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tv   News Center 5 at Noon  ABC  October 8, 2015 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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announcer: from boston cost news leader, this is wcvb at noon. one of the heroes who helped stop a train attack overseas has been stabbed. spencer stone is in stable condition after he was stabbed in california last night. it apparently happened during a fight in sacramento. he is an air force airman was slashed in the head, neck and arm in august when he tackled a gunman on an amsterdam-paris train. lots of other news to get to, as well. erika: here are some of the big
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stories happening right now. powerful fire at quincy marina. at least five boats catch fire and four of them sink. right now the fire does not appear to be suspicious. emily: a fight over a dog leads to a triple stabbing at a boston grocery store. what the owner is telling us about what happened overnight. erika: and the search for the sunken el faro may be over. but the search for the recorder is just beginning. the clues it could hold in answering the mystery of what happened. but first, that huge fire in quincy. several boats at a marine engulfed after flames break out this morning. newscenter 5' frank, at this point, the fire doesn' t appear suspicious? the fire appears to be accidental. we have been talking to two owners who say their boats burst preparing to leave. and dark smoke fill the water and sky off quincy. >> there is nothing left now. >> tamara silivia and justin
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lowery lost the 26 foot 4 winds they lived on in this fire. we just sold everything to do this. whatever we had left was in there. >> the fire department says the fire started around 7:30 this morning. at least for boats were sunk. >> i saw the smoke when i walked outside. there was a fire. and then the next boats, and then our boat. >> it appears the fire started on a large boat docked at a finger pier. that owner told investigators his boat erupted in flames while he was disconnecting the power supply and his wife was in the shower below deck. >> it was very intense. these boats have hundreds of gallons of gasoline. this boat went up very fast. the gasoline contributed to it. once the fiberglass starts burning, it is difficult to put out. >> barbara painter and her husband were watching from their
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home in the nearby apartments as their 36-foot live aboard was destroyed. >> i am shaking and i am quieting -- i am crying. >> they are grateful that stone was hurt. >> normally i would be sleeping right now. i am lucky to be here. >> there is some concern about the environmental impact about the oil here in the water. here in quincy, i' m frank holland. >> to oxford now. another fire at a huge warehouse. the building once housed a chemical company and the building next door does asbestos removal so there were big concerns about toxins. but the air has been deemed safe. >> we were being safe because the previous occupant of the building was a chemical plant. they made plastic pellets. >> it took 10 tankers of water to contain the 3-alarm fire. firefighters also forced to tear down a catwalk between the two
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from spreading. there is still no word on how the fire started. >> right now, this west roxbury store is back open after three people are stabbed inside. newscenter 5' s sera congi is live. this all started over a dog? 38-year-old kristopher soderberg of west roxbury, he was allegedly drunk when he pulled a dog in the grocery store and returned later with a dog. despite a stab wound in the arm, owner isaac rosa returned to his grocery store early this morning to prepare for opening, after a violent incident last night. boston police say an intoxicated man, came into the familia grocery with a dog, and the t bring the animal inside. the man left but returned half hour later, armed and ready. >> suspect returned back, with a knife, he went behind the store owner. >> police say the suspect went
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behind the counter to attack the owner, who defended himself, and a third man who may be an employee jumped in. >> they struggled, worked their way to the front where the owner, the suspect and another coworker were stabbed. the injuries are not life-threatening. >> he is trying to get some rest now. >> the owner' s niece opened the grocery store this morning, she says her uncle is well known in the neighborhood. >> everyone knows him, gets gets along with him, everyone knows who he is. that is why it is weird. >> the owner' s niece says her uncle does not know the suspect. soderberg remains at the hospital. live in west roxbury. >> right now growing concerns about a missing manchester, new hampshire woman after her roommate turns up dead. police say 36-year-old stephen andrade shot himself at the
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motel 6 in tewksbury. andrade vanished on september 21, one day after sue hutchinson disappeared. there' s been no cell phone signal and no activity on her credit card since. investigators say they' re growing even more concerned now that andrade has been found dead. this week, two of hutchinson' s cars were found, one in merrimack, new hampshire. police say andrade and hutchinson' s daughter had recently broken up, but there did not appear to be any problems between the roommates. >> new this noon, the man accused of randomly stabbing a woman to death at a maine supermarket plans to change his plea to guilty today. connor maccallister is charged with killing wendy boudreau back in august. maccallister did not enter a plea at his last court appearance, when a judge ordered him to undergo a mental exam. maccallister claimed to be off his meds at the time of the stabbing. >> also new, prosecutors in new hampshire expected to file paperwork today asking that a felony conviction of this prep school student stand.
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back in august, owen labrie was found not guilty of raping a 15-year-old girl. but he was convicted of misdemeanor sex assault and a felony charge for using a computer to arrange the pair' s encounter in may 2014. if the conviction stands, labrie could be ordered to register as a sex offender for life. sentencing is set for next month. right now, several winthrop high school football players are under investigation. they' re accused of circulating a video of a teammate changing in the locker room. the video was discovered on an internet site dedicated to bullying reports. police are not calling it a case of bullying but are investigating. they' re questioning as many as ten students and the team has been forced to forfeit friday' s varsity game against gloucester. >> the search for the crew of the sunken el faro is over. now, investigators are focusing on finding the cargo ship' s recorder. the recorder, similar to a plane' s black box, could provide data on what happened to the ship and the 33 people on board in the hours before it' s believed to have sank.
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that could help explain why the ship stalled and sank during the hurricane. three people with ties to massachusetts were on the ship. last night, a vigil was held here in the bay state for the crew. >> when the coast guard decided that there was no reasonable hope for survival, in a way it was a relief. >> one body has been recovered. but sadly, no survivors. >> we turn now to the weather in boston. we do have a haircut before the holiday weekend? >> we do have rain coming forward. that is unfortunately headed for us. it looks like tomorrow could be a wet ride if you are headed out of town. you can see the rain off to the west now, but as we zoom into our area, not picking up much in the way of clouds.
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we have had temperatures down just a touch. in the 50' s at lunchtime , 64 degrees in taunton. 65 degrees in nantucket. you can see that temperatures will warm into the low-mid 60' s through the interior and then dropping back into the 40' s with the clouds increasing as we head into the overnight hours. low 60' s by the coast , and through the worcester hills with lots of sunshine. you see temperatures ranging in the low 70' s and upper 70' s near raleigh, that warmer air mass is what is headed in our direction. we will talk about the warm-up and timeout the showers ahead. erika: right now, residents along south carolina' s coast are on alert warned that water from days of flooding is heading their way.
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it could be another 48 hours before they' re finally in the clear. and as elizabeth hur tells us, the financial toll from the disaster is quickly adding up. >> a call for residents to conserve water this morning in south carolina. after working at sandbagging was suspended, a portion of the columbia canal collapsed. >> the plan here -- a breach -- if we had to do that, we will be in good shape. >> meanwhile, these new images from above show before and after a dam break. already, there have already been 14 dams that have failed and others are threatening to burst. >> we are working around the clock to remedy this. >> and this video is more proof of the powerful rushing water, a
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rescued five hours later. today, all eyes remain on the river which is expected to stay at a major flood stage through the weekend. >> it is smelly and it is wet. even though today it is showing some improvement today, but -- >> at last check, thousands of homes have been without water for at least five days. the university of south carolina has moved the weekend game against lsu to louisiana. >> a potential blockbuster deal in the tech industry. dell is in talks to takeover hopkinton-based, data storage company emc. if it goes through it could be one of the biggest technology deals ever. but it could come with a cost. emc currently employs 9500 people here in the bay state. and the merger could result in several job cuts. new this noon, the mbta getting ready for the upcoming slippery rail season.
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today, keolis, which runs the commuter rail, showed off its high pressure wash train a , vehicle used to reduce slippery rail hot spots. leaves create a big hazard for railroads when they fall on the tracks, making them wet and slippery and can cause trains to lose traction. keolis has a special team dedicated specifically on removing those leaves. >> an apology from volkswagen following its emissions-rigging scandal. the ceo' s admission during today' s hearing on capitol hill. >> the holiday shopping season, about to get underway. but will consumers spend more or less this year? big changes are coming. timing the rain and wind and the follow. >> and an 800-pound man desperately searching for help after he says the hospital that was helping treat him kicked him
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announcer: you are watching news center five at noon. emily: dramatic and disturbing video from bridgeport, connecticut. watch as a girl jumps out of a moving car to escape being kidnapped. you see the passenger door open and the victim, a 17-year-old girl, tumble out. she' s ok. but the driver sped away and still hasn' t been caught. police say the driver lured the
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school. erika: the heroic army veteran who tried saving students during last week' s deadly shooting at an oregon community college is now out of the hospital. chris mintz was released last night. he had been shot several times by the gunman. the 30-year-old sounded a fire alarm after the shooting broke out then ran back to his classroom, confronting the gunman. nine people were killed in the attack. emily: the ceo of volkswagen in the hot seat today, facing tough questions as he testifies on capitol hill. bazi kanani tells us, he' s expected to reveal he knew about issues with emissions on some diesel cars more than a year before the scandal broke. >> in the hot seat for his company' s deception. >> i would like to offer a sincere apology. >> the chief repeatedly as lawmakers vented their anger over cheating on the test in more than half a million
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that software allowed the cars to pollute up to 40% more than is allowed by u.s. standards. >> volkswagen has betrayed a nation. >> i did not think this was something that was possible as the volkswagen group. >> michael moran told us he was -- told them he was as shocked about the trail by volkswagen. today, a raid on the company' s headquarters in germany as prosecutors seek documents for their own investigation. >> the american people and the epa has been fraught it by volkswagen. the company' s word isn' t worth a dime. >> the company hasn' t said how
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in the united states. >> we will find remedies for our this will never happen again. >> michael moran said that management was not aware of the defeat technology, he believes it was done independently by a couple of software engineers. emily: a warning for some gm owners. don' t use your windshield wipers. the automaker says an electrical short could cause the motor to catch fire. the recall involves 32,000 buick enclave, chevy traverse and gmc only 6400 were sold and will be the others are being held at dealerships for repairs. holidays? orbitz says that airfare will be cheapest tomorrow. november 6, but will peak the week before christmas. you can save the most money, up to 30%, by flying on december 21, the monday before christmas,
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or on christmas eve. it' s not even halloween yet but this year' s holiday retail forecast is already out. the national retail federation predicts shoppers will spend less this year. sales are still expected to be up 3.7%. but that' s less than 4.1% last year. but online shopping is expected to jump nearly 8%, or roughly $105 billion. >> i feel like it is too soon. >> already, decorations are out at the stores. >> it isn' t even halloween. slow down. >> today is out. lots of sunshine at 61 degrees. are coming, we will see a chance for rain beginning tomorrow, after lunchtime, through the afternoon. most of you as you head out of town. that we will be dry on saturday
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and sunday for the holiday weekend, it does look really nice. temperatures right now in the upper 50' s in worcester, mid 60' s on nantucket. the wind is out of the north, that is why highs today will only climb into mid 60' s near nashua and lawrence. we do have sunny skies out there right now to contend with as high pressure does dominate. we did have a cold front moves through overnight and first thing this morning. that did shift the wind and move the temperatures down. big changes are coming from the system out in the north and west, you can see it over the great lakes. all of this is headed in our direction. as we go through the day today, expect a lot of sunshine. the clouds won' t build into the
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notice that by 2:00, there are the showers knocking on western new york. it will eventually get to our area. we will not be as cool as the past couple of nights, low 50' s in boston and we do expected to be mostly cloudy. we watch this system and here is the timing on everything. there may be parts of northern new england, but once we get past lunchtime, i 8:00, the bull' s-eye of heavier rain will be ongoing budget then it further to the south. the storm impacts are going to be this. heavy rain is on the medium side. there could be gusty wind with this thunder looks veritably low though. as we go through tomorrow, look at the wind speeds through
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boston. the rain showers in boston come around 4:00-6:00-8:00 at night. then temperatures do climb into the upper 60' s and low 70' s and we will have a lot of humidity in the forecast. i want to do the timing again for you on friday. we do start out dry, and by 12:00, there could be a couple of showers around for worcester county. look at the storm, this is the cold front to developing, there will be a line of thunderstorms, but then we do dry out by saturday morning and clear out and turn cooler. if you are looking for things to couple on saturday. by monday, the lower 70' s. that is the trend, temperatures will be on the way up.
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tomorrow doesn' tuesday. erika: a rhode island man who weighs 800 pounds has been kicked out of the hospital, for ordering a pizza. steven assanti says his eating addiction has left him in the s suv, with nowhere to go. he had been getting help at rhode island hospital, where he lost some weight but says he was told to leave when he violated his health care plan by ordering the pizza. >> i was supposed to stay there and lose all of my weight and get down to 550 pounds to get the astor bypass. erika: steven' s father says taking his son home will be a death sentence. so for now, the pair is driving around until they can find a place that will help. a soldier-father just back from overseas. his daughter is too excited to wait.
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erika: watch as this little girl, who just couldn' t wait, runs up to hug her father. 300 soldiers from fort carson' s combat team returned home tuesday from southwest asia. daniel oglesby' s little girl stole the show when she broke away from the crowd and raced towards him standing in
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formation, the entire crowd erupting in cheers. and probably tears. >> and all of the soldiers are trying really hard not to smile. our weather looks pretty good? >> just a wet today to get through tomorrow, but then the weather looks great.
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