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good evening. its been a record- setting night. republicans have never seen this many voters at the iowa caucuses before. and... a-b-c news says ted cruz is the winner of the g-o-p vote. vote. on the democratic side... the race between hillary clinton and bernie sanders is very close. and sources tell a-b-c news democrat governor martin o'malley is out of the race.. as is former arkansas governor mike huckabee. brandi hitt has more from des moines. high turnout - making for high drama in iowa. donald trump and ted cruz.... battling it out for first place. and marco rubio - running strong. on the democratic side - the race between hillary clinton and bernie sanders is too close to call.sot sanders: well, i
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that the american people are very dissatisfied nats up trump: "i'm doing the right thing for you."tonight the presidential hopefuls... gave one final pitch at caucus sites... before the votes were cast..sot rubio we will win this election and we will turn this nation around and we will do it together (gfx) as many as 400-thousand iowans -- expected to show up at some 2000 locations.....sot caucus voter we feel this year's really important. lot's changed in the last eight years. this caucus - even held in gary and mary weaver's living room.sot - mary weaver // we're really doing it almost as a convenience for ourselves and our neighbors." for the republicans... even a third place finish is key... giving that candidate momentum... moving into new hampshire. sotmatthew dowd abc news political consultantthis has shaken the establishment. and right now, we don't know if the earthqake to the establishment is a category one or a category five ...." . and all eyes now immediately shift to new hampshire.jeb bush and chris christie weren't even here for tonight's results. they're already in the granite state -- campaigning for next week's primary.brandi hitt - abc news
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nine on your side will be working ovrnight to make sure you have the latest numbers and reaction on good morning tri-state starting at four-30. and you can check wcpo dot com and our mobile app at any time for the numbers as they come in. this time tomorrow night we could be dealing with powerful storms. nine first warning chief meteorologist steve raleigh is watching that for you tonight. for mostly cloudy skies by morning, as temperatures fall from the 40s this evening to the mid 30s for the morning commute.showers and storms are likely tuesday night, and some of these storms could be severe. the storm prediction center has most of the tri- state under a slight risk for severe thunderstorms tuesday night. the greatest risk would
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new on 11 at 11... a permanant memorial for a cyclist police say was killed by a hit and run driver. 42-year-old 'michael prater' passed today. 9 on your side's john genovese joins us live from the hamilton county justice center with more. john. 'melinda woodall' remains here tonight. she's now facing charges for aggravated vehicular homicide. that -- as the cycling community bands together to honor one of their own.
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northside shop"anytime we lose a rider it's tragic" with the cables taken off--getting covered in white this bike isn't to ride -- it's to remember"we usually put the water bottle with their name on the bike so when people pass by it will say who the person was that passed"'jheri neri' (jerry nare-eee) is on the board of directors for the mo-bo bicycle cooperative'. by his count... this will be the sixth 'ghost bike' he's helped put together "the bike's that we've made -- i don't think anyone has intentionally hit somebody for any of them -- but they were always doing something other than paying attention to driving" 42-year-old 'michael prater' was riding along 'kellogg avenue'. police say 34- year-old 'melinda woodall' was high on prescription drugs when she hit him and sped off. well-known cyclist passed away at the hospital "(is it tough for you when you do this?) it gets tougher" at the spot where it happened--this bike will serve as a memorial--and
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to everyone who drives by "i want them to remember the fact that a young, man who had an incredible life in front of him passed at this spot tragically, unnecessarily" prater's friends and family are asking for their privacy tonight. a short time ago... we found out they're in the process of putting together a memorial bike ride. john genovese 9oys three shootings in a few hours tonight in cincinnati.. the first two were in mount airy.. just a few blocks apart. the most recent happened on colerain avenue near northbend. police say that appears to be a drive-by shooting. the first shooting was on hillvista lane near west north bend road. that victim was found in the middle of the street. a third person was shot in over the rhine tonight near vine and green. police say friends of the victim were inside a liquor store.. heard the gunshots.. and pulled him inside for safety. they then
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center. all three shooting victims are expected to recover. the shootings come on the same day cincinnati police chief eliot isaac presented his new plan to fight violent crime. chief isaac says he'll focus efforts on the 20 worst hotspots in the city for crime. the "pivot" plan will use data to distrupt the connections between criminals. businesses were criminals often do business will also be told to help... or be held accountable. tonight... the chief.. mayor cranley.. and other city leaders were in westwood to hear what people there say should be done to fight crime. nine on your side's ashley zilka joins us with what they had to say. ashley. gun violence took center stage here at westwood town hall. the chief and other community leaders listened- as grieving mothers spoke out. unsolved murders in the city. kelsie crow was killed outside a sweet 16 birthday party.
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to be protected and be able to come forward and testify so families can have closure. chief isaac let the room know- he has not forgotten.((chief isaac)01:48 her daughter's case has not grown cold. we continue to investigate it and we are not going to give up. 52 new plan to take criminals off 59:38 if we can bring federal charges on illegal guns, we can get that killer put away on a long term basis even if we don't get the murder to stick.rodney christian said it starts with our youth.(rodney christian)))44:31 you better start searching for them. a city wide search for youth leaders.carlnetta flagg-miles' son also murdered- she and others said westwood deserves the same treatment as over the rhine. the mayor agreed. (carlnetta flagg-miles : son was murdered)01:36:54 if they take the time and money to also invest in these other communities. the crime rate will also go down. 02chief's isaac's pivot programalso a focus.chief isaac00:56 the locations cause the problems as much as certain individuals and we need to make sure we are addressing those efforts
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flagg-miles)01:38:33 like i said i will be watching to see will it work. 36 the mayor and other city leaders made it clear- everyone needs to support the cincinnati police department from here on out. these public input meetings will continue throughout the next several weeks. reporting live, ashley zilka, 9 on your side. new at 11... trying to prevent an h-i-v outbreak in northern kentucky. tonight... the city of independence said it supports a needle exchange program to save lives. evan millward live now with why city leaders hope others will get on board too. independence is one of just two cities in northern kentucky to say it supports a needle exchange.there won't be one here -- but its mayor says tonight's vote shows those cities which will have exchanges they won't be alone. mayor chris reinersman/city of independence 023314 as a region it is the single biggest issue facing us, the single biggest threat we have heroin use breeds another threat to northern kentucky. reinersman 023331 that
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have an epidemic, an outbreak. health officials point to scott county indiana.h-i-v rates skyrocket because of dirty way to fight it was a needle exchange - clean for dirty.last year - kentucky lawmakers cleared the way for them here.sean fitzgerald/opposes needle exchange 022556 i understand the pull to want to help people, i completely understand that, but i don't think this is the way to do it. opponents in kentucky say a syringe exchange will bring more crime -- rewards those breaking the law -- and does nothing to rehab anyone.but in cincinnati.. they've tried it.. ollie kroner/northside community council 021101 none of this has really held true the cincinnati exchange project van landed in even though there won't be an exchange in town - independence council voted five to one to support saddler/northern kentucky health department 023026 support is growing because people are understanding that we have this window of opportunity to prevent an hiv epidemic from happening.. reinersman 023849 the whole intent here was to get the message out to other cities
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give the county he support that they need. each county - and the city in which nky health operates its clinic - has to approve the pendleton county is the only one with an exchange - and it went months without anyone using in independence, em, 9oys. tragic accident. a horse runs into traffic.. hitting a car. arrived . intolerable conditions.the courts weigh-in on complex called a public nuisance. the plan to make life better for residents. protecting your tax refund.. and more. the new i-r-s safeguards to make sure you get the money you are owed... and why they are more important than ever before. improving your odds. the new discovery about exercise and heart attacks that gives you one more reason to keep that
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you're watching nine on your side at eleven o-clock. storms become the big story tomorrow out coming up morningthe earliest runs are in when these come through the tri-stateand our latest sever weather risk..that's tomorrow morning.. bright and early..
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you're watching 9 on your side at 11 the tri-state mother charged in the death of her two year old daughter gave birth today
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the bulter county sheriff's office says rebekah kinner's child arrived this afternoon. no word on whether its a boy or a girl.. or how kinner and the child are doing. police say kinner did nothing while her boyfriend... bradley young beat kinsley kinner last year. young is also charged in the toddlers death. a sad story in indian hill tonight.. where a horse that got loose hit a car. the collision happened on shawnee run road this afternoon. chopper nine was over the scene in minutes as police shut down the road to take care of the animal and the driver. police and a vet determined the injuries were bad enough that the horse had to be put down.we just checked with the indian hill rangers.. no word tonight on whether the driver was hurt. five rundown apartment communities in cincinnati are close to getting millions of dollars worth of repairs. nine on your side has been following the court battle over those properties owned by a new jersey -- a judge appointed jody ridings of milhaus management to
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buildings. people who live in the apartments hope its a sign change is coming. "new improvements and we just like to thank a lot of people for helpnig us out and a lot things are about to change, change is a good thing for us" us"the apartment communities include "the alms" in walnut hills -- and the "entowne apartments" in avondale.those and three others have more than 18-hundred health and safety code violations. and the cost to fix up those properties is in the millions. w-c-p-o insiders can read why -- and where that money could come from. a frightening prediction about the zika virus. the world health organization says there could be four million cases of the disease in the americas in the next year. today... the w-h-o declared an international emergency because of the virus. its spread by mosquiotes... and can cause babies to be born with small heads when their mothers are bitten during pregnancy.the cincinnati health department says there
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area. its tax season.. and the i-r-s is taking extra steps to protect your refund from being stolen. john matarese has what you need to know.. so you don't waste your money. are you one of those people who try to file your taxes as early as get that refund in just a few days? you may have to wait longer this year.------------the irs has just announced that it is adding new safeguards for prevent scammers from filing taxes in your name, and stealing your refund! several million taxpayers ended up having their refund stolen last year.making things worse, you then have to wait months as the irs figures out which you is the real you! you!so this year, the irs is using new software to flag suspicious returns.if your income is very different from last year's income, or your address has changed, they will give your return a second look. thats's great....but it will push refunds back another week, to about 21 days this year.that will be frustrating to some people who like to file in early february and get
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but in the past the irs has sent out refunds first, and asked questions later....which can be really bad news if someone tries to file taxes with your stolen social security always dont waste your money. john matarese 9 on your side. weather summary: increasing clouds will make for mostly cloudy skies by morning, as temperatures fall from the 40s this evening to the mid 30s for the morning commute.showers and storms are likely tuesday night, and some of these storms could be severe. the storm prediction
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state under a slight risk for severe thunderstorms tuesday night. the greatest risk would be damaging wind gusts. currently, it looks like the bulk of our tuesday workday forecast will see only a chance for isolated showers. otherwise, we'll see mostly cloudy skies with highs in the low 60s.then, a more organized line of showers and thunderstorms will move across the tri-state mainly after 8 p.m. this line of storms will bring in high winds, torrential downpours and that threat of severe storms.rain and storms will continue until 2 a.m. but keep in mind, this timing could change as this system approaches, so check
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tonight in healthy living... being in good shape can not only reduce your risk of a heart attack.. it may also increases your chances of surviving one. that's what doctors at johns hopkins are saying after looking at the records of two- thousand people who had a heart attack. those who were in the best shape were 40 percent less likely to die than those in poor condition.
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caucauses are in... and ted cruz has won the republican race. but... the race between hillary clinton and bernie sanders on the democratic side is still too close to call. nine on your side will be working overnight to get the results for you.. and we'll have those numbers on good morning tri-state starting at 4:30. time for sports and nine on your side sports director john popovich. it's the start of super bowl week...some tough questions to start for peyton manning. manning.and it's lonely...very lonely when you're at the top of college baketball. sports
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good evening everyone. the last place you want to be this college basketball season is at the top...or near the top of the rankings. you don't last long. long.north carolina started the day number one in one poll..number two in the other...tonight they led louisville in the first on the transition..anice mahmoud with the behind the back pass to damion lee.-pretty bit of ballhandling for a seven footer.-second half...louisvill e goes in front...the number 19 ranked cardinals pull the latest upset 71 to 65 tonight speaking of the rankings...xavier remains , fifth in one poll...sixth in the other. the musketeers are home twice this week, st john's on wednesday, marquette on saturday. john brannen gets his norse of nku fired up...they arleady beat oakland on the road this season.- looking pretty good at this point.....the norse get a jump shot from dean danos.-the big night belonged to a local hoopster, drew mcdonald out of new cath...he had a career high 23 ..
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half- oakland made a couple of second half runs...max hooper a three...he had 15 points tonight...-martez walker added 16 more as oakland paid back the norse 85 to 74. miami plays at tuesday night at eastern michigan. they won't have senior guard eric washington. he's been suspended for a team violation. remember kelsey mitchell...who used to play for princeton-now she's one of america's top players at ohio state...- tonight against illinois, it was a close game in the fourth quarter when mitchell with the head fake....then calmly dropps in the three...-moments later...the bucks moving the's mitchell this time wiht a 15 football...the buckcyes win by 10. it's almost a weekly happening...thomas more's sydney moss is the player of the week in the president's athletic conference. a lot of energy tonight in fort mitchell...beechwood taking on newport central catholic-the tigers with the early advantage....the defender over joe robbins with a nice drive
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tough to handle with six-six ben weyer in the middle....he misses here....but then he keeps going after the basketball...he manages to grab the rebound...flings it to the perimeter...nicely setting up a teammate...- beechwood repeatedly did a nice job advancing the ball inside...and finding the open man....-but new cath with a little more firepower...the thorooughbreds with a 46 to 38 victoy tonight. everything is a big deal during super bowl's first meeting with the media was called super bowl opening night. there were a lot of questions for peyton manning. ...the most serioius was about retirement..he says he won't know until the end of the season. the least serious was asking him who would play him in a movie. manning said...maybe a young robert redford. we should all be so lucky. nine on your side returns
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the latest on the iowa caucuses.. ted cruz has won the republican race..with donald trump finishing second... marco rubio third. but... with 90 percent of the votes counted..its still too close to call between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. nine on your side will be working overnight to get the results for you.. and we'll have those numbers on good morning tri-state starting at 4:30. that's 9 on your side at 11 for this monday. we're always on with breaking news, weather, and sports on
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