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tv   Newscenter 5 at Six  ABC  October 4, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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>> now on newscenter 5. ed: the search for that cargo ship that disappeared during hurricane joaquin. joaquin still a dangerous storm. the latest track and its impact on us. and when we will finally see the sunshine returned. a loose moose in manchester, new hampshire jumping over cars. >> from boston' s news leader
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ed: teams have spotted degree -- debris in the water for a missing cargo ship off the bahamas. a life or and recovered by the coast guard. 32 people on that ship when it lost power -- a life ring recovered. four with ties to new england. jim: the close card says there is a 225 mile -- the coast guard says there is a debris field. no sign of the missing ship. >> there are a lot of people back here that want them home. jim: the impact of el ferro is being filled in rockland, maine. >> i can' t believe what is going on. i hope the best. i hope everybody on that ship is all right. jim: he' s one of four mainers of 33 missing since it lost contact
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>> you immediately think about the worst, but dylan' s strong. jim: the mother of the ship cabin says hs she' s in jacksonville where families are being briefed on the search. >> he has got two girls and a wife. they seem like a great family. it is awful they have not been able to contact them. >> we are hoping and praying it is going to be good news. im: on jim: one crew member is from the south shore. the aerial search continues for hunt for el ferro. weather. record rainfall continues to batter south carolina. that three deaths are being blamed on the weather. colombia were 18 inches fell in a 24-hour period. a statewide alert was sent to
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their homes were in danger of some residents say they have lost everything. >> pretty much everybody down has lost everything. our vehicles, our clothes. everything. but the best thing is that we still have our lives. ed: tens of thousands of residents are without power. president obama has approved federal disaster relief for that region. all of this as we watch different. mike: not wa south carolina. ed: they are completely separate events. we may start to get some of the carolinas. but now joaquin is category ii storm. 100- mile an hour winds. it is 500 miles off the coast. the rain is going on right here. going on at this point. some of this moisture may get wrapped in over the carolinas.
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this area right through here over the past couple days -- they got a foot yesterday. another foot today. rain we are talking about. they do not need another drop of water. speaking of joaquin, it is going to be passing well offshore tomorrow night. probably close to 500 miles offshore. few ocean swells. south, high pressure in the north -- that northeasterly breeze. forcibly that will be dying down you are already seeing some of the wind gusts dropping off compared to what they were. with clear skies tonight, temperatures are going to get cold. someplaces could get close to the phrasing mark -- the freezing mark. we will talk about the forecast that has 70' s and it. in a few minutes. ed: rescue on the river. swamped in the middle of the merrimack during a chilly regatta. now three of the girls are treating -- being treated for hypothermia.
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reid: ed, the day started with cohen conditions, much like it is white now but the wind quickly change direction, pushed up river and causing dangerous swells. the frightening image captured on a cell phone shows nine high school girls a submersed in the frigid merrimack river. what you do not see is the panic. >> it went stern first and they kept going down, screens everywhere. reid: a college rower within a nearby boat. >> when they are at the water level, at that point they are completely submerged. redi: it was one of two rescues made on the merrimack today. 14 rowers pulled when there boats took on too much water. >> it didn' t flip over. >> the kids got cold. they were checked out by emt' s. reid: there rowers were checked
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all participating in a regatta. the second largest race and new england behind head of the charles. 620 participating boats, 87 towns. within minutes, officials forced to cancel the race. >> as it turns out, we had the rain direction blow directly up the river. and it cost swells to build up. reid: placid conditions that caught everyone off guard. >> this front changed everything in the blink of an eye. reid: it is not uncommon for a boat to take on water. but today the swells were as high as four feet at times, which was far too much water for the racers. ed: we take you to upton. a house fire remaining under investigation. the flames broke out at a home on main street. part of the road was shot down as cruz knocked down the fire. the was no one inside the home
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to waltham , crews battling a three alarm fire across the firehouse. everyone managed to get out safely. the fire did destroy the home. >> fire started, flames everywhere and they started spraying. that is when i was -- ed: the cause of that fire is also under investigation tonight. in a season of disappointment stability tonight for the red sox. john farrell will return as manager next spring. farrell left the team to undergo cancer treatment. mike joins us with more. mike: the timing was interesting. in a luminance one single day of speculation or john farrell will return as manager of the red sox next season -- it eliminates a single day was speculation. he was diagnosed with stage i lymphoma. he competed -- completed therapy
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as an insurance policy, the red sox gave the interim manager a two extension. also, the red sox season just concluded. this was the farewell game. you do not want to miss it. we will have that in sports. ed: the hero on the mend. how the men who risked his life in the organ shootings is doing tonight. a while moose chase. t a quiet sunday morning that simon became action-packed. joaquin still spinning in the atlantic. how impact will track -- we will track when it moves closer to
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at 6:00. ed: president obama paying tribute to firefighters killed
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he spoke in maryland honoring 84 firefighters are were killed on the job in 2014. he says those being honored are indeed heroes. president obama: we reaffirm as a nation we must work to prevent fires and we must give firefighters the equipment and the support they need to get the job done and to come home safely. ed: the president took time to salute the heroism of the firefighters who battled historic wildfires out west. one of the heroes from the oregon college shooting is sending a message from his hospital bed. investigators are focused on finding a motive behind the mass shooting that killed nine people. >> how could something like that happen here? >> a small town in mourning. at church services, prayers for the nine victims killed in thursday' s shooting rampage and the seven others who remain hospitalized. pastor randy' s daughter survive. >> i' m not sure if grateful covers it. also as a
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dad, realizing that i got her back but others not get theirs back. reporter: chris mintz supported this message on facebook. the army vet is recovering from seven gunshot wound after charging the shooter to stop him. >> i held his hand until they may believe him. he' s a hero. reporter: witness a 26-year-old chris harper-mercer showed no mercy, ordering some victims to beg for their lives. others wounded play dead as the killer stepped over them. police continue to look for clues at the apartment where the gun man lived with his mother. this community also searches for answers. >> is if our cultural disconnect from a holiness. all these are lika e a gasoline
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reporter: the cap is remains closed and many are choosing not to focus on the violence but the efforts of first responders and the solidarity of the small-town -- but the campus remains closed. ed: as we continue, a vastly improving forecast. then coming up, this guy. the moose on the loose in new hampshire.
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wild how about a wild moose chase? good moves. definitely not what you would see on a typical sunday morning. frf ank: a moose on the loose on the west side of manchester. >> my god, do you see it? frank: show the video to people in the neighborhood. >> i do get is pretty funny. watch him jump over cars. frank: most most had this kind
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of reaction. >> that is crazy, cool. >> i want that moose. i want to find the moose and take it home with me. i' ve never seen a moose. i have lived in new hampshire forever. you know where it is? frank: everybody wanted to see the moose in person. would you guys try a moose call? >> moo? >> baah! >> moo! moose! moose! frank: that moose calling is not going to work, so we decided to hit the streets. we searched everywhere a moose might hide. after minutes of intense searching, no luck. >> seeing th emoose was pretty awesome. frank: the mo ose was last spotted heading into the woods sunday. most people here say he is welcome back anytime. >> we are having a barbecue later if he wants to come, give him my number.
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ed: clear that car. this is the truth, my in laws spent years and years in vermont. to this day, i have never seen a most. mike: really? ed: never. on video, obsolete. mike: i' ve seen them a bunch of time. you do not want to see them on a car. wow. today, you know, we talk about the rain and the south. we talk about joaquin, of the big story the last couple days -- how cold it has been. 56. 10 degrees below average. we have been on the chilly side. tonight, look at that gorgeous sunset. sunset at 6:22. 52 degrees. s one of the reasons. northeast wind at 16. they have been busy the last surge in. minor flooding of the coastline. raw all day. the wind is finally going to start to die off tonight and tomorrow. current temperatures --
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most of the cape in the mid 50' s. we' re supposed to be 10 or 12 degrees warmer than that. what is going to happen over tonight? olessa out west, enough to enjoy a lot of sunshine today. tomorrow you will in the east. typically one of those days we start the day with a lot of cloud cover. in the afternoon, as we saw today, going to break up a little bit. not a real sunny day tomorrow. but wait until tuesday, wednesday and thursday. some beautiful weather coming in. if you want to get sunshine, my voice from the coast. and with a clear skies, the temperatures will drop tonight. s that if you have some tender vegetation, something he wanted safe, some flowers, you want to pull them in. breezy tonight. loads ranging from 38 to 48. tomorrow, partly cloudy, not as windy -- 58 to 62. bit. well, here those high temperatures tomorrow.
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away from the water. 61 degrees in shrewsbury. 61 in bridgewater. to give you hints of what is sunshine coming back. we warm up nicely. a lot of cloud cover tomorrow, especially over the cape. one of the reasons is hurricane joaquin. it is a category ii storm moving pace. it is to the west of bermuda. their hurricane warnings up. 64 while an hour wind gusts being reported at the airport in bermuda. it' s closest path to us is going to be 500 miles offshore. we may see a few clouds towards the cape. some ocean swells, but basically joaquin is going offshore and not going to have much. of an impact market you see the winds. a little breezy, we had stronger with the cap -- the past couple of days. let me break it down in the 7 day forecast for tomorrow, 60 degrees. partly cloudy. more sunshine in the afternoon.
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re wondering about that cloud cover from joaquin, you see how it really right near the coastline and then that moves it. then we go to sunshine on tuesday, wednesday, thursday. look at those temperatures -- friday, i know a lot of you are looking at some leaf keeping going on. a chance of showers coming in then clearing away as we head towards next week and. overall, a few raindrops. nothing like the rain we went through this week. not the cold. not the wind we have gone through this week. next week is looking a whole lot nicer for the first part of october. enjoy the sunshine and those temperatures flirting with the 70 degree mark in the middle of the week. ed: looks great. runners at the road today for a good cause. it is the -- that' s cindy fitzgibbon. the john tanner memorial 5k was held. it raise awareness for battens
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anner was an employee at russell' s garden center who passed away about -- while running the new york city marathon. mike l.: on this the final day of the 2015 season, the red sox answer the large question -- yes, john farrell will return next season. providing is healthy and strong enough. john farrell was diagnosed with lymphoma in mid august. he completed chemotherapy and was given a clean bill of health. he signed a two-year extension through 2017. it will take three to six months for complete recovery for john farrell. as an insurance policy, the red sox have given torey lovullo a two year extension just in case john farrell is not ready to return by spring training. lovello has agreed he will not pursue any managerial jobs during this off-season. the red sox have been 28-20. this was the final broadcast for
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an airplane with a better. and people in the crowd got the word. this is spreading around. and then in the night ending, opened up his heart. >> 26 years later, i now broadcast my last red sox game. after 15 years as the voice of the boston red sox and just shy of 2000 games. i want to take my friend and partner jerry running -- remy. we have been through so much together on and off the field. thank you so much for being one of my best friends. mostly, i want to thank the friends of red sox nation. i want to thank you for your support and loyalty. i heard all of you and never forget your words as they touched me so very deeply. thank you for letting me into your homes, and your families for the last 15 years. last sunday at fenway, will be the greatest memory of my life. your tribute to me i will never
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as many times over the last six weeks how i would like to be remembered -- and to be remembered at all is enough for me. thank you. >> as we look to the red sox dugout -- unbelievably, i wave to the red sox for the final time. thank you, boys. rounded third and heading home. ed: what a great touch by the red sox. mike l.: this reminds me of the market basket thing. i think the red sox made a huge mistake. i' m sure they would love to have a mulligan. back to work tomorrow for the patriots are the long run to the final game. first up, the cowboys next sunday. this is where the stadium. 84,000 on hand for the jets and the dolphins. all jets.
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-- kenny. 301. -- 301. the giants against the buffalo bills. watch this run by jennings. 51 yards into the end zone, as the giants moved to 2-2. the bills slide to 2-2. in indianapolis, he was playing -- in place of andrew luck. when' s the game in overtime. who says you are washed up at 42? bob halloran with the newest member of the celtics david me. -- david lee. the bruins are opening up thursday. we will have much more on don orsillo coming up. a busy night ahead. ed: he does not even know it, don porcello, i had dinner with him for 15 years of an. thanks, . coming up at 11:00, an arsenal of weapons found inside a new hampshire man'
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s home. the chilling claim he made to police and the charges he is now facing. >> at 6:30, it is abc' s world news. >> a deadly storm that will not let appeared rivers rising, dams bursting. and the search for that cargo ship missing in the hurricane. an incredible video we cannot stop watching.
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ed: i have to make a confession. i turned to heal. mike: oh, ed. ed: i have not worn socks yet, b ut i did turn the heat on. mike: looks like wednesday we are up around 70. friday night. mike: not a bad first week of october.
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