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tv   The Now Cincinnati  ABC  February 10, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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call now, and welcome back. first on the now -- a sixth month old kidnapped by her mother in middletown-- is back home today ... but police say that mother is now dead. brittany russell did not have custody of her daughter, haven edwards, when she took her from a babysitter yesterday, claiming she would bring the baby back. russell never returned. the father, chris edwards, alerted police that russell was a recovering drug addict and might be headed
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9:30 this morning, police found russell's car at an apartment complex there. haven was ok.. but russell was dead from an apparent gun shot wound. edwards says it's been an emotional 24 hours. billy russell :0 i was happy. excited the my kid was okay. but under the circumstances i'm torn up about what happened but i'm happy to have my kid home :10 :10the dayton police department is now looking into brittany's death. our jay warren is also talking to russell's family. hear what they have to say about this-- tonight on 9 on your side at 5. a driver takes off after hitting a 15-year-old girl who was on her way to school. school.and as jordan burgess tells us, police are now searching for that driver. police say that girl was hit in one of the crosswalks here at reading and glenwood and that the driver did stop and get out for a second only to get back in his crv and leave but we're told a nurse did get out and help her.vehicles zip by the place where a few hours earlier that 15-year-old girl
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blue honda c-r-v.police say the girl had the walk signal and was on her way to school. afterward she was taken to children's to be checked out.. but witnesses say she appeared to be okay.police tell us the driver of the c-r-v was swerving in and out of traffic girl. at this point police are still searching for that driver who police say is between 30 and 40 years old wearing a hoodie and with facial hair. the vehicle is a 1998 honda crv that's blue with license plate g-r-w-8-2- 2-9. jordan burgess. the now cincinnati. cincinnati. right now we're taking a closer look at city council's plan to prevent injuries like this by making some of cincinnati's most dangerous intersections safer.tom mckee will have a look at those efforts coming up at 5. turning to weather -- the big
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finally, we get a break for some sunshine thursday. it will still be very cold with morning lows in the single digits and highs only in the low to mid 20s. skies will be mostly cloudy on friday and a flurries will be possible in the tri-state. northwest winds pick up a bit more on saturday and that could result in a few isolated snow showers as lake effect snow bands drift into the tri-state. as always, we are looking ahead. more ample moisture arrives by monday, bringing in another chance for snow. we will have to watch temperatures closely with this system as it may start as rain and eventually turn to snow. today is ash wednesday.. which marks the beginning of the lenten season.. and the countdown to easter. the now's briana harper breaks down what the season means to catholics.. and takes us inside some of the traditonal
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services here in the tri-state. state. nats pop singing. noon mass at st francis de sales catholic church draws quite a crowd on ash wednesday. eugene contadino//pastor, st. francis de sales church "it's really a retreat time. it's really a time to evaluate-to say there are some things i could do better and somethings i can work on." lent marks a period of abstinence and fasting before easter celebrations. and with that comes scripture nats perhaps the most reconizable traditions of ash wednesday -is the cross marked in ash on one's forhead. "it's a serious symbol, probably one of the most obvious things that every christian does and young people seem to want it to be identified as christians which is wonderful." the ashes sybolize the belief that god
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that man returns to ash after death. it's also seen as a symbol of repentence for personal sins. it's a practice that dates back to the middle ages. briana harper//@briana wcpo "but if you're looking for your blessing outside of the traditional four walls of the church-then this website ashes to go might be one to consider." congregations across the country offering a brief moment of prayer to those who are on the go but still eager to receive their ashes. it's a non-traditional ash wednesday service that's even made its way to the tri- state. in previous years a number of local churches have hosted what they call "drive through ashes" paulette wittenbrink//pastor, hyde park bethlehem united methodist church "it was an attempt to connect with some people in the neighborhood in a way that was sort of allowing them to experience some open prayer and some of the confessions that we do. also give them the opportunity to have the ashes placed on their forehead." due to colder weather this year-drive through ashes was cancelled. but church leaders says its something they hope to continue in the future.
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if you haven't had a chance to attend a local ash wednesday mass - there's still time. for the tristate, head to a major hiring even at cincinnati/northern kentucky for now. now.but-- officials we spoke with today say they expect to hold another event in the next three to four months.those jobs include retail positions, custodians, food service work, and security personell. 19.45 most are entry work. we are looking for people 16 and over work with ged or high school diploma but some without. with or without a drivers license. we have something for all walks of life. 19.59.39 19.59.39 one more thing to keep in mind -- we're talking about both full and part time jobs.we'll keep you posted on when another cvg job fair is announced. coming up february 19th and 20th -- aldi will be hiring employees for its independence can interview
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positions will pay a lot more than minumum wage too -- about $12.75 an must be 18 or older to apply and have at least a'll also need to be able to work any shift p.m. and be able to lift 45 pounds. cincinnati's pilot program to save homeowners money through energy efficiency is now underway. underway.empower cincinnati works like this -- homes that are likely to use a lot of energy are identified and the owners are contacted.these are usually older homes -- but not estimate is worked up that includes how much it will cost to upgrade the home's insulation and how much the improvements are likely to save them.if the owner agrees to make the improvements -- a vetted contractor is brought in to do the work. 5.51 its been very positive some people its tough to prioritize the costs just because insulation isn't the most exciting thing to spend money on but for those who know they need it they are thrilled to have a company that can provide a turn key solution 6.11.32
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so how much does something like this cost?the average is around $25-hundred dollars.but the savings can average between 300 to one thousand dollars a year.add that up over the 20 year life of insulation -- and you're looking at a savings of around 20 thousand dollars. a heads up if you plan to be anywhere near the streetcar project might be stopped by street closures. closures.race street will close from findlay to mcmicken while henry street will close from elm to race.the closure is expected to start around three and last until two.all of the work is weather dependent though.officials will give us a better time table tomorrow. this is important news for your money.the federal reserve chair telling lawmakers today the fed won't be reversing course and lowering interest rates. rates.but she says future rate hikes may not happen as fast as she first expected.the big things the fed is worried about:what impact more people borrowing money... and a strong dollar... could have on economic growth and hiring...
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economy.but there is some optimism. name: janet yellen | federal reserve chair "economic growth could also exceed our projections for several reasons, including the possibility that low oil prices will boost economic growth more than we expect."the fed raised interest rates in december for the first time in nearly a decade.economists predict the next hike could happen in june at the earliest. right now -- hundreds of american soldiers are preparing to head to afghanistan.the u.s. army says those forces will help afghan forces push back taliban insurgents in the province of helmand.the soldiers will not take active combat roles.this will be the largest deployment of american troops outside major bases in afghanistan since 2014. flying to your destination -- might soon be enjoyable! enjoyable!we'll tell you the changes being proposed to help you be more comfortable when you fly. the governor of michigan pledges hundreds of millions to help the people of flint..
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washington wanted answering tough questions here today.. we ask flint's congressman if the governor should be
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we all know the pain of squeezing into those tiny seats on airplanes.. with ver little leg room now one congressman is trying to do something about it.9 on your side's carol williams with the plan. the u-s house transportation committee is expected to hear the bill tomorrow. the bill... a representative from tennessee is calling on the f-a-a to set minimum seat sizes on planes. he says the average distance between rows has shrunk from 35 inches to 31 inches.and the average width of a seat has gone from 18 inches to around 16 inches. but the push for bigger seats isn't just about comfort.the congressman says the first reason is safety.he's worried about people being able to get off the plane fast enough in an emergency.he says the f-a-a
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on all of today's smaller seats.the second reason for bigger seats... your health. the congressman says doctors have warned that deep vein thrombosis can affect passengers who can't move their legs during longer flights. but those slimmer seats aren't all bad.airlines say the design has helped them save on fuel... because the seats are has also let them squeeze more seats on planes. both of those things theoretically mean cheaper tickets for you. in fact, the average round trip ticket in the u-s is now the lowest it has been since comes in at 372 dollars according to new information out from the federal government. today is the day michigan governor rick snyder was asked to appear before congress... to answer tough questions about what role he played in the flint water crisis.but he wasn't there today... telling lawmakers he needed to present his budget to the state legislature instead.the now's
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in washington... pushing for answers. *pkg full=snyder: "it's about a 400 million dollar investment focusing on flint and infrastructure in this budget."on the same day michigan governor rick snyder pledged hundreds of millions for the people of flint.. he was supposed to be speaking with another flint resident in washington today..1:29:49 a lot of people think that's a lot of money it's not much more than people in flint paid for water that poisoned their kids :58congressman dan kildee sits on the committee that invited snyder to testify about his role in the flint water crisis.. snyder declined saying he needed to present his budget to the legislature. 1:30:31 who is responsible for holding him accountable since he wasn't here today? :36 well ultimately it's the people of michigan and their voices are beginning to be heard :39 regularly on this question :42 transparency and telling the truth is not saying the things one wants to say but actually answering tough questions others might have :52the former city manager.. who was appointed by snyder has been subpoenaed to
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questions..1:31:05 can you and will you subpoena governor snyder if he doesn't appear here? 1:31:08 that's going to be up to the majority as a democrat we don't have the authority to issue subpoenaes i would hope that if he had an invitation on a day he could attend that he would simply come :19 today the house passed a bill which would require the e-p-a to notify residents of a town that their water has lead in it if the state environmental agency doesn't do it.the e-p-a says it tried to urge the michigan department to quote "do the right thing".. others accuse the e-p-a of passing the buck when it knew the water was bad. a developing story right now. the justice department is threatening to take legal action against the city of ferguson, remember this: ferguson was torn apart by protests and distrust after police shot and killed 18-year-old michael brown two years ago...the d-o-j investigated and found the city discriminates against african-americans and outlined reforms including diversifying
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training.but now the city is pushing doesn't want to be required to increase police salaries.and wants federal monitoring fees capped. the d-o-j says it will take any necessary legal action to ensure the city's policing and court practices comply with the constitution. what to do with police body camera footage has been on the minds of many leaders here in cincinnati following the death of sam dubose over the summer. and now indiana lawmakers are discussing it too. too.a senate panel is looking at a bill that would give police the power to withhold body camera from the public. supporters say it will protect the privacy of those who appear in recorded footage. public access advocates say keeping that video secret
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finally, we get a break for some sunshine thursday. it will still be very cold with morning lows in the single digits and highs only in the low to mid 20s. skies will be flurries will be possible in the tri-state. northwest winds pick up a bit more on saturday and that could result in a few isolated snow showers as lake the tri-state. as always, we are looking ahead. more ample moisture arrives by monday, bringing in another chance for snow. we will have to watch temperatures closely with this system as it may start as rain
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soon -- it may not take as much heroin to land someone behind bars in ohio . .right now you'd need to have 250 grams of heroin -- or the weight of your television remote -- to trigger a maximum prison sentence of eleven years. years.but lawmakers are talking about lowering that level to 100 grams or the weight of a bar of soap. soap.supporters say the move will help curb the growing heroin epidemic -- a battle the tri-state knows very well. well.the state's public defenders office, however, says lawmakers should focus more on improving treatment options and addiction services if they really want to help addicts. the latest on that royal caribbean cruise ship -- swept up in hurricane force winds -- is making it's way back to new jersey right now. after battling destructive 30 foot waves and hurricane force winds - the captain of the anthem of the seas is speaking out - defending his actions to set sail during a storm... saying he didn't realize the magnitude of the storm. captain claus andersen the whole thing was not bigger than this and it was up here
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captain claus andersen i have not seen low pressure that was not forecasted anything near what we actually experienced. experienced.a maritime expert who is - an experienced captain weighed in saying andersen's actions to set out to sea were appropriate but others aren't so sure. controversy after an olympic athlete announces she's doesnt want to go to brazil!why she says she would stay home if she had to make a choice today! "im john matarese. dont fall victim to a rose ripoff this valentines day.i'll show you how to get the best quality flowers at the best possible price, coming up on 9 on your
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former ohio state running back maurice clarett is back on probation after admitting to driving while drunk. drunk.clarett was pulled over on interstate 71 in morrow county january third.other drivers spotted him driving erratically and followed for nearly a half hour until troopers caught up to them.
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clarett's jail sentence was suspended and he'll have to take a bunch of classes.his license was also suspended. clarett played only one season for the buckeyes but it was a memorable one.he was then busted following an armed robbery and just got off probation last february. concerns are growing over zika virus and what it will mean for the olympics thanks to a high-profile athlete. 9 on your side anchor craig mckee has been watching the for you. u-s soccer player hope solo said in a new interview quote "if i had to make the choice today, i wouldn't go to the olympics."she says she's considering having a child someday and she's worried about their health if she's exposed to the zika virus. virus.the u-s team's coach is responding today saying they've had constant conversations behind the scenes about the virus.the team will start playing tonight in texas to try to
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we also contacted the u-s olympic committee about hope solo's comments.a spokesperson tells us quote "we are closely monitoring the situation..." he says they're also working to make sure u-s athletes know about the c-d-c's recommendati ons about traveling to brazil. the c-d-c is advising against it for women who are pregnant... or trying to become pregnant. the reason those women should be concerned is because of the possible impact on their unborn babies.we've told you how zika virus could cause head and brain defects in new information from researchers shows babies could also have serious eye damage... that may make them blind. olympics organizers are still stressing the games won't be canceled.and the international olympic committee says it's confident about the measures being taken against the virus in brazil. "so just how many times have
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driver? we've got the answer from mothers against drunk driving." 14 10 25 16 how old are you liesl? five. changing lives for the better. next-- we take you inside a local program that's helping deaf children-- from
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welcome back to the now cincinnati... ten-thousand people are killed every year because of drunk driving. driving.and today there's a renewed effort to change that. the now's andy choi... breaks
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one device... may be a significant life saver: choi "mother's against drunk driving says ignition interlocks like these are saving lives around the country. in the last ten years, madd found these devices have stopped nearly two million attempts by drunk drivers trying to start their cars. [nats of periscope] streaming its findings live through periscope, mothers against drunk driving outlined the data its been collecting since 2006. the report titled "how technology has stopped 1.77 million drunk drivers" laid out the group's case for implementing ignition interlock laws for all drunk driving offenders around the country. with state-by-state breakdowns on how ignition interlocks stopped drinking and driving, madd says interlock laws for every offender will do what license suspension cannot. and that's physically keep a drunk driver's vehicle from going anywhere. choi madd says 25 states still don't have an "all-offender" ignition interlock law, and they're hoping these new numbers help legislators around the country crack down on anyone driving drunk. for the now, i'm andy
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madd says ignition locks have also stopped drivers with lower levels of alcohol in their systems... more than 12- and-a-half million times. starting today -- you can get your tickets to see cincinnati's newest sporting team.fc cincinnati started selling home game seats at nippert stadium this morning. start as low as five bucks for college students can see games for twelve bucks ... zone one and two tickets are 25 and 20 ... or you can watch from "the bailey" for ten bucks -- we'll explain that in a can buy tickets right now on f-c cincinnati dot com.the team opens its inaugural season in just under two months ... on april ninth ... kicking off against the charlotte independence. so what's the fan experience going to be like at these f-c cincinnati games? remember "the bailey" i mentioned a second ago?that's the 'fan section' set up in nippert stadium ... those red boxes over there. if you opt for tickets there, be ready
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tomfoolery.... the team says the bailey is its supporters section ... serving as the home to the "most spirited" f-c-c fans."the legion" ... which is what the team is calling its student section ... is set up on the opposite end of the field.the team is also offering 'season tickets' ... including tickets to what the organization calls "first class" seating up in the club level ... with cushy oversized seats and access to a climate controlled lounge. the snow has stopped for the most part -- we even saw some sunshine today.but it's not helping temperatures right steve? finally, we get a break for some sunshine thursday. it will still be very cold with morning lows in the single digits and highs only in the low to mid 20s. skies will be mostly cloudy on friday and a flurries will be possible in the tri-state. northwest winds pick up a bit more on saturday and that could result in a few isolated snow showers as lake effect snow bands drift into the tri-state. as always, we are looking ahead. more ample moisture arrives by monday, bringing in another chance for snow. we will have to watch
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system as it may start as rain and eventually turn to snow. "a miracle factory."that's how my former colleague, dennis jansen, once described a local educational program called 'ohio valley voices.'if you don't know someone who's deaf, it's possible you've never heard of it. but wait until you see the enormous difference it's making in kids's lives. nat -- 14 03 15 28 so where you guys going? we're going exhange of words. nat -- 14 23 20 53 laughs on
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so-called normal interaction among kids like liesl mcgrath.. was once thought impossible.nat -- 14 25 10 31 hii (says it tto camera on playground- so cute)lieslwas born deaf.molly mcgrath, liesl's mom says: 13:55:16:00 it was crushing, ya know. we had all these plans. we were so excited about our first little the time, mom, molly mcgrath, didn't realize that advancements in technology like cochlear implants would one day allow liesl to communicate like any curious five year old.nat: 14 25 17 36 that camera is a really big camera. it is a big camera molly mcgrath, liesl's mom says: 13:55:26:00 we thought she's not going to hear us sing to her, we love music, she's not going to hear musical these different things. 13 55 39 00 honestly up until she started to talk it was just all this anticipation of nervousness of what could happen. we just didnt knowenter ohio valley voices. one of the few schools in the country that specializes in helping kids with hearing aids and cochlear implants reach their full potential. maria sentelik, executive director at ohio valley voices says: 14 29 31 31 we're unique in the way we are able to teach deaf children to talk, we do it in a quick time and our outcomes are some of the best in the country so people seek us out. and kids, like liesl, who're fitted with cochlear implants before the age of 3 are 80- percent more likely to succeed here. nat 14 09 53 10 so what does the cochlear implant do for you? they help me hear. watch as maria shows us just how big of a difference the implants make. maria:
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off here. the signals are being sent. theyre sent here up this wire. theres a maggent and there a magnet implanted behind it and so electromagnetically the signal is being sent to the brain and the brain is interpreting it as sound. when i take it off she can do nothing. you heard me ask her how old she was. she as able to tell me. now watch this. do you have any brothers or sisters at home. she cant hear me at all. now watch this. this is the magic. do you have any brothers or sisters at home liesl? i have two baby sisters.14 11 21 41 o-v-v has helped liesl to fully grasp sound, speech, communication - and-- even interests-- on an age appropriate level. 14 12 30 55 whats your favorte activity in center? umm, play-dohthe school has graduated an impressive 130 students-and has a record enrollment this year of 56 kids from 7 different countries. maria: 14 29 57 46 the whole goal is to teach them enough and how to talk well enough so they can go out and be who they're supposed to be so that requires a lot of intense focusing on exactly what their needs are. are.balancing those unique and specialized educational needs with the need for a kid to be a kid..nat 14 25 55 02 "line up liesl"is just part of what has thrust ovv into the international spotlight.. and given parents like molly.. a new perspective. nat 14 22 41 52 byeee i love you. mwah bye sweetheart. bye mommymolly: 14 01 42 15 it will be ok. even
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hardships. o-v-v offers scholarships and grants to families like the mcgraths... and that is made possible in part thanks to an annual fundraiser.this year's gala is being held saturday, february 27th at the cooper creek event center. i'll be out there emceeing the event.. and i hope you can join us for cocktails, dinner, dancing and a great night out. you can buy tickets now by logging onto ohio valley voices dot org. i posted a link on my facebook page. is beyonce's new song -- the one she sang at the super bowl -- out of line? line?love it or hate it people
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breaking now -- republican
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announced she's dropping out of the race for president. president.and chris christie is expected to drop out as well as soon as tonight.this comes just a day after he finished 6-th in the new hampshire primary.donald trump and bernie sanders came out on top. reince priebus | republican national committee chairman "just keep in mind, five percent of all the delegates get awarded in february; 60 percent get awarded in march. so it's early." early." hillary clinton lost by more than 20 points last night and didn't do well especially with young voters.that's something she says she's working on. trump meanwhile says he is focused on the palmetto state. :50 i'm the strongest of the candidates and i'm not talking on the board. it's morphed into security of our country. the military and isis and we're going to knock the hell out of isis and that's where wer are now. now.that was trump speaking with abc's george stephanopoul os today.bernie sanders isn't wasting time either.
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a lot of hard work in front of us, but whoopi, i think the message that we're bringing forth, that this country is supposed to be a nation of fairness, and we're not seeing that fairness right now." now."fresh off his big win -- sanders stopped for a chat with the ladies of 'the view". he hadn't even't changed out of the outfit he work the night before in new hampshire. the signs that mardi gras festivities in new orleans are over were all over the big easy today. today.police did their traditional street sweep at midnight last night, after the parades came to an end.the move is largely symbolic because bars stay open anyway. more than a-million people usually come to new orleans for mardi gras. runs=:05"music/cheers" "music/cheers"love it or hate it... both sides are planning protests now as the controvery over beyonce's super bowl half-time performance builds. some people are upset... caling it anti-cop... designed
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supporting the "black lives matter" movement... with costumes and moves that pay tribute to the black panthers and malcolm "x."others say the performance sent a clear message that the status quo is not there's a protest planned outside the n- f-l headquarters next tuesday...that's the day tickets for beyonce's world tour go on's also prompted calls for a counter- protest.we'll keep you posted. a social media giant takes on bullying.the changes its making. making.and the new honor being bestowed on actor ryan's one he's really
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you're watching the now on wcpo 9 on your side... he calls having a daughter "a dream come true."now actor ryan reynolds is getting the title of "sexiest dad alive" from people magazine. magazine.this comes six years after the magazine named him "sexist man alive."his daughter james was born in december.he says he has no problem being surrounded by estrogen at home. how much will you spend this valentine's day?
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suggests the average american will spend just under 150- dollars.and bank-rate dot com says the average cost of traditional valentine's day gifts... is now around 500's how it breaks down:fifteen dollars for a box of chocolatesforty dollars for a dozen roses.dinner for two will run you about eighty dollars.a bottle of champagne another fifty bucks.and diamond earrings?3-hundred. how much is the cost of love across america?overall, we will spend 19-point-seven billion dollars on valentine's day this year.wallet hub says it's the third-largest consumer holiday in the u-s behind mother's day and the winter holiday season. if you're still trying to figure out how to spend valentine's day with your sweetheart.9 is on your side with some ideas! here's a few of our team's picks for the most romantic spots in the queen city. city.(sorry no transcript
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none of those ideas working for you?right now on w-c-p-o dot com ... if you become an insider you can find our 'nine picks' for romantic 'and' delicious restaurants for your valentine's date ... ...with picks like parker's blue ash tavern and celestial steakhouse ... there's a selection there sure to woo even the most lovelorn valentine. or tell us 'your' choice ... just tweet us at the now cincy or leave a
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finally, we get a break for some sunshine thursday. it will still be very cold with morning lows in the single digits and highs only in the low to mid 20s. skies will be mostly cloudy on friday and a flurries will be possible in the tri-state. northwest winds pick up a bit more on saturday and that could result in a few isolated snow showers as lake effect snow bands drift into the tri-state. as always, we are looking ahead. more ample moisture arrives by monday, bringing in another chance for snow. we will have to watch temperatures closely with this system as it may start as rain
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right nowon the 9 on your side facebook page, we're asking for your help to "caption this".each week, we give you the chance to create the top caption- or vote for your favorite by clicking "like" on one that's already there.the person behind the winning caption gets a free wcpo insider subscriptions.this week -- we're taking on
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we talk a lot about bullying in our community and the impact it has on all of us, but mostly kids and teenagers. now social network is taking action to protect you from bullying and harassment online. newsy's eugene daniels shows us what's changing. another week, another tweak to twitter. but this one is probably less likely to produce angry twitter fingers. .com/watch?v=fh20pdcrcau) on tuesday, the company announced the creation of the twitter trust & safety council < https://about.twitter. com/safety/council> . the group is made up of more than 40 different organizations and safety experts and will help create twitter policy that cuts down on online abuse. in a press release, twitter said < https://blog.twitter.c om/2016/announcin g-the-twitter-trust- safety-council> , "with hundreds of millions of tweets sent per day, the volume of content on twitter is massive, which makes it extraordinarily complex to strike the right balance between fighting abuse and speaking truth to power." this is just another attempt by the tech company to help twitter become a safer place for users, while making sure it's not trampling on freedom of expression. just last week, twitter shut down more than 125,000 accounts for promoting or
4:42 pm
many of those in support of isis.and in december, twitter updated its abuse policy < https://blog.twitter.c om/2015/fighting- abuse-to-protect-freedom-of- expression-au> focusing more on "twitter will not tolerate behavior intended to harass, intimidate or use fear to silence another user's voice." there's no word yet on when the new council will roll out any new policies. here's a twist.we've told you women are paid 79-cents for every dollar a man makes.but it turns out they may be one way a company can make bigger profits. profits.a new study found that a company with women in at least 30-percent of the leadership roles can expect a 15-percent higher profit than a company without that structure.the study reviewed nearly 22-thousand companies in 91 found there was no impact one way or the other by just having a woman c-e-o or women on the board of directors.nearly a third of
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women in top management positions.and half had no women in top executive positions. now here's carol with what's next at 5... 5... tanya, at the top of the now you told us about that middletown mother who kidnapped her child.... and now that mother has been found what about the father, who had custody of the child? our jaywarren talked with the father about the roller-coaster he's been through. you'll hear that interview next at 5. valentine's day coming up, and if you don't have a valentine, maybe you're looking for love. rose ann aragon has a cautionary story from a woman who signed up for internet dating, and spotted a scam. scam. and maybe another kind of love will do...tony mirones tells us about a push to find homes
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tanya -- ad lib wrap it's a disease thousands face every year but it's not one we talk about much.but could a
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get ready to have this song stuck in your head 'yet again'... let it go let it go can't hold
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anymore"frozen" is going to broadway! disney has confirmed the blockbuster animated musical will hit the great white way in the spring of 2018, after an out-of-town tryout in the summer of 2017. the movie's oscar-winning songwriters are set to pen new songs for the stage version, along with the film's familiar favorites. just days from valentine's day harry potter fans have a new reason to love j-k rowling (rolling).her publisher announced today it's releasing an eighth installment of the "harry potter" series... this's not a traditional novel though... it's the hardback version of rowling (rolling's) two-part play... "harry potter and the cursed child."it will be released on july 31-st... that's the birthday of the fictional boy wizard... and also a day after the play opens in's being published in response to huge public demand...this will be the first potter story in
4:47 pm
after the last book... harry is working for the ministry of magic and is the father of three school-aged children.and if you don't know what that all means... you have four months to binge-read the first seven novels! 300-thousand...that's how may people in the united states are diagnosed with lyme disease each year. year.and doctors have just found a new species of bacteria that can cause it as well.the now's dhomonique ((doe-ma-nique)) ricks finds what this means for you and your family. "borrelia burgdorferi"what he said.until now -- that...was the only species of bacteria believed to cause lyme disease in the u-s.sotdr. alan taege, md | cleveland clinic"we've assumed that there's always been more than one species that causes this illness in this country."doctor alan taege says that's because neighboring europe...has at least four different species that cause lyme-like disease in people.the new lead -- comes from minnesota's mayo clinic.researchers there analyzed dna from abnormal specimens. they found six cases out of a-hundred- thousand.sot"that doesn't mean
4:48 pm
we specifically look for it." right now...the new species appears to be very geographically restricted ...but doctors say...that doesn't mean you should let your guard down.sot"the tick vector that causes this illness exists in a very large section of the country, so it has the potential to be in other parts of the country so people need to recognize this." the symptoms are very similar to the original strain -- except patients may experience vomiting, nausea, and fever-like symptomsbut there is some good news here.the new strain -- known as mayonii is treated the same way as the original strain.looking at the bigger taege says the new findings can help the medical world understand how diseases are spread...sot "it's just another, should we say, alert, to physicians, to patients, to the general public to think about these things so that we can be alert, keep thinking, try to describe, discover, learn about new conditions and hopefully new cures."for the
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that's it from the now cincinnati. cincinnati.9 on your side at 5 starts right now. a mother murdered - after she took her baby girl from a middletown home.the baby now reunited with her father. 5 - 9i'm tore up about everything going on but i'm happy to have my kid home homethe panic leading up to this woman's death.tonight her father speaks only to nine on your side. paying the ultimate price.a grandmother admits her heroin addiction caused her grandson's death.what her entire family is hoping for - as she heads to jail. another child - hit in a city crosswalk.the search for the driver ... and important reminders for anyone who gets behind the wheel. health concerns in the way of olympic gold.athletes voice their concern about the zika virus.their concern ahead of the brazil games. 9 on your
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