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tv   Newscenter 5 at Six  ABC  October 5, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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con legal law law -- rhondella richardson, wcvb newscenter 5. >> a cargo ship caping in rough waters off the bahamas and one is about to become a father to twins. todd kazakiewich has more. reporter: here at mass maritime they are affected by every disaster at seas, but especially in this case because two of the missing sailors went to school here. they trained on the ship behind me. everyone on campus is holding out hope. >> we remain hopeful that keith and the entire crew will be found safe. reporter: they are both engineers aboard sunken cargo ship. mathias lives in kingston and a married father of three. keith griffin is a married with a wife pregnant with twins. >> they are trained in emergency procedures. reporter: the training includes a use of survival
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it is part of the curriculum on training ship kennedy. every officer and crew member was issued an emergency suit like this. >> it can kipe you -- it can keep you afloat forever but can you get enough air? you are exhausted. reporter: the body of one sailor in a survival suit was recovered, but the sailor has not been identified. a life boat was also found empty. the experienced instructors prepare cadets as best they can to survive extreme weather conditions. the instructors have tremendous respect for the sea. >> i go to sea for a couple months a year with the cadets. i enjoy every second of it. it does make me pray sometimes though. reporter: here they don't want to speculate on whether it should have em barked on the voyage in the first place or what went wrong.
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all of their thoughts are with the missing sailors and their families. reporting live from mass maritime at buzzard's bay, wcvb, newscenter 5. >> vermont's governor calls it a freak of nature. a rock slide causing a train to derail sending several people to the hospital. jc is here with more. >> heather, many were on a foliage tour when they ran into more than fall colors. 98 passengers and four crew members departed and headed for washington, d.c. over an hour later the train hit rocks that had fallen on to the track from the ledge. the car careened down the em -- embankment and tipped on to its side. >> we felt something, a bump. the next thing we knew there was -- we swerved to the left and swerved to the right. >> the car in front of us tried to come up this way and that's when it went down the ditch.
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ours ended up on its side. >> several people were taken to area hospitals, but none of the injuries were life-threatening. another train went over the same tracks with no problem. ed: look at this wild crash. it is unclear how that van ended up on top of the honda civic. one person received a minor injury as a result of the accident. heather: a gloucester man accused of crashing into a police cruiser while driving drunk is being held on bail. this is his second dui charge and police say hue was speeding speeding -- he was speeding and driving on the wrong side of main street when he hit the cruiser head on. he is being treated for serious neck injuries. ed: hillary clinton with an emotional plea for gun control shootings. her campaign hopes this is the issue that pivots clinton back in the lead. reporter: the latest polls show hillary clinton trailing bernie sanders.
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how does she catch up? he drew twnt,000 people to the boston -- 20,00020,000 to the boston event. she announced her new gun control plan as he introduced a sandy hook parent. >> so many of the parents of these precious children who were murdered have taken the unimaginable grief that they have been bearing and have need to hear. >> this is a very good, emotional issue for a candidate where they are trying to connect with voters who with voters who frustrated by the shootings. she is trying to take them off the plate for bernie sanders. reporter: it pushes further left than sanders on gun control. she wants spabded background checks -- expanded background checks and calls forcalls for repealable law that shields them from lawsuits. >> the gun industry and the gun sellers are the only business in america that is totally free of liability for
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their behavior. reporter: clinton spoke at an early childhood education forum, but on the rope line, gun violence was the focus. >> have i a young child and it is scary to send them to happen. reporter: sanders voted to protect gun dealers from liability cases, but he too is moving left saying he ports banning banning -- supports banning assault weapons. ed: the issue reaches beyond the political arena. heather: the latest developments from reid lamberty. reporter: the clinton campaign promise of tougher gun legislation is a loaded subject at state line guns and archery. >> what needs to be changed? enforce the rules that are there. reporter: it is a one top shop for gun owners and supporters of the second amendment. we knew the headlines would scream for stricter gun laws
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oregon. hillary clinton announced her idea, but they don't support calls to expand back dwownd checks -- background checks or close loopholes or use executive power. >> there is no gun show loophole. i have to do the same checks. >> if it goes to a vote that's fine. if it is executive power it is just her will deciding what everybody else should have. >> additional leahy says he has heard this all before, that the gun control debate reignites following mass shootings. in his 13 years with state line, very little has changed. >> as far as something i can say really strict. >> unlike massachusetts a permit is not required to own a gun in new hampshire. hillary clinton's push could make it more comparable. in new hampshire, reid lamberty, wcvb newscenter 5. heather:massachusetts gas prices are holding steady this week.
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triple-a reports an average price of self-serve regular is $2.14 a gallon now. that's 15 cents below the national average. a year ago at this time the massachusetts average price was $1.18 higher at $3.32. ed: is it game over for city sports? not quite. the equipment retail are filed protection. the company plans to close eight of its 26 stores along the east coast. and fraud involving millions of your tax dollars. 5 investigates with the details. heather: and new at 6:00, two football players charged with assault. what they are accused of doing to three fraternity brothers. harvey: hanging tough in parts of the area. something of a warm up. how much so? i will let you know. >> they didn't play yesterday, but they practiced today.
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>> a medical ride service paid millions in tax dollars is under fire after the state auditor finds potential fraud. ed: it is a story 5 investigates kathy curran told you about and she has the latest on this company tonight. >> i think this is a case of deliberate wrongdoing. reporter: they say the medical transport company which was first exposed by 5 investigates builds nearly $17 million for two years worth of wheelchair van rides even though all of their clients can walk. >> if you are going to provide wheelchair service it has to be medically necessary and there was no necessity. 95% of the clients represented in the $17 million worth of billings were ambulatory. >> they found right way was paid more than $27,000 for rides that never happened because the clients they were
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supposed to be driving were hospitalized. and more than $6,000 was paid for methadone clinics when that treatment was given. >> it was totally wrong right from the get go. reporter: other than on rare occasions of human error he wasn't charged for services it did not provide or engaged in fraudulent or improper activity. they upgraded the internal controls and also says mass health told them to bill the state for wheelchair vans. it is a claim mass health denies. the auditor's report isn't the end of the road when it comes to problems for right way. the attorney general's office is also investigating. sources tell us that they are looking into whether the company billed for services no the provided, and if they offered cash and referral bonuses for clients. the auditor is calling for right way to pay the millions in question back.
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abuse of the mass health program. reporter: kathy curran, 5 investigates. ed: it was a cold start. it was in the 30s in someplaces. heather:we turned it on a smidgen. ed: i did too, i confess. heather:we could see the 70s. harvey's forecast. and stranded. we are hearing from a massachusetts student dealing
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>> you're watching newscenter 5 at 6:00. heather: that's a coyote taking a leisurely stroll in lawrence. they are warningwarning dents to keep their -- warning residents to keep thawl -- their small animals inside. ed exped a man taken away on a stretcher. they put a church on lock down and police say that the man threatened a woman, threatened to burn down the house and even fired a pellet gun at officers.
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officers eventually got uh hold of the suspect and they pulled him out of the house. he is facing a long list of charges. ed: two university of rhode island football players are facing assault charges after a fight at a campus fraternity house. both are from massachusetts. lyons and leblanc. they were arrested early sunday morning after an alleged fight. the victims were treated for broken noses, cuts, broken jaw. it is unclear what lead to that fight. heather:historic flooding in south carolina has caused historic damage. roads washed away and cars well. tonight we are hearing from a local man who is experiencing the severe weather firsthand. he goes to the university of south carolina. he sent this video. you can see the water under the bridge is almost as tall as the bridge itself. the water is too dirty to use unless of course you boil it. he has been stuck in his
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days. >> trying to get to the city itself is a bit of an issue. all of the roads were blocked off and the recent hours and for me not being able to shower or brush my teeth it has been an issue. heather: i would say so. people have been warned to stay off the roads because they are just not safe. five people have drowned trying to drive through the floodwaters. ed: the volume is amazing. heather:i heard this was a storm of a thousand years. harvey: it is definitely epic proportion. you are talking places and they are getting more rain than we get for more than half couple days. over. rain. it is a heavier band getting near the area. the upper level system is moving away.
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amounts it is almost astronomical. there is the 22 inches and you can still have impressive amounts. it is nine inches closer to hatterus. there is just no two ways around it. the poor folks have to deal with. every day so far this month has been well below average. it is the opposite of september which was so far above average. but things are going to change a little bit in the next few days. today was 4 degrees below the average high. look what happens. we are at or above average for tomorrow and on wednesday. and then right around average on thursday. the nicest thing is all of the days look dry and they will feature sunshine as well. so basically telling you better weather is ahead. here is a mild stretch of air across pittsburgh and detroit and cincinnati and st. louis. come wednesday. there is a look at boston. very pretty skies this evening and some clearing is coming in
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sets us up nicely for tomorrow. the winds are far less. they are starting to take on more of a northerly component as opposed to the easterly component. all of that spells nicer times for us. so in boston tomorrow, this is the way it should shape up. it starts cool in the upper 40s and a good deal of sun and a few fair weather clouds. temperatures will make it into the 60s. a little light sea breeze in the afternoon, but but over the winds will be quite light. it could get as high as 70 over the interior. the clouds are still around and you can see the thinking to the north and west is what in boston. it has cleared to some extent across western mass and eastern new york state. all that does bode well for us. there were a few fair weather clouds. the bulk of the day is featuring a good deal of sun. we do it one more time on thursday. thursday will be a little cooler than wednesday will
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temperatures to greet you early tomorrow morning. here are the temperatures for tomorrow afternoon. not too shabby. 69 in providence and 70 in nashua. a nice day to be outdoors. here is joaquin. it has made its closest path to bermuda. there it is. 2 passed to the west, but they were influenced by it. it is now a category 1 storm and moving out to sea with time and it will become an ordinary storm as it loses its tropical characteristics in the north central atlantic. a better looking seven-day forecast. it is brighter and milder. it is even milder and cooler, but bright on thursday. friday looks like the one day that could feature some wet weather for part of the day on friday. what will cause that is a front. as long as it moves through progressively, good news for saturday. we will be back to sunshine at least in the afternoon. we may have clouds to start the day and sunday is looking
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sunny as well, but it looks like it will be chilly on sunday compared to let's say tomorrow. the high temperatures are generally in the low 60s. but overall, a much nicer seven days ahead than the seven days that are behind. i'm meteorologist harvey leonard. >> now sports center 5 with mike lynch. >> they ended their bye weekend and he has not played this season and hasn't practiced in weeks. this weekend the pay true jets are in -- patriots are in the big d after playing without tony romo and dez bryant. >> we all try to contribute. you can't do that when you are not playing. we have a rep and the guy next to you can rest. it feels good to do your job. >> i have never been there before.
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my mind-set and everybody else's mind-set should be just go down there and play football no matter if i am going down there to play football. >> the cowboys sliped to 2-2 because in over time, this was the second play of over time. drew brees, 80 yards to cj spiller and more importantly 400th career touchdown pass for drew brees. he joins tom brady and brett marino and brett favre and peyton manning in the 40000 club. here's what is coming up for the patriots. make your plans accordingly on sunday afternoon. ipped -- indianapolis the following week. the thursday night game with the dolphins and november 8th the washington redskins come into town. news from the nfl today, the dolphins have fired tort year coach joe philbin. they won their opener and lost three straight and was pounded in many of those games. he was placed on interim basis by their tightened coach for the remainder of the season.
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the third time in four years the red sox have finished last in their division. they told ramirez to lose 15 to 20 pounds and that same message was delivered to the panda bear, pablo sandoval. you see this image every year of the a lot of the players took off and went their separate direction. so this could be quite a tumultuous off season to say the least. the first news was yesterday that john farrell will be back and lavelle will be around a couple years, but expect more changes in this off season. and so here is what the red sox have done the last five years. world series seems like a year and a half a lifetime ago. and last place last year and last place this year as well. and the yankees open up the post season tomorrow night. but today cc sabathia announced that he is entering a rehab center for alcohol addiction. should the yankees advance past tomorrow night he will not be available for any of the games for the yankees. they will play the astros tomorrow night in the wild card game.
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the winner advances to kansas city to open the best of five with the defending american league champion kansas city royals. fall baseball. anybody out there remember that? >> there have been three world championships. that's not that bad. heather:we have been in a drought here. coming up at 11:00, a local woman's travel nightmare. she couldn't believe where a major airline told her to use her breast pump for her infant daughter. that's only the start of the outrage. you will hear about it after qat qat -- after "" castle". >> breaking developments, the new discovery at sea. 28 americans are on board. the life boat discovered and what else they found. the pilot who died midflight leaving the copilot at the controls. >> and on "chronicle" new york, the city that never sleeps stays awake to renew
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itself. just built loft residences.
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rleah: i just was thinking
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any minute could be the minute. and the minutes kept passing. r we both kind of relaxed and thought, "she'll come when she's ready." [ grunting ] woman: it's a girl! leah: and she did. woman: a big girl! [ olivia crying ]
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heather: want to make you aware of something. the department of public health has announced the seventh hule case of west nile virus in the state this year. the patient is a female and she is this her 90s who likely contracted the virus in the area. she is crntly -- currently hospitalized. two people have died from west nile virus. the threat is out there and he he -- you have to protect yourself from mosquitoes. ed: the light of of day is getting do minute knished a -- do minute -- diminished a little more and a little more. >> we have a threat of showers on friday and otherwise either
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nice stretches of weather. ed: look at city camera right now. look at the picture. this is spectacular. what is the old saying? red sky at night, sailor delight and red sky in morning and a sailor's morning? heather:it is lovely. 6:00. we hope you will come back and make a return appointment at
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