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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  October 14, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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wednesday, october 14. i'm randy price. right now. shots allegedly fired on the highway. the search now for suspects and answers. randy: a disturbing act inside a church caught on camera. the video police want you to see to help capture this fake priest. >> the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn emails! emily: a moment of unity on stage at the first democratic debate. the highlights and the jabs from presidential hopefuls. randy: let's get to cindy this morning. a pretty pleasant day yesterday. cindy: yeah, it brightened up
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this afternoon will be different. as the morning wears on, we'll have a lot more clouds in the afternoon. lots of 50's showing up. down on the south shore, worcester, 52. the skies have been clearing out overnight. we have a frontal boundary just offshore. in the wake of that front we're bringing in gradually cooler air other the next couple of days. we're going to watch a few clouds bubble up, notice as we get toward lunchtime. it should be a dry day for you with temperatures coming out of the 50's this morning. only in the 60's this afternoon. no more 70's like we have the past couple of days. mid 60's today worcester to boston. good morning, olessa. olessa: good morning. a live look out here. so far we're doing ok in both
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let's get to the maps and see where that road work is set up. construction on the express way. as you travel 93 both directions by route 138. 128 both ways, great up to route nine and then on the entrance ramps to the pike. road work by new ton corner. trains and buses expected to start the morning on schedule. emily: breaking overnight -- shots fired on the highway in wrentham. right now, police are searching for suspects and answers. the eye's sera congi is live in foxborough, gathering information at the state police barracks. reporter: good morning. the shooting happened right before 11:00 last night in wrentham. a vehicle, a nissan ultimate ma had been shot at near exit 15. the man was not jury duty
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according to state police and they found evidence of the shooting on the car. during the preliminary investigation, state police say it appears this vehicle was targeted. again, not -- this was not random. investigators are now looking for the other vehicle. they did not provide a droichings that vehicle. we'll bring you any updates as they come. randy: right now: a rhode island native is safe after she was missing for a week in california. police say dianne thatcher turned up in her sierra nevada college dorm. she says she spent the last week with a man who helped her when her car got a flat tire. that car was found abandoned with a flat last week. she says her cell phone died so she couldn't call family. emily: a fourth suspect is on the run following a gruesome marshfield murder. that's as quincy attorney michael moscaritolo pleaded not guilty in the death of robert mckenna. he's being held without bail, after prosecutors say he teamed
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month. moscaritolo's girlfriend lauren kalil is held on $50,000, charged with accessory after the fact. right now: police are searching for this man, accused of dressing as a priest, and committing a lewd act inside a cambridge church. much of the video too graphic to show. but this morning, police hope part of it will help them track down the suspect. investigators say the intruder made his way into st. sava church through an unlocked door, around 3 in the morning on september 29th. he wandered in priest's robes for 45 minutes, before stripping down and committing a lewd act on the altar. the desecration, shocking tight-knit community. >> that is living being. it is an important property. it is part of our sunday liturgy. more than that, it is part of our community. emily: police say the man seemed to
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know his way around the church, but nobody in the congregation recognized him. >> tonight, i want to talk not about my emails but what the mesh people want from the president of the united states. randy: hillary clinton speaking confidently in the first democratic presidential debate. five contenders all vying for an edge in the race as they head back to the campaign trail today. >> the greatest national security threat. >> round one, the democrats sparring over the issues. hillary clinton feisty, aggressive, defending her record in the senate and as secretary of state. >> i would not ask anyone to vote for me based on my last name. i ask them to look at what i am proposing and what i accomplish. >> is bernie sanders tough enough on guns? >> no, not a all. >> to foreign policy. there are greatest strategic
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threat we have now is resolving our relationship with china. >> the biggest moment of the night, bernie sanders on clinton's email scandal. >> the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn emails. >> thank you. me too, me too. >> there is an issue of american credibility out there. >> senator clinton do you want to respond? >> no. >> former president bill clinton tweeting this picture and the hashtag, i'm with her. dond trump posting i'm sorry, there is no star on this stage tonight. hillary clinton thanked supporters. bernie sanders called out republicans. >> i hope the american people see the difference between people who are trying to address real issues rather than call people names. >> then there is the joe biden factor. the vice president was not mentioned last night. we're still waiting to hear this
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week if he will be at the next debate as a candidate. randy: that debate is the subject of this morning's eyeopener now poll. we want to know, did it change your mind about any of the candidates? right now, most of you said no. cast your vote and tell us why you feel that way on the front of our wcvb facebook page. emily: union members will hold a meeting today with workers at the pilgrim nuclear power plant now set to be shut down. town selectmen will also meet with state lawmakers to discuss the economic impact on the region. one expert tells the herald the process may cost close to $1 billion and could take a decade to complete. pilgrim's parent company, energy, announced it would close the plant by june 2019. the company says the plant will lose $40 million a year if it keeps operating. the closure means the town of plymouth will lose millions in tax revenue. but safety is the main concern.
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sites. randy: the crackdown one top lawmaker is pushing in massachusetts. more fallout from this video of a medford police officer threatening a driver. his decision ahead of a disciplinary hearing. emily: and firefighters fighting back. the new report defending their actions in this devastating charlton blaze. cindy: and after a couple of days in the 70's, colder
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is resigning over this video first uncovered by 5 investigates. dash cam video shows him threatening to shoot the driver who was going the wrong way. lebert was off-duty on at the time. he had been on paid leave pending a disciplinary hearing that was scheduled for this thursday. randy: two brookline firefighters facing charges this morning. the department says jeremy joseph was arrested over the weekend, charged with drunk driving and leaving the scene of an accident. he's now on administrative leave, along with firefighter joseph ward. he was arrested for allegedly beating a customer at a local taco shop last weekend. ward's lawyer says the full
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serious health concerns for former nba star lamar odom. life, unresponsive. a special wedding gift from a father to his daughter. the tearful moments as he
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emily: wow, those warm temperatures we have been enjoying. today we have some changes. cindy: we do. it is going to be kind of a gradual process. we go from 70's the past couple of days to not getting out of weekend. the trend is definitely down. it is going to be getting gradually colder. the potential by monday morning of widespread killing freeze across a portion of the area. lots of changes coming up in the next seven days. the temperatures are running in the 50's from plymouth down to the cape. 60 in boston. the cooler air is actually to the north and west.
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orange in the upper 40's this morning. we have had chillier morning,. overnight some clouds moved through the area. you can see for the most part the clouds have dissipated. the brightest part of the day today will be during the morning hours. we have a big area of low pressure spinning up in canada. a little piece of energy is going to work towards us this afternoon. basically a wind shift line. behind it cooler temperatures. we go interest stoicts the 50's to the west and 30's and 40's behind that wind shift line. colder air is going to work its way in. we're going to see the clouds bubble up. sunshine this morning. building clouds this afternoon. not as warm the past couple of days. holding in the 60's, 65 hyannis. boston in the 60's.
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taunton but overall cooler than yesterday. there is a sprinkle toward the berkshires but i think we're looking at a mainly dry day. the skies are clear right now clear skies and colder temperatures when you're waking up tomorrow morning. 30's and 40's. much colder by tomorrow morning. more sunshine around tomorrow. temperatures colder than today. may not touch 60 in wus er with lower 60's in boston. tomorrow is a break in the action with sunshine. friday there is a frontal boundary approaching. and this is going to bring in the coldest air of the season. as that front approaches on friday, that is our next chance of seeing showers. it doesn't look like an all-day washout. showers approaching in the morning hours. toward the early afternoon, that is probably our most likely time period for showers, they should be moving out toward the evening
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hours with clearing skies on friday night and much colder temperatures by saturday. there could be enough energy to bundle up. there will be a gusty north wersly breeze saturday and sunday. the wind should be stronger on look at the temperatures. lower 50's on saturday. not getting out of the 40's on sunday. much colder. emily: finally. great. thank you, cindy. olessa: so far it is a fairly quiet start on the roads. there is the pike. let's get to the maps and check out that overnight construction which is clearing in the next 10-15 minutes. bridge. again on 93, both directions over by route 183. on the entrance ramps to the pike and more road work by new ton corner both direction on the
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pike. trains and buses expected to start the morning on schedule. emily: olessa, thank you. a community gathers to mourn the death of a manchester, new hampshire woman, found dead in hidden crawl space in her apartment/ a vigil was held outside of sue hutchinson's home yesterday. hutchinson was found in her apartment nearly a month after she was reported missing. >> we shall remember her always and forever. and she will always be in our harts because she was a very good person. emily: hutchinson and her roommate, stephen andrade, disappeared in september. police say andrade killed hutchinson, then himself. charlton's fire chief is defending his department's response to this massive fire in august. incident reports on the charlton orchards winery fire were released last night. the worcester district attorney's office is investigating the fire - deemed arson. the family that owns the winery has criticized the response to the fire. the fire chief says the 16-page report shows his department
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randy: checking economic headlines. one top lawmaker is pushing to tax fantasy sports websites. state senate president stanley rosenberg says the growing industry must be regulated. the comments come after a new york times article suggested a close relationship with top sites fanduel and draftkings. the times reports staffers at those sites tend to be the biggest money winners at their rival site. emily: the drug company behind a massive price hike of a life-saving drug is now under investigation. back in august, turing pharmaceuticals raised the price of daraprim from around $13 a tablet to $750 per tablet. now, new york's attorney general wants to know if turing tried to restrict access to the drug by preventing generic competition. the company did pledge to lower the cost back down but has yet to do so. right now asian stocks are extending losses on weak chinese trade numbers and low inflation. u.s. stock futures are down as well after a losing day on wall street yesterday. the dow ended about 50 points
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lower. randy: it is 10 minutes before 5:00. erika is here now with a check of your trending stories. erika; a new york woman will not get any money for a hug-gone-wrong. jennifer connell claims her 8-year-old nephew made her fall with an effusive hug as he greeted her at his birthday party. connell's wrist was broken. she then sued the family for $113,000 in medical bills. it took the jury just one hour to return a verdict-- siding with the boy. a new look for a popular childrens' toy. the bratz dolls, normally covered in makeup, now appear as history's most powerful women. a vancouver based artist changed their look, featuring women like malala yousafzai, seen here. the artist also made the dolls into famous faces like artist frida kahlo and novelist j.k. rowling. touching moments at a wedding in maine. a proud father not letting a tough battle with leukemia keep him from walking his daughter down the aisle.
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ralph duquette and his daughter heather agreed that he's been too weak to walk. but he secretly practiced all summer and surprised her during the big day at old orchard beach this weekend. the two even shared a father-daughter dance. randy: very sweet. emily: really moving. an unforgettable day. randy: a special moment for her and him. emily: a historic moment for the chicago cubs. their big win for the books. and the next step for the team. then new on the eyeopener at 5:00 housekeeping secrets revealed. the tips that will help you save time and keep things tidy around
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emily: we are following breaking early news to go.
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a driver claims he was shot at on the highway in wrentham. randy: police are searching for suspects there. this happened just before 11 o'clock last night along 495 south. police did find evidence of a shooting on the vehicle. the driver was not injured. police do not believe the car was randomly targeted. emily: former nba and university of rhode island star lamar odom is in the hospital this morning after he was found unresponsive in a nevada brothel. the owner of the brothel says odom could not breathe on his own and was found passed-out in a room yesterday. he had been partying there since saturday. randy: a boston man will be formally sentenced today in a 2012 murder in which he is charged. prosecutors say timothy kostka was looking for drug money in 2012 when he broke into the home of 67-year old barbara coyne. when she walked in on him, he beat her and cut her. kostka then took off with winning lottery tickets he later cashed in for heroin. he will be sentenced to life in prison. emily: questions about phillip chism's mental stability have placed jury selection on hold for his
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murder trial. chism's lawyer says she can't communicate with the defendant, who is charged with murdering his math teacher, colleen ritzer, two years ago. a defense psychologist says chism did not speak with her, either. chism could be sent for an exam to see if he is competent to stand trial. a 12-year-old boy is recovering from a stabbing in loul. he was slashed during a fight with some other kids. this happened near the basketball course at gauge field. the boy needed stitches but will be ok. police don't have any suspects right now. randy: a top russian official says the dutch report on a downed malaysian plane is flawed. dutch investigators say a russian missile, likely released by russian-backed separatists - took down the plane over ukraine, killing all 298 people on board. but russian officials say the conclusion is biased. scituate is getting some help protecting its shores.
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following through on the town will receive $3 million to reconstruct part of the oceanside drive seawall. other communities will also receive money for dam and seawall projects. the baker administration had promised to help repair infrastructure damaged last winter. emily: facebook is testing a news feed feature to rival youtube. it would allow users to exclusively watch videos dedicated to videos shared by friends, trending videos on facebook. it is ideal for multitasking and is also in the works. >> he got him! a strikeout! the cubs win! emily: that means the chicago cubs are going to the national league division series. it's the first time they've ever clinched a postseason win at home at wrigley field. they beat the cardinals 6-4 with the help of three homeruns and 15 strikeouts. >> we used to take our own lunch
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and pop and we never paid anything. i would sit and cry when they don't win. randy: it was a lifetime of crying for cubs super fan loretta dolan-- until last night. the 100-year-old is thrilled to see her team one step closer to the world series. loretta wasn't there in person to see the big win, but she was at monday's game. it was her first time seeing a playoff game at wrigley! emily: i love it. she is so interested. she is keeping score. i hope they go all the way. cindy: me too. i hope they go awl all the way. temperatures droming dropping over the next several days. i apologize for my voice. i have a terrible cold. 62 is our average. look at today. still running above the average. notice the temperatures are dropping and by the weekend, the coldest air of the season will be moving in. we may not get out of the 40's
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with the jet stream taking a dip to the south, that colder air is going to be working on in and temperatures are going to be running 10-15 below average by the weekend. it will feel more like november this weekend. the forecast today, sunshine and clouds. not getting into the 70's. we're going to hold in the 60's today. the clouds bubble up a little bit this afternoon as a disturbance works on in. temperatures on the cool side and as we head into friday we'll be watching this system head toward us. this is a cold front that will likely bring in showers on friday. behind it, the coldest air of the season is going to be working on in. not expecting wet weather until friday. a few showers coming midday into the afternoon. there could be a spot shower on saturday. the winds are going to be howling and that wind is going to be gusting over 30 miles per hour on the coastline.
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