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tv   9 On Your Side News 6  ABC  February 2, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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a deadly challenge for tri-state teens... who will will join me? me?teens taking their own lives - posting about it as a social media game.some as young as 12 years old. old.evan millward is on your side live tonight with how your community is reacting.
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there's great concern - from folks inside schools - to families with teens tonight. all of these suicides playing out over social media - and tonight students saying they may be group of moms is working to stop it. lanita dykes/diva dolls 2125 i probably got six or seven screenshots from kids saying they're going to attempt to kill themselves since this last suicide.that most recent - sunday night.the student - just 12 years old.the third in recent weeks up to age 17 - one even posting goodbye videos on facebook hours before he killed himself.dykes 2354 i think a lot of people are taking this seriously. they're spreading, they're getting the word across.lantia dykes is a co-founder of diva dolls.the group held a teen suicide summit in 20-13 -- and will again in march because of requests after three recent suicides.damarr hopkins/works with 5th and 6th grade 0412 i'm very worried because social media plays a big part in our teenagers' lives.damarr
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same age group.some of them are friends with teens who have killed themselves - and he's seen the facebook challenges too.hopkins 0403 i miss my friend, i miss my brother, i miss my sister, i want to be close to he's trying to help them understand why.dykes' was surprised at how young kids get it.dykes 2512 you may think an eight year old doesn't know but she does. she shocked me, she does know about suicide and about dying and taking your own life.both calling on parents to sit down - and talk - and listen.dykes 2800 you're important, your life matters. there are resources, there are people that you can speak to. we asked the hamilton county coroner's office about these says there is nothing right now to connect the recent instances. live in university heights,
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if you are concerned that a loved one may be thinking about harming themselves... we have suicide prevention resources you can turn to right now on wcpo dot com and our mobile app. a bond hill man -- accused of kidnapping a woman and holding her for *days*... says witnesses and cell phone records will show he's innocent. innocent.robert shaw is accused of hitting a woman in blue ash... taking her cellphone...then driving her home and locking her in her room for *two days*.he's being held on 50-thousand dollars bond. tonight -- kentucky's secretary of state and her father are under the microscope...for her two most recent political campaigns. an attorney for alison lundergan-grimes' father says he's been subpoenaed.attorneys want records related to grimes' unsuccessful bid for u-s senate in 2014 -- and her re-election as secretary of state in kentucky last november. investigators are
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looking for.but.. her father has been heavily involved in her campaigns. a federal grand jury will look over documents grimes' father brings to the court. it's not clear when that hearing will happen. a picture -- that went viral -- is now praising the officers who took action. that two year old found wandering outside alone -- without shoes! nine on your side's t-j parker... parker... spoke with that child's grandmother. he joins us live from cincinnati police headquarters. officers jamie landrum and will nastold brought that two year old her to the station- and kept him safe for hours until his mom showed up. i talked with two year old's grandmother, today, who says shes thankful for those officers. tonya caldwell: 44:48 i don't even know where to start i can't really think unbelievable.tonight- tonya caldwell is thanking cincinnati police- after they quickly picked up her two year old grandson- who police say was wandering outside- at 2
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but his pajamas and bare feet. tony: "43:49 they didn't have to do that you know they said my grandson was outside with no socks, no shoes, and no clothes and for them to go into their pockets, that says a lot for them, themselves" those officers- jamie landrum and will nastold- found the toddler- after roaming around in the cold at stathem cove apartments.jamie landrum//cpd: "54:24 i felt so bad for him because i was cold outside and i had my jacket and all of this gear and i was still cold and he didn't have on anywhere near what i had on"out of her own pocket- jamie bought the boy a shirt, sweatshirt, sweatpants and spiderman footies. she says it was the least she could do. jamie: "56:25 i think it's just a part of being a cincinnati police officer you know it's it's just something i think any of us would've done"will nastold: "59:36 i was playing with a kid who wanted someone to play with"the kid was brought back to the station- where officer will nastold took over- and did the best he could do keep him calm. will: "58:18 i did what i enjoy most when i se little children, i got in there and i just
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toys"the child's mom- 28 year old tanisha caldwell- eventually came for him *hours* later. police say she was intoxicated. she was arrested and charged with child endangerment. tonight- her mom- the child's grandmother says she can't thank the officer's enough for their quick action- and kindness.. tonya: ""43:22 i just thank god that he didn't get hurt" the boy's mother- tanisha- is expected to be in court tomorrow. as for the boy himself- he was placed into the care of 4-2-1 kids. one sheriff's deputy called the video "unreal".the man who officers say led police on a high-speed chase -- take cell phone video of it as it's happening! but what really stunned law enforcement... jehwayn booker posted the video on facebook! he and two others were arrested for that high speed chase that spanned three one point -- the suspects were traveling 90 miles an hour.they were
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the skyline chili in harrison. officers say they found a gun and marijuana in the vehicle. crews just finished restoring power -- to homes that lost it after rollover crash in mount airy. airy. the crash on colerain avenue near kipling injured five people. joseph oliver of riverside says a black honda tried to race him. he refused, but his vehicle hit a truck that pulled out in front of him. that truck flipped and knocked a utility pole onto oliver's vehicle. crews just finished restoring power to the area. fighting park crime...police target gangs -- by taking away their meeting spots... parks! the simple changes to an over-the-rhine playground that's lowering crime. the nine on your side's surprise patrol finds a man in need of some help.what he says when we give him some extra
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cincinnati police say targeting the places where criminals gather is key to
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it.a playground.but tonight -- criminals aren't there anymore. cincinnati police showed us why.police put up fences at the grant recreation area in over-the-rhine... creating only one entrance to the park. that stopped occassional shootouts.they also moved benches away from the entrance. police say easy access to benches attracts loitering and drug deals. and it turns out benches were the downfall of another cincinnati park.w-c-p-o insiders can read why leaders felt this west end playground just had to go. police say he targeted coin- operated washing machines... and it wasn't his first time! time!charles brooks is accused of taking apart machines at two separate locations... and stealing the coins inside. brooks also has burglary convictions from 2011 and 2012. a judge gave him 70-thousand dollars bond. weather and sports are ahead,
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tyler eifert limped away from the pro bowl...we'll update his status in sports. sot: "that's history. the whole weekend we made history for our school"a tri-state team scores big on the national stage! (nat) the challenging routines and the sacrifices that got them there.
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a local group of girls say they sacrifice their free time all year long.and this weekend -- it paid off. off.nine on your sides tony mirones caught up with the seton high school dance team... turns out all that time together-- helped them win a
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"are you guys ready"seton's dance team is proud"are you guys ready""yeah."here's the deal,((nats))the dance team went down to disney and competed on a national stage. emily berning/seniorseton dance team made history and we placed the highest we ever have at national not just in one routine but in both." considering it was them against the country, they placed third in the small pom routine and the small varsity hip hop.abby nutter/senior"and it's super cool and it's even better when you get to spend it with your little sister." there are two sets of sister on the team, they are the nutters, and they are the berningsemily berning/senior "we're super close, a lot of us have been dancing since the fourth or fifth grade."the girls knew they were performing well.mady nutter/sophomore"personally i just couldn't picture us doing anything but the best thing possible but moving on." caroline berning/sophomore"we do it together and we love what we do and we spend all of our time doing it."sara monahan/senior"it feels awesome it's like all of our hard work paid off, i mean we practice multiple days a week
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just watch for a moment.emily berning/senior"it was a really awesome experience and it wsa great for our program."the girls have about two weeks off before tryouts, and practice starts all over again.tony mirones 9 on your side, seton high school five of those girls are headed to college next year... and all say they'll join dance teams. nine on your side is finding tri-state folks who might need a little extra cash.every day we're surprising someone with either one-hundred or 500-dollars.tonight -- "our suprise patrol" stumbled across a man that was certainly down on his luck. julie o'neill"somebody with a hood up over here, and i just wonder what's going on with you here today?"man"well, this kind man is helping me put a new alternator in jump the car and get back on the road." julie o"greg could a hundred
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bit on that?man"sure, appreciate it thank you."julie o"well that's awfully nice, that's a hundred dollars right there. so what will you do with the hundred bucks."other man"uh groceries. i didn't get out to hunt this year so i'll go and buy it from the store. julie o"very good very good, anything else you want to say while the camera's rolling." other man"thank you guys. it's nice that you're out here doing that."man"thanks to channel 9."other man"thank you channel 9." we'll be on the "surprise patrol" all month... and you can watch all the free money fun right here on nine on your side at six p-m.
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. highs top out in the low 60s late this afternoon. but the best chance of rain will be later this evening. a cold front will drive showers and isolated thunderstorms through the ohio valley. gusts up to 40 mph are possible during the day. just along the cold front, a line of storms could develop sometime around 8 p.m. that could produce damaging winds and minor flooding. the storm prediction center has most of the tri-state under a slight risk for severe thunderstorms. this line of storms brings with it the
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the bengals tyler eifert is okay...he was wearing a protective boot after the pro bowl. the bengals said today
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and eifert shouild be good to go for off season workouits. college basketball tonight...kentucky tries to bounce back from that tough loss against kansas over the weekend. the cats play at tennessee tonight. it's not just players who shoot for the big time in singleton has more. you may have heard her voice or seen her face on espn, calling basketball games from coast to coast. but in cincinnati, brooke weisbrod ... see my mom and dad and sister and niece, it just makes the trip that much more worthwhile worthwhile you? we're right in the middle of an interview can see the joy the hamilton native brings whenever's shes back always share. as an athelte, you're trained to keep a straight face and a game face, you can't be emotional and passionate. that wasn't how i grew up or how i played. so finding that
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all came to life. a life in basketball wasn't hard to foresee for the st. ursula graduate. graduate. a lot of the girls i coached, once practice or open gym was over, there were heading to kenwood mall. you could just tell she loved the game of basketball. as a female speaking to a male-dominated audience, she says its time to have a frank conversation ... if men would open it up more to women. not shut down a different idea every time they hear one. we're equally as capable of doing any job. if you study the game, you study the game. one day that conversation will be had, until then her message is simple ... : it's just a basketball game, we're all gonna move on. there's bigger things in life, or try to for these two hours. and now here's julie dolan with a look ahead at nine on your side at seven. tonight we're following this developing and disturbing story.. two women recovering in an area hospital were sexually assaulted by a man who shouldnt hjave been in their at 7- what the hospital is saying about the
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"nine on your side's surprise
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that's 9 on your side at six for this tuesday. tuesday.we're always on with breaking news, weather and
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