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tv   9 On Your Side News 6  ABC  March 4, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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just asked me "do i have a problem?" cop: sir, i'm going to need you to stop right there. stop right there. charles: what's your problem? cop: you were crossing against the light.charles: it's says walk. cop: it says walk now. it turned walk after i stopped you. charles: sir you were scaring me, sir. i don't know why you're following me, anyway. you followed me all the way down the street. just so you can get -cop: set your stuff down for me. charles: i don't have to set my stuff down. here's my id. cop: don't reach around. charles: i'm getting my idcop: don't reach around!charles: don't f***** touch me. why are you touching me? i can get my id out of my pocket. cop: i'm not asking you to reach for anything. keep your hands out where i can see them. charles: i don't have to set my things on the ground. this is my phone and cappuccino. i didn't do anything.cop: put your stuff on the ground. charles: no i don't have to. you are violating my constitutional rights. cop: put your stuff on the ground now. i'm not going are are violating my put your hands behind your back. charles: you are are violating my constitutional rights. cop: put your hands behind your back. charles: you are are violating my constitutional rights. you are
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are violating everything. please record this, bro (talking to someone off camera) charles: please record this, bro. please record this, bro. cop: put your hands behind your back. charles: do you see this? record this, bro. record this s*** bro. he's violating my constitutional rights. my civil rights. my human rights. i didn't do nothing. cop: turn around. stop resisting. s***. the officer in that video is b. osterman, according to court records. this is the ticket harrell was given for a pedestrian violation, or "jaywalking." harrell was also charged with obstructing offical business and drug possession because police said they found a small amount of marijuana on him. cpd have not said how long their internal investigation will take. (toss back) aaron negangard/dearborn co. prosecutor"he needs to come forward or his friends need to turn him in." shattering trust.a missing indiana e-m-t and army veteran is now a fugitive. fugitive.craig whitham ((widdum)) is charged with
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thousand dollars from his employer. employer. evan millward is on your side live now with the emotion pleas for whitham to turn himself in. prosecutors say craig whitham ciphoned money from a scholarship fund - savings for a new building - and operating costs for aurora emergency services.and they say he admitted to it - using it to feed a gambling addiction - then took off - prompting searches. it only took one month.court documents show craig whitham started taking money from aurora emergency rescue right after being named treasurer.ed opp/aurora emergency services president 112732 we can't even ask those questions of him, you know, why? why'd you do this?a felony theft charge now - not a surprise to president ed opp.opp 112807 well, fortunately it's not all gone. but so much is - 106-and a half thousand dollars - more than half the 200-grand annual budget.111728 evan: so he was using this as his own personal checking account?det. vernon mcbride: oh absolutely.evan:
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sorry?mcbride: he did not. just as matter of fact, just, didn't hold anything back as far as how he obtained the funds.aurora police say whitham got a debit card tied to the company account - and wrote checks to - they say - he double-dipped - cashing a paper paycheck while getting direct deposit.then blew it at riverboats and casinos.aaron negangard/dearbor n county prosecutor 110910 we need to catch this guy.whitham withdrew money before leaving last month -- his family filing a missing person's it's even more serious.negangard 110943 if he's living with anybody, they need to come forward for they will face consequences as well. back at his office - opp 112845 we're going to have to struggle- ed opp's on the verge of tears.opp 113651 when you trust someone so much, i'm not saying that we were complacent with it, we thought we had checks in place to catch this but he beat those.
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organizing searches for him since he went missing february 22-nd.we reached back out to them today for comment on the charge - but haven't heard in aurora, em, 9oys. there is now a murder charge in the death of middletown mother brittany russell. russell.the montgomery county prosectuor says curtis burdette killed russell last month. he had been named as a person of interest in the case.. and was already in jail on an unrelated drug charge. russell was found shot to death inside a car in dayton in february tenth.her six-month-old daughter was also in the vehicle. she wasn't hurt.. and the fact the car was left running helped protect her from the cold. three teens are accused of stealing a car.. and going on a ride that took them all the way from columbus to clinton county. at times.. troopers say they were chasing the car
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before it crashed on u-s 22 in wilmington. the driver took off when a trooper tried to stop him for erratic driving.a 14, 16 and 17 year old now face charges including driving under the influence and receiving stolen property. this is video of the apartment they hit. police say the building is vacant..althou gh neighbors say they've seen people living there. nine on your sides ashley zilka is in wilmington.. and will have more coming up at seven. failure to report a crime- -that's the charge two madison township teens face after the sheriff says they saw the gun but didn't say anything.that gun investigators say was used shortly after by austin hancock in the madison junior senior high school cafeteria two others othersour butler and warren county reporter jay warren is live for us this afternoon at madison junior and senior high school--jay?? they knew austin hancock allegedly brought a gun to
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anything---officials believe the school shooting that left four students wounded might not have happened if they had spoken up today school let out at 2:30 here at the junior and senior high school ending a week that won't be forgottenthe butler county sheriff richard jones told reporters today that the investigation evolved and that they are still tracking down leadsjones said that parents need to talk to their kids about what is the right thing to do when you see a gun at school and that is to tell someone "today is a lesson for everybody pay attention to your surroundings teach your kids and in high school as they get older sometimes they have a tendency to already know everything and they might feel like it's like being a snitch it's your life and you don't want to end up going to court and being stuck with something like this." the two are charged with failure to report a crime which is a fourth degree
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receive a summons to butler county juvenile court--madison local schools tells us that the two teens were not in school today but at this time do remain students--the district wouldn't comment further about and disciplinary action they face-- demolition plans at c-v-g. which terminal will soon be turned to dust. mystery knife.a new potential piece of evidence in the o-j simpson trial turns up decades after the murders. how it was found after all these years. you're watching 9 on your side
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concourse "c" at c-v-g has stood ununsed for years. now the airport is making plans to tear it down. concourse "c" was in intregal part of the airport... and serviced many comair flights before it was permanently closed in 2008. delta was
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through 20-25. but that was changed as part of its new deal with their airport. now.. bids will be accepted for demoltion next month. the wrecking ball arrives in august. the work will take about a year to complete. the space will be used for airplane parking. new information tonight about a crash that killed a mother and her eight year old daughter in cold spring. nine on your side first told you about the accident on alexandria pike at 11 last night. the crash killed 30 year old desirae hensley and her daughter jakyra cundiff. the driver in the other car... 37-year-old tammy feinauer is expected to recover.police say the cars hit each other when feinauer crossed the center line. the mother accused of lying to police about her new born being in a stolen car was in court today. nacole benton is charged with inducing panic, making false alarms and obstuction of justice. police say benton's ford focus was stolen.. but her baby wasn't inside. two teens are charged with taking the car.
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what do you guys have coming up? up? a big weekend of basketball is upon us...tournament teams.....and wannabe tournmament teams in play. a miraculous landing..(sot) "the security guard looked over and said... where did you come from?"this indiana man falls eleven stories and lives to tell you how it all're watching 9
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ohio's jobless rate rose in january to four- point- nine percent.
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of a percent from december. the number of unemployed people rose by six-thousand... largely because of government job cuts.employeers added 100 jobs in the state in december. that compares to nearly 81- thousand for all of 2015. an indiana man is alive tonight after falling more than 100 feet from a high rise building. in just a matter of moments... mark hefley experienced both extraordinarly bad luck.. and then good luck. he says it felt like a long way down. mark hefly may not have nine lives"sot: if i do, they are about cashed in"but luck was on his side. "sot: what did the doctor say? uhm, you're lucky to be alive"because tuesday night the indiana man fell from the 11-th floor of this condo in panama city, florida. "sot: i just lunged too far forward and that was it. "he was stretching on the railing after helping a buddy put down tiles. "sot: a friend of ours happen to say, there goes your husband over the
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as i could to try to get me away from the railing. next thing you know, i land in the pool, um, climb myself out, and laying there screaming and hollerin' because my back hurt."these bruises on his back and arm, but no broken bones. "sot: the security guard looks over and says where did you come from, "he pointed up, went to the doctor, got released, and then he and his wife drove straight home to indy. "sot: if it was my time, it was my time. "this time, it wasn't hefley's wife saw him go over the railing... ran to the balony.. and saw him hit one lower balcony before landing in the pool. by the way... that pool hefley landed it.. it was only about four feet deep. its an early sign in cincinnati that spring is slowly approaching. bockfest is beginning right now in over the rhine. rhine.bock beers are thicker and richer.. and have a little
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brew. this is video from last year's bockfest. monks started brewing bock beers in the middle ages to help them get through lent. right now on wcpo dot com and our mobile app... everything you need to know to make the most of bockfest.. including when a new bock beer tasting will be held.
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another quick moving clipper system moves through the ohio valley on saturday. this initially brings a rain/snow mix on saturday morning as temperatures drop to the freezing mark. but temperatures will warm a bit more quickly, resulting in more rain than anything tomorrow. highs top out in the mid to upper 40s. sunday looks better with partly cloudy to mostly sunny skies. temperatures also increase to the 50 degree mark which is
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it's a big finish to a long season. the tournaments are around the corner. for xavier it's a saturday afternoon game against of the team's that beat the mukseteeers. xavier aims for its 26th victory with some caution from the coach: ((i've been around teams that barely got into the tournament and played great, and other teams that knew they were in for a month and played poorly. we're not entitled to anything.")) the uc bearcats play smu at home sunday afternoon...a win would make them feel a little more comfortable with selection sunday a week away. in about ten minutes...these mount st joe lions play in the n-double a division 3 tournament in rock island illinois. it's the first tournament appearnace ever for the mount...they'll meet hope
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meanwhile the undefeated thomas more women begin defense of their national title about a half hour from now. ken broo has more: ((broo track))if there is another level above excellence, here it is. the thomas more womens basketball team has just completed is second straight unbeaten season. it's just won it's tenth consecutive conference tournament championship. the saints are the lasar, as in lasar focused--sot up full 7:22:03((moss: i think our focus is pretty good. i think we know what to do to win another one.))((broo track)) another one, meaning another division three national championship. sydney moss is not only the best player on this team, she's one of the best players in the country. and last month, moss broke the conference record for most points in a career. --sot up full ((moss we're our biggest competition in practice. coach mixes the teams up)) ((broo stand up)) ((broo: 33-0 and a national championship last year, unbeaten this year and save for an injury to sydney moss in 2014, thomas more college could be going for its third
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championship)((broo track))the architect of all of this is fifth year head coach, jeff hans. his team has lost just eight games in his 153-as saints head coach. all but one of his 18 players is from the tri-state--sot up full 7:27:33--1:27:47((hans: players want to be successful. they want to have a good experience from an academic standpoint. and they want to havew a good experience from a basketball stand point. and we're able to give them all of it.))((broo track))and very much able to win it all, again, this season. in crestview hills, ken broo, nine on your side. andy dalton has told a newspaper in fort worth that he has the okay to resume throwing this week. he says his broken thumb is fine. fine.the bengals got started on their unsigned free agents today. they have signed receiver and returner brandon tate to a new deal. free agency starts next week. baseball in goodyear this afternoon, the reds fell to the giants four to three. a solid two innings of work for michael lorenzen. and now here's julie dolan with nine on your side at seven. coming up ... a trio of juveniles run a stolen car into an apartment building after leading police on a chase that reached speeds of a
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7... what neighbors did when they realized a car had slammed through their
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talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, talk, scream. only one guy's done more than talk. kasich. he'll do for america
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create jobs. four hundred thousand jobs here in ohio. brought 'em back from mexico and china. turned our deficit into a surplus. more jobs? an america that works? let's loan 'em john kasich. new day for america is responsible for the content
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that's 9 on your side at six for this friday. friday.we're always on with breaking news, weather and
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several breaking stories this friday night. the o.j. simpson murder case. the lapd confirming they are now testing a knife, allegedly found buried at simpson's former estate. we ask, why is it just being tested now? the fallout after the republican debate. trump defending his own words on that stage. >> and he referred to my hands. if they are small, something else must be small. i guarantee you, there is no problem. i guarantee you. >> the urgent effort to block trump. with many asking, is this


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