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tv   CBS 2 News  CBS  April 23, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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we see that wet weather dropping down across the city, aloss confidential informant -- across long island as well. and moving from allentown and the western fringes of new we will see skies clear especially as we get into the afternoon. little bit. 61 in the city. 52 monticello 52 in the hamptons. we do anticipate warming to 70 degrees this afternoon. 11:00 a.m. mainly cloudy. wet weather out there. stray shower. 70 this afternoon around three. by five it is 68 and mostly clear. looking lovely. by tonight 57 and clear. it will get cold tonight in comparison to where we have been. and tomorrow will be a beauty.
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and reand general -- andrea and janelle, back to you. police are searching for a driver of a car and the driver who fled on foot. >> cbs's magdalena doris joins us live with a look at that new video. >> reporter: good morning jenel and andrea. when you see this video, you will agree the passengers inside this van are so lucky it wasn't so much worse. police say that the driver of a stolen rental car sped through this stop sign and ar careened into a van that was was carrying children. the impact was strong enough to flip the van carrying six passengers, including a three- year-old and a three-month-old. the collision at the intersection of shore avenue and princeton street happened before 11 p.m. a car hit the van with such force it flipped. after the crash the investigators say the driver
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despite the dramatic jarring collision, miraculously the two small children, a 15-year-old girl and three young adults riding in the van are okay. they were taken to jamaica hospital as a precaution. now, police are still searching from this crash. so far they have not released any details about who they are looking for. as of yet. magdalena doris, cbs2 news. police in new jersey have made an arrest in connection with the shooting of a seven- year-old boy in paterson from back in february. 29-year-old justin pope is now facing numerous charges, including attempted murder and weapons offenses. police say the seven-year-old boy had been sitting in his home on rosa parks boulevard when shots rang out outside. a bullet came flying through the window and hit him in the shoulder. fortunately, he survived. police are on the hunt for three men they say are behind a
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queens. investigators have released this surveillance video. police say the men are attacking from behind, beating and robbing their victims. the latest victim says he was hit with a rock and brutally beaten sunday night. >> i didn't see nothing. just like they hit in the front. so i was unconscious. just came from the work and the three guys just, i don't know, just took my wallet and my cell phone and like $250. yeah. and my headphones. >> he was left with broken bones, stitches, and bruises. the men are accused in a similar attack on april 16. an autopsy has been completed on music legend prince, but it could be weeks before we know the exact cause of his death. police say the 57-year-old was last seen live by an acquaintance who dropped him off at his paisley park home wednesday night in suburban
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unresponse i have un-- unresponsive the next morning on an elevator. a spokesperson for the medical examiner would not say whether prince was on any prescription drugs. we will be talking to people close to him. we will be gathering medical records and taking a look at those between us and the medical examiner's office. working off of it from there. >> the medical examiner's office says it also will not release its findings until all the information is in, including results of toxicology tests. police did not comment on reports he suffered an overdose less than a week before he died. well, prince's fans will now get a chance to see the purple one back on the big screen. starting today the amc and carmike theater chains will show prince's 1984 film "purple rain" at more than 160 locations nationwide. screenings will be held until the 28th. "purple rain" helped make prince a household fame in the
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at the box office. it also won prince an oscar for best original song. we are learning more about the execution-style slayings of properties in ohio. officials say they have interviewed more than 30 people as part of the investigation. police are trying to determine whether there was just one killer or if it was a coordinated effort. they have now ruled out initial theories the killer is among the dead. investigators say the deaths do not appear self-inflicted. seven adults and a 16-year-old boy were all shot in the head, including a mother in bed with her four day old baby. the infant and two other children were not harmed. >> we have a specific family that has been targeted. i don't believe there is any other threat to any members of the community. however, there is a threat there, and i believe that threat to be armed and dangerous. >> all of the victims lived in
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a rural area about 60 miles south of columbus. new jersey governor chris christie says he is opposed to new polls -- new tolls, rather, on state roads. members of the assembly transportation committee have been searching for ways to raise money for road repairs. one idea was to put up toll plazas on several interstates, including 78, 80, and 287. but christie says he would never back the plan. especially since it could jeopardize federal funding. and drivers crossing the tappan zee bridge will soon get through the toll plazas faster. a cashless tolling system goes online on the rockland side of the bridge at 12:01 a.m. tomorrow. sensors will read driver's easy pass tags. those without passes sensors will capture the vehicles' license plates and a bill will be mailed to the owner. surveillance cameras pointed at their driveway, and even the backyard.
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neighbor has gone too far. >> pretty disturbing to have someone filming you when you are in your backyard. it's supposed to be the worst cicada season in a while. how bad will the bugs be where you live? and how you can have your pizza and eat it, too, and still lose weight. dreary to start things off. needed rain is falling. by this afternoon skies will be clearing, setting the stage for a nice weekend. what can you except for the next seven days? i'll have the answer coming up. first, a check of the community
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some long island residents claim big brother is watching one family in suffolk county. they say their neighbor installed cameras that are invading their privacy, but there is nothing do about it. the security system in shirley. >> reporter: it's a neighborhood watch this family says has gone too far. the family came home to find their next door neighbor had installed one security camera facing directly onto their driveway and two more focused onto their backyard.
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filming you while you're outside in your backyard. there is no privacy at all. >> reporter: they called 911. police said there is nothing they can do. >> you can't do anything about drones flying over your home and taking a picture of your home for the internet or anything like that as long as they are used for proper purposes and, unfortunately, you're outside and that's what happened. >> reporter: the worse of it all is one of the cameras faces the swing set where their ten- year-old daughter plays. >> if i was a parent and i came here and saw that there is a camera from a strange person videotaping my little girl, i wouldn't allow play date. >> reporter: the family says they have tried to reason with their neighbor without success, and we tried knocking next door but got no answer. >> i would love to know what his reasoning is behind him videotaping us. >> reporter: legally, their neighbor can film what's in plain sight. but it's a law some say needs to catch up with the 21st century. the family says they plan to
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cause a glare. in shirley, long island, ali bowen. >> if you have an idea let us frustration is building in the bronx that some residents muni meters. morris park residents say it's hard to find a working muni meter on busy commuter stretches. drivers and business owners say it's causing major headaches. >> it didn't charge me. the transaction was aborted. same thing last week. when i checked my bank account on the website, it had the charges. >> there was two meters working on like a three-block radius. >> we send our repair teams out to fix them. we have thousands and thousands of muni meters in the city. we do our best to stay on top of them. >> the d.o.t. says all of the city's meters are physically inspected at least once a month and remotely tested every day.
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parents about toxic toys sold in new york. state attorney general eric snyderman says the crazy art jewelry making kit contains high lead levels. they were sold at kmart, target, toys 'r us stores. some parts contain lead up to ten times the federal limit. the jewelry kits are also sold online at amazon and walmart. snyderman is calling for a nationwide recall. taking taking a day off from your diet may help you stick to your healthy eating regimen. researchers say dieters who took sundays off did not see a significant change in weight loss, but they were happier and more motivated to continue towards their weight loss goals. >> they had to stay within the calorie count within the week. they couldn't binge. >> pizza is good, nonetheless. time now is 9:13.
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keeping an eye on the forecast. it's humid, rainy? >> foggy. dreary. >> [ laughter ] >> i guys aren't happy about this. personally, i am because i felt the air this week was too dry and we had issues with wildfires. >> that's true. >> it's the weekend. people want to get out. you can do that. just wait a little while. this afternoon skies will be clearing. it is going to be a nice weekend overall. a live outside flight, raindrops on the lens. there is rain falling. 61 degrees out there. north winds at 6 miles per hour. your headlines. morning showers will give way to gradual afternoon clearing. see the silver lining is here. it goes beyond today. it will be beautiful tomorrow as well. so we take a look at your temperature trend. yesterday it was a steamy 79. 15 degrees above normal. today a high of 70. tomorrow a little cooler. 66 degrees. monday we are right back into the 70s at 73. the normal high today is 64.
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radar picture, yes, it's soggy out there. it's damp. it's muggy. however, we are getting some of needed rain right now. some places have actually received over .5-inch. other spots have gotten almost nothing. so this hasn't been an over the board everybody is getting a good soaking, but at least we are getting some rain out there. it's associated with an area of low pressure moving off the coast. high pressure will be building in behind it. so we'll start to see breaks of sun as we go into the afternoon. late afternoon/evening skies are clearing and temperatures will be dropping off just a bit. let's show you what it looks like hour-by-hour with our futurecast model. cloudy this morning. showers moving on through. by 3:30 many more breaks in the clouds, but note we could still have a few stragglers out there. a few showers that will continue to impact the forecast. the afternoon will not be as soggy as it is right now. by this evening 9:00 skies are basically clear out there, and by tomorrow morning it is a sunny start to your sunday and
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so for today morning showers, afternoon clearing. a high of 70. a little breezy as well with winds out of the north at 10 to 15 miles per hour. overnight mostly clear. cooler temperatures. 47 in the city, but we will see some 30s in out lying areas. so with the winds out of the north at 10 to 15, a little bit of a wind chill that you will be dealing with overnight tonight. tomorrow morning i'm excited about this. it's the march of dimes march for babies. it will be a great start for the march. 9 a.m. lincoln center. 52 degrees. sunny skies. north winds at 10 miles per hour. and if you are a huge eli manning fan, he will be joining us tomorrow on cbs2 news in the 8:00 hour. and we'll have another special guest as well that will chat with us then. tomorrow afternoon, after we talk to eli and that other special guest, somebody i am pretty sure you will love, 66 degrees. southerly 5 to 10 late in the day. those winds pump temperatures back up on monday.
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73 degrees. we will see clouds thickening late in the day. then overnight monday into tuesday and through the day tuesday soggy weather will basically overrule. 68 degrees on tuesday. wednesday it's seasonal. 63. cooler clearing skies. thursday, friday a little more unsettled with highs close to the 70-degree mark. what's happening here, the pattern is changing. last week it was a very stagnant system that kind of hung around giving us bright blue skies. but moving forward looks like we are going to see periods of rain off and on through the week, which is a good thing. >> you are ready for your big eli manning interview? >> we talk about the beautiful babies and what the march of dimes has been doing. he has been their ambassador for years now. always wonderful to see him. >> yeah. all right. looking forward to that. sports this morning. one of islanders newest players came one a heroic win last night.
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roster two weeks ago. he is making his mark. with just over four minutes left in the second overtime, he hits a slapshot that barely goes over the glove of roberto luongo new york wins 2-1. the islanders can clench the series tomorrow in brooklyn. and baseball now. the mets curtis granderson was on fire in atlanta last night. top of the second he belted a grand slam homer. the mets up 4-0. granderson was not tun. in the top of the fourth he hit a solo home run to put the mets up 5-2. the final in atlanta mets 6, braves 3. here is otis livingston with the rest of your cbs2 sports update. good morning. c.c. sabathia used to be the horse of the rotation. he was the guy if they were struggling, would put an end to it. if they were on a win streak. he would dominate. unfortunately because of injuries he is not that any more. going into the last night's action, matt moore coming right
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a two-run pop ties it at two in the second. the rays have stung cc over the years. 6-13 since he came to new york. cc was done after just 4 2/3 innings. the yankees are having to beg, borrow and steal to get runs across these days. jacobi ellsbury in the fifth. the bombers tie it. ellsbury started last night's game. two rbi double in the eighth as the yankees take down the rays 6-3. for cbs2 news i am otis livingston. have a great day. well, football players are used to huddling up, but not usually like this. >> [ singing ]. >> eight offensive linemen from the usc football team heading home from dinner when they got stuck in an elevator yesterday in california. some began sweating profusely after spending 90 minutes in
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they made the most of the tight quarter. created a song appropriately called the elevator rap. the fire department eventually came to help get them out. i think they went over the maximum load limit for an elevator. >> can you imagine that? at least they were able to make light of the situation. geez louise. all right. time now 9:19. fighting the flu. why your immune system may play an even bigger role than you may think. after the break why you and your family should head towards the brooklyn bridge today.
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morning." it seems like a cold at first. you can't concentrate, can't sleep. before long it's all you can think about. you feel anxious and uncertain. until one day you realize, this could be it. you've done it, you've quit smoking for good. a little suffering now
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stop before the real suffering starts. you can quit smoking.
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that if you are looking for something to do this weekend, consider heading over to the brooklyn bridge because today kicks off the brooklyn bridge park conservancy's 2016 spring and summer season. here to tell us about the many events they have scheduled this year is executive director nancy webster. thank you for being here this morning. >> thanks so much for having me here. >> well, lots going on in brooklyn. tell us about the role you play and how the park has come to life. >> brooklyn bridge park is continuing to grow and expand with new sections of park opening every year. it's a really exciting time to come to brooklyn bridge park, and the conservancy produces and facilitates the free public events and activities that your
9:24 am
>> can you tell us about what people can expect this season? you have a lot of events for families and people who want to have some fun? >> we sure do. we are best known for movies with a view series on thursday evenings in july and august. so imagine watching a movie with your favorite friends. you are on a beautiful sloping lawn towards the east river. spectacular views in lower manhattan. that's not all. we have free fitness classes every day. we have kayaking on saturdays and during the week. musical and dance performances. children's activities. and our new environmental education center is open on tuesday, thursday afternoons and on saturdays and sundays as well. >> and i know one thing that a lot of people are looking forward to is the opening of the dumbo boulder. tell us about that. >> the boulders opened up last week. it's a free form rock climbing that folks can come and enjoy.
9:25 am
that's a new feature that people can look forward to this season as well? >> the marina is going to be opening in may. that is very exciting for the park. even more exciting, there is going to be a community dock section of the marina where we will be able to offer some free back-up public boating programs. >> tell us about some of the fan favorites coming back this season, what people can look forward to. >> of course, the movies, which i mentioned, is a total fan favorite in brooklyn bridge park. our fitness classes are always overdescribed. kayaking on saturdays. your viewers need to come out saturday afternoon for that. the metropolitan opera and jazz mobile is going to be there. i am having a hard time giving you a fan favorite because there is so much do. festival. that starts today, correct? from 11 to 2 today. us. we will be building a 20-foot scale model of the brooklyn
9:26 am
there will be arts and crafts for kids. music. food. lawn games and special ed programs as well. >> and how many people do you typically expect to see for an event like this taking place? >> i think we are going to have between 4 and 5,000 folks today. >> wow. >> it's a big park. there is plenty of room for everyone. it's very comfortable and very fun. >> definitely a great opportunity to get out of the city and try something different. appreciate your time. >> thanks for coming. and we want to get you to the park. >> i think i will take you up on that. i was brooklyn born. i have a lot of family there. it's always nice to visit. thank you. >> see you there. >> the family festival takes place today at the brooklyn bridge park in the area of john and main street. it runs from 11 this morning to 2 p.m. for more information about the park and their upcoming season head over to our website
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>> i got to head out there, too time is 9:26. up next, today's top stories. >> a church van carrying children flipped over at this intersection and police are looking for the suspect who ran away from the scene. today don't miss the third round of the valero texas open
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by tri-state bmw centers. right now a stolen rental car crashes into a church van
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nurse surveillance video of the accident and the search for the man who took off. plus this. >> we want a playground! >> little kids raise thousands of dollars for a playground that may never be built. and rain showers kick off your saturday. will it clear out or stick around for the whole weekend? "cbs2 news saturday morning" continues right now. good morning. saturday, april 23. i am andrea grymes. >> i am janelle burrell. a check of our forecast. so far, rainy out there, but a clearup on the way? >> yeah, brighter horizons not far from where we are right now. i'd say about 12:30 to 1:00 we will see those clouds breaking on up and things will start to look a little bit brighter for the second half of your saturday. right now though we are getting
9:31 am
it's fall across the region. mostly through new jersey, across long island. as we go through the day, well, we will see that clearer action to the west start to build on in. high pressure will be the predominant feature. right now low pressure is making its exit. temperature 61 in the city. 52 in liberty. we are going to warm to 70 this afternoon. by 2:00 it is 69 degrees. 5:00 68 with mostly clear skies. you see the trend. showers in the forecast until noon. after that a few stragglers and looking lovely through the rest of the day. i will have your full forecast coming up. we will talk about sunday and
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andrea, jenel, back to you. you can see the impact left behind. amazingly, the passengers inside of this flipped over van were able to walkway. it was strong enough to flip the van carrying six passengers, including a three- year-old and a three-month-old. police say a speeding driver of a stolen rental car barreled through a stop sign and hit the van with such force it flipped. immediately after the crash investigators say the driver of the stolen rental car got out and ran. despite the dramatic jarring collision miraculously the two small children, a 15-year-old girl, and three young adults who were riding in the van are okay. they were taken to jamaica hospital as a precaution. police are still looking for the driver of that stolen vehicle that ran away from the scene. they have not released a description of that person as
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live in jamaica, queens, magdalena doris, cbs2 news. a decades long ordeal is now over for a new jersey mother. she lost her son in a terror attack in lebanon, now a major payout is coming in the case and possibly for 9/11 families as well. cbs2's brian coneybeare reports. >> reporter: it's been 33 years since a suicide bomber killed 241 u.s. marines in beirut, lebanon. >> anybody mentions october 23rd, your heart just stops. >> reporter: judith long lost her 22-year-old son sergeant jeffrey young that day. but judith and 1400 others who lost loved ones in beirut and the 1996 cobar towers bombing in saudi arabia won a $2 billion lawsuit against iran. the state's sponsor of those terror attacks. judith will get about $5 million because of a u.s. supreme court decision this week. >> it won't bring him back, but our goal was to keep the money away from iran.
9:34 am
fight in congress right now over a new bill that would allow 9/11 victims' families to sue saudi arabia over that country's alleged role in the support of the terrorists who attacked here at ground zero. >> if saudi arabia helped promote the horrible terrorism of 9/11, they should have to pay the consequence. >> reporter: senator chuck schumer is a sponsor of the bill that would limit country's sovereign immunity. president obama who met with the saudi king this week is threatening a veto. some fear it could open up the u.s. government to lawsuits. but john fulko says there is a major difference. >> i think that is not intentionally killing civilians by flying planes into buildings causing them to collapse and killing 3,000 innocent people. >> reporter: and judith young has a warning for the 9/11
9:35 am
>> it's going to be a tough road. >> reporter: but she says it's a battle worth fighting. brian coneybeare, cbs. >> judith young, who is a former national president. gold star mothers, says most of the $5 million will go to charity and to care for local monuments in her son's honor. about about face from the feds. they now say they don't need apple's help in an iphone date ace ka. the justice department says it withdrew a request to force apple to reveal data from a cell phone linked to a new york drug case. they told a brooklyn judge last night that someone provided the pass code to the iphone. new information in the tiger death of a south florida zookeeper. the president of palm beach zoo says the zookeeper entered a restricted area when she was attacked and killed by the tiger last week. keepers are not allowed to enter tiger enclosures where the tigers have access.
9:36 am
determine why and how this happened. the male malaysian tiger was euthanized. some residents in ramapo are demanding their town supervisor step down after he was indicted by the feds. this morning protesters are planning a rally at town hall to get christopher st. lawrence to resign. the fbi arrested st. lawrence on april 14. he is accused of lying about the town's finances so ramapo could sell bonds for his pet projects, including a minor league baseball park. critics say st. lawrence has catered to the fast growing hisidic community. >> be a man. have a little sense of dignity and resign. >> st. lawrence did resign from two unelected positions with rockland county. he has pleaded not guilty and said he is looking forward to his day in court. well, hopes have been dashed for now for children in
9:37 am
been looking forward to a new school playground. students from rad burn elementary school in fairlawn helped raise $60,000 for the project. they even designed the playground, but the school is on land owned by the radburn association which voted against the plans. the kids say they are very disappointed. >> we did balloon stands, ice tea stands, and lemonade stands. >> we raised a lot of money for it. it's upsetting to hear that we are not going to get a playground. >> the association says it is willing to meet with the school board to discuss other possible locations for the playground. time now is 9:36. a warning this morning about cicadas. where you can expect the noisy insects to invade this summer. my heart rate is like 100 miles a minute. i respect him so much. >> performing for the ultimate pro. the creator and star of
9:38 am
audience at a special performance. first, here is vanessa with a check on the forecast. >> not looking so bright right now, but we are getting much needed rain. coming up we will talk about exactly when it wraps up and when the sunshine returns.
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ahead. with the help of comfort keepers, i'm keeping my mom healthy! i'm keeping dad on schedule. i'm keeping my mom happy! comfort keepers in-home professional caregivers can provide meal planning and preparation, health and wellness services and personal care services through custom care plans that can change as needs change, so your aging loved ones can
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in health watch, a new study finds older adults are most at risk of dying from the flu. researchers say the body's own immune response rather than the virus itself may be the primary cause of flu deaths in older adults. that's according to research from yale. the finding could lead to new strategies to combat the illness. seniors reportedly account for 90% of deadly flu cases worldwide. experts are predicting a
9:41 am
northeast. the noisy insects were active two years ago. we wanted to see where they may surface this summer. cbs2's lou young found an expert with some answers. >> reporter: big noisy and numerous. cicadas are set to emerge again from their unusually long reproductive cycle. the ones coming out of the ground this summer were conceived in 1999. experts tell us they were not be in the neighborhoods that suffered in recent summers. >> in 2015, we had a lot of cicadas around. >> right. that was a different broad. >> reporter: he works at the american museum of natural history. he says there are 15 major cicada broads in this part of the world. all on a different schedule. the broad we saw in parts of jersey and staten island two years back won't return until 2030. this summer's broad covers a swath of pennsylvania, ohio, and maryland with one outliar near riverhead on long island. it's a big deal because the
9:42 am
reach levels of up to 100- decibels, and they are so numerous they get under foot. new yorkers will next see them in numbers in 2018 ahead of a big broad set to emerge three years later. they don't bite or sting, but they make their presence known and are actually an acquired culinary taste. do you like cicadas? >> yes, they are very good. they are good with garlic. >> reporter: sauteed, roasted, fried or dried and seasoned like these locusts. they are out of cicadas so they offered me these. they say they are good. they are not bad. the bottom line is that -- really not bad -- some on long island this year. in two years, back again in new york. but not that big. a really big year coming up 2021. kind of like pork rinds. we are at the museum of natural history, lou young, cbs2 news. >> roasted, sauteed, fried? >> he is popping them in like sunflower seeds.
9:43 am
there. >> oh, boy. time is 9:42. let's head over to meteorologist vanessa murdock. would you taste the cicadas? >> i would. >> you would? >> they are high in protein, right? >> that's one way of looking at it. >> a healthier snack? i would be down for trying them. i don't think i would keep popping them in like lou was doing there. everything has their own meal preferences. as far as today goes, if you are hoping to barbecue, you can do it. hold off to this afternoon when the rain starts to taper off. or just get wet outside. that works, too. let's look at what our weather watchers have to say because we are already seeing the transition from wet to dry happening. well north of the city, if we look towards poughkeepsie, 55. their comment, the clouds are starting to thin. this will be the trend as we go through the morning, and especially into the afternoon. but if we head on down into new jersey, 61 degrees right now says steven.
9:44 am
though some rain. so the situation quite different depending upon where you live. but the general trend for all today is clearing skies, especially as we get into the afternoon. live outside in the city right now you can see there are raindrops on the lens. but i love to look beyond the raindrops down to central park and just ogle at how green the grass is down there. looks beautiful. 61 degrees right now. north winds at 6 miles per hour. those are the readings from central park. what can you expect? some morning showers, gradual afternoon clearing, and then with drier air dropping in temperatures will be chillier overnight. we will have 30s out there by tomorrow morning. tomorrow will be a beautiful end to your weekend with sunshine and highs seasonal in the 60s. as we look at the vortex satellite and radar picture right now here's what's going down. wet weather north of the city. we are starting to see some clearer skies. all this is kind of sliding off
9:45 am
so we will clear from the northwest to the southeast today. behind the wet weather is high pressure. this is what will be moving on in with the drier air. clearing out the sky. setting the stage for a beautiful second half of your weekend. hour by hour here we go. clouds this morning. wet weather, too. 3:30 many breaks in the clouds by then, but maybe a few straggling showers. most of the wet weather out of here by then. as we head into the evening skies are clearing. by tomorrow morning it's nothing but sunshine and tomorrow will be a day with beautiful blue skies. today. rays. 1:05 for the first pitch. 67 degrees. ample cloud cover then, maybe a stray shower. the brunt of the wet weather will be past us. then later this afternoon around 3:00 70 degrees with more sunshine. overnight tonight lows will be in the 40s and 30s under clear skies. getting chilly. note below freezing in liberty. something to keep in mind if you have put some plants
9:46 am
you may want to bring them inside if you live outside the city. beyond the weekend, monday looking lovely. 73 degrees with sunshine early. the clouds build late. wet weather starts monday night over into tuesday. tuesday 68 with showers and thunderstorms possible. then for wednesday clearer skies. 63. thursday and friday unsettled, around 70 degrees. >> looks like we definitely turned a corner on the cold weather? >> absolutely. i think, yeah, we're beyond the cold weather outbreaks. could we have a day in the 50s still? of course. but the days of the 40s and waking up in the 20s are over. >> all right. that's good news. thanks, vanessa. well, it is the hottest tickets in town. this week "hamilton" won the pulitzer prize for drama. it's not the only honor. >> also being recognized for paving the way for young girls in washington heights. cbs2's scott rapoport has the story. >> we get the job done .
9:47 am
of youth and promise and talent on full display in honor of two special people. lynn miranda, creator of "hamilton," and his father luis miranda junior's, a long-time leader in the public and private sector and community advocate for their commitment to social justice and equality. >> yeah. really humbled me and really overwhelmed me today. so thank you very much. thank you for this honor. >> the opportunity . >> reporter: the young performers are from girl be heard. a remarkable place where women, primarily 12 to 21 years of age, many living below the poverty line, are given a safe space to share their stories through theatrical performance. >> they are my backbone and sisters. >> reporter: on this day they are presenting the fairy godfather award to len miranda and his dad who they say paved the way for opportunity through their work and for giving back
9:48 am
washington heights. >> thank you for this tremendous honor. thanks for giving an award to my dad. he is the best! >> is there is anyone making wait for women and people of color to be on center stage on broadway, it is len manuel. >> reporter: girl be heard is performed in such prestigious places as the u.n. and the white house. these girls will tell you the ultimate highlight was meeting the famous "hamilton" star who brought signed copies of the books for all and posed for pictures with each of them. >> my heart rate is like a hundred miles a minute. >> so excited! >> 1765. i moved to an island. >> reporter: at this ceremony they created a special "hamilton" inspired rap performance for miranda. >> his name is hamilton and he is from the caribbean. >> making it a day and honor the mirandas will not forget. >> your heart just beats.
9:49 am
honored by what could be the stars of tomorrow. scott rapoport, cbs2 news. >> girl be heard executives say the fundraiser at the time warner center brought in more than $100,000 to the non-profit theater company. this might be the cutest picture you see all day. take a look at this photo. this is first president obama and mrs. obama meeting prince william and kate at their home in kensington palace. now to that photo. two-year-old prince george decked out in an adorable white robe. he was allowed to stay up past his bedtime to meet the obamas and thank them for his rocking horse which they gave him right after he was born. >> so cute. >> so adorable, right? >> and probably the british accent as he talked to the president. >> that's true. that's true. >> i read that the robe already is sold out. >> is it really? go figure, right? 9:49. he can spin it, flip it, and twirl it around.
9:50 am
fly with a local pizza acrobat who con theaco laud of best pizza maker in the world when we come back. thank you for dining with us. hope to see you again soon. whoa, whoa, i got this. just gotta get the check.
9:51 am
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you know new yorkers love their pizza, but this brooklyn the heights. >> he is an award-winning pizza dough acrobat and owner of
9:53 am
he joins us live in studio to show us what you can do. >> that's how you do it. >> that's how do you it in brooklyn, right? >> pizza, huh? >> you are going to show us in a few minutes. tell us how you got into the business and what are you showing us today? >> stated when i was a little kid -- started when i was a little kid. after i became an adult and i messed up bad in school, you know, pizza -- yeah. and i started taking it seriously. it came really natural. i developed a great passion for making great food. really go back to the old school way of doing things. >> tell us about the key tips to making the perfect dough in order to flip it the way that you do. >> well, the flipping dough that we use in the competitions is actually -- i don't want you want to eat it. >> okay. >> yeah. it doesn't have anything bad in it. it's just like really, really hard. the way that you want to make
9:54 am
you have to have a high hydration level. a lot of water. this is from our pizzeria. you will see like, you know, it's very soft and you can smell that. >> mmm. >> yeah. the fermentation level, you know oh,en it? that's the whole thing. when it comes to bread, when it comes to pizza, you want it to be -- it needs a lot of fermentation. 24 to 48 hour fermentation and that breaks down the glutens so you digest it easier and it has a nice crumb. >> as we ask you more questions, show us what you are making here. >> yeah. so we got a pie in the oven. >> you got a pie in the oven. >> this is homemade fresh mozzarella. >> that is the best way to make? >> yeah. that's the best way to make mozzarella. you just add water. >> boiling water. >> boiling salted water. and then you, you know, you
9:55 am
come in about like 30 minutes. this will start to like melt together. >> and do you have to stir it for 30 minutes? >> you just like get it all going, and then you add another bucket of hot water. >> okay. >> and then you start to stretch it out and it all like kind of melts together. >> you do it from scratch? >> yeah, we do everything from scratch. i mean, it's the right way to do things, you know? >> i was reading when it comes to the acrobats of actually flipping the pizza, a lot of pizza makers don't do that any more? >> no, they really don't. that's why i got into it. when i was a little kid, my dad would take me to the pizzaria and there would be a guy and it was great. >> you are going to show us. show us how do it? >> yeah, sure. >> oh, my gosh. >> here, here, here. take one. >> all right. >> all right. >> vanessa, are you coming? >> want one? >> yeah, yeah.
9:56 am
what do we do. >> as vanessa eats the mozzarella. >> i am good at teaching people how to do this. how do you shoot a basketball? like this, right? >> right. >> what you do is hold your hand here. shoot a basketball like that. >> okay. >> i used to play basketball. so let's see if my skills are still intact. >> just shoot it. >> shoot it? okay. the problem is catching it. >> catch it with one hand? >> yeah, catch it with one hand. catch it with the other hand. >> and you were actually on the u.s. pizza team. >> i was. yeah, yeah, yeah. i was on the u.s. pizza team for three years and now i have a pizza crew called the brooklyn pizza crew. the greatest dough acrobats and award-winning pizza makers from all around the world. >> how do people get involved with that? that's awesome! >> i am going to try it.
9:57 am
you're just like you're in it. one of my ex-girlfriends got me doughs. >> you used to perform in the subway system? >> yeah, the stumble bum band. it was like this crazy brass band that used to be in the subway. and i just used to throw pizza and they loved it. we became really good new york city drinking buddies. >> well, the weather is good for maybe going to a pizza place and eating indoors today, right? >> yeah. >> lunches. >> right. dine inside for lunch. much nicer this afternoon. things are looking good for the rest of the weekend. 70 this afternoon with clearing skies. tomorrow we will be at 66 and sunny. >> 66 and sunny. and again where can we find you? >> williamsburg pizza.
9:58 am
>> thank you. >> and we're back tonight at
9:59 am
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