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tv   CBS 2 News at 11  CBS  April 28, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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emergency landing.
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breaking news tonight, ambulances outside of trump tower after a suspicious substance was found in a letter meant to be opened by the republican frontrunner, himself. good evening, i am maurice dubois. >> i am kristine johnson. tracee carrasco is live at the scene of the investigation. >> reporter: that envelope was found here in a mail room on the 5th floor of trump tower, opened around 8:00 tonight. a massive response out here on 5th avenue earlier to investigate. police sources tell us a male intern opened a letter addressed to donald trump in an office on the 5th floor for the trump campaign, where volunteers make calls and open mail. secret service was notified by trump security and then the nypd called into the building immediately. the intern, along with 2 other
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decontaminated as a precaution. just last month police and the fbi investigated a suspicious piece of mail that was sent to donald trump's son, eric, a white powder along with a letter calling on trump to drop out of the presidential race, opened by trump's son's wife. that substance turned out to be nonhazardous. back out here live, police are testing the substance. there is no indication right now that it is dangerous, but we are waiting for official test results. we are live from midtown manhattan, tracee carrasco, cbs 2 news. a bomb scare at a tv station in baltimore, but the explosives turned out to be candy bars. >> he had a message he wanted to get on tv, allegedly setting a car on fire in the hope of getting a station to air his
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danger, recovering in a hospital after being shot by police. the 25-year-old suspect walked into baltimore's local fox tv station in a panda suit, a surgical mask and what he claimed was a bomb strapped to his body. police say it was a red flotation device with unusual items and wires that looked convincing. >> what we have been able to find out is those devices were actually chocolate candy bars wrapped in aluminum foil with wiring connecting each other. >> he got as far as the security guard. >> i told him i couldn't let him in but i could see what i could do to help. >> the guard quietly dialed 911. police saw the man inside the building, his car was on fire in the parking lot. 90 minutes later he walked out and police didn't take chances. when he ignored their commands to stop a sniper team opened fire. the man survived with as many as
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>> they used a robot to disarm him, to take the clothing off of him, to take the device off of him in order to move in to provide treatment to him. >> it was then that police determined his fake bomb was harmless. >> the security guard was able to get a look at the flash drive the suspect brought. he said it was video of the suspect talking into a camera describing concerns about the government harming citizens. >> all right, thank you. new tonight, engine problems on a united airlines jet that took off from newark, this picture is from cleveland where the plane made an emergency landing. the pilot had been headed to omaha when he reported problems. that plane is still being inspected. also video of a vicious attack at a long island school. a mother caught on camera, allegedly putting a teacher in a head lock, slamming her to the
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unconscious, aneeka mckenzie is on trial for fight. the judge said she wants the nightmare to be over, she claims the teacher pushed her first. the latest twist in campaign 2016. >> john boehner says ted cruz is essentially satan. >> lucifer in the flesh. over my dead body would he be president. >> you are happy with john boehner, speaker of the house, and you want a president like john boehner, donald trump is your man. by the way, donald trump gave john boehner's super pack $100,000 just a few years ago. >> the 2 men engaging in a back and forth today. trump spent the second day in indiana campaigning with the ledgeeredary basketball coach,
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california where a plane this afternoon flew over google headquarters with a banner saying "don't be eveal, dump trump." for the democrats, bernie sanders held rallies in eugene, and springfield, oregon. he downsized staff after losing 2 out of 5 to hillary clinton. police are trying to determine if prince died of a drug overdose, his body was found a week ago today. according to a source, investigators want to know if a doctor wrote the singer a prescription in the weeks before his death. they also want to know if the same doctor was on prince's flight that made an emergency landing in illinois. sources tell cnn that prince had opioid medication on him when he died. earlier today, a judge sealed a search warrant out of fear that it would hamper the investigation. health alert for some local
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dozen students testing positive for mumps at sacred heart university. the school in fairfield reports at least 17 cases since late march, the students were vaccinated twice as required for college admission but immunization can fade, especially if in contact with a sick person. a sign intendd to keep city streets safe may have had the opposite affect. motorists say it was just jetting out of traffic on 11th avenue, cbs 2's dave carlin spoke with drivers asking, whose bright idea was this? >> this board flashes briefb safely, plugs vision zero and speed limit 25 miles an hour. helpful hints in a perplexing place. >> crazy, ridiculous. >> the board blocking the far left lane of jammed 11th south of busy 42nd street near the
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putting it here results in too many close callwise scenes like-- calls with scenes like this, a truck barely scraping by. >> i have no idea. >> should it be there? >> i don't think so. >> could have squashed my car. >> this traffic enforcement agency said get it out. >> do you think it is a wise place? >> it shouldn't be, it shouldn't be, no. >> they could have put it on the sidewalk. >> we reached the new york city of transportation asking who made the decision to put it here? the dot's response was they are looking into the matter. >> get someone to move it now. >> a short time later the workers showed up, lifted the supports, packed up the board and rolled out of everyone's way. >> reporter: for the second half of rush hour, drivers have the lane back unobstructed and the fact they swooped in to move it so quickly proves it never should have been there. a breezier commute.
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a popular fitness plan making pricy fitness affordable is getting back plash over a price-- back lash over a price hike. >> class pass, the budget friendly fitness membership took a hit monday when the company announced a steep jump in cost. >> i don't know if i will continue with it. seems like a little too much. >> what was once a $125 a month membership is now $190 for existing members, $200 for new members. class pass allows members to try out unlimited boutique studios each month with a limit of 3 visits per studio. row house is a unique indoor rowing experience. >> we have seen a lot who have come in through class pass and decided this is the place for them and the place they want to spend more time. >> gomez liked it so much she bought class packages directly from the studio. >> i found it through them, i am
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>> gomez has a class pass for now. >> i think it is a huge increase, um, very short notice, and i am thinking about canceling my membership. >> class pass said "we have to evolve our business model and adjust prices in order to create long term sustainability with both members and the market. class pass offers 2 other memberships thatd are less expensive with limited options." what you don't want to see happen to your deliveries. >> in my opinion, he wanted to cause damage to the packages. >> precious cargo pitch under to a truck, how a concerned customer took matters into his own hands. recording thing thaz do that are-- they do that are not legal to get noticed online, are teens taking snap chat too far? why did the chicken go half way across the road? >> a clone cracking jokes?
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to life after they were long gone? digital immortality, only on cbs 2 news at 11:00. granting prom wishes. >> i never wanted them to feel like they can't have what other children have. >> helping local teens step out in style for their special night. get traffic and weather on
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caught on camera, a fed exemployee on long island recklessly tossing packages into his truck. gym munson recorded the-- jim munson recorded this and got complaints about broken or damaged items. fed exsaid the man no longer works there, it did not say if he was fired or quit. anger on one side, embarrassment on the other with new jersey's standardized park test. 8th graders were given a math test meant for 7th graders. the kids say the questions seemed easy but teachers are not allowd to look at the exams. so it took a while to figure out the mistakes. >> the principal told us we had takethen wrong test. -- taken a wrong test. >> a minor glitch. >> another day missing class. >> last week tests had to be delayed for a day state wide because of a computer glitch.
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snap chat claiming the speed filter app led a teenage driver to get into a accident, 18-year-old crystal mcgee was driving more than 100 miles an hour when she crashed into the couple's car, mcgee was reportedly using the snap chat app that shows you how fast you are driving and after the crash injuries. >> i have heard teenagers say things don't feel real until you see them on social media. >> the plaintiff claims to have permanent brain damage. snap chat said it discourages use of the speed filter while driving. new tonight, would you want to live forever? how about your parents? would you want to ask their advice long after they are gone or spend a afternoon with a deceased spouse. >> exploring cloning, a loved one is no longer stuff of science fiction because of digital immortality. >> like many women, vena doesn't
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>> i was first activated 2010. >> she does like to talk about her past. >> i used to play piano and my parents pushed me in a recital. >> when she is not joking around. >> why did the chicken go half way across the road? >> she is obviously not a real woman but she does have the mind of one. >> i think there will come a time when robots, will be living amongst us. >> a clown showing the appearance of a real woman neared vena, but also her exact memories, attitudes, and beliefs. >> this is one opportunity for us to start thinking about changing the way we look at what it means to be human. >> it is technology we have so far only seen in movies. >> manipulation, if that isn't true, what is? >> in real life, vena is one of
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a mind file, representing an actual person's consciousness. the robot can even see, thanks to facial recognition software, so she actually knows who she is talking to. >> you seem uninterested. >> she is the brain child of the real spouse, who could not fathom a life without her. bruce duncan is the managing director of the movement, a foundation started by the rothblats to further research cloning minds. >> maybe even someway, a couple hundred years from now, into new bodies based on the dna of the original donor. >> as many as 56,000 people have already signed up on the foundation's website to start uploading the contents of their minds with the hopes of being cloned. >> it is fascinating but i think it has a lot of emotional, psychological ramifications. >> neuropsychologist, dr. fez, says it has the potential to
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>> the way this world works is someone passes away, you get divorced, you move on. >> the duncan says they have decades of work to perfect cloning but in the fuchther robots will not only be able to make the same facial expressions as the people they are modeled after, they will even sound like them. if you are are completely creeped out, i understand. >> yeah, i mean, don't get me wrong, i respect the technology-- >> right. >> yeah. >> i don't know. >> little too-- >> i don't know. >> i don't know. maybe we have to get used to it. >> maybe there comes a time in the future where this is common place but right now it is wigan me out too. -- wigging me out too. we will talk about weather because it is not wigging me out. what i have now is temperatures are round the 50 degree mark-- around the 50-degree mark. we picked up some rain, not a lot. we need more than i am sewing
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okay, approaching 2/10, plainsbero township, new jersey, 1/10, monroe. this is not much, guys. 3/100 middletown, we need more rain in that bucket. this is the time of year you stock pile and we have not been doing it. the skies over the city, mostly cloudy, 50 degrees currently, high temperature was 59 degrees, so, 7 degrees cooler than we typically reach this time of the year. my headlines look like this, it has been, what i am talking about, a dry spring but the pattern is changing. you are going to notice as we get into the next few days and all of next week i see the pattern wetter rather than drier but we need any moisture that we can pick up. we talk about it being a dry season. keep in mind, spring is only approximately 6 weeks old and in 6 weeks time, we should have picked up, you know, over 8 inches of rain, we picked up 2.7. we are almost 6 inches below where we should be, gotta get the rain. we are not catching it right now.
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currently around fairfield, it is light. couple little cells giving a moderate to heavier rainfall and that is right here, right around, actually i will pull a bit. oakland, i like to track this because it is pushing to the east-northeast, you could be seeing the rain ramp up a bit in clarkstown, 11:25, greenburg, 11:38. norwalk 12:10, bridgeport, 12:26. you already had rain, this is not severe, just heavier rainfelt you will hear it on your roof. -- rain. you will hear it on your roof. the bigger picture shows a stagnant pattern. tomorrow, you will get the same sort of day you had today. couple high pressure systems keeping things in place, there will be rain, not a wash out. you wake up in the morning temperatures looking like this, 47 degrees clouds in place, only a slight chance at wet weather into the afternoon. there will be breaks out there but there is a rain chance but primarily in the later pm hours, high temperature, 59 degrees.
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better of the 2 weekend days. subd sunday like wet weather-- sunday like wet weather at 58. you are looking at a rain chance out there for next week. just say next week a rain chance. after 7 years on cbs, the political drama "the good wife" is coming to an end. >> cast members gathered to celebrate the bitter/sweet ending, winning 5 emmys and lots of praise from critics, julianna margulies has no regrets. >> i feel proud to have been a part of such a great show and a great family of cast and crew members and producers. you can't look at it as a loss. you have to look as you gained all these friends and friendships. it was just the greatest family of people, actors, crew members, you know, we were the luckiest of people. >> the final episode airs may
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tonight on the late show with steven colbert right after our broadcast. looking to sports. >> a lot of millionaires made, first round of nafl draft. couple buckeyes headed to the
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also known as draft central tonight, with otis livingston. >> the first pick of the nfl draft, 40 yard dashes, vertical leaps, testing all over thshg nfl draft process comes to an end saturday. tonight was the first round. giantwise the 10th-- giants with the 10th pick, you can't spell elite without... >> eli apple. >> another eli on the giant
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it had to be apple, he ran a 4-440, one of the the first first rounders out of ohio state. that was a pick of need, having lost one in the season, hails from township in south jersey. >> when i saw the new jersey number, i was think-- yeah, my mom was like, don't pick it up. i looked at my mama, like what you mean? my coach is like you gotta pick it up. i picked it up and it was head coach of the giants, i was just happy. >> i would be happy too. >> the jets picked 20th, given the ryan fitzpatrick, they were interested in lynch from memphis. >> with the 20th pick in the 2016 nfl draft, the new york jets select darren lee, linebacker, ohio state.
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coming to new york, darren lee, the outside line back, the jets continue to build the defense, recorded 12 sacks, 27 and a half tackles for loss in 2 seasons at ohio state. by the way, there are rumors, fitzpatrick will retire or may retire if the jets don't improve the contract stance. after the break, more from the nfl draft, who will go down in history as the number 1 pick
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welcome back, after a couple blockbuster trades last week, we know quarterbacks would go 1-2 in the draft. in what order? the los angeles rams selected jered goff out of university california berkeley, rams wanted to make a slash and goff is the man to do it. the eagles selected carson wentz from north dakota state. the question of the caliber in 1 double a. one player sweating bullets, laramie slipped to the dolphins after this picture surfaced of him smoking marijuana out of a gas mask bomb. he said his account was hacked and it was from years ago. there is also questions bout him asking for coach for money from
11:31 pm
ezekiel to dallas after showed off abs at the red carpet. he said he was known as the hero in a half shirt and wanted to bring the fashion to the draft. what do you think? >> his instagram was clearly hacked as well. >> that is not a wardrobe malfunction. that is intentional. >> wow. >> well-- >> if you got it, flaunt it. >> if you don't work it. >> not an offensive lineman, obviously, he has a flat stomach. going to the dallas cowboys. >> i think he should keep it buttoned, the jacket. >> pull it down. >> just my opinion. >> cover up. >> good time. >> all right, number 4 pick. >> we are all talking about it. >> and talking about it tomorrow.
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you should not take medicines that cause constipation. the most common side effects of viberzi include constipation, nausea, and abdominal pain. stay ahead of ibs-d... with new viberzi. thanks for joining us. >> up next, the late show with steven colbert, his guests are julianna margulies. >> also nike founder phil knight, have a great night.
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>> packed show. >> i know. >> stephen: thank you, ladies and gentlemen! i stand before you tonight surrounded by american flags, secure in the knowledge that i am not running for president and have zero chance of being elected anything! but are we going to let that stop meh. isabel juarren-tinez? si, se puede! from picking a vice president? no! that's right tonight, i am proud to announce julie wainwright, my vice presidentvice president running mate. you're my rock. thank you. and while i'm pretending i've got a shot, i'm proud to


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