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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  October 8, 2015 6:00am-6:59am EDT

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>> now a newscenter 5 eyeopener. erika: breaking overnight, new details in a violent knife attack at a west roxbury store. the ban that police say sent a customer over the edge. emily: a grisly find for police searching for two missing roommates in new hampshire. the mystery unfolding right now. erika: air quality concerns when this warehouse goes up in flames. the many questions surrounding the fire this morning on the eye. >> you are watching wcvb, boston' s news leader. good morning. this is newscenter 5 eyeopener. emily: also on the eye this might seem like your typical class photo. but the kid in the sweater is keeping a nearly 60-year family
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good morning. i' m emily riemer. erika: i' m erika tarantal, in for randy, along with cindy fitzgibbon. cindy: yesterday 72 in boston. not going to be as warm today. know that going into the day. kids will want a light jacket. 50 degrees. getting off the bus, we are talking about the lower 60' s for the ride home. a front dropped through with passing clouds. we got these debts we got this northwesterly flow. a little bit of fog developed. a patch or two here or there. the temperatures still 54 in boston. 50 or higher from plymouth down to the cape. 46 and beverly.
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a carbon copy sky of yesterday. not the temperature. by lunchtime, it is only near 60 degrees. that is where we are going to hold for high temperatures along the coastline inland. i high of 63. a pretty nice fall day. let' s get you up to the roads. traffic is looking pretty good. olessa: here is a that here it is by the gas tank. so far so good. let' s head over to the maps. 93 northbound by 110. stuff desk southbound stop and -- southbound stop and go. 15 minutes, 490 521 the 20 -- 495 to 128. trains and buses are doing ok. erika: breaking overnight new details after three people are stabbed inside a boston grocery store. we' re now learning this all may have started over a dog.
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s sera congi is live in west roxbury with the breaking developments. what can you tell us? sera: all three were taken to the hospital including the suspect. the store' s owner is hoping to open this morning. all of this started late last night. police say a man came into the store and got into an argument with the owner over bringing his dog inside. the man left, but a half hour later he came back and this time police say he was armed and ready to attack. >> he went behind the counter, brandished the knife. that is when the owner defended himself. sera: police say the suspect and the owner struggled with that knife before another employee got involved. all three ended up with stab wounds and were taken to the hospital.
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police are still investigating -- he also says the store employee is also out of the hospital. at this point, no word on the suspects condition. live in west roxbury, sera congi newscenter 5. , emily: right now we are getting new information in the search for two missing roommates. that hunt taking a tragic turn. the eye' s antoinette antonio is tracking overnight developments. antoinette: one of two missing roommates from manchester new hampshire has been found dead in a motel in massachusetts. police say 36-year-old stephen andrade shot himself at the motel 6 in tewksbury. andrade and his roommate , 57-year-old sue hutchinson , were both reported missing late last month. police say hutchinson has been missing since september 20. andrade was spotted one day later. manchester police say in another development in this case two cars registered to hutchinson
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have also been found. police say andrade was driving one of those vehicles before he was found dead. if you have any information on hutchinson, you' re asked to call manchester police. erika: flames not the only concern from this huge fire in oxford. right now there are a lot of questions about this warehouse fire. questions investigators hope to answer today. the eye' s frank holland is live in oxford with the scare in that community. frank? frank: right now firefighters say the air is safe after this huge warehouse fire last night. but what was once inside could have been dangerous. officials still don' t know the name of the lumber re-purposing company which is was not permitted with the town. but they tell us a major concern was whether toxins from the former occupant, a chemical company, could pollute the air. >> the oxygen in the building was a chemical plant that used
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frank: the adjoining building patriot environmental was also a concern. that company does asbestos removal. firefighters used 10 tankers of water to contain the flames and even tore down a catwalk between the buildings to keep the fire from spreading. the cause is still under investigation. here in oxford, frank holland, newscenter 5. erika: new this morning the company that owns the site of this massive fire in webster says it can' t pay for the cleanup. this was the scene back in june. pearl street llc says it was told it would cost up to $1.8 million to deal with the mess caused by this seven alarm fire. but the state says they' ve seen no proof the company can' t pick up the tab. right now a huge fire in a warehouse in philadelphia is under control. the glow of the flames could be seen across the city last night. it took firefighters more than two hours to get those flames under control. no injuries were reported. emily: right now harvard police are warning residents in the area to be on alert after an incident on campus.
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they found two men fighting. chase and was eventually police say he is not affiliated the second man was able to get right now several winthrop high football players are under investigation for allegedly circulating a video of a teammate changing in the locker room. that video was discovered on an internet site dedicated to police aren' t calling this a say they will investigate very carefully. questioning as many as 10 the team has forfeited friday' s varsity game against gloucester. >> we want to say we love you guys. stand with you? erika: an outpouring of grief and support for the crew of a doomed cargo ship now presumed lost at sea. this morning the search for the el faro is officially over. a heart-breaking ending for 3 people with massachusetts ties.
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in kingston, hope turned to morning -- hope turned to mourning for jeffrey mathias. the father of three was an engineer on the el faro. also on board keith griffin of winthrop. and mariette wright who grew up in assonet. for friends and family there was some comfort last night just in knowing. >> when the coast guard decided there was no reasonable hope of survival, in a way it was a release. erika: president obama released a statement last night saying the families of the el faro deserve answers. emily: commitment 2016 with the first democrat to enter the race for governor in new hampshire. our sister station wmur has learned executive counselor colin van ostern will declare his candidacy this morning in manchester. van ostern made the decision after current governor maggie hassan announced she' s running for senate next year. fellow executive councilor chris sununu is also running for governor on the republican side. hillary clinton says she opposes a trade deal backed by president obama. the democrat says there are too many unanswered questions about
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the pacific rim free trade agreement. she helped lay the foundation for that deal when she was secretary of state. but the presidential candidate says she can' t support it given what she knows about it right now. erika: jury selection continues today in the trial of a danvers teenager accused of raping and killing his math teacher. more potential jurors in the philip chism case will be at essex superior court in salem. yesterday the judge explained the insanity defense suggesting that' s how chism' s lawyers may proceed. he was 14 years old when accused of killing 24-year-old colleen ritzer in a school bathroom. he' s being tried as an adult. whitey bulger' s longtime girlfriend will be back in boston federal court october 19. catherine greig faces criminal contempt charges. she' s accused of refusing to testify about whether other people helped bulger during his 16 years on the run. greig is already serving eight years for her role. emily: the death toll is rising after epic flooding in the
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19 people are now confirmed dead , including two people who died when they drove off a washed out road. police say the barricade on that road was in the wrong lane. meantime there is still a concern that several dams in south carolina could still fail, especially along the coast. erika: it is 6:10 right now. the state' s attorney general with big questions for fantasy sports sites. emily: her comments and the boston-based business worth billions playing defense this morning. tempers flare and coolers are attacked. the brawl at last night' s wild card game that got this pirate benched. erika: a daring escape caught on camera. the kidnapping thwarted when the young victim jumps out of a moving car. antoinette? antoinette: breaking new details on the eyeopener this morning. we' ve learned three people were sent to the hospital after a stabbing at a west roxbury market. police say the violence began when a customer was told his dog could not come into the store. cindy? cindy: at least the sunshine is
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>> no, right? >> some brighter than others. there are times you can see planets. this is the this -- this is venus. thank you so much for that. if you' re up early, checking
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that out and wondering is it going to be another bright day? not as warm as yesterday. 72 was our high yesterday. we got showers in the forecast for friday. they are out of here for the weekend. holiday weekend is looking fantastic. 54 degrees in boston. we dropped into the mid-40' s. south of boston, down to 38. lots of low to mid 50' s here on the cape this morning. a frontal boundary slept through overnight. there has been a wind shift to the north and west. this is pulling in cooler dry air from canada. tons of sunshine today. off to the north and west, this is a fast-moving system. it is racing toward us. this will be here tomorrow. enjoy the sunshine today. brownback today, because you will have' s showers tomorrow. a lot of lower 60' s.
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that is your high today out in worcester. along the coastline, holding around 60 degree mark through the afternoon. a lot of sunshine today. start off clear. overnight, we are going to bring in clouds. i 5:00 tomorrow morning, all the rain off -- by 5:00 tomorrow morning, all the rain off to our north and west. mid 40' s to low 50' s downtown. tomorrow is a cloudy day, but it is on a mild side. temperatures climbing up into the 60' s. scattered showers. not looking for that much in the way of rain. total rainfall, about a quarter of an inch. a little more in the western part of the state. they are churning out pretty well here. not so much for the morning commute.
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-- by lunchtime, a few showers around. the rain will be gone by friday night, saturday morning. clearing skies in the wake of that frontal boundary. cool temperatures. our temperature only 60 degrees. mid 60' s on sunday after a chilly start on the morning. columbus day, around 70 degrees. olessa: no greater problems out there. -- no major problems out there. as way is starting to pick up traffic. let' s get over to the maps. we had one accident 93 northbound. that crashes gone. the southbound is closed down into wilmington. route one, this is near the tunnel with delays down to 95.
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your trip on the expressway, that portion of your ride about 25 minutes. the orange line is impacting northbound. everything else is running on schedule. erika: disturbing video from bridgeport connecticut as a girl jumps out of a moving car to escape a kidnapping. security video shows it all the -- shows at all, the passenger door on a dark toyota opens and the victim a 17-year-old girl tumbles out onto the road. she was ok. the driver, a woman in her 40' s speeds away and has not been caught. bridgeport police say the driver lured the girl into the car while she was walking to school. emily: new scrutiny right now for fantasy sports. both the massachusetts attorney general and the nfl commissioner are looking into this fast growing business after allegations of fraud. investigation. investigation. what we found is there is no
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erika: draft kings ceo jason robins playing defense on espn. he says the employee of the $350,000 on a rival site last week did nothing to damage the new york' s attorney general is already investigating and now maura healey says she also has questions. >> we have reached out to the company. to ask them to come in and talk about their practices and policies. goodell says he is most concerned that this billion dollar business not impact integrity of football. erika: cubs fans in chicago elated this morning as the ball club prepares to head to st. louis. cubs starting pitcher jake arrieta tossed a complete shutout in last night' s national league wild card game. the pittsburgh pirates lost 4-0 setting up the cub' s division , series against the cardinals. it' s their first postseason win since 2003. fans in chicago pouring out into the streets to celebrate overnight.
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this was the scene near wrigley field. fans hopeful the team will go all the way this year -- this year. the cubs have not won a world series since 1908. emily: economic headlines this thursday, pessimistic investors pushed most asian stocks lower overnight, after indications the u.s. federal reserve is not moving to raise interest rates. right now u.s. stock futures are lower after gains across the board on wednesday. today investors will be watching for the weekly job snapshot. erika: hopkinton-based emc corporation is in talks to merge with dell. the new york times reports the deal would involve mostly cash. but it could mean job losses at emc which employs about 9500 people in the bay state. emily: new this morning, some snacks are not just unhealthy they' researchers say high fructose actually disrupts the creation of fresh pathways between brain cells and some of the worst , offenders might surprise you.
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-- first, ketchup. try an organic brand for less sugar. next, sweet pickles. as a handful of m&ms. also light yogurt. reduced fat almost always means more sugar. and easy on the pre-made applesauce. it can have up to 24 grams of sugar per serving. you can see the entire list right now on erika: all of them surprising. three generations one sweater. emily: the family tradition ahead in eyepoppers. antoinette? antoinette: new at 6:30 state lawmakers make a new move to fight the opioid crisis. the proposal gaining momentum this morning. an 800-pound man needs a new home. the pizza order getting him kicked out of a rhode island hospital. a weston boy amazing doctors with his progress. the virus that left him
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emily: the sky this morning. sun not up until 6:49. it is going to be another sun filled up all day.
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not as warm as yesterday. 60 to 65 today. a great day to head to the fair. if you have that' s acted out yet, you' ve got until october the 12th. -- if you have not checked it out yet, you' ve got until october 12. emily: the time is and time for a little eyepopping video. olessa, we start with grown men behaving badly. olessa: tempers can rise on the baseball field but there' s no need to take it out on the beverages. it all started with a bench clearing brawl at last night' s cubs-pirates wild card showdown. pittsburgh' s sean rodriguez threw a punch and got tossed. then took his frustration out on the poor gatorade cooler. he through some more punches. he has time to cool off since the pirates lost. tradition. just wear any sweater.
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wore in his first grade picture. not only that, his grandfather were at 60 years ago. -- his grandfather wore it too 60 years ago. erika: you still control the wardrobes for now. 5 on the opioid crisis. new numbers showing just how vast this problem is right now. and breaking overnight new details in a west roxbury store stabbing that leaves three people hurt. sera congi just talked to the owner. she' ll have the new information we' re learning this morning. this accident on route one causing a lot of problems in
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>> three people stabbe in a bostond grocery store. >> flames ripped through a w >> on the opiate crisis. the local parents taking new
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it is on the eye. >> you are watching boston' s news leader. good morning. randy: there erika: there is a big backup. good morning. i' m erika tarantal, in for randy. emily: i' m emily riemer with cindy and olessa. that is one tough spot but the weather is pretty good. cindy: average high this time of year is 64. 72 yesterday. temperatures are going to be close to average. 54 in boston. norwood, 37.
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we had a cold front moves through while you were sleeping that brought in some patchy clouds. we have the northwesterly wind flow behind it that will hold the temperatures down. by lunchtime, upper 50' s and close to 50. 60 the high today around boston. framingham, 66 degrees. low to mid 60' s through worcester county. about 5-10 degrees: then you were yesterday. on the cape, temperatures close to 60 degrees. a pleasant fall day. make sure the kids have a jacket at the bus stop. olessa: lots of delays on route one southbound. the good news is the accident
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just cleared. it is backed up beyond 95 at this point. you can see 93 looks good but there is the accident on route one southbound by the lynnfield tunnel. west, the pike is picking out delays out towards 128. 24 northbound heavy out of brockton. expressway almost 25 to 30. the latest on the trains impacting the orange line. emily: breaking overnight, three people are injured after a stabbing inside a boston grocery store. erika: let' s get right to the eyeopener' s sera congi. she' s live in west roxbury right now. sera: you can see the grocery
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the incident began with a fight over a dog late last night at the familia grocery on grove street. police say a man went into the t bring it in. the man left, but police say he returned with a knife, ready to attack. the suspect went behind the that' s when the fight began. another employee also got into the struggle. all three were left with stab wounds and taken to the hospital but are expected to survive. this morning the store owner deterrent -- returns here. he says he' s hoping to open the store at 8:00 this morning. his employee who was also hur is alsot out of the hospital. reporting live this morning in west roxbury. erika: other stories we' re following right now. firefighters say the air is safe after this huge warehouse fire
6:30 am
in oxford. but investigators are still trying to determine exactly what was in the lumber re-purposing company, and how the flames started. emily: an update to the search for two missing roommates from manchester, new hampshire. stephen andrade was found dead in a tewksbury motel. police believe he shot himself. his roommate, sue hutchinson, is still missing. erika: jury selection continues today in the trial of the danvers teenager accused of raping and killing his math teacher, colleen ritzer. yesterday the judge explained the insanity defense, suggesting that' s how phillip chism' s lawyers may proceed. emily: some startling new numbers this morning in the opioid crisis. close to half of new hampshire residents say they personally know someone who has abused heroin in the past five years. the eye' s antoinette antonio has the new poll. antoinette: this is an issue that is hitting the heart of every community. a new wmur-granite state poll shows people feel heroin is the most important problem facing the granite state right now.
6:31 am
years that jobs and the economy this is why it' s such a concern. know someone who has used the drug. that number jumps even higher for those under age 35. and overdose deaths remain frequent in new hampshire. the stark reality is becoming clear with a mother' s frank words at a derry heroin forum. more than 150 parents and >> i lost my oldest son last weekend to an overdose. antoinette: more than 150 parents and educators packed that meeting to learn from personal stories. experts discussed warning signs of drug abuse and gateways into heroin, such as painkillers. governor maggie hassan says the state needs more funding for drug abuse prevention programs. emily: thank you.
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there' s now a new legal move to fight the heroin epidemic in massachusetts. yesterday house lawmakers unanimously passed a bill to make trafficking fentanyl, a powerful opioid, punishable by up to 20 years in prison. that drug is often added to state' s opioid deaths. that bill now heads to the senate. erika: right now, dedham police are asking for your help, trying to track down who left offensive graffiti all over town. they say a total of five swastikas were found in several neighborhoods early yesterday morning. fences, roads, a driveway, and part of a construction site were tagged. police do not think any specific person was targeted. emily: a randolph woman who worked as a nanny is accused of stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from her bosses. stephanie fox is charged with forging 65 checks worth more than $280,000. the 30-year-old also accused of destroying bank statements when they arrived at the home. prosecutors say fox admits to buying jewelry, and trips to the bahamas and hawaii. in 2007, she was also charged
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with using credit cards she stole from customers while working at a braintree restaurant. erika: a health alert. a new report on women' s health care. emily: where boston stands on the costs of common exams and check-ups. a weston boy is back home after spending more than a year in the hospital. his remarkable recovery from a virus that attacked his spinal cord. and ahead in news to go, a pizza order gets this man kicked out
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olessa: good morning and welcome back. you can see the crash has moved to the tunnel. there are delay' s beyond 95. no other accidents to report. cindy: it is going to be another beautiful fall day. some 40' s in the suburbs. lower 70' s yesterday. lower 60' s today. enjoy the sunshine today. showers coming in tomorrow but
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erika: a cheerful sendoff after a remarkable recovery. this morning this weston boy is back home after spending the last year in the hospital. the 3-year-old contracted a virus that left him paralyzed and unable to speak or breathe on his own. it all started in august, 2014, when christian caruso suddenly got sick. what was supposed to be a 12- to 14-week stay at franciscan hospital turned into 14 months. that virus attacked his spinal cord. >> it is horrible to watch your child stop moving. >> he fought for every single inch of his recovery. erika: and christian did recover, amazing even his doctors, and walking out of the hospital yesterday on his own. he turns 4 next week, a birthday he' ll celebrate at home. a huge happy birthday to christian. emily: some eye-opening numbers to share this morning. a new report is ranking some of the nation'
6:36 am
s largest cities for what employers and employees pay for women' s health care. castlight health ranked boston fourth when it comes to the costliest cities for mammograms, with an average $409 for the procedure. the group also looked at the prices for primary care visits. boston ranks seventh there with $178 per visit. a new lawsuit filed against the archdiocese of boston. the claims of abuse. also, the u.s. ceo of volkwagen is preparing for a grilling on capitol hill today. a construction worker rescue in texas. the mishap leaving him dangling
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emily: the eyeopener team ready with your news to go. sera congi is following breaking news on a boston grocery store stabbing. frank holland is in oxford with huge concerns after a huge fire. erika: and antoinette antonio is following new developments in the search for missing roommates. but first cindy has your forecast. cindy: this is my favorite time of year in new england. there is some great color in northern new england. 72 degrees and not as warm today.
6:38 am
starting out on the cooler side. beverly, just 46. into boston, lowered 50' s. 42 in taunton. 50' s on the south coast. a frontal foundry sneaks through overnight and we have some passing clouds. this is pulling in some cooler, drier air out of canada. mostly sunny but cooler. about 60 at the coast. things change tomorrow. a slug of rain to central and northern new england. it is augusta southwesterly breeze keeping the temperatures into the 60' s tomorrow. a few showers should clear out by saturday night.
6:39 am
more across western and northern new england. a cool start to the holiday weekend. columbus day, sunshine, 70 degrees. roads. olessa: lots of delays. this is the southbound side. all of the delays are behind this camera shot. there was an early morning accident by the lynnfield tunnel. all of the delays stretch back past 95. 93 south very slow from wilmington. heavy volume on 24. on the expressway, some delays on the trains for the orange line. everything else is running on schedule. emily: breaking overnight, new details in the stabbing of three people inside a grocery store.
6:40 am
erika: the eye' s sera congi is live in west roxbury. sera, you talked to the owner of the store. sera: the owner, you suspect and another person were taken to the hospital with stab wounds. this fight between them began over a dog, police say a man went into the familia grocery store on grove street with a dog, and the owner told him he couldn' t bring it inside. the man left, but police say he returned with a knife, ready to attack. the suspect went behind the counter, demanded something, and that' s when the fight began. another employee also got into the struggle. all three were left with stab wounds but are expected to survive. the store owner has been back here this morning and hoping to opening the store at 8:00 this morning. no word yet on any arrests or charges. reporting live in west roxbury. antoinette: a new development in the search for two missing new hampshire roommates. one of them has been found dead in a massachusetts motel room.
6:41 am
police say 36-year-old stephen andrade killed himself at the motel 6 in tewksbury. his roommate, 57-year-old sue hutchinson, is still missing. manchester police say two cars registered to hutchinson have also been found. police say andrade was driving one of those vehicles before he was found dead. if you have any information on hutchinson, you' re asked to call manchester police. frank: right now the air has been deemed safe in oxford after a huge fire at this warehouse. firefighters were concerned dangerous toxins could have been left behind by the former occupant, a chemical company. firefighters were also concerned the fire could spread to the -- to an asbestos removal this morning they are trying to figure out the name a lumber repurposing company, the current tenant at this warehouse. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. in oxford, i' m frank holland. erika: several winthrop high school football players are under investigation, accused of
6:42 am
circulating a video of a teammate changing in the locker room. that video was discovered on an internet site dedicated to bullying reports. the team has forfeited friday' s varsity game against gloucester. police are not calling this a case of bullying or hazing. emily: jury selection continues today in the trial of a danvers teenager accused of raping and killing his math teacher. more potential jurors in the philip chism case will be at essex superior court in salem. yesterday the judge explained the insanity defense, suggesting that' s how chism' s lawyers may proceed. he' s being tried as an adult. a new civil suit will be announced today against the archdiocese of boston. the suit claims a former priest at the all-saints church in haverhill sexually assaulted a 5-year-old girl some 15 years ago. that priest has already served a prison sentence for raping a 15-year-old girl in the same church. erika: employees at the pilgrim nuclear power plant in plymouth are now on a fire watch. the move comes after operators of the plant acknowledged they never addressed a federal safety standard dating back more than
6:43 am
20 years. "the cape cod times" reports the oversight was discovered during a review of emergency shutdown plans. volkswagen' s chief executive will testify before a congressional hearing today on emissions cheating. prepared remarks show the automaker has withdrawn a request for the u.s. to certify some 2016 models. it comes after volkswagen admitted to installing software in diesel vehicles to cheat u.s. emissions standards. lawmakers want to know when executives became aware of the cheating. emily: president obama has apologized to the head of doctors without borders for a deadly bombing. patients and staff were killed and others injured during a weekend airstrike in afghanistan. the u.s. is calling it a mistake. the president has promised full cooperation with a nato and afghan investigation into the incident. that group is calling for an independent investigation. erika: the first democrat will enter the race for governor in new hampshire today. our sister station wmur has learned executive counselor
6:44 am
his candidacy this morning in manchester. he made the decision after current governor maggie hassan announced she' s running for senate next year. executive councilor chris sununu is running on the republican side. emily: a rhode island man who weighs 800 pounds has been kicked out of the hospital for ordering a pizza. steven assanti says his eating addiction has left him in the back of his father' s suv with nowhere to go. he had been getting help at rhode island hospital, where he lost some weight. but he says he was told to leave when he violated his health care plan by ordering the pizza. erika: take a look at this. a daring rescue in texas. two firefighters saving this man caught hanging from a bridge over the houston ship channel. the man was doing maintenance work under the bridge when he fell, dangling from 135 feet above the water for nearly an hour. firefighters dropped through a manhole in the bridge, attached a harness to the worker, then pulled him to safety. emily: right now the faa is trying to figure out how this happened. a pilot injured when his
6:45 am
single-engine plane crash-landed in a backyard in california. officials say the plane experienced engine failure shortly after take-off. the pilot tried to put the aircraft down on a roadway, but ultimately landed in a backyard, narrowly missing a pool. miraculously, no one was injured. boston city councilors may soon be getting a 14% raise, without even having to vote on it. last month, mayor marty walsh vetoed their proposal for a 23% pay raise, and instead introduced his own. according to a provision in the city charter, if the council does not vote on the mayor' s proposal, it will automatically become law on election day. erika: we would like to introduce you to disney' s newest princess. that' s moana on the left. she will make her debut in her own movie next year. the film is about a spirited polynesian teenager who sails out on a daring mission to prove herself and fulfill her ancestors' unfinished quest. "moana" hits theaters november 23rd, 2016. emily: cubs fans in chicago pouring out into the streets to
6:46 am
celebrate overnight as the cubs prepare to head to st. louis. chicago shut out the pittsburgh pirates 4-0 in the national league wild card game last night, setting up a division series against the cardinals. it' s their first postseason win since 2003. the cubs looking to win their first world series since 1908. erika: a heartwarming reunion in fort carson, colorado, this little girl who just can' t wait to hug her daddy. 300 soldiers from fort carson' s combat team returned home tuesday from southwest asia. daniel oglesby' s little girl stole the show when she broke away from the crowd and raced towards him standing in formation. a great moment. i can watch those stories over and over. olessa: a live look outside. picking up those rush-hour delays. we did have an accident by the
6:47 am
delays backing out beyond 95. slow from wilmington all the way down to the leverett connector. volume on the eastbound side. sharon. through three into braintree. we are still watching some minor line. schedule. cindy: solar glare an issue. 6 :49, the s just cameun up. it is going to be a cooler day. 46 right now in beverly. 57 in hyannis. temperatures will hold in the 50'
6:48 am
60 degrees by lunchtime today and hold their 60 at the coast line. going for a high of 65 in nashua. lots of sunshine today. the drier air coming out of canada is cooler. the system back here is going to race with some showers. here come the clouds tonight. notice the showers by the north and west. tomorrow despite the clouds, temperatures in the mid-to-upper 60' s. with the showers. i do not see a big impact for the morning commute. into the afternoon, scattered about and ending on friday night. to the holiday weekend. look at those temperatures, up
6:49 am
near 70 once again. >> we will pay for this eventually. [laughter] if you are heading out, you can watch the latest newscenter 5 newscast right now or anytime on the wcvb mobile app. >> we'
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good morning, america. right now, on alert. more than 60 dams in south carolina ready to burst. crews working around the clock desperate to stop millions of gallons of water. and this dramatic new video showing a man and his grandmother clinging to a cross in raging water. new overnight, crossing the line? billionaire rupert murdoch sparking a firestorm saying ben carson would be america's first real black president, and will a joe biden meeting with his family shake up the race? highway inferno. a tanker caught on camera swerving to avoid a mattress on the road. the fireball melts the guardrail and pave many. big questions this morning about safety on the highway.
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