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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  October 7, 2015 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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this is going tro bring in some cooler temperatures for tomorrow. if you're thinking of heading to the fair, both today and tomorrow feature a good am of sunshine. we're tracking some rain on friday. we'll timeline that for you now as the eyeopener continues. emily: a new chapter begins today in a high-profile murder case. the trial of philip chism and the push to get justice for colleen ritzer. erika: disturbing images out of south carolina. the new concerns as people return home to flooding devastation. >> i would not just stand there and let him shoot me. emily: ben carson under fire this morning. the comments putting the presdential candidate under heavy scrutiny -- on the
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>> [beep] erika: a mac and cheese demand triggering a violent attack. the takedown of a uconn student. you have to see this. good morning, everybody. in for randy. i'm emily riemer with cindy fitzgibbon. cindy: beautiful day. not that warm at the bus stop this morning. in the 40's at the bus stop this morning. make sure you have that jacket with you. you can shed it later on. this afternoon, up near 70. notice we're not seeing many 30's here north of boston. unlike yesterday morning, not as many 30's. 52 in boston now. notice on the cape where you were in the 50's yesterday morning, it is in the upper nourts morning. a little bit cooler in -- in the
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40's this morning. a little bit cooler in spots. clouds are getting out of here, thinning out. watching a front here off to the this will bring in cooler today is the day you want to take advantage of. look at how temperatures come up by 11:00 a.m.. in the 60's. bright and sunshine this afternoon with a southwesterly wind. look at lawrence and nashua, lower 70's all the way down to taunton likely touching that 70-degree mark. let's get you out to the roads now. good morning, olessa. olessa: good morning. all the overnight construction in the final stages. all that construction, 93 south, that is just about gone. so is the road work on the expressway by the south bay mall. 93 both ways by route 28 and 138 as well as the road work on 128
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in both directions. picking up that road work on the ramps to the pike and along the pike as well and the western tolls and newton corner. no issues north of town. trains and buses starting the morning on schedule. emily? emily: thank you. it is a crime that rocked a community and devastated the family of a young high school teacher. and in just hours a jury will be picked in this high profile murder trial. erika: the eye's sera congi is live in salem where jury selection gets underway this morning. sera? reporter: philip chism is charged with raping and murdering his math teacher, leaving her body covered in leaves behind danvers high school two years ago. he will be tried as an adult. he was in the ninth grade at the time of the killing and had just moved to danvers from tennessee. colleen ritzer was just 24, a
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teacher many have remembered as talented and kind, always caring about her students. legal experts expect the trial to focus not on guilt or innocence but on chism's state of mind. we know the teen's lawyers plan to use a mental health defense. but we also know jurors will not hear chism's alleged confession to danvers police after the crime. and we know the list of potential witnesses is four pages long, including metal -- mental health experts, high school students and colleen ritzer's parents. we will be in the courtroom as jury selection gets underway today. you can follow the whole trial on on our wcvb mobile apps, on facebook and on twitter. erika: thank you. holding out hope in winthrop. the community coming together to honor a massachusetts man feared lost at sea. all while search crews look for new clues. keith griffin was on board the el faro cargo ship when it disappears in hurricane joaquin last week. last night friends and family
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from where the mass maritime twins. she tells us she last spoke to told her the storm would likely keep him up. >> it is a tough situation. i hope the family is ok. i hope his wife is doing ok. massachusetts ties. mariette wright grew up in assonet. and a vigil will be held tonight for jeffrey matthias of kingston. one body has been recovered in the search for el faro. emily: funeral services will be held today for the worcester toddler found dead in her crib. investigators are still working to determine how gigi brown died. her family has said dcf had been involved with the family and expressed concerns about the safety of the wellington street apartment where she was living with her mother. prosecutors say bella bond's mother could face additional charges. rachelle bond pleaded not guilty to accessory after the fact in the death of her daughter, known as "baby doe" as investigators worked to identify her remains. bond's boyfriend, michael mccarthy, is charged with the
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the state medical examiner's office has yet to rule on the exact cause of death. erika: right now a new hampshire man is facing charges, accused of kicking a dog to death. police say toby tousley kicked the 17-year-old dog after trying to shoo the pet away as it tried to relief itself on his keene lawn. tousley, who's also running for city council, is facing animal cruelty charges. he's due back in court in december. erika: a disturbing sight in south carolina. coffins -- unearthed by historic flooding. and cindy the situation there is really far from over. cindy: all of that water is still falling downstream so the water levels are still so high. this morning crews in columbia will scramble to repair a breach in a canal. they'll use thousand pound sand bags to close the gap. if they can't, water in the canal could drop to low levels- and leave the city with less than a day's supply of water. more than 40,000 people have already been without water for days.
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>> i have three children at home. we don't have enough water to flush toilets or take showers. erika: -- cindy: at least 17 people are dead in the floods. all eyes are on more than a dozen dams that could burst, creating even more danger. we'll be watching that closely and bring you updates. >> i would not just stand there and let them shoot me. erika: one of the top candidates for the white house, creating serious controversy this morning with his comments on gun control. emily: and ben carson isn't stopping there. the eye's antoinette antonio is tracking developments. >> even with his soft spoken style, republican ben carson is being called by insensitive by many critics. when asked how he would react if he had been in the classroom at the oregon community college last week, he said he would not have just stood there and encouraged everyone to fight off the attacker. on fox news last night he said
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he wasn't judging the victims and their actions. >> i want to plant the seeds so this that if this happens again they don't get killed. emily: also bashing the president's plans to visit with the oregon victims. saying if he was president, he would be too busy to go. dr. carson's comments may seem reckless but they actually have emily? hillary clinton is picking up massachusetts. her ranks. that move comes as speculation president joe biden's campaign intentions. and if he'd pick someone like senator elizabeth warren as his running te. erika: today the state will changes to the commuter rail schedule. the first focus will be on the worcester-framingham line.
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and avoid delays. it will take place at 10:30 at worcester's union station. emily: more fallout right now tied to a brawl at a university of rhode island frat house. erika: the football players from massachusetts permanently sidelined. a uconn student charged after this attack gone viral. his demand from a campus food service manager and what we've learned about his criminal record. emily: there is a new timeline from volkswagon. when it will start recalling its vehicles under investigation. cindy? cindy: we have a nice day on tap with warmer temperatures and sunshine!
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i have this recurring dream p p where i actually enjoy flying r r i never get bored r and i just feel welcome... r r
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>> we just finished the road race to support this awesome organization to help a ton of people. erika: good morning to you. that road race supports the charles river center. they've been providing services for the developmentally disabled and their families since 1956. record your own wake up call and show us what's going on in your
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emily: you went running? erika: i would have to own sneak ers to go running. emily: that is true actually. erika: i do have some now. i own them. i don't wear them. cindy: just go enjoy the day. it is going to be a really nice day. maybe brown bag your lunch today. it is the warmest day of the week weather-wise. our best chance moving out. the holiday weekend is looking good. a little cool this morning. you need to be layered. the afternoon you should be able to shed that layer. boston 52. worcester is 47. we're not seeing the 30's in new hampshire like we have the past several morning,.
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norwood in the upper 40's with patchy fog. otherwise patchy clouds, upper 40's for you on the cape this morning. mid and high level clouds coming out well in advance of a frontal boundary back to our west. this front is the leading edge of cooler air. you're going to notice the change tomorrow. mid 40's behind the fronts. that is the chill that will settle in tomorrow. today ahead of that front, we warm up. by noon, we're in the mid 60's with lots of sunshine, light wind. very pleasant here through the afternoon. by 5:00 p.m.. upper 60's . i think we're holding in the upper 60's at the coast today. mid 60's at the cape. lawrence, nashua, taunton all is hithing the 60-degree mark today. tonight another batch of clouds. that is cool front.
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readings in the mid 40's to around 50. we'll only recover tomorrow to cooler temperatures. loads of sunshine. clouds come in thursday night. this next system will bring in shower activity friday. i think the bulk of the showers are coming in during the second half of the day. bright sunshine. 62 on average tomorrow. showers come in during the afternoon and into the evening hours with this frontal boundary and then notice by 8:00 on saturday morning showers are going to be offshore. morning. but i think we're clearing it out. it is breezy and on the cool side to start the holiday weekend. only around 60 degrees for a high on saturday. a little bit milder on sunday. if you're thinking of doing some leaf peeping here up to the north, we are going to see cooler temperatures in the 50's here saturday. right around 60 on sunday. bright sunshine on columbus day. a nice holiday weekend. it starts cool and ends warm.
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for the holiday weekend. olessa: thank you, cindy. so far it looks great on the roads. both direction, let's get to maps. all overnight construction is gone. no accidents to report. nice and pleasant out there now. enjoy it. issue-free ride into boston at this point. 95 wide open from sharon up to 128 and the same story on route 3 into braintree. the pike on route nine quiet at framingham. a problem free ride for you on route one. trains and buses on schedule. that is a look at your traffic. >> [beep] erika: a uconn student's quest for mac and cheese has landed him in big trouble. this video going viral tonight shows luke gatti going berserk inside the university's student union sunday night.
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the freshman confronts and shoves the manager after he refused the 19-year old service for carrying an open beer. gatti can be heard using a gay slur against the manager and repeatedly demands, "just give me some bacon-jalapeno mac and cheese." finally another employee took him down. >> [beep] erika: gatti spit at the manager after he was cuffed by police. he's charged with breach of peace and criminal trespass. he was a student at umass-amherst last year and was arrested twice on disorderly conduct charges. a second university of rhode island football player is off the team for his suspected role in a fight. the school says barrett lyons was removed from the program. michael leblanc was already kicked off the rams. both are from massachusetts. they were arrested early sunday, when campus police learned there had been a serious fight at a frat house.
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a member of the mashpee wampanoag tribe's gaming commission is suspended, because of a heroin arrest. philip-earl cash was arrested monday on route 28 in yarmouth. police say an officer had pulled him over for an expired registration sticker when the k-9 signaled there were drugs hidden inside cash's body. cash and his passenger were both arrested. erika: topping economic headlines this morning -- mgm -- giving us a preview of what its casino in springfield will look like. they tweeted this video last night-- showing outdoor space, a sprawling gaming floor, and a hotel lobby. the video shows a different casino than the company's original concept. mgm has asked to delay the opening to september 2018. volkswagen could start 2016 with an executive says the automaker will recall the cars at the center of its emissions scandal in january and complete a fix by the end of the year. in the u.s. that fix will need approval from the environmental protection agency.
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volkswagen has admitted to using software to cheat u.s. emissions standards. emily: asian stocks are mostly higher this morning despite the international money fund's forecast for lower global growth. u.s. stock futures are up following a mixed day yesterday. the dow gained 13 points, but the nasdaq and s&p 500 has losses. target not pulling a controversial product off store she will shelves. these are pens that look like syringes. a teacher posted pictures of them on facebook. she is outraged that they are being sold in light of the current heroin epidemic. target says it is not pulling the pens. erika: flu season is starting. and your first line of defense, could be in the kitchen. experts say yogurt's live cultures can help prevent colds. and mushrooms show promise in boosting immunity. water and other fluids can help clean a cold out of your system.
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hot peppers and spices, meantime, can help clear sinuses. and don't forget honey. it can soothe an irritated, sore throat. emily: a little boy from manchester, new hampshire, who was stuck in a tree, is talking about his rescue his name is anthony. he climbed the tree to see fire trucks that were responding to another call. when he tried to climb down, his leg got wedged between two large limbs, 12 feet in the air. >> they had to use a chainsaw to get this branch down to use the jaws of life to free me. when they used the jaws of life they had a blanket over me. i don't know why they had a blanket over me. it just felt like i was comfortable and safe. erika: good. anthony ended up with some bruises, but he'll be ok. he says he has learned a valuable lesson. emily: if he loved firefighters before, you know he loves them now. >> coming up at 5:30.
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more legal troubles could be on base for draftkings. and an apology this morning to a newton mom forced to pump in a pet leaf room. the new message from united airlines. a new driver on the run with few options.
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>> did you have a chance to check this out? clear skies making for this cool view. it's the international space station -- flying high above franklin. thanks to former chronicle photographer art donohue for sending in this pretty amazing video. cool shot there. skies were clear much of the night. 52 in boston. lots of nourts the suburbs. make sure you have a jacket. clouds thin out. a mostly sunny afternoon. temperatures coming up through the 60's. topping out in the low 70's in a lot of spots today. tomorrow will be a cooler day but still dry with sunshine. there will be some showers moving in on friday. we'll talk about your holiday weekend ahead. erika? erika: the first lady getting some help with her garden. the student who is regularly
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help in the kitchen garden joined the first lady. google recorded the event so student consist experience the garden and learn about healthy eating. bedford and nantucket could years. south coast today reports seastreak l.l.c. wants permission to run the route starting next spring. it would run to nantucket with a stop in woods hole. local politicians say it would make travel between the island and mainland more convenient, and ease traffic. erika: it is 5:25. time for wednesday eyepoppers. what do you have, olessa? olessa: a 12-year-old girl has shocked herself with her own amazing skill. take a look. >> oh, my god! oh, my god! olessa: how do you like that? maddie from wayland was at least 75 feet away from the hoop when she threw that frisbee between her legs, off the backboard, and in the basket!
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erika: incredible. emily: great reaction too. that is the best part. nice job. upsetting. really like the other. not clear if the other cat is really all into that other one. erika: please stop. please go away. olessa: the vine has looped more than 8 million times since it was posted! that is aggressive. emily: i don't know if that other cat is alive. it doesn't move. erika? erika: thank you. a popular fantasy sports site getting unwanted attention. a local football team taking attention off the field into the stands to show support for a mother fighting cancer. a live look at the mass pike at this hour.
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emily: a high profile trial about to begin. erika: fair tragedy. a little boy dead. another sickened. the message a grieving family is trying to get out this morning. new developments in the fantasy sports flap.
5:27 am
the draftkings scandal and the move on the field that moved one local mom to tears. >> more than just points on the board. erika: the special delivery that showed so much more than sportsmanship on the eye. emily: 5:30 wednesday morning. taking a live look at the expressway. good morning, i'm emily riemer. erika: thank you so much for joining us. i'm erika tarantal in for randy with cindy and olessa. there. the heater has been on in the morning and you get in the car in the afternoon and you don't need that anymore. a similar day. chilly to start. very mild this afternoon.
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-- this time of year, 6 5. it will be up to every 70 degrees this afternoon. nice and mild. 52 in boston. lots of nourts the suburbs. notice what we're not seeing? 30's. we had lots of 30's yesterday. upper 40's on the cape this morning. a few clouds rolling through. these are mid and high level clouds. they should make for a real pretty sunrise this morning. there will be some clouds through mid-morning. then they thin out. notice how the temperatures come up into the 60's this afternoon with a light enough wind that they will hold into the upper 60's to 70's at the host. framingham, 71. near 70 in worcester county as well. south of boston. broxton to bridge water, with lighter winds, cooler for you on the cape. make sure the kids have the
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most areas in the 40's at the bus stop this morning. roads? olessa: ok. we're starting to build some of that volume. shomerville, you can see the headlights starting to pick up the volume. all of our overnight construction is out of the way. if you're traveling south, no delays on 95. good shape on 24 and route three out of weymouth. as you travel north, you just saw the camera there on 93. a little bit of a delay but that is it for now. trains and buses running on schedule. erika: right now jury selection is about to get underway in the trial of a danvers teenager accused of raping and murdering his high school math teacher. phillip chism is accused of killing colleen ritzer two years ago when he was just 14. >> funeral services will be held today for the worcester toddler found dead in her crib. investigators are still working to determine how gigi brown
5:30 am
died. right now emergency crews in south carolina are working to stop several dams from breaching, potentially making epic flooding there even worse. if they can't block a hole in a canal in columbia, 375,000 people could have less than a day's supply of water. erika: new trouble right now for a local company involved in a fantasy sports scandal. emily: new york's attorney general is now investigating draftkings and fanduel. the eye's jim lokay is live at the statehouse with the potential fallout here. jim? reporter: a lot of people paying attention as it gets more and more attention. all eyes will be on massachusetts now. to see what the state will do as this controversy grows. the new york inquiry comes after an employee of boston-based draftkings won $350,000 on rival site fanduel, based in new york. ethan haskel won the money the same week he accidentally posted information on which players were being picked the most in fantasy drafts. that could be considered insider
5:31 am
but fanduel says there's no evidence the information led to the win. that's massachusetts attorney general maura healy. >> this is an industry that is growing. it is growing like gang busters and i think it is something we're all learning more about. reporter: new york's ag wants information on the companies' rules for employees. both draftkings and fanduel have temporarily banned employees they were already banned from their own. espn has also cut sponsored draftkings elements. again, they are getting more attention. especially this time of year with the major league baseball playoff it is kicking off last night. emily: new this morning - fantasy sports. "the herald" reports state treasurer deborah goldberg wants the lottery to set up its own such website.
5:32 am
she says there are already safeguards in place to keep staffers from taking part in the betting and sees it as a new source of revenue for cities and towns. goldberg says the idea is new and would likely require legislation. erika: it is now 5:35 this morning. one child is dead and another in critical condition after both got sick at a fair in maine. the eye's antoinette antonio is here with the message one grieving father is trying to get out. >> it seemed like a fun family outing. john guay said they we want to to the fairgrounds and less than a week later he got sick. his father talked to the parents of another child who is in critical condition with the same illness. health officials confirmed they did contact e. coli at the
5:33 am
a veterinarian will investigate the health of all of the animal it is there. erika: a veteran worcester police officer has pleaded not guilty to assault charges. michael motyka is accused of beating a prisoner in a holding cell in december. he was arrested after an internal investigation, and is now on unpaid leave. the man bringing the claims against motyka says the officer made racial comments before beating him. emily: no bail this morning for the suspect in the death of a brockton man. to murder charges while hiding his face in court. police say garner shot and killed richard tangherlini while trying to rob him during a drug deal. the victim's best friend, who was also inside the car, says he witnessed the shooting. >> he had a gun to the back of his head and the kid wanted everything we had.
5:34 am
i heard the first gunshot go off. erika: garner is due back in court next month. this story will make you smile. an emotional show of support from a football team. emily: ahead in news to go this morning. a wet and wild police chase i hand-crafted...layer by layer. r the new macchiato from dunkin' donuts. experience the flavor of fall
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jim: welcome we can see brake like its. still an accident free morning. so far we're the good shape. i had the heat on on my way to work this morning. >> you're going to need it this morning. cindy: another cool start. a few patchy clouds this morning. lower 70's away from the coast today. bright sunshine. tracking some showers moving in friday. good news is they get out in time for the holiday weekend. >> he cried. i cried. everybody in the stands were crying. emily: it's a play -- that meant so much more off the field.
5:38 am
evan falanday scored his first touchdown with the lemonister 8th grade blue devils on sunday. but it's what happened after that he'll always remember. teammate justus reynolds got things started -- running for 50 yards. evan got the ball on the next a ball the entire team had signed. after scoring, he ran into the stands to give that ball to his mom, who's fighting cancer. >> it was overwhelming. the whole -- it was just amazing. describe the feeling. that touchdown went farther than points on the board. it was beautiful. erika: the blue devils went on to win. if they make it to the playoffs, the team wants evan's mom to be honorary team captain, and lead them onto the field. a lot of extra motivation there. and in milford the mighty mites have some good moves. and we're not just talking about getting in the end zone. both sides got in on the fun saturday. the youtube link says it was halftime, but it looks like there were still some plays
5:39 am
happening. the song starts and you can't help yourself. you have to go with it. coming up, a new mom gets an apology from an airline. the changes united airlines is making after a breast pump backlash and move forcing school leaders to take action.
5:40 am
erika: it is 5:44. we're ready with your news to go . starting with sera following the chizzm trial. emily: we have the late it's in the draftkings scandal. rst sippedy has your forecast. cindy: here we are in the corner. you can see how large joaquin is in the central atlantic. the track is taking it to europe here over the next several hours. joaquin doesn't want to go away. fortunately not bothering us anymore. temperatures running above average today. a beautiful day. today the warmest of the next several days. we take a little dip down tomorrow and temperatures on friday coming up a little bit. notice it is a cool start on saturday to your holiday weekend. right now we're starting out cool. nashua 44.
5:41 am
worcester 47. 52 in town now. a lot of 40's south of boston. yesterday in the mid to upper 50's. cooler this morning. there are some patchy and mid and high level clouds. they will thin out. it becomes a mostly sunny day. lower 70's away from the coastline this afternoon. enjoy it. it is going to be cooler tomorrow. temperatures dropped from chicago to minneapolis. this is the frontal boundary dropping south of our area overnight. on the cooler side of it tomorrow but with bright sunshine. another front approaches on friday. this one will bring us showers. notice by friday at 8:00 this morning, the showers are to our north. i think we'll get in on showers during the afternoon and evening hours with temperatures in the mid 60's. the good news it should move out for the holiday weekend. that forecast coming up. out to roads.
5:42 am
a live look outside. route 1. let's get to maps and see the rest of the ride. so far doing ok. if you're traveling south. 24 is ok. no problems on 95. picking up a little bit of a delay in the braintree split. so far so good on 93 southbound. some delays building. trains and buses still running on schedule. erika: the trial of a teenager accused in a teach ears murder gets started today. sera? reporter: good morning. jury selection begins today in this case that has gotten national attention. 16-year-old filip chism is charged with raping and murdering his math teacher two years ago. she was just 24 years old.
5:43 am
the trial will likely focus on chism's state of mind. his lawyer is likely to use a mental health defense. the jurors will not hear chism's alleged confession to police. jury selection begins and continues during the trial, you can follow it on and on our mobile ap pmp. -- app. erika: ben carson taking heat for comments made after the oregon community college shooting. >> i would not just stand there and let them shoot me. i would say hey, guys. everybody attack him. he may shoot me but he can't get us all. take action. erika: carson says he wasn't judging the victims and their actions. he wanted to plant a seed in people's minds on what to do if this should happen again.
5:44 am
to visit with the oregon victims saying if he were president he would be too busy to go. >> thanks. you can't get away from draftkings and fanduels. the sites that promise instant riches for your sports knowledge. this morning they find themselves under the microscope. new york's attorney general launching an investigation after an employee won $350,000. both companies ban employees from using their own site. now they are temporarily banning it on other sites. erika: news to go continuing now. a driver being cited after a woman driving with a suspended license hit a police cruiser in dorchester. that trooper was transporting a prisoner at the time.
5:45 am
the prisoner taken to boston medical center with minor injuries. the trooper and the other driver were not hurt. casino developer steve wynn is suing for libel. he issued a scathing statement overnight saying no company that does business in maese honestly should be subjected to defamily picture to political abuse. he is building a casino in everett. >> people in everett are honoring a local man feared lost at sea. it disappeared in hurricane joaquin last week. two other crew members also have maese ties. the vigil will be held tonight for jeffrey of kingston. funeral services held today for the worcester toddler found dead
5:46 am
her family said d.c.f. had been involved with the family and there are concerns about the wellington street apartment where she lived with her mother. >> this disturb ing site. water if the canals could drop are less than a day's supply of >> repairs underway after a major train derailment in verbatim. service to washington, d.c. is not expected to resume until the weekend. a amtrak derailed monday after it hit large rock s that had fallen on to the tracks. 900 gallons of diesel may have leaked. the six people hurt have been leased from the hospital. erika: a pilot is expected to be ok after passing out in mid-air. a co-pilot had to take control of the flight from houston to san francisco. the plane made an emergency landing in new mexico.
5:47 am
it is not clear what caused the pilot to lose consciousness. he was able to walk off the the plane when it landed. passengers didn't know what happened until they were on the ground. emily: united airlines is apologizing to a mother who was told to pump breast milk in a pet relief room. yesterday united apologized and thanked liz for providing a teachable moment and said she would have a place to pump when she went home later this week. erika: dancing is all but banned because of suggestive moves. the principal said prom will be the only school dance this year. he said 2/3 walked out when they were reminded that dance to go laos close is not allowed. this maybe not the best escape plan. a man being chased by police in perth, australia. he makes this unusual move driving his car into the ocean.
5:48 am
two officers eventually ran into the surf and pulled him out. >> bronson arroyo may be saying it is hard to find good help these days. his former assistant sold his yacht. he is charged with selling it for $22,000. arroyo only learned about it when the new owner contacted him after a dispute with the accused. >> it is ok. happy anniversary. erika: taking a snag in stride there. that california couple tried to go on a sailing trip for their anniversary. the boat got stuck on a sandbar. the husband swam to shore to get help. erika: a student has her college i.d. back thanks to an os calf-winning good guy. m -- oscar-winning good guy. tom hanks.
5:49 am
from her roommate and made arrangements to get the card back. it is unclear if she will get to meet the star. he's a good guy and makes great movies. >> who has an i.d. card, a picture that looks that great? cindy: 52 in boston now. there are some patchy clouds overhead. the sunrise, it is actually really nice this morning. a little bit of mid and high level cloudiness out there. temperatures in the low nourts beverley. worcester now it is 47. here is your 12-hour forecast. notice we have a little bit of cloudiness through mid-morning and late morning into the afternoon, lots of sunshine coming up into the sthicts afternoon. starting out in the 40's in the cape. clouds will thin out. lots of sunshine this afternoon. i'm watching a cold front back to the west. this will drop in tonight and
5:50 am
today is the warmest day of the week. look at the high temperatures this afternoon. light enough winds for a bit of a sea breeze. inland, notice lauren 71. nashua, 71. 70 in taunton. close to 70 in worcester county as well. nice and mild this afternoon. 42 to 50 tonight. tomorrow is a cooler day. by nearly 10 degrees. lower 60's. bright sunshine. things change a little bit on friday. i think we'll wake up to mostly cloudy skies. watching a frontal boundary off to the west. this will bring in shom showers in the afternoon and evening -- some showers in the afternoon and evening hours. by saturday morning at 58 christmas, the showers -- at 8 christmas a.m., showers offshore. the temperature on saturday, right around 60. if you driving checking out the
5:51 am
foliage highs in the 50's in the mountains. sunday and columbus day on monday, temperatures are warming up. we'll be near 70 degrees for columbus day on monday and showers coming in by tuesday. good timing here with the holiday weekend. good shape. let's get out to road ways. olessa: no complaint ps. we have rush hour delays picking up now. south of town, so far 24 looks ok. a little delay out of brockton. 95 and travel toward 128 a little delay. so far the pike looks good this morning. 15-minute ride. 495 out to 128. trains and buses still doing ok. emily: a new hampshire city
5:52 am
charges . a student taken down after assaulting a worker. just about getting the vaccine. protect you from the flu. if you're heading out, you can watch our newscast any time throughout the day on our wcvb mobile app. erika: another beautiful clear start to the day. gorgeous. warming up nicely. the eyeopener is coming right
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