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tv   9 On Your Side at 11  ABC  February 18, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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local students turn to socia shaming... tonight we're on your side with the steps to keep your kid from being that online victim... or the online in ten bridges need major repairs..... the bridges you drive on every day that made the national list. strong wind... warm air... and a chance for rain... i'm tracking this warm front bringing changes for your friday... in your 9 first warning forecast.9 on your side at 11 starts now first on 11 at 11... breaking news... a major accident on i- 75. three cars are involved in the wreck near the western hills viaduct. nine on your side's ashley zilka is there. ashley.... what can you tell us. pedestian hit. accident now cleared.
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( ashley live ) now at 11.... the amazing video... three police officers confronted with a suspect... not following orders.. and then pulling out what looks like a real gun. that gun turns out to be an airsoft pistol... a toy. the shooting took the life of paul gaston. tonight we're hearing from paul gaston's girlfriend. nine on your side's john genovese just spoke with him. john joins us live. that woman is still trying to understand why this happened. she can't bring herself to watch the video of the shooting-and asked us to disguise her voice . 10:31:18"i didn't believe it
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despite several commands-- police say 37-year-old 'paul gaston' was reaching for a gun -forcing officers to shoot 10;31:08"i think the shooting was senseless "gaston's girlfriend she asked us to change her voiceand not to show her face "he wasn't a bad person - he had a few issues here and there with drinking - i do believe that played a role int he incident yesterday - but overall he wasn't a bad person" what we now know was an airsoft pellet gun recovered at the scene 10:33:07 "he had just got it a couple weeks ago -" in this picture- and in the heat of the moment- police and city officials say it's nearly impossible to tell the difference"i just want there to be a clear, consistent message that when our officers are faced with a situation where their lives are in danger and someone is not listening to their commands and reaching for a gun - that their lethal action is justified although unfortunate" the last time that woman saw gaston was early yesterday
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overall as sweet and caring. she says funeral arrangements will be made tomorrow. john genovese 9oys paul gaston had a long rap sheet... going back to the 19- 90'sbut in just the past two years.. there have been a series of violent incidents. he was charged with aggravated menacing.. and domestic violence. those cases were still pending. one victim says he threatened to kill her and her children. gaston was charged with violating a protection order... and failing to comply with a police officer's order. as we mentioned.. gaston had a fake, toy gun. it cost him his life. now another man who pointed a fake gun at officers is calling it a misunderstanding. ing.cincinnati police say *christopher laugle* pointed the gun while they investigated another case in mount healthy. one officer says the fake gun was pointed at his face.laugle is charged with menacing. he's being held
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new at 11.... a plan to put marijuana on the november ballot is now on hold. the group "legalize 2016" has put its campaign to legalize pot on hold because its having trouble with fundraising. its political action committee had less than 300 dollars last month."legalize 2016" now hopes to work with other pro- marijuana groups. the woman accused of driving the wrong way on i-71.. killing a man... apparently drove the wrong way in both directions of the interstate before the crash. police pieced together taryn chin's route from 9-1-1 calls. they say she went south in the northbound lanes last night starting at montgomery road. then.. she crossed over somewhere.. and ended-up going north in the southbound lanes. that's where police say she hit jose arenas head on- killing him- in the and taft. nearly 59- thousand bridges in the united states are "structurally deficient" and need serious repairs. that's nearly one out of ten bridges
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structurally deficient means one or more of the key bridge elements, such as the deck, superstructure are in "poor" or worse condition.the report is based on data from the u-s transportion department. but.. u-s department transportation says the bridges are currently safe for you to use.. in ohio... seven percent of the bridges are considered to be strucurally deficent. that includes columbia parkway over the i-471 ramp... and i-71 over eggelston avenue. in kentucky.. eight percent fall into that category. the brent spence is not among those bridges. in indiana.. nine percent of the bridges are not making the grade. some streets in over the rhine will be closed tomorrow for street car tests. several tests have already been run. tomorrow's test will affect elm street between 14th and liberty from 9:00 until 4:00. you won't be allowed to park on the east side of elm during the tests. crews will test brake mechanisms on the first two
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well as overall movement and dynamics on the newest vehicle that arrived from the manufacturer last week. did you hear that noise today? it was the sound of the weather roller coaster getting closer to the top. top. chief meteoroligist steve raleigh is here now - steve the top of the coaster expected to be a little windy tomorrow? winds shift to the south on friday as a warm front lifts over the region. strong southerly winds will gust near 40 mph and push temperatures to the upper 50s and low 60s to end the work week.skies will be partly cloudy with increasing clouds during the evening. but, i expect it to
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a warning for parents tonight about teens and social media. mason schools say they took action because student messages on instagram got out of hand. to protect your children? children?we sent nine on your sides evan millard to get answers for you tonight. kids and teens' access to everything is unprecedented. and we keep seeing that anything recorded here -- can live forever here.parents tonight warned to know everything on their students phone. (covered) jodi carr/nagle seventh and eighth grade parent 035023 terrified. i'm terrified.just this week -
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note to instagram account comes down - built by sixth graders - meant to tear each other down.the district saying - quote - our message to the students is to not engage anyone they don't know personally.thursday night at nagel middle school in anderson -nats - but learn everything you can- a hundred or more parents hungry for answers.040706 evan: what is the biggest thing a parent needs to know about their kid's cell phone and social media?stephen smith/director of educational leadership for cincinnati bell - i think, and to just start off, the very first thing a parent needs to do is they have to own the password to the google play or the itunes store. if they do that, they begin to minimize the types of apps a child can download onto a device.its an eye opener for parent jodi carr.carr 034930 it makes you think 'why are we giving our kids these phones so young? she's got seventh and eighth graders.amy miller has a fifth and seventh grader.and she works with social media.amy miller/nagel parent 030320 what i am currently working on with my boys is what they can be tagged in. an instagram
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someone just tags you, you are now part of that. look taking technology from kids isnt the answer either - but smith recommends having a tech-free zone in your house - bathrooms or bedrooms.and he brought up apps most of us haven't heard opf - so i have linked to his blog on my facebook page and twitter for yolive in anderson em 9oys ohio governor john kasich says that if he becomes president..... he'd like to have new jersey governor chris christie in his cabinet. kasich's remark came in response to a question about which of his g-o-p presidential rivals he'd like to have on his team at the white house. christie ended his campaign last week after a poor showing in new hampshire. donald trump tonight is taking
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pontiff suggested trump is not christian . .the pope said that in regard to trump's call for a wall on the mexican border... and the deportation of undocumented immigrants. the pope just finished a trip to mexico. "for a religious leader question a person's faith is disgraceful. i'm proud to be a christian//"no leader, especially a religious leader should have the right to question another man's religion or faith. faith.for good measure, the trump team even tweeted an image of the vatican showing it's surrounded by walls. a tribute tonight to a few individuals who have done so much for our community. the annual "greatest living cincinnatians" awards were handed out tonight. this year's recipients....shannon carter..... lorrence kellar... for his support of the arts... michael livingston... one of the tri-state's most influencial educators... and james votruba... who is largely responsible for n-k-y's growth as a university
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helicopter crash... caught on video. the hero who jumped into the water moments later to save the victims. cleaning up cincinnati. the effort beginning tonight that thousands of people will join. cable t-v boxes on sale?it could happen someday. the vote today that sets the stage for future deals that could save you a bundle. not getting enough sleep?the number of americans who don't get enough "zzz-s."two ideas to make the sandman your friend. you're watching nine on your
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you're watching 9 on your side at 11 extraordinary video tonight of
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honolulu.. not far from pearl harbor. even more amazing... everyone on board survived... although one of the five people on board is in critical condition. "sound of helicopter crashing" crashing"firefighters and medics were there in minutes and started rescuing the victims. and even before they were on scene.... by-standers started jumping into the water to pull the people out of the chopper. "its dive in and help. somebody said there is somebody still in the aircraft. so i dove through from the pilots sidein the backseat and saw them and saw that it was twisted, so instinct that this point. how did the other folks get off the helicopter? they had pfds on and they were floating already." already."the most seriously injured person is a 16 year
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harbor joined the rescue effort. investigators haven't said yet why the helicopter crashed. only a third of the active duty military who need treatment for post traumatic stress disorder are getting the help they need. that is according to a new rand corporation report released just hours ago. rand looked at 40- thousand p-t-s-d cases.. the largest study ever.less than a quarter who were found to be clinically depress received the minimum number of therapy sessions after being diagnosed. the good news in the report.. the branches are doing a better job of following up with service members after they are released from mental hospitals. the day may soon be here where you do not have to get your cable t-v box from your cable company. the federal communications commission today voted in favor of a proposal that would create a standard box giving you access to cable, premium, and streaming t-v means you could buy the box from a number of makers and no longer rent from the cable
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you 231 dollars every year.the f-c-c still has to take a final vote on the idea.. and that could be several months away. the cable t-v industry "generic" cable boxes already exist.. and they are not cheap. spring will be here soon... and with it spring clean-ups. tonight was the kick-off for a city-wide campaign to make cincinnati shine. "keep cincinnati beautiful" will have events in all of the city's 75 neighborhoods this year. the kick-off tonight celebrated the 11- thousand people who turned out last year to help.. and show their pride in their hometown. i love the volunteers they are definitely the best part of it all. they're passionate and its great to see them come and show up in big numbers. those numbers are impressive. organizers hope to top that 11- thousand volunteer mark this year. oscar sunday is just ten days away... away...and nine on your side wants you to vote for your
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on right now. unfortunately our votes won't be sent to the academy. academy. but you can compare your answers while watching the awards right here on nine on your side - sunday february 28th. red carpet coverage begins at seven.we'll continue our coverage on 9 on your side at 11. if there were a gold statue to give out this week for weather - we'd gladly hand it over to mother nature. weather summary: winds shift to the south on friday as a warm front lifts over the region. strong southerly winds will gust near 40 mph and push temperatures to the upper 50s and low 60s to end the work week.skies will be partly cloudy with increasing clouds during the evening. but, i expect it to
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low to mid 60s with partly cloudy skies throughout the day. temperatures this high are 15 degrees above normal and more like late march levels.scattered rain showers are possible on sunday, so it won't be as ideal to head outside. it's a 40% chance for rain during the day, with the best chances in northern kentucky. highs in the mid 50s. temperatures slowly cool behind this rain as we head
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tonight in healthy living.... if you're not getting much shut-eye ... you're not alone .. the c-d-c said today that one in three americans are sleeping 'less' than 7 hours a night. night.the centers for disease control say that's the minimum recommendation for adults between 18 and 60.a whole host of health issues are connected with not sleeping enough ... including weight gain ... high blood pressure ... and mental health issues like depression. if you struggle to sleep ... experts say keeping a consistent bedtime and wake up time can help ... and take 'all' the screens out of your bedroom . for a look at what's happening in sports we check in with nine on your side sports director john popovich. the bearcats were trying to stay on a run...while kentucky was trying to get revenge. revenge.and why are they falling all over themselves down in independence tonight.
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good evening everyone. the bearcats have u-conn at home on saturday. the huskies upset number 21 smu tonight. all fired up tonight in lexington.-tennesee won the first was tight early , but when derek willis with the putback to beat the buzzer...u-kay by six at the half.-jamal murray had 18 points and willis made seven tree pointer...kentucky wins by ten..their fourth straight victory. the roush sisters had a big
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29, christine scored 24..and northern kentucky beat detroit tonight 81 to 60. girls tournament basketball in ohio...lee coulter drives for hughes..draws the coverage...pearl dean is left all alone-indian hill didn't have the size..but they fought in this one. karisa grandison with the swish from the side.- but anita burke has a nice squad at's coulter from the advances 52 to 44. in kentucky, a big finish in independence. simon kenton against highlands and during the game, the pioneers ally niece went over the 2-thousand point mark for her career...she's only a sophomore. sophomore.but check this's how the game ended...highlands ties the game on a free throw...simon kenton gets the ball out...and ally niece flings it from the other side of the floor and it goes in......the gym explodes.. -one more time as the regular season comes to an niece, pretty well covered just lets this one fly...and the simon kenton pioneeers get
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it was the start of reds spring training camp....just pitchers and catchers...nobody with a bat until next week. it gives the pitchers a lot of time to work the arms....five full days of work before the everyday players come into camp....-it also makes the pitchers think and react and to respond to a to field your position...-of note...devin mesoraco in a squat, doing the things catchers problems with the hip injury that shut him down last season. elsehwere in the warm weather today....kyle busch and dale earnhardt junior won qualifying races tonight in daytona.....this was the second race won by busch that featured a wild finish. the two winners get spots in the second row for sunday's daytona 500. and in golf, everybody was talking about jordon spieth and rory mcelroy..but it was 34 year old colombian, camilo villegas who put on the show at the northern trust open at rivera.-villegas with a nine under par...nearly a course
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9 on your side continues in a moment and now beacon's corner, insight into sports
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that's 9 on your side at 11 for this thursday. thursday.we're always on with breaking news, weather, and sports on wcpo-dot-com.
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>> dicky: from hollywood - it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, kerry washington, nikolaj coster-waldau, "this week in unnecessary censorship" and music from jason derulo with cleto and the cletones. and now, nobody move, here's


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