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tv   CBS 2 News Saturday  CBS  April 16, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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jim abbott has been my guess, right now another slashing in the city. a livery cab driver is rushed to the hospital after his passenger allegedly attacked him with a knife during an attempted robbery. plus mudslides are triggered and a volcano erupts following the second earthquake to rock japan in 24 hours. and more cheating accusations against shellon
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how the feds say he used his power to help two women he was allegedly having extra-marital affairs with. cbs 2 news saturday morning starts right now. good morning, it is 6:00 on this saturday, april 16th. i'm andrea grymes. >> i'm hazel sanchez. the day's stories are straight hea. first vanessa murdock is here with the forecast. not a bad saturday so far. >> no, it's going to be a stunner of a day. beautifully warm, beautiful blue skies just as we've had for a couple of days now. so a lovely forecast to start off the weekend. right now i want to take you live outside. i'm going to show you this pretty picture we've got here. it is beautiful. i love the way the sunshine is creating some pinks on the sky. as we look at the temperature, it's 44 degrees, northeast winds at 8 miles per hour right now.
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the 60s today. 44 in the city, but 40 in andover. it is 26 in the hamptons. the east end of long island under a freeze warning right now. 27 in belmar. as we look at the vortex satellite and radar picture, nothing to look at except for those clouds way far away off to the east. what will happen today is it will be a little breezy across eastern long island, the rest of us, though, winds will be on the calm side. so 9:00 a.m. it's 49 degrees, feeling like 47. by noon 58, sunny and 56, and then your high for today is 66 degrees with blue skies. by 9:00 tonight 54 and crystal all right. so we've had a dry stretch. how long can it continue and how much warmer will it get? i'll answer those questions in my full forecast. andrea, back to you. >> vanessa, thank you. now to a developing story this morning, a livery cab driver slashed in queens overnight. >> now police are on the hunt for his attacker. cbs 2's magdalena doris joins corona.
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hazel and andrea. yes. police say this was an attempted robbery turned violent. the cab driver was slashed multiple times in the back and in the neck while he was fighting off this attacker. now, police say the cab driver picked up an illegal street hail early this morning, and they say that passenger eventually stopping here, the cab, i should say, stopping here at van cleef street. that passenger then demanding money from the 43-year-old livery cab driver. during that struggle, the cab driver was slashed, again, in the back and the neck and nothing was taken. the passenger ran away emptyhanded according to police. they are still looking for that suspect. now, this is the second slashing case overnight. in the bronx a man was slashed in the arm during a fight. in this case the livery cab driver was taken to elmhurst hospital. he is expected to be okay. but, again, police are still searching for the passenger. that person they say slashed and tried to rob this livery cab driver.
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live in corona, queens, magdelena doris, cbs 2 news >> maggie, thank you. southern japan is reeling this morning after two deadly earthquakes in two days. at least 29 people have been killed, more than 1,500 injured, dozens of those seriously. there's also been what's called a small-scale eruption of a nearby volcano. more now from cbs 2's danielle nottingham. >>reporter: japanese rescue crews made their way into this home, looking for survivors of a magnitude 7.0 earthquake. papers, office supplies and even computers shook and toppled over when the quake occurred around 1:30 saturday morning. guests in this hotel had a rude awakening, and several aftershocks followed. this man was rescued from the rubble before dawn. the quake triggered a landslide, cracking and crumbling roads and bridge and sliding homes off their foundations. part of this curved roadway fell down the hillside, leaving one car on the edge.
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of this apartment big, crushing cars parked beneath it. a smaller deadly earthquake hit this same region on thursday. that 6.2-magnitude quake knocked down buildings and collapsed homes. scientists say the smaller quake was actually a foreshock and triggered the larger one. >> about 5% to 10% of the time the earthquake that gets triggered gets first one and we call the first one a foreshock and that big aftershock becomes the main shock. >>reporter: scientists say there is still a 50% chance of at least a magnitude 6.0 aftershock hitting this same area of japan in the next few days. danielle nottingham, cbs news. more of sheldon silver's secrets revealed. prosecutors say the former assembly speaker had affairs with two women and abused his power to help them. cbs 2's tony ielo with more on the circus in albany. >>reporter: the feds say sheldon silver was cheating on
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kickbacks and having affairs. a judge released the information friday. heavily-redacted documents outline two extra-marital affairs. the u.s. attorney was prepared to enter that as evidence in silver's corruption case under certain conditions. the feds say silver had an affair with a woman who quote specifically lobbies the defendant and often is hired in part to lobby the defendant directly on behalf of her clients who have business before the state. a second affair was with a woman hired for a state job, quote, in part due to silver's recommendation and followup requests. allegations that silver's paramours benefited financially from his patronage disappointment assembly republican, but: >> i don't find it surprising, because silver is a corrupt individual who used his position, not only to enrich himself, but also to use for political favors for allies of his. >> i think the whole district feels very betrayed. >>reporter: a woman running for silver's assembly seat wonderings how her relationship with the lobbyists affects
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mechanical problem. the people hurt are expected to be okay. and the search is on this morning for a man police say robbed a woman in brooklyn. investigators have released this video of the suspect. it happened on april 1st at about 11:30 p.m. inside a building in the cobble hill section. the victim says the man grabbed her from behind, covered her mouth before taking off with her purse which contained an iphone and credit cards. surveillance video shows that the suspect waited outside the building for an hour and a half before following the woman into the court yard. the search is on for the person who's poisoning cats in queens. hundreds of feral cats live in broad channel park on cross bay boulevard, but recently several were found dead in the area. a dog owner says her dog also died after eating chicken laced with rat poison that was left out. an animal rescue group is offering a $2 it, 500 reward for information leading to an arrest.
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districts across the new rochelle district, this after slight levels of lead were found at davis elementary school. all water fountains at davis are now shut down. bottled water is now being distributed and temporary water coolers are being install. full test results are expected in a few weeks. now to a commuter alert. the mta says the riders who leave the 7 train should leave extra time to get around this wean because of track work. now through 4:30 monday morning, there will be no 7 trains between 74th street and queens and times square. free shuttle buses will be available. trains will run every 15 to 20 minutes between main street and 74th street in queens and between times square, 42nd street and 34th street, hudson yards in manhattan. and the time right now 6:09. two moms attacked in a road rage incident. >> i wasn't even angry when i got out. >> the driver accused of shattering their window is telling his side of the story. why he says it never should
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plus rats invade the ice in florida. highlights from the islanders first playoff -- or last, i'm sorry. thank you, hazel. >> no problem. and there year's fdny calendar is twice as hot. the new changes aim at promoting diversity, teamwork and inclusion. all right, first, here's vanessa murdock with a check of the forecast. >> bright blue skies and seasonable warmth today, but it only gets hotter. i'll have your full forecast coming up. first, though, we check on the
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and they're one of the wall street banks that triggered the financial meltdown -- goldman sachs. just settled with authorities r their part in the crisis that put seven million out of work and millions out of their homes. how does wall street get away with it? millions in campaign contributions
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our economy works for wall street because it's rigged by wall street. and that's the problem. as long as washington is bought and paid for, we can't build an economy that works for people. sanders: i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. now to campaign 2016 and republican john kasich is taking some heat over advice he gave to an upstate new york college student. she asked about sex assaults on campus. >> well, i would also give you one bit of advice, don't go to parties where there's a lot of alcohol. [ applause ] >> don't do that. there's a few more people singing, but not many. the priest leaves. >> democrats pounced on that comment, accusing kasich of blaming of victim. later the kasich campaign tweeted only the attacker is at fault.
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year-old daughters about the violence. >> the reason why i worry about that is it obscures the ability of people to seek justice because then it gets to be about he said she said and there's alcohol and it creates an naibility to find the truth -- inability to find the truth at times. >> republican frontrunner donald trump was on the stump last night in connecticut. he drew a crowd of about 8,000 to the convention center in hartford before and during the rally there were protests outside. connecticut holes its primary april 26th. and polls show trump getting about 50% of the gop vote. and ted cruz was in rochester last night, then he left for wyoming where republicans gathered at their state convention today to pick the 14 delegates they'll send to the national convention. democratic presidential hopeful bernie sanders says he met with pope francis at the vatican this morning. sanders called the short visit an honor and a joy. sanders traveled to rome to attend a vatican conference
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inequality and climate change. the sanders campaign says there was no political motivation behind the senator's one-day trip. as for hillary clinton, she was in manhattan yesterday, appearing at a senior center in east harlem. new york, of course, holds its primaries this tuesday. and now to a consumer alert this morning, a concern over seat belts has triggered a major recall. general motors has issued a voluntary recall for seat belts in more than 1 million pickup trucks worldwide. it involved 2014 and 2015 chevy silverados and gmc sierra 1500s and includes nearly 9,000 trucks here in the u.s. gm says the problem stem from a flexible steel cable that can wear out over time and snap. a gm representative says she's not aware of any injuries caused by the issue. the automaker says it will repair the seat belts free of charge.
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>> yeah, but not so bad. >> not that bad. it looks like it's going to be a beautiful weekend. let's check in with meteorologist vanessa murdock who's here with a look at the forecast >> it's going to be a stunner of a weekend. it is cold this morning. we have freeze warnings this morning east of the city, north of the city, but by this afternoon it's going to be seasonably warm for most of us in the 60s. so i say, hey, a spectacular start to the weekend. and the picture paints 1,000 words or says 1,000 words. let's take you live outside for this beautiful shot. you can see just how clear the skies are this morning. the sun creating such a beautiful glow on the city skyline. 44 degrees, northeast winds at 8 miles per hour. here are your headlines. a splendid weekend, mild days, cool nights. tonight, though, or rather last night the coldest. it will be much more mild moving forward. warmest day in the forecast of this week will be monday. so here's how temperatures climb. yesterday a high of 65, today
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so very similar to yesterday. normal high 62. seasonably warm today. tomorrow, however, 10 degrees above normal, then we make our way nearly 15 degrees above 76. as we look at what's happening out there right now, it'll be bright and blue to start off your day. high pressure a very powerful area of high pressure is dominating this forecast, basically creating a hole for the eastern corridor. there's no wet weather even able to break through. but out to the west our neighbors through the central plains will have quite a go of hours. watch what's happening through the mid section of the country. and because this system can't migrate east, we're going to look at flooding potential through the mid section, i think especially down into texas and dallas as we make our way through the day tomorrow and into early monday. it's going to be quite a challenging stretch. for us no troubles at all, just bright blue skies all the way through. as we look at what's happening
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go to yankee stadium to watch the yankees take on the mariners, 62 degrees for that north/northeast winds at 10. i do want to mention that today on the east end of long island it will be breezy. we're talking gusts 20, maybe 25 miles per hour. otherwise for the rest of us winds will be on the calm side, 66 degrees, looking lovely. overnight tonight clear and not as cold, 45 in the city, suburbs at 30, in the 30s, some spots will get close to that freezing mark. so if you decide to put any plabilities out today, make sure you cover -- plants out today, make sure you cover them up tonight if you live well outside the city. then for the day tomorrow, will be nearly a carbon copy with regard to sky conditions, but so much warmer. 72 degrees to end your weekend, winds calmer for all of us tomorrow. as we make our way beyond the weekend, monday scrix degrees. that's actually -- 76 degrees. that's actually my weekend, monday. then overnight monday into tuesday is the first time we
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it is not looking significant at all. tuesday a mix of sunshine and clouds, 65. wednesday looking good 66, thursday 73, mostly sunny. next friday looks like a better bet for wet weather, but i'll tell you what, we're going to need it by then. so, you know, we will enjoy this very dry, warm stretch, but i think many that are looking at plants and stuff will say, hey, we need some rain to kind of get things going >> true. this is the best seven-day forecast we've seen in a long time. >> very long, long time. >> never have i been so excited for monday. >> yes. >> see, there are perks to working the weekend. a shoutout to everybody working the weekend who's off during the week. thank you, vanessa. and in sports the islanders take on the panthers in florida before heading back to brooklyn. >> it'll mark the first stanley cup playoff game at the barclay center. here's otis livingston with your cbs 2 sports update. >> good morning, everyone. after winning game one thursday night, it was time for the islanders to get greedy. it would be huge to come back
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thomas gries helped the islanders, stopped 42 shots. not as lucky last night, though. goal and assist for reilly smith as the panthers took a 2- 0 lead in the 2nd. islanders down for the count in the 3rd when they get a lifeline. the lead cut in half with three minutes left. they needed something to happen in the final second, something good, anything but that. oh, rats! florida ties the series at 1 hon 1. 3-1 the final from florida. jackie robinson all around the majors, 70 years after robinson broke the color barrier in his debut with the brooklyn dodgers. the first number 42 to cross the plate, solo homer in the 1st. bombers up 1-0. another off night for severino who gave up three runs and 10 hits and the mariners added to his misery. chris ianoetta pumped one to the seats. mets taking on the yawns in cleveland. -- indians in cleveland.
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more where that come from. sespadas two batters later make it is 4-1. get this, the mets only had two home runs in the first eight games. times. neil walker leaves the yard. livingston. have a great saturday. the closer together the fresher it's going to be and squeeze them. when you squeeze the artichoke, can you hear that squeakiness coming back to you? that means they're nice and fresh and you want to make sure that stem is nice and green from any cracking whatsoever.
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the refrigerator right away. now, what i like to do with these purple artichokes is i like to boil them with some lemon, but not too long, maybe about five to seven minutes, then simply cut them in half and put them on the grill. olive oil, salt and pepper and that's t. and then grill them for a while. all the flavor is out of this world and look how beautiful they are. so there you go, purple chokes. enjoy. it's spring. and i'm tony tantillo your fresh grocer and always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. look, this matches my jacket. >> good grilling season too, right? good weather for t. time now is 6:21. taking spying to the extreme, why a bronx woman spent thousands of dollars on cameras to catch her neighbors in the act. and after the break the new treatment that could help people who suffer from acid reflux prevent more serious condition.
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morning. in heelt watch, an alert -- health watch, an alert for heartburn sufferers this morning. there's more evidence that certain long-term use of certain heartburn medications can lee to kidney disease. studies found that people on proton pump inhibitors have a
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p.p.i. medications include prilosec, nexium and prevacid. if you take a ppi and have concerns, you should talk to your doctor. the study comes in the journal rolg. doctors say it can lead to changes in the esophagus that may lead to cancer. there's a new procedure that can freeze the cells involved and prevent cancer. patients are sedated, special tubes are placed down the throat and liquid nitrogen is used to freeze the top layer of cells. it's giving new hope to patients suffering from a condition called barrett's esophagus, a serious heartburn complication. >> they told me that it's abnormal cells in my esophagus that are not supposed to be there. unfortunately i can develop cancer with barrett's if i don't take care of myself. >> we can actually deliver liquid nitrogen, minus 23 degrees fahrenheit to the esophagus through a specialized catheter. >> and doctors say it usually
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freezing treatments to get rid of all the abnormal cells. time now is 6:26. a warning for credit card skimming devices discovered at several grocery stores in the city. the four suspects wanted now for swiping money right from their victims' bank accounts. plus this: >> it has changed our life quite dramatically. >> drivers fly by, ignores signs on staten island, and neighbors say nothing is being done to stop it.
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right now shoppers targeted without even knowing it when skimming devices are discovered in plain sight at city grocery stores. the four suspects police want to stop before they strike again. plus this: >> this was her specialty. this is what she was trained to do and loved tigers. >> deadly zoo attack. a florida trainer dies after being mauled by a rare tiger. and a car slams into a front yard but nobody was behind the wheel. cbs 2 news saturday morning starts right now. good morning. it's 6:30 a.m. on this saturday, april 16th. i'm hazel sanchez. >> nice to have you with us, hazel. >> nice to be here.
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the day's stories are straight ahead. first vanessa murdock is here with a look at the forecast i think a lot of people will be happy with. >> oh, my goodness. it's going to be a stunner of a weekend. it's going to be warm and barely a cloud in sight. >> nice. >> which is a good thing for short term and then we'll hope for some rain. but the weekend is looking sensational. we'll start off with i think a stunning picture. live outside right now, rise and shine, the sun is up. i hope you're waking up with us this morning and slowly but surely feeling ready to face what is going to be a very bright and seasonably warm day. 44 degrees right now. crystal clear skies, northeast winds at 8. as far as warmth, take a look. there are some very cold spots out there this morning. 27 degrees is where we start things off in toms river, 37 in scarsdale. freeze warning is in effect for some areas until 8:00 a.m. after that it's all about warming up for the weekend. clear skies overhead, and it stays that way today and tomorrow. we're talking not a cloud to be seen. noon it's 58, feeling like 56.
6:32 am
we'll have sunny skies and it will feel like 66, so that's lovely. if you live on the east end of long island, note how things will be different. well, it will be breezier as you head east today. i'll have your full forecast coming up and we'll talk about even warmer weather for the second half of your weekend. andrea and hazel, back to you. >> vanessa, thank you. new this morning, beware of skimmers. police are warning supermarket customers across manhattan to be vigilant when checking out. >> cbs 2's magdelena doris has more on the scheme that has already targeted nearly two dozen victims. >>reporter: this is a skimmer designed to fit perfectly over a credit card machine at the checkout of gratidi's supermarket in sheridan square in the west village. as you swipe away for your groceries, would you be able to tell? police are now warning shoppers to be on the lookout. 23 people have already reported being ripped off. the thieves use the skimmer to gain access to the debit card number and utilize a hidden camera placed elsewhere to film
6:33 am
the nypd says these four men have been caught withdrawing -- from withdrawing cash from atms in manhattan and queens. they're suspected of gaining access to the account information, making fake replica cards and entering the correct p.i.n. numbers caught on camera. investigators are searching for these suspects. magdelena doris, cbs 2 news. >> police say the best way to protect yourself is to cover your hand while you enter your p.i.n. number so the camera will not be able to catch your secret code. this will make it more difficult for scammers to gain access to your account. now to the latest in the city corruption scandal. the head of the department of investigation has recused himself from a probe into mayor de blasio's campaign donors. mark peters had said there was no reason for him to step aside, but now he says he wants to avoid the appearance of a conflict. peters was treasurer of de blasio's 2013 campaign before the mayor appointed him to lead
6:34 am
former new york state -- new york senate leader dean skelos and his son adam will not be getting a new trial. in december they were convicted on federal corruption charges. their lawyers filed motions trial. a judge has now denied that, concluding the evidence supported the verdict. she says that the senior skelos followed a brazen pattern of threatening and pressuring others to enrich his son. the nypd is investigating a possible hate crime in brooklyn that was caught on camera. it happened thursday in crown heights. rafael spritzer was operating a forklift outside a warehouse when two teenagers attacked him. one punched him in the face. spritzer grab one of the teens and held him until police arrived. he says he believes he was attacked because he's jewish. he spoke with cbs 2's allana gold. >>reporter: why did you go after them? >> i don't know. it was just my instinct if you get punched to go after the guy who did it to you. >> the teenager who punched
6:35 am
his accused accomplice, 17-year- with assault. a man arrested in a road rage incident in new jersey now says he regrets his actions. pictures show shattered glass from a car window rose mary ig lace as and her mother marellen castro. they say they were sitting at a stoplight when 44-year-old sergio ol vary a accused them of cutting him off. castro was covered in broken glass from her driver's side window and has multiple cuts on her hands, face and in her eye. well, time now is 6:35. changing their tune on texting. what a major movie chain is now saying about their controversial plan. and caught on camera by her own neighbor, the reason behind a bronx woman's high- tech surveillance. and a fire department first -- excuse us, we're having a little trouble with
6:36 am
12 months of men and now 12 months of women. see how the calendar of heros becomes more inclusive in more ways than one. first here's vanessa forecast >> that's always fun to look at, that's for sure. fabulous. coming up we'll talk about when is the next time we'll see rain because we'll need it. rain or shine, though, remember, you can have the forecast anytime with the cbsnewyork weather app. you can also send us your
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it is free in the itunes store. they're one of the wall street banks that triggered the financial meltdown -- goldman sachs. just settled with authorities r their part in the crisis that put seven million out of work and millions out of their homes. how does wall street get away with it? millions in campaign contributions and speaking fees. our economy works for wall street because it's rigged by wall street.
6:38 am
as long as washington is bought and paid for, we can't build an economy that works for people. sanders: i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. hey, we're opening up a second shop and we need some new signage. but can't spend a lot. well, we have low prices and a price match guarantee. scout's honor? low prices. pinky swear? low prices. eskimo kisses? how about a handshake? oh, alright... the lowest price. every time.
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good morning and thank you for waking up with us here at cbs 2 news saturday morning. a beautiful shot out there of the empire state building and 1 world trade. vanessa says we're in for a wonderful weekend weather wise. she'll have the forecast coming up. in the meantime the hunt is on this morning for the driver after an incredible crash on long island. watch at the top of the screen as an suv flips over several times. north babylon residents heard the crash early yesterday morning and rushed to rescue anyone inside, but no one was there. police say a homeowner surveillance system captured the driver taking off, leaving behind thousands of dollars in damage. >> he came around that corner too fast. you could see the tire tracks
6:40 am
driveway and then they went to this house, got airborne, flipped over three times and droped in my front lawn >> police say the car with two cell phones inside was reported stolen. residents of a staten island neighborhood say a change in a highway exit ramp has changed their lives for the worse. they claim they're now in danger due to speeding on a service road. cbs 2's sonia rancone has the story. >>reporter: it's been a couple of years since exit 13 of the staten island expressway began letting traffic out here instead of here, a few blocks away. >> it has changed our life quite dramatically. >>reporter: the speeding, according to the neighbors along the service road milford drive is putting them in constant danger. >> the ramp is 30 miles per hour and the street is 30 miles per hour, but nobody does it, and there's been some really bad accidents out here >> they just fly past here like it's a continuation of the highway. >>reporter: so it's people that are coming out of these small residential streets that
6:41 am
a couple of our neighbors up the block, they've gotten hit. you see that? instead of hitting the brake, they blow the horn. >>reporter: when the exit was here, neighbors couldn't turn directly onto their streets, they had to go around. but they say the convenience that came with the new exit isn't worth the danger. between the old exit here and the stoplight at clove road, there just wasn't a lot of room to speed up. and it's not just the speed, it's loud. >> i'll have to open my eyes or look at the clock, because at 6:45, the traffic is already making enough noise. >>reporter: the d.o.t. has put up these signs and has been in contact with city councilmember steve mateo. both are working to come up with something effective and present it to the community. in the sunnyside section of staten island, sonia rancone, cbs 2 news. new this morning, a maryland firefighter is shot and killed and another critically injured while responding to a medical call. it happened last night at a house in temple hills, a suburb of washington d.c. a suspect
6:42 am
called to check on a suspect who a neighbor believed was having medical issues. an investigation is under way into the death of a florida zookeeper mauled by a rare malaysian tiger. 38-year-old stacy conweiser was in the tiger habitat yesterday, preparing for the palm beach zoo's daily tiger show when she was attacked. zoo officials say it happened in the enclover where the tigers -- enclosure where the tigers eat and sleep and the public was never in danger. southwest. take a look at this tornado touching down in far west oklahoma. and just south in texas hail pounded the pavement yesterday. this was the scene in dalhart amarillo. now for an update on a proposal that would have allowed texting at the movies. amc theaters says it is now sending the plan to the cutting room floor after a huge public outcry against it. the company sent a message out
6:43 am
not to install texting sections in their theaters now or in the foreseeable future. >> that's good news. >> uh-huh. uber and newark make nice after a public spat. the mayor of newark says he's reached a deal with the ride hailing company to operate in new jersey's largest city. the city and uber had been sparring recently over taxes, licensing and background checks. the details of the deal have not within released yet. a woman in the bronx is taking extreme measures to point out neighbors who are not picking up after their dogs. carol bailey spent thousands of dollars to set up cameras outside her home in alerton to catch them in the act. she says when she sees someone leaving without picking up after their dogs, she runs out and confronts them. >> it reflects where i live, and i don't like it. this is my home, and this is what you're doing. if i can get at least 80% who would listen to me, i would be happy. >> residents say they want
6:44 am
poop scoop law by handing out more $250 fines. bailey says until then, she's saving up for night cameras. >> good investment. well, make way for the women of the fdny. for the first time ever women will get to sizzle on their very own fdny calendar. >> cbs 2's cindy hsu reports. [ chanting ] >>reporter: and with that the fdny calendar of heros for 2017 is released in harold square and this year it's a lot different. now it's two cals in one, 12 pages of men on one side, 12 pages of women on the other. and for the first time emts and paramedics are included. meet emt michelle campbell. >> i chose how much of a family we all are and how we work together and how well we work together. >>reporter: last year was the first time a woman was included in the fdny calendar, but just one. this year the men don't seem to mind sharing the pages equally.
6:45 am
they're on the street with us. they do the same job we do and to include them i think is great. >>reporter: all the proceeds from the calendar go to the fdny foundation to promote fire safety education. >> they look great on the calendar. i think they're going to raise a lot of money and promote fire safety, cpr training and firefighter training. >> i hope to be a role model, yes. >>reporter: many of the women hope the calendar will encourage more ladies to join the fdny. >> every woman in new york city, the age is 17 1/2, they can take the test to the age of 28 to consider being a new york city firefighter. >> just for like the public to realize that there are female firefighters and ems women because a lot of people still don't know yet there are females doing this job. >>reporter: and the turnout at the calendar signing, it looks like the message is getting out >> i think it's a beautiful thing and it encouraged people like me to become one of them one day. >> totally awesome. equal opportunity. equal opportunity for all. >>reporter: one fan loves the
6:46 am
to cover 18 months. in herald square, cindy hsu, cbs 2 news. >> maybe they can work on that for next year. the calendar is expected to raise nearly $300,000 for the fdny foundation. looks like a good one. it's always a popular story to get here. >> yes. especially for the ladies. now for the men, right? >> exactly. and good weather to have those hot photos, right, vanessa? it's time for your exclusive cbs 2 forecast. meteorologist vanessa murdock here. what's your take? think? >> i agree. hey, if you're going to be doing some lounging outside, flipping through the calendar, things are all good for the forecast this weekend to be outside doing whatever it is you will most enjoy. let's check in right now with our weather watchers, see what they have to say about this morning. many of the comments have been it's cold, but it's bright, and it will warm up today and the rest of the weekend will be even warmer. so here we go. 37 degrees right now as we look
6:47 am
he's in lynnbrook, blue skies there. his comment was a beautiful spring morning, but, again, it is still cold. and, yes, there's actually a freeze warning for the eastern a.m. so still a little more time to go there. let's move a little bit outside the city here, 39 degrees says lynn brown. she's in bloomfield, new jersey. blue skies there as well. in fact, we are all under pristine skies because of a big old blob of high pressure that is forcing any sort of unstable activity far away from us. let's see what lynn had to say this morning. sun, sand and, too early for the beach, i might agree with that. i'll play in the dirt today. perfect. i think a lot of people will be getting dirty trying to get the gardens started, tilling the soil. and you know what? it is going to be a wonderful wind, not just today, but tomorrow. so let's get right to this beautiful live picture. we've got sunshine, clear skies, 44, northeast winds at 8. your headlines, what can you expect?
6:48 am
i think it's going to get old at some point, but not yet. 60s today, 70s tomorrow, pushing 80 on monday, and look at this, no big chance of rain really until friday which is not a good thing with these dry conditions, of course, wildfires can be a bigger issue. but nonetheless, let's enjoy the beautiful weather for the weekend. today we're going to warm to 66 degrees, the normal high is 62. you can enjoy the blue skies until 7:37. that is when the sun sets. as far as what's happening out there right now, it's sunny. all right, yeah, we get it, right? blue skies, big area of high pressure. i mean, it's basically taking up the eastern half of the u.s. with the exception of down in florida, georgia. there, though, they're dealing with wet weather, but the worst activity is really through the mid section of the country where we saw that hail video from oklahoma, twister video. more of that can be expected throughout the weekend, through the central plains all the way down into texas.
6:49 am
here, especially late tomorrow it looks like flooding could become a very big problem for our neighbors to the west. but for us we will be underneath a blocking high, and that will mean nothing but sunshine. so for today 66 degrees, a spring beauty. it will be more breezy east of the city. overnight temperatures will be more mild. 45 in the city, 30s in the suburbs, clear, cool. then tomorrow we warm up even more so, 72 degrees, sunny skies still, winds are calmer, and then again monday we're pushing 80 with mostly sunny skies early and then thicker clouds late in the day, a very slight chance of showers overnight monday into early tuesday. tuesday 65 and clearing. wednesday it is 66, mostly sunny. thursday 73 and mostly sunny. and as i mentioned earlier friday looking like our next best chance of a little bit of rain, but it's even not looking that impressive at this point in time. >> i'm actually okay with the no rain part. >> i know. but so many people who are going to be doing some
6:50 am
for some rain. >> they'll need some. >> and i think the air just gets kind of dry an that's when allergieses become more problematic. >> maybe next week. >> yes. like i said, let's just enjoy the beautiful weather while it lasts. >> thank you, vanessa. time now is 6:49. up next living large with a jazz legend. we go inside singer billy holiday's former brownstone. how history has been restored without sacrificing modern comfort. but, first, kyla grogan has your weekend traffic update. >>reporter: this sunday it's the 25th annual west side spring festival. from 10:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m., broadway will be closed from 96th street to 106th street, so expect closures on some of the surrounding street as well.
6:51 am
6:52 am
6:53 am
traffic report. in this morning's "living large," a home that will cost you a whole lot more than a song >> one of the previous owners was jazz legend billy holiday. cbs 2's emily smith takes us to west 87th street for a tour. >>reporter: welcome to this five-story mansion situated on a tree-lined block within the upper west side's central park historic district. corkeron's terrance harding showed us inside. >> what they did is decided to restore its original details.
6:54 am
that everything is in emacklate condition. >>reporter: the home built in 1910 later belonging to an american jazz musician. >> billy holiday, until approximately 1959. i heard jazz parties in the background. that's what they say. >>reporter: is the home singing to you right now? >> all the time. >>reporter: the cherry wood you see throughout has been restored to its original luster, the staircase hand carved. >> mahogany in lays. this fireplace mantle is one of nine. >>reporter: and beautiful plaster moulding makes up the ceiling >> 20 foot long kitchen. you have the italian stove, you also have two dual dishwashers. let's go up these amazing stairs. this is a masterpiece. >>reporter: it's the master bedroom filled with plaster mouldings, a king-sized bed and one of nine fireplaces from 1910. you have two separate dressing
6:55 am
doors and a window makeup seat. on the other side of the bedroom another walk-in closet with built-in drawers and a bright master bathroom. >> love this bathroom. you have your tub, the shower. as you come through here, you have your little study area. >>reporter: and then there's a third floor and a fourth floor? >> exactly. >>reporter: and is there bedroom? >> exactly, bedrooms. >>reporter: down on the garden level a media room. >> they added this barn door here which is amazing which slides across. >>reporter: and down another floor: >> this is where you go to have fun, so you have your cigar room. >>reporter: and a chilled wine cellar. >> 7,700 square foot from central park west. >>reporter: how much does it cost to live large here? $13 million. >> that is a stunning brownstone. >> just 13? >> just $13 million. time now to see what's connection on "cbs this morning saturday." >> anthony mason and vinita nair join us live with a preview. good morning. >> did he say a cigar room?
6:56 am
>> and a barn door. >>reporter: hi, hazel, hi, andrea. >> good morning. >>reporter: coming up the quest to find alien life. we'll go inside the billionaire- backed plan to launch thousands of satellites to some of the farthest reaches of space. can it work? >>reporter: plus from searching for mohammed ali's gold medal to tracking down jim brown's super bowl ring, meet the sports detective that sniffs out the facts amongst the frauds. >>reporter: from his oscar- winning film "boyhood" to his cult hit "dazed and confused" director richard link letter is here to talk about his latest comedy "everybody wants some." >>reporter: all that, your eye opener of the dish and the number one album in the country, the luminneers will perform. >> i love them. >> exciting show. >> we're excited for them too. >> thanks, guys. we look forward to watching. well, one little boy is showing us all that you're never too young to show gratitude to our men and women in uniform. take a look at this video.
6:57 am
carolina runs up to soldiers to shake their hands at the airport in houston, texas. the soldiers were waiting to greet the university of north carolina basketball team last month. sawyer's mom says no one told him to do this, but he saw adults do it, and he felt that he wanted to do it too. >> oh, what a sweet little boy. >> totally melts your heart. >> i have the goose bumps. >> i know. >> i'm going to cry. >> i know. so am i. >> let's go to the break. >> i love those stories. >> beautiful video. >> anyway, what's the weather looking like? >> looking perfect this weekend, really perfect. cold this morning, don't be alarmed when you step outside, but we will be warming up very nicely. we're talking really low- to mid-60s for most of us with the exception, of course, montauk 55. greenwich 64 is your high today, 66 in the city. 64 for freehold. and then as we look to morristown 67. so maybe a 70 degree out there is not out of the question today. bright blue skies, a little breezy on the east end of long island. overnight a little bit more
6:58 am
then tomorrow 72 and sunny. is it getting old yet? >> i don't think so. >> 76 on monday, the warmest day of the next seven. a slight chance of showers overnight monday into tuesday. >> look good. thank you, vanessa. >> thanks, vaness a. this is cbs 2 news saturday morning. marianna gilbert come into the world after spending just 25 weeks in her mother's womb. coming up her incredible story of survival and how she's helping others in need. >> those stories and more when we see you at 9:00. (laughing) there's nothing like making their day. except making sure their tomorrow is taken care of too. financial guidance while you're mastering life.
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