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tv   9 On Your Side at 11  ABC  January 21, 2016 2:07am-2:37am EST

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now at 11pm... dangerous driving on tri-state roads.. as temperatures linger well below freezing... leaving slick spots all over the place. one person was taken to the hospital after three cars wrecked on i-75 near freeman. that's why road crews are out right now... many on their second 12- hour shift... spreading salt.. and working to make sure streets and interstates are ready for your drive in the morning. good evening. winter has quite a hold on us this week. there are already dozens of delays and closings for tomorrow. nine first warning chief metorologist is tracking the system that's now heading our way. steve. thursday will be a quiet day with partly sunny skies with high in the low to mid 30s.the 9 first warning weather team continues to track a system on friday that is now coming more into focus. at this point, this could be 2-4" snowfall around greater cincinnati to a 4-6" snow in the southern portion of our northern
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new on 11 at 11.. the trouble this weather created for a delta flight to cincinnati. it had just left bradley airport in windsor locks, connecticut when the pilots discovered the landing gear was frozen in place. the pilots returned to the airport and made an emergency landing. a new flight is on its way here.. this system is tracking the flight. its due to land in 20 minutes. tri-state interstates look pretty good right now...this is a live look at 75 at 275 in sharonville... after nearly non-stop plowing and salting by crews. but in many neighborhoods... its a different story. road crews haven't had a chance to clear the streets yet... and in some cases.. the snow is
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slippery white sheet of snow and ice. nine on your side's john genovese has been checking those streets tonight. he joins us live from evanston...john. city officials say the plan is always to hit the primary streets first before moving on to the residential. tonight - woodburn avenue is clear we've seen trucks passing through laying down a fresh layer of salt-but - around the corner - some of these neighborhood streets have yet to be touched in some spots-it's hard to tell where the street meets the curb "snow (laugh) snow everywhere"the white stuff - blanketing this evanston neighborhood "a lot of snow - a lot of cold - a lot of wind blowing" cars covered--"a lot of slip and sliding, right." "they slip and slide - but we're used to it i guess"with slow-moving traffic through this slushy mess"they don't touch our streets - by the time they touch our streets - it be done melted"karen brule's lived off hackberry for 45 years"yeah it gets frustrating - cause its hard
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if they do touch it, they pile the snow up against the cars and you can't get out" but with more than 3-thousand lane miles to take care of - it's no easy task. on wednesday night - cincinnati officials said nearly 60 trucks were out and about - with extra crews called in overnight - and the focus on primary roads first to fight potentially hazardous conditions "the secondary streets are always the last ones to get and the buses can't get down through here" keeping people like 'greta brandon' from going out and about-and instead warming up inside "pull out books - puzzles - and i'm here" tonight - city officials say more than 80-percent of primary roads have been treated. we're told - the focus will stay on them until conditions improve - and the drivers can get to work elsewhere. john genovese 9oys firefighters in clermont
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that got stuck in a frozen creek. creek.goshen township firefighters posted a photo of the rescue on their twitter feed. they say "cinnamon" got stuck in a creek that was about one - foot deep. firefighters say she was weak when she was finally free of the ice.. but was able to walk back to her barn. nine on our side is working 24- seven to help you prepare for the next bout of winter weather. we'll have your school closings and delays.. plus your first warning for how much snow we'll see on air.. on wcpo dot com.. and on our mobile app. new developments tonight in the kinsley kinner case. you'll recall she is the two year old butler county girl police say was killed by her mother's boyfriend.. as her mother watched. now.. we've learned rebekah kinner testified before the grand jury deciding her fate. nine on your side's ashley zilka spoke with kinner's attorney. 29:19 "rebekah kinner's attorney says his client testified before a grand jury because she wants justice to be served for baby
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hurting her own case. 28 kinsley kinner's mother testified before grand jury attorney kyle rapier says kinner wants to hold someone accountable for her daughter's death.20:35 "her biggest concern is to represent her daughter's best interest." 41 bradley young is charged with the murder of 2 year old kinlsey kinner. he's accused of shaking and punching the toddler in the head multiple times. police say kinner did nothing to stop young or get her daughter to a doctor for emergency care.24:34 it's being spun that she was just standing there and did nothing and that's not her side at all. 38rapier says it's unusual for a defendant to testify before a grand jury but there was no stopping the mother.21:09 "since she is charged, it is abnormal but from my conversations with her she is not concerned about self-preservation. 19rapier says his biggest concern right now is for kinner's unborn child. she is due in february. 21:43 "she is close to giving birth and i don't want her
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that we have to go through. 53 rapier says you can expect to hear a statement from kinner in the near future.28:56 "kinner is charged with involuntary manslaughter, permitting child abuse and endangering children. she is currently being held on a $50,000 bond. ashley zilka, 9 on your side. 07 kinner and bradley young, are scheduled to be back in court tomorrow for a pre-trial hearing.nine on your side will have it covered for you. a dog is left abandoned in a cold van for roughly 16 hours... and doesn't survive. even more troubling.. the van belonged to the cincinnati s-p- c-a. four s-p-c-a employees have now been disciplined. they were taking several animals from the northside facility to sharonville last thursday. but they didn't double check the van as required. that left the one and a half year old pit bull mix alone. and locked-up overnight. when the dog was found the next morning... it was in critical condition.
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hypothermic at the time and unresponsive to treatment and for that reason the veterinarian deemed -- dr. santangelo -- that euthanasia would be the best outcome." outcome."the employees involved got written reprimands.the spca takes care of 14,000 dogs and cats a year... 9 on your side was told the four employees are upset over what happened. a top government official says hillary clinton's private email server -- contained information from some of the most secretive programs in the u-s! u-s!two government agencies looking at the account found emails with intelligence on programs considered above "top secret" in classification.a spokesperson for clinton says some emails marked as classified could be forwarded news articles. growing controversy tonight over this year's oscar nominations... as more stars join the list of those who will boycott the ceremony. for the second year in a row... all the nominees for
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some now want awards host chris rock to boycott the event. actor will smith says the nominations are a relfection of what's happening in hollywood.. and more. and then the industry reflects america. it reflects a series of challenges that we are having in our country at the moment. the president of the academy says they are now working to change the board that selects the nominees. you can see all of robin roberts exclusive interview with will smith tomorrow on good morning america... right after good morning tri-state here on nine on your side. next at 11.... cincinnati based kroger is on a roll. the new ranking that makes it among the most influential companies in the world. a "death proof" car. thats the promise volvo is making tonight. the plan to get them into dealer showrooms as soon as possible. hiring someone to get rid of your snow. john matarese has the questions you need to ask when hiring a plowing company... so you don't waste your money. dining out decisions..local
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chains. the skinny how how they stack-up when it comes to calories. you're watching nine on your
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you're watching 9 on your side at 11 kroger is now the world's third largest retailer.. behind walmart and costco.
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ranking by the national retail federation. kroger's total sales totalled 108 billion dollars in 2014... and its bought other companies since then. 422- thousand people work for kroger. to put that figure in perspective... walmart's sales totaled 485 billion dollars. there is now a settlement in the bitter fight over the sale of a million dollar indian hill home. crysta pleatman and her husband stephen were sued after they tried to back out of the deal.. saying there was no signed contract. the terms of the settlement are being kept private. in a related criminal case... pleatman is accused of crimnal damaging and obstructing official business. she has already been convicted of telecommunica tions harassment. an amazing promise by volvo today... it says its going to build "death proof" cars. the company says that by 20-20, no one will be killed or seriously injured in one of its new cars or s-u-v's. volvo says new technologies such as adaptive crusie control.. which keeps you from
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vehicles... and auto lane assist.. make the promise possible. but... the company does allow an exception for someone who intensionally tries to hurt themsevles. shoveling your driveway on days like this can be a real pain. but before you hire someone to do it for you... john matarese has some things you need to know.. so you don't waste your money. with the tri states first real snowfall of 2016 now on the books....and more snow predicted for friday, you might want to pay someone to salt and plow your driveway. but a caution before you do. ----------------------an inexperienced plow driver can cause hudnreds of dollars of damage to your driveway or landscaping. if he's not insured and bonded, you may end up paying to fix the damage.angie's list has several suggestions to protect yourself: yourself:beware someone who
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truck who you dont know.ask up front if the plowing fee includes walkways and ice melter.and make sure he is insured. insured.need to find a plow? try local landscaping want a plow driver you can trust, who wont rip up your driveway and say not my problem.that way you dont waste your jm 9 on your side. scientists say last year was earth's hottest year on record... and our planet will only get hotter. hotter."noaa" recorded the earth's temperature at just under 59 degrees last year... up three-tenths from's one of the largest rises year-to-year in some time. scientists say carbon dioxide from fossil fuels is behind it. from hot.. to cold.we have an unusual look at the snow as it hit the tri-state today. the mayor of dry ridge sent us this time- lapse video of the snow as it was falling on
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from various traffic cameras. you can see the snow as accumulates.. and blows around on the road. weather summary: thursday will be a quiet day with partly sunny skies with high in the low to mid 30s.the 9 first warning weather team continues to track a system on friday that is now coming more into focus. at this point, this could be 2-4" snowfall around greater cincinnati to a 4-6" snow in the southern portion of our northern kentucky viewing area.but, it's highly dependent on the track of the snowmaker. if the track stays south, lower totals can be expected. if it shifts north,
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the situation is likely going to change again before friday so please come back for more
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the force may not be entirely with the production of the next "star wars" film. disney says "star wars: episode eight" will be released in december, 20- 17.... seven months later than originally planned. disney did not give a reason for the postponement.the current "star wars" film, "the force awakens", was originally planned for a summer 20-15 release, but was moved to last month. tonight in healthy living... people often think eating at a family owned restaurant is healthier than getting fast food. but that isn't always the case. researchers at tufts university looked at restaurant meals in three major cities.they found that in many cases, mom and pop establishments were no better than chain restaurants with equally large portions packing just as many calories.they say the average meal contained more than 12 hundred calories. that's more than half the daily calorie requirement for an average woman. let's get the latest in sports headlines - here's nine on
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that glass ceiling in the nfl........tonight it got cracked a bit. bit.and looking for somebody to like this championship might think about having carolina in your mind. sports is coming up.
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good evening everyone. another barrier gets busted. the buffalo bills have hired kathryn smith as their special teams quality coach. she becomes the first female member of an nfl coaching staff. also today, hall of famer and former bengals head coach dick lebeau is the titans new defensive coordinator. dick is 78 years old. and hue jackson has hired ray horton in cleveland. ray was the bengals second round draft pick in 1983. looking for a team to cheer for this weekend? how about the carolina panthers whose defense is anchored by st x product luke kuechley. he had this pick six against seattle..the n-f-c championship trophy is a
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opening night for cincinnati's newest soccer club will be less than a week after the reds open their season. fc cincinnati opens up april 9th at nippert stadium. in college basketball tonight...bobby huggins west virginia team had moved all the way up to number six in the national polls this week... - texas didn't care...hugs won't like the way the longhorns busted thru his press.......texas with the upset. #17 louisville did win tonight.- a big thursday night is ahead in college ball...kentucky plays at arkansas, ohio state is at purdue, uc is home tomorrow night against memphis..hoping to bounce back from saturday's loss against temple. common media theme this week is that uc can't close out games...mick cronin reacted
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let's finish with a cold drink and front row seat at thomas more tonight-here's the chatham cougars...nothing but net from the wing-corey howard answers for thomas more..another three.-chatham right back...3 more from outside..-but the saints say heck with that...let's get the easy one. both the thomas more men and women won tonight. nine on your side is coming
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that's 9 on your side at 11 for this wednesday. wednesday.we're always on with breaking news, weather, and sports on wcpo-dot-com.
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>> stocks so far this year are now down almost 10%. that is a market correction. for anyone worried about that retirement savings account, know this, the hardest thing to do is the best thing you do for your money and that is wait it out over time. the stock market does bounce back historically speaking. rebecca jarvis, abc news, new york. >> the now infamous drug
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