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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  October 20, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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emily: a day in court for the bella bond. hearing in this high-profile case. randy: draftkings ramping up its defense right now. the new move bringing former attorney general martha coakley into the expected legal fight. emily: commuter rail complaints as temperatures take a dive. the new fears of another winter meltdown on the eye. clerks this is a news center five eyeopener. the walls here.
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the runners breaking out those red and white sweaters and the mission to raise money for a fire-ravaged canyon. good morning, i' m randy price. emily: and i' m emily riemer with cindy fitzgibbon. what a difference a day makes. cindy: you step outside it is amazing. it is all again. winter was a snap. big difference in the temperatures. upper 40' s to around 50 degrees. organized in boston. 44 out the door this morning. the difference is that the wind is picking up out of the southwest. a southwesterly wind is bringing it will be a windy and mild day. we have downpours moving through parts of southern new hampshire. it exits through around boston. we have a few sprinkles.
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the risk of a passing sprinkle. clouds and breaks of sunshine. that' ll go well the temperature department. s close to 60 degrees. afternoon. the winds will be busy. winter advisory this afternoon. two hands on the wheel driving conditions. let' s see how we are doing. erica: we have a live look at the expressway. let' s get to the maps and check the rest as you make your way south. we have delays out of avon. we cleared a disabled car. where moving into boston.
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moves through self pond. randy: right now the couple charged in a child murder that sparked national headlines and local outrage are about to face a judge again. the court date once again putting the spotlight on the little girl once known as baby doe. emily: the eye' s todd kazakiewich is live at the courthouse in boston with a preview. todd: good morning this morning , we know both suspects are expected here in court. but it is not clear what if any new information we could learn in this high profile case. rachelle bond and her boyfriend michael mccarthy are both facing murder charges. both accused in the death of bond' s 2-year-old daughter bella who' s remains were found inside a trash bag on deer island in june. the massive effort to identify the little girl stretched on for months even her own mother allegedly staying silent. bella bond' s death also opened up a new front in the intensifying investigation into dcf after we learned the child welfare agency had been involved
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with the family several times. neither bond nor mccarthy have actually been indicted yet so today' s hearing could be brief. we will be here and let you know what happens. reporting live, wcvb newscenter 5. emily: thank you. right now fantasy sports site draftkings has some big name help on defense. the boston-based company has hired martha coakley as an adviser. that announcement comes as the company tries to clear an employee of wrongdoing after winning big on a competing site. draftkings concluded that ethan haskell did not use insider information to win $350,000, because he received that information nearly an hour after legal experts say it' p.r. move but doesn' t clear the company of scrutiny. >> we know that to draft kings has hired an attorney.
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emily: draftkings and fanduel are already facing class action lawsuits. the fbi and u.s. attorneys office are also investigating possible violations of federal gambling laws. here in massachusetts, attorney general maura healey is reviewing the need for possible regulations. right now commuters are hoping -- former ag martha coakley will not be part of any story about draft kings. randy: five minutes after six. right now commuters are hoping for a smoother ride after the first really cold morning leads to trouble on the rails. the eye' s sera congi is live in framingham with the problems and the explanations. >> after last winter, the commuter rail has promised a slew of improvements to help commuters. many commuters did not notice them as temperatures plummeted. a spokesman for the commuter rail site couldn' t confirm the exact number of delays on monday. but the twitter feed showed at least 25 delays on 10 lines.
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some of the delays ranged from 10 minutes to almost an hour. the t says among the problems yesterday, slippery rails because of fallen leaves. mechanical problems. and signal issues. a spokesman tells the globe all of that was not due to the cold weather. but there was a ripple effect from the delayed trains. live this morning from sera congi, wcvb newscenter 5. randy: right now this man is facing charges accused of injuring three lowell police officers. the lowell sun reports one of the officers was thrown down the stairs of a concord street home while trying to arrest the man. two more officers who arrived as backup were also hurt fighting with the man. he' s now in custody. the officers were taken to the hospital but are not seriously , hurt. lawyers for a friend of aaron hernandez want charges against their client dropped. a defense attorney claims carlos ortiz had no idea hernandez was planning to kill odin lloyd in
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2013. they say ortiz thought he was going to a club with the former patriots player. lawyers are asking a judge to drop a first-degree murder charge, claiming prosecutors have no evidence against ortiz. he pleaded not guilty, and faces trial next june. emily: breaking overnight, a big shakeup for the canadian government. justin trudeau, the son of late canadian prime minister pierre trudeau, will become the country' the liberal party won a sweeping majority of parliament' s 338 seats overnight. will step down as the leader of the conservative party ending a nearly 10 year reign. >> i do not consider republicans enemies. emily: commitment 2016, with what could be some carefully chosen words from vice president joe biden. this morning there' s still no word on whether he' ll run for president, but that comment could be considered at jab at one of his potential opponents.
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at last week' s democratic debate, hillary clinton listed republicans among the enemies she was proudest to have made over the course of her career. and another comment from biden, at that same white house event, might be seen as a swipe at bernie sanders. if he does choose to run. ,>> i am not one of these guys who wants to go after the rich and the powerful, they are not the problem. emily: a new boston herald franklin pierce university poll shows sanders with 38% of likely democratic voters, over s 30%, and biden' -- 19%. still gauging support. abc news is reporting he spoke to the head of an influential firefighters union over the weekend, and was told he' d likely get their backing. randy: former virginia senator jim webb is going to make an announcement about his presidential campaign today. it could have to do with distancing himself from campaign announced he'
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running as an independent. webb complained about not getting enough speaking time in the first democratic debate. polls show marginal support for him. emily: a school superintendent accused of breaking into a student' s home. randy: the charges he could face and his defense this morning. flames rip through an apartment building in boston' s chinatown. the new information we are learning about the cause of the fire. emily: apple taking action to protect users of certain apps. the new move aimed at keeping sensitive information safe. cindy: today we' return of more seasonable the full outlook of what' s in store this week, ahead. first here' s what to expect when you go out the door this morning. we have had some showers and of boston. it is 20 degrees warmer as you
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randy: that excited bunch is the strivers running club of natick. they' re just one of the groups taking part in the bill' s 5-k road race this sunday. emily: this is the tenth year for that event which benefits the travis roy foundation. so get out there and support , them in newton this weekend. and don' t forget to record your own eyeopener wake-up call. love to see them.
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cindy: anybody else want pizza? randy: pepperoni and cheese. emily: i love pizza. randy: any pizza. cindy: such a difference when you go outside. this is the difference or 24 hour zero. on average, it is 20 degrees warmer. going out the door this morning. we are in the upper 40' s to near 50 degrees in boston. 50 and plymouth. yesterday morning we were at 16 for morning low. it is 45 this morning. the trade-off will have stronger business today. the wind is coming up out of the southwest close to 20 miles per hour. it could guess this afternoon. keep in mind, the trees still have leaves on them. when you get win that strong we could get isolated pockets of damage.
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the trade-off will be in and out of a whole lot more cloud cover than we have seen lately. skies were perfectly blue yesterday. you can see all of the cloud cover out there. showers racing from west to east across southern u hampshire. -- southern new hampshire. we have light showers and sprinkles. so, we have a couple of light showers this morning. we are going to have a few sprinkles north of the pike through lunchtime. afterwards we will dry out this afternoon while clouds give way to some sunshine. that is especially for this afternoon. temperatures are in the upper 40' s to near 50' s. by noon time we are near 60 degrees. we will spend the afternoon in the 60 degree range. we are in the lower 60' s in the case. 65 in boston.
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we are back down into the 40' s tonight near 50 degrees in boston. we have a little bit of a different story. the front will drop southwards. we have a northeasterly wind tomorrow. the mild error temporarily gets pushed off to our south. the wind will keep us into the 50' s and 60' s. the temperatures are up and down. we have a lot of cloud cover as well. they will break apart a little bit in the afternoon, but overall we have a mostly cloudy day. there will be a shower or two on thursday. that front will bring in cooler temperatures. we settle back into the 50' s this weekend. we have cold mornings ahead. emily: cindy: winter is over. it lasted one day. erica:
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on the bottom of the screen we go over to the map. if you go south we are watching those delays. out of sharon on 95, once you get there is about a 30 minute trip to boston on the expressway. we have eastbound delays. we are watching a crowd on -- a crash on route 2a three eastbound. down to wilmington. trains and buses are on schedule. randy: thank you. an electrical short circuit is being blamed for a fire, that' s forced about 40 people out of their homes. the flames broke out on harrison avenue in boston' s chinatown last night. two people were treated for smoke inhalation but will be o.k. the fire was out by 9:00. a demolition contractor is going to prison for this deadly building collapse in philadelphia. yesterday a jury found griffin campbell guilty of involuntary manslaughter in the 2013 disaster, that killed 6 people.
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during the trial, people who knew campbell testified he told them about a shaky free standing wall, before it collapsed onto a salvation army thrift store. emily: mashpee' s school superintendent could face charges for allegedly going inside a student' s home uninvited. superintendent brian hyde is accused of entering the home, and rummaging through the student' s belongings, to see if she was a legitimate mashpee resident. hyde claims he was invited in. police say they will let a clerk magistrate review the case before filing any charges. cia director john brennan, one of two security leaders whose private emails have been hacked. the other, homeland security secretary jeh johnson. the hacker reportedly claims to be a high school student, and tweets under the handle cwa. that account claimed the hack was due to the deaths of palestinians. the leaked information includes the names, social security
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people associated with brennan. randy: it is 8:16 -- 6:18. topping economic headlines, asian markets are quiet following better-than-expected growth in china. that could factor into whether interest rates in the u.s. go up. meantime, stock futures on wall street are down slightly after the big 3 indices made gains yesterday. apple says it has removed apps that gathered personal information on users. more than 200 of them were just pulled from the i-tunes store. a chinese advertising company is being blamed for gathering the data, including email addresses. apple says it' s working with developers to fix the apps and make sure they' re safe. emily: aging well can mean avoiding some common health mistakes. first, stay hydrated. water nourishes all your cells and becomes even more important as you get older, and lose your sense of thirst. next, floss. plaque can make your teeth look darker. it can also bring on heart problems. experts say you should at least
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t like to floss. finally, get in the weight room. incorporate free weights or push ups into your routine to get a well-rounded workout. as you take your water. randy: i have to remind myself all the time. it is long as i do not floss in the gym. emily: that gets crazy. randy: a bride jilted days before her wedding. emily: how she and her family turned a bad situation into something beneficial for dozens of strangers. and a survivor of the marathon attack giving back. new at heather abbott' mission and the young woman walking this morning with new randy: he' s helped raise millions of dollars to aid thousands of people. the new tribute to former b.u. hockey player, travis roy
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>> we are the red hawks, good morning.
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[indiscernible] >> cheering. emily: a special hello this morning from the junior red hots. that is the fourth grade football team. lots of excitement in the air. congratulations, their season ended over the weekend. look at the temperature. cindy: there have been a few southern new hampshire. we could have a sprinkle at the bus stop this morning. you could get a light jacket. we have a mild and windy afternoon. afternoon. we are into the 60' s on thursday. >> paula and louis. randy: paula deen' s days on dancing with the stars are over. her jazzy take on madonna'
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not enough last night. the tv chef was eliminated after weeks of poor scores. she says she' s enjoyed the experience, but she' s looking forward to going home and seeing her grandkids. emily: time for eyepoppers. what do you have, olessa? olessa: we can officially end because he' s apparently in this is the 4th annual waldo 5-k in colorado springs. more than 3500 people dressed up as the elusive cartoon character for the run. it raises money for charities working to restore the waldo canyon, which burned in 2012. i want to know where they all got the outfit. it is out of stock wherever it was. >> when they found it on monday the wedding would not take place, it seemed like this is something we could do to give back. emily: that' s the very generous mother of a broken-hearted bride. when her daughter' s groom got cold feet and canceled the
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wedding, they still held the $35,000 reception. but the guests weren' t friends and family, they were homeless people living in sacramento. part of the price included a non-refundable honeymoon to belize, which will now become a mother-daughter vacation. very impressive. turning something nice out of something bad. randy: ahead of a critical vote on state testing there' s a new option. what educators are weighing this morning. a dog recovering after being shot multiple times. the message from its owners as police search for suspects. we are checking in traffic this morning. hand-crafted...layer by layer. r the new macchiato from dunkin' donuts. experience the flavor of fall with a new hot or iced
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the republicans finally admit it. >>"republican kevin mccarthy saying ...the committee investigating benghazi and clinton's emails was created to destroy her candidacy..." "everybody thought hillary clinton was unbeatable, right? but we put together a benghazi special committee... what are her numbers today?" republicans have spent millions attacking hillary... ...because she's fighting for everything they oppose... ...from affordable health care. equal pay... she'll never stop fighting for you. and the republicans know it. >>i'm hillary clinton and
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>> aggravation on the rails. >> breaking overnight, flames through a home. investigators think this was no accident. >> a gift like no other. the survivor who changed a woman' s life with a pair of shoes, on the eye. >> good morning. randy: 6:30 tuesday morning. good morning to you. i am randy price. emily: good morning. i' m emily riemer. cindy: teens and 20' s yesterday morning.
6:27 am
49 in boston right now and lower 50' s on the cape. the wind over 20 on cape cod. the wind the noticeable throughout the day. we have a lot of clouds around. northern massachusetts, we have had some showers moving through here through the overnight hours. a sprinkle from nashua. outside of that, not a lot is happening this morning. through lunchtime, it could be one or two sprinkles are very brief showers. we will dry it out and the clouds break. the temperatures are going to respond. near 60 by lunchtime and in the 60' s with breaks of sunshine this afternoon. about 65, boston.
6:28 am
the wind will be gusty on the cape. a wind advisory with gusts up to 45 miles per hour. olessa: so far we are a pretty good shape lots of volume across the area. let' s get over to the maps. south, 24 is slow out of avon. an accident at the braintree split. about a half-hour, braintree to boston. we' re watching a crash eastbound route 2 by main street. another accident. 93 heavy down to the that connector. emily: thank you. right now the couple charged in the murder of the little girl known as baby bella are getting ready to face a judge. bella bond' s body was found in a trash bag on deer island in june, sparking a worldwide
6:29 am
randy: breaking overnight, two fires within just hours at a new bedford apartment building are now being called suspicious. the first one started around 7:30 last night on nelson street. the second just before midnight. no one was injured. emily: also breaking overnight, a major shakeup in canada. the country will have a new prime minister after a sweeping victory by the liberal party. 43-year-old justin trudeau is the son of the late prime minister pierre trudeau. randy: a family pet shot nine times. and its owners are convinced it was no accident. emily: the eye' s jim lokay is live in rochester with the injuries discovered with the dog got loose. jim? jim: good morning. police are still trying to find out who shot that dog with a pellet or bb gun. the good news is the chocolate lab will recover. 4-year-old noble has nine separate wounds hidden under his fur. his owner first noticed them at around 6:00 yesterday morning, after he says the dog wandered off.
6:30 am
he found noble in a nearby cemetery, he noticed he was bloody. now he' s convinced this was no accident. >> i just cannot see anybody doing that. hopefully somebody will know the person who has done this. jim: a vet says noble will be ok. but he still has bb' s or pellets under his skin, which could require costly surgery to remove. police are saying if you know anything about the shooter, call police. we' re live in rochester this morning. emily: thank you. this underweight horse is one of nearly three dozen animals rescued from poor conditions in derry, new hampshire. six cats, a pigeon missing a wing, and 17 chickens are some of the others. a complaint from neighbors brought police to the house. they say the owner fell on hard times and couldn' t care for the animals. she' s given them up to the spca and is not currently facing charges. a teenager faces life in prison,
6:31 am
convicted in the stabbing death of another teen in new hampshire. jurors found 19-year-old tristian wolusky of rochester guilty in the june, 2014, stabbing of aaron wilkinson. prosecutors say wolusky and two others drove to the victim' s madbury home to steal money and drugs. the accomplices testified against wolusky. randy: there' s now a third option on the table as education leaders discuss the future of standardized testing in the commonwealth. yesterday the commissioner of elementary and secondary education suggested making a hybrid of the existing mcas and newer parcc test. it' s not clear what exactly that would entail. a vote is scheduled for next month on whether to implement the parcc test, which is aligned with common core curriculum standards. it was a bit too cold for you yesterday, here' s some good news. those freezing temperatures killed mosquitoes and sent them into hiding, putting an early
6:32 am
one health expert says a hard freeze like that virtually eliminates the risk for mosquito-born illness. emily: today the city of boston is recognizing a hockey player who changed lives after his own took a drastic turn. 20 years ago today, travis roy became paralyzed after crashing into the boards. it happened just 11 seconds into his first time on the ice as a member of boston university' s team. he went on to become an advocate for others with spinal cord injuries. today he' ll be honored with the declaration of travis roy day and the screening of a new espn documentary on his life. randy: another legal win for wynn resorts. boston' s latest attempt to stop casino construction in everett. and a marathon survivor helping the way she' s giving back to those sharing similar challenges. randy: and ahead in news to go, a house on fire, and the man roof.
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>> can morning and welcome back. olessa: you can see the heavy
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volume and watching a couple of accidents. all the details are coming up. cindy: instead of the teens and 20' s we' re in the upper 40' s. we' re heading into the 60' s as we go into the afternoon. a lot of clouds and a gusty breeze. high temperature today in the mid 60' s. 50' s again tomorrow. temperatures a little of an down, cooler by the weekend. randy: thank you. an endangered sea turtle washes up on cape cod. the new england aquarium is treating this kemp' s ridley after it stranded itself on scudder lane beach in barnstable yesterday. experts say cold temperatures likely immobilized the turtle. the stranding happened two weeks earlier than usual. last year, the aquarium treated a record 733 sea turtles. >> it felt great when it was done for me. emily: a marathon bombing
6:37 am
survivor giving back. heather abbott lost her leg after the attacks and discovered just how expensive custom prosthetics can be. now she' s on a mission to help others in need, starting with hillary cohen. she has a medical condition called neurofibromatosis, which caused tumors to grow on her foot. two years ago, her right leg was amputated. even before that, heels were never an option, and hillary felt like she was missing out. so heather abbott took action and made this moment that much more exciting. >> i first time ever wearing high heels. i feel very tall, very confident. emily: cohen' s custom prosthetic is the first to be donated by abbott' s foundation. randy: schools in nashua, new hampshire, with a new idea to fight the opioid crisis. the proposal getting attention. also, lamar odom out of a las vegas hospital. what we are learning about his recovery. "star wars" mania reaching a
6:38 am
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randy: good morning. 6:44. the eyeopener is ready with news to go in boston, where a couple heads to court in baby doe' s death. sera'
6:41 am
s in framingham tracking early cold weather issues on the commuter rail. emily: and jim' s in rochester, where a family dog was shot nine times. but first cindy has your forecast. a much milder start to the day. cindy: yesterday teens on the map. a whole different story this morning. 49 degrees and it is going to be a milder day. a couple of showers on the north shore and moving on through over the past couple of hours. some light sprinkles and showers from nashua over to newbury. off to the west, showers are few and far in between. over the next few hours up until noon time, there could be a few showers or sprinkles north of the pike. notice all the clouds break for
6:42 am
jump up this afternoon. temperatures in the 40' s. 49 in boston. there are some lower fifth 50' s. we will climb into the 60' s. ties between 61 and 66 degrees. the southwesterly wind is going to be busy and the could be some gusts up to 45 miles per hour. still a lot of clouds around tomorrow and limited sunshine, upper 50' s. there could be a spot shower on thursday. temperatures a little of an down. hopefully traffic is not moore stop and go. olessa: we start rings on 128 in braintree.
6:43 am
following the right lane is getting through at the braintree split. they are clearing this crash. traveling south, an accident that is blocking at least two lanes. a crash on 128 north i route 1. watching an accident on 128, and that crash is also northbound. about 30 minutes on the pike. an accident by main street. a crash clearing by 129. heavy out of methuen all the way down to the leverett connector. emily: thank you. the couple charged in a child murder that got national attention is about to face a judge. randy: the eye' s todd kazakiewich is live at the courthouse in boston with what to expect. todd: good morning.
6:44 am
expected to be here. they are both facing murder charges in connection with the daughter, whose remains were down back in june. her body had been stored in a refrigerator in a home in dorchester. she told police that mccarthy punched her in the stomach multiple times leading to her death. we will keep you posted. emily: more frustration on the t' s commuter rail. dozens of delays on the first day of cold temperatures. >> a spokeman for keolis, which runs the commuter rail, could not confirm the exact number of delays but the twitter feed , showed at least 25 on 10 lines yesterday. many riders took to twitter to express their anger over problems on the first really cold day. but the t says the problems were not related to the weather, but slippery rails because of fallen
6:45 am
signal issues. a spokesman says there was a ripple effect through the network from the delayed trains. reporting . reporting live. jim: a dog runs away and comes back several wounds. the owner said the dog wanted off and when he came back they noticed he was bloodied. the vet says he will survive but it may take costly surgery. now comes the question about who do this? so far no leads on the case. jim lokay, wcvb, newscenter 5. emily: breaking overnight, two fires within just hours at a new bedford apartment building are now being called suspicious. the first one started around 7:30 last night on nelson
6:46 am
street. the second just before midnight. no one was injured. randy: also breaking, a big shakeup for the canadian government. justin trudeau, the son of late canadian prime minister pierre trudeau, will become the country' s new leader. the liberal party won a sweeping majority of parliament' s 338 seats. prime minister stephen harper will step down as the leader of the conservative party, ending a nearly 10-year reign. emily: fantasy sports site draftkings signing a big name onto its defense. the boston-based company has hired martha coakley as an advisor. that announcement comes as the fantasy sports betting industry faces lawsuits and potential regulation. coakley is also newscenter 5' s legal analyst, but she will not be part of any story about draftkings. randy: a man is facing charges, accused of injuring three lowell police officers. "the lowell sun" reports one of the officers was thrown down the stairs of a concord street home while trying to arrest the man.
6:47 am
backup were also hurt fighting with that man. he' s now in custody. the officers were taken to the hospital, but are not seriously hurt. emily: the philadelphia mom who sparked an amber alert in boston over the weekend is free this morning. the judge setting bail at just $250. tiffany cherry says she brought her 2-month-old son to boston for medical treatment after he became severely dehydrated. her lawyers says police overreacted when they triggered that amber alert. the child is now in state custody. randy: 5 on the opioid crisis, with an effort to curb the epidemic in schools. the nashua, new hampshire, school district is discussing whether to install narcan kits at the high school and middle schools. the drug can reverse overdoses. the superintendent says there' s no reason to think students are abusing heroin, but he' d rather be safe than sorry. emily: former nba star lamar odom is in a los angeles hospital this morning.
6:48 am
espn reports he was flown there last night from the las vegas facility where he' s been treated since he was found unconscious in a nevada brothel last week. odom is slowly improving. he' s now breathing on his own and has been talking with family and friends. randy: olympic runner oscar pistorius is out of jail and under house arrest in south africa. pistorius was convicted of manslaughter for fatally shooting his girlfriend, reeva steenkamp. he served a year of his five-year sentence and will be in house arrest for the remainder of his sentence. prosecutors still hope to upgrade pistorius' conviction to murder. emily: wynn resorts might be feeling optimistic about the lawsuits challenging its planned casino in everett. last week a judge threw out a suit filed by a group of taxpayers and mbta riders, who argued part of the deal violated state bidding laws. "the herald" reports the same judge is overseeing the suits the city of boston brought against the casino, and could be inclined to dismiss them.
6:49 am
randy: watched as his motorcycle driver passes the white car. that texas driver suddenly veers over the center line, crashing into the motorcycle, sending the two people onboard flying. their injuries are not serious, but the driver is behind bars this morning, charged with hitting that bike on purpose. he' s now facing assault charges. a bizarre scene in one indianapolis neighborhood. this 25-year-old man seen dancing on his girlfriend' s roof as her house was burning. only minutes before he got up there, he stole her car, drove it through a utility pole, then set the house on fire, starting a standoff with police. it ended peacefully. the man was tased and arrested. emily: the blue jays turn on the heat against the royals in game three of the american league championship series. toronto scored six runs in the bottom of the third, including that three-run shot last night. the royals try to come back in the ninth, but only manage four runs. 11-8 jays the final.
6:50 am
game four is this afternoon. randy: the four a bit of history in boston. -- digging for a bit of history. the city is overseeing a dig on the boston common looking for relics dating back to the revolutionary war. workers say they hope to find secrets of the city' s past, but they' re also looking out for native american artifacts. the dig is expected to last two days. >> nothing will stand in our way. emily: the newest trailer for "star wars: the force awakens" premieres during monday night football. the trailer kicked off ticket sales in the u.s. online booking sites crashed last night in britain because of the high demand. the movie opens december 18th. and the force is strong with the patriots. wide receiver julian edelman sharing this image on his facebook page.
6:51 am
he calls it "star pats." you can see coach bill belichick, along with edelman, tom brady, and others. randy: i love seeing coach in the dark hoodie. olessa: are you planning on seeing it? if you have our three tickets. randy: cindy wants to go. olessa: iced tilde know the difference between "star wars" and "star trek." let' s get to the maps. an accident still has two lanes blocked. another crash on 128 northbound by route one. eastbound on the pike you are heavy as well. another accident i route 16.
6:52 am
a crash on 93 southbound in wilmington. so far the trains and buses are running on schedule. i think winter is over. cindy: temperatures around 50 degrees. 49 in boston this morning. you may want a light jacket. it is going to be windy, milder in the 60' s. a few showers across parts of northern massachusetts and a few off to the last. cannot rule out a sprinkle up to the merrimack valley. the threat will be with us north of the pike until about lunchtime. sunshine developing and the temperatures respond. highs of about four in boston. lower 60' s on the cape.
6:53 am
up to 45 miles per hour. more of a north easterly wind tomorrow with temperatures in the upper 50' s. could be a few showers on thursday. we do cool it down on friday with highs in the 50' s. emily: thank you and have a
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