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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  October 12, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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randy: 4:30 on this monday, october 12. good morning to you. i'm randy price. emily: and i'm emily riemer. here are the stories we're following on the eyeopener right now. fans leaving the patriots game down in texas last night greeted by gunshots. the violent ending to the night in a crowded parking lot. randy: awaiting an announcement this morning on a major merger. the local company that could be acquired by dell. emily: and hundreds of flights are delayed nationwide after a technical glitch. how to prepare if you plan to fly southwest today. important information. randy: cindy, good morning. beautiful day yesterday. how about today. cindy: another beautiful day coming up. the temperatures sneaking up as well. it will be warm today. we're starting out in the 40's and lower 50's. 52 right now in boston.
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of fog here and there especially out in the western part of the state. not a big issue around boston this morning. otherwise above any fog the skies are clear. we're going to enjoy a lot of sunshine again today. you can see down to the south we have an area of low pressure, a front off to the west. these two features will work in tandem to bring in more clouds tomorrow and also some showers. so soak up the sunshine today. we're going to climb by noontime close to 70 degrees. look at these high temperatures this afternoon. 75 boston. as warm as 77 nashua to lawrence. just a little bit cooler with that wind off the water for you today on cape cod. a beautiful columbus day to enjoy. let's get you out to the roads this morning. my guess is a lot of people have the day off. olessa: that's what it looks like right now. we're not seeing any construction crews out there. there's a live look at the zakim bridge. no problems at the leverett connector. let's get to the maps and check the rest of that ride. no roadwork to contend with. that's good news heading into boston. south of town a quiet start. no problems on 24. route 3,ate 95 also nice and
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light as well as the pike and route 9. from new hampshire. we're expecting the trains and the buses to start the morning on schedule. randy: thank you. final word on a huge merger that will have a big impact on a local company. emily: the eye's jim lokay is live in hopkinton with the details we're learning overnight. jim? jim: emily and randy, good morning to both of you. of course, we're talking about columbus day, a holiday in the business world. but no rest today for hopkinton based e.m.c. but there were several reports a merger will be announced today at 7:00. e.m.c., based here in hopkinton, maker dell. that deal reportedly worth more than $53 billion. e.m.c. is the biggest technology 9,700 people work for the neither company is talking about the deal yet. but it would create a super company worth an estimated $75 billion. merging the computer maker dell with the cloud computing company e.m.c. here.
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deals, there are certainly concerns about layoffs. at this point. again, we are hoping to learn more as that deal is expected to become official at 7:00 a.m. we will keep you posted. if anything happens between now and then, we'll keep you posted. for now live in hopkinton this morning, i'm jim lokay, wcvb, newscenter 5. randy: jim, thank you. other stories we're following right now. this overnight car fire is under investigation. the car burst into flames on 93 north on the ramp to route 16 in boston. everyone got out okay. the ramp was briefly closed, but the scene is now clear. critical condition after he was shot after the patriots game in texas. police say it happened during a fight at a tailgating party in a parking lot outside the cowboys stadium. the suspect is charged with assault with a deadly weapon. the shooting happened about 90 minutes after the game ended, but many fans were still in the parking lot. where they're from hasn't been released. randy: the hamilton man shot and killed by beverly police has
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the essex county d.a. confirms christopher whitmarsh died after an confrontation with police in beverly saturday afternoon. police say he drove his vehicle into a toyota highlander and two police cruisers. the d.a. would only say whitmarsh knew one of the occupants inside that highlander. emily: it you're flying southwest today, the airline is warning you to plan ahead. technical issues delayed hundreds of flights yesterday. you should arrive two hours early today and print your boarding passes before you head to the airport. breaking overnight. five nato troops are dead after a helicopter crash in a security guard says the chopper appeared to hit the cable of an observation balloon before it crashed landed at nato headquarters in kabul. british military officials say two of those killed were members of the royal air force. the other casualties have not been identified. randy: right now investigators are trying to figure out what sparked a fire that set several boats ablaze. at least two boats destroyed on mashpee's little river. smoke started rising off one boat yesterday morning, and it didn't take long for the fire to
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spread. firefighters had a hard time getting to the fire. driveway access along riverside road too narrow. the burning docks also made it tough for firefighters to reach the flames. >> pretty bad. about as bad as it gets. once these things get going, it's really hard to put them out. randy: firefighters believe the fire was an accident. no one was hurt. emily: new this morning. the head of auburn's housing authority is calling for changes in the law after the death of a child in a foster home. two-year-old avalena conway-coxon died in a subsidized housing development two months ago. auburn officials have said they did not know one of the units was being used as a foster home. the chairman tells "the telegram" there should be a law requiring d.c.f. to notify housing authorities when foster homes are in their complexes. randy: commitment 2016. president obama says hillary clinton's use of a private email server while she was secretary of state was a mistake. but he also said she did not damage national security.
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in an interview with "60 minutes," the president said all public officials must be more sensitive about how they handle information and personal data. how that controversy will figure into tomorrow night's first democratic debate remains to be seen. five candidates will be on the stage. but there's another big question mark this morning. the eye's erika tarantal is following developments. erika: that question-- whether vice president joe biden will finally enter the race. he was set to meet with family in delaware over the weekend to decide but still no word. cnn, the network hosting tomorrow night's debate, says they'll happily add a podium for the v.p. should he choose to take part but that's not expected. meantime, front and center will be former secretary of state hillary clinton. she will try to win back support from independent voters, support that's been falling. and she'll be, for the first time, forced to take on her closest rival, vermont senator bernie sanders. as for biden, an announcement is expected any day. >> he wants to be president. he would think he would be a better president than hillary clinton.
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i think still the personal is weighing on him quite a bit. that, to me, in the end will be the deciding factor. erika: tomorrow's debate is the first of six for the democrats. at this point five candidates are in. looking to steal some of the spotlight from clinton and sanders are three former governors-- martin o'malley, lincoln chafee, and jim webb. all three are trailing by far so they have little to lose in attacking the frontrunners. randy, emily? randy: this morning, we're talking about something that this is only the third time this has happened in the last 40 years. emily: ahead in your economic social security recipients will year. it was like a scene right out of hear from the natick man who jumped into action when a car slammed into a crowded auction randy: a mother honoring her a daughter lost at sea. captain who challenged a hurricane. cindy: we've got a gorgeous day on tap for your columbus day, but i am tracking some changes. some rain tomorrow and then much
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>> it was just chaos. emily: this morning a tow truck driver recalling the chaos after a driver lost control of an s.u.v. at a crowded auto auction house. he was just feet away when the the car came straight through
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the wall. the whole scene caught on camera. sam cerulo says friday's crash was right out of a movie. he say he saw the panicked crowd try move out of the b.m.w.'s path. sam: the next thing i know people are yelling, somebody is trapped under the car, somebody is trapped under the car. i immediately put the car down that was on my truck, drove over there as fast as i could and lifted the b.m.w. up. emily: he managed to free the man who was pinned under the s.u.v. ten others were also hurt in friday's crash. the incident is still under investigation. randy: this morning, we are hearing from the mother of a missing crew member on the "el faro" cargo ship. ahead, how she's now coping with the heart-breaking loss. and a boston landmark shutting down for renovations. the controversial plan that has theatergoers up in arms. if you are heading out, you can watch the latest newscenter 5 newscast right now or anytime on
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randy: talking about the fact that maybe you're lucky and off today. a loot of people will be off. emily: the whole weekend has been absolutely gorgeous. cindy: and today will be the warmest of the bunch. by the way, welcome back to you.
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so over the weekend we have the temperatures kind of creep up each day. we had chilly mornings. we're warming it up. over all the month of october still running on the cool side. we're below average for the month. but today we have warm temperatures coming up. and a continuation of sunshine. real he'll just a beautiful day coming up. clouds though, maybe a shower tomorrow. it is going to turn much cooler here by the weekend as the jetstream is going to be diving south ward by the end of the week. and the weekend, you're going to see a big drop in temperatures by the upcoming weekend. right now we're starting out with clear skies across the area. and so it's a pretty quiet start overall. not a lot happening here across the northeast. temperatures are running in the 40's and 50's right now. we've got milder air working in around an area of high pressure. you see the front off to the west. there's a storm coming up across the mid atlantic states. both of those features together will bring in more cloud cover tomorrow. it's a little cool for you this morning. by 8:00 a.m. we're mostly in the lower 50's. tons of sunshine. sunny and milder by lunchtime.
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look at that by 5:00 p.m. a couple clouds around but still 73 degrees. so very warm temperatures. average high this time of year is 63. we're looking for a high today of 75 in boston. we're ten degrees above average. mid 70's up here through the merrimack valley. worcester 73. taunton 74. cool spot today with that southwesterly breeze at about 5-15. that will be on the cape. upper 60's to near 70 for you. overnight we are going to bring in more clouds. notice by midnight clouds are creeping up from the south. and by tomorrow morning a lot of clouds around. maybe even a couple of showers so with the clouds coming in tonight, look at these low temperatures. upper 40's to the mid 50's. holding about 57 in town overnight. and tomorrow is still another warm day. temperatures running in the lower 70's although notice all the clouds. again there could be a couple showers around. we'll watch this area of low pressure go by off the shoreline here in the morning hours. and then we wait for this front to come in during the afternoon. once it goes by, look what
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the beginning of the cooldown. north and west. that is going to start to bring in cooler temperatures. mid 60's on wednesday. and we get even cooler heading into the upcoming weekend but tomorrow is not a washout. heading back to work, back to school on tuesday. early morning hours may feature massachusetts. then as this front pushes in in the afternoon, a lot of the moisture falls appar. by 2:00 p.m. i think mostly cloudy skies. but any showers are going to be kind of hit or miss here through the evening commute and into tomorrow evening with the clearing skies, sunshine returning on wednesday. but again the temperatures trending downward here. and by friday we've got another more potent front coming in with the showersment behind that one, look at the temperature drop. only 52 on saturday. the wind will be kicking up. and frost is likely by sunday morning with sunshine and high temperatures not getting out of the upper 40's. it's 50 degrees right now. olessa: i noticed. i got used to it getting warmer throughout the day. cindy: reality will be coming. olessa: great. thank you, cindy.
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no reality on the roads this morning. a very quiet start. not what we typically see. no construction to contend with. that's good news. hard to see on this camera shot there. that is the pike though. on the maps i'll show you the rest of the ride. so far no complaints as you make your way around the area. traveling into boston once again no construction this morning because it is a holiday. south of town you're in good shape. 24, 95, route no problems. as you travel the pike as well as route 9 all getting by at the speed limit. so far awes make your way north of down and down from new hampshire to issues to report there. we're expecting the trains and randy. randy: thank you. this morning the mother of a is sharing her pain and her grief. mariette wright grew up in assonnet. she was serving on the "el faro" when it went down in the choppy waters stirred by hurricane joaquin. her mother tells newscenter 5's jim lokay she's not angry but she does have questions. >> i believe if there was anyway that they could have prevented
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but the captain chose to ship out in that tropical storm. jim: are you mad at that captain for making the decision to go out to sea? >> no. in marine time you can go in a hurricane. but this was just tropical. this was just a tropical storm. we can make it. randy: the ntsb is still working to find the data recorder from the "el faro," believed to be with the sunken vessel. emily: right now u.s. stock futures are up but only slightly. wall street will be watching for reports on inflation and consumer spending this week. there will be no boost in benefits for people who collect social security next year. it's only the third time that's happened in the last 40 years. social security recipients, disabled veterans, and federal
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retirees usually see an average cost-of-living increase of four percent each year. but now lower gas prices mean lower inflation which is what the government uses to calculate any cost-of-living adjustments. right now, more cancellation notices to boston area homeowners who filed insurance claims during last year's brutal winter. "the globe" reporting that some customers who filed expensive claims this year or multiple claims over the past few years are being dropped. insurance companies are trying to figure out whether they can recover their losses or if they need to cut more high risk customers. randy: it could be the end of an era for boston's historic colonial theatre. the theater hosted its last performance last night before a major and at this point controversial innovations. when it reopens in about a year, the college says it may turn it into a welcome center or even a dining hall with performance space, but that's not going over so well with some theatergoers and students.
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>> very disappointing. many people here at emerson are very upset to hear that it's closing with an undefinite future. >> there's so much life. randy: emerson releasing a statement saying that it is exploring a number of options for the theater's potential long-term use, all of which will include future performances. the colonial theater has operated continually since 1900. a check of what's trending this monday morning. emily: president obama in san francisco this weekend, speaking at a d.n.c. fundraiser and he took the opportunity to poke some fun at kanye west who's hinted that he might run for president in 2020. president: do you really think that this country is going to let a man from southwest chicago win a funny name to be president of the united states? that is crazy. emily: just in case he is serious, president obama told kanye to be ready to deal with some strange characters who behave like they're on reality
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i think he has experience with that. randy: it's the crazy play a lot of people are talking about this morning. l.a. dodgers infielder chase utley has a nasty collision with the mets ruben tejada who leaves the game with a broken leg. the league says the slide was illegal and utley has been suspended for games 3 and 4 of the nlds. utley will appeal the suspension. emily: and at 91 years young, he's still got it. former president george h.w. bush, in a wheelchair and wearing a neck brace, threw out the ceremonial first pitch before the astros game. first lady barbara bush right by his side. the president is recovering from a broken vertebra in his neck. looks good. randy: still has the great spirit about him. the fans love him. the patriots also down in texas last night taking on the cowboys. emily: the patriots seeking revenge after all the talk before this game. their strong finish ahead in your news to go. then new on the eyeopener at 5:00. fall beers-- just one seasonal
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emily: it is 4:55 this morning. time for your early "news to go." right now we are waiting for final word on a huge merger that will have a big impact on a local company. there are several reports that dell will acquire hopkinton-based e.m.c. those reports indicate the merger will be announced at 7:00 a.m. that deal reportedly worth more than $53 billion. 9,700 people work for e.m.c. statewide. emily: if you're flying southwest today, the airline is warning you to plan ahead. technical issues delayed hundreds of flights yesterday. you should arrive two hours
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early today and print your boarding passes before you head to the airport. randy: five nato troops are dead after a helicopter crash in afghanistan. a security guard says the chopper appeared to hit the cable of an observation balloon before it crashed landed at nato headquarters in kabul. british military officials say two of those killed were members of the royal air force. the other casualties have not been identified. emily: president obama is now calling hillary clinton's use of was secretary of state a mistake. but he also said she did not in an interview with "60 minutes," the president said all public officials must be more sensitive about how they handle information and personal data. randy: right now a man is in critical condition after he was shot after the patriots game in texas. police say it happened during a parking lot outside the cowboys stadium. the suspect is charged with assault with a deadly weapon. the names of those involved and
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released. emily: as for the game, no problem for the pats. this was just one of the highlights. runningback dion lewis dodging and weaving and getting it done. 30-6 the final. dont'a hightower left the game early in the first quarter with a rib injury. nate solder left with an elbow injury. randy: speaking of injuries, the bruins forward brad marchand is out indefinitely. he's suffering from a concussion. per the league's protocol, his return will depend on how quickly he recovers. marchand took an inadvertent elbow to head during saturday's game against the canadiens. the bruins, also without captain zdeno chara, have dropped the first two games of the season. emily: cindy says it's going to be a perfect day for the annual tufts 10-k for women. thousands of runners hit the streets of boston the race starts on the boston common, loops through the back bay, along the charles river. it loops through the back bay winding down memorial drive
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ending at the charles river. they'll have a beautiful day today. cindy: feeling more like labor day than columbus day. the temperature will be more than average. we should be about 63 this time of year. 75 degrees is the temperature for today. today is the warmest, sunniest day of the week. look at wednesday into thursday. the temperatures are trending downward. mild temperatures for now. you can see a lot of 50's and even 40's across the northeast. 60's back around chicago. this is a mild southwesterly pressure. this high is going to give us tons of sunshine today so really a beautiful day overall. but there are changes coming. see there's an area of low pressure here off the carolinas. this is going to be traveling by to the north and east of us. and also there's a front off to the west. this is going to be working toward us tomorrow as well. so together more clouds coming up for tomorrow. enjoy your columbus day. it's a cool start. sunny and warm this afternoon with a southwesterly swind.
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it will be near 70 degrees on the cape. otherwise as warm as 77 across the area today. so we are in great shape. enjoy it. tomorrow you're heading back to work, back to school. it's a mild day as you saw. but notice first thing in the morning a lot of clouds around. there could be a few showers here in southeastern massachusetts. and then we get towards the early afternoon. most of us are dry with mostly cloudy skies. but notice a few showers here off to the west. as it presses in towards late in the afternoon and the evening, we could see a couple of showers out of that. no heavy rain expected and nothing widespread but at least a threat for a shower coming in on tuesday. behind that front cooler for weds we. lots of sunshine on thursday. and then showers coming in on friday. that is a potent cold front. it is going to bring in much cooler temperatures. this upcoming weekend, of course, the head of the charles is is happening. it does look like a gusty northwesterly breeze with those chillier temperatures on saturday. much colder here on sunday. bright sunshine, less wind but only in the upper 40's for highs here by the end of the weekend. lots of temperature changes in the week ahead.
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