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tv   9 On Your Side at 11  ABC  February 25, 2016 2:07am-2:37am EST

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villanova.... as we get ready for march madness. madness.and... the white house is now paying close attention to our scripps national and wcpo investigation into problems with patient care at the v-a hospital here. first.. the snow and what it means for your morning commute. for that we go straight to nine first warning chief meterologist steve raleigh. steve. wet snow will begin overnight into thursday morning. not much, if any, will be on the ground for the morning rush. while we could see 1" - 1.5" of accumulating snow, a substantial amount of snow will not accumulate because of the wet and warm surfaces. it's mainly on elevated surfaces like your roof, mailbox and roof of your vehicle that you'll notice
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nine on your side will monitor
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night for you. you can check with good morning tri-state starting at four-30 to see if the weather will affect your morning drive. now to xaiver's big win.. taking down number one villanova in convincing style at the cintas center. the final score.. a dominating 90 to 83. our john genovese is at xavier with what fans are saying about the victory. but we begin with nine on your side sports director john popovich. popo. it was a big win with national implicatioins and perhaps the most surprising part about it was that it didn't feel like a surprise. that's how good xavier was tonight. a record crowd nearly blew the roof off the cintas center with every point...every lead that the musketeers gathered in the first half.-they led it by three at the break and then opened it up with a series of drives and jams and well- placed passes. six muskies in double figures...a lot of players got in on the act. xavier puts on a show and knocks off number one. xavier
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sports... including what the xavier players had to say right after their big win. the xavier campus erupted after the win.. one of the biggest in the school's history. nine on your side's john genovese joins us live from campus. john. the energy here was electric from start to finish. with every seat taken-at the half it looked good and by the end of this game fans say this is the year they've been waiting for 18:04 standing room only at the cintas center 25:29 from the moment the muskateers took the court-22:27> these fans knew 10:07 "villanova coming here - we knew we had a great chance - we knew - tough place to play" *this* was the team to beat 40:15 with high intensity - from start to finish 8:51"i think this whole team played well - you had miles putting up points, trayvon putting up points, everyone did their job"the clock counting down-9:29"they knew they could come out and get it done and they did -
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the best-11:05"i would've been thrilled with a win by 1 - thats all i wanted"20:19 9:10"everything - -every emotion - this is a great game - xavier did great its an amazing feeling in the end-9:54 "oh this is crazy - just beat number 1"walking away with a win 8:28"its insane - if you would've told me coming to xavier we'd see a number 5 team knock out a number 1 team here at home - i dunno what i would've told ya" 10:52 "they've done well through the years but this really is the creme and the cherry on the top, no doubt" among the thousands cheering for xavier tonight.... actor.. movie star and comedian bill
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murray.. is an assistant coach for xavier. all new at 11... the white house is now paying attention to a 9 on your side and scripps washington bureau joint investigation into problems at the cincinnati v-a. v-a.the president's press secretary announced the white house is aware of the allegations raised in our reports. dozens of whistleblowers told us about how they say hospital leaders intentionally cut key services for veterans, dirty surgical instruments left in circulation, and alleged ethical misconduct by senior v-a leaders. the white house expressed faith in v-a secretary bob mcdonald to make sure cincinnati area veterans are treated in the manner they deserve. (josh earnest/ white house press secretary)---certainly, secretary mcdonald takes that seriously. i can assure you that the commander-in-chief takes that seriously. and we're going to continue to watch these situations, moving forward forwardfor more on our ongoing investigation, log on to, where you can read
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in a series we're calling veterans care- 'a dereliction of duty'. now on 11 at 11.. developing information in the murder a 29 year old middletown mother. brandon carr is charged killing brittany russell. she was shot in her car this month... her six month old daughter was in the back seat... unharmed. nine on your side's evan millward spoke with russell's family tonight. he joins us live from middletown. evan. when brittany russell left her hometown two weeks ago with six month old baby haven in tow -- she told some friends she was headed to dayton to give a guy a ride.turns out - that's how police tracked down an accused killer. evan 0244 wow. so you actually have talked to him.chris edwards - oh yeah.evan - no indication it was him?chris - not at the time.amid dozens of calls on the morning of february tenth - chris edwards made one to a man who may have seen his ex-girlfriend and his six month old daughter. edwards 0222 he was like 'what do you want? i got a
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i said where's brittany at? where's my kid? i said i know you know that she's up there because she came to talk to your brother. i said, where's my kid at? and he's like 'ah i don't even know brittany, leave my name out of your mouth.' and he hung up. detective is standing right there next to me.the guy who hung up was this man - brandon carr.arrested at his dayton home wednesday.edwards 0356 *sigh* i'm just glad they got him off the streets, he can't hurt anybody else now. they arrested carr at his dayton, ohio home wednesday. edwards 0127 "i'm happy they. caught the guy but in the same sense it ain't going to stop what happened, it ain't going to bring her back. my kid's not going to have her mom.that baby - whose' infectious smile shined through a dark day - is doing just fine edwards 0421 i was worried the shot might have busted her ear drums so i took her up there had them check her ears, check her eyes, check her respiratory, all that. she's, she's top notch.edwards - vowing to be at every court hearing.edwards 0323 i hope you rot in hell, that's all i can say. police haven't said if or how
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motive may be for her death.we reached out to members of brittany's family tonight for reaction to this arrest -- but no one wanted to comment on the in middletown, em, 9oys. police say these four people attacked a middletown man.. tying him up with the cord from his oxygen tank.. and wrapping it around his neck. weeks after the attack.. they are under arrest tonight. 9 on your side's ashley zilka spoke with the 65 year old who says he thought he was going to die. david caldwell was sleeping inside his home when he heard a knock at this door. as soon as he cracked it open, he knew something was wrong. caldwell says that's when his worst nightmare happened. package
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shouldn't be alive.00:49 "they pushed the door in. they knocked me over back on my bed. they tied me up with my thing." 03 the 65 year old was alone inside his home on elm grove terrace when he heard a knock at the door. police say these four people from middletown broke into his home and attacked him. 01:21 "i am tied up and she is beating me up over the head with this fake gun." 24caldwell says he knew one of the suspects- 45 year old kimberly moland. she would come to his home often with one of his friends. 01:27 "she takes my tube and starts to yank it all the way through there. i am strangling. alright, i can't breathe." 33 caldwell says as he was being strangled, the three other suspects, all in their 20s, stole his television, prescription drugs and several cans of pepsi. 02:22 "i figured well you make one move, you're gone. i didn't know." 25caldwell's nurse found him later.06:36 "i just want justice to be served
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although it's difficult- he forgives the people who kidnapped and robbed him. he does want a sincere apology after they serve their time. 09:28 "look me in the face and say hey david we had no reason or right to do what we did to you." 40ashley/tagthe defendants are facing robbery, burglary and kidnapping charges. bond was set for 150-thousand dollars for each person. they all remain behind bars. ashley zilka, 9 on your side making it legal to shoot heroin. one mayor's controversial plan... and why he says its necessary. i-phone controversy. apple's c-e-o speaks only with a-b-c news about why he doesn't want to follow a court order that could help catch terrorists. a cincinnati landmark like you've never seen it before. a three-d flight through union terminal. a little bit of gym in math
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could help little kids with a bad case of the wiggles boost their learning. you're watching nine on your
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you're watching 9 on your side at 11 a place where heroin addicts can safely shoot-up legally. that's what the mayor of ithaca, new york is proposing tonight.
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the first in the u-s with centers where addicts can use heroin under the supervision of a nurse. in addition... the mayor wants more medication- assisted treatment resources for his city. he says it's a life and death matter and addicts urgently need this help. "125 people will die in america today, today, from an opiods overdose. 125 people will die in the streets or will die in their homes or will die in gas station bathrooms " "theirs no shortage of criticism over the injection site proposal.however, some prevention specialists and other drug policy committees are supporting his approach. this is being called a dark day in colorado after one deputy was killed and two others wounded while serving an eviction notice. investigators say martin wirth had clashed with police before at his home about 35 miles southwest of denver. when the three deputies went inside...
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was killed when the deputies returned fire. apple under fire. c-e-o tim cook today responded to the criticism his company is defying a judge's order to unlock a cell phone used by one of the san bernadino terrorists. cook told a-b-c news anchor david muir on world news tonight there is more than just one phone at stake. this is a incredibly complex issue. //- to place a backdoor in the iphone we believe it does put hundreds of millions of customers at risk. maintains it can't just unlock the one phone used by syed farook... but that the key would have to create would then be able to unlock millions of phones.. putting the privacy of those people at has until friday to respond to the court order. a deal many mc-donald's customers really liked is over. john matarese looks at what's taking its place.. so you don't waste your money. well it was nice while it lasted! that's what many mcdonalds customers are saying
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the chains super winter promotion is now ending!------- customers pulling up to many mcd's restaurants this week are discovering the mcpick 2 for 2 dollar deal gone!that was the deal that let you get two burgers or other items for 2 bucks, or just a dollar each. in its place, at many restaurants, is a similar new deal: but can you tell the price is higher? higher?not all stores have done it yet, but the website consumerist reports mcdonalds is in the process of changing to a mcpick 2 for 5 will let you get 2 filet o fish sandwiches, or in some cases 2 big macs, etcetera, for 5 dollars.the report says some stores still have the old deal but says the new one is launching officially on march 1st. 1st.analysts have said all winter that the 2 for 2 deal was not a money maker. and mcdonalds said it was a limited if you still find 2 for 2 at some tri state restaurants, grab it you dont waste your
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cincinnati's museum center has been around for 83 years. but we have new video tonight that shows it in a way you've never seen before. this 3-d video from the museum center shows the inside of the building as if you were slicing through it. the architects renovating the museum center will use this information as part of their planning. it took three months to create the video using laser measurements.. drones.. and a lot of computer time.
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wet snow will begin overnight into thursday morning. not much, if any, will be on the ground for the morning rush. while we could see 1" - 1.5" of accumulating snow, a substantial amount of snow will not accumulate because of the wet and warm surfaces. it's mainly on elevated surfaces like your roof, mailbox and roof of your vehicle that you'll notice this snow sticking.however, visibility could be reduced at times because of the gusty winds and scattered snow showers that will last all day. winds will gust to 40mph. highs will be in the mid to lower 30s.friday's highs only hit the mid 30s with mostly cloudy skies and the potential for flurries during the day. temperatures rise quickly this weekend to the upper 40s on saturday and the mid 50s on
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tonight in healthy living..... it can be hard for little kids to sit still in class. now .. some researchers are finding
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them learn. some teachers in the netherlands spiced up their lesson plans with exercise. they found that the kids in the physically active classes tested better in math and spelling than kids in regular classes. but... reading scores were not affected. what a night for xaiver. nine your sides sports director john popovich has more on the big win. john. it was another chapter in cincinnati basketball history tonight. up next are the highlights. highlights.we've heard from the fans......what about the players and coaches..that's
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good evening everyone. the xavier musketeers couldn't have scriped it better. huge crowd...big noise and an impressive victory. victory.the musketeers ranked fifth against the wildcats of villanova, ranked first- remember that nova won big in that first meeting...ryan jenkins scored 19 first half points for the cats-but the catalyst for xavier was sophomore j-p macura...he picks up the steal...runs down the court...gets bumped....xavier is up by two.- under three minutes go to in the first half...macura with two rainbows...he helped xavier to a three point lead at the half.
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second half...phil booth from the wing...and the xavier lead is cut to a point-then freshman edmond sumner took over....he takes the baseline....the musketeers go ahead by nine.-so many guys got involved....trevon bluiett gets stripped...but jalen reynolds take the loose ball and bring the crowd to its feet.-the latter moments became a jam fest....this time it's sumner getting underneath...then the dish to james farr...the musketeers won it by seven. only two games left in the regular season for xavier. sunday at seton hall...then back home next saturday
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scenes from day two at the reds training camp in goodyear...joey votto positioning guys to shag balls...-that's lou pinella back in uniform next to walt jocketty.....-he'll help evaluate..and there's a lot of young talent here to evaulate.- a couple of his former players are also out on the field, eric davis has done this for several seasons.-and today barry larkin was spending time with billy hamilton-and then cosniderable time around the cage with jay bruce. as long as barry's there, he'll be rumored as a future more than just one guy: ((a managers job in my opinion isn't just about having the manager position. it's about having a support support the manager. if that's the case, then that's something i'd have interest in, if that opportunity presented itself.")) itself.")) i think eric davis would like to be on his staff. nine on your side is coming
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that's 9 on your side at 11 for this wednesday. wednesday.we're always on with breaking news, weather, and
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com. calls from fellow republicans to drop out of the race. kasich had a direct message about quitting. he said "forget about it." >> sounds very new york. president obama's choice for the next supreme court justice has been a top issue on the campaign trail. and now there's a new development. >> apparently the president is said to be considering nevada's
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sandoval as a possible choice. arlet sands is in washington with the details. >> reporter: good morning. the democratic president may be eyeing a republican for the supreme court. a democratic source tells abc news, president obama is considering nevada governor brian sandoval 0 replace the late justice antonin scalia. he is 52. the republican has served as nevada's governor for five years. prior to that, i was nevada's first hispanic federal judge. he was appointed by president george w. bush in 2005 and senate. sandoval is considered a centrist. he support supports abortion rights and impla memted a controversial part of the health care plan. floatinging a republican name could be an overture to gop senator who's refuse any nominee. >> my hope and expectationing is that once there is an actual


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