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tv   9 On Your Side at 11  ABC  January 31, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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now at 11.a bicyclist is hit by a car and left of the side of the authorities tracked down the driver.and what she's accused of being on at the time of the crash.and all eyes are on iowa... as presidential hopefuls make their last pitches to voters. what tomorrow's caucuses mean for the rest of the country...
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9 on your side at 11 starts with breaking news in roselawn where police are investigating a shooting. shooting.reporter rose-ann aragon is live on glen orchard drive with new informatin, rose-ann? i'm here on a the 7800 block glenorchard avenue-- where police say around 10 clock they found a man shotpolice responded to shots fire and when arrived here-- police they found a man shot twice --
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the leg-- he was rushed to uc hospitalpolice say they don't shooting
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clinton: "thank you bill... thank you chelsea..."both hillary clinton and donald trump - are bringing out the big guns -- their families... sot - melania trump // "he will be unbelievable, the best deal maker... (cut here if needed for time) the best master negotiator!" that includes trump's wife -- melania... and clinton's daughter -- chelsea... sot chelsea: "please join and in welcoming, i hope, our next president..." (gfx) the latest poll shows trump leading the g-o-p race - now five points ahead of ted cruz.sot trump: "i don't care if you are feeling terrible. you have 104 temperature. ((cut / flash)) get out of bed and caucus."(gfx)on the democratic side... it's a tight race between clinton and bernie sanders... who's in it for the long haul.sot - sanders // "what we are doing is running a national campaign. we're going to run until the convention." sanders' volunteers - knocking on 75- thousand doors this weekend - convincing voters to caucus. (gfx) after several of the
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shows... cruz attended church in iowa.sot cruz: "i prayed that god's will, will be done." his rival - senator marco rubio - casting *cruz* as the favorite... to set high political expectations.sot - rubio montage // "ted cruz is clearly the front-runner... ((cut)) he's spent millions of dollars here." brandi hitt on- camera close: in fact the des moines register estimates all of the candidates have spent more than 33 million dollars ads - combined -- here in iowa. in these final days... the've flooded the airwaves. brandi hitt - abc news - des moines, iowa a group of taylor high school students are in iowa tonight amid the excitement. excitement.principal megan rivet shared some of these pictures with me of their adventure hitting rally after rally. you can see the students in the school's a-p u-s government and politics class met ben carson as well as hillary clinton yesterday. they made it to a trump rally today....and were just leaving a sanders rally as i spoke with them while on their charter bus.
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people will see him; whereas, bernie comes in and he delivered the very very powerful points but he'll leave pauses in between for it to actually sink in to what he's saying instead of immediately rushing on to the next big issue."> issue."> the students had planned to head home tuesday but may come back earlier to beat the blizzard predicted there. and you will want to stay with 9 on your side and abc news all day tomorrow as results from the iowa caucuses come in. download the 9 on your side app for push notifications as the winners get announced. we had us a nice warm january weekend. some of you are seeing some rain tonight. tonight.9 first warning meteorologist sherry hughes here with what to expect for
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new at 11.a crime alert has
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of the university of cincinnati.last night around 8-30, u-c police say a group of people came up to a student outside the chipotle on calhoun street and took their cell phone.the student started yelling - causing the suspect to throw the phone back and run away!u-c police are reminding students to always travel in groups... at night. tonight... investigators say the woman that hit a man on his bike... then drove off was on drugs!9 on your side's rose- ann aragon has the story from u-c medical center. a man goes flying through the air after being hit on the side of kellogg avenue. 42-year-old michael prater suffering serious injuries after hitting the pavement. deputies say he was hit by a jeep cherokee that swerved off the road.after hitting him - the woman driving - took off! peter wimburg rides his bike on that stretch of kellogg all the time...he says that road is safe!(peter wimberg-queen city wheels)"kellogg avenue from coney island on out is
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though it's two lanes each way and the speed limit is 55 there's a big shoulder."a shoulder deputies say 34 year old melinda woodall crossed. after hitting praters bike... deputies say she took off, leaving prater seriously injured on the side of the road.she drove five miles away... ditching her jeep. police spotted her hiding minutes later. in the meantime, pratter was taken to u-c medical center.paramedics working fast to safe his life...authorities say pratter was wearing his helmet - which may of saved his life.while it's hard to avoid being hit... wimburg recommends wearing reflective clothing. (wimburg)"you want to let people know that you're there. even though cyclists certainly have the right to be on the road, you know we're hard to see in traffic, so i even during the day am running lights just like a car i've got the front light on and i've got the back light."a light that shows the road ahead... possibly clouded by the drugs authorities accuse melinda woodall of being on. she is charged with one count of aggravated vehicular the scene of an accident! side.
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trying to figure out how a driver manged to plow into the colerain township aldi.the car smashed through the front doors of the colerain avenue location just after person had minor injuries... building investigators came out to see if the store had any structural issues... but nothing was found... so business went back to normal. the person wanted in a double shooting in north college hill is behind bars tonight. tonight.police say two teens were shot on goodman avenue near hamilton avenue just before eight o-clock last night.the alleged shooter ran away... but was later caught by officers.the gunman's name has not been released... and both of the teens shot - are expected to survive. eleven at eleven continues with a fast developing story out of virginia.we are learning new information into the connection of a virginia tech student and a murdered 13- year-old girl... girl...authorities are now saying freshman engineering student david eisenhauer knew
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relationship to abduct her... then kill her.13-year-old nicole lovell vanished from her home in blacksburg, virginia on wednesday.her remains were discovered over the weekend.police are also charging a sophomore engineering student at virginia tech as well. (lt. mike albert, blacksburg police): "19-year-old natalie marie keepers has been charged by blacksburg police with one felony count of improper disposal of a body and one misdemeanor count of accessory after the fact in a commission of a felony. keepers is a virginia tech student from laurel maryland, and it being held on bond at the montgomery county, virginia, jail." jail."the victim - 13- year-old, nicole lovell - was discovered in north carolina... which is about one hundred miles away from her home. tonight - the former campus safety director for thomas more sits in jail... waiting to learn what could happen in court tomorrow. tomorrow.robert marshall was fired from the college last week after being indicted on
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investigators say the pictures were discovered on his home computer last year.marshall was taken into custody and booked into the kenton county jail.his first court hearing is scheduled for 1-30 tomorrow... and 9 on your side will be there! coming up next at 11. 11. day.">a tri-state dad is the center of attention as hundreds of people come together to see if they can help save his life... the match he's looking for, after the break! plus... a new warning for coupon clippers tonight.the advice you need to know from john matarese before you toss out expired coupons.
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"doug stoutenborough" spent
11:13 pm 20-14, he was diagnosed with "acute myeloid leukemia" and needs a bone marrow one in his family is a today - friends helped organize a bone marrow drive to hopefully find a match!two hundred people showed up - all hoping to help give life to this father of two young boys. alright.">everyone swabbed at today's drive will be put into the national database... so even if they aren't a match for their friend... they could save another person's life... if you missed today's bone marrow drive - you can still help.just head to wcpo dot com and we have details on how you can get yourself on the national registry. coupons are great...they are an easy way to save a couple
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but so often, they expire before we're even able to use them!but don't throw away that coupon!consumer reporter john matarese is on your side with the stores that will accept an expired coupon... so you don't waste your money! it's happened to all of us: you have a coupon in your pocket or purse, but by the time you get around to using it.... the coupon has expired! but before you toss it away, there are some stores that will still take it. -------------------dont throw out that expired coupon just yet.the savings website rather be shopping dot com says many stores will still accept a gently expired coupon, that expired the past few weeks. among them:bed bath and beyond: if yours wont work, it says they cashier will often give you a new buy baby: they'll take expired coupons as well.michaels stores has a new coupon every week: if yours is old, ask the manager if you can have a new says expired coupons are not ok, but expired kohls cash can still be dicks sporting goods, it says
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expired coupons...only problem, so many brands are excluded it still may not work. ---------------- ---------------but from the doesn't that stink file, people trying to use a counterfeit coupon.youre ripping off the store, and it may even come out of the cashiers paycheck. so how can you tell if one is fake? simple: it's too good to be bag of doritos? sorry.ditto for free bertolli olive oil, and this one for $4 off quaker oatmeal.doesn't that stink?so while its ok to try a recently expired coupon....its not ok to use a fake one. cautionl if a cashier tells you no, don't get into a fight.if they say they wont take it, move on...and as always dont waste your money. side. the cincinnati reds are wrapping up a busy weekend on the road... and the season hasn't even started! started!the 20-16 reds caravan came to its end today at the florence mall.dozens of fans lined up to meet with some of the new guys on the well as ask questions from
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year.">the caravan left great american ball park on thursday. it made stops around the tri- state over the weekend... and as we take a live look towards the ball park from skycam 9...a little more than two months away from reds opening day... mark your calendars for april fourth! i'm joined with 9 first warning meteorologist sherry
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next in sports.a surprise retirement in the n-f-l..., a showdown race at the reds final caravan stop. ken broo has your day in
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they are under says six point dogs....anectdo tely, a lot of fans think it will be worse for the denver broncos than that.but they are in california full week before super bowl 50 kicks off. the panthers are there in all but one of there games this season. they have with them, the 'lock' for national football league most valuable player, cam newton. they have former anderson high stand out, andrew norwell, their starting guard.they also have former saint 'x' star, middle linebacker, luke kuechly. trt :15outue:...ready to go ((kuechly: the first week was getting the ground work in
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you go out there, it's just another place to practice. time to tune it up. good idea of what we want to do. next week tighten everything up so we're ready to go. )) and calvin johnson just carson palmer'd the detroit lions. megatron has told the lions he's retiring. that's despite being just 31 years old...and despite leaving almost 18-million dollars guaranteed, on the table. the pro bowl, a wimper before the roar of the super bowl. and a big day in hawaii for former uc bearcats, travis kelce. he opened the scoring by grabbing this.the bengals a.j. green looked like he had a touchdown catch here. but green could only get one foot down and it was waved play after that, his team was on the board, when russell wilson found the falcons' julio jones on what looked like the same play. in all there were 76 points scored in this game. in all, both teams combined for 960-yards of
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touchdown throws. here's his second of the night. he ended the day with 91-yards of total receptions.and the prettiest throw of the game was this, teddy bridgewater of the alan robinson. he caught two throws, this one for 50-yards team irvin beat team rice, 49-27 and before the game, six the bengals pro bowler posed for a group picture....left to right, andrew whitworth, tyler eifert, geno atkins, a.j. green, carlos dunlap and adam jones. cedric peerman and reggie nelson were selected as well. let's go to columbus. under 15 to play in the game. kam williams on the premiter drains it. and osu had cut the maryland lead to just two. williams was off the bench to drop nine on maryland. later in the half, maryland by four, jae'shawn tte gets his own rebound...he can't get that to fall. but watch williams.
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gets this to fall. it cut maryland's lead back to two point. ohio state shot just 36-percent for the game.down one, williams with the ball again. and this would give ohio state the lead. tate had 16 to lead the buckeyes. remember the buckeyes lost at maryland earlier this year by 35.just over three minutes to go, rasheed suliamon buries it. maryland by four.and with the terps up two with two minutes to plaly, it's melo trimble.four terps in double figures, trimble's 20-led 'em all. 66-61 maryland. and in aspen today, nick goepper went for the gold the 'x' games slope stylegoepper is also the reigning olympic bronze medalist.and he had won the aspen gold three games in a row.but the most dominant skier in this sport since tanner hill had a very rough day, tenth out of 12 after his first run...and finishing the competition eleventh out of
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and sometimes, the best things in life are unplanned. like, what happened at the reds caravan finale today in florence. at the florence mall, a little girl challenge reds speedster, billy hamilton to a race. hamilton gave her a head start...and then went at about one-quarter speed.the girl beat hamilton....who then, as a reward, took off his authentic jersey...autographed it....and handed it to someone, who just had one of
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