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tv   CBS 2 News at 6  CBS  June 25, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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captions by: caption colorado, llc (800) 775-7838 e- mail: right now a developing story in new jersey emergency. a boy shoots his brother but where did he get the gun? >> to be speeding enough to
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>> a mother in mourning wants to know why someone killed her son and kept going. we start with breaking news where a boy killed his brother. brian? >> reporter: cindy, this is a stunning tragedy. a 6-year-old boy somehow gets ahold of his mother's loaded gun then accidentally shoots year-old, right in the head. it happened on the front porch of this yellow single family home at 112 norman just after 11:00 a.m. today. east orange police and the essex county prosecutor's office are investigating just how the boys got their hands on the weapon and why it wasn't secured. a city spokeswoman confirms the 4-year-old boy was hit in the head and rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery.
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neighbors here simply can't believe this could even happen. >> this is crazy because they should have a safe place. that's been going on in the news over and over where you hear about these incidents going on. so people should not have a gun around a 4-year-old and a 6- year-old. >> reporter: we tried to talk to the people inside of the house this afternoon, but they said they didn't really know what happened. now, at this point, no charges mother, but we're told the investigation is far from over. brian connie -- bear, cbs 2 news. police from new jersey are looking for a hit and run driver who killed a hoboken man. the victim was related to an nba star. steve langeford has more. >> reporter: the civilized smalltown feel of hoboken
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zachary simmons was struck and killed. the impact so great that witnesses reported hearing two loud thuds. the victim's mother repeating what they told her. >> they told me the car was going at least 70 miles per hour. >> reporter: the vehicle had new york plates, officials believe. they are examining surveillance video. >> to be speeding enough to kill my child is beyond me. i mean, who would do that? >> reporter: neighbors still shaken by what they heard suggests four-way stops should be in place here. >> this area sometimes has issues with people driving quickly on streaks they are not supposed to. i guess they are coming from the bars. >> reporter: the young victim was out celebrating his cousin ben simmons' selection this week by the philadelphia 76ers, his mother says. >> he had just went to the nba draft where his first cousin
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>> reporter: now that shared joy shrouded in mourning for a young man who had so much to look forward to. in hoboken, steve langeford, cbs 2 news. new video of a daylight slashing in the bronx. watch closely. this happened yesterday upon white plains road. you can see the man on the blue shirt quickly unsheath a life. the attacker finally backs off knife in hand. he and three others get back into a black mercedes and speed off. police are unclear of any motive at this point. a strike threat that would have disrupted new jersey transit appears to have been averted. the two unions reached an agreement. union members now have to vote on it, and details of the agreement are expected to be revealed tomorrow. the strike was set to start on thursday. new jersey transit is the country's third largest railroad used by more than 100,000 people every day. the colors of the rainbow flag are flying across the city
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square celebrating president obama's decision to designate the stone wall inn as a nothingal monument. -- national monument. hi, dave. >> reporter: hi, cindy. there are crowded events for pride taking place right now. i'm going to show you one of them. it is billed as a dance party here on pier 26. organizers want people to have they want people to be inspired, and they also people to remember. organizers want this to be celebratory and also at times somber. advances in lgbt rights around the world will be recognized. the declaration of stone wall inn will be applauded but also at every gathering, attendees will pay tribute to those murdered inside orlando's pulse night club. >> it is definitely important
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this weekend. in apopka, florida, this one was for a 30-year-old. this saturday service was in sarasota, florida for 34-year- old edward sotomayor, remembered as a crusader for lgbt rights. and in west philadelphia, this was the friday night funeral for 18-year-old dakira moanny a star basketball player in her high schoo college on a full athletic scholarship. victims were remembered in london where thousands marched in its parade the day before the one in new york city. the u.k. event unfolded with tightened security and there were no major incidents. new york mayor de blasio was on the radio talking about height bed security. >> you'll see plenty of officers out in force. there will be measure u.s. won't see as well, undercover 0er and other measures taken to
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weekend for new york city, and people should know they are being protected. >> reporter: this pier 26 dance party started at 3:00 p.m., and it wraps up at 10:00 p.m. dave carlin, cbs 2 news. >> dave, thank you. the pride march steps off at noon tomorrow and runs from fifth avenue and 36th street to christopher and greenwich streets. for a full list of street closures, visit no word yet on the cause of a jersey. flames broke out around 11:00 last night. firefighters say the house was vacant. it happened on east 26th street near 14th avenue. no one was hurt. in brooklyn, flames engulfed an mta bus. a passing driver recorded the scene last night on the gowanus expressway and 86th street in bay bridge. there were no passengers on board and the driver got out unharmed. it started as a minor problem on the bus.
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robbed at gunpoint. >> they pushed me down, and they said don't move. >> the woman talks exclusively with cbs 2 about the frightening ordeal involving three men. plus a developing story in west virginia. flood waters raging out of control. neighbors helping neighbors during the chaos. a piece of history burr rid under the new york wheel on staten island. >> this weekend is not disappointing. can we expect the repeat tomorrow? i'll h >> elise, the yankees got a little help from the twins today. we'll show you what happened in that game. look who's back with the mets, jose reyes. this time, he brings with him baggage.
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and that's not the only thing you can only find in new york state. ?? ?? you can find it all only in new york. new york. it's all here. it's only here. plan your summer vacation at a cbs 2 exclusive. an elderly woman robbed at gunpoint is sharing her terrifying story. 80-year-old maria says it happened thursday evening on park avenue in bed-stuy. lugo says three men, including one man with a gun, pushed their way into the apartment after she got home from walking the family dog. >> they pushed me down and they said, don't move. don't move. they said where the money,
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it do could have been their grandmother. why would you do something like that? >> the family says the men made off with their new flat screen tv, video console, and more than $300 in cash. no arrests have been made. a developing story out of west virginia. 23 people dead and hundreds more are forced from their homes after devastating flash floods slammed the region. police and fire crews are going door-to-door looking for survivors after floods roared thro water has overtaken many roads. dozens of streets are closed. the floods began thursday following heavy rain. at least 9 inches in some areas. steve lanontagne is back at his aunt's home to pick up her frightened pets. >> there was a elderly lady in
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118 pounds soaking wet, and she was holding her husband up out of the water, and he was deceased. >> reporter: survivors are literally beginning to pick interpieces of their devastated homes. at least 100 houses were damaged or destroyed. >> we never thought it would be >> reporter: the floods are starting to recede, but the memories will take a long time the high waters here killed more people than all of those who died from tornadoes or lightnri entire country this year. national guard and fema are assisting in the region. next month's pro golf event has already been canceled due to all of the flooding. elise finch is in next with the forecast, plus get ready for the new york wheel. construction crews celebrate the future with help from the past. >> and pride in central park. runners lace up their sneakers before tomorrow's big march. >> and don't forget to follow cbs 2 news on facebook. you can find us on
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a pride flag is now flying over city hall in clifton after a very narrow vote. ? [music] ? ? america, america god shed his grace on thee ? [music] ? >> the flag was raised during a swear moanny this afternoon. it is the -- ceremony this afternoon. it is the first time. city council was split in central park this morning, runners spread love and healing at the 35th annual lgbt pride run. magdalena doris was there. >> reporter: in rainbow and racing gear, the lgbt pride racers are covered in messages of hope. >> you see people with bibs saying, i'm running for orlando. it makes you think. >> all of this love is love. >> reporter: friends and allies by your side sweetens the deal.
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central park felt much easy their year for those inspired to keep on going. >> with all that's going on in the world, it's a good time to pay attention to life and the people around you and stay positive. >> it's just been a weekend full of celebration and remembrance. >> reporter: with every step, these runners remember the 49 lives lost in orlando, and they asked for steps for lawmakers to ensure something like this never happens again. >> reporter: back in '99, we had to pull out the massacre in country and banned all high- powered firearms like that. it worked. that's what you guys should do here. >> reporter: while congress failed to pass tougher gun laws in the wake of the massacre, it doesn't keep these runners from moving forward. >> with everything like this, there's always work to be done. we're on a journey. we're not there yet, but hopefully one day. >> reporter: pride week is to celebrate the victories we have accomplished along the way.
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married in new york all because the supreme court decisions allowed same-sex marriage and we can finally celebrate their true wedding here in new york where all of our family is. >> reporter: even after the last person crosses the finish line, the pride events keep on rolling. many of these participants will trade their run through central park today for the pride parade route down fifth avenue tomorrow. in central park, magdalena doris, cbs 2 news. it is a thrill of the 21st nt the final concrete pour for the new york wheel includes burying a historic time capsule in the foundation. it's part of four projects set to become america's tallest ferris wheel at 630 feet when completed next year. with the foundation in place, crews can begin working on the frame. >> this is creating what we call destination st. george.
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and local resident spot, we think, on new york harbor. >> the items in the time capsule include pieces from the staten island museum and local community. time now to get our wonderful forecast from elise finch. hi, elise. >> hey, cindy. this is a good one. the first weekend of summer is not disappointing. it is exactly what most people want. it's warm and sunny but it's not humid. let's check in with some of our weather watchers t reporting. we'll get started in the lower hudson valley. this is greg still reporting a warm 87 degrees in peekskill. this is beautiful gorgeous weather to start off the weekend. ice cream and sunglasses. not a bad idea. you can set to new jersey. slightly cooler there. this is lynn. she's in bloomfield. she says it's 79 degree where's she is. her comment, what a beautiful
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peeked your head outside. the good news is, it's not too late. this is a live look at central park. it's still absolutely beautiful so not too late to get outside and enjoy the day. clear skies, currently 77 degrees with calm winds. so this is just a gorgeous day today. we have a nice night tonight. it will be warm tomorrow, a little warmer tomorrow than today. next week, not bad, although we have showers and possibly thunderstorms heading our way. check out highs around the area today anywhere from 80 degrees in central park. you were the hot spot at 86. 82 for newark. 81 for jfk. a pair right on the knows for the nose of 80 for some areas. tomorrow, however,looking tore the warmest day of the five, not by much, but a degree warmer than today. the vortex satellite radar
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talk about. absolutely no rain. circulation around the high pressure tapping into the nice, warm, dry air. so another beautiful day for us. tonight, gorgeous. mild moonlight out there. nice, clear skies. a beautiful night if you have plans tonight. tomorrow, very much like today, only a little bit warmer. we'll still enjoy that sunshine and that low humidity so that is good. late clouds roll in on monday. so monday's a nice day, but later in the day, we'll see clouds prepping for what we expect to be showers and tuesday. tonight, mostly clear with patchy fog possibly developing 65 degrees. we head into the day tomorrow, 87. so a lot like today. only a tiny bit warmer. if you are heading to the beach, not expecting lightning or rip currents. low risk of rip currents, but the uv index will be high. the water obviously 65 to 70 degrees in the mountains. tons of sunshine and 85 to 90 degrees if you are heading to
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it will be toasty even in the mountains. 85 for monday. tuesday we are expecting showers and thunderstorms with a high of 83. it looks like we could see additional showers and thunderstorms toward the end of the workweek. >> what a great weekend. >> fabulous weekend. still ahead, yankees highlights from the bronx and the mets bring back -- bring
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steve is here with sports
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>> reporter: they said changes are coming with this roster, and this is definitely a change. the mets have made a bold decision and one that they didn't come to likely. jose reyes came back and agreed to a minor league deal with the mets. while he has a certainly upside, it's his character that's come into question. this off-season, he was arrested on domestic violence charges, a case that was later dropped, but it didn't baseball from suspending him for 51 games. he makes his return tomorrow afternoon with the brooklyn cyclones where he is expected to move from his familiar short stop position to third base. >> we fully understand that there will be differences of opinion about this, that some people will feel strongly and differently. we respect that. all i can say is both jose and the organization will be held to a standard going forward
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of domestic abuse and commitment to stand against it. i do believe he is a good person at heart. a good person that made a huge mistake, and a good person we felt deserved a second chance and that that was most appropriate with us. >> reporter: for the first time in two months, the yankees lineup was at full strength. mark teixeira was activated off the disabled list. the only bad news for the yankees is, for the rest of the year, they only have one more game against the twins. against minnesota this year. they've had to come from behind in all but one of their victories against them. carlos beltrand ties it at one. michael pintada really found his groove. today he strikes out 8 and 6 innings. the twins have a 5.26e.r.a. which is the worst in the american league and they can't field, either.
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when they lead at any point after the sixth inning. hitting 100 on the final out of the game, the yankees improve to 5-1 against the twins this year. tonight, for the first time in nearly 40 years, can you see championship boxing on cbs. keith thurman will defend his title. and this week, the nhl professional league to put a team in las vegas. it is the uneasiness around sports wagering that's possibly starting to subside. will this gamble pay off for the nhl? we'll sit down with brian compton to discuss that tonight at 9:00 on tv 1055. finally, the pine wood derby national championships were hold in times square
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webelos lined up to test their cars. the pine wood derby has been a time-honored tradition for more than 60 years. i spent a day yesterday with some of the cub scouts racing in this. i was just so fascinated at their knowledge of physics and aerodynamics and transfer of kinetic energy and weight distribution. they are putting all of this to test. it's real life science they are allowe >> it's a big deal. i remember my dad and brothers trying to make that. >> dad. >> dad. that does it for cbs 2 news at 6:00. for the entire team, thanks so much for joining us.
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? ? ? captioning sponsored by cbs >> ninan: the deeght toll rises from historic floods. we're on the ground in west virginia where the desperate search for survivors is under way. also tonight, a deadly california wildfire roars out of control. more aftershocks from great britain's decision to leave the european union. donald trump throws his two >> we are orlando! >> ninan: and at day pride events around the world, the weekend to remember the victimses of the orlando nightclub shooting. this is the "cbs weekend news." >> ninan: good evening. i'm reena ninan. at least 23 people are dead and untold number are missing after historic floods washed through west virginia. nearly 10 inches of rain poured down thursday night, sending


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