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tv   CBS 2 News at 11  CBS  April 26, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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live from the cbs broadcast center, this is cbs2 news at 11. sounded like a fist coming towards my face. >> he says he was sucker punched for looking like shia labeouf. and the suspect behind the beat down is still out there. rain, hail, funnel clouds, severe weather slams the midwest and the threat isn't over yet. this is a far bigger win than we even expected. >> donald trump sweeps another super tuesday and it was all successful for hillary clinton, though she wasn't able to shut out bernie sanders tonight. good evening. i'm maurice dubois. >> and i'm kristine johnson. as we mentioned, donald trump took all five states in tonight's primary. it is now mathematically impossible for ted cruz to win the republican nomination ahead of the convention. >> on the democratic side, clinton won all states except for rhode island where bernie sanders claimed victory. tony aiello has the latest on campaign 2016, following all
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news room tonight. >> reporter: with the big win tonight, hillary clinton presented herself as the de facto democratic nominee. and donald trump told reporters he should be considered presumptive nominee for the gop. at a gala tuesday night, donald trump was on the red carpet talking about sweeping all five contests. >> the numbers weren't great, i would be home saying, well, let's see but the numbers are far beyond even the polls. >> reporter: indeed, voters in rhode island, connecticut, pennsylvania delaware and maryland gave trump convincing wins. but ted cruz isn't convinced trump has the nomination wrapped up. >> i've got good news for you tonight, this campaign moves back to more favorable terrain. >> reporter: 502 republican delegates still at stake after tonight. cruz is betting he will do well
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california to prevent trump from reaching the magic number of 1237. >> i'm not going to be campaigning in indiana. voters can figure out what they want to do. >> reporter: governor kasich and cruz are divvying up remaining states trying to stop trump. hillary clinton got a victory in the ninth biggest prize, pennsylvania and spoke like the nomination is wrapped up. >> that's why i want you to keep imagining a tomorrow where instead of building walls, we're breaking down barriers. we are making it more likely that americans will be part of a prosperous, inclusive, decent society. >> reporter: bernie sanders won rhode island but falls even further behind secretary clinton in the delegate count. even as he insists he's more electable. >> our national polls, which have us 15, 20 points ahead of donald trump, far more than secretary clinton. [ cheering ]
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to reassess his candidacy like clinton's delegate lead, but he also vows to stay in the race until the last democratic primary on june 14. trump will campaign in indiana tomorrow, with legendary basketball coach bobby knight, his rival, running out of time to stop the manhattan billionaire. live in the newsroom, tony aiello, cbs2 news. >> thank you. happening right now, a computer alert after a subway platform collapses in the bronx. firefighters say a 20 to 40 foot portion of the platform fell at the dyer avenue five train stop. no one was hurt, thankfully. firefighters believe the weight of construction machinery caused this area to fall. this is not where passengers stand. there is now however, no five train service between tyre avenue and east 180th street in both directions until further notice. those affected can take any wakefield bound train to bus stops along palo parkway. new tonight, do you see the similarities? while some people take pride in looking like a celebrity, a local man's resemblance to a
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valerie castro has the story of the man who says he was sucker punched for looking like shia labeouf. >> shia labeouf did something terrible to him, or i have a punishable face. >> reporter: mario is still confused about why he was punched in the face. as he left this subway station on the lower east side saturday night. >> probably right about here. >> reporter: as he walked up the stairs from the f train at essex and delancey, a man walking the opposite direction sucker punched him and shouted this. >> that's because you look exactly like [ bleep ] shia labeouf. >> reporter: it's not the first time he's been told he looks like the actor. famous for starring roles in movies such as transformers. >> people have been telling me for a long time that that is -- that i resemble shia labeouf but in a good way, the -- you look like shia labeouf, that's cute. not like, i want to punch you in the face. >> reporter: at first he thought he had imagined the outburst but bystanders
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>> you're not crazy. that's exactly what he said to you. >> reporter: witnesses say the hater took off down to the station and hopped a train, licato was left bleeding, glasses snapped in half. he now has a black eye and gash over his eyebrow and is left wondering about his attacker's hollywood hatred. >> does he hate his work? does he hate me? i don't know. >> reporter: despite the alleged motivation, licato says he doesn't hold a grudge against the hollywood actor and even considers himself a fan. on the lower east side of manhattan, valerie castro, cbs2 news. two college campuses on high alert after a student says she was sexually assaulted at fairfield university in connecticut. police say a man in his 40s grabbed the student while she was walking on campus. now they are warning students at fairfield and also nearby sacred heart university to be careful and walking buddy teams to stay safe.
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one building to another. apparently was lured into the woods. >> the victim is okay. the school tells us she is undergoing counseling. police say the attacker does not live on campus. new at 11, police have shut down a factory for phony credit cards in brooklyn. authorities seized bogus cards and the equipment used to make them. in a great today in bedford stuyvesant, 41 people were indicted. prosecutors say the group had stolen more than 2000 credit card numbers and was behind a quarter million dollars or more in shopping sprees and in places like bernie's. new information tonight on a man accused of jumping the white house fence this afternoon. investigators say the suspect seen here on a stretcher didn't realize his exact location, he was apparently trying to escape the police after stealing a woman's purse. president obama was inside the
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the complex was briefly put on lockdown. mayor de blasio is facing pressure to sideline top aides at the center of a campaign- finance scandal. aides and a wolf and ross offinger are now under scrutiny , wolf is accused of being on the de blasio team under investigation for funneling money to state senate candidates who could help push through the mayor's agenda. offinger is accused of directing $50,000 in a reportedly questionable contribution to democrat todd kaminsky. still as of now, the spokesperson says no action will be taken. some severe weather tour through the midwest. the kansas city international into -- airport was pummeled by hail. you can see the huge hailstones littering the tarmac along with the hailstones, winds of up to 70 miles an hour to other parts of the state. and in oklahoma, take a look at these ominous skies. a funnel cloud formed about 90 miles southwest of oklahoma city. as night approached, several small twisters were spotted
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rolling into the region. and from violent wind to drenching rain, drivers in eastern kansas certainly had to take it slow as roads faced a deluge. parts of kansas were also pelted by damaging hail. lonnie quinn has more now from our weather center. lonnie? >> the first store you talked about, kansas city. this is the line that came through the area, now around nashville. that pales in comparison to what is out there from nebraska into texas. it's just heating up, a real volatile night out there. in our area, front came through, put down rain and now all about the cooler air that sets up, we'll talk about that cool air in the morning in just a bit. back to you. thanks. also ahead at 11, attacked on the playground by an adult? >> she got me right in the leg. >> how bad does it hurt? >> it hurt very bad. >> the kids say the suspect was supposed to be watching a baby when she hit them with a hockey stick. my first reaction was,
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>> commencement controversy, house some local families say president obama is ruining
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the hunt is on for a woman accused of attacking a group of boys on staten island with a hockey stick. 12-year-old anthony pasqualone says a woman with a baby in a stroller confronted him and his friends at a playground in great kills. they say the woman told them to quiet down because the baby was sleeping. she then allegedly grabbed one of their hockey sticks and went after them. >> she got after me right in the leg. >> how bad does it hurt? >> it hurt very bad. >> what happens when the baby does something she doesn't like? then what? going to hurt the baby? >> pasqualone ended up with a swollen and bruised leg but he was not hospitalized.
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to's speak at -- to speak at rutgers was a huge coup for the school but it's having and attend -- unintended consequences. cbs2's dave carlin reports. >> reporter: each member of the rutgers university class of 2016 gets one ticket for themselves to see president obama deliver their commencement address in this stadium and only three more tickets max for guests. that's the limit, for soon-to- be graduate jake, that leads our -- leaves out one member of his family. >> we want our families to be there. >> reporter: here is jake's family, his sisters rebecca and leah don't want to miss out on this high-profile event. so dad danny has made a painful decision. >> it came down to it, i would have to stay home. i would rather have my girls out here. >> reporter: the university is observing its 250th anniversary. registration for the bar-coded tickets is not open yet. but the high level of interest giving families unlimited
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saying, while the limited to three guests is a change from past practice, it ensures that every graduating student is accommodated. the university says additional friends and family are being taken into account with the setting up of screens. at the student center and other on-campus locations. >> it's not the same watching it on a screen. >> my family should be able to come. >> reporter: some others say what they consider the honor of having a sitting president speak makes up for the ticket tensions. >> i think they should be grateful the president is coming. >> reporter: those who are attending are told to come to the stadium early on may 15. security. for the 2:30 commencement. on the rutgers university campus, dave carlin, cbs2 news. serious questions about an amusement park ride with broken seatbelts. cell phone video shows a six- year-old boy being held by his park in amarillo, texas. the dad says he suddenly felt his son's seatbelt release so
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for the rest of the right. >> emotional going down it, it threw him to the bottom of the car, i reached over to grab him. they didn't put anybody in the seat we were sitting in, but they look at the rest of the seats up. >> the father says a ride attendant told him there had been problems prior with that seatbelt. the park says it conducts daily inspections on all of its rights. a tiny house for sale in brooklyn comes with a sizable price tag. it has people in the neighborhood talking, people are stopping by to take pictures of the home at 88 bay 47 street in gravesend. the 20 by 97 foot lot features a long driveway and a tiny guest house in the back. asking price, $499,000. >> that's a lot of money. you can't fit nothing in there. it's like a dollhouse. >> if they were in maybe dumbo or in dyker heights, yes. but not here. they're not getting it. >> some see it as a teardown
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build a bigger house. the realtor says it's meant to be sold along with the home next door. days after major daytime drama, michael stranahan announced he's leaving kelly and michael sooner than planned. he made the announcement hours after his cohost, kelly ripa, returned to the airwaves. she said she needed time to gather her thoughts after being shocked by his planned departure to "good morning america". she said her boss has apologized to her for leaving her out of the loop. >> it started a much greater conversation about communication and consideration. and most importantly, respect in the workplace. >> stray and's last day will be may 13. tonight, time magazine honored celebrities, politicians and more for its 13th annual list of the 100 most influential people in the world. >> a star-studded red carpet, the home of jazz at lincoln center, under his include leonardo dicaprio, mark
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performed tonight. arianna grande also performed but the honorary everybody wanted to see, the creator and star of broadway's hamilton. >> some hope that lin-manuel miranda wilson, among others. >> i was hoping lin-manuel miranda could come but i guess he's doing a show. >> a little busy apparently. the magazine is on stands right now. >> that was cute. i guess he's doing a show? this little show on broadway. >> his night job. [ laughter ] let's get a look at our forecast. >> he's done all right for himself. >> sure has. >> exploded. >> what a year he's having. the wet weather that we had today, now we're going to change and talk about the cold air that's moving in. right now take a look at the weather watchers, temperature is okay, about 40 degrees in new york city, but we picked up some rain today, and we needed the rain, it's not going to erase the deficit, we have a 2.5 inch deficit.
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greenwood lake, 0.7. greenwich, 0.6. poughkeepsie, 0.4. little neck, 0.3. not a huge rainstorm but what we got, we needed. in the next week as well, here's what we see out there as of right now, clouds are in place but the rain has passed, 48 degrees right now, your high temp was 60. 60 comes in, five degrees cooler than it should be this time of year. but look at the temperatures, 60 degrees, highest temperature today in central park. highest temperature elsewhere? bellmore hit 82. central park is 60, bellmore 82, sag harbor only 52. what a spread in temperatures in one viewing area. everybody watching the same station, someone is 52 in sag harbor, someone is 82 in bellmore. the rain is over, almost. a little bit of area around the various -- ocean county, but finished shortly. for your day tomorrow, cleared
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clouds linger south of the city. then a cold morning for everyone out there, look what the computer models are saying. 5:00 in the morning, this is a cold run for the city, 41. i think we're going to be hard- pressed to get down to 41. more like 44. but 34 is the forecast for liberty, that's a reasonable, 44 male, 30 bridgeport. skies are clearing right now, with the exception of atlantic city, you have what weather but let me show you that's the only game we have left to do with, bigger rain that you see out here is going to be going south of our area. some clouds will linger, south of new york city but clear skies north of new york city. so the numbers look like this for your day tomorrow, cool, for everybody, starting off at 44 in new york city. but some of you north city are making that stab at 32. 64 with a good deal of sunshine tomorrow afternoon, the extended forecast will show you into your day on thursday, what weather comes back to town, high temp of 59. friday, 63. friday looks like a decent day especially the second half of friday. looking good.
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63 on saturday, sunday looks pretty good as well. more clouds, but i think as right now, the timing for clouds would be later sunday so a pretty good weekend for outdoor activities and then monday, you are back to another rain chance. so we talked earlier at 6:00, we've got to chip away at this rainfall deficit. and we're doing it. i'd rather do it in small amounts than one big storm. a lot of runoff. >> we appreciate it. otis? >> the night on the diamond, then they -- the yankees never got going in texas. and a victor cruz citing on the field again.
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year and half layoff. otis livingston joins us now, mets finding ways to win. >> they do. we thought the run support wasn't going to be that good,
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lack of run support for the pictures during the stretch that they have won nine of 11. but they have to see if they can hack it without travis d'arnaud for a while, he went on the dl with a strained rotator cuff. reds and mets, since it up 3-0 in the sixth with a chance to pad their lead, but neil walker turns a double play to help the mets out of a jam, doing with his bat and now the glove. two on for pinch-hitter yoenis cespedes, the first pitch he sees in four days, he likes it. crossed for a game-tying three- run homer, 3-3. curtis granderson triple, david wright knocks it, the mets get four in the seventh and lead it for-3. familiar with a one, two, 3/9, -- three, nice. 4-3 the final. yankees down deep in the heart of texas, they took the first game against the rangers thanks to nathan eovaldi's
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severino meltdown in the third, after walking a run, then a two run single to mitch moreland to make it 4-0. next batter bounces it in the dirt to bring in another run, then he serves up an rbi single to elvis andrus. the rangers score 5 in the inning with two outs, severino lasts only three, allowing six runs. yankees bats could not matchup tonight, six hits, six strikeouts. they fall 10-1. nfl draft is just two days away, the giants gathered for a bonus camp because every team with a new head coach gets an extra minicamp. a lot of new faces including the new head coach, ben mcadoo now running the show. that d line now has david snacks harrison and olivier vernon. victor cruz is not new, he just hasn't been on the field in more than a year and a half. he's going to be brought along slowly.
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>> i'm not in the business to go out there and behalf of myself or half of what i was. i want to be ready to go 100%. to be the same player i was. that's the goal. i want to build up to that and make sure my body is responding to that level of what once was. that's the goal for sure. >> i can't wait to see him and odell beckham, jr. when we return, supposed to be back up time for the rangers, but why
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welcome back. the islanders on the ice this morning, before boarding a plane for tampa. game one with the lightning tomorrow night, game two on saturday, also games three and four, back here in brooklyn, tuesday and friday. finally, tensions flaring inside the ranger locker room on pack day. dan boyle didn't want new york
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anywhere near him. >> i'm telling you i don't want you here. i have no respect for you. i want you to get the [ bleep ] out. i can [ bleep ] to get the [ bleep ] out if i want to. i want him out and the other [ bleep ] out, brett or whatever the [ bleep ] his name is. >> earmuffs. >> i was going to say. >> it's after 11. >> i'm glad we had that yooper. >> he didn't want him around. >> or the other guy. >> [ laughter ] tough ending to the season. >> definitely. the islanders still in it. >> this is true. that's what you've got to hope for. >> you've got it. >> i'm speechless after that. >> [ laughter ] i don't know what to say. he said it all. >> he did.
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>> we'll be right back. thanks so much for joining us tonight. coming up next, "the late show with stephen colbert". he's got j.k.
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we'll see you later. >> bill walton! thanks for being my announcer tonight, man. necessary great. >> my pleasure, stephen. anything for you. but i've just got one request. would you mind mentioning my new book "back from the dead." >> stephen: wait, you mean this charming and inspirational memoir detailing a longtime grateful dead fan's remarkable journey to become the greatest n.b.a. player ever. i'm sorry, we don't have time, bill. >> okay, i'll do it anyway. but technically, i'm not an announcer. i'm a color commentator. is that a problem for you stephen. >> stephen: problem, i can fake the funk on a nasty dunk? it's not a problem. >> tonight, all the way from midtown. the "late show" starting lineup. j.k. simmons. and jane krakowski of throw it


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