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tv   CBS 2 News at 11  CBS  April 25, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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rain moving in and starts while you sleep. lung is tracking a storm that could make a mess of your morning commute. but first -- >> he clobbered me. i think he just hit me. >> an elderly woman is attacked and she wasn't the only one. tonight a suspect is captured and investigators say he's done this before. good evening. i'm maurice dubois. >> and i'm kristine johnson. only cbs2's brian conybeare spoke with the victim tonight, live in prospect heights with the story. ryan? >> reporter: guys, the suspect himself is 66 years old. he was questioned for several hours by police. investigators say he targeted the most vulnerable victims he could find, women in their 70s, 80s, even in their 90s. tonight we spoke exclusively with one of the victims who
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attack slow her down. >> i hope he's done, i hope they don't let him out again. >> reporter: 83-year-old erin fence kendall of brooklyn is talking about clarence jones, the 66-year-old suspect walked out of the booking -- brooklyn robbery squad headquarters accused in a violent robberies targeting mostly elderly women in brooklyn, queens and the bronx. >> he hit me in the face. with a gun. >> reporter: she still takes was assaulted last month when she says the suspect followed her into her building after grocery shopping. after the attacker broke her nose and gave her to severely blackened eyes. >> police released multiple surveillance videos of the gray- haired suspect, often seen in a black jacket or hoodie since the terrifying crime spree that on monday morning came a tip, jones was on eighth avenue in crown heights.
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>> gray-haired renee pardy, that's how they got him. >> reporter: the victims ranged from 71 to 91. eldest, this woman who was attacked on her way into her apartment. the sun says he's relieved because the heartless suspect would have likely found another defense is senior citizen. >> the are very vulnerable. i really think that's the most despicable thing. >> reporter: his mom's black eyes have healed and she's even able to laugh about the suspect walking away empty-handed after the attack. >> i might have put up a fight. >> reporter: she still has her sense of humor. that's for sure. clarence jones is facing nine different criminal charges including assault, robbery and criminal possession of a weapon. police say he has 19 prior arrests and served 14 years in prison for the exact same crime targeting the elderly.
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tonight, brian conybeare, cbs2 news. >> thank you. lonnie quinn keeping his eye on the storm that starts overnight, tracking it from the weather center. >> i'll show you what we got there right now with the vortex satellite and radar image, actually pretty light showers around binghamton, nothing in our area as of right now, the big broad perspective is you can see, we've got thunderstorms right now making their way into central pennsylvania. that could very well be a part morning. and even beyond that, here's right now initializing just fine, there's that wet weather off to the west of binghamton and scranton, putting into play, here's how it works out, 4:30 in the morning, computer rendering of where this could be, east or south, but it's in the area. where you see the red, very heavy rain that's coming down, there could be some embedded thunderstorms. 7:30 morning commute, could still be somewhat weather during the commute but also some pockets where you're not getting the rain, not going to be a wall of water all day.
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the city and wait till you see what that clearing could see two as far as afternoon temps, more rain but we'll talk about that later as well. maurice, over to you. >> thank you. quite the commotion in lower manhattan when a cherry- pick are broke down, the construction crew was doing work on a building at stand up and essex when the hydraulic system failed, there was minor damage to the sixth floor of the building, a stop work order has been issued for the site. a court appearance for a former marine accused in the death of a bronx man. 57-year-old joaquin feliciano is charged with manslaughter. police say he got into a fight with a neighbor yesterday afternoon inside their kingsbridge apartment building. investigators say feliciano placed 74-year-old felix rodriguez in a chokehold. rodriguez was found unconscious in the elevator. >> he was such a nice guy, you know? he didn't deserve that. >> he was a very generous spirit. yeah. i don't want to talk about it.
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>> reporter: the medical examiner will determine the cause of death. emotions ran high as an nypd officer took the stand against a teenager accused of killing her partner in coney island. officer rosa rodriguez relived the horrifying moments when she lost her partner, dennis guerra, back in 2014. guerra's family was in tears as the courtroom was shown surveillance video showing the officers overcome by thick black smoke. prosecutors say 18-year-old marcell dockery started the fire, he could face 25 years to life in prison. campaign 2016, donald trump doubling down on ted cruz and john kasich, now that they've double teamed him. >> it shows such total weakness and it's pathetic. politicians, establishment guys whether you like it or not, together. >> cruz and kasich unveiled a plan last night to divvy up tomorrow. their goal? to force a brokered convention. >> is this collusion? >> no.
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i don't even know -- does he know what that means? >> i don't doubt that donald trump is going to scream and yell and curse and insult. and probably cry and whine some as well. >> states in the northeast vote tomorrow, trump is favored to win all of them with ease. the races between clinton and bernie sanders though appeared to be closer. the manhattan d.a. confirms an investigation into possible campaign finance law violations by mayor de blasio and his allies. >> the mayor is calling the idea outrageous, cbs2's tony aiello here with details and reaction. tony? >> reporter: this stems from a board of elections memo that lead over the weekend. a lawyer for team de blasio angrily insists the memo is blatantly political and riddled with errors. we asked a good government expert what he thinks. >> what the mayor is accused of is very troubling. i think there's enough there to look at and that deserves an open transparent investigation. >> reporter: daney of good government group citizen union
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are right to look into the de blasio team when it steered the money through county committees in order to support democrats trying to win back the state senate. some of the -- that money was spent on political consultants and media firms linked to the mayor. the leaked memo from state board of election lawyer risa sugarman says the violations discovered by the investigation can only be described as willful and flagrant. the mayor angry a confidential memo was leaked. >> it's outrageous. and again i don't know what's motivating it. >> he denies any wrongdoing. team de blasio lawyer laurence laufer went further basically saying it's amateur hour at the board of elections. >> quote, your memorandum reflects either a shocking lack of understanding or a complete disregard of the most fundamental aspects of the state's election laws. the team de blasio response? bull on tomorrow's daily news front page. the election commissioners who
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to prosecutors are two democrats and two republicans. >> they take their manners very seriously for. for them to agree on anything, is something big. >> reporter: de blasio's lawyer calls the leak of the memo perhaps politically motivated. that's being interpreted as a reference to governor cuomo, the lawyer who wrote the critical memo used to work for the governor. a spokeswoman for cuomo says all his office knows about this is what's been reported in the press. maurice? >> okay, tony. score one for the nfl in its epic deflategate battle with tom brady. a federal appeals court today reinstated the league's four- game suspension against the new england patriots cornerback, brady was first suspended last spring in connection with the under inflating a footballs in a playoff game. it was overturned last year in a lower court, no word yet on whether brady will appeal this
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sports, otis will have much more on what's next in the case. a school choir stopped from singing the national anthem. >> [ singing ] >> security at the 9/11 memorial, did they take things too far? less his license says he's more than a century old, but he says he is fine to be behind the wheel. shamed on social media, accused of being a bad mom.
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[ singing ] >> you might call it patriotism interrupted. a security guard at the 9/11 memorial in downtown manhattan stopped a student choir from spontaneously singing the national anthem. requires teacher says she got the approval of one security guard for her to schoolers to sing but then says, a second
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impromptu concert, because they didn't have a license. >> i'm not mad, but i feel like i was supporting the people who died that day and supporting my country. >> a spokesperson with the 9/11 memorial apologized to the students and the choir, has been invited back for another visit. fans continue to mourn the death of prince, by buying his music. 2.3 million songs have been sold since the singer's death last thursday. the album, the very best of prince, is the top seller. it includes hits like purple rain and kiss. prince's body was cremated over the weekend. a musical celebration of his life is planned. supermodel chrissy tegan is taking criticism tonight, some people are saying the new mom is not a model mom, after leaving her newborn at home to go on a date night with her husband. cbs2 tracee carrasco reports,
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time away too soon? >> reporter: just 10 days after giving birth to luna simone, model chrissy teigen stepping up with her husband john legend this past weekend. the first time parents date night ignited an internet backlash calling her a bad mom. >> need it. we were nine months carrying around the baby. and it's stressful. >> reporter: many people on social media not feeling the same way, criticizing her saying, i would never leave my baby after a week. some folks just don't get it. poor luna, spent bonding time with your baby and not let the nanny or babysitter raise them. tegan responding to the haters on twitter this morning. >> i don't think she was a bad mom. i just feel like she wanted to go out. not like she left the baby with a random person. >> reporter: many new moms backing chrissy teigen up. >> i just had the baby 24 days ago. i came out here without the baby, the baby with my mom. >> she feels comfortable, two weeks, that's up to her. but to me, i definitely think that's too soon.
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and parenting coach carolyn meyer or tells agrees. >> i think the last thing in the world a new mom needs is a lot of judgment from others on how they're doing it. >> reporter: myers says tegan's night out doesn't reflect the bond she shares with her daughter. >> it's taking a look at a very small snapshot, of -- doesn't sound fair at all. >> reporter: happy moms equal happy babies. in secaucus, new jersey, tracee carrasco, cbs2 news. well, a teenager one minute, the world's oldest man in the very next? dmv in white plains mistakenly issued a learner's permit with a birthdate of 1900 instead of 2000. you would think that would give 16-year-old devin brown added driving privileges but he says it's just one of several errors that have stopped him from actually hitting the road. >> with all these issues, now i
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it's more of a hassle. i've been to the dmv three or four times. >> another student got a permit which showed his birthday off by seven months. the dmv says it takes these mistakes very seriously. when it comes to relationships, there's no perfect formula to tell if that certain someone is mr. or mrs. right. >> until now. there might be some real science behind the chemistry of love. with dna matchmaking. two couples, one happily together for decades, the other newly engaged. >> we knew fairly early that it was -- we have something special. >> chelsey dieringer and brian hudson were introduced through friends. max and donna foerster met in high school. and mary seven years later. >> july was 32 years. >> reporter: what makes these relationships work? now there could be a scientific answer. dna testing companies claim they can tell you how compatible you are with your mate.
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some saliva into a test tube and sending it to be analyzed. >> i'll do it for you, honey. >> it's interesting but i'm not -- [ laughter ] it's okay. >> reporter: he's kidding of course but that little bit of spit holds a ton of information. it can measure things like serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin. they can be indicators of how you might react to emotional situations if you are impulsive, your ability to deal with stress, but some experts say it's still that basic romantic connection, that makes relationships work. >> a lot of people have to have common interests, you have to have compatibility in your personality, so it goes much more than just dna testing. >> in these cases the results are good. 80% for max and donna. >> we've been together so long. >> reporter: and chelsea and brian? >> wedding is on.
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compatible. >> some of these dna testing sites offer dating services. to find and then set you up with your supposed perfect match, prices for dna couple analysis start at $149. >> what's the right threshold? 75%? 60? 85? what works? >> hard to tell. [ laughter ] hard to tell. >> there's no book, as they say. exactly. weather picture? >> there's something out there, i'm going to time it out for when it's coming here. what we've got right now is a sky, some clouds overhead but the temperatures were for this time of year, we're doing fine, 56 right now around yonkers, this is clear chase out there with looks like a just right -- a jack russell, perhaps. in new york city, a couple clouds overhead, we have a 58 degree reading in manhattan, southeast winds around six miles per hour. high temp was 68, 10 warmer
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degrees warmer than we typically reach. headlines looking like this, you could see some storms out there, during the overnight hours and during your day tomorrow, plenty of breaks. not like raining all day long and every place, you could see pops of sunshine especially south of the city tomorrow, big temperatures, but there is a severe risk for severe weather. the place you want to focus on is this limegreen color, new york city and point south, it's a marginal risk, look, it's still unlikely but it's out there, there's a possibility for damaging wind and hail, but it's not a real major threat, they would bump that up from a marginal risk to moderate to high and then intense, we just don't see that. what we have out there right now, wet weather making its push, getting close to a little northwest corner of sullivan county, start off with very light rain, there are heavier bouts in there, the bigger picture will show you what we're watching, this front is going to make its way through the area but take a look, at the configuration of this
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ridge in the front and then this big, with step crossing it, first crosses to the east end of long island, but then that ridge will still not have hit the jersey shore. it is possible tomorrow to see some temperatures at around east end of long island, upper 40s, low 50s. at the same time to find a temperature around the judicial, 78? maybe a little bit warmer than that? it's a possibility. rain is going to be out there because before this front gets in, you will get that southwest push that you always get ahead of the front and that's why i think some of those temperatures could be climbing tomorrow. other folks, not climbing. if the front is on top of you, temperatures are going down. 6:00 a.m., could be some bouts of heavy rain out there for some folks but not for everybody. again, some clearing. starting south of the city and then go with an on-again off- again set up throughout the day. plenty of breaks like a said, 3:00 p.m., the temperature change, 40 in catskill, 78 man hot, 56 around the hamptons. then 6:00 p.m., things will start push out of the area,
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clear wednesday on tap for us. so right now the rainfall amounts look to be somewhere less than an inch, looks like half an inch or so in some spots, a little bit more than that. 70 degrees the high temp for tuesday, that's an umbrella day but on-again off-again, wednesday looks great at 64, cold wednesday morning, 44 christie, some of you outside the city will be down in the lower to mid 30s. that's a reminder. >> sure is.
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we'll be right back.
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now your jeep sports desk. >> going 7-2 on a road trip is not easy, the mets did it and here's how. they doubled up their opponents, outscoring them 54- 27. noah syndergaard on the hill against the reds and the mets gave him a quick lead. michael conforto, whose killing it since being moved into the three hole, jack's a long solo blast to center field, his third of the year gives the mets a 1-0 lead. 1-1 in the third, lucas duda, launches one that may have gone as high as it went far, the moonshot finally lands beyond the wall in right. his fourth makes it 3-1 mets. syndergaard didn't have his
11:26 pm
the seventh, nine strikeouts. that bullpen couldn't hold that the but not to worry, the big data neil walker puts them back in front, already his eighth home run of the year, that's the difference in this one, the mets win 5-3. after going 3-6 on their homestand, a change of scenery to the yankees some good. a nine-game road in texas, alex rodriguez not in the starting lineup with an oblique injury. part of the reason for the yankees slump, 3-4 hitters came in hitting .164, worst in baseball. mark teixeira improve that tonight, rbi double, first double of the season. the bombers up 2-0. starlin castro would add to the lead, solo shot, his third home run of the season, plenty for nathan eovaldi, the texas native with the great homecoming, didn't allow a hit, throwing seven shutout innings, just two hits while striking out six. picking up his first win of the season. andrew miller worked a perfect
11:27 pm
not allowed a run all season. 3-1 yankees the final. court of appeals says tom brady must sit the first four games of the 2016 season, reinstating the nfl initial suspension from may 2015 today, a three-judge panel in the second circuit court reinstated the original suspension directly pointing out his destruction of that cell phone that contained 10,000 text messages which they would raise the stakes from air in a football to compromising the integrity of a proceeding that the commissioner had convened. get this, the patriots and brady agreed to a two-year contract extension in the off- season so basically the four- game suspension will only cost him $200,000, as opposed to 2 million if he had been suspended last season. even when he loses, he manages to win. time for a quick break, when we return, josh norman now with
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the former carolina panther met the dc media today, the panthers pulled the franchise tag on wednesday, he found a home in washington by friday. he also finds himself having to go up against odell beckham, jr. twice a year. remember the fisticuffs they had last season? safe to say they don't like each other on or off the field. >> best on best. see me, icq. nothing more, nothing less. make a good, play it cool, let's go to the next one. if you don't, cool. go to the next one. end of the day, after then four quarters, going to see who's standing. >> they way they were wrestling last year, neither one of them were standing. >> [ laughter ] you know they have the new rule about personal foul's so hopefully
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see you back here tomorrow. (laughter) (theme song)


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