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tv   News Center 5 at 1100  ABC  October 4, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> newscenter 5 at 1:00 starts right now. >> the new clues of a missing ship with new england team members. rojers rescued. the f.b.i. warning putting college campuses on alert. dramatic rescues from flooding down south and when we'll notice a big change in temperatures. the wild moose change in a new hampshire neighborhood. and all night search underway right now for a missing cargo ship with new englanders onboard, a key clue lifted out of the water by the coast guard bringing new hope. good evening, everyone, i'm ed harding. that cargo ship disappearing near the bahamas. let's get to todd kazakiewich. he is following latest developments. todd: five of the members are from new england. a shipping container and debris has been found. that is not conclusive proof that the cargo ship went down.
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mile debris field found in the atlantic ocean. this orange life ring bares the name of the missing cargo ship. >> a lot of crew, want them home, need them home. todd: while the search continues, family and friends of the 33 crew members are anxiously awaiting word, among the missing, dylan from maine. >> you think about the worst, but dylan is a strong kid. todd: dylan is one of four crew members from maine. it has been missing since thursday when it was in the path of then tropical storm joaquin. the 790-foot vessel was traveling from jacksonville, florida, destined for puerto rico. the captain made a distress call saying the ship had taken
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degrees in the area known as the bermuda triangle. michael holland is also from maine. she the is in jacksonville, florida. the shipping company is defending its decision to authorize the voyage which departed jacksonville last tuesday when joaquin was still a tropical storm. crew members are "equipped to handle situations such as changing weather." todd kazakiewich, wcvb newscenter 5. ed: we have new video of a dramatic rescue. drivers were trapped in their cars. rescue crews ran a line across the flooded street and helped those stranded drivers walk across to safety. a state of emergency has been declared in the state of south carolina tonight. three deaths are now being blamed on this flooding and many people say they have lost everything they own. >> pretty much everybody down there has lost everything this morning. our vehicles, our clothes, our everything.
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we still have our lives. ed: president obama has approved federal disaster money to help specifically in that state and area. mike wankum joins us right now. it's not joaquin doing this. mike: the danger was we were worried they would get wrapped england. they're staying separate. let me show you what joaquin is doing right now. this was down to a contrary one, three, four, and now just slowly dropping away. it's a pretty ragged center that you're talking about. that little spot is bermuda at this point, very strong winds going on there. the other area we're talking about is this area over here, it's an upper level low. you see what is what's happening, the circulation around it. this is producing heavy rain. we may start to see some of that tropical moisture mixing in. this is a radar plot of how much rain has fallen. look at these numbers. that is just today. they have had rain like this going on for the last several days. imagine what we had on wednesday, make that three and four times what we had on
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that's what we're dealing with in parts of the carolinas tonight. joaquin is going to track offshore, 480 miles off of nantucket, the closest path is tomorrow night. we'll see the winds dying down, believe it or not, one of the system goes by. check out the temperatures, down to the 0's in some spots. we'll talk more about that chill and when the warmth continues in a few minutes. ed. ed: we have new video of the teenage rowing team. they launched in a race during potential dangerous conditions. reid: in speaking with rojers, the conditions changed in the blink of an eyement what had been relative calm on the merrimack river all morning long shifted to dangerous winds. new video showing this four-man team desperately trying to row as gallons of water spill into their boat. what happens next captured in
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they ditched their boat and swim to a nearby rescue. minutes later -- >> it would stern first -- reid: it happened again, witnesses say this boat never had a chance. >> just kept going down. reid: and with it the nine high school girls rowing onboard. the chopper merrimack river claimed two racing boats and four team rowers who along with the boats sank into the friday id water. >> the kids were cold, they were brought to the shore and checked out by e.m.t.s. reid: three students were treated for minor hypothermia. many of the boats were unrowable. >> you saw at the docs, the boats were put overhead, a lot of water comes out. it's to be expected. reid: race officials were forced to cancel midway through the day, the second largest race in new england after head of the charles faced a headwind straight up the river causing
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>> this isn't blustery wind, but it has been blowing straight up the river. it gradually created a swell. reid: some of those swells reported to be as high as four feet at times which is far too dangerous for those racers who were out on the water. live tonight in lowell, i'm reid lamberty. wcvb newscenter 5 ed: investigators in upton say this fire that destroyed a house on main street is suspicious. that's because no one lived in the home. they're not sure how the flames did start over night. no one was hurt in that fire. an investigation in this fire in a home in waltham. there were people inside the building when the flames broke out. they made it out safely. the home was completely destroyed. the people who lived there lost everything. >> the fire started like there was flames, they just started spreading. i lost everything. ed: firefighters say it appears that the flames started on the first floor of the house and then spread quickly.
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right now police are investigating the arsenal of weapons taken from a new hampshire man. he claimed he had shot four people when police knocked on his door. rajon rondo is live -- rhondella richardson is live with what they found. rhondella: the door was opened and the naked man they say had a loaded gun next to him. >> seven firearms, a shotgun, a handgun that he had near him when we entered the house. he had some military style rifles. rhondella: police arrested this resident because they say he fired rounds into his closet saturday night telling neighbors people were breaking in, cutting a hole in the closet. >> he is like i shot four people, they're in my closet. rhondella: police found bullet holes in the wall and clothing. he faces a felony reckless conduct charge for firing the gun. >> it was scary, yeah, because
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he was right above us and he was just shooting everywhere, lord knows the bullets could have went down through my floor, hit my son, my husband, admit me. rhondella: along with the weapons, police found more than 10,000 rounds of ammunition. >> it was all stacked in boxes and crates and what not. that was a little unusual. rhondella: the amount of firepower inside, not illegal. >> it's fairly normal to have that amount of guns in your home for the most part in new hampshire anyway. rhondella: for neighbors, that amount of firepower mind boggling. arraignment not until next month because the gun owner is being treated for a medical condition at mass general. live in pelham, new hampshire. rhondella richardson, wcvb newscenter 5. ed: warning to colleges about a possible threat tomorrow. agents found social media posts threatening violence on an unnamed campus.
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the lookout for suspicious behavior. it comes after the mass shooting at a college in oregon. we are hearing a message from one of the students being called a hero and learning more about what happened inside the classroom where the gunman opened fire. pastor randy's prayers were answered even before he stepped in a church today. >> she said, daddy, number one, i began to pray. secondly, i knew i was going to die today. >> his 18-year-old daughter lacy, one of the close e-witnesses to survive the gunman's rampage unscathed. she was saved by 20-year-old trevor who fell on top of her after he was shot. he later died. >> i believe in the last moments that he had any conscious whatsoever, i believe he said i am going to roll on to lacy. >> she lied under him playing dead. he says his daughter told him that the gunman asked them their religion and beg for their lives but rounded them up and shot them anyway saying we
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>> he came into execute. >> chris mintz hailed a hero by survives who said he put his life on the line to save others, shot seven times released this video. >> hello, everyone, i'm doing well and i'm overwhelmed by the support that i have gotten from everybody. >> the nine victims range from 18 to 67, the alleged gunman chris mercer's final words were overheard by lacy. >> the words were this, you have got me, i have had enough. i'm done. ed: we're learning that the gunman gave a flash drive to one student telling him that he wasn't going to shoot him but he should hand that flash drive over to police. in a season of disappointment and upheaval and yet another last place him that finish, a measure of stability tonight for the red sox. john farrell will return as manager next spring. to undergo cancer treatment. mike lynch joins us with more. mike: this ends any speculation
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off-season that is already underway. he will return as manager as long as he remains healthy. he finished chemotherapy last week, stability tonight for clean billing of health, full recovery time is three to six months. as insurance, the red sox have continued the contract that he will not pursue any open managerial jobs this off-season. also today, the final game for don arrest cillo. don: thank you for letting me into your homes, into your families for the last 15 years. last sunday at fenway will be my greatest memory of my life, i can tell you that right now, a tribute to me i will never forget ever. mike: as soon as the game ended, every member of the red sox out on the field tipping their cuts pointing to don orsillo thank him. jerry completely lost it. he never spoke in the ninth inning. he let it be don's moment. classy move by jerry as well.
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deserve a mulligan on this one. >> next on newscenter 5. ed: the wild months chain in a new hampshire neighborhood. how you can catch in. the latest on the tracking of joaquin and when we can finally
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>> you're watching wcvb newscenter 5 at 11:00. ed: the white house tonight is promising a full and transparent investigation into a bombing raid in afghanistan that destroyed a hospital and killed 22 people. that attack in the city of kunduz happened while american special forces were voicing afghan commandos. ash carter calls the situation confused and complicated.
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most of the victims were doctors without border and three were children. the president paying tribute to firefighters killed in the line of duty. mr. obama spoke at a national memorial service in maryland today honoring 84 firefighters killed on the job in 2014. he says those being honored are truly heroes. president obama: we reaffirm that as a nation we must work to prevent fires and give firefighters the support and equipment to get the job done and come home safe. ed: new at 11:00, linked in has been ordered to pay up. the social networking site agreeing to a $13 million settlement for sending too many emails. some members were upset that the address book contact that they had requested to connect we had received multiple reminder emails. the settlement affects those who used the site's ad connections feature between 20111 and 2014.
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if you do that, keep that in the back of your mind. if it includes you, you have until december 14 to submit a claim forecast. to new hampshire and as you can see, the moose clears the car, it can be best described as a wild moose chase. this all happening in manchester after the sun came up this morning. the moose showed off some pretty good moves in the field. our frank holland reports. frank: a moose on the move on the west side of manchester. >> oh, my god, do you see it? frank: we showed the video of the giant deer in the neighborhood where it was spotted this morning. >> it's funny watching the moose jump over cars, it's hilarious. frank: some were worried. most had this reaction. >> it's cool. >> i want that moose. i want to take it home with me. i would like to see the moose. i have never seen a moose. i have lived in new hampshire forever here. do you know where it is frank: everyone wanted to see the moose in person.
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really want to find the moose. we got creative. >> moo! >> we want to see the moose. >> we want to see the moose. frank: that moose calling is not really going to work. streets. might ahead and we know they like to eat plants. after moments of really intent searching, no lug. >> never seen a moose before. frank: the moose was last spotted heading into the woods most people here say he is welcome back anytime. >> we're having a barbecue later if he wants to come, give him my number. frank: in manchester, frank holland, wcvb newscenter 5. [laughter] ed: very clever. i love that, an intensive moose search for a few minutes. oh, well. those things are enormous, so agile, that's what is so amazing about them. mike: 56 degrees is all the warmer we managed to get today.
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10 degrees below average. remember how warm september was. october is on the cool side. in 2007, it was 86 degrees. it can warm up this time of year. we will see warmer temperatures later this week. check out the high temperatures today, they were not very warm. worcester 53 degrees for a high temperature, that's cool stuff we're talking about. in boston, it's 52 out there. ed has already admitted that he turned the heat on at home. can't blame him for this one. that wind is howling the last couple of days. it's because of the storm system down to the south. nothing associated with the hurricane. here are the current temperatures. in addition washington 39, fitchburg 41. a little warmer as you look to the south, you know you'll see a cool pocket, near plymouth and readings into the upper 40's at this point. what is happening with the satellite picture? we got basically clouds in the eastern part of the state.
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some of the clouds will come back in. in areas where it's clear, the temperatures will drop overnight tonight. you'll start the day with a little bit of cloud cover over there. there is a frost advisory just north of the border. again, it's getting close to the end of the growing season, if you want to save something, bring it inside or cover it. chilly nights are coming our way even as we talk about high 70. so tonight mostly cloudy, cool, a bit breezy, 38 to 48 dress for the overnight low. tomorrow, partly cloudy, more clouds in the morning, sunshine in the afternoon, not as windy. it's going to feel a whole lot better than lately with the gray skies and the breeze sitting out there. high temperatures will look like this tomorrow, generally in areas around from the coastline, a little bit warm with readings into the 60's. worcester, a high temperature tomorrow of 60 degrees. bridgewater 60 for a high. to give you a preview, you see what happens, more sunshine this week diminishing winds and
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we warm things up nicely. i will point out the south shore and the cape, tomorrow clouds. more sunshine really as you look inland than anything else. joaquin, well, there it is right now, category as we pointed out. you can see how it's moving close to bermuda, the hurricane warning is up, but it will skirt and the island over the next 12 hours or so. 500 miles offshore from us, so all we'll see is some clouds that drift on buy, little bands, but nothing else and perhaps some ocean swells which i already have heard from surfers that they are getting ready to go out and tackle some of the waves coming in. be careful. tomorrow, we got joaquin coming through here. as it moves through, we'll be seeing some cloud cover as i mentioned. not much because the storm is staying off, a few clouds on the cape in the ann and it clears out. once it close out, check this out, sunshine tuesday, wednesday, thursday, and temperatures warming up to around 70 degrees. we haven't talked too much
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about this, so busy with the hurricane, but the fall foliage is starting to come on now especially up to the north. boston, you have a couple of weeks before that happens. columbus day weekend, people head north to check out what is going on. if you're heading north this weekend, there maybe showers friday night and lingering into saturday morning before they clear out of here. next weekend is looking better than this weekend. we had the cold and wind and everything else. we may see a few showers saturday morning, but the weekend is looking pretty decent. boy, i'm hanging on to wednesday. that looks nice, sunshine and 70 degrees. ed. ed: you're from iowa? mike: yes. ed: we have video. could this be graded as your typical sunday morning in des moines. mike: they do it all the time. ed: that's what i thought.
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ed: this is new tonight, some building implosions are just a little more entertaining than others. this is a pretty good one in des moines. what you're watching is that city's old ymca building that fell down in one fell swoop. they pushed the button at 7:00 and it's done. we give the demolition team an extra point for the burst of flame that kicked things off. it was a pretty good look. you got what, a little over a half hour ago. there is still time for you to enjoy a taco on national taco day and doesn't that sound just appetizing right now. hard shell or soft, meat or vegetarian, millions of americans enjoy tacos every day. last year alone, the u.s. consumed 4.5 billion tacos according to the national taco day website. that is equal to 775 million pounds of taco or the weight of
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>> now sportscenter 5 with mike lynch. mike: information i could have used around lunchtime today. on this, the final day of the 2015 season, the red sox answered a potentially extra large question. yes, john farrell will return next year as manager provided he is healthy and strong enough. farrell was diagnosed with stage one lymphoma in august. he completed chemotherapy last week and given a clean bill of health. they have extended the contract of the interim manager with the understanding he won't pursue any open managerial jobs this off-season. today was the final game for sox. someone hired a plane and a banner in cleveland, in cleveland. and red sox fans everywhere, the love extends well beyond it. jerry couldn't hold it together. he left in tears. he left the entire ninth inning for don to call it on his own. don: last sunday at fenway will life.
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i can tell you that right now. your tribute to me i will never forget ever. i have been asked the last six weeks how i would like to be remembered, to be remembered at all is enough for me, thank you. we look down to the red sox dugout, unbelievably, i wave to the red sox for the final time. thank you, boys! i haven't seen anything like this. red sox lose, they get swept by the indians and so they finish in last place for the third time in the last four years. david ortiz, .273, 37 homers, 108 runs batted in and watch this, over third base just barely out. good for him. just to show that he is ready to go next year. all right, it's the texas rangers who win the american league west. at one point they had the worst
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record in the american league. they win today. cole hamels throws a complete game tonight. they will open up against the toronto blue jays, the wild card teams, the yankees and the astros will play their one game on tuesday night. and next up for the patriots, the dallas cowboys who right now are tied up with new orleans minutes ago and here is what tom brady posted on his facebook page today. he is sitting there already watching the live game of the cowboys playing the saints which is going on right now. more than on "sportscenter 5 o.t.," the on-deck circle, more on done orsillo, dave goucher talks bruins and bob halloran talks with the newest member of the celtics, david lee. we'll be back with that in a couple minutes. ed: matt damon is launching "the martian." is he a box hand-crafted...layer by layer. r the new macchiato from dunkin' donuts.
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ed: so the answer to the dame quon question is apparently so. "the martian" blasting to the top of the box office. it rakes in a massive $55 million since friday putting it in second place for its highest grossing october debut behind 2013's "gravity." the film directedly ridley scott follows damon as an astronaut struggling to survive after being stranded on mars. remember that one line from the
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consultries on the -- horticulturist on the planet, the only one. mike: the hurricane is passing by us, no impact and after that sunshine coming back this week. it's nice. ed: pushing into the 70's after firing up the heat.
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