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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  October 13, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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emily: it's tuesday, october 13. good morning. i'm emily riemer. randy: and i'm randy price. here are the stories we're following on the eyeopener right now at 4:30. breaking news overnight. two firefighters killed while battling flames in kansas city. their heroic acts as the burning building collapsed. emily: a brookline firefighter expected in a courtroom this morning. the violent reaction that landed him behind bars, all caught on camera. randy: searching for answers this morning. the new questions arising after a missing new hampshire woman is found dead inside her own home. emily: we'll get to all of those stories. first cindy is here with your forecast. some rain today. cindy: we are going to be watching some showers moving on in. look at the temperatures this morning. we're running mostly in the 50's. even near 60 degrees on cape cod right now.
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clouds have come in. they have blanketed us. so it's not as cool as you head out the door this morning. in the south you see this area of rain, even embedded thunder within this. you can see the lightning strikes waning a little bit over the past half an hour. not out of the question as this whole area lifts in to especially southeastern massachusetts in the next few hours. there could be a rumble of thunder and certainly a heavy downpour or two. notice here on future cast through 8:00 this morning, here comes that cluster of rain but it is focused mostly in southeastern massachusetts. and then it will continue to lift north ward through if mid to late morning hours. but it is off shore by noontime. clouds begin to break with some sunshine into the afternoon. and then late this afternoon and this evening, another batch of showers may approach from the west. but most of the day is dry outside of that window of opportunity of seeing a few showers between 8:00 and 10:00 this morning. notice what happens to the temperatures too. from near 60 this morning, we jump over 70 degrees again this afternoon. so it is another mild day but certainly featuring much more clouds. we'll talk about when cooler air
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arrives coming up in just a little bit. let's get you out to the roads this morning. we are seeing some areas of fog out there as well. good morning, olessa. olessa: not the best visibility. a live look starting things off with the zakim bridge which looks great. prob problem-free ride at the leverett connector. not seeing a lot of overnight construction that we typically see. very quiet start getting into boston. no problems south of town. 24, 95, route 3 all getting by at the speed limit. it's also a very police ant ride along the pike. route 9 this morning. if you're traveling north and making your way down from new hampshire you're in good shape. we're expecting the trains and the buses to start the morning emily: right now a firefighter is on leave accused of beating a man because he took too long to order his food. is live in brookline with the alarming account from witnesses. jim: randy and emily, good morning to both of you. this morning. and facing some serious charges. police here in brookline say it happened outside a restaurant on sunday night. a woman who witnessed the
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incident says it was horrifying that the firefighter was "relentless." preferring to stay anonymous, she tells our john atwater, quote, "it was like he was in a zone and wasn't going to stop. i was afraid he was going to kill him." a police report says 37-year-old joseph ward threw the man, who appeared to be homeless, to the ground, straddling him on the sidewalk as he repeatedly punched and kicked the 53-year-old. >> you hear that the authority figure is beating up homeless people. jim: surveillance cameras could be key in this case. police say they clearly show the we will keep you posted on what happens in court today. for now we are live in brookline. i'm jim lokay, wcvb, newscenter 5. randy: jim, thank you. breaking overnight. we are getting new details on the heroic final actions of two firefighters killed battling flames in missouri. the eye's erika tarantal is tracking developments as they come in. erika: randy, good morning to you.
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those kansas city firefighters being called heroes this morning, as we now know they saved at least two people from a burning apartment building before they were killed. the department chief says the building was engulfed in flames and already heavily damaged when crews arrived. a number of people inside had to be rescued. the firefighters were clearing part of the structure where the roof had already partially collapsed when more came crashing down on top of them. two were killed and two others were hurt. >> they did not die in vain. they saved two civilians, carried them out of the second floor on ladders before the wall collapsed. erika: it's not clear how badly hurt the surviving firefighters are right now, and the identities of the men killed have yet to be released. the mayor of kansas city said overnight the tragedy is a reminder that firefighters put their lives on the line every day. it's not clear at this point what caused the fire. randy: erika, thank you. 5:34. right now, police are investigating a shooting in brockton. it happened afternoon near the intersection of warren ave and
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shots were fired. two of them hit a home. one person was taken to the hospital. emily: parents of students at nashua north high school will meet with school leaders this morning. the meeting comes after a book called "death notes" was found with the names of 17 students inside. the superintendent says the student behind the book will be disciplined. randy: right now there are new questions after a missing new hampshire woman is found stuffed in a crawl space in her own home. a home searched several times by manchester police. friends dropped off roses and candles last night in memory of sue hutchinson. she disappeared three weeks ago. her roommate stephen andrade found in a tewksbury moel last week, dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. police believe he killed hutchinson before taking off. family called police on sunday after noticing a strong odor in her home. they don't understand why police didn't catch it. >> how come it took so long to find her. how come they didn't have dogs in here the first week?
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why didn't they have someone sniffing her out? reporter: police say the crawl space was walled off preventing them from discovering the body. an autopsy is set for today. right now a quincy couple is preparing to face a judge accused in a gruesome killing on the south shore. robert mckenna was found dead on the kitchen floor of his damons point road home by a friend last month. on friday, quincy lawyer michael moscaritolo and his girlfriend lauren kalil were arrested in the case. moscaritolo facing a slew of charges including murder, burglary, and receiving stolen property. a third suspect james ferguson is already being held without bail in the case, and police have said more arrests could be made. >> it was devastating to see her out there, and she held on and emily: a family reeling from a devastating loss after a wellesley teen collapses at
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field hockey practice. her parents say that picture taken just moments earlier is bringing them comfort this morning. 16-year-old casey dunne was the middle of five children. her parents say she loved the arts, theater, and music. she loved volunteer work and, born on the 4th of july, she had a passion for living. >> she was fun-loving and determined and loved to play. >> she is always the first one to jump in the lake, jump in the pull, do the monkey swing. emily: casey suffered a brain hemmorage just before last friday's practice. friends and classmates now leaving rubber ducks as a personal memorial, one of her favorite things. randy: a lowell police officer who was photographed snoozing in his cruiser has been placed on administrative leave. last week "the lowell sun" published this photo of a police officer, resting on a pillow, inside his cruiser. this morning, the paper is reporting this is not the first time it's happened and the
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before for sleeping on the job. a department statement calls the episode "extremely embarrassing" and is not representative of the lowell police force. ahead this morning. changing his tune. emily: the public apology from the u-conn student at the center of that infamous mac-n-cheese tirade. finally heading home after a life-saving hospital stay. the boston doctors giving this florida baby a second chance. randy: the simple act getting plenty of attention. the bride who rushed to the rescue on her wedding day in her wedding dress. cindy: we've got one more warm day but the warmth is not going to last. my timeline for a cooldown plus
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erika: 4:41. we're following breaking news. we now know two kansas city firefighters killed battling a huge apartment fire saved at least two people before they died. the department chief says they carried two people down ladders before going back in to check part of the building that had partially collapsed. they were killed when more of the building came crashing down. two other firefighters were hurt. randy, emily? randy: a second chance for a
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doctors right here in boston. emily: doctors initially told her parents she wouldn't survive, but a second opinion at children's led to new hope. nine-week-old abigal jones was born with an inoperable brain tumor. her parents prepared themselves for the inevitable, even planning their little girl's funeral. but then abigail began improving and the surgery changed everything. >> there are sometimes tumors that are not malignant that can look malignant. we thought there wasn't enough evidence to give her a death sentence and said why don't you come up and let's take a look at this thing and maybe it can come out. >> the doctor came out of the surgery and said he got it all. it was almost like she was born again. she has a new life now. emily: the surgery was a success. abigail was released yesterday and will head home to florida later this week. incredible story. randy: fearing the worst. emily: fresh start now. after 62 years "playboy" is changing up its format. randy: what you'll no longer see in the magazines. and a bride's wedding day photo
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gone viral. her simple act that's getting nationwide recognition. emily: if you are heading out, you can watch the latest newscenter 5 newscast right now or anytime on the wcvb mobile
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randy: cindy needs a little water. cindy: you know, there's some rain, a little water, coming on us. emily: what do you think? cindy: i think southeastern massachusetts has the best chance, but a lot of us will see a shower today. grab an umbrella as you head out back to work back to school after the long holiday weekend. here's a closer look at the radar right now. most of us aren't seeing anything just yet but that whole area of rain is lifting north ward. there's even been some thunder. you can see the lightning strike in the waters just east of the tip of long island. not out of the question that there's a rumble this morning especially down along the south coast and the cape. we do have that shower threat today but it's still mild. the cooldown begins toward the middle of the week. and it gets progressively colder into the weekend so that by monday morning, there could be a hard freeze across the area. the coldest air of the season will be working on in. contrast that to what you're
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run inning the mid to upper 50's to around 60 degrees. clouds have come in and more of a southerly wind. the temperatures aren't as chilly as they have been the past few mornings. that southerly wind has brought in a little bit of fog. we're seeing fog reducing visibility. down on the cape and the islands especially but there are patches of fog elsewhere. just use caution as you're heading out this morning. you see how the clouds have been spreading up from the south. here comes that little area of rain. it's a low pressure center that is racing north ward pretty quickly. this isn't the only thing we're tracking today. off to the west you can see there's another line of showers. this is actually associated with the cold front. this is going to be pressing toward us this afternoon and this evening. on the other side of that front, look at the temperatures. we go from the 50's and 60's down into the 40's back toward minneapolis so there is some cooler air that's going to start to build in behind that frontal boundary. today is a mild day. even though we've got a lot of cloud cover with that southerly wind about 5-15 look how the temperatures come up into the low 70's in most spots. 73 boston. upper 60's for you with that wind off the water on cape cod.
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let me take you through the timeline. you watch that area of showers come up from the south this morning. notice how it is focused mainly in southeastern massachusetts but this whole area will be lifting north ward so eastern massachusetts through about 10:00 or 11:00 this morning, that is your window of seeing a shower from this first batch of moisture. it moves out by lunchtime. clouds with breaks of sunshine through most of the afternoon. by 5:00 p.m., that line of showers off to the west still off to the west. as it moves toward us this evening, a lot of the showers are going to fall apart so there is the risk of seeing a shower early tonight especially before midnight and then the winds shift to the west behind that front. temperatures drop into the 40's and 50's overnight. and no more 70's coming up tomorrow. 60's. a blend of clouds and sunshine. and the wind shifts more to the evening. that will bring in even cooler temperatures by thursday. so we're stepping down in the mid 60's tomorrow. only near 60 on thursday. and look at that on friday. upper 50's for highs. another front is going to approach the area. this one is likely going to
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bring in some showers during the afternoon and evening hours. behind it, you've got it. the coldest air of the season working on in. high temperature on saturday with a gusty breeze. lower 50's. bright sunshine only in the upper 40's for highs on sunday. likely some frost sunday morning. but by monday morning the potential for a hard killing freeze across the area. yeah, these 70's one more day. enjoy it. we won't see them again for a while. olessa: what a great thing to wake up to. if you're heading out the door right now a live look outside. zakim bridge. leverett connector. not seeing any overnight construction we're used to. that's a bit of good news. it is a quiet start so you're in good shape right now heading out the door. no problems into boston. south of town nice and quiet. 24, route 3, 95 all getting by at the speed limit. problem-free ride along the pike well. from new hampshire. trains and buses are expected to randy. randy: topping economic headlines this morning.
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a drop in oil prices causes asian stocks to plunge overnight. stock futures are also down this morning, a day after the dow made its biggest gain since february closing at 17,131. just in time for the holiday shopping season, kohl's is expanding its same-day home-delivery service to six more cities, including boston. the department store chain is using "deliv," an uber-like startup that contracts drivers to pick up ordered items from stores and malls and deliver them to customers. state lawmakers are expressing concern now that a merger between dell and e.m.c. are concerned. massachusetts lawmakers. we first told you about this yesterday morning. dell is buying hopkinton-based e.m.c. for $67 billion. despite concerns e.m.c. says no one will lose their jobs over this deal. and hopkinton will remain one of three tech hubs for the company. more than six decades after the first nude photos were published in "playboy," hugh hefner says he's stripping the photos from the magazine's pages.
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fully-nude photos starting in march. the move appears to be the result of pornography now widely available online. "playboy" says it will still feature women in provocative poses. emily: this morning the u-conn student whose obscenity-laced tirade went viral is now issuing a new message. luke gatti is apologizing. by now, most people have seen the video of a drunk gatti demanding mac and cheese inside he yells at, swears at, and even shoves a manager who wouldn't serve him because he was carrying an open beer. >> he was just doing his job. he gave me so many chances to walk away. no one should ever be treated that way like ever. emily: gatti posted that apology on youtube adding that anyone who wants to send him "mac and cheese" should just donate to a
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incident. randy: a response to a traffic accident in tennessee is getting a lot of attention on social media. sarah ray's wedding day took a very unexpected turn. her mother snapped plenty of pictures that day, but the one that stands out is a moment that was never planned. after her grandmother's car collided with another on the way to the reception, ray, a paramedic, hiked up her dress, rushed to the scene and climbed aboard the ambulance. >> i just have to laugh because i know the face i'm giving my mom like, "really, mom? are you really taking a picture? randy: sara's 72-year-old grandmother was sent to the hospital while the reception went on. she says she didn't do anything special. she was just making sure her grandmother was okay and just happened to be in a wedding dress. emily: just do her thing. randy: this morning we're following breaking news out of missouri. emily: two firefighters were killed while battling a fire in kansas city.
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then new on the eyeopener at 5:00. improve your vision with smart choices. three foods to help your
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emily: 4:55 this morning. time for your early "news to go." randy: we're following breaking news this morinng. two firefighters killed battling flames in missouri. a portion of the building collpased as firefighters were fighting the flames. overnight we learned that the firefighters saved at least two people before they died. they headed back to that building. two other firefighters were also injured. emily: right now there are new questions in the murder of a missing new hampshire woman. her body found in a hidden crawl space inside her home. that home searched several times
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by manchester police. sue hutchinson disappeared three weeks ago. her roommate stephen andrade found in a tewksbury motel last week dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. police believe he killed hutchinson before taking off. an autopsy is set for today. randy: right now a firefighter is on leave accused of beating a man because he took too long to order his food. that firefighter is due in court this morning and facing some serious charges. a police report says 37-year-old joseph ward threw the man, who appeared to be homeless, to the ground, straddling him on the sidewalk as he repeatedly punched and kicked the 53-year-old. emily: a judge will hear arguments today in the aaron hernandez double murder case. prosecutors are trying to get ahold of physical evidence involving a third party. the details of that evidence have not been released. hernandez is accused of killing two men in 2012 after an encounter at a boston nightclub.
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sentence for a 2013 murder. randy: jury selection continues today in the murder trial of philip chism. the teenager is accused in the 2013 rape and murder of danvers teacher colleen ritzer. so far, a judge has selected about two-thirds of the jury panel. emily: the stage is set in las vegas as the democrats hoping to win the party's nomination go head-to-head tonight. hillary clinton, bernie sanders, jim webb, martin o'malley, and lincoln chafee will all participate. cnn has a sixth podium available and says it will make room for vice president joe biden if he decides to run. the bruins struggling again last night. captain zdeno chara was back out on the ice, but that wasn't enough help for the win. the b's lost to tampa bay 6-3 at the garden. it was tampa's first win in boston in five years. the b's will hit the road for the next two games with no wins this season, trying to get on the board. randy: a huge honor for our newscenter 5 family taking home
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the 2015 national edward r. murrow award for "best newscast" in the television category. executive producer chris roach and producer nick terry accepted the award on our behalf in new york city last night. newscenter 5 at 11's coverage of the "revere tornado" was the award-winning entry. emily: congratulations to all. a special honor, cindy. cindy: seems like a long time ago, doesn't it? notice the radar this morning is active. you want to have an umbrella with you as you're heading out the door this morning. we're not seeing much of any activity just yet. a couple spotty showers in the western part of the state. look at this area of embedded downpours even thunder right now east of the tip of long island. this whole area is lifting toward the north so it's kind of a broken line but this whole line is moving at about 30 miles an hour. so within the next half an hour around the vineyard and nantucket, you may start to see a few rain drops. it will take later than that in the next couple of hours to lift into southeastern massachusetts but through about 10:00 this
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morning as this area of low pressure lifts by us to the north, we are going to have the risk of a shower even an embedded rumble of thunder across eastern and especially southeastern massachusetts. but that is not the only thing i'm tracking today. there is also a cold front off to the west. this could provide an additional shower late today or this evening. once it goes by, there's going to be a drop in temperatures. we go from the 50's and 60's this morning into the 40's and 50's behind that front. and it's going to get progressively cooler as the week wears on. we've got one more day in the 70's. mid 60's tomorrow and then look at that thursday into friday. temperatures going below average here by the end of the week and the coolest air of the season is likely coming in by the weekend. this weekend, of course, is the head of the charles. looks like we're going to have dry weather with a blend of sun and clouds. a a gusty northwesterly breeze both saturday and sunday. the rowers don't want the stronger winds but it looks like the winds could be active. we could be seeing some gusts here. 20 even over 30 miles an hour so we'll be watching the winds this weekend but tracking the radar
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