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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  March 5, 2016 11:30pm-12:00am EST

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you're watching 9 on your side at 11 tonight law enforcement sources tell a-b-c news the rusted folding knife reportedly held by a retired l-a-p-d officer for nearly two decades... is likely not connected to the o-j simpson murder case. case.investigators believe the blade is too small to have killed nicole brown simpson and ron goldman..but police are testing the knife to be sure. "we will look at anything that we believe has any validity to either assure people that this investigation was done appropriately. the case remains open... but because of double jeopardy... o-j simpson can't be re-tried
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is currently serving a 33 year sentence in a nevada prison for his role in a botched robbery back in 2007. some are starting to train for the flying pig -- some are running for a cause -- some are just here for the beer. beer.thousands of people flow into the streets downtown and in over the rhine for the bockfest five-k this morning. it sold out this year.bockfest is an historic celebration of the coming of spring - and continues right now in otr. hazards: patchy fog overnight & a slight chance of flurries from leftover moisturecloudy skies will hang on through the night and early morning but high pressure is moving in to give the tri-state sunshine and a big warm up. so, one more night of chilly temperatures and a slight chance of a few passing
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out around 31. as high pressure moves overhead sunday, we'll get a southerly return resulting in the beginning of our warm up.the ridge (high pressure) will shift southeast monday and open the floodgates to a significant warm up that could result in temperature highs 15 to 20 degrees warmer than normal by tuesday. normal is 48 degrees. we'll keep temperatures in the 60s rolling through the week but the chance of rain sets in wednesday and will stick with us through the end of the week. thursday looks to be the wettest day with heavy rain moving across the region along with some thunderstorms. we'll keep you posted as we progress through the week.don't forget! we have a severe weather special coming up monday night at 7:30 p.m. right after 9 on your side news at 7 p.m.! it is called "ahead of the storm" and will help get you and your family prepared for this spring's upcoming severe weather. kudos to griffin frank for all of his hard work in putting this special together. saturday nightmostly cloudychillylow: 31sunday
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and dryhigh: 52sunday night mostly clearnot as coldlow: 38
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now let's check in with keenan singleton with what's coming up in sports! what positions are the bengals focusing on in advance of
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we ask the man himself marvin lewis that question when sports returns ... can't
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senior day, seems an appropriate time for ncaa tournament hopefuls to do some resume building ... creighton in the building against xavier today ... muskies for win no. 26, which would tie the school record ... 9 on the blue jays side early, blue jays led by as much as 9 in the first half but a 22-2 run in the second half shifted things back the muskeeter way ... remy abell, one of xavier's three seniors steps into this 3 ... x up 10 open on the wing is myles davis ... swish makes it a 16 pt x lead with 6 to play ... creighton wouldn't go away, less than 2 to play, cole huff hits a three to make it a 6- point gameminute left, xavier
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pass is tipped and stolen by ronnie harrell. malik albert makes the bucket. just a 3 points game last gasp for creighton ... james milliken's air balls the corner 3 ... xaiver holds on on for the 98-93 win ... muskies head to nyc for the big east tourney as the 2-seed. something you don't see often under coach cal's cats ... a senior, alex poythress, getting recognized on senior day ..he'd get recognized plenty during the game too against lsu ... 2-hand dunk early ... freshmen still play a big role under calipari ... this one, skal labissere dominate in all phases ... 18 points, 9 boards and one of his 6 blocks here ... cats clicking with a share of the sec title on the line ... score a season-high 94 points in a 17-point win over lsu. kentucky finishes the regular season undefeated at home and go into the sec tournament as the 2-seed. ohio state in east lansing for their regular season finale ... dnezel valentine with the
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for the dunk ... valentine to schilling again who finishes the roll with another dunk. great vision here ... the pass before the pass ... call this a hockey assist ... valentine to alvin ellis who finds marvin clark for the lay-in. sparty up 9. valentine sinks the 3 from the wing. 27 points, 13 assists and one farewell kiss for the breslin events center as michigan state wins 91-76 ... buckeyes the 7-seed in the big ten tournament in indianapolis is uc in or out of the ncaa tournament? depends on which bracketologist you ask ... bearcats final chance to impress in the regular season coming noon tomorrow at fifth-third against smu ... northern kentucky's first ever horizon league tournament game didnt' begin as planned ... 45 minute delay to repair the hoop for their game against milwaukee final second of the first half ... matt tiby hits the jumper at the buzzer ... milwauee up 44-28 at the half
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the 3 ... norse within 10 ... drew mcdonald makes its a single digits game as he sinks the jumper ... but too much tiby ... nku falls in its first horizon league tournament game, 86-69 ... boys division 1 district finals - an all-day affair in dayton to the nutter center ... lakota east the heavy underdog against defending state champ huber hieghts wayne. ryan middendorf turn around jumper - 17 points ... andrew emrick corner 3 - 21 points ... lakota east takes down top-ranked and undefeated wayne 60-57 bulls-rockets, game you saw here on 9 on your side ... both teams underacheiving .. 8th seeds in their conferences ... jimmy butler's first game back after missing the last 11 with a knee injury ... looks
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boards for the all-start guard as the bulls snap their 4-game losing streak, beat the rockets 108-100 now that the combine is past, the next step in the path to the draft are pro days .. uk held its friday and guess who was in attendance ... bengals head coach marvin lewis ... what's on the bengals menu for the draft? marvin lewis: we'll continue to replenish the team with young talent. can't tell. young lineman on both sides of the ball. skill players both sides of the football. we'll go into free agency this next week with guys that are free agents. hopefully we're able
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this is a letter from someone who's here. she has to take a brand name drug. been taking it since the early 1980's. at that time it cost
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10 shots. the latest refill was $14.700 for the same 10 vials and the company is called valeant pharmaceuticals. i'm going after them. this is predatory pricing and we're going to make sure it is stopped. i'm hillary clinton and i
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every county but one reporting in kentucky trump wins by 4% that's 9 on your side at 11 for this ??.we're always on with breaking news and weather
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a cop stumbles upon suitcases. >> and he starts to look through them. >> see the shocker when he unzips that bag. a suspect is about to face, the fist of fury. >> the fists are his own. it's a perfect day for sight-seeing, so -- >> let's go. >> how to get the ultimate view over the sea of cortez. plus -- >> this is what we came home to. >> that rottweiler's name is denver. >> his new name is guilty. >> why what he did is written all over his face. and a quirky guy hitting on a hot chick. plus, the tables turn when mr. fancy pants drives up. >> mind if i join you? >> a crazy twist when she
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>> so you don't want to grab a drink or -- this police officer in the czech republic took a little trip to the city center. and i'm sure he had no idea what he was in for. he had a bag there and three suitcases. once he starts to open them -- eight little black puppies, five were female and three were male. and the whimpering that you hear -- oh! is what attracted him to the suitcases in the first place. they were underfed, and he believes they had hypothermia, so he calls some of his colleagues over from animal control and they quickly took them. good thing he ran up on these puppies, though, because they were able to nurse them back to health. >> what kind of awful person goes through the process of finding three suitcases, jamming animals inside, zipping it up,
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>> it's really strange behavior. >> sociopathic behavior. >> yeah. >> again, it is a happy ending for the pups, because the folks over it at the animal control say they're now fed and happy, and just ready for a home. >> i wish there was something left behind in a zipper or pocket that would help identify. maybe a leftover boarding pass or something with a code. >> they're not sure who left the puppies there in the park. and because they say there doesn't look like any physical abuse, they won't look into it to press charges. i think their main prior to at this point is making sure the puppies are well cared for. commuting on a motorcycle is quite lovely in the morning. we do it quite frequently. this guy in wales was doing the same thing on a suzuki. he has been riding for about a year, says he's clocked about 10,000 miles. in that year, he has ridden a lot. again, this day he's on his way to work. and as he rounds this left-hander here, you can see, it's definitely day break. >> oh!
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>> that's dangerous. >> oh! geez! >> oh, that was such a big mistake. >> he didn't see it until after he hit. >> the guy claims that you can actually see more in this camera footage than what he was able to see, because of the glare on his visor of the helmet. >> was that -- he accelerates driving with one hand. >> no, you're right, ali. the guy posted this video and put lots of comments below, explaining some of his admitted mistakes. as you watch right here, when he comes around, the corner to the left, those two cars up ahead, he says accelerate rather quickly. so in his mind, the road was clear, those cars he saw take off. he drives this road regularly. what he didn't see behind that glare were those two cars go around a much slower, nearly stopped vehicle.
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>> up and over the handlebars of the bike he goes. >> how is this guy? >> he's fine. bruises and a sore back, the guy claims. >> what do you do when you have a glare like that? >> i would suggest not going if you can't see. that driver has now come forward. they are talking, and expect to settle the damages on both parts, away from the courts and insurance. let's head over to one of the most beautiful places on the planet. no, i'm not biased at all. let's go to mexico. where this really cool skydiving video. these guys are over the sea of cortez, and this guy stuck in the '80s is all strapped into his parachute, and right here he takes off. and enjoys this beautiful dive down, where you see the water, you see some of the deserted area.
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because i swear i drank at that bar right next to that rv park. i am pretty sure it's called wrecked at the reef. i'm not lying. >> really? >> and that's why there are two boys right there. >> kind of low. >> all i was seeing is how close mexico was. >> what's so nice about it, you're right, christian, how beautiful mexico is. i love going to mexico. so this is a really cool double kind of thing to watch. >> he gets down to the sand and lands perfectly. >> stuck in the '80s? he's more like officer danglel with those shorts. you know that old phrase, "go ahead, buddy, knock yourself out"? watch this. this is in kazakhstan. the man in the back seat is an accused smuggler.
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watch what happens next. >> he said 1-2, 1-2. >> he is giving himself the fists of fury. >> beating himself up. >> authorities say this man had 463 pounds of carp in his car. >> they say he was smuggling it, he didn't have the paperwork for it. >> fish? >> fish. >> carp. >> they're not even good eating. >> well, but they're worthy enough to be smuggled into kazakhstan. this is when it gets even crazier. do you notice, they didn't take the dude's phone? [ bleep ] >> on the phone! >> a boxing coach. >> he called emergency services, because he said i have a bruise on my eye. they were mistreating me. >> and he was able to just get out of the police car, like, hey, i'm out. i'm done. >> he's kind of under arrest. >> the video has been turned over to authorities for
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no officer was responsible for throwing those punches. >> now in this next video, you will be surprised at how low-key everything goes down. this is in scotland. you see that guy right there? he walks by the window of this business, looks in, looks back and forth and, boom! >> wow. >> after he busts the window open, he walked away. he comes back, and then he crawls through this hole that he's created in the window. >> to get what? what is he after? >> we never find out what this dude is after. >> carp. [ laughter ] >> he sits down and starts rifling through stuff, when somebody rolls up. i wonder who could it be? >> the police. >> it is the po-po. watch what he does. >> he walks back to the window and lets them take him away. >> you got me.
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33-year-old bruce bury got six months of prison for this. the roads are so icy -- >> you've got to be going at a good, steady pace. >> why even the slightest will slip up and send you sliding. >> oh, wow! and her boyfriend took her to disneyland for a little fun with puns. >> i'm feeling a little hoarse! >> see just how long he could keep it up. >> i think we all have fun on this one. if you're going to say "better ingredients. better pizza." you better deliver. which is why i'm introducing our new papa's quality guarantee: love your pizza, or get another one, absolutely free. pget any large pizza up to 5-toppings pfor just $9.99. online only. at
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