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tv   9 On Your Side News 530  ABC  February 3, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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a south lebanon woman is learning what happens when you hang up on a detective after car! 9 on your side's butler and warren county reporter jay warren is live with how the woman got away with her now ex- boyfriend's car. jay? a middletown man went to a local car dealership to make a
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walked inside the woman he was with jumped into the drivers seat and took off--- mike white has been without his 2001 buick lesabre for five days--he says things went south when he went to make a payment on it here at d and d auto sales in middletown((mike white/car stolen))"eighty dollars my payment is sixty five i come out of d and d and she was gone."he says april hornsby just took off and no matter how hard he tried to convince her to bring it back she refused((sot))"i've called her text her and she said honey well i'm on my way i'll be there in a little bit and never showed up."that's when he went to middletown police for help. and a detective started called. ((jay warren/9 on your side))"according to the police report she did call the detective back here at the mpd and he basically said look bring the car back or i'm going to have to charge you the report says that she did not tell him where she was that she would not bring the car back and in fact hung up
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kind of made him mad."so today i went out to hornsby's address in south lebanon to ask her a few questions but the teenager who ultimately answered the door said she wasn't homefor five days white says he was stuck without his car until this morning when he says she finally sent him a text message that she dropped it off here at this little market a two mile walk away white tells 9 on your side that police think he's lucky he got his car back at all and he had this message for hornsby ((sot))"if she sees this april good luck and god bless you don't come around me no more." there is now a warrant out for the arrest of april hornsby for unauthorized use of a vehicle. if you know where she is you can help the middletown police by calling crime stoppers at 513-352-3040. jay warren 9 on your side middletown a hamilton man is now indicted on murder charges stemming from a deadly shooting outside a bar.charles mcdonald is accused of killing a man on january 15-th outside the
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was seriously hurt. mcdonald has previous convictions and is being considered a repeat violent offender.he remains in the butler county jail on one million dollars bond. new tonight - an indiana man is accused of stealing 100- thousand dollars from his employer over the course of a year. and now at 5-30, we're learning exactly what steven linville is accused of taking. 9 on your side reporter evan millward is live in versailles with the story, evan? indiana state police say this was a case of ripping off merchandise from one place to sell to the next.but whats got everyone's attention is who was on the receiving end. end.steve linville is now charged with 17 counts of theft and 17 counts of forging documents.investigators say he stolr 100-thousand dollars in fuel oil washer fluid and antifreeze from his employer -
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starting in november of 20-14. 20-14.hes accused of then turning around and selling it to this place - bobs service station in osgood.its run by his incle bob linville who is also a county commissioner.we stopped by this evening to ask about the case - linville referred us to his attorney! that attorney told me over the phone that they would let both the criminal charges and now a lawsuit play out on court.isp tells me its detectives dont believe the commissioner knew what was in versailles in em 9oys. new tonight.testing of rape kits in the state of ohio is hitting a milestone. milestone.12-thousand kits are being submitted to the d-n-a crime lab. forensic scientists have already tested nearly ten thousand of them. them.and that's leading to the arrests of hundreds of accused attackers.including larry willingham who was arrested
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250-thousand dollars bond. crews work fast to clean up several mudslides across the tri-state. one on columbia parkway near delta shut down all five lanes early this morning.the overnight rain caused the mud to bring down part of the retaining wall.and across town... near the 2-75 and 74 interchange... two inches of mud coated the road.that made getting to work hard for deanna dougan. down.">both roads were only closed for a little bit. kentucky nine at licking pike was also impacted as well. cincinnati will again shine on the silver screen when "miles ahead" premiers in theaters on april first.the movie - starring don cheadle - about jazz musician miles davis was filmed around the tri-state in 2014. from the just- released trailer - you can see a few
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the rhine and downtown.the trailer's most easily identifiable location is the former oakley presbyterian church. cheadle not only stars in the film, but directs it too! co-star ewan mcgregor plays a reporter for rolling stone... cheadle is supposed to be back in town when the film premieres locally at the esquire theater. coming up next at 5-30.a fire kills two people in indiana... one of them a four year old little girl.what we're learning about the deadly flames... and who tried saving them... next. and the new apology from a convicted murderer who escaped from a new york prison. i'm john matarese...a chance
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tickets...or a trip to disney world.but is it real?i'm on your side with how to tell if any facebook contest is real or a scam. you're watching 9 on your side
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a four year old girl dies in a house fire.the indianapolis home caught fire around one this morning.the girl's grandfather died in the fire
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first to the home.but the flames pushed them back as they tried saving the pair.the state fire marshall is trying to figure out what ignited the flames. the water crisis in flint, michigan was "avoidable!" "avoidable!"that's what the acting chief of the environmental protection agency is telling congress.the lead contamination has killed ten people and sickened another 77. a woman who calls flint home... says her son has developed speech issues and now has a compromised immune system because of the water... again.">in a letter to president obama last month... michigan's governor estimates it costing more than 767- million dollars to replace flint's water system. the convicted murderer who
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prison last year is apologizing. apologizing.david sweat was serving a life sentence when he broke out of the jail in june.he is now ordered to pay nearly 80 thousand dollars in recall sweat and richard matt hid out in a finneytown man's cabin during the three week manhunt. sweat spoke out after today's sentencing. that.">today's sentencing is only a formality because sweat was already serving a life sentence.his partner in crime, richard matt was shot to death when he was captured. your nine first warning
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they pop up on your feed... your friends share them... but these facebook freebies are fake! each "like" could put you at risk. john matarese is on your side with the ways to spot a bogus giveaway so you don't waste your money.a huge seven car crash with one on fire... and that car's driver tells us the terrifying moments in his fight to're watching 9 on your side at 530.
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is it real....or a scam? that's what many people wonder when freebies and contests pop up on facebook these days. days.consumer reporter john matarese shows us how to tell....but first, concerns about a car leaking gasoline. john? it's unusual for an automaker to issue a stop sale of a vehicle...but mazda is doing just that with its cs-5 suv tonight. tonight.the company is telling dealers not to sell the cx-5 until it fixes a fuel filler pipe that can leak gasoline. meantime, it is recalling more thasn 200 thousands 2014 to 2016 vechiles that have alrady been sold: contact your dealer if you have one. remember when stores starting pushing thosde squiggly cfl fluorescent bulbs on us, telling us they were the wave of the future?
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already appears to be over.g-e has just annoucned that after this year, it will no longer manufacture cfl fluorescent bulbs....that nobody liked anyway.instead it is making the move to more efficient and better looking l-e-d bulbs. if you spend much time on facebook, you have probably seen all sorts of posts claiming you can win something....from a free cup of coffee to a cruise.some seem legit, but can you be sure?9 is on your side with how to tell a real freebie from a scam. it seems everyone wants us to "like" and share something on facebook these a way to win vacations or money. money."your friend likes this, or your friend sent you this." the latest: a chance to win one of five first class tickets on delta part of its 50th anniversary celebration. thousands of people liked a facebook post for a chance to win a $2,000 diamond ring on valentines day.and last year,
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learned from a friend he had won some facebook sweepstakles. sweepstakles."she said its for people who have been on facebook for several years, and they randomly pick." pick."but in every case, the winnings are bogus. facebook is not handing out sweepstakes money.... and airlines and jewelry stores are not handing out free tickets and liking them.------------------ instead, you are about to fall victim to"like farming" attempt to get facebook names.or you could be downloading malware....or giving your credit card number to a scammer.but how do you know? after all some giveaways are real!the key is to check the page the facebook post takes you to.this is walt disney world's facebook page, it has 14 million look at this nearly identical facebook page for disney world. but note that it's disney world, not walt disney world. and it links to a survey for personal information ....not the real disney check out the links before you take a survey or share something with a friend.better yet....don't share it at all. bottom line: follow the links
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takes you to the real company's website before you share or sign up.finally, some legitimate sweepstakes , in this weeks edition of you win wednesday wednesdaycampbell's soup is giving away 24 super bowl 12 winners.bud light will give one lucky winner 2 tickets, plus airfare and hotel.and pepsi will award 300 shopping sprees on and other recent freebies on so you dont waste your money. it sure was nice to see the sun out today. today.will it stick around? let's get the answer from 9 first warning chief
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coming up next at 5-30... emergency landing.
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coming in at this hour about the likely cause of an explosion that nearly brought down a plane. plus, today's surprise money giveaway results in tears!why that woman's coworkers say she's deserving of a visit from the "surprise patrol" at
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new tests are providing clues into what caused a mid-flight explosion that ripped a hole in the middle of a plane. the horrifying video taken on board the plane flying above east africa. initial tests show an explosive residue was discovered on the plane.the pilot was able to land safely. only two people were hurt.none of the terror groups are claiming responsibility. the driver at the center of a fiery crash -- describing the moments *as it happened*. happened*.that interview on nine on your side at six... carol williams is live in the newsroom... carol? the crash created quite a scene on i-75... 75...a car in flames -- images you saw live on nine on your side.tonight -- hear why the driver says the crash was different than what police are saying. a hard lesson for a 10-year-
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the road!his mother coming to the rescue of an unconsious driver... who police think may have been on drugs!what that mother hopes her son will learn from the disturbing
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speaking out!the extraordiary video seen live on nine on your side. now... the man inside that car describes the moment before impact. a hero mother -- jumps into action at a crash scene -- with her young boy watching! watching!"i looked at my son and said this is drugs. this can happen. this is real." the lesson her son learned -- from her selfless effort to help a drugged driver. the "nine on your side surprise patrol" makes a lucky winner cry.why her coworkers say she deserves some help.nine on your side at six starts now. you saw this fiery crash live on nine on your side's amazing anyone in the car could survive. survive.tonight -- nine on your side is talking to the driver of that car... car...john genovese is live with what he said. brandon ridener says this is the first car crash he's ever been in and one he won't soon
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