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tv   9 On Your Side News 6  ABC  February 3, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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braking he started sliding on oil then crashed into another car before catching fire in the midst of the morning commute--traffic cameras capturing a car burst into flames "we were heading up the highway - just going normal day" brandon ridener and his friend were heading to school- driving north on 75 near 'towne street'. that's when he says - he saw the car in front of him wasn't moving "as soon as i seen her stop - i tried to hit my brakes - i felt my brakes kind of go out on me so i grabbed the emergency brake, it just hydroplaned right into the back of her" inside a rental ford fiesta-brandon says his friend's airbag went off - but his didn't.from the hood of the car - he says smoke began to rise "soon as i hit - the flame underneath the hood starts immediately - and my friends like oh get out so he gets out immediately - i try to get out - the doors not opening - i have to kick the door open - i finally get out then car bursts bigger flames" in front of them - he says -
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that had crashed moments before he did "cars getting heavier and heavier with flames - so we're backing up - then i notice there's oil all the way up to where the cars wrecked" oil - brandon believes - led to this mess"a normal car would've stopped but the brakes went out on me and the emergency brake even slid out on the oil so i feel i should not be blamed for this" regardless - at the end of the day - everyone made it out ok "just thank god - it was a blessing in disguise i'm happy to walk away from it all" it's a moment a ten-year-old boy will never forget.his mother rushing to save a man who crashed his car... and on the verge of death likely
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your side's rose-ann aragon spoke to that woman -- who says it created *two* valuable lessons for her son. just imagine being 10 years-old watching your mom helping a man fight for his life--- it happened right here on ross rd-- this mom--jumped right in. "you could still see the tire marks."a picture engrained in this mother's head-- she was on her way home with her son-- when she saw a car in a ditch-- the driver unresponsive--she immediately she stopped to help. help. "his window was down just enough where i could fit my arm through and unlock his door."she would then realize-- he was dying--his eyes drifting away."they were blank he was gone. he was gone. he was gurgling the whole time-- and gasping for air."a moment of panic-- in the midst of the chaos -- her 10 year-old-son chace --her eldest-- now watching from a short distance--"he said he was very scared.. he said he didn't know what to do."so he watch his mom-- fight for this stranger's life."i found out his name and i would just start screaming his name
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would gurgle and he would get air"she didn't stop until ems and police arrived."they came over after after a while and told us more than likely it was a heroin overdose, and so i looked at my son and told him this is drugs. this can happen. this is real. and i"m sorry that this is what the world is like, but i'm happy that you seen this."a very raw moment for this 10-year-old boy--a moment this mom would use to teach"this is important. this is life and i can't shield him forever.. i want him to understand how horrible is the epidemic of heroin and all the other drugs are. i think schools really now need to concentrate on getting that in there."a drug that's killed more than 400 people in butler and hamilton county in the last two years. a push for education but also--a push to act."this guy has a picture of a woman and a baby on his saw me helping because i want you to be a helper. i want you to be active. i want you to be out there. it's an important lesson for him." a lesson he
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learn-- now police say that man was taken to the hospital to recover-- they have not yet released his identity. either way--this mom says she'd do it again. reporting ra 9 oys. now at six.... crews trying to pull free an s-u-v that smashed into a building.. so far in... a tow truck couldn't pull it out at first. chopper nine -- the only local helicopter getting you breaking news first -- was first to that scene in east westwood. nine on your side's tom mckee is live there -- where crews pulled that s-u-v from the scene.tom? precis: an suv crashed into a building at 3382 mchenry avenue in east westwood. the suv was pulled out of the apartment just a short time ago. one person was taken to the hospital. the do not appear to have a serious
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police say a would-be bank robber may have been spooked... and was caught by police after crashing his truck trying to flee! flee!christopher turpin is charged with the crime. investigators say he handed a teller a note at the fifth-third bank in florence -- but ran before taking any money.police found him driving a short time later... and turpin crashed on garvey road. a tri-state attorney accused of forging a mother's signature -- so she'd get less child support!tonight -- he's not practicing law. law.ohio's highest court suspended him *edward hardiman, junior* for six months.he's also accused of signing his name as a witness
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power-of-attorney -- which he admitted to doing. liberty township is rallying around a little boy who is fighting a rare form of brain cancer. cancer.larosa's is holding a benefit tonight for kyler bradley.the ten-year-old is battling d-i-p-g... a rare form of childhood cancer.the fundraiser continues until 11. 20 percent of today's proceeds goes to the bradley family. hamilton county will *not* go after a new 9-1-1 tax -- at least not for now. was a packed house at the county commissioner's meeting today.the new tax for 9-1-1 service would have helped fund the county's emergency communications center.late last year -- commissioners considered a one-and-a-half percent tax added to certain utility bills. but today it was halted -- as todd portune says the possible revenue could disappear anyway. "i'm aware that there are already efforts udnerway in columbus to lobby state legilators to introduce new
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eliminate this as a revenue opportunity for counties" counties"but for now -- there is enough money in other parts of the county budget to cover costs.commissioners are still trying to decide how they'll pay for the 9-1-1 system. and the plan had pushback from state lawmakers.representative alicia reece said today residents can't afford to more money added to their monthly bills....and she is working in columbus to do away with suggested tax. the super bowl has a danger many folks don't think about... drunk drivers! drivers!and that's why warren county is relying on some unusual messengers -- who will visit so many homes this sunday.the fleet of drivers -- who could help stop a deadly wreck before it happens. and later -- the surprise patrol relies on co-workers to find the lucky winner of one- hundred dollars.why they wanted to give back to her. you're watching 9 on your side
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the super bowl is just days away -- and that means lots of eating and *drinking*.and to combat drunk driving -- officials are turning to a unique group of people... pizza drivers! today -- triple-a and warren county leaders unveiled their plan at larosa's.they'll be putting these stickers on every pizza delivered by participating reminds folks to find a designated driver -- and *don't* get behind the wheel if they've been drinking. "we hope that the message literally hits home for anyone that is celebrating by drinking on super bowl sunday they should not get behind the wheel fans should get tehir own game plan and that should includedesignating someone to drive if you've been drinking on that day" day"triple-a says super bowl night is one of the worst every year for impaired drivers. (carol)leaders of the creation museum want to expand -- a
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*triple* the size of this building. building.keep in mind -- this comes as the group builds a full-scale replica of noah's ark.a co-founder of the creation museum says the expansion at their orginal building -- would help prepare for hundreds of visitors at the ark encounter exhibit.but -- the added space requires approval from boone county. the father of the man who killed a danville ohio police officer -- says he's not against his son getting the death penalty. penalty.prosecutors say that's now a possiblity for herschel ray jones.and they accuse jones of using a *stolen gun* to kill officer thomas (kuh- trell) cottrell last month. jones' father said he didn't cry when he heard is son could face capital punishment. "if he directly targeted an officer for that reason , what they are asking for is not unreasonable 51 does it hurt me? yeah, understandable, yeah." yeah."the suspect's father
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should *not* have been released from prison. weather and sports are ahead, what do you guys have coming up? up? it was national signing day....we'll take you on a high school journey in sports. julie stand-up: "the plan is we're gonna go in and act like we're doing a story about positive people in the workplace who bless others and then we're gonna bless somebody with $100"moments away... 9 on your side surprise patrol is giving away
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nine on your side is giving away free money with our "surprise patrol". patrol".and today's surprise was a bit "undercover".julie o'neill stopped by a popular tri-state diner...and played a trick to find that lucky person.but those who know this woman -- say she deserves it. julie o'neill"okay we're at camp washington chili. the plan is, we're going to go in and act like were doing a story about positive people in the workplace who bless others. and then we're going to bless somebody with a hundred dollars. come on... maria i just want to ask you if there's somebody here at work, do you mind if i talk to the employees."maria papakirk/camp washington chili owner"you can talk to all of them."julie o'neill"hey, everyone i know you're busy, i wonder if you have a fellow employee here that is is a positive person that lifts your day?maria papakirk/camp washington chili owner"trish has been with me for 15 and a always keeps a smile on her face.maria papakirk/camp washington chili owner"she's great she has her own: baking cooking thing, on the side." worker 1she brings me goodies and treats i love my trish." maria papakirk/camp washington chili owner"she bring in cookies and treats.worker 1
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look for?"worker 1"joyful." worker 2"she's the happy go lucky person in here."worker 1 "she's loving."worker 2"she's the person that's full of hugs. trish is a good person." julie o'neill"trish are we embarrassing you?"trish"a little bit, 'cause i'm not usually in the spot light." customer"she likes to give christmas cards to all of her customers."maria papakirk/camp washington chili owner"she makes christmas cards for all of the employees, and i would say for a majority of our regular customers too."julie o'neill"we're actually not doing a story on positive people in the workplace, but we wanted to find one because channel 9 is doing a special promotion. so i wonder if you would like to have a hundred dollars?"trishyup... that is much appreciated and i love the fact that the people here understand that i care about everybody. that i always want to see people smile even when they're having a bad day 'cause that makes it better, way." trish says she's going to use
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supplies.stay tuned for more free money surprises -- daily on nine on your side at six.
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today they signed on the dotted line. there was baseball hitters...and soccer kickers...but most of all, they were football players. it was national letter of intent day. it's a fun day for most....big kids not used to wearing ties check their hair....they get the thumbs up.-a lot of proud coaches on display as well. tom bolden of colerain getting all fired up as he proudly showed off his class.-moms and dads...beaming and taking pictures...proud of accomplishment....happy they have less college to pay for.
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was at elder...-they had a handful of kids signing....first business....then breakfast at a local chili establishment. that big kid fixing his hair is tommy kraemer he's off to notre dame.-and peyton ramsey...his dad is the head coach...he's off to indiana. over at mount healthy, david montgomery added a little suspense as he made his choice.....he was considering several schools....but he put on the hat of the winner...david is going to iowa state. like mike said....there's deshaunte jones of colerain also showing everyone that he'll e an iowa state cyclone- i always like what the gmc does....they bring together all their schools...all their athletes in one place....annually, it's one of ohio's best leagues. over at st x......all at once now.......bombers putting on the cap of their new college....they had a total of
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goes to ohio state...noah davis to michigan state...andrew homer to miami. at chca...prince sammons unlikely journey continues. he's from nigeria...adopted by family and football here.- he'll play offnesive line at auburn. and another bumper crop at moeller....three young men going to the big ten-receiver jake hausmann to ohio state- lineman ryan smith will be an indiana hoosier-and matthew coghlin joins mark dantonio at michigan state...he'll kick there. the uc bearcats announced a class of 23.....but only one from greater cincinnati. mason's ty sponseller committed to the cats: trt every place."((tuberville: now we offer a lot of scholarships in cincinnati. we do our due diligence. we go to the high schools. i personally watch games on friday night, to be around. to make sure we're targeting the right guys. and we offer scholarships, and they went other places. bottom line. that happens to
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let's finish with baskeball..the red storm of st john's blows in at 6:30 tonight. xavier looking for its 20th win. now here's julie dolan with nine on your side at seven. tonight a community is rallying around a local family fighting to help others as their son fights a deadly disease. disease.that story plus we're live in westwood with the breaking story where an suv went into an apartment complex... what thew damage means to the people living in the complex. "nine on your side's surprise
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that's 9 on your side at six for this wednesday.
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