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tv   CBS 2 News  CBS  April 28, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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has been directly hit in this investigation since the scandal broke. >> mayor de blasio walked into city hall this morning trying to project normalcy despite subpoenas handed down to his inner circle. his attorney confirmed that city hall has been subpoenaed by the u.s. district attorney's office and we are fully cooperating with the investigation. the mayor has not been personally served. >> de blasio was not served but those who were include emma wolf, the city's director of intergovernmental affairs and jonathan rosen. they work on the mayor's political campaigns p the assistant u.s. attorney who signed this subpoenas help
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corruption charges. >> the mayor defended his actions around fundraising and appropriate. he said this on monday. >> a lot of very good people are having their names dragged through the mud over the last few weeks. that's not right. that's not fair. >> the investigation focusing on how the mayor raised money to unseat senate republicans to push his political agenda. federal prosecutor and manhattan d.a. are trying to determine if de blasio's team circumvented campaign laws. >> reporter: the mayor's spokesperson insists that everyone involved followed the letter of the law. right now mayor de blasio is at an event in midtown. marsha kramer will have the latest on cbs 2 news tonight beginning at 5:00. for
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manhattan, andrea grymes, cbs 2 news. >> thank you. several families are out of their homes after a car slam med into a building in new jersey. take a look at the damage left behind. janelle burrell is live. >> reporter: a lot of people are shocked by what took place here last night. crews are working to clean up the scene, to patch up the massive hole that was left in the structure of this building after the career careened right through this intersection leaving dozens homeless. >> i heard this big boom and then all the sudden a car smacked right into our tax office. >> this cell phone video capturing the car. the driver still inside. >> then all the sudden it was like a thousand cops out here.
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>> what was his demeanor? >> like he was drunk. >> two air bag s deployed and was left with minor injuries. post. this fire hydrant knocked off the foundation and the apartments above so unstable these families were forced to evacuate to the street in the middle of the night with what little they could manage to take norma and her 2-year-old daughter. >> she tell us in spanish the police took them off as a precaution because the building was left with a massive crack. >> johnny's office runs a temp agency. he arrived before dawn having no idea what had taken place. >> someone broke in, that's what i thought it was. >> now that you know it was a car what do you think? >> hopefully nobody got hurt. >> reporter: again, the driver only suffering minor injuries. back live you can see one of
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right off of its foundation during that crash. as for the driver, police this afternoon not telling us what caused him to lose control of his vehicle or whether he'll be facing any charges. live this afternoon from plainfield, new jersey, janelle burrell. a man dressed for a construction site turned out to be a bank robbery. he entered on history boulevard. he left everyonety hand ed empty handed. a missing autistic man has been found. the 24-year-old disappeared during a field trip in prospect park yesterday afternoon. he was found after 8:00 in brooklyn heights. police commissioner bill bratton said they're undergoing training
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the race for the presidential nomination goes through indiana. ted cruz hoping they respond to his early president. >> ted cruz and carly fiorina are on the road for the first time as running mates. they are campaigning in indiana ahead of tuesday's primary. cruz isn't the only candidate with company on the campaign trail. >> you know, normally they come here i'm coming out and i'm going to introduce bobby knight. >> basketball coaching legend bobby knight endorsed trump in indianapolis before he turned his attention to cruz. >> he can't win, why is he picking vice presidents. >> ted cruz would need 109% of the remaining delegates to lock up the nomination. >> he's the first presidential candidate in the history of this country who is mathematically eliminated from becoming president who choose a vice president candidate. >> ted cruz's only hope is to stop trump from winning enough
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>> hillary clinton is taking a break from the campaign trail today while bernie sanders's campaign is facing the reality he's unlikely to win. >> the campaign laid off 200 people, leaving sanders with 300 staffers. >> we're going to win here in indiana next tuesday. >> despite the move sanders is on the trail in indiana ahead of tuesday's primary and said he's in the race until the end. >> craig boswell, cbs news, the white house. >> the sanders campaign said they hope to rehire many of the staffers if he wins the democratic nomination. vice president joe biden made a surprise visit to iraq after a secret over night flight from washington dc. he's expected to meet with iraqi leadership to discuss the on going fight against isis. his visit comes amid a wave of tense protests that's paralyzed the country. a proposed plan could add
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tunnels around new york city but would drivers be willing to pay to avoid traffic? hazel sanchez >> reporter: we're cross ing the people could avoid this it was if there was an express lane. that's what assemblyman david weber is suggesting, an express lane if you're being to -- willing to pay. >> no one line s sitting in traffic especially when the only way to get there is via bridge or tunnel. >> i hate it. >> would you be being to pay to go through an express lane? >> it's better. >> that's exact ly ly what david weber proposed during a transportation panel discussion in albany. he's suggesting fast lanes on bridges and tunnels for drivers willing to pay the price for quick convenience. >> would you pay for it just to get over the bridge faster?
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more than likely, yeah. >> the idea would charge motorists for faster travel on bridges and highways that are already tolled. in the city rare drivers still have mixed opinions. >> would you pay extra to cross >> not really. >> why not? >> it costs so much money for gas and then to go into manhattan and find parking if you have to park it's ridiculous. >> i would. >> why? >> so >> it's annoy ing ing? >> yep. >> absolutely not. >> never for anything? >> never for anything. >> not worth it to you? >> not worth it period. >> why not? >> because it's just a money grab. >> reporter: at this point it's just an idea not an official proposal. he did not say exactly how much drivers would be charged if the express lane really happened. live, hazel sanchez, cbs 2 news.
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people would vote for that. >> maybe. a long wait. still much more ahead noon. what was found in prince's home that may have a federal agency joining the investigation into his death? >> police on a wild chase as a flat bed truck speeds down a highway pulling that u-turn across the median. >> we're turning things around weather wise but not like that. some cooler and wet weather to talk about.
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coming up. police release dashcam video of a wild chase involving a stolen flat bed truck in florida. it was hitting cars on the highway. at one point he gets off a ramp, makes a u-turn over the grass median, crashed into another median and ended ed up on the other side of the roads. prescription drugs are a focus in the investigation of prince's death. pills were found in his home and in his possession. >> sources tell cbs news the carver county sheriff's office in minnesota contacted the dea
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prescription pills found at prince's home are related to his death. the sheriff's office said no active work is being done with agents at this time but once toxicology work is completed federal agents will look to uncover specific information. >> what painkillers he was taking, where the drugs came from and if they were prescribed by a physician. >> entertainment tonight reports that prince had an on going problem with painkillers. >> he had hip replacement in 2010 and people close to prince told me that he struggled with painkillers due to his hip and ankle injuries. >> less than a month before his death his jet made a emergency landing in illinois. >> at the time his publicist said he was suffering from the flu but audio indicates the situation may have been more dire. a body guard carried him off the plane to an ambulance.
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paperwork in court saying her brother did not have a will. on wednesday the court approved the appointment of a special administrator to keep his businesses running while his estate is sorted out. would you want to live forever or spend the afternoon with a deceased spouse? how about asking your parents advice long after he's gone? >> my dad. he's a cool person. >> this is one opportunity to change the way we look at what it means to be human. >> the world of cloning. being a loved one badge back is not fiction. see for yourself begin ing ning at 11:00. a new york teen who beat cancer heads to the vatican. it's exciting. this is crazy. >> how she intro ducing her international experts to share research about the type of cancer she had. >> plus, keep your umbrella handy today. there's showers in
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the vatican is the unlikely
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cancer conference and doctors, politicians meet to discuss breakthroughs and future treatments. a young cancer survivor from our area is stealing the show. >> it's exciting. this is crazy. >> ilana simon's battle with cancer has taken her to vatican city. >> i never expected it to be this successful. >> the 20-year-old is speaking to some of the leading cancer researchers at the medical conference 8 years after doctors diagnosed with her with a rare liver cancer. >> i've been completely healthy, newly grown liver. >> ilana was 12 when doctors removed her tumor. >> at first i was like i'm done, that was an interesting chapter of my life but i'm done with it. >> while in remission she started a new chapter, to investigate her disease and help others. a journey that's led her here to the vatican.
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asked in kids to send in samples of their tumors. 65 people did. under the supervision of her father, a scientist she discovered a common mutation. >> cbs news medical correspondent max gomez introduced ilana at the conference. >> she was able to take her own cancer, grab it by the horns, do genetic sequencing on it and find out what it was that caused her cancer. >> ilana said her research could one day help find cures for more common cancers. >> if someone else had gotten this maybe it wouldn't have turned into something as beneficial. >> she returns to the lab this summer but first heads back to harvard for finals. cbs news vatican city. >> vice president joe biden will speak at the conference tomorrow about his cancer initiative. his son died after brain cancer. a review of snow totals
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in january set an all time record in new york. the 26.8 inches will be closed to 27.5 inches. a communication error between the weather forecast office and the central park conservancy led to that inaccurate total that we first told you about. the numbers have been altered. >> just glad it's behind us. >> that was a big one. let's get to today and see what we're expecting. hi, joan. ing -- hi, john. >> just checked and there's no trying to get golf in. today is bravehearts day, the brave hearts of kids some country. the 50s. it's cooler to the south than to the north where we're seeing some warmer readings. yeah, we would like to see not only the gray skies but some rain, some much needed rain. well, those showers are on the way.
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pictures to share as well. adelle with those beautiful dogwoods, maureen reminding us to feed the birds. it's duck watch. they are already two days old. they are taking them to work. it's take your kid to workday today as well. young men and women learning about various jobs around the country even in tv. we've got some clouds in the city right now. 56. it's not cloudy everywhere. a little bit bright er , a little warmer in the hudson valley. 52 for the jersey shore. wait a minute. it's actually warmer than it was this time yesterday. yesterday we hit 62 and today we're only going to see 59. that's right. clouds are going the take over. we see some showers rolling in. so well below the normal of 66. sunsets at 7:50. those dogwoods, it's that time of year so pollen is back up high again today. a
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it will help with the numbers into saturday as well as we see more of those trees in bud and bloom. so the rain right now just now reaching atlantic city. it's not into philadelphia yet. it's part of a significant front. it will become stationary. there's not a heavy rain affiliated with this front. we're not talking about stormy weather. as we walk through the next few hours a lot of us will get home with no rain at all, just gray skies taking over and some scattered showers. into friday morning, some hit and miss showers. that's going to be the pattern all day. it will actually fill in for friday night. so if you're sneaking away for friday night remember that's when we see a little bit of wet weather. saturday afternoon shapes up. if somebody had an early tee time on sunday, i don't know i'm just kind of guessing, you would probably be able to get a quick game in because it turns wet sunday and then it stays wet into your monday. notice the numbers are cool the second half
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>> if anybody out there is playing golf. >> just in case. >> thank you, john . for the first time since bobbi kristina brown's death nick gordan tells all about her and her mother. >> i want to know what he observed with bobbi kristina's drug behavior after her mother's death. he said she spiralled down. i want to know why the family saw him as such an evil factor that they put a tro on him. he said he was positive. was he in the will ? i want to know about everything that led up to that night. >> you can see dr. phil's exclusive interview with nick jordan today at 3:00. when we come back, it start with a photo but ends up with
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explain after this. coming up on cbs 2 news tonight beginning at 5:00, what a fed-ex customer said he caught a worker doing to deliveries outside the store. at 6:00, students take the park test and discover it was the wrong exam. the out rage at a new jersey school. those stories and more tonight on cbs 2 news beginning at 5:00. ever wonder what it was like to dance with celebrities? thanks to technology it's one
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the museum in japan is offering visitors a chance to waltz with brad pretty or dance with beyonce. it's exploring ways to interact with celebrities in the digital age. >> that's kind of interaction. that's going to do it for us at noon. from john and the entire cbs news team i'm john wragge. >> i'm mary calvi. see you back tomorrow morning beginning at 4:30. have a good afternoon. dprz -- have a good afternoon. when your type 2 diabetes numbers aren't moving in the right direction, it can be a burden.
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>> dylan: all right, so we're going on this last-minute trip. i got to know -- how scared should i be for a two-hour car ride with a teething 5-month-old? >> nick: ooh. two hours. >> dylan: yeah. >> nick: 5 months. very scared. very scared. i'm sort of kidding. >> dylan: you're sort of kidding. >> nick: sort of. listen, the good news for you is you're gonna have faith back there, and she can entertain him, so... >> dylan: that is true. sully does have the best big sister in the whole world. >> nick: ah, siblings are the best, huh? in fact, there's the second-best big sister in the world. what's wrong? >> victoria: someone's trying to steal my baby. >> sharon: sage, what are you doing here? >> sage: i know. >> sharon: you know...what? what's wrong? >> sage: why don't you look at me holding this beautiful baby


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