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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  October 13, 2015 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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we'll break down the timeline on today's rain right now as the "eyeopener" continues. >> now on newscenter 5's "eyeopener." emily: outrage over tacos landing a first responder in trouble. why witnesses say he assaulted a man in line for food. randy: breaking overnight. heroes in their final moments. what we're learning about the last moves of two firefighters killed on the job in kansas city. emily: democrats getting ready to debate. new poll number ahead of the party's first match-up and the last-minute surprise some want to see. it's on the eye for this tuesday morning. >> you're watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning! this is newscenter 5's "eyeopener." emily: also on the eye this morning. that's orbit, the mascot for the houston astros. and as good as those moves look, he's about to get schooled. it's a dance-off ahead this half hour. we will share it with you. good morning. i'm emily riemer. randy: and i'm randy price with
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i'm thinking it will be good. emily: you know it will be good. cindy: he has the upper hand. randy: a little moisture. cindy: he want an umbrella as you're heading out. not everybody is seeing the rain today but we do have a window of opportunity through 10:00 this morning of seeing some showers. that rain is inching closer to you on the south coast, the cape, the islands. embedded downpours where you're seeing the yellows and the oranges and even a few lightning strikes here. just the eastern tip here of long island. all of this is lifting north ward. in the next half hea our or so, we may start to see a few rain drops here on the vineyard and also nantucket. from there it's going to continue to lift on north ward. rain is moving in this morning. look at these temperatures. 60 around plymouth. lower 60's on the cape. elsewhere mainly in the 50's. just a few pockets of 40's orange to keene. not as chilly as the past few mornings. tracking that rain moving in to southeastern massachusetts through 8:00 a.m. this will continue to lift north to eastward here until about 10:00 or 11:00 this morning. by lunchtime it is off shore.
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notice the clouds and breaks of sun and that will be the scene through most of the day. most of your day is dry. however, off to the west is a broken line of showers. this will approach as we get into the evening hours. temperatures this morning starting out near 60. look at that again this afternoon. as the clouds break for a little bit of sunshine. we're jumping in to the 70's again so it is another mild day with highs mostly in the lower 70's. however, this is it for the wamplet. we've got much cooler air to talk about and we'll do that coming up in just a bit. let's get you out to the roads this morning. not seeing the rain drops just yet. olessa: not seeing a lot of construction either. a live look outside at zakim bridge and the leverett connector both looking good for us this morning. let's check out the rest-and-a-half trip as you make your way into boston. so far you're in good shape no matter which direction you're head inning from. south of town in great condition. 24, 95. route 3 all nice and wide open. same story along the pike and route 9 for you this morning and if you're traveling 93 south, so far so good. trains and buses starting the morning on schedule. emily. emily: olessa, thank you. right now a firefighter is on leave accused of beating a man
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randy: the eyeopener's jim lokay is live in brookline with the alarming account from witnesses. happened. one of the more popular places out here. that firefighter is due in court this morning and facing some serious charges. police say it happened outside this restaurant on sunday night. a woman who witnessed the incident says it was horrifying that the firefighter was preferring to stay anonymous, she tells our john atwater, quote,"it was like he was in a zone and wasn't going to stop. i was afraid he was going to kill him." a police report says 37-year-old joseph ward threw the man, who appeared to be homeless, to the ground, straddling him on the sidewalk as he repeatedly punched and kicked the 53-year-old. >> you hear that someone is an authority figure and beating up homeless people. i don't know. it's not great to hear. jim: surveillance cameras could be key in this case. police say they clearly show the
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that firefighter due in court a little bit later on today. we'll keep you posted as to what happens. live in brookline, i'm jim lokay, wcvb, newscenter 5. randy: jim, thank you. breaking overnight. we are getting new details on firefighters killed battling the eye's erika tarantal is tracking developments as they come in. firefighters being called heroes this morning, as we now know they saved at least two people from a burning apartment building before they were killed. the department chief says the building was engulfed in flames and already heavily damaged when crews arrived. a number of people inside had to be rescued. the firefighters were clearing part of the structure where the roof had already partially collapsed when more came crashing down on top of them. two were killed and two others were hurt. >> they did not die in vain. they saved two civilians, carried them out of the second floor on ladders before the wall collapsed. erika: it's not clear how badly hurt the surviving firefighters are right now, and the
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identities of the men killed have yet to be released. the mayor of kansas city said overnight the tragedy is a their lives on the line every day. it's not clear at this point what caused the fire. randy: now five minutes after 5:00. a judge will hear arguments today in the aaron hernandez double murder case. prosecutors are trying to get ahold of physical evidence involving a third party. the details of that evidence have not been released. hernandez is accused of killing two men in 2012 after an encounter at a boston nightclub. he is already serving a life sentence for a 2013 murder. emily: right now this quincy couple is preparing to face a judge accused in a gruesome killing on the south shore. the eye's sera congi is live at the courthouse in plymouth with the charges they're facing. sera: three people are now charged in this murder, and police have said this case isn't over yet. robert mckenna was found dead on the kitchen floor of his damons
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month. police calling this a particularly grisly crime. on friday, quincy lawyer michael moscaritolo and his girlfriend lauren kalil were arrested in the case. moscaritolo facing a slew of charges including murder, burglary, and receiving stolen property. his girlfriend is accused of hiding evidence. police also recovered five weapons stolen from the crime scene including an ak47 assault rifle. a third suspect james ferguson is already being held without bail in the case. during today's arraignment here at the plymouth courthouse, we hope to learn new details about the killing including perhaps more about some precious gems that the suspect may have been after. meanwhile the district attorney says they are still looking for another suspect in this murder. live in plymouth, sera congi, wcvb, newscenter 5. north attleboro is taking new action in response to campus shootings. 60 teachers and staff are now trained to use special radios
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with first responders. the change follows a review of school safety procedures in the wake of the 2012 massacre in newtown, connecticut. "the sun chronicle" reports the new tools were purchased through the town's capital improvement plan. parents of students at nashua north high school will meet with school leaders this morning. the meeting comes after a book called "death notes" was found with the names of 17 students inside. the superintendent says the student behind the book will be disciplined. >> it was hard to see her out there, and she held on and fought as long as she could. emily: a family reeling from a devastating loss after a wellesley teen collapses at field hockey practice. her parents say that picture, taken just moments earlier, is bringing them comfort this morning. 16-year-old casey dunne was the middle of five children. her parents say she loved the arts, theater, and music. she loved volunteer work.
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had a passion for living. >> she was fun-loving and determined and loved to play. >> she was always the first one to jump in the lake, jump in the pool, do the monkey swings. emily: casey suffered a brain hemmorage just before last friday's practice. friends and classmates now leaving rubber ducks as a personal memorial, one of her favorite things. randy: the revere man who died after a weekend confrontation with police recently underwent a mental evaluation. "the herald" reports that happened last week, days before he's accused of breaking into an apartment building. a young child was with him and was eventually released. the man, whose name has not been released, was tased and died at the hospital. an autopsy will determine an exact cause of death. emily: commitment 2016. the stage is set in las vegas as the democrats hoping to win the party's nomination go head-to-head tonight. hillary clinton, bernie sanders, jim webb, martin o'malley, and
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participate. cnn has a sixth podium available and says it will make room for vice president joe biden if he decides to run. ahead of tonight's debate, a new poll shows hillary clinton with a widening lead in two early primary states-- nevada and south carolina. the cnn/orc poll shows clinton has a 16-point lead over bernie sanders in nevada. and if vice president joe biden opts not to run, her lead over sanders widens to 22 points. in south carolina, clinton tops biden by 25 points and sanders by 31 points. without biden, clinton's margin over sanders expands to 50 points. randy: two republican presidential candidates will be busy in the granite state today. jeb bush begins a three-day visit with a stop in manchester. he'll then hold a town hall meeting in lebanon. and senator lindsey graham will be campaigning in derry, bedford, concord, and newport. g.o.p. frontrunner donald trump in new hampshire trying to convince a bi-partisan group
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divisive. trump was one of eight candidates showing up for the "no labels" convention, a bipartisan group targeting compromise. he was near silent on the house speaker debacle and he also wouldn't give specifics on how he would get conservatives and liberals to agree. emily: 5:10 this morning. new reason for hikers to make sure they're prepared before they hit the trails. randy: the trouble facing two men rescued from mount washington. and the college student behind this infamous rant over macaroni and cheese is talking. how he wants other students to help right his wrong. emily: new this morning. improve your eyesight by eating. three foods to improve your vision. erika? erika: breaking overnight. two firefighters killed on the job in missouri had just saved lives. the kansas city fire chief says his fallen colleagues had just rescued two people from the burning building. the firefighters were killed when that building collapsed.
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cindy? cindy: tracking some showers moving up toward us this morning, but it is one more day of warm temperatures ahead before a big change is on the way. more on that coming up. first take a look at the temperatures as you head out the door this morning. we are running a whole lot milder than the past few mornings. 60 degrees in plymouth right now. a little cool with some fog as you head out the door.
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>> the kocher spaniel rescue of new england. good morning, "eyeopener." randy: all right. thanks to everyone who came to the annual fund-raiser for kocher spaniel rescue of new england. always a great time. great to see everybody. this of course raises money to provide medical care for needy
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so we had a good time. olessa: how could you not? emily: thanks so much for that. we'd love to see your wake-up call as well. get your friends, your coworkers, or your classmates and record your own eyeopener wake-up call. just go to the front page of and upload it in the u-local section of our website. olessa: it was a little bit hard seeing out there this morning. cindy: got some fog. not nearly as chilly as the past few mornings. you don't want to leave the house without an umbrella. back to work. the holiday weekend is over. it looks like our gorgeous weather is over too. we have changes to share with you this morning. heavy rain in the waters just to our south but a few rain drops sneaking up toward the south coast and even at the vineyard. embedded thunder as well. there have been a few lightning strikes in the past 15 minutes here. you can see them showing up in the waters here just to our south. so this whole area is going to continue to lift north ward. so within the next half an hour, you're going to see rain moving in to nantucket. the intensity of the shower activity may pick up a little bit for you on the vineyard. this whole thing is lifting north ward.
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you can see how it's showing up in the camera over the city. shower threat today but still on the mild side. we're going to cool it down starting midweek. and the coldest air of the season comes in this weekend. by monday morning, we're talking about a potential hard freeze across the area. so big, big changes are coming. temperatures mild this morning. only a few 40's showing up. well to the north and west. otherwise 54 worcester. 56 boston. and 60 or better from plymouth on south. a southerly wind picks up overnight. not strong but it's enough of a component off the water that we've brought in more moisture so wherever you see the white here, a lot of eastern massachusetts dealing with the fog. you may encounter that on your way out this morning. and it may slow you down just a little bit. what we've got going on is an area of low pressure. you can see the spin. it is lifting northeast ward across southern new england. that's why we have the shower threat this morning but also off to the west notice there's another line of showers. this is a cold front. and this is going to be dropping in as we head toward this evening. behind it, there is a cooler air mass. the farther west that you go,
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down to 45 in minneapolis. that's one of the cooler air that is going to start to spill in once that front goes by. you'll notice a change tomorrow but we've got one more, one more afternoon here in the 70's. 73 boston. 71 in worcester. southerly winds keep us in the upper 60's on cape cod. that area of showers with a chance of a rumble of thunder coming through here. southeastern massachusetts through 8:00 a.m. and then the rest of eastern massachusetts i would say until about 10:00 this morning has the chance of getting tagged with a shower. by lunchtime, this is pulling away. we're drying out. clouds with sunshine. that is the case right through most of the afternoon. the front off to the west kind of falls apart as it presses toward us this evening but not out of the question before midnight we could see one or two additional showers across the area. then the skies clear out overnight. wind shifts to the west. we're back down into the 40's and 50's by tomorrow morning. and tomorrow is a cooler day looking for high temperatures not in the 70's. only in the low to mid 60's across the area. cooler still on thursday but a bright sunny day.
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then on friday, a few showers in the forecast. not so much in the morning hours but as we get into the afternoon and evening, notice some showers coming on in. that is a more potent frontal boundary. behind it, yes, the coldest air of the season working on in. gusty winds on saturday. clouds and sunshine. 50's. you see sunday not getting out of the 40's. likely going to be some frost on sunday morning and the potential for a hard freeze around here by monday morning as well. holding on to the 70's for one more day. olessa: thank you, cindy. so far a quiet start on the roads for you. the pike by allston/brighton is is eastbound moving away. let's get over to the maps and check the rest of the ride. visibility in some areas not the greatest. a little bit of fog out there this morning but besides that you're good to go. no construction to contend with. no accidents to report at this time. looking good traveling into boston. the same story as you head south. delay-free ride on 95, 24 and route 3 out of weymouth this morning and so far so good along the pike and route 9. traveling southbound on 93 or route 3 out of chelmsford, route
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and buses are on schedule. emily. emily: thank you. new this morning. two amateur hikers rescued from mt. washington might be footing the bill for their rescue. the men were stranded sunday with no food or water when they called for help. officials say it was snowing, and winds were gusting nearly 100 miles per hour. one of them had twisted his ankle. "the herald" reports if found negligent, they could be required to pay about $1,500. randy: this morning the u-conn student whose obscenity-laced tirade went viral is now issuing a new message. luke gatti is apologizing. by now, most people have seen the video of a drunk gatti demanding mac and cheese inside the university's student union. he yells at, swears at, and even shoves a manager who wouldn't
5:20 am
carrying an open beer. >> he was just doing his job. he gave me so many chances to walk away. no one should be treated that way like ever. randy: gatti posted that apology on youtube adding that anyone who wants to send him "mac and cheese" should just donate to a local food pantry. he could be expelled over the incident. emily: topping economic headlines. a drop in oil prices causes asian stocks to plunge overnight. stock futures are also down this morning, a day after the dow made its biggest gain since february closing at 17,131. an agreement has been reached in principle creates the world's largest beer company. overnight anheuser busch said it
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$67 a share. randy: you've probably heard carrots are good for your eyes. emily: but there are other foods that can also help you maintain that great eyesight. first fatty fishlike tuna. the omega-3's in them can nourish your retina and prevent the onset of eye diseases linked to aging. or try a little citrus. fruits like clementines, oranges, and mandarins contain anti-oxidants that can protect the cornea and ward off cataracts. and finally load up on the spinach. the pigments, beta-carotene, and vitamins go a long way towards protecting against vision loss. things--. emily: all three of those would make really nice salads. randy: put it altogether and see what the kids are doing in the next room. a wedding with about 40,000 guests. emily: and a security guard who steals the show from an m.l.b. mascot. it's ahead in eyepoppers. erika? erika: then new at 5:30, they were long-lost sisters and didn't even know it. how two co-workers realized they were much more than friends. and a police officer apparently asleep on the job.
5:22 am
this morning new claims the officer has had issues before. reid? reid: new questions after police find the body of a missing woman inside her own house. the hiding spot that might have
5:23 am
back to work and school after
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the long holiday weekend. umbrella. there's an area of showers lifting toward us from the south. southeastern massachusetts especially this morning. visibility. some places seeing showers mid to late morning around the boston area. and then that shower threat is gone. clouds break for a little sunshine this afternoon. it's another plield day in the lower 70's today. sun and clouds not as warm tomorrow in the mid 60's but cooler by thursday. high temperature only around 60. emily. emily: thank you, cindy. 5:25. time for high poppers. olessa back with us this morning. olessa: two runners take a break from sunday's chicago marathon to what else? get hitched! mark jockel and stephanie rainhart took five minutes during the 8th mile to tie the knot. the couple met two years ago while marathon training. after taking their vows, the couple went on to finish the rest of the 18.2 miles they had
5:25 am
left. to some this is romantic. for others like myself--. emily: i love the tuxedo t-shirt. an on-the-field dance-off between the houston astros mascot and a security guard. michael jackson's "slave to the rhythm" inspiring the impressive moves between this pair. it gets so much better. both win points with us for channeling the king of pop. oh, man. emily: that one right there. that is my favorite move. olessa: and the finale. that part i can do. so cute. emily: that's all we've got. olessa: randy. randy: and he didn't split his pants. boston doctors save the life of a baby who was not expected to live. the procedure they completed after other surgeons gave up hope. and a wedding photo is going viral.
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>> now on newscenter 5's "eyeopener." randy: two of missouri's bravest making the ultimate sacrifice. >> they did not die in vain. randy: breaking overnight. their final act that saved other lives. emily: grief and anger after a missing woman's body is found in her own home. the answers friends are now demanding from police. jim: a local firefighter off the job and due in court. the shocking action he's accused of taking after getting fed up at this restaurant. randy: and it's not your average wedding show. this bride's wedding day detour is going viral. on the eye. >> you're watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning! this is newscenter 5's
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"eyeopener." randy: 5:30 tuesday morning. we're looking at the massachusetts turnpike. a little light right now but a lot of people will be heading back to work after the holiday long weekend. good morning to you. i'm randy price. emily: and i'm emily riemer with cindy and olessa. hope it was restful for you. hope you enjoyed the nice weather. things are changing though. olessa: well, one thing we have to go to work. cindy: rain moving up from the southeast. a little rumble of thunder. grab an umbrella. wherever you see white that is where we have the fog. plymouth and nantucket dealing with that so the fog may slow you down. notice on the radar the bulk of the activity for the moment still in the waters to our south. but this is all lifting north ward here. you see this little cluster of thunderstorms? this cell is moving toward the northeast and could be moving in towards you around new bedford within the next hour or so. so we've got some showers moving in this morning. look at these temperatures. 50's to lower 60's. a whole lot milder than it's been the past few mornings and during the next couple of hours through 8:00 a.m. notice how that whole cluster of showers
5:30 am
with some embedded downpours is lifting up towards boston probably by about 8:00 this morning. then it continues to lift toward the north and east. beginning to wind down late morning and certainly by shore. we spend most of the day with a lot of clouds, some breaks of sunshine and there's another front off to the west that could give us an additional one or two showers as we get into the evening. so once we get past about 11:00 this morning, things do dry out with breaks of sunshine. 60's this morning. one more day in the 70's. this afternoon. so another mild one. right now. the rain is knocking on the door but the fog is here. olessa. olessa: we're seeing some reduced visibility across the area. here is the pike by allston/brighton. that looks good. no problems. of the screen. let's check out the rest of the ride which is nice and quiet. no problems getting into boston. if you're making your way northbound on 24 or 59 route 3 out of weymouth also wide open for now. the pike looks good as you just saw live and no complaints along route 9. traveling southbound 93 nice and light out of methuen all the way
5:31 am
down to the leverett connector. so far so good along route 1 as well as route 3. trains and buses starting the morning on schedule. randy: thank you. also breaking overnight. two firefighters killed last night died right after rescuing city building. that was just before that building collapsed. two other firefighters were emily: right now a brookline firefighter is getting ready to face a judge. police say joseph ward savagely beat a man outside a mexican restaurant because he was taking too long to order. randy: right now there are new questions after a missing woman cnn is reserving a podium should the vice president get in the race. randy: right now there are new questions after a missing woman is found stuffed in a crawl space in her own home. those questions directed right at police. randy: the eyeopener's reid lamberty is live in tewksbury this morning. reed, what can you tell us?
5:32 am
this motel six in tewksbury where the man police believe killed that manchester, new hampshire, woman was him self-found dead. but that's just one part of the investigation. in manchester, friends dropped off roses and candles last nightin memory of sue hutchinson. she disappeared three weeks ago. her roommate stephen andrade found in a tewksbury motel last week dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. police believe he killed hutchinson before taking off. family called police on sunday after noticing a strong odor in her home. they don't understand why police didn't catch it after searching the apartment several times. >> how come it took so long to find her? how come they didn't have dogs in here the first week? why didn't they have somebody reid: police say the crawl space was walled off preventing them from discovering the body.
5:33 am
an autopsy is set for today. live in tewksbury this morning, i'm reid lamberty, wcvb, newscenter 5. emily: reed, thank you. "5 on the opioid crisis." today new hampshire lawmakers will address a new proposal to help more addicts get treatment. the bill would give counties the option to create new drug courts. the state would provide 50 percent of the funding for these courts in their first year. the proposal also creates a $2.5 million grant to help people convicted in drug-related crimes get treatment. manchester alone has had more than 500 overdoses so far this year, 60 of them fatal. randy: jury selection continues today in the murder trial of philip chism. the teenager is accused in the 2013 rape and murder of danvers teacher colleen ritzer. so far, a judge has selected about two-thirds of the jury panel. right now we are getting new information about a lowell police officer allegedly caught sleeping on the job. the eye's erika tarantal is tracking new developments. erika: that officer is now on paid administrative leave. now allegations he's been caught
5:34 am
doing this before. last week "the lowell sun" published this photo of a police officer resting on a pillow inside his cruiser. this morning, the paper is reporting this is not the first time it's happened, and the officer has been disciplined before for sleeping on the job. a department statement calls the episode "extremely embarrassing" and is not representative of the lowell police force. emily, randy? emily: erika, thank you. 5:36 right now. randy: the moment two co-workers realized they were not just colleagues. and when other surgeons gave up on an infant, doctors in boston had hope. the closer look, that saved a little girl's life. emily: and ahead in news to go, mission to mars. when nasa wants to start sending
5:35 am
olessa: good morning. wewelcome back to the "eyeopener." a live look outside at the pike by allston/brighton. eastbound move to go the bottom of the screen. we're looking pretty good in both directions. we're watching one crash 24 northbound approaching 128. aside from that a quiet start. a little bit foggy in some areas. cindy: we're waiting for this rain to lift up from the south. even had a few rumbles of thunder here in the waters to our south. through about 10:00 or 11:00 this morning there is the risk for a shower with embedded downpours across the area. we dry it out this afternoon. breaks of sunshine. we're back into the 70's today but this is it. cooler weather is moving on in. the coldest air of the season by the weekend. look at that.
5:36 am
not getting out of the 40's until sunday. emily: all right, cindy. new hope for a newborn who doctors thought they would not be able to save. nine-week-old abigail jones was born with an inoperable brain tumor or so doctors in florida thought. her parents even started planning her funeral. but a second opinion from a doctor at children's hospital in boston proved them wrong. dr. alan cohen successfully removed the tumor last week. abigail was released from the hospital yesterday and will head home to florida later this week. fate unites two women who turned out to be sisters. holly hoyle o'brien and megan hughes recently started working at the same hospital in florida. the two learned they had a lot in common, both living in orphanages in south korea before being adopted by american families. curiosity and d.n.a. testing proving they are, in fact, sisters. >> i can't believe i finally found my sister. i never gave up on her. emily: this reunion happened 40
5:37 am
years after they were separated. randy: updates ahead on our breaking news this morning. the heroic last actions of two fallen firefighters. iran agrees to an historic nuclear deal but one condition remains. has to do. the emergency behind the photo going viral this morning. underway for this tuesday who's toughest on spending? fox news did the analysis and jeb bush had the best record. billions in pork, vetoed. eight budgets, balanced. and tax cuts every single year. right to rise usa
5:38 am
who has the plan for jobs? jeb. tax cuts for the middle class. eliminates special loopholes. an explosion in growth and new jobs. jeb: cut taxes. grow america. right to rise usa
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emily: 5:43 on this tuesday morning. taking a live look here at 93 in somerville. those headlights seem to be moving fairly steady at this point. olessa keeping an eye on this and of course all the roadways this morning. cindy: heavier stuff to our south. you can see the lightning strikes as well. not out of the question and especially along the south coast and southeast massachusetts a little rumble of thunder this morning. heads up. quite a change after the beautiful weekend we had. here's a closer look at the radar. most of the activity is to the south and also to the west. seeing a few showers. across the state right now. the real heavy downpours still in the waters to our south. getting closer now to connecticut, rhode island. you can see this cluster of new lightning right here just to the south. this holding together could reach around the westport area in the next 35 minutes or so and then new bedford 45 minutes within an hour. this continues to lift toward the north and east this morning. what we've going on is an area of low pressure racing by us this morning.
5:40 am
and out of our hair. however, at the same time off to the west there is a frontal boundary aapproaching. on the other side of this front, the temperatures drop from the 50's to around 60 here this morning to the 30's and 40's behind that frontal boundary so that's some of the cooler air that will step in starting tomorrow. so today is another mild day. through 8:00 this morning, showers, some fog. upper 50's. by lunchtime, the rain is gone. still a lot of clouds but it's mild. near 70 for your lunch hour. breaks of sunshine put us into the lower 70's this afternoon but we've got to get through this rain first. you can see through 8:00 this morning it's lifting on in. especially the eastern most massachusetts. notice by 11:00 a.m. it is starting to move out. that will dry things out through the afternoon. clouds and breaks of sunshine. watching this front off to the west. a lot of the showers kind of fall apart as it approaches but during the evening hours especially there could be an additional shower moving on through. and then behind that front, cooler air starts to settle in tomorrow. we're down in the mid 60's. a blend of clouds and sunshine. cooler still with sunshine.
5:41 am
only around 60 on thursday. let's get you back out to the roads right now. we have fog slowing down people down in spots,. olessa: i'll show you one incident south of town. but first 93 in somerville. the southbound side starting to pick up the rush-hour delays. let's check out the rest of that ride. if you're traveling 24 north there is an accident over by 128. so expect those delays building back into avon. 95 still looks good this morning. route 3 stop-and-go out of weymouth in braintree and the expressway about 10-15 braintree to boston. pike 15 minutes 495 out to 128 and so far you're in pretty good shape on 93 south. volume is building out of methuen down to wilmington and approaching spot pond. trains and buses still on schedule. emily, randy. randy: thank you. troubling accusations against a firefighter right now. emily: the eyeopener's jim lokay is in brookline with the alleged attack putting him on leave. jim: that brookline firefighter is facing a judge later on today after an incident where he attacked a man at this restaurant on harvard avenue. this happened sunday night.
5:42 am
the firefighter in question 37-year-old joseph ward is accused of throwing the man who appeared to be homeless to the ground straddling him on the sidewalk as he repeatedly punched and kicked that 5 -year-old man. witnesses say the man appeared to be, in one witness's words, "in the zone. '"we were told because that man, the alleged victim, took too long while ordering in line. again that firefighter goes before a judge later on this morning. live in brookline, i'm jim lokay, wcvb, newscenter 5. erika: breaking now we're learning about the heroic actions of two kansas city firefighters killed battling an apartment fire. the department chief says the men did not die in vaon, rescuing two people down ladders before going back into the building to clear it. the area they were working in last night had already partially collapsed. they were killed when more of the building came crashing down. two other firefighters were hurt but it's not clear how badly. a number of people in the building had to be helped to safety. the identities of the men killed
5:43 am
have yet to be released. sera, out to you. sera: erika, we hope to learn more today about a grizzly marshfield murder when a quincy couple is arraigned here today at plymouth district court. the victim in this, robert mckenna, was killed in his home during a robbery last month. on friday quincy lawyer michael moscaritolo was arrested for murder and unarmed burglary. his girlfriend lauren kalil was also taken into custody. she is accused of hiding evidence. a third suspect james ferguson was arrested last month. he is currently being held without bail. police say they are still looking for another. live in plymouth, sera congi, wcvb, newscenter 5. emily: thank you. there are new questions after a missing woman steven-and-raid was found in a tewksbury motel last week dead of a self-inflicted gunshot wound. police believe he killed hutchinson before taking off. family called police on sunday
5:44 am
her home. they say they don't understand why police didn't catch it after searching the apartment several times. police say the crawl space was walled off, preventing them from discovering the body. a close call for a woman driving on route 1 in saugus just a short time ago. a piece of scrap metal came flying off a truck and smashed through her windshield. luckily it hit the passenger side where no one was sitting. state police say they're working to track down that truck. we'll bring that to you next at 6:00 a.m. randy: major changes coming to embattling car manufacturer volkswagen, following an emissions scandal revealed last month. the company says it also plans to cut $1.1 billion in annual investment spending. all of this fallout from the scandal over cars equipped with computer software that allowed vehicles to evade u.s. emissions tests. the company says it will change its diesel technology in europe and north america quote "as soon
5:45 am
as possible." emily: a judge will hear arguments today in the aaron hernandez double murder case. prosecutors are trying to get involving a third party. the details of that evidence have not been released. hernandez is accused of killing two men in 2012 after an encounter at a boston nightclub. he is already serving a life sentence for a 2013 murder. randy: police are investigating a shooting in brockton. it happened near the intersection of warren ave and packard way. shots were fired. two of them hit a home. one person was taken to the hospital. governor charlie baker and boston mayor marty walsh plan to testify today at a public add charter schools in the state. baker unveiled a bill last week, allowing the state to add or expand up to a dozen charter schools each year outside of the existing state cap. the bill will focus on growth in districts that are performing in the bottom 25 percent of the state. emily: the stage is set in las vegas as the democrats prepare to take the stage for the
5:46 am
party's first televised debate. hillary clinton, bernie sanders, jim webb, martin o'malley, and lincoln chafee will all participate tonight. cnn has a sixth podium available and says it will make room for vice president joe biden if he decides to run. randy: iran has approved the controversial nuclear deal with world powers including the u.s. the country's parliament voted in favor of the deal today. iran's 12-member guardian council could refer the bill back to parliament for more discussion since not all the members were present at the vote. the bill allows iran to withdraw from the agreement if world powers do not lift sanctions. an american dentist will not face charges overseas for killing a prized lion in zimbabwe. minnesota dentist walter palmer killed cecil the lion in july. a cabinet minister in zimbabwe says palmer will not be charged because he had obtained legal authority to conduct the hunt. there were claims the lion was deliberately lured from a
5:47 am
protected and then shot. emily: nasa details a plan to put people on mars by the 2030's. the space agency released a report last week, explaining how they'd reach the red planet. the three-part plan includes more study from the international space station as well as more testing around the earth's moon. randy: some fun for astronauts on the international space station. they once again popped an effervescent tablet into a floating ball of water watching it expand. then added coloring. the astronauts captured the images with new high-definition cameras that will be used to collect first-of-its-kind data in space. more than six decades after the first nude photos were published in "playboy," hugh hefner says he's pulling the photos from the magazine. "playboy" will reportedly drop the fully-nude photos starting in march. result of pornography now widely available online.
5:48 am
poses. >> number 26 infielder chase utley. (boo) emily: boos at citi field directed at dodgers second baseman chase utley. utley is appealing his two-game suspension for an illegal slide that broke the leg of mets shortstop ruben tejada. the mets went on to beat the dodgers in game 3 last night, 13-7. game 4 of the n.l. division series is tonight. three straight losses out of the gate for the bruins. the first time that's happened since 1999. captain zdeno chara was back out on the ice last night, but that wasn't enough help for the win. the b's lost to tampa bay 6-3 at the garden. it was tampa's first win in boston in five years. the b's will hit the road for the next two games, trying to get their first win. randy: a bride's photo on her wedding day is getting a lot of attention on social media. sarah ray's mother snapped this photo of ray walking away from
5:49 am
after her grandmother's car collided with another on the way to the reception, ray, a paramedic, hiked up her dress, rushed to the scene, and climbed aboard to help. ray's grandmother is doing okay. ray says she's no hero. she was just taking care of a family member. emily: a huge honor for our newscenter 5 family taking home the 2015 national edward r. murrow award for "best newscast" in the television category. executive producer chris roach and producer nick terry accepted the award on our behalf in new york city last night. really special honor. randy: nick, of course, spent a number of years with us here. emily: a former "eyeopener" producer. randy: there in the glory of new york. emily: absolutely. cindy, umbrella alert. cindy: rain is moving in. also dealing with fog now across a lot of eastern massachusetts. wherever you see the white it's really reducing visibility on the south coast and the cape. you can see around plymouth, visibility down to a half a mile.
5:50 am
also notice the radar is active. a few showers here on the western part of the state. but some heavier downpours now closing in on coastal rhode island and here toward buzzards bay. this is all filling in. lighter rains here on martha's vineyard and nantucket with a few sprinkles here and rain drops all the way up toward the plymouth area but there have been embedded thunderstorms. this cluster right here is weakening at the moment but heavy downpours with this reaching new bedford likely in the next half an hour or so. so a heads-up here on the south coast. look at the temperatures this morning. in the lower 60's right now where we have the rain in southeastern massachusetts. 57 in boston. just a few 40's far to the north and west. quite a change from the past few days. it will be another mild day overall. by lunchtime, we're jumping up to the 60's and then back into the 70's this afternoon as clouds do break for a little bit of sunshine this afternoon. looking for a high of 70 in worcester, 73 in boston. upper 60's for you on the cape. we've got this one area of loarn racing by this morning but this afternoon our focus will shift to this front. it's a cold front here off to
5:51 am
the west. behind it, we'll begin our cooldown tomorrow. this is kind of the last mild day. that shower risk is with us only this morning. you can see how that area of moisture is is moving up through 8:00 a.m. focused mainly in eastern massachusetts. by late morning, it's beginning to shift off shore. we're drying it out for your lunch hour early this afternoon. clouds, a few breaks of sunshine. this front off to the west, the showers kind of fall apart as it approaches but there could be a shower through the evening hours into early tonight. otherwise drying it out. winds shift to go the west. 40's and 50's overnight. it won't be as warm tomorrow. sun and clouds. we're talking about high temperatures tomorrow running in the 60's . another front comes in on friday. that one will bring in the coldest air of the season. by the weekend high temperatures only in the lower 50's on saturday. we likely won't make it out of the 40's on sunday. frost is a possibility sunday morning with a hard freeze potentially in the forecast here by monday morning. big changes are coming.
5:52 am
right now. olessa, dealing with the fog and rain in some areas. olessa: a live look at the zakim here and the leverett connector. you can see that volume picking up. ride. as you travel south we're still watching a crash 24 northbound by 128. that accident has the center lane blocked and delays are back into brockton. 95 looks okay this morning and braintree. once you get there another 20 min its the expressway into boston. the pike still looks good this morning. 15, 495 to 128 and then 9 southbound some delays out of methuen. stop-and-go down to spot pond. the trains and buses are on schedule. randy, emily. randy: thank you. >> a driver hit by scrap metal just moments ago is speaking to that's amazing. it's amazing. this is amazing. that's amazing! real people are discovering surprising things at chevy. we're sold. it's so pretty. beautiful. it feels great. perfect. this is not what i would expect from a chevy at all. get more than you expect for less than you imagined.
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