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tv   CBS 2 News Saturday  CBS  April 23, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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twenty more years of this job? yikes. my kids say go for it, mom. be that woman who does what she loves. knows what she wants. "yeah, mom's gonna go for it!" except ... i don't have a clue where to start. hey we hear you. that's why aarp created life reimagined. it's designed to help you find your true passion - with personal advice from experts, coaches and people like you who are going for it. if you don't think "this is right for me" when you think aarp, then you don't know "aarp". get to know us at new this morning, an arrest in the shooting of a seven-year- old boy struck by a stray bullet while sitting in his new jersey home. plus this. unconscious. >> beaten with a rock and
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moment he was blindsided by a violent group of men. and a warm and rainy start to the weekend. how long will the rain stick around? cbs2 news eight morning starts right now. good morning. 6:00 on this saturday, april 23rd. >> the day's top stories are straight ahead. verse vanessa murdock with a look at our forecast. yesterday it was great outside. this morning a little rainy? >> yeah. we need the rain. that's going to last through roughly midday and we are going to see a few more showers. ultimately, the second half of your day looking great. this morning a little bit soggy. not bad either. we need that rain. let's go ahead. take a look at what's happening on the virtual reality text satellite and radar picture. we have late rain. on the south shore pockets of heavier rain.
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way through through roughly midday. after that skies starting to clear on out. we could have a few stray showers. generally, i think the afternoon is looking pretty good. 62 in the city. 62 bridgeport. as we roll through your saturday we will be warming up to 70 degrees. by noon it's partly sunny. maybe a lingering shower. three at 70. so i am loving the start of the day. i think sometimes it's nice to have a dreary start. the rest of the weekend is looking sunsational. back to you. >> vanessa, thank you. new this morning police in new jersey have made an arrest in connection with the shooting of a seven-year-old boy in paterson from back in seven. 29-year-old justin pope is facing attempted murder and weapons offenses. police say the seven-year-old
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home on rosa parks boulevard when shots rang out outside. a bullet came flying through the window and hit him in the shoulder. fortunately, he survived. police are searching for a rental car driver who ran off after crashing into a church advance in queens. investigators say around 11 last night the driver of the rental car blew through the light and struck a van in jamaica. police say he got out of the possibly stolen rental car and took off on foot. the six people inside the van, including two small children, were treated for minor injuries at jamaica hospital. also in queens this morning police are on the hunt for three men they say are behind a violent rash of robberies. magdalena doris joins us live from ozone park with the story. >> reporter: yes, good morning, jenel and andrea. the victim said he has no
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work at night. this beating has left him battered, bruise and on edge. >> i was unconscious. >> reporter: 32-year-old prajwal sujakhu didn't see the hooded attacker coming up from behind when he was walking home saturday night. the attacker wielding a rock sent sujakhu tumbling to the ground. in seconds two more men approached pudging, quicking, and -- punching, quicking and robbing him. >> i came home from work. the three guys took my wallet and cell phone and like $350. yeah. and my headphones. >> reporter: sujakhu was left with broken bones, stitches, and bruises. it could have been worse if not for good samaritans to help. >> victim tell me, help me, help me. >> reporter: police say the suspects in this surveillance video have struck near subway stops, coming up from behind beating and walking victims who
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april 16 a 25-year-old man was also targeted not pedro hernandezina ??? block way near glen more eve and 76th street. the attackers made away his wallet and cell phone. residents are revaulting their safety. >> we have to. it could be weeks before we know the cause of prince's death. police say the 57-year-old was last seen alive by an acquaintance who dropped him off at his paisley park home wednesday night in suburban minneapolis he was found unresponsive the next morning inside an elevator. investigators say there were no signs of trauma on the body and
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was a suicide. a spokesperson for the medical examiner would not awhether prince was on any prescription drugs. >> we will be gathering medical records and taking a look at those, between us and the medical examiner's office and working off from there. >> the medical examiner's office will not release its findings until all of the information is in, including results of toxicology tests. police did not comment on reports he suffered an overdose less than a week before he died. prince fans will now get to see the purple one back on the big screen. starting today the amc a and carmike theater chains will show prince's 1984 film "purple rain." it made nearly $70 million at the box office.
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original best original song.
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the execution style slayings of eight family members at four properties in ohio. officials have interviewed more than 40 people as part of the investigation. police are trying to determine if there was one killer or if it was a coordinated effort. they have ruled out initials theories the killer is among the dead. seven adults and a 16-year-old boy were all shot in the head, including a mother in bed with her four day old baby. that infant and two other children were not harmed. >> we have a specific family the execution style slayings of eight family members at four properties in ohio. officials have interviewed more than 40 people as part of the investigation. police are trying to determine if there was one killer or if it was a coordinated effort. they have ruled out initials theories the killer is among the dead. seven adults and a 16-year-old boy were all shot in the head, including a mother in bed with her four day old baby. that infant and two other children were not harmed. >> we have a specific family that has been targeted. i don't believe there is any other threat to any members of the community. however, there is a threat there. and i believe that threat to be armed and dangerous. >> all of the victims lived in pike county. a rural area 60 miles south of columbus. new jersey governor chris christie says he is opposed to new tolls on state roads. members of the assembly transportation committee have been searching for ways to raise money for roads repairs. one idea was to put up toll plazas on several interstates, including 78, 80, and 287. but christie says he would never back the plan, especially since it could jeopardize federal funding. and drivers crossing the tappan zee bridge will soon get through the toll plaza a lot faster. a cashless toll system goes online on the rockland side of the bridge at ###-1201 tomorrow. sensors will read dryers' easy pass tabs. time now is ###-#608. surveillance cameras pointed at their driveway and even their backyard. a long island family says their neighbors have gone too far.
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plus, it's supposed to be the worst cicada season in a while. how bad will the bugs be where you live? and how you can have your pizza and eat it, too, and still lose weight. >> really? here is vanessa murdock with a look at the forecast. >> all right. the forecast. a little bit soggy this morning. hey, it does not last. we have got mostly a beautiful weekend on tap. i will have specifics coming up. first, a check on the
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6:12 am don't forget we are always on facebook and twitter. join our conversations at and tweet us at cbs new york. some residents claim big brother is watching. a family in suffolk county says their neighbors installed cameras that invade their privacy but there is nothing they can do about it. >> reporter: it's a
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says has gone too far. the rizapatzello family came home to find out their neighbor had installed a camera facing their driveway and two more on their backyard. >> disturbing to have someone filming you while you are in your backyard. >> reporter: they called 911 but the police said there is nothing they can do because any publicly viewed area like a backyard is fair game. >> you can't do anything about drones flying over your home or anything like that as long as they are used for proper purposes and, unfortunately, you're outside and that happened. >> reporter: the family says one of the camera faces the swing set where their 10-year- old daughter plays. >> honestly, if i was a parent and i came here and saw that there is a camera from a strange person, videotaping my little girl, i wouldn't allow play date. >> reporter: the family says they have tried to reason with their neighbor without success. we tried knocking next door but got no answer.
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his reasoning is behind him videotaping us. >> reporter: legally, their neighbor can film what's in plain sight, but it's a law some say needs to catch up with the 21st century. the family plans to shine lights on the cameras to cause a glare. >> we heard about this story through our facebook page. if you have an idea let us know at the state attorney general says the krazjewelz toys have lead ten times the federal limit. the jewelry kits are also sold online at amazon and walmart. they are calling for a nationwide recall. time is ###-#614. humid and rainy this morning.
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look forward to. vanessa is here with the forecast. >> yeah, so yesterday i could feel the humidity building in the air and i liked it because days prior i felt like it was just too dry out there. >> that's the weather girl. >> says the weather girl. and also the earth, okay? we need the rain, folks. we need a damp and soggy start to the day because it has been, quite frankly too dry for mother nature. live outside right now you see the picture is on the bleak side pedro hernandezment pedro hernandez. hanging clouds this morning. 62 degrees. it is really mild. north winds at 8 miles per hour. as we look ahead, here's the deal. very soggy to start and then gradual tsam clearing. the afternoon will shape you nicely. it will be 70. tomorrow 66. notes that's closer where we should be. the normal high is 64.
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it is going to be a mild forecast moving forward. temperatures at or above seasonal. as we look at the vortex satellite and radar picture we can see sted your rain across the east end of long island. showers will be slowly sliding on through. i feel like this is a sluggish system. so that's why i say by noon the showers are mostly wrapped up, but a stray shower isn't out of the realm of possibility as we get into the afternoon. bigger picture shows the set- up. low pressure making its exit. high pressure building in for the second half of your weekend and for monday as well. so looking really good as we breakfast the wet weather this morning. hour-by-hour here weighs where we go with the forecast. 1:00 mostly dry. breaks of sun out there. maybe a few lingering showers. that trend continues. this evening it's gorgeous. high pressure has built on this. sunny skies to start off your sunday and lovely temperatures in the mid 60s. today morning showers, a high
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a little bit breezy with winds out of the north at 10 to 15 miles per hour. overnight 47 degrees and mostly clear. so a little bit cooler once that colder air starts to drop on in. winds out of the north. then tomorrow morning, this is a very special event to cbs news. it's the march of dimes march for babies tomorrow morning at 9 a.m. your lincoln center. sunshine and 52 as the march begins. winds will be out of the north at 10 miles per hour. i will be out there all morning and we will have eli manning for an interview tomorrow morning in the ###-###8 hour. join us for that. by tomorrow afternoon it's stunning. bright skies. seasonal 66. winds 5-10. with the southerly winds watch what happens monday. monday 73 degrees with a mix of sunshine and clouds, especially late in the day. late monday through tuesday we have unsettled weather.
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wednesday another seasonal day. 63. thursday, friday unsettled weather again but warm with high temperatures we close to that 70-degree mark. i think it's a perfect springtime forecast as we move forward. >> finally. after the weather we have had the last several weeks, this is good news. >> it was a beautiful week weather-wise. >> it was. and tomorrow will be good for the march for babies. >> which is one of our favorites. >> yeah. >> looking forward to that. frustration is building in the bronx that some residents contend with malfunctioning muni meters. morris park residents say it's hard to find a muni meter on a busy commercial stretch of white plains road that works. drivers and business owners alike say it's causing major headaches. >> they just told me they didn't charge me. same week on the other side of the street. when i checked my bank account on the west side, they charged me. >> there was only two meters working on a three-block radius.
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out to fix them. we have thousands of muni meters in the city. we do our best to stay on top of them. >> the d.o.patz. says all ever the city's meters are physically expected once a month and remotely tested every day. it's not summer yet, but this is the season for lemonade. >> one of my favorites. >> tony tantillo is in the produce aisle to tell us why. >> well, taste of the day is going to be lemons. this time in spring the lemon crop is coming around. let me tell you, it's beautiful out there. and the prices are great. last year at this time price of lemons was very expensive. this year there was a great crop on medium sized lemons. want a quick tip? i say this all the time. when you buy lemons, lemon zest, the yellow part, make sure you wash it because they wax the lemons for retail so it
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if you get the lemons, you will get lemon wax. make sure they are firm, yellow, heavy for their size. a lot of times lemons with the knob up here. that means they have a thick people. the smaller the knob, the better they will be. the key is nice and heavy. that means the lemon juice is in there and not a lot of lemon pulp. eat fresh and stay healthy. when life gives you a bowl of lemons, make lemonade. taking a day off from your diet with a slice of pizza? no need to feel guilty. a study finds that taking a cheating day, dieters were happier and more motivated to continue towards their weight loss goes. >> i wonder how many slices of pizza we are talking about?
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blinds to go's new cascade shades. gentle diffused light when you want it. darkened privacy when you don't. modern elegance always. right now take 30% off our entire selection of beautiful cascade shades. let the sun shine in. or don't. it's all good. blinds to go.
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snoop ###-#623. good morning on this saturday. we are taking a like look at the empire state building. sunshine on the way later this weekend. the tower lights of the empire state building were lit in green last night in honor of earth day. new yorkers rolled up their sleeves in the bronx yesterday. kids, teams, seniors worked together to work up trash and litter and lay mulch to beatify the park. one of the islanders newest players came up with a goal for the win last night. >> they added alan keen to the roster two weeks ago. he is wasting no time making his mark. with over four minutes left, he hit a slapshot that goes over luongo new york wins 2-1. the islanders can clench the series tomorrow in brooklyn.
6:25 am
lanpatza. the mets go up 4-0. because of injuries, he is not that pitcher on a full time basis. last night, matt moore coming right into brian mccann's wheelhouse. a two-run top. ties the game in the second. the rays have stung cc over the years. 6-13 since i came to new york. cc was done after 4 and two- thirds inning. the yankees are having to beg, borrow, and steal to get runs these days pedro hernandezment pedro hernandez.
6:26 am
the bombers tie it. ellsbury started last night's game. it's not how you start. it's how you finish. two rbi double in the eighth as the yankees take down the rays. 6-3 is the final. i am otis livingston. "time magazine" list of the bun hundred most influential people of the year. seven of the honorees are gracing six different covers including "hamilton" creator, leonardo dicaprio, nicki minaj, mark zuckerberg and his wife. the list contains people from all fields, including world leaders, local activists and top 40 music artists. time now 6:26. >> hear from a victim who survived an attack coming up.
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why your immune system may play a bigger role than you think. this is "cbs2 saturday morning." thank you for dining with us. hope to see you again soon. whoa, whoa, i got this. just gotta get the check.
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you're watching cbs2 news this morning. right now stitched up and shot. an innocent man attacked from behind. the suspects are still on the run this morning. plus this. we want a playground! we want a playground! >> little kids raise thousands of dollars for a playground that may never be built. and rain showers kick off your saturday. will they clear out or stick around for the whole weekend? "cbs2 saturday morning" starts right now.
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it is 6:29 on this sunday, april 23rd. i am janelle burl. >> i am andrea grymes. today's top stories are straight ahead. first meteorologist vanessa murdock is here with the forecast. >> good morning, everybody. it is going to be a dreary start. we will see the sun this afternoon and then tomorrow is going to be a stunner. let's take it to the radar so you can see where the wet weather begins and ends. steady stuff on the east end of long island. showers moving on through northwestern new jersey now with more to come. to the west of allentown, pennsylvania, there is another batch of wet weather. that's the back end of the system. and i do believe by midday we are mostly done, but there could be a lingering shower through the next three hours after that. until 3:00 maybe a lingering showers. skies will clear and the afternoon will be quite nice.
6:31 am
most of us in the low 50s and 60s. noon it is 65. partly sunny skies at that point in time. maybe still a shower or two. 3-0partly cloudy cloudy skies at three. six in the evening 67. i thinkle be a great night to eat outside and the weather, well, it gets even nicer tomorrow. details on that coming up in my full forecast. jenel, andrea, back to you. >> thank you. now to our top story. police search for three men accused in a rash of violence robberies. >> magdalena doris joins us live from ozone park with an update on the story. magdalena. >> reporter: yes, good morning andrea and jenel. police say these attackers, beat gapping up on their victims. the latest target says he works until late at night. so now after this brutal attack, while he is walking
6:32 am
>> i didn't see nothing. it's like i was unconscious. >> reporter: 32-year-old prajwal sujakhu didn't see the attacker come home from behind near 77th street and liberty avenue. the attacker wielding a rock stint sujakhu tumbling to the ground. two more men approached punching, kicking and robbing him. >> i come home from work. took my wallet and cell phone and like $350. yeah. and my headphones. >> reporter: sujakhu was left with broken bones, stitches, and bruises. it could have been worse if not for good samaritans rushing to help. >> victim tell me help me, help me. >> reporter: police say the three suspects seen in this surveillance video have developed a pattern striking
6:33 am
mother man was targeted near glen more avenue and 76th street. the string of violent robberies has ozone park residents re- evaluating their safety. >> we have to stop it right now. we have to pay more attention to walk, see somebody coming from behind us. >> reporter: police say they are looking for three suspects. they are described as three men in their teens or early 20s last scene wearing dark hooded colored sweatshirts. magdalena doris, cbs2 news. >> thank you. a decades long ordeal is now over for a new jersey mother. she lost her son in an attack in lebanon. now a major payout is coming in the case and possibly for 9/11 families as well. cbs2's brian coneybeare reports. >> reporter: it's been 33 years since a suicide bomber killed 241 u.s. marines in beirut, lebanon. >> anybody mentions october 23rd, your heart just stops.
6:34 am
morristown, new jersey, lost her 22-year-old son, sergeant jeffrey young that day. judith and 14 others who lost loved ones in beirut and the towers bombing incident just won a lawsuit. judith will get about $5 million because of a u.s. supreme court decision this week. >> it won't bring him back. but our goal was to keep the money away from iran. >> reporter: and there is a similar fight going on in congress right now over a new bill that would allow 9/11 victims families to sue saudi arabia over that country's alleged role in the support of the terrorists who attacked here at ground zero. >> if saudi arabia helped promote a horrible terrorism of 9/11, they should have to pay the consequence. >> reporter: senator chuck schumer is a sponsor of the bill.
6:35 am
the saudi king this week, is threatening a veto. some feel it could open the government to lawsuits. but john fulco says there is a major difference. >> that is not intentionally killing civilians by flying planes into buildings causing them to collapse and killing 3,000 innocent people. >> reporter: and judith young has a warning for the 9/11 families about the potential fight ahead. >> it's going to be a tough road. >> reporter: but she says it's a battle worth fighting. brian coneybeare, cbs2 news. >> judith young who was a former initial president of the gold star mothers says most of the $5 million will go to charity and care for local monuments in her son's honor. feds. they say they do not need apple's help in the iphone data case. the justice department says it withdrew a request to force
6:36 am
cell phone linked from a new york drug case. the government told a brooklyn judge last night someone provided the pass code to the iphone. new information in the tiger death of a south florida zookeeper. the president of palm beach zoo says the zookeeper entered a restricted area when she was attacked and killed by the tiger last week. keepers are not allowed to enter tiger enclosures where the tigers have access. officials are trying to determine why and how this happened. the male malaysian tiger was euthanized. some residents in ram a po are demanding their town supervisor step down after he was indicted by the feds. this morning protesters are planning a rally at town hall to get christopher st. lawrence to resign. he was arrested on april 14. he is accused of lying about the town's finances so he could
6:37 am
projects, including a minor league ballpark. critics say he has catered to the fast agreeing his sid pedro hernandezic i can community where he maintains long support. >> be a man. have a little sense of dignity in your body and resign. >> reporter: he did resign from two unelected positions. he pled not guilty and says he is looking forward to his day in court. hopes have been dashed for children in a new jersey community who were looking forward to a new school playground. students in fairlawn helped raise $60,000 for the project. they even designed the playground pedro hernandezment pedro hernandez. the school is on land owned by the rad burn association, which voted against the plans. the kids say they are very disappointed. >> we did balloon stands.
6:38 am
>> we raised a lot of money for it. it's upsetting we went get a playground. >> the association is willing to meet with the school board to discuss other possible locations for the playground. tonight marks the second night of passover. the eight-day holiday started at sundown yesterday. it celebrates the exodus of jews from slavery in egypt. time now is ###-#637. a warning this morning about cicadas. where you can expect the noisy insects to invade this summer. plus, two sexy for the school dance. prom dress problems often pit parents against their children. we have the fashion do's and don'ts. here is vanessa murdoch with a check on the forecast. >> make sure everybody is on the same page. the forecast. looking pretty good overall this week, although i know we
6:39 am
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i will have details coming up. hey, we're opening up a second shop and we need some new signage. but can't spend a lot. well, we have low prices and a price match guarantee. low prices. pinky swear? low prices. eskimo kisses? how about a handshake? oh, alright... the lowest price. every time.
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. in health watch this morning, a new study finds older adults are most at risk of dying from the flu. researchers say the body's own immune response rather than the virus itself may be the primary cause of flu deaths in older people. that's according to new research from yale. the finding could lead to new strategies to combat the illness.
6:42 am
90% of deadly flu cases worldwide. experts are predicting a big summer for cicadas in the northeast. the noisy insects were active two years ago. we wanted to see where they may surface this summer. lou young found an expert with some answers. >> reporter: big noisy and numerous. cicadas are set to emerge again from their unusually long reproductive cycle. the wounds coming out of the ground this summer were conceived in 1999. they will not be in the neighborhoods that suffered in recent summers. in 2013 we had a lot of cicadas around? >> right. that was a different broad. >> reporter: lou works at the american museum of natural history. he says there are 15 major cicada broads in this part of the world on a different schedule. the broad in jersey and staten island two years back won't return until 2030. this summer's broad covers a
6:43 am
maryland with one out liar near riverhead on long island. it's a big deal because the mating song of the males can reach levels of up to 100 decibels and they are so numerous they get underfoot. new yorkers will see them in numbers in 2018 just ahead of a really big broad set to emerge three years later. cicadas don't bite or sting, but they make their presence known and are actually an acquired culinary taste. do you like cicadas? >> yes. they are good with garlic. >> reporter: sauteed, roasted, fried, or dried and seasoned like these locusts. they are out of cicadas so they offered me these. they say they are pretty good. they are not bad. the bottom line is -- really not bad -- some on long island this year. in two years, back in new york. a really big year coming up 2021. kind of like pork rinds. we are at the museum of natural
6:44 am
>> i cannot believe that lou young just ate that locust. that's crazy! >> i wonder if i brought any back to the newsroom. i don't know if i would try it. would you? >> i might have to pass on that one. >> me, too. he says they are good. so take his word for it, right? time is 6:43. >> the weather felt like summer yesterday? >> yesterday we were pushing that summer line for sure. going to be cooler moving forward. still lovely. soggy to start this morning though. first things first. let's check in with your weather watchers see where the rainfall totals have stacked up overnight and into this morning. it hasn't been tremendous, but it's been a little bit and we really do need the rain. in little neck, les over half an inch. four tenths of an inch in cedar grove says anthony. then some of the lesser values,
6:45 am
inch and then the pitiful deliveries in middletown, bayonne .05-inch. really through the afternoon hours is when we see skies clearing and a beautiful set-up beginning for the rest of your weekend. live outside right now we will show you there are low-hanging clouds. some showers across the region. 62. north winds at 8 miles per hour. what do you expect from this forecast? a few morning showers, gradual afternoon clearing, then chill your temperatures overnight because quite friendly 50s and 60s is not the norm right now. tomorrow sunny skies to end your weekend. on the vortex satellite and radar picture, yes, rain is making its way off in the easterly direction. it goes back into tsa.a. this area of low pressure will be making its exit this
6:46 am
high pressure will take hold for late today, overnight through tomorrow and even into monday. hour by hour here's what it looks like. showers for this morning. as we get to 1:00 most of the activity is over. we see breaks in the clouds. looking good. in the afternoon maybe a stray shower or two. by the evening we are looking at clearing skies. lovely evening. overnight temperatures will be more chilly, yes. but we will start off with sunshine tomorrow. here we go. for today yankees stadium at 1:05. 67 degrees as the yankees take on the rays. 1:00 the showers are over. could there be a stray shower during the event? yes. overall, a nice afternoon for the afternoon. the seats may be a little soggy. bring some paper towels to dry them off. overnight tonight under clear skies temperatures will drop
6:47 am
close to freezing well north and west of the city. elsewhere they are looking at mostly 40s out there. 43 tenafly. 38 in bridgewater. in the city the overnight low around 47 degrees. tomorrow morning is the march of dimes march for babies. there is still time to register. there is still time to donate. 52 degrees with sunny skies at 9 a.m. by tomorrow afternoon cooler than today, but not by much. 66 with bright skies. winds calm. they will become southerly tomorrow and that will lead us into a warm monday. 73 degrees monday. then late monday into tuesday, through the day on tuesday rain and thunderstorms in the mix. wednesday 63 degrees with mostly sunny skies. for thursday and friday more unsettled weather in the midst. temperatures on the warm side. >> the humidity today sticks around how long?
6:48 am
starts to build in it's going to start dropping off. so we're talking this afternoon you will start to notice a difference. by tomorrow morning it will feel crisp out there. >> ponytail weather until then [ laughter ] >> finally only nice spring weather. >> thank you, vanessa. this high school prom season students are getting dapper and dolled up. >> some say what's fashionable is not always appropriate for teenagers. dave carlin shows us what parents can guide students away from prom dress problems. >> reporter: long flowing skirt with a hint of midriff. she considers it prom perfection. >> for me i lost a lot of weight. figured i want to show off my new body. >> reporter: and her dress covers enough to make it mom and grandma approved. but this season there will be many dresses considered too low in the front and too high on the leg. brittney's mother liz had none of that.
6:49 am
>> i think the dress is very much trending towards super sexy. >> reporter: child and parent school gist susan bartel says gone are the demure dresses of our grandparents' proms. now girls teeter closer to the barely there red carpet shockers of risk-taking celebrities like j.lo. dr. bartel says students should say no. >> way too high. part of your job as a parent is teach your daughter how to value herself. >> reporter: lay downed ground rules before coming into the store. lynn prima vera owns this specialty boutique in maywood, new jersey. >> they want up to the minute trends. we are making sure that it's in line with their body, with their age. >> reporter: she says she will add extra fabric and support. >> i do like to add straps for
6:50 am
>> reporter: she says sell kids on comfort with dresses they can dance in without fear of ridicule or wardrobe malfunction. making sure it's a look the prom goer and parent can love. >> okay. this may be one of the cutest things you see all day. one of my favorite story. look at this photo of president obama meeting prince george for the first time as kensington palace. this is the president and his wife meeting prince william there and kate. then there is the picture. you see he is decked out in an adorable white robe. he was allowed to stay up past his bedtime yesterday to meet the obamas and thank them for his rocking horse, which they gave him after he was born. isn't that the best? >> he is the most dapper little kid getting ready for bed i have ever seen. >> his robe was monogrammed with his name. >> that's great. time is 6:50.
6:51 am
where everyone has a view of the city. but that's not all. >> we are in west chelsea in one. most unique duplex penthouses. this is tech wood in the master bedroom. here ribbed marble. it might be the only of its kind in the world. we will explain coming up in living large. from 10:00 a.m. to 6 a.m. we have the sikh cultural society parade:then on sunday from 10:00 a.m. to 4 p.m. it's the march of dimes march for babies. 65th street will be closed between broadway and lexington avenue. lexington shut from 65th street to 25th street and 26th
6:52 am
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that is your traffic report. this morning's living large takes us to a penthouse on west 19th street. it's the star property of the building. cbs2's emily smith shows us why. is. >> reporter: on the 10th and 11th floors in west chelsea you have the trophy home. a duplex penthouse renovated by a family. >> all custom finishes. attention to detail like no other. no expense spared. >> reporter: the floors are granite and all of the wood you see teak. adam taylor says the family has an enviable art collection
6:55 am
>> no one plays the piano? >> no, but it looks great in here, right? >> reporter: that's when you know you are living large when you have a piano for decoration. you can select a book and head out to your 600 square foot terrace. even out here the floors are granite. >> leaving the living room, this is the dining room. stairs to the left. and then the kitchen. wonderful light. really nice feeling. the refrigerator is hidden. like most new yorkers not a lot of food inside. this is actually very clever. this is an electrical receptacle. >> reporter: oh. >> isn't that great? cell phones, blenders, toasters. >> reporter: the home has five bedrooms with teak hardwood floors. >> all five of the bathrooms are similar in design and most feature this wonderful stand pipe shower.
6:56 am
designed the staircase made teak and bronze. >> she loved magnolia blossoms. they went to brooklyn to the workshop and cast it all in wax first and then she was actually able to touch the petals, turn them and design them the way she wanted. >> reporter: each bedroom has a city view. but the master bedroom has the best of all with a fancy teak custom closet. >> this is a perfect closet. >> reporter: and it leads to what? >> the bathroom. this is the master bath. >> reporter: this is total luxury. >> isn't this incredible? i will draw your attention to the walls. this is marble, and it's been ribbed. >> reporter: it's the only marble of its kind since they had it made. to live large in this duplex penthouse on west 19th street it will cost you $18.5 million. >> lots of marble in that one. >> um-hmm.
6:57 am
>> it was huge, right? the taxes and fees will cost you more than $120,000 a year. >> start saving. time now is 6:56. what's coming up next on cbs2 this morning saturday. >> a preview. good morning. >> venita is moving into the closet. >> about the size of my -- >> i want to know who the lady in the staircase was. >> us, too. >> all right. the art of inspiration. how a woman's painting inspired a best selling automotivetory write his first children's book. >> and we will go inside a restaurant tour business eatery inside a suburban mansion. >> and rock 'n roll hall of famer bonnie raitt is back with a new album. how music got her through her recent loss and she will perform here in our saturday session. >> all that plus your eye opener on "cbs this morning"
6:58 am
see you later. all right. this is cbs2 saturday morning. still ahead, why you and your family should head towards the brooklyn bridge today. >> plus this. >> my heart rate is a hundred miles a minute. i respect him so much. >> performing for the ultimate pro. the star of "hamilton" takes a seat in the audience at a special performance.
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