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tv   CBS 2 News at 5  CBS  April 28, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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packages, yes. >> reporter: the global courier says the behavior depicted in the video is not consistent with the professionalism fedex ground demonstrates every day. and will take the appropriate action to address this situation. munson has had thousands of dollars in damages is going through the lengthy claims process to recoup some of it but says he released the video to show the utmost care isn't always delivered. fedex says this guy no longer provides services for the company. carolyn gusoff, cbs 2 news. >> fedex would not say whether the employee in the video was fired or quit. breaking news in baltimore. a man wearing a panda costume and a surgical mask was shot by police after he reportedly threatened to blow up a television station. the fox building was evacuated after the suspect entered the lobby and claimed he had a bomb. when the suspect left the building, police say he was
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refused to comply with police orders and advanced toward officers. the suspect remains on the groundout side the tv station. authorities say that the suspect appeared to have wired on him and some type of explosive device. more breaking news now. a woman is pistol-whipped this afternoon in east new york, brooklyn. >> now police are trying to find the men responsible. cbs 2's alice gainer is live in east new york with the developments. >> reporter: montauk avenue here is taped off and police are positioned outside of this woman's apartment. afternoon. police say a 43-year-old woman identified by her cousin as sam was taking out the trash her and took off. police believe the motive possibly was robbery but it's unclear what, if anything, they took. her cousin says she felt jewelry. >> she is a good women. she helps out the community.
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everybody knows her like she is known for selling jewelry so they must have thought it was real because it looked real and that's the reason they did it. >> reporter: the woman was taken to brookdale hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. again, police are still looking for the two men responsible. live tonight in east new york, alice gainer, cbs 2 news. a health alert for college students a mumps outbreak has people concerned at a school in connecticut. >> reporter: sacred heart university sick students started showing up early last month. some thought it was the flu. they were wrong. young adults are coming down with a childhood disease on college campuses. the mumps is back and there's no cure. >> it's self limiting a virus so it has to run its course. the symptoms are the classic fever flu symptoms but swollen cheeks, because the salivary
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>> reporter: they brought it back from spring break. sacred heart university in fairfield reports 17 cases since late march. harvard university in boston has more than 40 cases. >> we are not sure where our first case came from. it was somebody who definitely didn't travel internationally somebody who has been in connecticut so they got it from somebody who potentially got it from somebody else. >> reporter: all the mumps patients here had been immunized for the disease twice as required by college admission. with you over time, the effective -- but over time, the effectiveness of childhood immunization leaves people vulnerable especially if you come into contact with sick people who were never immunized. >> it shows up in pockets traced back to a nonimmune individual who spreads it to people who are marginally nonimmune. >> reporter: the head of infectious diseases says there are too many americans not immunizing their children's making it difficult for those who have taken precautions. an additional case this week
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department to alert the general public. >> now that there's been a case identified apparently at another institution in connecticut, they have decided that they needed to announce it to the state techily in light of the fact that -- particularly in light of the fact that school will be out in a few days. >> reporter: although a vaccinated person can get sick but it reduces the severity of symptoms, at minimum. it's not life-threatening. >> i'm not worried. i read the emails. i don't know anyone with it or showing signs of it i hope i don't. i stay clean. i wash my hands. >> reporter: in rare cases. mumps can lead to encephalitis or fertility problems. it usually just goes away on its own. if you were immunized a long time ago, check to see if you need a booster shot. live in fairfield, connecticut, lou young, cbs 2 news. we have new information tonight on a missing mother from brooklyn. police say 21-year-old destiny dawson has been found safe.
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apartment last wednesday setting off a dispute between her mother and boyfriend. dawson's boyfriend says she messaged other men on her instagram account hours before she vanished. now to the new york city corruption investigation. mayor de blasio on the hot seat tonight. we wanted to know more about why city hall has been subpoenaed as part of a corruption probe. if his team broke fundraising laws and if the mayor did anything wrong. cbs 2 political reporter marcia kramer has more. >> reporter: mayor de blasio tried to make it look like business as usual adopting a what, me? worry look as he made calls at a citizenship event but it was no ordinary day. not only have members of his inner circle been subpoenaed in a corruption probe but city hall received one, too. >> there's an investigation going on. we're going to fully cooperate with that investigation. we look forward to the speedy conclusion of it. we'll fully cooperate. >> reporter: the mayor mobbed by clamoring reporters after it was disclosed that
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the city with subpoenas including emma wolf his top political adviser and the city's director of intergovernmental affairs, ross offinger a fundraiser a political consulting firm co- founded by jonathan rosen even city hall itself although the mayor wasn't personally served. how did you feel when you got the subpoena, mr. mayor? >> i feel fine because everybody we done is legal and appropriate. >> reporter: prosecutors trying to determine if team de blasio broke laws tried to circumvent donation limits while racing money for the 2014 senate races looking to elect democrats and defeat republicans to further his politica agenda. he left after two questions. the subpoena to city hall was it a subpoena for documents? >> subpoenas generally are for documents and for information. i don't really know how to answer these questions because i can't get into the details of the investigation. >> reporter: why not? >> our attorneys have asked us
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the investigation so even if i knew them i couldn't answer them. >> reporter: the head of citizens union a good government group. >> the fact that they were issued shows how serious the charges are and they are not simply a political attack on the mayor. they are serious charges being taken seriously by the u.s. attorney's office and other prosecutors. >> reporter: he also says he fears the investigation will be a distraction that will slow down government but the mayor's press secretary says de blasio intends to focus on his agenda, city problems and passing a -- passing a budget on time. a car slammed into a building in new jersey. cell phone video recorded the aftermath. a toyota camry hit a store under several apartments in plainfield late last night. the impact sent beams toppling off their posts and left a
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all the way to the top of the building. >> heard a big boom. you know what i'm saying? car smacked right into our tax office! all of a sudden it was like 1,000 cops out here. >> he was there then they dragged him out. >> reporter: what was his demeanor? >> like he was drunk. >> the driver escaped with only minor injuries. police are trying to figure out the cause of the crash. no charges have been filed. new information now. disciplinary measures have been taken against 16 u.s. military members for the fatal hospital bombing in afghanistan last year. no criminal charges were filed. but a number of special operations forces were reprimanded or suspended. 42 people were killed inside the doctors without borders- run hospital in october. the military blamed problems with the ac-130s targeting sensors. this comes as the u.s. condemned a series of air strikes and shelling in syria where at least 60 people were killed over the past 24 hours. another doctors without borders hospital in aleppo was
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the country's largest city is a major battle ground in the civil war there. white house spokesman josh ernest saying these attacks are entirely consistent with the actions of syria's president bashar al-assad. vice president joe biden says there is progress in the fight against islamic terrorists in iraq. he is in baghdad now where he met with iraq's prime minister. he is there to show support for iraq's government in the fight against isis. iraqi forces are trying to take back the city of mosul. the vice president also met with the country's parliament speaker. investigators here at home focusing on prescription drugs as they look into prince's death. tell cbs news that the drug enforcement administration has been contacted about possibly assisting in the probe. investigators want to know if the prescription pills found in prince's home are related to his death. the pop star was found alone and unresponsive in his suburban minneapolis home last week.
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toxicology report are not yet available. he wrote the jingle heard on hundreds of mr. softee ice cream trucks. [ music ] >> advertising legend les waaas has died. . he wrote the ad in 1960. he wrote nearly 1000 jingles for 50 years. he died april 19th at a hospice in pennsylvania. he was 94 years old. still to come, a new war of words erupts on the campaign trail. this time, a noncandidate is firing the shots. what john boehner said about ted cruz that has him fighting back. >> when you hear the real tweets he is reading to the women who received them, you will understand what's going on here. >> months after the snow, this winter's nastiest storm is making headlines again. the mistake that was made
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history books. >> we'll give you those updated numbers. we'll talk about rain moving into the area but is this the time of rain we need to be worried about? let's talk about that in just a bit. (vo) the health system with a history of delivering world firsts in patient care is now delivering...convenience. and with our expansion into westchester and the hudson valley, state-of-the-art healthcare is
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campaign 2016 went to a whole other level today. a proponent republican said one of the candidates is satan. cbs 2's tony aiello has the story. >> reporter: ted cruz looking for votes ahead of tuesday's crucial primary is fending off a jab from a fellow republican former speaker of the house john boehner attacked cruz during a speech in california. >> he is lucifer in the flesh. over my dead body will he be president. >> reporter: cruz says it is proof he is of the antiwashington candidate. >> donald and hillary, they are both washington insiders. >> reporter: while cruz and his new running mate carly
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trump's on stage again with indiana coaching legend bobby knight. the billionaire quickly turned to mocking cruz. >> he was saying, i'm the only one that can be donald trump! i have proven it time and time again! you know what i'm saying? oh, please. >> reporter: there are only 10 states remaining on the gop primary calendar and indiana with 57 delegates at stake is must win for cruz. >> the eyes of the entire country are on the state of indiana right now. >> if we win in indiana, it's over. >> reporter: trump has a huge delegate lead over cruz and kasich. cbs news estimates his 977 delegates represent 79% of what he will need to win the nomination. for the democrats, there are almost 92 at stake next week. while hillary clinton has no public events today, bernie sanders is campaigning in oregon, a day after downsizing his campaign staff. secretary clinton needs about
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and superdelegates to win the nomination and one sign of her growing confidence, she is reportedly not buying any campaign ads air time in indiana or any of the upcoming primary states. tony aiello, cbs 2 news. big night for football fans. the nfl draft begins and even though it no longer takes place here in new york, the hype is just as big as ever and as usual the rumors are flying. cbs 2's otis livingston joins us to break it down including the story of a local kid who wants to fulfill a dream. >> second year in a row in chicago. the giants select tenth over a al, jets number 20. giants have a new head coach naive to the process so a reporter asked him point-blank who big blue was picking with their number one pick.
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depends on whose mock draft you're looking at, right. >> jack conklin. >> reporter: a mock draft is predistributions but usually just mocked. giants and jets have needs but anything is possible. we hit the streets and asked football fans to put on their general managers hat. >> eliotit. a good running back. >> quarterback. >> if i'm the gm of the giants i'm going for a tackle. >> protect eli keep him healthy with the last few years he has. >> it's all about eli. >> reporter: the draft is about a dream becoming a reality. a young man's life about to change forever. rutgers like backer steve longer is a mid to late round select but it's not a life- long dream for him. longa moved to the u.s. from africa when he was 12 and never played american football until he got to saddle brook high school in new jersey. his father was actually a
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>> there's always a back story and everybody has a back story so i do, too. trying to follow my dad's footsteps. trying to be a professional soccer player like my dad. now i have taken a different route. i'm moments away from being a professional football player. but not, you know, the other football. >> reporter: there will be nothing like hearing his name announce and on the big stage. >> i see a lot of people, you know, get very emotional start crying. i was actually thinking about what mine is going to be, am i going to stand up and -- who am i going to hug first? am i going to cry? am i going to jump? am i going to shout? you know? i really don't know. >> just in case you were wondering, there are 19 players from rutgers in the nfl that number expected to grow the next few days with the draft and steve longo certainly one you can root for. from one football to the other football. >> he has that -- he is about 6'1", 245 pounds, added 15
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so he could bulk up and get ready for the nfl process. >> so he is expected to go in the first round? >> no, no. later draft. >> oh, later. >> mid to late. the back stories how they got there is fantastic. >> then you can root for them. you can did yeah when you see them. >> their lives change overnight when they get drafted. >> not necessarily for him because he hasn't been dreaming of since he was 6 but for most of the guys in this process, it's been their life. >> this has been their lives and now they will have a chance tonight, tomorrow or saturday night to fulfill that dream. . january's storm set an all time snow record in new york. 26-point" initially reported will be changed to 27.5" from 26.8". the a communication error led to an inaccurate preliminary
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don't like it when that happens. >> hate it when that happens. looking forward to spring here, lonnie. what do we have? >> just a moment here. a little bit of redemption on my part. when that blizzard happened and i went on 11:00 at night and talked about the total and we came up 1/10 shy i was saying it's going to break the record because i saw another band coming through i'm like that band has to hold more than two-tenths of an inch. >> you're saying were you right? is that what you were saying? >> let the record reflect -- >> a little bit. >> i want to make sure. >> ha ha ha! [ laughter ] >> there's my picture for you outside. whoo! um, this is what it looks like. the clouds are overhead. mostly cloudy. 55 degrees as of right now. so seldomly am i right, kj. 59 was your high temperature. 66 is the typical so you are off the mark today. didn't get to where you should be. cloud cover out there the only place with moderate rain would be sussex county. everything else is light and
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deal with for the rest of the night. that flow comes through and pushes those light rain showers for the rest of the night. what you're dealing with is an overnight low 47 degrees with scattered rain. tomorrow rain yes primarily though i think after, say, 3 to 5 p.m. i think most of the day you will have dry spots. the clouds are out there. high temperature again around 59 degrees. the extended forecast a little later. kj, mo, over to you guys. >> thank you. [ applause ] >> lonnie was right. [ applause ] >> i'm mr. right. [ laughter ] >> we got your little goldstar for you after the show. >> thank you, kj. [ laughter ] coming up next, could your child's dock to be be giving them a prescription for danger? helping young athletes with injuries could be putting them at risk for addiction. what parents should watch out for.
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coming up tonight at 6:00, a new problem with the parcc test. some new jersey students discovered they took the wrong one. >> some people were crying because we had taken a whole test and we had to basically throw away all the answers. >> what they have to do now has them on more upset. we'll explain.
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the new idea for some bridges and tunnels that would let you pay to bypass traffic. it's all straight ahead at 6:00. meantime, most parents we encourage our children to play sports, get fresh air, be part of the team. unfortunately, millions of kids end up seriously injured and the cbs 2's dr. max gomez found out these young athletes are often given powerful pain medication and that can create a whole new set of problems. >> reporter: from an early age, james was a standout on the football field. >> want him back. could get a lot of touchdowns. >> reporter: he was injured. >> fractured his collarbone and, you know, dad took him to the local hospital and they sent him home with oxycontin. we took him home and made him take his medication and thinking we were being good parents and we underestimated the power that these drugs had. >> reporter: james quickly became addicted to
5:26 pm
he died of an overdose in 201. >> reporter: this person lost two sons to the epidemic. >> never in a million years would i have thought this was my future, my present. never. >> reporter: a rehab specialist is seeing more cases of teen athletes struggling with addiction. >> they want to please the coach, parents, get back on the field as soon as possible. are we just masking the pain. >> reporter: teen athletes are 50% more likely to abuse other teens. robert king broke his foot as percocet. >> once i started taking pills i never stopped. >> reporter: some experts brains are immature. >> if a teenager is prescribed narcotics for legitimate pain, they are much more likely to end up abusing it again because they don't have great decision-making skills.
5:27 pm
parents need to challenge doctors on whether these drugs are really necessary. and if they are, start with a small prescription and call for more in a few days if the child still needs pain relief. and, of course, keep track of every pill. dr. max gomez, cbs 2 news. still to come, a parent on trial accused of attacking a teacher and we have new video that shows the alleged attack as it happened. how the mother is defending her actions. >> a character crackdown . the alleged times square face-off that landed minnie mouse behind bars. >> plus a historic monastery falling into pieces and the nuns who call it home need more than prayers to make the repairs. blinds to go's new cascade shades. gentle diffused light when you want it. darkened privacy when you don't. modern elegance always.
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and help make tomorrow possible. you're only a day away blinds to go's new cascade shades. gentle diffused light when you want it. darkened privacy when you don't. modern elegance always. right now take 30% off our entire selection of beautiful cascade shades. let the sun shine in. or don't. it's all good. blinds to go. blinds for life. this security video shows the fight that could land a long island mother in jail. welcome back to the broadcast. prosecutors say that she choked and knocked the teacher unconscious but the woman claims she was defending her daughter. today the long island mom faced a judge and cbs 2's jennifer mclogan has the new information from hempstead. >> reporter: for the first time we are seeing dramatic
5:31 pm
long island middle school hallway. a teacher allegedly put in a headlock, slammed to the ground and knocked unconscious at the hands of an angry parent. the trial is the talk of hempstead. >> i believe there should be no hands on each other. i teach my kids that. >> there's always two sides to the story, you know? >> reporter: this is the hempstead mother on trial for felony assault. she is accused of marching into schultz middle school pushing her daughter's 7th grade math teacher with such force katherine englehart had a concussion and other injuries. >> the teacher fell to the ground. the teacher was put on a chokehold lost consciousness for a few minutes. >> reporter: but the defense attorney claims the teacher pushed first. that mackenzie was called to school by her 12-year-old daughter saying she was hassled by her teacher who confiscated her lacrosse stick and wrote her up for cursing when she refused to show a hall pass. >> we are doing what we can to ensure a safe environment for the students and staff. the incident that took place we are doing our best to make
5:32 pm
again. >> reporter: during testimony the teacher told the jury she was quickly surrounded, scared, couldn't breathe. when she came to, she was dizzy, had blurred vision, was hospitalized. it was ugly, she said. the mother faces up to seven years if convicted. the schoolteacher wants the nightmare to be over. jennifer mclogan, cbs 2 news. >> police also arrested mckenzie's 14-year-old niece for allegedly punching the teacher in the head. her case was heard in family court. another times square character is arrested this time a minnie mouse identified as 32-year-old rena perez who allegedly demanded money from three women who posed for a picture with her and blockedded them from walking away when they refused to pay her more. perez was arrested when one of the women got the attention of a police officer and she is charged with harassment.
5:33 pm
their time between praying and fundraising. their historic home in the bronx badly needs repairs. raegan medgie takes us inside and shows us why the sisters are hoping the public can help anes their prayers. it's new at 5:30. [ music ] >> reporter: every day these dominican nuns pray and sing inside their beloved corpus christi monastery in the bronx. [ singing ] >> reporter: this nearly 130- year-old stone monastery is home for these nuns. it's the oldest dominican monastery in the country and the years are showing on its walls. >> the plaster here and the wallpaper has come off many times and has peeled during the mass and we had our maintenance men glue it a few times and it just keeps coming off. >> reporter: sister mary of the sacred heart shows us around inside the chapel where
5:34 pm
sunday and where the nuns pray and sing. >> there's a lot of mold. it's unhealthy. >> reporter: even over here the mold. >> as you can see the mold here. especially when there's schoolchildren coming. >> reporter: every sunday about 50 people from the neighborhood come here and pray. but a big concern, is what's going on above them. as you see the paint is starting to peel off. >> some of the plaster sometime it just falls off or peels off during mass. so that really needs to be repaired also painted. >> reporter: the cost to remove the plaster, the wallpaper, then clean up the mold and paint the inside of the chapel is $150,000. all of which these nuns are fundraising on their own. >> it's very important for us because that's our life and our prayer life. >> reporter: a life sister mary of the sacred heart wants to share with others in a place filled with beauty, not crumbling walls. in the bronx, raegan medgie, cbs 2 news. >> and the hope is to have the repairs finished by may 29th.
5:35 pm
celebrate its 800th anniversary of the dominican order and the feast of corpus christi. you can find out more information about the project at more than 100 dogs rescued from miserable conditions across the world are now looking for homes here in the united states. 120 dogs arrived at the humane society international in madison new jersey from a dog meat farm in south korea. the agency worked with the farm to dismantle the operation and save the dogs' lives. this is the fifth farm they have helped transition out of the animal trade. >> dogs are at the front of the cage. they are so resilient. already jumping on us and learning what a baby pool is and other of the dogs are going to take a little more time. >> if you are interested in adopting one of these dogs, you can contact the st. hubert's animal welfare center in madison. >> my goodness. >> i know. >> thankfully they were saved, right? >> oh, boy. coming up here in just a moment, new warning about a possible scam spreading on
5:36 pm
the message that even one of our reporters received. >> we're in chelsea at a penthouse in walker tower. this corner kitchen has four floor-to-ceiling windows and a juliet balcony with breathtaking city views. that's coming up in "living large." >> today in history, in 1967 boxing champ mohamed ali refused to be inducted into the u.s. army citing religious
5:37 pm
his heavyweight title. if you're told you have cancer, explore your treatment options with specialists who treat only cancer. every stage... every day.... at cancer treatment centers of america.
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in tonight's "living large" a penthouse with impressive manhattan views and you can live with celebrities including cameron diaz. cbs 2's emily smith takes us on a tour. [ music ] >> reporter: walker tower completed in 1929 by renowned architect ralph walker has nine shapes of brick in five slightly different hues giving
5:40 pm
it underwent $200 million renovation following its reign as the new york telephone company call center. we went to one of three penthouses to see what it's all about on the inside. >> toni haber with douglas elements. nice to meet you. >> reporter: first thing i notice is the venetian plaster. a 43-foot-long corner living room goes from one end to the other facing south and west. >> they created the cove ceiling so at nice it's beautiful outside and also beautiful inside. >> reporter: it has a view of the statue of liberty and a private terrace. there's a guest suite with total privacy. >> there's two bedrooms, two bathrooms, kitchen, down here so you can have guests and they don't have access to the main apartment. >> reporter: the heart of the home has four floor-to-ceiling windows and a balcony. there are two of everything you can think of from refrigerators to microwaves. and a butler's pantry with
5:41 pm
>> used to be mostly chocolate in there. just some champagne has been added. >> they liked chocolate. >> absolutely. >> who doesn't? >> reporter: a private dining room faces north with unique cove lighting. >> i think a lot of people appreciate it's back to basics of separate formal dining room. >> reporter: here's the master suite facing west. >> there's three wood-burning fireplaces, this is number 2. we saw one in the living room and one here. you have a terrace off this room, as well. >> reporter: a walk-in closet has built-in shelves. is this one closet or two? >> there's three in the master. >> reporter: glistening marble floors make up the spa bathroom where you also find a giant soaking tub and a steam shower that doubles as a rain shower with jets. i thought this was going to be a quaint little book shelf. >> this is really great. so you can access the terrace from here and the master. >> reporter: it's your home
5:42 pm
to live large on your own private floor in walker tower it will cost you $39,995,000. >> going good right up until the end! >> that's a big price tag. >> that's real. taxes $179,000 a year in taxes and fees. wow. yes. exclamation point! >> keep dreaming coming up next. face to face with hate! >> i hope your boyfriend beats you. >> a shocking video about what strangers feel free to say to women online. >> then, at 6:00, governor cuomo weighing in after another metro-north train accident. what he is demanding from the federal government after yesterday's collision. >> and we interrupt this construction project for nesting season. the condo complex that will have to wait until a pair of bald eagles and their babes
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performed the world's first coronary bypass, and have world-renowned specialists taking on complex cases others can't handle. (vo) one of only a few hospitals in the u.s. performing surgeries on babies before they're born, we're also there for them as they grow. our children's hospital is ranked by
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with social media and internet such a big part of our lives these days, there's
5:46 pm
internet harassment. it has people talking. with more. >> reporter: most of us have received or at least heard about nasty comments posted on the internet. well, this new video is called it's pretty enlightening. >> one of the players should hockey stick. >> reporter: the video shows men reading actual comments female sportscasters. them. >> sarah is a self important know it all [ censored ] okay. >> i hope your dog gets hit by a car you [ censored ] >> i can't say that. >> reporter: remember, these men did not write these. the goal is to show people what it's like to actually say these things to someone's face instead of hiding behind an anonymous name. >> it's great to show the reality of what's going on. it brings to front what people
5:47 pm
the internet and how it can affect people's lives. >> i think it's appalling. >> reporter: this psychologist says internet harassment is no joke. >> those adults who think it's not a problem need help. this is a serious problem. it is abuse! >> reporter: she says the abuse can turn deadly. >> it creates shame. it creates embarrassment. it creates depression and at worst, in some cases, it even can lead to suicide [ non- english name ] says parents need to teach kids how to tune out the garbage and recognize their own self worth. >> self-esteem should be based on the relationships you have with people and i guess your school and your social life not really based on, like, what someone says on your photo or what someone says on twitter. >> reporter: the men ended with apologies.
5:48 pm
other people everywhere that you have had to deal with this. >> reporter: i talked to psychologists who say the key is really to teach our kids what's appropriate and safe to post on the internet. and also what to do if they become a target of acyber bully. >> gosh. >> what kind of people write this stuff? that's -- let's start there. >> people that can hide on the internet. >> should we even take anything they say to heart? absolutely not! >> we shouldn't but we're adults. >> exactly. the kids get so wrapped up and this is their main form of, you know, communication but talking to the doctor they were saying when we do have these conversations with our kids, just, you know, you can show them this video and say what do you think? and -- and ask them what their feelings are before we start the lecture. >> in this particular video we are talking about adults talking to other adults and taking it -- you know, five steps even further by, you know, threatening violence and all of that which is just uncalled for. absolutely uncalled for.
5:49 pm
thanks for bringing it to our attention. it's a really important conversation to have with children and adults, if you ask me. >> it needs to stop. >> cindy, thank you. well, would you want to live forever? or spend an afternoon with a spouse who has died? how about asking your parents for advice long after they are gone? >> my dad he is a pretty cool person. >> this is one opportunity for to us start thinking about changing the way we look at what it means to be human. >> this is very real. cbs 2 takes you inside the world of cloning. and the research and the technology involved. now bringing a loved one back from the dead is no longer science fiction. thanks to digital immortality, see it for yourself tonight on cbs 2 news at 11:00. let's check the forecast. lonnie quinn is standing by after he was able to say, yes, i was write, with the snowfall totals. he is going to get this forecast right next. [ overlapping speakers ] >> it's not being right or wrong, but i saw another -- a
5:50 pm
>> no, it's not about being right or wrong. it's okay. [ laughter ] >> look, the fact is it was the biggest snowstorm we had ever had and that's what it's going to go down in the books as. weather watchers right now, listen, weather is a humbling business. no one has been humbled more than me. if you take a look here what we're dealing with in temperatures a bunch of 50s and 48 coming in. 48 comes in to me from tony out of little silver. clouds overhead. we have some light rain falling in the area. but new york city right now we have a dreary looking picture. not all that rain. not right now. it's mostly cloudy. it's 55 degrees. headlines are looking like this. there is rain nearby. we have had a little rain around the southern tip of manhattan but none of this is a soaking rain. boy, you know, we need the rain. consider this. right now we are the ninth driest april ever. okay? these records go back all the way to the late 1800s. we're only .02" away from the tenth position and we'll get
5:51 pm
april to fall out of the ninth position, may even fall out of the top ten but -- we need the rain. all right? this is abnormal for us. these forecasts i have been giving you for the last couple of weeks just are not the type you expect this time of year. this is more the picture of what you expect this time of the year. and all of this green color and i tell you all title it's a light rain around staten island -- i tell you all the time it's a light rain around staten island. wherever you see the oranges along 84 into orange county that's moderate. none of this is going to be severe. even tomorrow more of the same. this front -- by the way, same front we had tuesday, slid down to our south, and now it's sort of moving to the east-northeast but let me tell you it is not getting out of here fast blocking high to the north blocking high to the south and we are kind of sort of like i have used the term before from happy days, the milacchi crunch, it's not going anywhere.
5:52 pm
7:00 tonight you are dealing with wet weather. you get into your day on 8 a.m., friday, a few showers. then friday 1 p.m., clouds yes. not that much rain. then better chance for rain later in the day. here you are midnight friday dealing with rain. then it pushes out saturday ends up being a better looking day of the weekend. sunday's forecast is going downhill. 59 tomorrow. rain chance primarily in the p.m. hours. otherwise you have a cloudy day. 64 saturday looking better. sunday now rain is more likely on sunday 58 degrees. monday we keep the rain chance in at 59. tuesday we have the rain chance in at 63. right now wednesday, thursday i'm keeping it partly cloudy skies but even on wednesday and thursday of next week i have seen some hints that there's going to be a rain chance on those two days, as well. no single washout but a rain chance every day. >> we need the rain. >> we do. >> april in may. thank you.
5:53 pm
this one on the sun. check out this nasa video of a solar flare taken about 10 days ago when the star's right side was appearing. nasa is studying solar flares for their magnetic properties. so cool. gorgeous. love that. it's a facebook message that looks legit but looks can be deceiving. the consumer alert that's coming up. >> then at 6:00 pay up to speed up. the new plan to bring a fast
5:54 pm
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ask your doctor about non-insulin victoza . it's covered by most health plans. a new social media scam. this one targeted one of our own reporters with an offer that sounded too good to be true. cbs 2's brian conybeare with the consumer alert so you don't get caught up in this con game. >> reporter: the scam started with facebook messenger one of my 3,391 facebook friends sent me a message full of typos. >> reporter: he claims he once
5:57 pm
has an enticing offer saying, quote, one late mr. george conybeare a citizen of your country had a fixed deposit with my bank valued at u.s. $3,030,000,000. sadly, he says, this george conybeare died in a car crash had no family and no, he irs. but he says, since i have the same last name, he would be willing to make me the next of kin and split that $30 million with me 50/50. the only catch? he wants me to keep it all a secret and send him, quote, my secret and send him, quote, my full name, direct mobile phone, bank account details, my age, occupation, and my passport. and the phone number he gave me is bogus. >> the number you have called is not recognized. >> he is just going to do some good old-fashioned identity theft. >> reporter: tim ryan is a former fbi agent and cyber security expert. >> the reason why con artists use social media is because it gives people this ability that they are your friends to kind of sweet talk their way into having you believe that they really are something that you should know.
5:58 pm
to social media, people have to be much more careful about their online friends. >> unless i know the person i won't accept a friend request. >> reporter: now i have one less facebook friend and never got that $15 million. brian conybeare, cbs 2 news. >> no comment from barclays bank tonight. experts do recommend that you report any scams like this to the fbi's internet crime complaint center. for more information on that go to >> hit the delete but the top, too. >> that's it for us here at 5:00. we'll see you again at 11:00. the news at 6:00 starts right now. captions by: caption colorado your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. some people were crying because we had taken a whole test and we had to basically throw away all the answers. >> test trouble in new jersey. students given the parcc exam only to find out they took the wrong one. now it's back to the testing room. >> health alert a mumps outbreak at a local college,
5:59 pm
>> would you pay to drive in a fast lane? the new idea for some bridges and tunnels to avoid being stuck in traffic. good evening. dana tyler is off tonight. nerves rattled, time wasted. now parents are fuming over a mix-up with a standardized test. kids from one new jersey school were given the wrong exam. cbs 2's meg baker reports from bayonne on the latest parcc exam problems. >> reporter: it's the latest problem for the controversial standardized test in new jersey. >> the principal came and told us we had taken the wrong test. >> reporter: a minor glitch. 34 eighth graders at a school in bayonne were supposed to take the algebra 1 assessment but got the great 8 mathematics test. >> she was sad about that and she almost cried. >> reporter: some people were crying. >> we had taken a whole test and we had to basically throw away all the answers. >> now we are going to spend another day missing class. >> reporter: the school district would not go on camera but says as soon as it
6:00 pm
of the testing administrator, the test was closed. the new jersey department of education office of assessment was immediately notified of the irregularity and the principal contacted the parents. >> said stop the test. >> no, we took the test. >> reporter: parents say it was a student that alerted the teacher that something was wrong saying that the test felt a little too easy. teachers are not permitted to look at or help during the computerized tests. >> the material was really easy so we were confused why test. >> reporter: parents were upset about the wasted time and effort but wouldn't go on camera because of fear of retaliation from the district. in fact, bayonne police officers told me they were called to the school because my cbs 2news camera was here reporting the story. the 8th graders will retest next wednesday. in bayonne, meg baker, cbs 2 news. >> new jersey's department of education points out this was


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