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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  October 19, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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emily: good morning. it's monday, october 19. i'm emily riemer. randy: i'm randy price. stories we're following on the eyeopener right now. the girlfriend of whitey bulger back in court. the questions investigators want answered about the couple's years on the run. emily: a disturbing assault under investigation at boston university. the attack inside a dorm room, and the search now for the suspect. reporter: the patriots come out on top in their showdown with the colts. what went wrong as the deflate gate scandal comes full circle. a lot to get to but first take a look at this. winter already in the air. that's snow falling down yesterday throughout the commonwealth. emily: some of us waking up to temperatures in the 20's this
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morning. right. cindy: it is absolutely unusually cold. this is more like the end of november, not the middle of october here. so very cold temperatures when you head out the door this morning and the places that didn't see a freeze on sunday morning are seeing that this morning here along the coastline where we have freeze warnings up until 9:00 this morning up and down the coast. the exception is nantucket this morning. look at these temperatures even boston at the freezing mark. the mid 20's in beverly. worcester 26 degrees. fitchburg 26. as cold as 24 in taunton. 24 all the way down to the south coast. and even in falmouth this morning, we're sitting below freezing at 30 degrees. so it is cold. but the skies are mainly clear a few clouds here on the outer cape. cold tells the story today. with high pressure nosing in from the west. we're talking about wall-to-wall sunshine. barely a cloudy in the sky today. lighter winds than yesterday so even though by lunchtime we're only in the lower 40's, without that bitter wind that we had yesterday it's going to feel pretty nice actually. temperatures coming up close to
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50 degrees this afternoon. still a good 10-15 degrees below average for this time of year. but at least we've got the sunshine today. talk about warmer temperatures in your extensive forecast coming up. let's get you out to the roads this morning. good morning, olessa. olessa: good morning. a live look out here starting things off at the pike. a problem free start to your morning here. let's check out the overnight construction. as you travel into town 93 south roadwork at zakim bridge. ols the expressway from mass avenue to storrow. we're watching that roadwork as well on the ramp. 93 to route 24. construction along 93 by route 138 and more roadwork on the pike over by newton corner. no problems north of town. we're expecting the trains and the buss to start the morning on schedule. emily: thank you. back to court for the long-time girlfriend of james whitey bulger. randy: catherine greig is hours away from facing contempt charges in federal court. the eyeopener's sera congi is live in south boston with what's at stake. sera: randy-emily. catherine greig is already serving an eight-year sentence
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in prison. today she faces even more jail time greig has been asked to testify before a grand jury looking into whether or not others helped bulger during his 16 years on the run. the 64-year-old has kept quiet since she and bulger were arrested in 2011. already serving time for harboring a fugitive and identity fraud, newscenter 5 legal analyst martha coakley says getting more out of her could be a challenge. martha coakley: she's been ordered to do something. she's not doing it. she can choose not to do it. she'll have to pay the consequences of additional time in jail. sera: investigators also want to know anything about money or assets bulger may be hiding. after their arrest, more than $800,000 was found hidden in the walls of their apartment. today's arraignment is expected to be quick. not much here. the judge may set a trial date. you can follow along on air, online, or on our mobile news apps. live at the federal courthouse
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newscenter 5. randy: right now a sexual assault is under investigation at boston university. a man accused of bursting into a woman's dorm room. the eye's jim lokay is live in boston with the disturbing attack. jim? jim: randy, good morning. a lot of extra attention on this one because the assault allegedly happened during a very busy parents' weekend ear on the b.u. campus. campus police sent out an alert to students telling them an assault happened early sunday morning in a student village 2 dorm room. police say the victim did not know the attacker. but to get into the building, he would have needed a student i.d. or someone to sign him in. students in that building say this is not the first time they've heard of people bursting into dorm rooms overnight. >> someone came into our main door that was unlocked and tried all our single rooms. jim: the advice from campus police out here this morning, pretty simple. make sure students lock their doors. another key potential piece of evidence, surveillance video. they're checking that to see if
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live on the b.u. campus this morning, i'm jim lokay, wcvb, newscenter 5. emily: jim, thank you. a big win for the pats in indianapolis. that's as the team tries to put last year's afc championship matchup between the pats and the colts. over the scandal. and so were the colts, as they marched in on an opening drive. they went 89 yards in 13 plays-- all in the first quarter. the pats kept it eventful with an 80-yard drive of their own, brady to julian edelman here. and it was a trick play gone the colts who had a chance to take the lead. they try to draw the pats offsides but the pats leap on the snap back, which wasn't supposed to happen, for the down. coach: we didn't know what the play was going to be obviously so it was a good heads-up play. >> as long as you play by the rules, you know, you know you'll be fine. obviously we made a play on it. emily: 34-27 patriots, the final. and a move that raised some eyebrows.
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stuffing it in his helmet. he then handed it to an employee. when asked about it after the game, brady had no comment, only saying the ball wasn't for him. randy: other stories we're following right now. the man accused of killing a mother in swampscott goes before a judge today. jason fleury is set to have a bail hearing. the convicted sex offender was arrested in virginia in august, and has been held without bail since. he pleaded not guilty to killing jaimee mendez whose body was found along king's beach in january. emily: a mother will answer to charges today in boston following a weekend amber alert. tiffany cherry was arrested early saturday at boston children's hospital where she brought her son from pennsylvania to be treated for severe dehydration. she'll be arraigned on charges related to the amber alert and other outstanding warrants in massachusetts. cherry's two-month-old son is in d.c.f. custody. randy: two people are dead following a house fire in chicopee. the flames broke out saturday morning around 7:30. by the time firefighters
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engulfed in flames. the cause of the fire is under emily: a zombie-festival turns deadly in florida. randy: the search now for a shooter who sparked chaos in the street. a special tribute to a marathon bombing victim. the honor for krystle campbell and how other victims are being remembered. emily: presidential politics heat up. the harsh words between donald trump and jeb bush. and when we could hear an announcement from the current vice president. cindy: it is a cold start to your workweek but a little bit of a warm-up coming today. when we'll see a big temperature
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emily: breaking ground on a new marathon attacks. a garden of peace in krystle hundreds attended the ceremony on sunday at medford square, including krystle's parents. signs of their daughter were everywhere. even her favorite flower. flowers. i mean that's what she loved. that was her favorite flower. she was always smiling, brightness, enthusiasm. emily: the garden will also honor the lives of other victims
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martin richard's mitt, lingzi lu's books, and a badge for m.i.t. police officer sean collier will be a part of the tribute. randy: a show of strength at logan airport. the inaugural "pulling for hope" event was held yesterday. teams of 20 competed to pull a jetblue passenger airliner 12 feet along a runway. the boston police department, boston bruins, and northeastern university were among the proceeds go to the american cancer society. pretty interesting challenge there. excitement this week for star wars fans. emily: the tickets available today and what's revealed in the newly released poster. amazon cracking down on its website. the steps the retailer giant is
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emily: brrrrr. cindy: in a word, brrrrr. so the record low for this morning in boston is 28. although we're in the 20's in
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the suburbs, we're not in the 20's in boston yet. notice how we've been dropping the past 12 hours. the freezing mark in boston, happened. randy: we've got you beat in 27. emily: you can keep your record. cindy: let me show you the mornings the next few mornings. this is the coldest morning of the week in boston. keep in mind an average low this time of year at least in the city should be about 45 degrees week. but a warm-up is coming here midweek. our best chance of rain this week comes in on thursday. mainly clear. one exception here. you can see the outer cape all the way down to nantucket. a strip of ocean-effect clouds and even a few showers here nantucket. not really making it on shore. otherwise clear skies across the entire northeast but it is cold. here are the temperatures this morning. you know it's at the freezing mark in boston. look at worcester down in the mid 20's this morning. beverly 27. we're as cold as 24 in nashua.
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22 jaffrey. and look at orange. yes, the teens this morning. we just dropped to 19 degrees in orange. and certainly the coldest morning we have seen in a good long while. 28 norwood. 24 taunton. we have 20's all the way down to the south coast in new bedford. notice in falmouth it is is 30 temperatures now. and that freeze warning is up for the coastline through 9:00 a.m. temperatures will slowly come up out of the 20's and 30's, into the mid and upper 40's today. sunshine all day long but it will be chilly. lighter winds than yesterday out of the west 5-10 miles per hour. so even though these temperatures are well below our average high, which is around 60 for this time of year, without that wind that we had yesterday and the sunshine, it will feel a little bit nicer to you but still a cold day ahead. make sure you're dressed for it. what we have going on is high pressure building in from the west but on the backside of this high, there's actually warmer temperatures coming in with a southwesterly wind. so the coldest air is over us this morning. look at minneapolis, around 51 degrees. 50 in chicago.
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lower 60's back in sioux city. that's some of the warmth that presses on in. as it moves in tonight our winds shift around to the southwest. cloud cover starts to blanket us overnight. so it is not going to be as cold tonight as it is this morning. when you step out tomorrow morning, temperatures mostly in the 40's boston south. mid and upper 30's above the freezing mark north and west of town. and tomorrow afternoon notice the temperatures actually do get back over the 60-degree mark in most spots but the trade-off tomorrow is a gusty breeze but it's out of the southwest so it's milder. as this front drops in, we'll see a good amount of cloud cover tomorrow, perhaps a spot shower drying it out though on wednesday. so notice on your search-day forecast here, temperatures up into the 60's tomorrow. right around 60 on wednesday. and in the mid 60's on thursday with a few showers around. that's our best chance of showers this week. notice during the day tomorrow a band of showers starts to pivot south ward during the morning hours. it tries to drop in on us. a lot of those showers dry up. although we'll have a lot of cloud cover tomorrow i'm not forecasting too much in the way of any shower activity.
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can't rule out a spot shower especially north of the pike. the bulk of your day is dry and a whole lot milder. cooler temperatures friday into next weekend but nothing like what we're coming out of this morning. olessa: make sure you have the heaters on full blast this morning. cindy: absolutely. olessa: nice to have you back, cindy. a quiet start on the roads. a live look outside zakim bridge, leverett connector. we are watching a little bit of that overnight con connecticut instruction. i'll show you where it is if you're heading out the door right now. 93 southbound clearing that roadwork in just about 10-15 minutes as you travel 9 south at the zakim. also on the expressway mass avenue to storrow and more construction on the ramps from 93 to route 24. 93 once again roadwork by route 138 as well as here along the pike. this is right by newton corner. no problems north of town and so far the trains and buses we expect them to start the morning on schedule. i'm olessa stepanova.
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emily: right now police are searching for the shooter responsible for a deadly attack at florida's "zombie-con." one person is dead this morning, five others hurt, after saturday night's violence. the annual event drawing tens of thousands to fort meyers, florida. but this year, chaos erupted when gunshots were fired. the zombie-theme and costumes all adding to the confusion. >> we didn't know if it was real or fake. we kind of like ran. we were like is that real? when we ran back, people were screaming. emily: 20-year-old tyrell taylor, a football player at a junior college, was killed. police are hoping more witnesses come forward to track down the shooter. randy: commitment 2016. democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton heads to capitol hill this week to testify on the deadly attack at the u.s. consulate in benghazi. that has been a raging issue for conservatives now. meantime there's more bad blood between republican candidates donald trump and jeb bush over one of the deadliest terror attacks here. trump and bush debating over the weekend about who's to blame for the september 11 attacks on the
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trump, suggesting he could have prevented it by keeping the terrorists out of the u.s. bush, whose brother was in office at the time, was swift to respond. jeb bush: he's an actor playing the role of a candidate for president, not boning up on the issues. >> i'm not blaming george bush but i don't want jeb bush to say my blow kept us safe. randy: meanwhile, vice president joe biden could announce a decision as early as this week. abc news reporting biden called the v.p. of the nation's powerful firefighters union on friday and discussed a campaign strategy in detail. new drone regulations expected out today. the government will move to tie down the soaring popularity in the u.s. the f.a.a. will unveil new rules that will require drone operators to register their aircraft. an estimated half a million drones are already flying. another 750,000 are expected to be sold during the holiday
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season. emily: topping economic headlines this morning. chinese shares rose overnight after quarterly growth figures boosted optimism. other asian markets were mixed after trimming losses. right now, stock futures on wall street are lower after the dow closed higher on friday. amazon is going after people who sell fake reviews on its website. the company says more than 1,000 people sold five-star reviews through a separate website to be posted on amazon. the company's policy bans fake product reviews. so amazon is suing those who accepted the reviews for breach of contract and violating federal consumer laws. time is now 4:51. a check of our trending stories today. randy: a pennsylvania teenager takes his dream date to homecoming. marcus josey, a cancer patient, invited miss new jersey to join him. and she said yes. lindsey giannini accompanied the teen saturday night after she says she was touched by his
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this was her first homecoming dance since she missed her own four years ago. emily: '90's kids getting a taste of goosebumps again. the new family-friendly horror movie scared off the competition to take the top spot at the box office this weekend. "goosebumps" is based on the popular book series by r.l. stine. jack black stars in the film. randy: the star wars fever is getting hotter. fans were introduced yesterday to the official poster for "the force awakens." han solo and princess leia join the new members but no luke skywalker. on-line tickets go on sale today after a trailer for the movie is shown during monday night football. the film arrives in theatres december 18. emily: i have a feeling you're going to go for it. randy: oh, yeah. emily: a bus evacuated in pennsylvania. randy: the animal discovered on board that had passengers calling for another ride. then new on the eyeopener at 5:00 on this monday morning, they're super foods that could already be in your diet.
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randy: good morning. it is 4:55. time for your early "news to go." emily: the longtime girlfriend of james whitey bulger is expected in a boston courtroom today. catherine greig is already serving an eight-year sentence and could face more jail time today. greig has refused to testify to a grand jury about whether or not others helped bulger during his 16 years on the run. she and bulger were arrested in 2011. randy: a jetblue flight diverts to boston because of mechanical problems. the plane was initially flying from florida to worcester. the problem reportedly stemmed from the flaps on the wings
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position. the flight landed at logan because it was coming in at a higher speed than normal and needed a longer runway. no one was hurt. passengers were bused to worcester. emily: a decision could be made as early as today to try five guantanomo prisoners for their alleged role in the 9-11 terror attacks. proceedings in the case were halted in 2014 after it was discovered members of the defense team had been questioned by the f.b.i. about a breach of security rules. a new report from the justice department says at this time none of those lawyers will face criminal charges. the u.s. military confirms the death of a top al qaeda commander. the pentagon says the saudi national was killed in a u.s.-led airstrike in syria last week. he was accused of funneling money and fighters for the terror group. the u.s. says his death is a serious blow to al-qaeda and its allies. randy: mexican authorities say they are closing in on the notorious drug lord known as el chapo. he escaped from a maximum security prison over the summer.
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security forces now say they have tracked him to a mountainous region. they believe he suffered injuries to his leg and face during a military operation. emily: massachusetts education leaders are meeting today to discuss results of a new test that could replace mcas. the board of elementary and secondary education will discuss student assessment of the parcc test given to some schools last spring. scores of the new test will be released tomorrow. education leaders will vote next month whether or not to adopt the parcc test. randy: embattled boston-based fantasy sports site draftkings defies an order from nevada's gaming control board. the group demanded draftkings to cease operations in the state until it applied for state gambling licenses. "the new york times" reports draftkings admits it allowed some customers, who placed bets
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keep playing. a spokesperson for draftkings says the company did instruct nevada customers to close their accounts. emily: the mets came out on fire against the cubs in game 2 of the national league championship series. david wright hits the ball deep to center field, scoring a run in the first. the mets knock down a two-run homer later that same inning. it's 4-0 when the cubs try to make a comeback in the sixth. but it wasn't enough. mets win, 4-1, to take a 2-0 series lead. randy: a snake scare forces a bus to evacuate. a passenger in pennsylvania snuck his four-foot boa constrictor on board a septa bus sunday. but the snake somehow wiggled out of the man's jacket and onto the bus floor between chairs. just moving around. when other riders noticed, the bus came to a halt. the snake was safely removed and given back to its owner who says the reptile was probably just looking for food. emily: i'm sure. randy: a way to keep it interesting.
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cindy: can you imagine that? emily: a boa constrictor? cindy: oh, my goodness. temperatures, as you know, have been cold. in fact, today will be the fifth day in a row that we've got these below-average temperatures. just 47 yesterday but still we we had that string of warmth about a week ago. for the month we're just slightly above the average at least for now. yesterday, too, did you see it in the air? we had a couple of thraiks of snow. in boston a trace of snow yesterday. not the earliest on record but earlier than we typically see. the earliest on record was back in 1979. we had a few flakes back on october 10 that year. the coldest air of the season into the northeast. but it's not going to last. there are warmth building to our west. you can see that this morning. once you get west of chicago, 50's and 60's right now. and some of that warmth is going to be spilling in over the next several days so a bright sunny day. temperatures below freezing this morning. we warm up only into the upper 40's today but lighter winds. gusty breeze tomorrow.
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more clouds but it isilder.
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