i think you're going to [ indiscernible ] do something about it. >> reporter: students say that the game took place over spring break.
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seniors who played sports and two of them were also student mentors. outside the school, some kid did disagree with ponder for writing about the picture. >> it was a bad game to play. but i think posting it on social media was a bit over the top. >> they could have put it in better terms and they could have played a better game, but at the end of the day it was just a good morning. >> reporter: parents are upset. >> the fact that now this is turning into that the messenger is the problem instead of what actually happened, it's really interesting that that's where the focus is shifting. >> reporter: ponder says the majority of people have supported her. as for the underaged drinking element of this, ponder's mother says parents need to take responsibility. >> parents, stop saying boys will be boys. it's damaging and hurting our kids. >> reporter: the superintendent says the school is talking to the individual involved and their families.
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pope francis has published new guidelines on family life. the document is called, the joy of love. in it the pope says the catholic church should show more understanding and compassion regarding the complexities of sex, marriage and family. it rejects same-sex unions and abortion. it does open the door for divorced catholics to receive communion. >> he asks all catholics or anyone who has an issue around marriage always to come seek the church's guidance and wisdom and to sit down with ministers who can help them sort out the issues of life. >> this is the third major teaching document from the pope. now to a case that's intrigued and puzzled many people. lacey spears a rockland county american of mother sentenced to 20 years to life in prison for poisoning her son to death with salt. spears spoke exclusively with "48 hours." >> how do you get through the
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>> one moment at a time. i asked god to just carry me through. >> reporter: what's your favorite memory of him? >> i miss that he would wake me up during the middle of the night just to talk to me, just to tell me that he loved me. >> reporter: people believe you had a hand in it that he is not here because of you. >> i took him to the hospital for help. if i had wanted to harm him, why would i take him to a hospital seeking help? i didn't hurt him. i didn't kill my son. i didn't murder him. i didn't poison him. i didn't harm him in any way. i wanted to know what was going on with him because he was in pain. and he was suffering and he was hurting and nobody could explain to me what was going on. >> and you can watch troy roberts' interview with lacey spears on "48 hours" tomorrow night here at 10:00 on cbs. turning our attention now to the weather, and the weekend and lonnie quinn is
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kinds of tricks. >> all kinds of stuff out there for this weekend. i think what we are certain of really is just how cold those temperatures are going to bottom out. you could be setting some records by the time you get to sunday morning. record sunday morning 28. we are going to be close, gang, real close. right now outside, there's your picture. take a look. its quite cloudy. but you do have some breaks in the cloud. high temperature 50 not indicative of what this day was like that. 50 was at midnight. okay? throughout your day today in the afternoon you were in the 40s and that wind made it feel like the upper 30s. 58 would be your normal. so you're off the mark. a little bit of everything. there's going to be some rain for your saturday in spots out there. there's going to be some sun, okay, in spots out there especially the sun -- if i was
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go to my northern suburbs of new york city. snow is also part of this forecast especially south and west of the city. i think the bigger concern in this whole hodgepodge will be some slippery driving spots out there on sunday morning. we'll make some sense of all of that. here's how the futurecast picks up on everything. you get to your morning tomorrow morning 9:30. you see snow falling south and west of the city. here we go. then it never makes a big push to the north because this clear air is a high pressure system that's exerting pressure on it but you could see some moisture making its way into the city, as well. maybe a little further north in some of the higher elevated spots and then you get to the evening hours and sort of pushes out of here sunday. the sunshine is back in force. but how much snow were we talking about? if you are looking at just snow numbers, i think it's pretty fair to say a trace to two inches. really so what's that 0 to 2 for anybody in our area? more likely to find that 2- plus in some of the spots west
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here's my concern for sunday morning. snow won't stick to the roads. it's not cold enough. it will melt. everything is wet and rainy. then all those temperatures just bottom out inside into sunday morning. freeze watches in effect and i think you could have problems with slick spots early sunday morning. right now couple of little snowflakes north of sullivan county. the cold air is setting up. future rainfall here bigger numbers with rain south of the city maybe an inch for places like toms river. across the board 41 degrees for your saturday. not a pleasant day but again if you are chasing sun go north of the city. 46 on sunday. that's sunday morning low of 29, it's going to be close. the record is 28. keep your eye on thermometer. 58 monday. 57 tuesday. 55 wednesday. those numbers look okay there but it's the week after next week that we'll turn the corner. david friend was just in our office our boss. when are we turning the corner? not this coming week. the following week.
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>> i love you, mo, man. i love you. [ laughter ] >> weatherman can't promise. >> just checking. >> a lot of promises. thank you. let's take you back out to queens right now. otis live at a happy but empty citi field. hey, otis. >> reporter: it certainly is, maurice. there was plenty of excitement here at citi field. things calm in florida. i'll explain for jacob degrom and he was solid. always durable and reliable,
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the only blood thinner that lowers your risk of stroke better than warfarin and has a specific reversal treatment. talk to your doctor about pradaxa today. time for sports. otis livingston at citi field. otis. >> reporter: we found out after the mets game that jacob degrom's wife told him earlier that the baby wasn't
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he was the pitcher in the home opener against the phillies. amazins raised the championship flag before the game. previous pennant winners did the honors. jacob degrom marvelous. the pre-game phone call relieved brush gave up just one run in six innings. he had to leave the game early with a sore lat muscle. they will reevaluate him in the morning. tied in the 6th the new second baseman comes through neil walker impressing the fans so far. the rbi single, mets 2-1. walker 2 for 4 with two rbi. conforto a run. the mets 7-2 over philly. as for degrom and his wife? >> well, i talked to her this morning. she had a doctors appointment yesterday and they didn't
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that gave the some peace of mind. the competitiveness took over and i didn't think about it. >> put it to the side for a couple of hours and laser focus in on the game. after taking two of three from the astros, the yankees hit the road for the first time in their first road trip in detroit. yankees trying to ruin the tigers' home opener. luis severino wasn't hit hard but he was hit often. three runs on ten hits in five innings. the yankees pleaded no contest at the plate. just two hits off jordan zimmerman, three hits combined as a team. miguel ber rare row solo run, 4-0 yankees shut out. jordan spieth playing out front at the masters but not living up to his skill. he is 2-over par for the day. he is on 18 still leads by a stroke. and jets news. d'brickashaw ferguson is not
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after all. he decides to hang up the cleats for good. less than a week after the jets approached him to free up money to re-sign quarterback ryan fits bat trick. he retired after 10 years. three time pro bowler missed just one snap in his career. the jets were trying to run a desperation trick play on their last play of the season in 2008 against the dolphins. fun fact. darrelle revis the jets left tackle on that play. brick never missed a practice report. the way. especially in the locker room for the jets. but the story from here, the mets beat the phillies in their home opener 7-2. no baby for jacob degrom. he says he is going to stay with the team and wait for the call. he is not going down yet. >> that was my question. >> he is going to hang with the team until the phone call? >> this could go into the next start.
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it doesn't make sense to go down and wait. he might as well stay with the team. >> wait here or wait there. makes sense. thank you. great work at citi field today.
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a fire burning in downtown keyport, new jersey. this is the busy shopping and restaurant area along the shore. at least two firefighters are reported hurt. we have a crew on the scene. we'll bring you much more tonight on cbs 2 news at 11:00. also at 11 in their 20s and going gray on purpose? why the younger generation is saying that silver hair is sexy. who is going to argue with that, right is this that's tonight on cbs 2 news at 11:00. the "cbs evening news" is next. captions by: caption colorado >> brown: securing the airports. major changes are in store for travelers. how vulnerable are our airports? >> reporter: are you crfd a brussels-style attack could not happen at a u.s. airport? >> brown: also tonight, the last fugitive from the paris attacks was arrested. was he also the man in the hat


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