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tv   CBS 2 News  CBS  April 9, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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look at what's going down? for this evening until 8:00 a winter weather advisory in effect for only hunterton county here. but many of us will see a little bit of snow. the winter weather advisory is in effect just there because that's where we anticipate the highest totals. the vortex satellite and radar picture makes it look like it's snowing west of statistic but that is not reaching the ground just yet. it will take -- of the city but that is not reaching the ground just yet. it will take some time. most of us are dry but cloudy. in the afternoon most of the moisture will push in. as the colder air filters in behind the system, some snow mixes in with the rain is certainly expected as well. your full forecast is coming up. we'll talk totals and brighter skies on the horizon.
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and new this morning, the nypd releasing video of a suspected slasher attacking an israeli tourist. >> it happened at a subway station and we have this report. >> reporter: good morning. police were over here at the bleaker street station overnight. they were patrolling in the early morning hours. for some, that is not enough to convince them that this subway station is safe after a friday morning slashing. but police have an image of the suspect. this surveillance illustrates the struggle between the man police identify as the suspect in this violent robbery and his victim. you can see the israeli tourist whose identity has been concealed fighting to escape the man in the orange sweatshirt. pressed on the 6 train platform. the victim, dressed in hasidic garb,
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he got lost, he sat down to look through a map and dozed off. say the man woke up to the robber cutting through his pockets, stealing cash and slashing him in the face, hands, and neck. the suspect then ran out of the station. the victim taken to bellevue hospital in stable condition. this morning police are patrolling the 6 train platform. even with the heightened security some neighbors are staying away. >> i'm just not doing it. >> you're not going to ride? >> no, not going to. >> reporter: this is the second slashing at the bleaker street station this year. in january, a 71-year-old grandmother was slashed in the face. >> i take the subway station twice a day, three days a week, it's not the best thing you want to hear. >> reporter: and we're hearing about incidents thought the city. there's been 1,000 slashings this year, knife attacks up 24% compared to last year, leaving some to consider what they'd do in an
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>> i'm confident in my martial arts background. but for my loved ones, i do. >> reporter: the motive in this incident was robbery, believe police. they're not classifying this as a hate crime. the israeli consulate has been in touch with the victim who should be released later today. word this morning, a federal corruption probe aimed at the nypd is expanding to city hall. investigators are now examining the mayor's fundraising. >> new york city mayor bill de blasio. >> reporter: boos at the opening of the mets baseball season as the feds look into his fundraising. sources say the united states attorney's office has started asking questions of members of the real estate industry about donations
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it appears to be an offshot of the corruption probe. the phones of two businessmen were tapped. the businessmen who also served under blas iaio's inaugural campaign, is reichberg and rechnitz. ponied up 102,000 z$102,000 to get control of the state senate. a spokesman said we are fully confident that the campaign is conducted itself legally and appropriately at all times. >> this is not a particularly good day for the department the police
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senior men to command posts. two lost their badges and gun. deputy inspector james grant demoted from commanding officer of the 19th precinct to working a desk in the medical division. michael harrington from executive officer of the brooklyn housing division to a desk job in transit. erik rodriguez demoted as executive officer of brooklyn south to handling fleet repairs and logging in property confiscated during arrests. colome will no longer be the officer of the brooklyn housing units and work on prisoner transfers. >> it's something we must do. >> reporter: all this digging has led investigators back to city hall. i spoke to ross offinger, mayor bill de blasio campaign treasurer and he's not allowed to speak on the record. a spokesman for the mayor says they're not going to accept any money from the two businessmen going forward and in fact they're going to return all the money they've received so far.
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the search for a 13-year-old boy missing for nearly a week has intensified on long island. nassau county police say amari young was seen leaving his home on monday morning. he was placed at a park and middle school in westbury. his mother said he packed a bag the night before. investigators have searched social media sites for possible clues in hopes of locating him. some travelers returning to laguardia airport are discovering damage to their vehicles. this is happening at level 4 of terminal b. a waxy liquid is dripping from the ceiling on the vehicles. the substance is calcium lime. building. the car and windshield. i tried to brush it off, but it
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>> rebecca zeeger says it cost her $150 to have the substance professionally removed. the port authority didn't say what's causing the calcium deposits but said the garage will be demolished for an airport renovation project. a new jersey man takes his love for donald trump to new rights. >> he's the best things since the american apple pie was invented. why his political pride to land him in trouble with the law and even land him in jail. plus this: >> smoke and flames cause a wall to crash to the ground when a fire destroys part of a jersey store downtown. [ music ]. . >> and brooklyn rolls out the red
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hall of fame. >> that's deep purple performing "snow on the water". and snow in the forecast. >> rain as well, it will be a bleak start to your weekend. details are straight ahead. first a check on the community calendar from cbs 2 and cbs new
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9:11 am . new this morning, bull january authorities have arrested a sixth person in connection to the brussels bombings, it comes as prosecutors try to determine whether they've caught the so-called man in the hat. that suspect is mohammed abrini, he was one of five people captured in raids yesterday. it's unclear if he is the same man seen in the video of the airport bombing. prosecutors have revealed former house speaker dennis hastard aagreed to pay $3.5 million to a man who says he was abused as a young person. it's the first time prosecutors to
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three our young people have accused him of sexual abuse. 14 delegates are up for grabs in today's wyoming democratic caucuses. the presidential candidates are stumping here in our area this morning. bernie sanders will host a block party in harlem. yesterday he campaigned in brooklyn. he stopped in greenpoint last night. earlier in the day he was in flatbush the neighborhood where he grew up. sanders announced he will travel to the vatican next week for a papal conference on social justice. hillary clinton's campaign is holding an organizing event in brooklyn tonight. she spends her friday in the western part of the state. she held a rally in rochester, she stopped in buffalo and answered questions from voters in a medical center. john kasich will attend town
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rochel rochelle. yesterday ted cruz won 21 delegates. the texas senator is appearing in texas on monday. donald trump is appearing in rochester tomorrow. a former firefighter in nurj is being new jersey is being flagged. he was told to take the flags down. the new jersey primary is in june and the flags are political signs which can't be displayed until 30 days before the election. >> i'm going to keep on flying my flag at all costs. if they have to put me in jail. because i'm expressing my freedom, i'll do the jail time. >> he could face up to a $2,000 fine
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he's do you in court april 20th. bar clay center was alive with the sounds of rock 'n' roll [ music ]. that's the roots performing a tribute to the late rocker david bowie at the 31st annual rock 'n' roll hall inductee program. it includes 1970s era rock acts, cheap trick, deep purple, and steve miller. >> some of my favorite groups. speaking of deep purple. who is wearing deep purple this morning. >> hey, it might look blue on your deep purple today. we'll be seeing blue and green
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snow and rain en route. tomorrow things are looking brighter, just still on the cold side. live outside right now, let's take a look, the clouds have thickened this morning, 42 degrees, northeast winds at 10. the winds will be ramping up through the day. your headlines, rain and snow arrives through the mid-morning hours we'll start to see, brunt of it, this afternoon. steadiest wet weather, to the south and west of the city. and then it will be another cold night. tonight we're talking about freeze warnings in effect and possibly record breaking cold. that freeze warning is going to impact the region through the overnight hours with temperatures dropping into the 20s, maybe teens overnight. on the radar picture, clouds are creeping up, the snow that seems to be reaching western new jersey isn't
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it will fill in as the day progresses and as this area of low pressure dives on down and three. it is an arctic blast as we make our way overnight into tomorrow morning. hour by hour, your forecast, cloudy skies this morning, giving way to wet weather. 10:30 most of us are still dry. as we go into the afternoon it does make an impact. snow mainly to the west of the city as the models have been changing this morning, we're seeing it become more and more of a rain event for most of us. but of course, snow going to be mainly to the west and south. rain for the rest of us with wet snow mixing in. don't anticipate a 100% snow event from this for most of us. of sun and clouds and chilly with highs in the 40s. we should be close to 60 right now on average.
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an inch, but there is a pocket through the mid-section of new jersey where 1 to 2 inches may be an exceptional 3 inches is possible. degrees. stuff south and west of the city. winds strongest overnight with winds gusting as high as 40. cheering the city, the record stands at 28. feel like low 40ss tomorrow. very unsettled monday and tuesday, showers on monday, 58, very soggy tuesday, 57. after that we finally get to a more stable, sun-filled pattern with seasonable highs close to 60. now for a consumer ahert, a
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recalls, still waiting for repairs. the death of a 17-year-old in texas last week brings the number of deaths linked to the defective airbags to 11. it can explode with too much force blowing apart sending shards into drivers and passengers. 29 million cars need replacement parts, only 7.5 million have been repaired so far. recall letters sent to car owners say the needed parts are not available at this time. >> i called up to see if they had the airbags and when that would happen and they told me, the dealership said the summer. >> more than 100 people have been hurt by the faulty airbags. the price of postage is going down. consumers are welcoming the savings. we have this report. >> reporter: customers streamed in and out of this post office gleeful
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from 49 cents to 47 cents. >> i think it will be break. we're not going to have to pay as much for our stamps and we mail a lot. >> clients, something or -- >> we sent letters out. >> whoa, that's great. >> reporter: the stamps on post cards and international letters are part of a clawback from the nickel increase. in response the postal service issued this statement about shaving back prices. despite strong growth in package dhifrys they record unsustainable losses and we continue to seek legislative reform. >> they have to fund the pension system for a certain amount over years which is one of the only systems that does that or requires by law they do that.
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about congress forcing the postal service to orfund its pension system. but the tens of thousands of employees in the postal service union fear any change in funding could threaten pension retirement. enjoy the price cut while you can. >> buy stamps now before it goes up. take advantage of the two cents because it's not lasting long. >> reporter: the lower stamp price takes effect this coming sunday. . the postal service says it just saw its first profitable quarter since 2011 earning $307 million. time is 9:19. bad news about your water service, how much more you'll be paying on your water bill, possibly next year. plus, shared on social media for all to see, teens in new jersey captured playing a popular drinking game, hitting jews against nazis. and this is cbs 2 news saturday morning. e you agaisoon.
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. new information on that crazy thursday car crash through los angeles. police say the suspect behind the wheel was a trained tactical driver for the u.s. military. reynolds served two years in the
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two days ago he head cops on a chase that took two hours. police are cracking down on distracted driving. they're making sure people are looking at the road and not their phones. since 2011 the number of tickets issued for people texting while driving has increased 840%. police say fewer people are being pulled over for talking on their cell phones. no texting while anchoring. >> no, never. in sports, a jet star makes a career changing decision after watching a will smith movie. the mets own the phillies in the home opener at city field. we have your sports update. >> mets manager was happy that the opening day was over and done it.
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page. a permanent place mark in mets or last season. we have a new year, new goals, new expectations like degrom's wife who any minute. he heft early but not because of the baby, because of tightness in his back. new york's big inning happened when they scored four in the 7th. walker had a couple of hits, no surprise here, the mets hammer the phils in front of their home field 7-2 the final. yankees visiting the tigers for their home opener in detroit and severino wasn't hit hard but he was hit often. the tigers got to him for three runs and 10 hits in five innings. and the yankees just gifted zimmermann a win. a guy who couldn't ask for a better start with his new team.
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hits. new york's bullpen caved in the 7th. there is no shame, though, when you give up a home run to cabrera. that's happened before. the guy only has two mvps and a triple crown. the yankees get shut out in this one 4-0. shocking news with the jets. ferguson is retiring. the 3 time pro bowl left tackle never missed a snap. he wrote a story after seeing the movie "concussion." in it he said he felt betrayed by the league. phil mickelson missed the cut.
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there is jordan spieth atop the leader board. spieth and mcelroy highlighting coverage. the time now is 9:26, up next today's top stories. . a slashing suspect on the loose, new police have a clear picture of who they are looking for. new surveillance video that could help them solve the case, coming up. and is it the cannabis cure? the push to make pot legal who women
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like in rochester, with world-class botox. and in buffalo, where medicine meets the future. let us help grow your company's tomorrow - today - at . right now a bitter blast of weather, snow on the way, and the
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we have your frigid forecast. new video released of an israeli tourist fighting for his life. the hunt for his attacker this morning. and a massive fire destroys historic buildings, forces evac wagssvac weighings evacation. good morning. it is just about 9:30 on this saturday, april 9th. >> the day's top stories are straight ahead. we start checking in with mtle vanessa murdoch who has a mixed bag in the forecast. >> i really do. i have rain, snow, and cold across the board. it is not going to be warm today, on the soggy side. tomorrow we brighten things up but do not warm them up.
9:31 am
radar picture we can start as wet weather city, heavy rain in the southern portions of ocean county, and the hint that snow is falling west of the city in places like morin and sussex. here is the deal. it is not reaching the ground as substantially as it looks on the radar just yet but it will start to fill in as the day progresses, 30 in montcello, 42 in the city, 41 in the hamptons. as we go through the day, by 10:30 the wet weather is making an impact. this afternoon, this is a rain and snow, a mix expected to be a messy mix for most of us today. but through the mid-section of new jersey, even in the models say we expect rain there, we think it will be mainly a snow event for places like somerset, middlesex. your full forecast is coming up, we'll talk about totals and
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brighter skies in the future. new this morning, police have released video of a suspect involved in a slashing -- excuse me, video police have released video of a suspect slashing an israeli tourist on a subway platform. >> we are live with more. >> reporter: police are hoping that this video will help them catch the suspect who was last seen running out of this bleaker street subway station. he left a man bleeding with gashes to his face, neck, and hands behind. this surveillance illustrates the struggle between the man police identify as the suspect in this violent robbery and his victim. you can see the israeli tourist whose identity has been concealed fighting to escape the man in the orange sweatshirt.
9:33 am
was on his way to visit friends in diamond district, when he got lost, sat down to look through a map and dozed off. after 3 friday morning the man woke up to the robber cutting through his pockets stealing cash and slashing him in the face, hands, and neck. the suspect then ran out of the station, the victim taken to bellevue hospital in stable condition. this morning police are patrolling the 6 train platform. even with the heightened security some neighbors are staying away. >> i'm just not doing it. >> you're just not going to ride. >> no, not going to. >> reporter: this is the second slashing at the bleaker street station this year. in january a 71-year-old grandmother was slashed in the face. >> i'm concerned. i take the subway station twice a day, three days a week. >> reporter: there's been over 1,000 slashings this year, leaving
9:34 am
consider what they'd done in an attack. >> i'm confident in my martial arts background, but for my loved ones i do. it's become a real problem. >> reporter: the israeli tourist is expected to be released from the hospital today. . six firefighters have been injured battling a raging fire at a monmouth county shoretown. it happened in the business district of keyport. dave carlin reports. >> reporter: three buildings, on fire, crumbling and knocked to the ground. a total of five businesses, chug a tax office and some apartments -- including a tax office and some apartments. >> the town is a mile by a mile and a half and it's traumatic. >> reporter: it was mid-afternoon when the fire started. people ran to spots upwind of all this thick smoke. >> it was getting bigger and bigger.
9:35 am
many got their cell phones going in time to catch this concrete wall falling down. >> we saw the whole brunt of it falls down, a couple of firemen got caught under it. >> reporter: six firefighters were hurt, all had survive. it forced firefighters to evacuate people because of a gas leak. >> it's horrible to see businesses go down. >> these buildings are historic, over a hundred years old, lucky it didn't spread to more buildings. >> the fire is out this morning but the cause remains under investigation. in new jersey, controversy over local high school students in a drinking game that pits jews against nazis. they play the game they call alcoholocaust.
9:36 am
a private home. the superintendent says he's deeply upset by the underage drinking and the "clearly anti-semitic overtones of the game." one norge lawmakers wants to make medical marijuana legal for women suffering from monthly cramps. >> reporter: they're the monthly pains many women know all too well. >> if i missed important days because i was just too ill to continue my day. >> reporter: menstrual camps so severe they're offering crippling. tim eustace wants to add menstrual cramps to the list for medical marijuana. >> rather than giving them painkillers which is the usual treatment, this would be a less harmful, less addictive drug. >> reporter: governor christie has opposed the use of medical marijuana
9:37 am
doctor must prove a patient has a debilitating condition with chronic pain, such as a.i.d.s., cancer or a terminal illness. >> there's some patients that nothing works. another tool in the tool kit. >> reporter: but dr. jennifer wu an ob/gyn says not not so fast. >> doctors try birth control pills or pain pills like at dvil. >> reporter: some women are open to the idea. >> i probably wouldn't. >> i would try it. >> reporter: they're working on getting this bill posted to the committee agenda and looking for a senate sponsor. he's hoping for a hearing on this before the assembly breaks in june. . new york city residential
9:38 am
rates could increase 2.1% next year. that's the proposed like from the department of environmental protection. the department wants it, that would be the lowest rate increase in 16 years. if the increase is approved by the board, single family homes will see an average increase of $23 a year. the increase for multifamily homes would be $14 a year per unit. the time now is 9:37. do you prefer to type your notes, or write your notes? this is an important decision that could make you smart. a message to the faithful. pope francis releases a document about divorce and same sex marriage. and a surfer's wipe out caught on camera. what knocked him off his board. here's vanessa murdoch with a check on the forecast. >> chilly today, wet weather moving through, rain and snow. we'll talk totals and discuss when the temperatures finally return to
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can't start a fire worried about your little world . [ music ]. . alan our stage manager is dancing this morning. 9:41, 42 degrees, cloudy it looks like there in times square this morning but people will not be dancing to bruce springstein in north carolina this weekend. he's taking a stand for lgbt rights and he's cancelled tomorrow's planned concert in greensboro, north carolina, citing a new law in the state that prohibits transgender people from using public bathrooms that do not match the sex listed on their birth certificates. bruce springsteen says it's against recognizing the progress we've made in this country. i feel this is a time for me and the band to so solidarity for those
9:43 am
pope francis is urging compassion for all in a hong awaited papal document on the modern family. the joy of hoff addresses sex, marriage, and family hive. he says divorced and remarried people should talk with their pastor to see if they can take holy communion. >> an issue around marriage, come and seek the children's guidance and wisdom and to sit down with ministers who can help them sort out the issues of hive. >> the pope writes gays, lesbians, and unwed mothers should be treated with love and respect. you may not want to write off old school note taking. using pen and paper can boost learning. >> this is interesting.
9:44 am
for a number 2 he pencil. >> reporter: if you like to write things out its there's a chance you're smarter for it. >> the art of note taking helps retain information and personalize the information. >> reporter: dr. ekhart says she's hoping the results of this study sounds an aharm to educators. >> technology has a place, but writing has to be part of school practice. >> reporter: according to the study, students who take notes on a laptop do take more notes but it undermines learning. computer note takers typically forget the material 24 hours later but those who took by hand could remember longer. brain imjing shows there's something about writing things down that
9:45 am
>> they feel it emotionally that they're actually using part of their body. another part of their body. it's not just in the eye. they're actually forming the letters. >> reporter: 8th grader we spoke with say they agree with a study even though a pen and paper seems antique. >> when you're typing, you're pressing the letters. >> it makes you remember better. >> reporter: if you want to make the most of the lesson, go old school with a pen and paper. . the sturdy was done in the classroom but experts suggest the findings are likely applied equally to a business meeting or a doctor's office. >> i love this story that she did, i mean, we take notes all the time using pen and paper especially on stories but you find you do remember. >> it burns it in your memory a little bit more. if you're writing down the
9:46 am
today, it includes a four-letter-word that starts with "s" and ends with "w". it will be a dreary start to the weekend, but the snow totals will not be massive. most of us just about a trace, maybe an inch. there is a section of new jersey, though, that could see 1, maybe 3 inches of snow from this event. it will be sloppy. let's go ahead and start things off with the weather watch are see where they're starting their days off. temperaturewise right now looking at most places in the 40s and 30s. whippany, new jersey at 34. and 40 in yonkers. so you might wonder, hey, temperatures for many are already in the 40s. how are we going to get snow? that's why it will be rain for a while. but wet snow will be able to mix on in. so live outside, it's now much more
9:47 am
at 6:30 it was gorgeously bright out there. now increasing clouds, 42, northeast wind at 10. what can you expect from the forecast? first of all, rain/snow arriving this morning, it's begun south and west of the city. the steadiest snow is expected south and west of the city, through the mid-section of new jersey, places like hunterdon county, middlesex county, that's where we expect the highest totals and grassy surfaces will be the most likely places we'll see the snow stick today. overnight frigid air moves in and a freeze warning goes into effect. that is along our coastal regions and protect the plants that are outside already. as we look at the vortex satellite and radar picture, the wet weather is lifting in. it's filling in across the tri-state region, as are the clouds. we'll get more and more moisture in place.
9:48 am
moves out this evening, cold air piles in, and overnight we're talking about the potential for record cold. but hour by hour here is what you can expect. we started off at 11 a.m., note we're getting closer and closer to rain in the city, snow better west. here with are at the 5:00 hour, pockets of snow and rain. just a messy mix for many of us today. overnight skies clear as the winds pick up. 10, 11:00 tonight. tomorrow will be a day of sunshine and clouds but not warmer. we're only going to be in the 40s tomorrow and the clouds will thicken late in the day. as far as snowfall totals, most of us get a trace or an inch of snow. a messy mix. and then this band through the mid-section of new jersey where we may see 1 to 2 inches. maybe an exception of three
9:49 am
for today, 43 degrees, rain and wet snow, steadier stuff south and west of the city. but this be as high as 40 miles an hour. so this 29 degree overnight low the low 20s and teens out this. frigid overnight. tomorrow is going to be a brighter degrees, mix of sunshine and clouds. monday and tuesday, very unsettled but sea sonable in the upper 50s. soggy win on tuesday. high pressure moves in and sticks around. i think thursday and friday will lovely days. good news, a lot of schools in new jersey on spring break so look forward to the second half and look
9:50 am
the first couple of days. the rain and snow may keep some of you from enjoying the outdoors. it! here's a look at what's new in theatres. insider trading. >> reporter: melissa mccarthy is boss". >> she plays a financial titan goes to jail. she tries to rebrand herself by selling brownies. >> what do we say if somebody doesn't want to buy. >> buy my brownies or i'll kill you. >> i think for any of us the hardest thing to do is change. cameo appearance. and then he begins to literally demolish everything in his life. >> talking apart my marriage. >> reporter: his character loses the
9:51 am
>> it was really uncomfortable, i'll be honest, to not do much but no underneath there was all this stuff going on. >> reporter: on his quest to discover his new self he finds solace in a pen pal by naomi watts. >> she reads this letters and feels there's hole in his life and wants to know him. if call of duty, this is an entire movie like call of duty where you are in the position of the hero. >> reporter: although the film is audience friendly, there is a lot of bloods and guts. >> and disney's new film the jungle book hits theatres next week. a man's close encounter with a
9:52 am
him a celebrity of the surf board. and the talk of jupiter west of beach. the board. >> i have to go over him so i get bitten. it's surfing and the sharks are big fish and you embrace it. >> embrace it, okay. well he says he doesn't want a shark encounter to keep people from the water but it is a reminder to be aware of your surroundings on the water. >> wow. unexpected hazard out there. >> yes, absolutely. >> maybe expected, what do i know? >> i would be more upset if that were me. he wanted his girlfriend's hand in marriage and needed a hand from rescuers.
9:53 am
terribly wrong. we have your weekend traffic update. >> reporter: today it's the 18th annual tartan day parade which recognizes scottish people. and on sunday, from 11 to 1, is the nyc walk for animal rescue for 5th avenue will be shut between west 26th and 24th streets, west 26th street will be closed between 5th avenue and broadway and broadway is closed between west 26th and 17th street. and that is your cbs 2 saturday
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there are those who say we cannot defeat a corrupt political system and fix a rigged economy. but i believe we need to lift our vision above the obstacles in place and look to the american horizon. to a nation where every child can not only dream of going to college, but attend one. where quality healthcare will be a birthright of every citizen. where a good job is not a wish, but a reality. where women receive equal pay and a living wage is paid to all. an america where after a lifetime of labor, there is time for rest and grandchildren. a nation that defends our people and our values, but no longer carries so much of that burden alone. i know we can create that america
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and not to the pundits and the naysayers. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message, and i ask for your vote. . and your top stories. miss have released new video of a slasher attacking an israeli tourist in greenwich village. this happened at 3:00 yesterday morning at the bleaker street station 6 train platform. the 535-year-old victim got lost and fell asheep on a bench and the slasher attacked him. the victim is being treated at bellevue hospital. presidential hopefuls spending the weekend stumping in our
9:57 am
bernie sanders has a block party in harlem, hillary clinton in brooklyn tonight, and kasich is in rochester and in pearl river which is in rockland county. donald trump will campaign in rochester tomorrow, ted cruz's next appearance is monday in california. and speaking of california, a california man's marriage proposal wasn't quite solid as a rock. michael banks was plucked off a rock by a helicopter. he scaled the cliff to propose via face time. she said yes. he took another way down, and got stranded. the 27th-year-old was arrested after he started acting erratically. he was allegedly high on methamphetamines. >> that's a long way to go to pop the question.
9:58 am
forecast. >> unfortunately a little wet today but you might be inclined to stay inside. snow and some rain, zero to 1 inches for most of us as far as snow totals go. 1 to 2 through the mid-section of new jersey. >> another burst of winter. >> yes. that wraps up cbs 2 news saturday morning. >> for the news team and thanks for watching. >> have a great saturday. e world a president has to grapple with. sometimes you can't even imagine. that's the job. and she's the one who's proven she can get it done. curing a massive reduction nuclear weapons... ...standing up against the abuse of women... ...protecting social security... ...expanding benefits for the national guard... ...and winning health care for8 million children. the presidency is the toughest job in the world and she's the one who'll make a real difference for you.
10:00 am
mo: welcome to "the henry ford's innovation nation." i'm mo rocca.


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