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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  October 8, 2015 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning, america. right now, on alert. more than 60 dams in south carolina ready to burst. crews working around the clock desperate to stop millions of gallons of water. and this dramatic new video showing a man and his grandmother clinging to a cross in raging water. new overnight, crossing the line? billionaire rupert murdoch sparking a firestorm saying ben carson would be america's first real black president, and will a joe biden meeting with his family shake up the race? highway inferno. a tanker caught on camera swerving to avoid a mattress on the road. the fireball melts the guardrail and pave many. big questions this morning about safety on the highway.
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the chicago cubs with a dramatic win overnight. >> the chicago cubs have a postseason victory. benches clearing as they pound the pirates one step closer to the world series. did "back to the future" predict it all? and good morning, america. could it be cubs fans starting to believe they could win their first world series since 1908. there. this is their best chance since fun. just a few outs away from making it to the world series when a fan interfered, the infamous oh. >> that look on his face said it all. >> i think he to move out of town after that. we begin with historic flooding in south carolina. 14 dams have already failed. 60 more in danger.
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the rivers are still rising there after trillions of gallons of rain fell. abc's alex perez is on the scene in columbia where a dike collapsed. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning. authorities are watching all of those dams very, very closely and want you to take a look behind me here, you can see the water streaming down the canal there. crews expected to be back out here today trying to shore up a breach here. this dramatic video captures the power of those rushing waters. this man and his grandmother nearly swept away clinging to a cross outside the local church for five hours before rescuers could reach them and with rivers like south carolina's congaree river still swollen authorities expecting the area to stay at major flood stage through the weekend while many residents are just trying to recover. >> never experienced anything like this, so we're just going through it right now hoping and praying that god watches over us. >> reporter: overnight all eyes on south carolina's rising river, the 62 dams on the verge of bursting potentially
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water threatening countless homes, roads and lives. across the state at least 14 dams have failed so far. these aerial pictures showing two of them before the break and here the devastation after. >> we're working around the clock to remedy this. >> reporter: columbia's beaver dam nearly becoming the 14th. officials evacuating 1,000 residents wednesday morning fearing a breach would send more than 91 million gallons of water raging into the community ies downstream but workers able to avert disaster. plugging a break there before any damage was done. and the situation here so delicate the university of south carolina gamecocks moving their game against lsu on saturday down to baton rouge. amy. >> all right, alex perez, thank you for the latest on that. those flood warnings are still in effect and will be for days. >> will be for days, that's it. we wanted to show you from north carolina through that large mass in south carolina where the flood warnings are this morning and a lot of them go through the weekend.
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here's why. alex mentioned this river, this was one that had flash flooding. you see the peak earlier on monday. then it's been falling and will continue to fall. there are other rivers such as the sa nchlt ntee river growing and will another fivethirtyeight toward the end of the weekend and next week. that's why the threat is not over. dry since tuesday, saturday into sunday more rain on the way following all this coming up. >> a lot more coming up. the race for president now, "your voice, your vote" and that controversial comment from the billionaire behind fox news, rupert murdoch. jon karl covering the race and this is not the first time he's stirred up controversy with his quick twitter finger. >> reporter: this was a late night tweet about dr. ben carson and it has ignited a full-blown twitter firestorm. he's the 84-year-old media mogul worth over $12 billion. executive chairman of newscorp which counts fox news among its holdings in addition to 120
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newspapers in five countries. now rupert murdoch is weighing in on his favorite for president with this controversial tweet overnight, ben and candy carson, terrific. what about a real black president who can properly address the racial divide and much else. soon murdock was trending on twitter with speculation about what exactly he meant by a real black president? simpson star harry shearer weighing. can you please regularly advise black americans on which of them is real so they will be's free of doubt. robert naylortweeted i'm so thankful that you are here to explain to me what it means to be black. that came out last late night. time sure we'll hear more. >> joe biden keeping his own counsel but the waiting game for his decision may be nearing an end. >> reporter: that's right. biden is expected to convene with his family in delaware and biden has been clear that above all, his decision on running for president will be a family
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decision whether or not the family is on board is the most important factor. his close advisers expect they will have a very good idea about whether or not he is going to run before the democrats take the debate stage tuesday. >> you've got hillary clinton making another big break from president obama as she tries to blunt this challenge from bernie sanders. >> reporter: yeah, this is a really big one. bernie sanders has been very critical of the president on trade and now hillary clinton is out breaking with the president deal. this, george, may be the president's biggest remaining priority for the rest of his second term and hillary clinton yesterday suggested she is not in favor of this deal. >> latest in a series of breaks from the president. jon karl, thanks very much. all right, george, as president obama is losing support for that key deal, he is also making a rare formal apology for that deadly attack on a hospital in afghanistan. calling the head of the humanitarian organization doctors without borders, which lost 12 staff member, abc's martha raddatz has the latest
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from washington, good morning, martha. >> reporter: good morning, amy. that apology from the president has done little to satisfy doctors without borders, just a short time ago the group once again demanding an independent investigation clearly angered that initially afghan authorities claimed that the taliban was firing from inside the hospital, something the doctors have said unequivocally is not true. but this is also a terribly emotional loss for the group, which is used to working the world's most dangerous places as they said this morning, our largest loss of life has occurred at the hands of american forces. >> incredibly tragic but it begs the question does this have any impact on the overall efforts in afghanistan by the united states? >> reporter: well, really a big one, amy. it comes at a time when the president has to decide whether we stick to the drawdown schedule we now have or leave thousands of american troops in afghanistan beyond 2016. >> all right, martha raddatz in washington. thank you, martha. now to that terrifying scene
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on a highway. a tanker explosion raising real questions about safety on our roads. you see it right there. abc's matt gutman with the story. >> reporter: hey, good morning. six second, that's you will it took for flowing traffic on a major highway to jam up for a tanker to swerve, hit another suv then flip over a guardrail and explode. traffic blocked for hours and all because a mattress was on the road. flames raging out of control along the new jersey turnpike. after a tanker explodes into a massive inferno. that black smoke seen in the air for miles around. a dash camera in a truck just a few cars back captures it all. the music is rolling inside the cab as that chain reaction crash begins. you see the tanker ahead swerving to avoid quickly building traffic but it overcorrects, hits that suv, loses control and flips over. fireball. the driver filming it stops his
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you can see him right there running toward the scene but he is unable to reach the tanker. >> i didn't even get very close before the heat was overpowering. >> reporter: the fire burning so hot it melted the guardrail and pavement. traffic on this major roadway backed up for miles. >> a lot of people are getting outside their car, the police was telling them to go back inside for their security. >> reporter: the tanker driver was killed in that crash. the driver of the suv is recovering this morning. investigators blame it all on this mattress that so quickly slowed traffic. resulting in that inferno. highlighting the danger of unsecured cargo falling off cars and trucks onto the road. >> what's a very serious when it does happen, it can be very serious and lead to serious injury and death. >> reporter: it also recently happened in san diego. a car stops to avoid a mattress that has fallen on to the road and an suv behind it plows straight into it. so what can you do to avoid that kind of accident if there's
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debris on the road? experts say keep a four-second space between you and the vehicle in front of you and here's something i haven't heard before i spoke to the experts. trailered vehicles or do it yourself movers, those are most likely to drop something in the back and get something left in the roadway. amy. >> yes, i know every time i see someone carrying cargo i'm always keeping my distance, thank you. important things to remember when on the road. a big development in the bill cosby case, the comedian will have to answer questions under oath. abc's kayna whitworth is los angeles with more on that story. good morning, kayna. >> reporter: amy, good morning. bill cosby's deposition is scheduled for tomorrow in a lawsuit brought against him by a woman who says she was molested by cosby when she was just 15. she says it happened at the playboy mansion in 1974. this is on the heels now of another civil suit filed last week by a woman saying cosby assaulted her at the mansion in 2008. this morning, bill cosby is set to be deposed for the first time since mounting allegations of
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abuse against him made headlines earlier this year. on wednesday a judge refusing to dismiss a civil lawsuit filed against the comedian by judy huth paving the way for her lawyer gloria allred to question him on videotape scheduled for tomorrow. >> the lawsuit is moving forward as you can see. >> reporter: the court intends to keep details of the deposition under seal until a later hearing. huth alleges the star forced her to perform a sex act on him at the playboy mansion in the mid '70s when she was just 15 years old. >> we're looking forward to proceeding with this case. >> reporter: cosby's lawyers denying those claims. in court documents calling them absolutely false and baseless, also alleging in documents huth's former attorney tried to extort $250,000 from cosby before filing the case. this as the man who once was america's favorite dad faces another lawsuit, 25-year-old model chloe goins filing a civil suit tuesday claiming cosby drugged and also assaulted her
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at the playboy mansion in 2008. >> when you're watching him on tv and thinking about what you said he did to you, how did that make you feel? >> all i can think is hypocrite, somebody who goes on tv and presents such a wholesome image, yet is so sick. it's hard to watch -- i can't watch it. >> yeah. >> that's why i'm here today, to bring out the truth, the truth about his lies, his secrets. >> reporter: now more than 50 women are alleging cosby drugged or assaulted them. he's never been charged with a crime in relation to that and he denies all the allegations of wrongdoing. representatives for cosby told abc news his lawyers have no comment at this present time. last week the lapd turned over the results of a probe from a criminal investigation into cosby to the l.a. district attorney. that d.a. is deliberating whether to charge him criminally.
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in the vast majority of these allegations are so old they make criminal charges nearly impossible in most jurisdictions but goins says it falls within the statute of limitations. a michigan woman could face legal trouble after a wild scene at home depot. she could face criminal charges for shooting at a shoplifter as he ran away. abc's gio benitez has the story. >> reporter: watch, police say what you're looking at is afternoon. the suspect with more than a thousand dollars worth of merchandise starts running as a home depot security guard in auburn hills, michigan, gives chase but it turns out the guard was the least of their worries. >> the customer then fired shots at the vehicle, believing to have hit one of the tires of the >> reporter: that's right, a shopper in the parking lot, a 48-year-old woman taking matters into her own hands opening fire on the suspect's suv. witnesses in disbelief. >> it's just scary the thought that somebody's going to shoot
7:14 am
things. >> reporter: the shopper who does have a permit to carry a concealed weapon cooperating with the investigation. but police not convinced she should have shot at that car. >> take down the information. write down the description of the car, either wait for the officers to arrive or contact the police department by phone. >> reporter: and this morning, prosecutors are weighing whether to charge the woman for shooting at the suspect's car, even though there may not have been imminent danger to herself or others. and the alleged crooks got away. as for that customer, well, some concealed weapon experts in the area are speaking out saying they don't believe the shooting would be justified, george. >> okay, gio, thanks very much. to dan harris with today's other top stories. syria. >> russia is stepping up its involvement in syria now firing cruise miltons as part of an offensive to prop up bashar al assad. moscow claims it's targeting isis but the pentagon says the target has really been syrian
7:15 am
by america. one had to change its route to avoid russian airplanes. two students have now been released from the hospital. chris mintz who was shot search times after confronting the gunman recovering at home. also at home now the 18-year-old anastasia boylan who played dead when shot in the back. police in connecticut released this video showing a teenager jumping from a moving car to escape her alleged abductor. the girl said she was lured into the car and assaulted. police are searching for the driver. federal agents have uncovered $600,000 in cash buried in a backyard near l.a. they say it's part of a million dollar armored car heist. two drivers were charged last year with stealing the cash from a shipment. and finally, some international sports news this morning, a blow-out hockey game over in russia. the winning team with a commanding 15-10 victory with one star player scoring seven goals. his name, vladimir putin.
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yes, this is how the president celebrated his 63rd birthday. putin was helped in this victory by the fact that his team was stacked with former nhl players and the by the fact that anybody who checked him was not sent to the penalty box but to siberia. no big deal. you can check me but you're going to the gulag. fair game. >> goalie deliberately not -- >> absolutely. >> thanks, dan. benches clear in a big playoff win for the chicago cubs. now one step closer to their first world series in more than 100 years.
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what a great night for the cubs. there's a look live at wrigley field, the sign says #flythew and put up a "w" flag every time they win. they have fans believing this could be the year they break one of sport's most famous curses and t.j. holmes is here with the story. >> lara, it's one game. they won one game. they're popping champagne and talking about curses. well, when you're the cub, though, last night was worth celebrating. >> check swing for the first time in 12 years, the chicago cubs have a postseason victory. >> reporter: is this the year the curse is broken? >> they win the wild card game. >> reporter: overnight the chicago cubs snapping their losing streak in epic fashion winning their first playoff baseball game in a dozen years. fans taking to the streets in celebration. >> this is tremendous. outstanding.
7:18 am
>> reporter: the chicago cubs have not won a postseason contest since the infamous bartman incident back in 2003. the cubs just one inning away from going to the world series when fan steve bartman reached for this foul ball knocking it away from the player opening the door for the florida marlins to come back and claim victory. and the cubs world series drought goes back further than that. the cubs last made it to the series in 1945. haven't won it all since 1908. but now cubs fans dubbed the lovable losers may finally have a good omen on their side. >> cubs win world series. >> reporter: "back to the future" 2 predicting 2015 as the all. >> that ball is crushed. >> reporter: and this morning, the cubs one step closer. >> and fowler has gone deep. >> reporter: absolutely dominating the wild card play-in game wednesday, not even a bench-clearing brawl could stop them from shutting out the
7:19 am
pittsburgh pirates. all right. for those not familiar, the curse was back in 1945. a guy went with his pet goat and he got kick it out because it smelled. >> a close-up of t.j. >> he's celebrating. >> double diamond studs for t.j. holmes right there. >> emphasis on stud. stud. >> a lot more coming up. a judge is under fire for sentencing an abuse victim to jail. >> you think you have anxiety now? you haven't seen anxiety. >> why did she send that mother
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see that land spout in southwestern new mexico near lordsburg. but we saw flash flooding. some hail and could >> good morning. you can see beautiful blue skies. the wind at about eight miles an hour.
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>> live from wcvb tv channel 5 this is a newscenter 5 eyeopener update. i' m erika tarantal. your top stories this morning. firefighters say the air is safe after this huge warehouse fire in oxford. but investigators are still trying to determine exactly what was in the lumber re-purposing company and how the flames started. an update to the search for two missing roommates from manchester, new hampshire. stephen andrade was found dead in a tewksbury motel. police believe he shot himself. his roommate, sue hutchinson, is still missing. taking a live look over the city. it has been looking like this all week. danielle: temperature starting in the mid 50' s in boston.
7:26 am
grab a jacket. temperatures warming in the low to mid 60' s, depending on where you live. we' re looking for some rain on friday. a beautiful holiday weekend with 70 by monday. erika: looks great. olessa: we had a couple of problem spots on 93 southbound from wilmington down to the leverett connector. the eastbound side is backing up. south of town, delays on the expressway. minor delays on the orange line. erika: thank you so much. we'
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welcome back to "gma." you're looking live at the columbia canal in south carolina. part of the dike collapsing. crews working furiously to shore it up, 14 dams have now burst. 60 others in jeopardy. homes and lives still in danger as we say good morning, america. headlines we're following this morning. chrysler workers back on the job, the union reached a tentative deal with the automaker overnight before a midnight deadline for a walkout. the union says it secured significant gains. meryl streep's new film. smoke flares were set off demanding more support for domestic violence victims. it's about the fight for women's
7:28 am
rights called "suffragette." >> the new internet sensation from "jeopardy." michael has the latest on him. >> we're breaking down his unique style and secrets to his winning ways and it's all about the buzzer right here. way, he has nothing on me. all that is coming up in "the speed feed." all right, george. >> lara already knew it was all about the buzzer. >> yes, i just ring it before -- the question is even asked. >> yes. >> that's coming up. we begin with that florida judge under fire for how she treed a victim of domestic violence. the judge sentenced her to three days in jail, berated her from the bench for failing to show up at her husband's trial. dan and nancy standing by after linsey davis brings us the story. >> reporter: at times this video is difficult to watch. the judge in this case takes no pity on the victim, some critics say she victimized her all over again. >> judge, i'll do anything please. >> emotional testimony in this florida courtroom. >> i have a 1-year-old son and
7:29 am
i'm trying to take care of him by myself. i'm begging you, please. >> reporter: this alleged domestic violence victim who asked us to alter her voice sobs as she pleads with a judge not to throw her in jail. >> please. >> reporter: this newly released video showing her july contempt of court hearing held when she failed to show up for the trial of her alleged abuser, her own husband. >> i'm just -- my angst sit and i'm just -- erin an unsympathetic judge shows no mercy. >> you think you're gonna have anxiety now? >> reporter: the victim's husband was arrested for strangling her at knifepoint while she held their 1-year-old child because she failed to testify against him, the state said they had to pursue a lesser charge. her husband pleaded no contest for simple battery and spent 16 days in jail. she says she told the state's victims advocate that she just wanted to drop the charges and move on with her life.
7:30 am
i'm living at my parents' house. i had to sell everything i own and i'm just not in a good place right now. >> and violating a court order did not do anything. i hereby find you in contempt and sentence you to three days in county jail. >> really, jerri, really? >> reporter: jeannie gold says if anything she should have sentenced her to community service at a shelter for abuse victims. >> i'm worried after other victims will not come forward after seeing this. >> i'm begging you please. >> reporter: the judge's office telling abc news they can't comment on any case that could be subject to future appeal. >> reporter: according to the department of justice, victims refusing to cooperate is the prime reason prosecutors drop domestic violence cases, two other studies found as a result of the 70% of these cases actually end up being dismissed. still the victim's advocate we talked to said better to educate than to punish. she says she actually talked to
7:31 am
the judge and that judge says that she actually feels bad about the sentence. >> let's talk to dan abrams and nancy grace about this. nancy the host of "nancy grace" on hln. the judge may feel bad but so hard to watch that. >> it's hard to believe that this judge felt bad listening to her in court. i mean this, is outrageous. this is a woman who's coming to court for a contempt of court hearing, right. she's coming to court because the court is upset she violated a court order. that's not to minimize it meaning they empaneled a jury, ready to go. this is important stuff but you do not handle it by yelling and screaming at this victim saying to her things like, oh you have anxiety now. wait till effectively you get put behind bars? you didn't have to put this -- she's talking about her kids and trying to take care of her life and this judge is berating her and putting her in jail for three days. >> three days in jail, nancy? >> well, there are obvious
7:32 am
problems with what the judge did. now, one thing the judge claims is that we had a jury ready. you want to tell me this is the only crime in seminole county. they couldn't have had that jury hear a different trial and not only that, having worked with battered women for so long it's a very, very delicate situation because you're asking the woman to testify against the breadwinner, this woman has one child, she's homeless. the child is 1-year-old. they had to search for the now he's in jail. she's in jail. nobody is supporting the baby. that's the reality this woman has to deal with and this judge with her cushy position on the bench has no idea what this victim is going through. let me remind everybody, lady justice is blind. that's true. but she also holds a shield to protect the victim and, judge jerri collins needs to be recalled.
7:33 am
women as linsey pointed out un unwilling to come forward so what recourse do judges have in that case in order to do something about the abuse. >> the judge in a case like this can send a message by doing something like community service. but you don't need to yell at the victim. you don't need to put the victim -- >> yeah, but, dan, she still has a conviction on her record. to give her to community service you have to convict her first. how is she going to get a job? she has a record for this. >> i agree with you except there also to be some form of rules. if a jury is impaneled in this case to hold this guy responsible, right, the reason this jury is being impammed is to prevent this guy from doing this again to somebody else. >> she called them ahead of time. she told the court -- she told the victim's advocate. who works for the court. >> right. >> she was not going to testify. and there are more than one way to skin a cat. you can have the police officer. if she's unavailable to testify
7:34 am
that's an exception to the hearsay rule. they didn't need her. reason. >> look, they do need her in the -- i mean they do need her to try to get a conviction. the victim. >> it's not easy and you'll agree -- >> it's not easy, dan, you're right about that. >> so it's not easy. look, i'm not -- i'm not going to try to blame her except to say that for her to just tell the victim's advocate i'm not going to -- >> i'm so beside myself. this woman is homeless for pete's sake. she's got a 1-year-old child. now she's got a record, a criminal record on -- how is she ever going to get a job nowy this is back assward. >> i'm more concerned about what happened to that child. this judge -- this woman shows up in court not expecting to right? she's got a child at home. she -- >> she's begging. >> begging the judge, saying, judge, please don't do this to me. please, please, please and the
7:35 am
judge -- what happened to the into foster care? >> the next time, dan, that this guy holes a knife to her throat or punches her again, do you think she'll call 911? forget about it. she'll die first. >> as you both say just outrageous. >> hope the judge is happy now. >> coming up a new show pushing our fears to the limit under ground in the top fear scaring us all revealed from clowns to drowning to heights. what's the number one? that answer next on "gma." make mistakes. but the stainmaster petprotect carpet and cushion system helps prevent pet stains, reduce pet odor and easily release pet hair. so get petprotect, and let your pets be pets. i was not aware of how much acidity was in my diet... that it was damaging the enamel.
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essage cc1 test message test tex . back now at 7:42 with a halloween reality show event that plays on some of our deepest fears. three contestants are voluntarily going someplace some of us want to avoid at all cost and do it live on national tv. abc's david wright explains. >> reporter: buried alive. >> hello. hello. >> reporter: that's the concept for a new live tv event airing on a&e this halloween.
7:40 am
>> reporter: taking the fear factor to a whole new level. six feet under. three people sealed in underground coffins infrared cameras and vital sign monitors rolling. billed as one of the most chilling vike logical experiments ever on live television. it's all about helping people overcome their deepest fears. >> hi, folks. my name is margee kerr and i know what scares you. >> reporter: helping them through it the same fear psychologist behind square factor. the idea, when pushed to confront our worst fears head on, we come out on the other side triumphant, what doesn't kill us makes us stronger. >> we've got endorphins, dopamine and adrenaline all coarsing through our body making us feel primal, strong. >> reporter: so what are the things we're most afraid of? a new survey found many of the
7:41 am
ghosts, clowns, zombies. but at the very top of the list there's bugs and heights. and at number one, public speaking. fear raises the stakes in shows like "the walking debt" and "american horror story" and on reality tv, last year one show featured a man eaten alive bianna con das, buried alive, eli roth of "the hostile horror series" and "north carolina" is setting a new benchmark. >> we're tuning in to see what happens. i want to see the look on their face and see them screaming. >> yikes. i pretty much confronted all of my big fears in one short news story there. now it's your turn. what are you most afraid of? >> locked in a dark basement. i think -- i owe my older brother, thank
7:42 am
>> this face or the possibility of sharks? >> both. >> i don't like dark open water. did you ever see the movie "open water"? >> oh, man. >> oh, my gosh. >> you and i share clowns. >> i do not like clowns ever since "pole ter guise." >> getting no a fight with michael strahan. >> i don't know that's a reasonable fear, though. >> he threatens me a lot. >> mine is unlike -- i don't like driving in the first place so driving a semi truck in new york city is my biggest fear. it is so -- i think about it. >> who would that come up. >> but what if i had to do it to save someone's life. >> i think november sweeps are coming up. you should confront your fear. >> what kind of movies are happening in her mind i want to know. >> in new york. >> it has to be in new york. >> yeah, because it's congested. >> is it red? >> it's below 14th street and red. >> an 18-wheeler or fire truck -- >> way before i would drive that truck. >> michael corn, you heard that, buried alive. still ahead we'll get into that during the commercial
7:43 am
break. here, though, we want to tell you about the baseball announce many breaking ground, the first woman in the booth and the sexist backlash. what she's saying about that. lots of buzz about the new "jeopardy" champion. we look at his speedy buzzer secrets in "the speed feed." a? yes, i do. (punctured balloon) (gasp) ooh... hi, can i help you? ugh, i need an eyeball. we should find something here. ooh! that will work! t happy to help. -thank you. rwe're happy to help make your day a little better. walmart. there's something out there. it's a highly contagious disease. r it can be especially serious- even fatal to infants. p unfortunately, many people who spread it may not know they have it.
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ge cc1 test messa you know the music. it's from "jeopardy" and there is a new champion, his style is opening the internet and michael has that story in "the speed feed." >> yes, i do, amy. it is matt jackson. a 23-year-old paralegal from d.c. who won "jeopardy" nine consecutive types for nearly $250,000. now, fans, they love his big celebration when he gets the right answer. let's take a look at that. >> matt, what is the curriculum. what is the normal school. what is the parochial school? boom, boom, boom. >> oh, yeah, boom, boom, boom. players says his lightning fast buzzer skills could be the secret. let's see it in slow motion. >> not a wasted movement. very efficient. are you ready for this question, okay, we'll put your buzzer skis
7:48 am
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7:53 am
erika: we' re following breaking news. at least three boats on fire at the quincy marina. sky 5 on the scene right now. no word on any injuries. we do have a crew on the way and will bring you updates online and the mobile apps. you can see the flames. there is a fire crew on the scene. we turn now to the weather. danielle: the wind about five to 10 miles per hour.
7:54 am
we are going to warm up to the lower 60' s with the wind about 10 miles per hour looking for lots of sunshine. a chance for rain on friday. it continues through the afternoon into early evening before winding down overnight. we turn breezy and cool and much warmer by monday. erika: thank you so much. olessa: there is an accident by harrison boulevard and another one just cleared. expressway, 30 to 35 braintree to boston. 93 south heavy down to the connector. erika: thank you so much. several boats are on fire and the flames raging. a number of boats are close
7:55 am
7:56 am
good morning, america. it's 8 a.m. and kim zolciak speaking out this important for the first time live about the mini stroke that sent her to the hospital. >> it's a scariest thing. >> her shocking departure from "dancing with the stars." how she's doing now and why she says she deserves a second chance to dance. trapped and dangling from a bridge right in the middle of rush hour. 16 stories high in the air. the race against time to try and hoist him to freedom. it started with a whisper." bullied for making baseball history, the first female to call a major league game. >> for this game tonight. >> publicly harassed by a prominent sports host now jessica mendoza speaks out this morning.
7:57 am
and would you take a $69 flight to europe from here in the u.s.? the airline vowing to take down fares. is this the ultimate travel deal or is it too good to be true? and from "dancing with the stars" to "america's funniest home videos," alfonso ribeiro is here with us live as we say -- can't stop me now >> that's not all. alfonso here this morning. he's in times square, the "dancing with the stars" champ. that's not all. newest post from "america's funniest home videos" and he's here to share some of them this morning. >> looking forward to that. also this morning, a breakthrough treatment for millions of americans who are suffering from hair loss. no surgery, no drugs. these are results you have to see to believe. >> pretty incredible. >> that is coming up. dr. jen ashton with that. first to dan harris and the morning rundown. >> yeah, i'll watch that hair
7:58 am
loss thing closely. what's coming up in the news, the big story, all that south carolina. threatening another round of catastrophic flooding. failed. 60 others are close to the breaking point and more people hopes. two more flood victims have been swept away in their car bringing the death toll in the carolinas to 19. real anger from the group doctors without borders about that u.s. air strike on a hospital in afghanistan. the group's director says president obama's apology for the attack which killed 22 demanding an independent investigation. he says the group still hasn't received an official explanation for what exactly happened. new details in the hillary clinton e-mail investigation. the ap, the associated press, reporting this morning that clinton's private e-mail server was the target of attempted cyberattacks from china, south korea and germany. the attacks came after her time as secretary of state and were
7:59 am
software, but the report says there was a three-month period after clinton left the administration when that protection wasn't installed meaning the server was potentially vulnerable. look at this, a dramatic rescue caught on camera in houston after a worker was left dangling from a bridge for nearly an hour. that worker was repairing the bridge when he slipped from a catwalk, fortunately he was wearing his harness. firefighters were able to pull him to safety through a manhole. a headline for travelers this morning, how does a $69 flight to europe sound? the ceo of for norwegian air say it's possible and unveiled a plan to use more fuel efficient planes and smaller region nall airport answer hopes to put it in place in 2017. it will not be easy. regional airports will have to be upgraded to handle international flights. we're getting close to halloween which means it's time for pumpkin art.
8:00 am
trumpkin. also going viral, pumpkin versions of bernie sanders and hillary clinton. they were painted by a guy an artist in illinois who also paints portraits on grains of rice. i suspect he will be hearing from attorneys for donald trump. >> trump's hair is never that wild. >> what? >> trump's hair is never that wild. >> take that up with the artist in illinois. >> you could make -- >> so you got a weekend, george. you can give it a shot. why not. >> there we go. >> you know, it's a new feature on "this week with george stephanopoulos." >> political pumpkin art. political pumpkin art with george stephanopoulos. >> you can thank us later, george. >> you guys are never going to produce that show. a lot more ahead. jessica mendoza bullied for making baseball history. harassed for becoming the first woman to play a major league "gma." "dancing with the stars" star kim zolciak speaking out about that mini stroke that
8:01 am
forced her from the ballroom. she is here live this morning. all this time i was finding myself spray allergy pill. most allergy pills only control one inflammatory substance, flonase controls six. so you are greater than your allergies. flonase. six is greater than one.
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8:03 am
now here's a look at what's ahead on the "gma morning menu." those two big interviews with jessica mendoza and kim zolciak and the breakthrough treatment for millions suffering from hair loss. dr. ashton is here live to talk about that and my man, alfonso ribeiro, here with "america's funniest home videos." we're going to raid his closet and see what he has in his videos and tory johnson is here with the best fall "deals & steals" and look at our crew. they couldn't be more excited about that all coming up live here on "gma."
8:04 am
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8:06 am
the best part, it tastes great! dannon welcome back to "gma." time now for "heat index" and this morning's hot button, the woman breaking barriers in major league baseball, jessica mendoza became the first female analyst ever to call a playoff game on tuesday night. the olympic softball gold medalist broadcasting the astros/yankees game for espn. take a listen. >> dan, this is why the yankees paid him the $155 million is for this game tonight. this is a guy who his best games that he's pitched has led a team in japan to championships that have jumped on his shoulders. >> unfortunately, not everyone was happy to hear her. an offensive sexist twitter rant from one atlanta radio host. some things so offensive we cannot repeat here. he since apologized and spoke to jessica about it all.
8:07 am
>> well, i want to congratulate you and i know that you had so much praise for your national feel? >> you know, honestly i was so nervous going into it and it's something that i've been preparing for for years. i think i was just more worried about what the reaction would be because any time there's a change or something different resistance. i think the most thing i was excited about was the aftermath and how much support there really was. >> and sadly there was some negative and specifically an offensive tweet from mike bell, an atlanta broadcaster. how did you react? when did you see his tweet? >> just before i was going to click on it i thought, you know, why? you know, why even, you know, give it the attention? i didn't even want to open it so i've actually yet to read it. >> i love that you took the power back in your way, but for those of us who have read it it's not only offensive it's misogynist, sexist, a horrible
8:08 am
thing to read and when he was called on it he apologized. do you accept his apology? >> i accept hit apology. to me it really was about the fact that he came after me because i was a woman. >> he attacked you solely because you were a woman. and by the way, you've earned where you are right now in your career. >> being able to call these baseball games, yes, i'm a female. but i wanted to get to the point where it's like, let's think about what i'm saying, what i'm doing and not so much, you know, the sex that i am. >> you are one of several female pioneers in a male dominated sports world. how do we move past sexism? >> i want to get to a point where we hear a female voice on nba, nfl age it's like, sweet, she's doing a good job. >> your passion is infectious and i love that you haven't let any of this affect who you are and what you want to do. i'm proud of you and thank you for all the women and all the girls who are looking up to you. >> well, let's keep this going, amy.
8:09 am
the way it's happened, i think we'll keep in going and looking forward to the future. face. george, i love what you said. >> i didn't even know women >> me either. >> that's a start. >> yeah. >> bravo. >> that was great, amy. >> good for her. and, you know, next on "heat index," kim zolciak speaking out only on "gma" for the first time since her health scare and leaving "dancing with the stars." we'll talk to her live in tay moment. but first let's take a look at what she went through. she started out as one of the hopefuls, reality star kim zolciak-biermann. a fierce competitor on the 21st season of "dancing with the stars." though she finished week one with the lowest judge's scores. the next week she came back swinging. >> you're in the game, kim. >> reporter: but then a devastating blow. kim suffering what she says was a mini stroke. >> i got a text from kim saying
8:10 am
her entire left side went numb. i'm extremely worried. >> reporter: a few days later kim was able to learn her upcopping dance routine but from her home in atlanta. doctors not clearing her to fly cross country to l.a. in time for the show. and then a bombshell in the ballroom. >> in the instance of illness or other health-related matters affecting a participant's ability to participate in the game, they must withdraw. >> reporter: kim's fans rallying, a petition reaching more than 22,000 signatures. to bring back kim and partner tony dovolani. >> we're welcoming kim zolciak. >> thank you for having me. >> this plane trip to the show your stroke. how are you feeling? >> i'm feeling great. i was very nervous, obviously, on the whole flight i was very nervous but i feel great. >> now you have six kids. >> yes. >> two shows. you were dancing nine hours a day. do you think you may have extended yourself a little too much?
8:11 am
>> probably, but actually was a blessing in disguise. the minor t.i.a. revealed that i have a pfo which is like a hole in your heart that i was born with that never closed. so at some point -- >> do the doctors think that may have led to the stroke? >> that's what caused it basically because the blood clot was able to cross over through the hole whereas most people don't have that and not able to do that. >> there are a lot of people out there who said when they first heard the news they said she's faking it. she never had a stroke. she still hasn't had a stroke but what do you say to those detractors. >> i think it's sick that somebody would ever think that -- some of the people that their mentality. i don't think many people would fake a stroke. >> i would hope not. i really would hope not. with the stars." it's been one of the best experiences of my life and difficult to not be on the show dancing. >> there was a lot of controversy, 22,000 signatures on a petition to get you back on the show with tony dovolani but you sent the producers an iphone video of your dance but in the
8:12 am
in the event of a celebrity's disabled during training, such that they will be unable to perform in a live episode of the program, the sent and their professional will be required to withdraw from the competition." now, do you feel like this was fair under your circumstances? >> no. because i was able to dance. i just couldn't fly so i learned my dance on saturday. i was discharged from the hospital on friday, i learned it on saturday and feel like they could have done something via satellite or something. they made exceptions for those who couldn't dance and got injured in a rehearsal or could have used the tape i did on saturday of me dancing. >> did they give you a reason why they were able to continue and you weren't? >> no, they didn't. they didn't. i tried to kind of get an answer because i really do love the show. i love everybody, the purchases, casting directors, but had it came down to it the lawyers made the final decision. >> you posted a video of the "i dream of jeannie" cha-cha. are we going to be able to see that on the finale of "dancing with the stars"? >> i'm not sure what they're going to have me doing. i couldn't care. i'll just be so excited to be
8:13 am
there. >> you're not sure what you're >> no. >> we have to tune in. >> absolutely. >> you know what, we want to say don't -- kim is on "don't be tardy." you were on time today. thursday nights on bravo and you can see "dancing with the stars" on monday at 8:00, 7:00 central right here on abc. thank you, kim. >> thank you for having me. >> george, back to you. our series the new beauty boom. over a56 million americans suffer from some form of hair loss and approximately 40% are women. it's a problem that affects confidence and self-esteem. but now a new treatment may hold promise in helping men and women regrow their own hair. abc's mara schiavocampo has the details. >> reporter: move over hair club for men. >> i'm not only the hair club president but i'm also a client. >> reporter: now a promising new hair loss treatment for women and men that may help to regrow and thicken hair without
8:14 am
just look at these before and afters. doctors who use it say the secret is something you already have, platelets in your blood. >> platelets have growth factors this them and they're very good at getting hair to regrow and getting the hair follicles to thicken. >> reporter: it's called platelet rich plasma therapy or prp and research is preliminary but promising. while the procedure is not yet fda approved doctors who use it say it's simple. blood is drawn, the plasma separated in a machine and platelets from the patient's own blood injected directly into the scalp. saying that they contain growth factors that stimulate the regrowth and thickening of fair follicles. hair. >> i've always had fine hair and volume. >> reporter: she says weeks after her first treatment she noticed a difference and here she is after five treatments. >> i feel the hair coming in.
8:15 am
i love the results. >> reporter: at just 22 years thinning. he tried every over-the-counter product available. and worse. i didn't know what else to do. >> reporter: he's had five procedures now and gained more than just a head of hair. >> it gave me my confidence back. it helped me to, you know, helped me to want to go out again. i don't have to we are a hat and definitely boosted my >> reporter: some studies suggest that while the results look good, they may not be long lasting. still, the procedure is giving hope to millions with thinning hair. schiavocampo, abc news, new jersey. >> let's talk to dr. jen ashton those are pretty remarkable. what do you say to people dealing with this. >> this is incredibly upsetting so we need to be empathetic. be patient and let me show you why. it has to do with the science between the life cycle of a hair follicle.
8:16 am
is anogen, the active phase. phase. it lasts for two to six years. next phase is the catagen, transition, lasts a couple of weeks, a minority of your hair follicles are in this and final phase is telogen, resting face and if you start a therapy today you might not see results for a to be patient. >> what does it mean to this prp is not fda approved? >> well for those of us in clinical medicine it doesn't mean that much. we use things awe the time that aren't fda approved. that means they need more study and a good informed concept process understanding the risks versus benefits but the science behind how prp is thought to work is pretty cool. let me show you. if you see regular thinning hair, you inject these growth factors directly into the scalp. it does several things it increases the diameter or density of the existing hair follicle, recruits new growth and it's thought to even prevent
8:17 am
the existing hair from falling out. i actually had this done. you're going to see my before and after pictures. i had had about hairs on my head on the left. after four treatments i had a really significant result. but, again, it's not for everyone so it's not going to work for patients who have scarring on their scalp. it's great for male pattern baldness or traction alopecia for people with extensions in and actively studied. >> if this doesn't work what does work? >> a lot of things you can do and take. in terps of things you can take, minoxidil over the counter works. the prescription drug fena fenasteride and the vitamin b buy continue can help too and what you can do rest your hair. don't overprocess, don't overcolor. if there's a medical cause, treat that underlying medical cause. that's key but this is exciting research. >> it is and i bet you'll get a lot of questions throughout the morning. you will be on twitter @drjashton.
8:18 am
>> great crowd out here this morning. we wanted to start in the pacific ocean. this storm has been dying out but it's till going to affect called oho and moving the remnants of will become extra tropical. 13 to 17-foot breakers on the oregon coast and gale warning up through washington state and in alaska so big storm coming up there. hot, heat advisories include anaheim, 102, palm spring, wow then the heat, it sticks around and then the ridge right there in the middle of the country, 85 for kansas city today. that is the big pictur danielle: good morning. i' m meteorologist danielle vollmar. warm today. there will be some showers around on friday. the holiday weekend is looking really nice.
8:19 am
>> sorry, don't mind us. we're just doing a 60th birthday selfie. >> happy birthday. get in here. breaking "pop news" this morning. yesterday you might remember we introduced to you lauren. she was the college student here in new york who lost her i.d. it was found by tom hanks in central park. and here was her message to tom on "gma" yesterday. >> so if you're listening and out there i would love my i.d. back. >> you were supposed to contact him. >> i think she is right now. >> tom, tom, i'm here. >> well, this morning tom heard you loud and clear, lauren. we're happy to report mr. hanks heard the call, the ford much ham i.d. back in lauren's hands. he sent it to her along with this handwritten note that says, lauren, hold on to this. regards, tom hanks. tom might be too busy to help out again should you lose it spotted all over new york currently shooting "sully" the new movie about heroic pilot
8:20 am
sully sullenberger directed by none other than clint eastwood. >> she asked for tom to give her 20 bucks -- >> i don't think he gave her $20. she did have to get the replacement i.d. but all is well that ends well. we love a good pun as you know in "pop news" so today in a "pop news" investigation, we would like to celebrate america's proudest and puniest. a new map by atlas obscura listed the puniest businesses in america. 1900 on that list, some of our favorites include, the big cheesy, a gourmet grilled cheese restaurant in new orleans. baguetteaboutit. coffee shop in brooklyn. indiana bones and the temple of groom is a dog groomer in cali. >> great. >> and been there dump that is a dumpster rental in texas. >> i like that one. >> a little punny business never
8:21 am
hurt anybody. now you know why we do it. super cheesy but you know what, just makes us happy. i'm glad you all jumped on board. well, almost all of you. >> you don't use puns. >> you never use puns. >> another new segment on "this week." >> yeah. >> all right. finally, everybody, in "pop news" this morning, no lying about this story. this lieian has a feathered mane. leon has become the main attraction at a zoo in the czech republic. i like we're playing "hot stuff" about a lion's mane. thanks to his luscious locks a "pop news" investigation will determine what shampoo he uses because i would like to know. we wanted to know who you think he looks like. >> fabio. >> we were thinking -- >> we were thinking julia roberts, early 2000. farrah fawcett circa "charlie's angels." beyonce back when she performed for us on "gma." >> okay. >> i also thought kris
8:22 am
kristofferson in "a star is born" or the no-brainer. barry gib in the disco days. >> barry gib is good. >> so leon, we love you. >> leon has that center part. it's so in. >> that anti-balding treatment. >> break out the wind machine at the zoo. >> thank you, lara. i'm just being told to hold on. that was andy gib, thank you. back to you. >> "deals & steals" coming up. a lot of fall viewer favorites
8:23 am
emily: we' re following breaking news. at least three boats on fire at the quincy marina. sky 5 on the scene right now. no word on any injuries. we do have a crew on the way. we will have updates online and the mobile apps. firefighters say the air is safe after this huge warehouse fire in oxford. but investigators are still trying to determine exactly what was in the lumber re-purposing company and how the flames started. take a live look outside over the city of boston. >> a lot of sunshine. warming up to 60 in boston. it is a dry forecast but rain is
8:24 am
with some breezy conditions. we turn cooler on saturday. mid 60' s on sun day. olessa: some pretty heavy delays if you are traveling south with one lane blocked. about 30 to 35 braintree to boston. heavy delays 93 south. the southbound side is slow down to wilmington. emily: thank you so much. we' re back at 8:56. we will continue to follow the fire in the marina and giving you updates online and on our
8:25 am
it started with a whisper welcome back to "gma." a lot more coming up. we'll try something new. fishin' for an answer. our guest alfonso is answering questions that you guys are asking. "dancing with the stars" champ, new host of "america's funniest home videos." our friend, alfonso ribeiro, all right. go fishin'. >> all right. here we go. what is this? all right. brenda knox, did you ever really get to hang out with tom jones and what was he like? >> i love that question. >> okay, all right, did i ever hang out -- only the one time when tom came on the show and we performed together and then i went one time to watch him in vegas. the only times i've ever hung out with tom jones? did you like spend quality time with him. >> oh, no the at all.
8:26 am
not at all. >> brenda, there you have it. there you have it. thank you. keep your questions coming and we'll do it with all the celebs that come to the show. if they're not here that day then we're doing anchor questions. >> okay. >> so ask questions. >> send them in. >> that sounds dangerous. >> that will be great. more from alfonso in a second. right now to michael. >> yes. thanks, guys. the temperatures are dropping and so are prices in deas. tory johnson has all the discounts. up to 71% off, welcome, tory. >> you ready? >> let's go. first up from accessory concierge i pulled one out just for you. how soft is that? super soft, amazing scarfs, plaids, tartans, big assortment online. incredible deal on these. normally $30, today only slashed in half, 15 bucks. >> 15 bucks for a scarf. great deal. >> next up a.j. morgan sunglasses, pulled a pair for you right here. what do you think? these are super fun.
8:27 am
big assortment for men and women. like it? okay. men and women, not just sunglasses but readers, as well. readers are super fun with a little pop of color so everything is on trend with this big selection that you'll find online. great, great deal, as well. normally starting at $24, everything is slashed to $12 to $21. fun, right? okay. i'm going to have you fully assembled by the time we're done. so, okay, so what i love about this particular bag from soriea sorieal. what i love about this, there's this zipper here. you can expose a pop of color or you can keep it concealed so you get to change your look, very versatile. five different colors. >> that's what i'm looking for. >> to go with the michael strahan collection. >> yes, exactly. if there was a women's collection this would be in it. amazing deal, as well. normally $168, these bags today only, slashed by 71%, $49 and from sorial, free shipping. can't beat that.
8:28 am
>> that's -- wow. >> yeah, yeah, yeah so we love this collection from alex & ani. the birthflower collection so there's lot of the people who collect these or you can wear one, wear 12 of them. whatever it is you like. that's that leather kind, the braided leather. good eye. big discount on these. normally depending on what you choose, $28 to $58, everything is slashed in half starting at $14. >> alex and ani. >> bringing the deals. >> this one is a huge savings. so this is from white plum. such a big savings we had to bring in some reinforcement here. katie, jade and norma. look at these leggings, superfun. as you can see so versatile that they can pair them with everything, a chunky sweater, an adorable shirt takes from you day to night whatever it is. big assortment online, regular
8:29 am
size, plus size as well. big deal on these. normally $20 which is already an amazing price slashed by 55%, $9. $9, stock up and save. they're comfy, girl, right? you guys told me they're comfy. they gave me the thumbs up. not just smiling anyway. >> you look great. thank you for your help. tory, thank you. always bring us great deals. thanks to the companies for providing them. head to on yahoo! for the codes, links and bargains. >> did you know that it is national pierogi day. now you do. happy national -- now i want a pierogi, great. new friends from little rock, arkansas, good morning to the ladies and how about we say good morning to a really beautiful time lapse over the presidential range in new hampshire. wow, the mt. washington observatory. the clouds spilling over like the roller coaster of temperatures that a lot of folks going through the next few days.
8:30 am
chicago, down to 57. go back up to 66 from 80 today with storms right there in the great lakes. danielle: good morning. i' m meteorologist danielle vollmar. lots of sunshine over boston right now. we are going to go into the 60' s on boston >> all that weather brought to you by ashley furniture. amy, it is national pier rogue day. >> thanks for that information. i didn't know that. all right. now to a story of courage and bravery. "he named me malala" is the new film about malala yousafzai, directed by oscar winner davis guggenheim who happens to be my brother-in-law. i sat down with the human rights advocate to learn what inspires her to champion children's education and how she spends down time with her family. >> she was shot in the head for daring to suggest girls should go to school.
8:31 am
world stage at 15 years of age and now her story of courage and bravery is coming to life in the new film "he named me malala." >> want to call people to take action and to join us to ensure that every child has the right to go to school to turn this movie into a movement. >> reporter: not just a movie but a movement. that's a lot of pressure, davis. for academy award winning director davis guggenheim the calling for this project began at home. >> i've seen the effect that malala has had on my daughters and my hope is daughters will take their fathers to see this movie. i think they'll learn that any girl anywhere can do something if malala can do it. >> the nobel peace prize is to be awarded to malala yousafzai. >> reporter: indeed ma la la what is shown the world she can do it. putting your message out from advocating to bring back our girls in nigeria. >> this year my wish to be to see the nigerian girls being released from abduction. >> reporter: to lebanon where she spent her 18th birthday opening a school for syrian
8:32 am
refugees. but for the first time we see a glimpse into the extraordinary life of a girl who sometimes just wants to be ordinary. >> my life is quite different than their life. most of them have boyfriends and most of them were brought up with them. >> she's the naughtiest girl. >> this is the laziest one. >> reporter: you're pretty funny. >> do you think so? >> reporter: especially when you talk about your brothers. >> wonderful boys. they do nothing wrong. >> they're nice to people from outside but inside, they're horrible. >> reporter: another part of the movie that tickled me was davis touch catching you looking up cute boys online. >> oh. just a fan of them like. don't take it that negatively. >> just research. >> just research. >> yeah. >> she's a very thorough researcher. >> when i was younger i used to listen to him. >> reporter: at the heart of "he named me malala" a celebration of a unique bond.
8:33 am
>> it really is a love story between father and daughter. >> we said that we are one soul in two bodies. >> reporter: your father gave you the naima la ma la la but he didn't make you malala. >> i chose this life myself. i'm here standing on the stage becoming the voice of children. >> i am those 66 million girls who are deprived of education and our voices have grown louder and louder. >> reporter: ah, doesn't that give you chills. "he named me malala" is showing now in new york city and los tomorrow. go to on yahoo! to see more photos from the making of the movie and find out how you too can stand with malala. alfonso ribeiro here with some of the funniest videos of all time but first it is time
8:34 am
for your "gma" to yahoo your day, fall can mean falling off your diet. here's how to keep your waistline from getting bigger. yahoo >> here are my top three tips. diet trap number one, shorter days. you're exposed to less natural sunlight and that triggers a dip in sear sewnen levels which leads to food cravings. you may be tempted to reach for that breadbasket, instead go for starchy vegetables like sweet potatoes and squash. number two, seasonal drinks. a black cup of coffee clocks in at 5 calories but as soon as you start indulging in pumpkin spice lahtis you're chugging down hundreds of calories, instead go for seasonal flay flavored. teas. have to get the lattee. order a small, one pump of syrup. skip the whipped cream. this is a morning beverage. it's not dessert. diet trap number three, tailgating. football season can wreak havoc
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we're talking beer and chips and chicken wings. are you starting to salivate? it pays to set some smart limits. don't show up hungry and just try to eat a few more celery sticks than you do chicken wings. cheers to a happy and healthy fall. t [male narrator] the coast guard
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st message test text1 underline test text1 italics test text tt2w`t3n`!d# bt@qpsd tt2w`t3n`!d# "a@q@_ tt2w`t3n`!d# bm@qkt, tt4w`t3n`!d#" dztq vj0 tt4w`t3n`!d#" entq &np tt4w`t3n`!d#" gzt& ?i( tt4w`t3n`!d#" hnt& /gd tt4w`t3n`!d#" iztq e.< tt4w`t3n`!d#" jntq w^\ tt4w`t3n`!d#" lzt& o3 >> so fun to have alfonso ribeiro with us. we loved him on "the fresh
8:37 am
prince" and, of course, "dancing with the stars" now hosting "america's funniest home videos" and here for our afv on "gma." we are already l ready to see hilarious videos and you're involved. >> we'll step it up. >> yes, but first let's talk to you about -- there's so many initials, "gma," dwts. "dancing with the stars," contestant, then you judged. hosted last week. you did a great job. >> thank you. >> choreographing next? >> i'm trying to take over for ray chew and the band. i'm trying to take over for him. might be there this week trying to conduct some music. i don't do music but i'll try. >> you love being part of the family. >> you know what, i'm such a fan of the show, well before i got on the show that just being part of it each week, i'm watching every episode. sometimes i'm backstage and don't come out and watch. i'll be there to watch. >> i love that.
8:38 am
now on "america's funniest home videos," you are following in the footsteps of some great guys. >> yes. >> bob saget and tom bergeron. how will you step it. >> i'll step it up and we're going to go big on "afv"er here at "gma" and bring in the stuff, guys. yeah, yeah, you know what -- >> the way to our heart. >> popcorn and soda and drinks to the entire audience. that's what we're going to do. >> so let's begin. >> we're actually -- let's go all the way back and show the 1989. this is a good excuse to never do dishes again. yes. there you go. statement? >> high hair is tangled around this stupid hook, okay. >> is she stuck? >> she's stuck in the yes. >> my arm is -- >> first of all, why would you do that? why would you put your head in a
8:39 am
dishwasher? >> i don't know. >> yes. >> worthy opponent but i've got one for you now. this is throwback thursday for "gma." this is ginger reporting from kalamazoo, michigan, in 2004. check out what happens. >> a group of friends coming back from a birthday bash walking here south on california avenue in kalamazoo. >> and then like -- >> so the audience goes -- >> did you see that? >> what was that? >> just look again closely. >> there was -- okay. >> oh! er. >> it was not a full streak. >> not a full streak. >> he was wearing a speedo. >> actually he had a wholesome brother row and tennis shoes on. that was about it. i saw rear end, rear end when he got past me. i had said much like that i didn't realize he didn't have no clothes on so i was referencing him. >> beautiful. you got a chance to -- was that fun? a good time. >> this is it the best part last
8:40 am
show and he came up and introduced himself. hi, i'm your streaker. here's his baby and family. >> well, congratulations. that's one way to get famous. >> way to be dad. >> i'm going to bring out our most popular video. >> okay. >> okay, and it's a dog that is -- he's eating his bone but someone keeps bothering him. >> or some thing. >> some thing keeps bothering him. >> he looks so happy. >> having his bone. and that's right. that's right. he doesn't know that his hind foot cannot eat that bone. yeah. that's -- that's a smart pup right there. he is -- but he's into that bone. nobody is going to take that bone if him. >> poor thing. all right. so you probably think i'm going to do another "gma." you guys are safe. this one actually is all about you. >> all about me? >> we think of you as an
8:41 am
have any zip here, did you? >> uh-oh. what is this? oh, yeah, here we go. >> oh, my god. >> yeah, that was on -- >> you all right? >> that was on "dancing with the stars" on my season. >> just hanging out. >> i was supposed to be batman and -- you know, batman really can fly. batman doesn't fly and i was on the thing -- i was on the zip line and i was excited because i really wanted to like go fast. i wanted to see what it would be like so i came off it and jumped really hard and popped the line. i was like uh-oh and brought a ladder to me and the ladder was too short. so i couldn't -- i couldn't actually get down. >> the ladder. >> i was hanging there. the ladder was too short. hi. how are you? i'm going down. >> you can see alfonso on the premiere of "america's funniest home videos" this sunday night at 7:00, 6:00 central right here on abc. thank you so much for being with us.
8:42 am
and you are not all safe. we will be seeing videos from all of you in coming days. >> ah. >> i've just decided -- i don't know if the producers know that but i'm working on it. coming up, rachel platten performing live. don't go anywhere. >> yeah. p every single day, more than 8,000 men and women p are working together to create a stronger, smarter, more resilient system, p so the 3 1/2 million people we serve
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y>{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{wxwxwxwxwxwxwx 1 test message test text1 underline test text1 italics test rachel, safe to say you have done it again in yes. another big hit. rachel platten,er in thing for me to work out to. have a great day. happy thursday. >> live from wcvb tv channel 5 this is a newscenter 5 eyeopener
8:51 am
update. emily: good morning. i' m emily riemer. skyline. the sun is out. danielle: lots of sunshine and s across the area. a chance for showers beginning on friday. by lunchtime they move into the area and become happier into the evening hours. toward saturday we see clearing and breezy conditions. degrees. emily: thank you. olessa: still pretty slow and delays are out there. the expressway, 30- to boston. delays into newton corner. 93 south down to the connector. emily: thank you. top stories. jury selection continues today
8:52 am
in the trial of the danvers teenager accused of raping and killing his math teacher, colleen ritzer. yesterday the judge explained the insanity defense, suggesting that' s how phillip chism' s lawyers may proceed. three people are recovering after a stabbing at familia grocery on grove street in west roxbury. police say a man got into an argument with the store owner over bringing his dog inside, then later came back with a knife. the suspect, the store owner, and an employee were all hurt. join us for newscenter 5 at noon.
8:53 am
>> it's "live with kelly & michael." today from the new film, "steve jobs," seth rogen. and star of the series "pilly on the street," billy i'mer in. plus, performing their new hit, "wake up," the vamps. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] >> now here are your emmy
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