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tv   CBS 2 News at 6  CBS  April 29, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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coney island public housing building in 2014 that killed nypd housing officer dennis guerra and seriously injured his partner officer rosa rodriguez. >> i lit the edge of the mattress. >> how? >> with a lighter. i set it on fire a little bit, i thought i could have sworn i blew it out. went just like this. [ blowing ] >> reporter: that's dockery in a 2014 videotaped statement to cops and prosecutors admitting to setting the fire but saying after lighting the mat treasures he tried to put it out -- the mat tress, he tried to put it out and then started knocking on doors telling residents to get out. later he went to mcdonald's and then heard the police were looking for him. admittedly terrified about what he had done. >> it was like got so big, so quick, i was scared to tell, 'em like, you know, i started this so something like i was just like nervous in my heart. >> reporter: prosecutors later showed surveillance video of him with friends sparking what they believe is the lighter he
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as the dockery interview played, the family of officer guerra and officer rodriguez herself watched without expression from the courtroom showing no emotion. dockery's attorney jesse young alleges his client's confession was coerced during what he calls a grueling 2 1/2 hour interview with police. >> the chamber of hell that he endured during that interrogation. >> reporter: dockery is charged with second-degree murder. the judge says he expects the dies go to the jury by next tuesday. scott rapoport, cbs 2 news. >> and in his videotaped confession, dockery admitted to setting fires going back to when he was 9 years old including once trying to spell his name out in a bathtub in flames. to some breaking news. a mysterious oil slick in the water north of the george washington bridge to report. joe biermann has been monitoring the situation from chopper 2.
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route up here to try to figure out where this oil slick is coming from. one of the key indicators is there's a marina up here in englewood cliffs that might be coming from but it's a fairly big oil slick on the jersey side runs from about 2 miles north of the bridge all the way down to about the gw. >> someone first noticed the oil in the water around 3:00 this afternoon. also following a breaking story. developing from harlem involving a crime and crash. police were chasing robbery suspects when their cruiser hit a car on seventh avenue at 139th street. these are the downtown southbound lanes. both suspects were arrested after a brief chase and two officers were rushed to the hospital with minor injuries. a dangerous drive home on long island. police say two masked men with knives carjacked a driver at west clinton avenue and nassau
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they allegedly slashed the victim at a red light before stealing his nissan altima. the car was found a few blocks away outside an abandoned home. >> this is the first i ever heard of anyone going to somebody car at a light and hijacking they car, you know, this is serious. >> the victim was treated at a hospital and released. the two suspects are still on the run. a barking dog may have saved itself along with several other pets. they were found abandoned inside an apartment in huntington. the dog is a long-haired chihuahua. investigators say another dog died probably of starvation. they also rescued a cat, a tabby, rare albino boa constrictor and two leopard spotted geckos. their owner melissa buchanan left them alone for two days. if you are driving out of the city heading north it this weekend you may run into trouble. only one northbound lane of
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cbs 2's lou young johns us now live from tarrytown with more. >> reporter: throughout the construction of the dramatic new bridge here crossing the hudson river, traffic on the old tappan zee has continued pretty much as usual. but tonight, all that changes in a dramatic way for a few days. take a look. you wouldn't be cruising northbound over the tappan zee like this over the weekend. check that overhead sign and you will see why. in case you missed it, they have announced a triple lane closure northbound starting at 9:00 tonight until 2 p.m. on saturday with a repeat closure saturday night into sunday and periodic shutdown of all northbound lanes for 10- minute periods throughout the weekend. what do you think? >> going to be hell out there. what you think? >> reporter: are you going to do? >> stay home? >> reporter: traffic over the tappan zee is never easy on the weekends especially with all the construction of the new bridge going on as a
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it's that very construction that's prompting the lane closures, pile driver work on the rockland shore simply too close to the northbound lanes on the old bridge. >> it's an inconvenience for a couple of days but it has to be done. you know? in order to get a new bridge up. >> reporter: still -- >> three lanes closed with all the traffic we get and the truck traffic? it's going to be a mess! >> reporter: bet on it. but -- >> what can you do? swim? >> reporter: so you have to wait in traffic? >> yes. >> reporter: yes. she knows a stupid question when she hears it. the other crossings are the george washington bridge to the south, which is always a gamble. and to the north, the bear mountain bridge which is really small. so we're expecting backups, huge delays and the traffic is expected to back up into the local roads as well here on the westchester side. the fun starts in just under three hours. live in tarrytown, lou young, cbs 2 news. now there's a safer way to travel between brooklyn and
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chopper 2 flew over the new pulaski bridge bike way this afternoon. community leaders celebrated with an inaugural ride between greenpoint and long island city. cyclists and pedestrians now have double the amount of space in separate paths. according to the department of transportation, about 1500 cyclists use this bridge during rush hour each day. if you are sick of your commute a proposed law could make working from home that much more likely. cbs 2's meg baker has the story. >> reporter: how long is your commute? want to cut that down to, say, zero? well, one new jersey lawmaker is here to help. state senator kip bateman introduced a bill that may entice business owners to let workers telecommute. >> i feel like the traffic that's around here for commuters is getting really difficult. so working from home especially if you have a child makes life easier. >> reporter: personal vehicles, path trains, buses, taxis, and bikes, all on this
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street path in jersey city. it's bustling. >> it allows employers to give employees a break get them off the roads very important especially in a state like new jersey where the commute takes hours and it takes -- so it lessens the wear and tear on the roads. >> reporter: the state senator from somerset county hopes to ease this congestion and wants to provide a corporate business tax credit equal to 1% of an employee's salary for the hours they do their jobs from home. >> it's good for the environment because it cuts down on carbon emissions, and it allows employees the flexibility to work from home and many times it will save a lot of hours in the day because people sometimes commute one, two hours each way. >> reporter: it would also save commuters a whole lot of money on gas and mass transit. the majority of commuters i spoke to here in jersey city tell me they would welcome the idea because their path trains are so overcrowded in the morning. >> takes the pressure off systems like the path, which as jersey city's begun really developing, i think that's of use. i also think the more people that stay in town, the better for our local businesses.
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productive would you be? >> i would have to really discipline myself but i think some people, they function better at home, they are more relaxed and i think a lot of times office space, it kind of creates sometimes a stressful environment. >> reporter: so what if your boss said sure, you could work from home? >> i would be happy but i have three kids at home. >> reporter: three kids would steal his attention. >> hoping that we could get a hearing for it and push it through because other states have been successful and i'm hoping that new jersey can follow. >> reporter: as for work from home attire? it's pjs across the board. in jersey city, meg baker, cbs 2 news. >> ohio has passed a similar law. the state senator says commuters in that state have driven 2 billion fewer miles this year. there's a sidewalk dispute in the bronx. next a grandmother told to pay $2,000 to repair the sidewalk outside her home. the only problem, she can't find the damage. >> how many homeless people are there in new york city?
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why some groups are contradicting the city's new numbers. >> here comes the weekend. and look at this. here comes some rain. is it saturday, is it sunday? we'll time it out in a bit. >> and coming up on the "cbs evening news," tonight what's being done to fight zika. >> scott pelley joins us now live with a look ahead. hi, scott. >> reporter: maurice and kristine, great to be with you. public health officials all across the country are saying that they do not have nearly enough money to fight the mosquito-borne zika virus which we know causes devastating birth defects. our dr. john lapook is going to show us what's needed to fight these mosquitos as spring comes upon us. we'll have that and the rest of the world news all coming up on the "cbs evening news" at 6:30. >> see you soon. >> and coming up in sports in just a bit, a big name baseball player suspended for performance-enhancing drugs.
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a triple hazard is one reason an elderly homeowner in the bronx must fix her sidewalks. but the woman is confused and wants to know why she is responsible. cbs 2's "demanding answers" our raegan medgie took a walk with her to find out more. >> reporter: rosa has lived in her bronx home for 43 years.
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violation notice in the mail from the department of transportation. it says. >> the sidewalk has the following defects. broken trip hazard patchwork. >> reporter: she called 311 for a second opinion resulting in another department of transportation inspector issuing her even more violations. >> i don't see nothing else! not over here. i don't know. because i don't understand. >> reporter: according to the department of transportation, property owners are responsible for repairing sidewalks next to their homes. you will notice some blue chalk marks on rosa's sidewalks. those chalk marks indicate that there is damage to that sidewalk flagstone. but rosa's question is -- where's the damage? >> nothing. no. you see anything over there? that's very nice. i don't know. >> reporter: debartolo then reached out to her assemblyman michael benedetto who also took us around her property
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violation papers showed which sidewalk flagstones are considered damaged. >> if you just look at it you know sidewalks here in the city of new york and what they look like, this is not bad whatsoever. >> you see anything? i don't think there's anything there. >> reporter: assemblyman benedetto is teaming up with councilmember james vacca demanding the inspectors be better educated about what's considered damaged and what isn't. because right now, rosa debartolo must still pay nearly $1,000 for the repairs. >> i can't pay lot of money because i'm just my social security. >> reporter: once she fixes her sidewalks an inspector must come out again to make sure repairs are up to code. if noter, she will have to pay to repair the repairs. >> that's unfair. >> reporter: that's why her assemblyman an councilman are speaking up. in the throgs next section of the bronx, raegan medgie, cbs
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>> well, we emailed the department of transportation. and they tell us that several other properties on the block have received similar violations for damaged sidewalks. homeless advocates question a new report showing a decline in the number of people on the streets. this report shows a 12% drop over last year. city officials counted almost 2800 homeless during the latest survey but critics say the new report doesn't include many homeless who spends their nights in subways or at all night restaurants. >> there's people who live in abandoned buildings and rooftops who actually hide from society that they may have a place to stay. >> what's really great is that we're helping so many people. our outreach teams are now working with over 2,000 people who sleep on the streets. >> the city plans to do another homeless count in may. a lawsuit over the nfl's super bowl ticket policies greenville ahead in court. a new -- grinds ahead in court.
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suing the nfl saying it violated consumer protect laws when it only made about 1% of the tickets for super bowl xlviii at metlife stadium available to the public. the attorneys say the policies forced fans to pay inflated prices on the resale market. a judge dismissed the case last year but a new complaint was filed this week. saving lives on and off the job. members of the fdny were honored for being bone marrow donors. the names of eight fdny donors of life. 179 members of the department have made these life-saving donations some more than once. today, two recipients got to meet and thank their donors. one donor tells us that it's a simple process with great rewards. >> the donating part of it is very simple. there's nothing painful to help somebody. >> when i had my transplant my kids were three and four so they really didn't understand what was going on. now they're six and seven and
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them grow up. >> members of the fdny make up new york blood center's single largest group of bone marrow and stem cell donors. >> heroes, outstanding. lonnie has the weekend forecast. it has its share of mess. >> it's a mixed bag. that's the case. saturday is obviously going to be the better day. when i say obvious it's because of all of the weather data being on the exact same page. so let's check in now with the weather watchers who are feeding us some data right now. i have a 51-degree reading out around sparta. this is a little rain in oak ridge reporting that 51. she is also telling me cold -- cold and damp all day. well, you know what? we are going to repeat this amplify the cold and the damp factors sunday. in between, saturday looks to be decent. it's gray right now at 52 degrees in new york city. 58 was your high temperature. so 8 degrees colder than we typically reach this time of the year. 66 is the normal.
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around here, okay, let's make some sense of this. passing showers out there right now. you will deal with that right into the nighttime hours tonight it. it all tapers off after midnight. saturday, it will be some sun out there especially if you go east a lot of sun. not going to be as cool as it has been today. soggy on sunday. you want the umbrella you want a heavy coat, as well. let's talk temperatures. here we are saturday 4:00 in the afternoon. you're about 60 degrees in new york city. that's 4:00. i think high temperature will be reached probably around 2:00 or 3:00 so tack on 2 degrees to any of these readings here but with an east wind coming in off the water look at the jersey shore. lower 50s. 50 on the nose for west hampton. now we get to sunday morning. it's 50 degrees in new york city on sunday morning. not all that crazy, right? it stays 50 all day. you may go up 1 degree by 3 p.m. now you factor in the wind off
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damp day on sunday. vortex satellite and radar, yup, there are the showers out there. nothing severe. they are not going to be severe. they are going to push out. we watch this for sunday. showers out there into the nighttime hours. for saturday morning sun and cloud mix. more sunshine east. clouds west, clouds north. then into your day on sunday we talk about wet weather arriving at 9 a.m. you will have rain chances throughout the day. then we bring up the extended forecast. >> chance of rain monday through friday. >> what's the bright side? >> saturday. >> the peeks of sun you get on saturday. sunday not getting out of the 40s. >> chilly. >> thank you. otis livingston is here with a look ahead at sports now.
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we have the nfl draft to talk about with otis. >> last night pretty much thumbs up for the jets and giants. the nfl draft is the second and third round tonight. it should be interesting. big names left. miles jack from ucla left. the heisman trophy winner derek henry and connor cook quarterback. back to the first round. there was some thought the jets would go for paxton lynch from memphis but instead they went the ohio state university for linebacker darren lee. the jets haven't drafted and offensive player in the first round since mark sanchez in 2009. cue the fumble. lee with 12 sacks and three intersections and two forced fumbles in his final two
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>> i'm very excited to be part of this organization. connected with the coaching staff. he is a player's coach and someone to look up. i know how to play for him. >> like his gear. i guess we can say the buckeyes are coming! lee's college team may eli apple was the apple of the giants' eye with the tenth pick. they say he was the best available player on their draft board. he also fills a position of need after another player left in the off season. he wants his first interception to be against eli manning in practice. >> darron lee got picked? who picked him! >> jets. >> the jets? get out of here! you gonna be close, crazy. crazy. i know we gonna be hanging out a lot, bro. that will be fun. after a day off the mets and yankees in action tonight. yoenis cespedes back in the line-up as the mets host the giants and the yankees are up
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big news out of miami. last year's national league battle champ dee gordon suspended 80 games for performance-enhancing drugs violations. his positive test came in spring training. in a statement, gordon says he didn't knowingly take them but does accept full responsibility for it happening. he stands to lose $1.65 million and is ineligible for the post-season. the isles and lightning in tampa tomorrow night. the capitals' jay beagle knows how to render an opponent useless. he took a stick too far this time. it stuck in his helmet! [ laughter ] >> he said what do i do? what's going on! he had to head to the bench to get some help. [ laughter ] >> just take off the helmet and that will pull it out. >> that will teach him! >> couldn't do that again if
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we'll be right back. coming up tonight on cbs 2 news at 11:00, blown out light bulbs, power cables frayed, an unexpected surge leaves more
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who is paying for the damage? >> do something quickly! >> also an elderly woman trapped in a car bobbing in frigid waters. the dramatic rescue caught on camera. more of that coming up at 11:00. finally here at 6:00, the jacket prince wore in the movie purple rain is going up for auction. it's not purple. [ laughter ] >> missing a word in the copy. it's gray, not purple, grayish black. he wore it doesn't bike ride with his female co-star apolonia. it has a price tag of $8,000. the bidding begins in late june in hollywood. >> yeah. there's going to be some competition on that one. >> there will be. a little more than 6 to $8,000. up next on the "cbs evening news with scott pelley," workers protest over jobs being moved to mexico. >> thanks for joining us here at 6:00.
6:30 pm >> pelley: protesters force donald trump on a wild detour. >> then we went under a fence and through a fence and oh, boy. it felt like i was crossing the border, actually. >> pelley: a funding battle disarms health officials in the fight against zika virus in the u.s. >> the miami dolphins select select laremy tunsil. >> pelley: a top nfl draft night goes up in smoke. the leaked video that cost him million. and a judge sentences himself to jail. in an extraordinary act of compassion. >> he had to be held accountable, but i just felt i had to go. captioning sponsored by cbs >> pelley: after his primary sweep this week, donald trump a path to the nomination is


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