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announced it substantiated misconduct allegations against both him, and the cincinnati va's acting chief of staff dr barbara temeck. the v-a suspended her medical privileges, and transferred temeck to another role pending potential further discipline -- where she could even face potential criminal charges. the va announced the moves following preliminary results of an internral probe it launched, in response to a joint investigation by the scripps washington bureau and wcpo wcpo our reporting revealed widespread problems and allegations from dozens of insiders concerned about care for veterans under temeck's leadership. and we discovered improper prescriptions she wrote. hi. dr. temeck - mark greenblatt i'm with scripps news we've been trying to talk to you. we understand you've written controlled substances for jack hetrick's wife. can you tell us anything about why you did that? that? records we obtained showed temeck wrote a prescription for 50 pills of a generic form
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hetrick's may of 2013, just 8 weeks before temeck landed the cincinnati job, she gave mrs. hetrick another prescription for 100 pills of hydrocodone, an opiod classified as a controlled substance by the d-e-a.the problem? illinois regulators say her controlled substance license expired back in 2011.our reporting got the attention of the chairman of the house committee on affairs... :"was the person allowed to receive the prescriptions? from what i can gather, they were not."on tuesday, senators took turns questioning the v-a's secretary about it all... and on wednesday-- even president obama's press secretary weighed in. in. " this is a situation that the v-a served notice to remove hetrick from his position. he responded by announcing a sudden retirement. nine on your side and scripps
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top of the changes at the v-a. on w-c-p-o-dot-com... you can read more about what's happening to temeck and hetrick -- and all of our joint investigations into the v-a. it will still be difficult for this to stick because air temperatures are in the mid-30s and pavement temperatures are still warm. i'd mainly look for any light snow on elevated surfaces. however, visibility could be reduced at times because of the gusty winds and scattered snow showers that will last
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now at 6-deputies in franklin county need your help tracking down a man who - they say -- tried offering drugs and alcohol to lure teenagers into his car. 9 on your side's john genovese joins us live from the franklin county sheriff's office with what we know. john. deputies say this happened two separate times last night. once in whitewater township. then - less than 20 minutes later - they say this guy tried striking again down the road in dearborn county. this photo of a black ford sedan could be the best clue deputies have in tracking down
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alcohol and drugs as bait - they say he drove up to kids trying to lure them inside "neighbors say this guy pulled up to these houses here on saint peters road - he tried talking to two different girls and had latex gloves and a camera in his car. when he struck out there - they say he tried going down barber and doing the same thing again" that time - just minutes later- we're told he was talking with two boys age 10 and younger. a pair of adults pulled up - snapping this photo of his car. donning ohio plates - the blurry snapshot captured the back of the driver's head. the guy deputies want to talk to before - they say - he tries again neighbors say this was a bigger guy around 5-foot-8 with a round face and dirty blonde hair. they estimate he was around 50-years-old. if you have any information you're being askes to call the franklin county sheriff's office. john genovese 9oys fears that a nationwide criminal organization is targeting the tri-state.
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to take *your identity*.this picture *could* be proof. proof.and nine on your side's tom mckee is live with word -- that criminals may have already hit in clermont county. police here need your help to identify a woman they want to question about theft, passing bad checks and forgery. she may be part of a group that's breaking into cars, stealing your stuff and then your identity. do you know this woman?miami township police hope you do. she's wanted for passing bad checks at this hungtington bank branch in clermont county's miami township. detective dan tobias is assigned to the case. case. "there were two checks that were cashed. they were in total for about $3,000." $3,000."but, what's worse is the checks and the driver's license used at the bank were stolen. stolen. "huntington bank told me that
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was a customer at huntington bank -- that female lived in beavercreek, ohio." ohio."detective tobias quickly send the picture to greater cincinnati police agencies, then got a call from a group called the felony lane gang task force. force. "they possibly believed that she had struck in another state and done the exact same thing in another state and wanted to know if they could post that information on their facebook page." page."that task force is investigating similar crimes all across the country.they say suspects case places like day care centers and health clubs.then, when there's no one around, they break in to cars, streal purses, wallets and checkbooks, then assume that victim's identity. identity. "they are complicated to investigate." investigate."news of a possible nationwide gang connection to thefts from autos didn't sit well with makayla curry and jenna grubb of milford. milford. "it's awful. i hate it. like, i don't know, it just scares me to think someone would do that and get away with it." it." "it's terrifying. i mean i would never want that to happen to me at all. that's why you've always got to take care of your stuff and lock your doors and be safe at all times.
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wondering, like i was, what prompted the name felony lane gang.well, it seems that whoever is passing the bad checks traditionally uses the drive-through lane as far away from the teller's window as possible to try and avoid detection.tom mckee, nine on your side, live in miami township. new at six...a plea deal in a summer pool melee.krystal dixon's trial for resisting arrest and disorderly conduct started yesterday.but today -- she pled guilty and no contest to each charge respectively. she'll be put on house arrest. investigators say the fight started when a child -- who was dropped off by dixon -- was asked to leave for not wearing proper swim attire. christmas pageants could be returning to kentucky schools -- under new bills expanding "religious freedom". freedom".one proposal would allow public schools to put on artistic programs with religious themes.the other would allow businesses and churches to refuse services to gay lesbian and transgender people.*that* bill has cleared
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a shocking sign of the tri- state heroin epidemic...that deadly drug taking more lives in butler county -- than *any* other cause of death.nine on your side's t-j parker explains why heroin in our expected. t.j.: "butler county coroner, doctor lisa mannix, says the number of heroin overdose deaths in the county continue to rise. a scary statistic she want's to see changed."dr. lisa mannix//coroner: "12:41 the coroners office is the last stop on a very bad journey that these people have been on"mannix- says in 20-15- 189 people came through her office- dead- from a drug overdose. the majority of them- used heroin. mannix: "10:23 each time that i talk to a family i realize that it's the first time that they've heard that, i've said it 189 times"even after giving the news that many times- lisa says it's a hard conversation to have with families. mannix: "13:09 their death is the final stop for them, but their
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lisa says of all the heroin deaths she sees- 70 percent involve fetenol- which she believes is making the drug more deadly. 20:49 they're playing russian roulette it is truly russian roulettescott gehring//sourjourner recover: "30:44 those are our neighbors dying those are our children dying those are our siblings dying"president and c-e-o of sourjourner recovery services- scott gehring- says 90 percent of their clients suffer from heroin addiction. he says this latest statistic from the coroners office is heartbreaking. scott: "29:44 to know that one day they're here and if they weren't here or they relapse or they didn't get here to begin with the next day they could very clearly, very easily be dead" both scott and lisa- are hoping to bring awareness to this deadly epidemic- in hopes of saving lives it only takes one more time just one more time and that may be the last time they ever use because they die"t.j.: "lisa says she doesn't have exact numbers for heroin overdose deaths for 2016- but she believes it's off to a slower start. in hamilton, t.j. parker, 9 on your side." right now -- people in rising sun are trying to find a
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technican... craig whitham.he was last seen monday morning. he may be driving a 2014 dodge journey. nine on your side's ashley zilka is covering this and will have more for you at seven tonight. weather and sports are ahead, what do you guys have coming up? up? friday's highs only hit the mid-30s with mostly cloudy skies and the potential for flurries during the day. a real basketball buzz after last night....that's in sports. leap day's more than just an extra day... it's an extra way to *save money*! at six-30 the world news tonight team shows you where you can look for savings. he lost eight years of his life... for a crime he didn't commit...(sot)...the changes made in cincinnati when prosecuting a suspect.. after this local man's freedom was stripped from're
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so many of you are watching "making a murderer" -- a netfix documentary series focusing on a man wrongly imprisoned for rape. he was convicted solely because the victim said he did it. it.and that wisconsin case is incredibly similar to one that happened here. here.9 on your side anchor tanya o'rourke joins us with this incredible story -- that some say changed *everything*. to do so, i need to take you back to 1982. before dna evidence. before cell phones and digital time stamps.back
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was all it took to put an innocent man in prison and, essentially, take his life. 17 year old western hills high school student randall ayers stood accused of raping a 15 year old girl and shooting her. her."the victim was at the bus stop and an individual approached her with a gun, dragged her in the bushes, raped her, shot her in the head. she survived." survived."hamilton county prosecutor joe deters was in college when this case happened. he says the victim merely saw ayers picture. "that's what happened and it was purely and id case. she looked at a photo array, identified this kid from a yearbook from western hills high school and they brought her in to the hallway when the class was dismissed and everyone walked out, she id'd him again."tanya: "said that's the guy.""randall ayer. said
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wasn't."it was this guy, robert minton. he was already in prison on murder and rape charges -- and confessed. deters says he knew details only the perpetrator could know.take a look at minton and randall ayers in 1982. they look incredibly simliar.ayers had been in prison now for eight years. years."and immediately took it to the grand jury and got him out as soon as we could." could."this is that day in 1990. 9 on your side's john matarese was there to talk to randall ayers. ayers."they just said, 'you're free to go'?""yeah.""after 8 years." (nods)"think you deserve more than that?""i think they owe me a lot more." more."look again... at ayers and minton in 1990.they still look very similar.ayers family at the time was understandably angry. angry."they took a lot of his life away. he was a teenager when they locked him up and, he missed a lot. high school, graduating, prom. driving a
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it."randall ayers would miss so much more. more."we got him out and about five years later, um, randall ayers killed himself." himself.""he died in 2005 when i was in third grade." grade."kelsey is ayers daughter. daughter."i think it had something to do with him being in jail for so many years for something he didn't do." do."tanya: "you gotta wonder, spending 8, 9 yeras in prison." to be wrongly accused like that and spend that much time, bascially, in an animal in a zoo i'm sure it had an effect on him." him."it had an effect on how hamilton county prosecutes too. too."after that occured, we changed everything." everything."no longer will deters prosecute based on one eyewitness account. account."i mean, we have to have more than just a simple id. because these thing have proven to be so untrustworthy that you're gonna get the innocent person, uh, found guilty based on it." it."**music -- hold for 2 seconds**
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that science and police work have advanced dramatically since then. the state did compensate ayers 367-thousand dollars.ayers had two children, kelsey - who you saw there -- and a son. kelsey saw that we were going to air this story and reached out to us. she's in college now and doing very well. spotty snow showers continue for most of our thursday forecast with a slightly better chance this afternoon as an upper level feature swings through the ohio valley weather summary: spotty snow showers continue for most of our thursday forecast with a slightly better chance this afternoon as an upper level feature
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valley. it will still be difficult for this to stick because air temperatures are in the mid-30s and pavement temperatures are still warm. i'd mainly look for any light snow on elevated surfaces. however, visibility could be reduced at times because of the gusty winds and scattered snow showers that will last all day. winds will gust to 40mph. highs will be in the mid to lower 30s. friday's highs only hit the mid-30s with mostly cloudy skies and the potential for flurries
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many folks in the tri-state could use a little extra wiggle room in their budget... that's the why nine on your side "surprise patrol" is out looking for folks deserving of free money.and tonight -- julie o'neill found a mother who's going to use her money on a basic need. julie o"i see you're headed into aldi. what's cooking today?"shopper"chicken and rice and broccoli. i'm a retired nurse, the last place i worked is at summitt center behavioral, working with the
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grandaughters.julie o"i know it's tough to make ends meet sometimes and you want to stretch that dollar and we'd like to help you today. i'm with the 9 on your side suprise patrol and we'd like to give you a hundred dollars ."shopper"oh my goodness thank you."julie o"have a blessed day."shopper"you do the same." julie o"thank you, go get them." now it's time for sports... here's john popovich. you couldn't turn away last night...and that's all sports fans were talking about today.. xavier moved to a different class with a victory over number one villanova. wasn't a wasn't because nova played poorly. they came out fast and played well....but xavier's shooting and depth took over. a record crowd at xavier enjoyed the upset...and stayed put.-unlike in colorado, where the fans stormed the court
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arizona. former xavier coach sean miller was incensed..sayin g somebody is going to get hurt.-at the cintas center......only two young girls named hailee and lainee had the audacity to run onto the court.... congratulations to longtime sports official bobby sagers junior of cincinnati. bobby was selected for induction today into the ohio high school officials hall of fame. his dad is already there. to goodyear where devin mesoraco appears to be fully recovered from a hip injury that limited him to 23 games last season. the question is whether he can get to his form of 2014 when he hit 25 home
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and now here's julie dolan with what's coming up on nine on your side at seven. a tri-state paramedic is missing...tonight we're talking to his family about the last time they heard from you can help ... coming up at seven, after world news tonight! "the nine on your side surprise patrol, sponsored by
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that's 9 on your side at six for this thursday.
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breaking news, weather and sports on wcpo-dot-com. s north pacific cod sandwich we send guys like this... on boats like these... in weather like this... all the way up here... for wild caught fish like this... that we panko bread like this... for a sandwich that' s light, crispy and crunchy.
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today where' s the beef? means something different. some use beef frozen from far a y. but wendy' s believes the juiciest hamburgers are made from fresh beef raised... right here. land of the beef, home of the deliciously different dave' s double. breaking news. we're on the scene, the deadly tornado outbreak. at least eight dead, including a 2-year-old. more than 30 twisters from texas to pennsylvania. homes destroyed. this truck blown over on the gw bridge in new york. the coast guard trying to save this boat. the showdown tonight. is this the last chance for the other candidates to try and take down donald trump before super tuesday? and, the eye-opening new poll tonight from marco rubio's own state of florida. is trump unstoppable, even there? just 24 hours after our exclusive with apple's ceo, tim cook, the fierily re ery moments on


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