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tv   9 On Your Side at 11  ABC  February 3, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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an elderly man is beaten and robbed... sot: "and he just... boom, boom!" his neighbors actions to help and the criminals still on the loose. lowering the limit... the drive to change o-v-i laws across the country... the reason mothers against drunk 9 on your side at 11 starts now first on 11 at 11.. breaking news... a local pastor charged with rape.. sodomy and sexually abusing a child less than 12 years old. joseph niemeyer was a pastor at the new banklick baptist church. church.the senior pastor there tells nine on your side niemeyer confessed to the crimes.. and everyone at the church is in shock. its not clear right now if the victim has a connection to the church. also new at 11.. it's a story you'll only see on 9 on your side. a 70 year old man
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neighbors say the victim is a fixture in the neighborhood. our john genovese spoke with that victim tonight - he joins us live from district 2 police headquarters with more. john. thankfully - that man walked away from alll this with just bumps and bruises. witnesses tell me they saw two guys running from the scene -and tonight investigators need your help to track them down "he came up from behind me and jumped me like - and said give me all your money" through this madisonville neighborhood- it's a walk he's made too many times to count "i said i aint got it - and it he just pum - pum - then somebody yelled something and he took off and ran" - knocking 70-year-old 'darrel white' to the ground "pretty hard - and my legs won't let me do nothin anymore" around 7-30 tuesday night-"i heard someone screaming" people on roe street near blaney came rushing to help "darrel's on
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hard time getting up"'byron coaston' called 9-1-1-he says he saw two guys booking it- both young thin and tall "they get up off of him and they took off running down the street that way and disappeared" because of his age- byron and other neighbors think darrel was targeted "he's just this benign guy - you see him, and people give him rides or something but he's just a really nice and gentle guy" a guy who says he's now afraid to go walking by himself "it made me feel pretty bad because i don't cause nobody no trouble - and i don't mean to cause nobody any trouble - i try to help people and it seems like certain ones are taking advantage of you helping em. take advantage of ya" as always - if you have any information on those two guys police are urging you to call crimestoppers. that number - 352-30-40. john genovese 9oys new on 11 at 11... breaking news concerning the i-r-s. a computer failure means millions of americans can't file their tax returns. this comes right in the middle of the tax filing season.
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of the agency's computer systems are affected. the i-r-s is calling it a "hardware failure". they also say it may take until tomorrow to finish all the repairs. the good news.. the i-r-s says it should not affect refunds. nine on your side will watch this story for you overnight. we will bring you any new developments on good morning tri-state starting at four-30. now at 11.... bill cosby will stand trial on sex assault charges. a pennsylvania judge tonight refused to dismiss the case. cosby is accused of assaulting a woman at his home in philadelphia in 2004. the next hearing is march eighth. a butler county mother pleads guilty to child endangering charges.. as her husband prepares to stand trial. nine on your side first told you about katina and anthony gevedon last week after they were arrested in middletown. police removed their eight children from the house. police say the house on tyus avenue was horrible... floors were covered with cat feces.... and there were
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couple's children ranged in age from five months to 15 years. now on 11 at 11... an s-u-v crashes into an apartment in east westwood. you saw the first live pictures from the scene tonight from chopper nine.. the only local chopper getting you breaking news first. a couple had just come home when it happened.miraculously - no one involved was seriously hurt.evan millward is live there now with cleanup. jonathan james/suv burst into bedroom 2053 it don't even seem like this is my bedroom - you know me and my wife spent our anniversary here, it's been 9 years, going on 10 years january 3rd - this don't look like no bedroom!jonathan james looks through the gaping hole in his apartment.bricks blasted in by an wayward s-u-v during evening rush.matthew henderson/building owner 1809 that everybody was not injured is just amazing when you look at the damagejames and his wife just got home with groceries.his barber - waiting inside.james 0808 my barber was like get out the way, get out the way. i'm like what? he
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there, a van right there. i'm like where? he like, in y'all bedroom window!.he walked outside to this - an s-u-v half in, half out.chopper nine with the exclusive view of the scene.inside -charlotte jeffries/aunt of victim 0536 it was messed up, messed up, glass everywhere.charlotte jeffries is related to the folks inside.jeffries 0638 it had me shooken up too, like it happened to me. i just heard that big solid boom.that noise replaced later -nats - screw nats - wood- with the sounds of a temporary fix.for a split second situation -james 2122. my neighbor like bro, move out, move out.- a battering of sorts - in the bedroom. colder air is heading towards the tri-state. nine first warning meteorlogist steve raleigh is here with your look at the morning. we will see a mix of suns and clouds tomorrow, there's a 20
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flurries. high pressure builds in friday and through most of the weekend to give us mainly
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new information on a very disturbing story. an ohio seminary student is accused trying to going to mexico with plans to rape and molest police say he also tried to have contact with children in ohio. police in steubenville say joel wright put an ad on craigslist ofering to pay parents up to 150 dollars to let him babysit their children. a tipster was worried about the ad.. and called police. wright was arrested by homeland security at the airport in san diego a few days ago as he was on his way to mexico. investigators say he planned to rape at least three children under the age of three.. and sell video of it. a ripley county commissioner embroiled in a theft case tonight. tonight.indiana state police say steve linville stole more than 100-grand in merchandise from this store where he worked in osgood.then he allegedly sold the oil, fuel and antifreeze to his uncle's business.bob linville owns this service station - and is
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tells nine on your side bob linville didn't know about he crime... and he is not charged with any crime. now on 11 at 11.. republican rick santorum quits the race for president... and throws his support behind senator marco rubio. santorum had been trailing in the polls for months.. and wasn't a factor in iowa. with the new hampshire primary just six days away... new allegations are flying between many of the presidential candidates. donald trump says ted cruz stole the iowa primary.. and he wants a new election.trump says he'll file an official complaint. cruz says trump is just throwing a fit. among democrats.... bernie sanders is contesting the results from iowa. he came in just two tenths of a point behind hillary clinton. closer to home... indiana governor mike pence today filed the paperwork required to run for a second term. former indiana house speaker democrat john gregg also filed today for governor. he was pence's opponent in 20-12. neither of them is expected to face any primary challenges.
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elections may be moving from downtown to norwood. board members want to open shop in the central parke office complex on smith road. they say it provides extra room the board needs... is close to public transportation... and has lots of parking. the county commissioners will have to approve the move before it can take place. there is a new push for casinos in kentucky tonight. the proposal by two lawmakers would use 90 percent of the taxes to bail out kentucky's pension system. the rest would go to increase the purses in horse races. if it gets through the legislature.. and is signed by governor matt bevin.. it would then be put on the november ballot. an entire community is sticking by a little boy as he takes on the biggest obstacle of his short life. 9 on your side's ashley zilka tells us how liberty township is helping a ten year old battle cancer. 27:20 he is fighting for his life but he is not alone. a packed house here at la rosasanother fundraiser for 10 year old kyler bradley. 27
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liberty township's very own superheroand rebecca bradley's son.22:51 it was amazing. it was one of those things you just didn't expect. 5414:43 kyler is the bravest little person i know of. 45 11:23 i am kyler's friend and i came to support him. 26kyler is battling the same type of brain cancer that claimed lauren hill's life. fundraisers like this one have become a trend for the bradley family. with every pizza...comes a donation. 03:15 we actually had people asking please let me work. they wanted to be a part of it. 18an army of "kyler strong" supporters him on.24:13 we struggle as it is but i couldn't be where i am and kyler i don't think would have the strength to be where he is without everybody behind us. 2115:14 i want to see him running around and come over in his daddy's cabooko? and shovel my
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19fundraisers- like this one- allow the bradley's to focus on their sonand not worry about medical expenses.15:57 we love them and i hope they love us back. 5924:23 are you going to keep fighting? you better believe it! 2427:47 the community has raised well over $100,000 for kyler and his family. la rosas will donate 20% of its proceeds. ashley zilka, 9 on your side. 56 what is really in mc-donald's mozzarella sticks?now.. there is a federal lawsuit over the ingredients. next... mc- donald's reponse to the claims. should drunk driving laws be made more strict?a federal agency says its necessary.why mothers against drunk driving doesn't like the idea. an emergency landing.. in the ocean. why the pilot may have picked this one place in the sea to put his plane down. a new warning about the zika virus.. this time from tri- state health officials. the information they want everyone to know.
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you're watching 9 on your side at 11 mc-donalds tonight is accused of lying about what's in its new mozzarella sticks. a lawsuit says the company is violating federal standards for food quality. nine on your sides john matarese has the lawsuit.. and mcdonalds response. poor mcdonalds! it just can't catch a break right now with its popular new menu item....mozzarella cheese sticks.---------------you would think a cheese stick was a cheese stick.but last week, several social media photos went viral....showing empty cheese sticks!mcdonalds
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the cheese filling melted out, leaving just a hollow bread a california lawsuit contends the sticks dont even contain real cheese. cheese.the suit claims the mozzarella sticks are not 100% cheese as claims tests show the cheese is actually 3% starch....and federal rules limit cheese ingredients, so that if you add starch you cant call it real cheese. says the suits contentions are wrong, says it uses real cheese, and says it plans to vigorously defend the lawsuit.who would have thought that a simple cheese stick could creat such controversy?whatever you buy dont waste your money. i'm john matarese 9 on your side. it doesn't appear a hearing has been scheduled yet on this case. nine on your side willl stay on top of it for you and let you know what the courts decide. amazing pictures tonight of a
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the pilot of a single-engine plane struggling with a mechanical problem.. and deciding his best bet was to land in the ocean. the irony here.. the area where the plane landed is actually considered to be a runway for sea planes. the pilot decided to ditch in the water after his landing gear wouldn't go down. the 68 year old pilot walked away unharmed. the cessna remains at the bottom of the ocean. plans are being made to salvage it. new at 11... it might cut the number of deadly drunk driving crashes nationwide in half... saving thousands of lives every year. that is why the national transporation safety board wants states to lower the limit for drunk driving from the current point- oh- eight to point- oh- five. the agency is making the change one of its top priorities this year. but it isn't getting a lot of buy in. mothers against drunk driving doesn't support the change. it says evidence shows
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great news for former president jimmy carter.he says the newest scan of his torso found no signs of melanoma. that's the cancer discovered last summer in his liver and brain. you may have heard the tornado siren tests today... which take place on the first wednesday of every month. now.. the hamilton county emergency management agency wants you to adopt a siren to make sure it works... when we need them the most during a life or death situation. if you're interested - check out the e-m-a's website.i've tweeted a link out to make it
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weather summary: increasing clouds and colder air for tonight gives us a more seasonal feel. temperatures will fall off into the 40s this evening and drop to near 30 degrees for the morning commute.while we will see a mix of suns and clouds tomorrow, there's a 20 percent chance of a few flurries. high pressure builds in friday and through most of the weekend to give us mainly dry conditions. the sun returns on friday and lasts through most of sunday.highs will only reach the upper 30s tomorrow with mid to upper 40s by the weekend.9 first warning: a rain/snow mix on monday could lead to light snow by tuesday. we are tracking the system now, so
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tonight in healthy living... new developments tonight concerning the zika virus.. this time from the cincinnati health department. we've now learned that the virus can be spread by sexual contact. so.. the health department is telling men who travel to areas where the viruis has been found not to have any sexual contact with a woman who could become pregnant for at least two weeks after returning home. the virus can cause birth defects when a pregnant woman becomes infected. a new warning for women: don't drink unless you're on birth control. control.we all know it's not safe for pregnant women to drink the c-d-c is asking all women to hold off drinking - even if you're just considering having a child. that's to reduce the number of
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syndrome.some data indicates children are exposed to alcohol when women drink - but don't know they've already become pregnant. for a look at what's happening in sports we check in with nine on your side sports director john popovich. st john's came stormin' into cincinnati.....and appeared to catch xavier by surprise. surprise.and fix that hair....straighten that smile......the pictures are was a big day for high school football....that's
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with havertys furniture, your home can be perfect. even when life isn't. our presidents day sale is happening now. from classic to contemporary,
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good evening everyone. some things are tough to explain. st john's had lost 12 straight games. you figured it would be easy. easy.xavier won earlier on the road over st john's...this three pointer by trevon bluiett got the muskies in front by seven.-but those
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thre...xavier leads by only two at the half-jalen reynolds hardly played in that first half with foul trouble...he tried to make up for it in the second half.-this one came with a technical foul on the st john's defender..still the xavier lead was only three.- other guys needed to step up....edmond sumner drives and dishes. j-p macura with three more.-but the big spark was myles davis who had all 16 of his points in the second half....he hits the corner three-xavier gets to 20 wins.the musketeers calm the red storm 90 to 83. the thomas more men lost bethany tonight in double overtime. the thomas more women beat bethany by a mere 61 points. the saints are 19 and oh. quite a day in greater cincinnati for high school players-the family and friends of high school players...-and the coaches of high school players.-all over the city high school players grabbed a cap...signed a paper and made their college choices.-tackle tommy kraemer signed with
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remembers his skepticism when he talked with irish coaches: ((i said are you sure he's good enough to play at notre dame? he was always a big kid and falling all over the place and wanted to play with mud and rocks and not much on the sports scene. we didn't know what he was gonna do)) do)) brian kelly got kraemer...but urban meyer picked up a few local players including moeller received jake hausmann- auburn nailed down giant chca lineman prince sammons...he's only been playing a few years of football-mount healthy's dave montgomery liked what he saw at iowa state...he off to ames-and so is colerain quarterack deshaunte jones.-so many player....the full list can be found at wcpo dot com. tommy tuberville signed 23 news players at uc.......and he said the players should gradually get better, because
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hockey tonight..the cyclones fall to wheeling 3-1. nine on
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that's 9 on your side at 11 for this wednesday. wednesday.we're always on with breaking news, weather, and sports on wcpo-dot-com.
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