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tv   News Center 5 at 1100  ABC  October 21, 2015 1:07am-1:37am EDT

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section. heather: that officer has been rushed to a hospital and is in critical condition. at least one person is in custody. traffic has been at a standstill for miles on f.d.r. drive. we'll continue to follow developments. ed: also breaking tonight -- paul ryan says he's ready to run for house speaker. heather: but there's a catch and a looming deadline. newscenter 5's phil lipof has those at the breaking news desk. >> you're right, heather. ryan says he will run for speaker if several conditions are met. ryan told house republicans tonight that he'll be a candidate for the job, but only if he's a consensus candidate, not someone who wins the job with barely enough votes. he's giving the republican caucus until friday to decide if they can unify behind him. >> if i can truly be a unifying figure, then i will gladly serve. and if i'm not unifying, that will be fine as well. >> utah congressman jason chaffetz, who was a candidate
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for speaker, has withdrawn, calling ryan "the right person at the right time." ryan says the decision to run involved very personal considerations, including losing time with his children. but he says the consequences of not running outweighed any doubts he had. ed: new at 11 tonight, a u-mass medical school doctor is facing charges, accused of taking a picture of a woman in a bathroom. a clerk magistrate has found probable cause to charges dr. marcus cooper. the 46-year-old is accused of taking a picture of a woman in a bathroom stall. cooper claims he accidentally walked into the wrong bathroom and was checking emails with his phone. he's on paid leave. right now -- a campus alert for this man. this is the sketch of a suspect wanted for sexually assaulting a student at bridgewater state university. the victim apparently targeted over social media. newscenter 5's jorge quiroga is live in bridgewater with the search tonight.
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>> it happened in a huge parking lot. university police tonight actively looking for the asailant tonight. they are step up patrols in uniform and in plain clothes questioning anyone that looks like this man, about 25 years old. >> yeah. i am a little more on guard but i don't feel any more unsafe. you just stay in a pair or with friends/ >> the victim first meeting her attacker on the social networking app "kik," then agreeing to meet him face to face at a campus building. she went alone. >> you shouldn't try to get to know people if you don't know them . you shouldn't like go by yourself. as the two walked near the school's parking garage. it's happened far too many times, far too many times than i have expected. >> it is a national problem. reporting: one in five women is sexually assaulted while in college. bridgewater state taking an aggressive, proactive approach, >> it's not just important for
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the school is seriously investigating and trying to prevent this continuing kind of violence. >> a warning to all. >> i don't think i would ever put myself in that situation, but i know its really easy cause that's the thing happens. we all use social media. i don't think it was a smart idea but every one makes mistakes. but i think we can learn from that as community and as a college. >> like many schools, bridgewater requires all its students to take an on line course on sexual assaults and prevention. this incident a real life reminder to re-evaluate their own safety plan. heather: this is new at 11. an arrest in two rapes on nantucket. and police want to know if there are more victims out there. this is the suspect, 35-year-old david matterson. he's behind bars tonight charged with kidnapping and rape in a 2008 attack on bartlett road. and a september 2014 rape on roberts lane. nantucket police say matterson could be behind more cases.
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victims to come forward. also new tonight -- a disturbing find in a sudbury school. a swastika in a middle school bathroom. it was found by a school custodian. sudbury police have met with students at the school to discuss the seriousness of it. officers do not believe any specific student was targeted. ed: just past 11 tonight. take a live look over boston. a mild night. harvey joins us now. harvey: 59 in boston. it is very mild. this is the whole thing. it is the roll er coaster ride. obviously this summer is warm almost all the time. now we're into the season where it starts to get very variable. let's check it out. now we're seeing the mild side of things. boston hit 66. providence and hartford both touched 70. on top of that, the readings haven't fallen that much.
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the winds are out of the southwest. they are much milder than they were you see the clouds coming in. there is a weak front. once the front comes through, the wind becomes northeast tomorrow. not southwest. that is a cooler wind. not dramatically so but boston should be in the 50's opposed to the 60's. a lot of clouds with a peek a boo sun. hert? heather: a tire is blamed for this violent chain reaction wreck in lawrence. a camper overturned. another driver inches from disaster. and it could have been a lot worse. newscenter 5's john atwater is live in lawrence with the close call for some jaded drivers. >> this is the camper that flipped. you see the window back here, blown out. it is amazing that the husband and wife towing this camper
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walked away. nothing was spared inside this camper when it rolled on 495. >> i'm amazed how much damage there is to this and not me and my wife. >> incredibly, the man towing it made a split-second decision not to flinch. >> i didn't swerve at all, >> which ultimately saved him and his wife. >> and i just see it bouncing right at me like you see in slow motion. >> that bouncing projectile was a wheel that somehow flew off a tractor trailer traveling the opposite direction. it slammed peter carro's camper, tossing it on its side. >> i heard the tire blow, saw wheel fly off the axel. >> this woman watched helplessly as it first hit her car. >> the impact from the front felt like it took out the front end. >> it then bounced over the median. a close look here shows the bare axle where it should be securely mounted. no word back from the company that owns the truck, but peter and his wife are thankful they can gather memories and plan for future trips in a new camper.
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alive. i really think so. >> and police are still investigating tonight trying to determine what caused that wheel to fly off that truck. ed: a second autopsy will be allowed in the baby doe case. bella bond's mother and her boyfriend back in court today as a judge approved the defense request to re-examine the child's remains. island in june, just shy of her third birthday. the medical examiner has ruled bella's death a homicide. the defense hopes to determine exactly how she died. >> the medical examiner's report has indicated that it was unknown. that clearly is important. her mother as an accessory
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guilty. heather: this dighton man is under arrest, accused of threatening a driver with a hatchet. the driver claims brian art was a manhunt is underway for a quincy couple wanted for bank robberies in three states, who may be back in massachusetts. joseph carrier is suspected of robbing a bank of america in maryland last week. he and his wife jenny are also wanted for robberies in florida and two in ludlow, massachusetts. a felony charge will stand against a former new hampshire prep student. a judge is refusing the throw-out the conviction against 19-year-old owen labrie. he was convicted of using a computer to lure another student into a sexual encounter at st. paul's school in concord. prosecutors say it was part of a sordid sex contest. labrie faces up to 11 years in prison when he's sentenced next week. he will be listed as a sex offender for life. ed: to commitment 2016 how the. vice president bide season changing his story about the raid that killed osama bin laden. he said today he advised
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the time to go ahead with the raid. >> he walked out of the room and walked upstairs. i told him my opinion that i thought he should go but follow his own instinct. >> but in recent years biden seemed so say just the opposite. >> said wait another seven cares for the following information. he took it under consideration. >> then c.i.a. director panetta said biden did in fact suggest that the raid should be postponed for a week to allow for more intelligence. heather: screen later. screen less. those are the controversial new guidelines for mammograms tonight. one doctor tells us the idea is terrible. newscenter 5's mary saladna is live in boston with what it all means for women. mary? >> i have the new guidelines that call for mammograms to begin at age 45 instead of age 40. >> i am surprised, i'm disappointed by the recommendations. >> dr. jean o'brien heads up the breast health center here at lahey outpatient services in danvers. she's advising her patients to
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stick with the old guidelines and start yearly mammograms at age 40, not 45. she says you can't detect cancer early if you are not looking for it. >> we like to find it when it's contained to the breast. recommendations might give women a false sense of security. on the american cancer society subcommittee that suggested the new numbers, insisted these are just minimum recommendations. >> so why 45 instead of 40? >> well, it's a fairly subtle recommendation. it's really good at 40, but it's also good at 45. so i don't think it's one or the other, we say both give women benefit and great savings in life. >>but others worry insurance companes won't see it that way and refuse coverage for some mammograms before the age of 45.
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>> we very much feel we want women to have insurance make available to them from age 40 if they so choose. >> dr. o'brien says women themselves need to take control. >> women need to consult with their doctors, more than ever, women need to be their own advocates. >> the new guidelines are based on increasing evidence that mammograms often produce false positives in younger women. >> next, move over shark tank. how the man who made sam adams a success is hoping to hit it big. all this for just 30 grand! why this historic new hampshire home is a real steal and the one catch for the new owner. >> the breaking news from new york city tonight. a new york city police officer has been shot in the head in a confrontation with a suspect.
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ed: a massachusetts man is charged with squatting in this toney mansion and selling some of the stuff inside. jeremiah kaylor of chicopee is under arrest in san francisco. and he looks happy about it! police there say he squatted in a mansion for two months and sold a $300,000 worth of paintings inside on social media. the vacant mansion is valued at $17 million. heather: well, a historic mansion up for sale and it is a steal if it is on the market for just $30,000. the property is being converted into a parking lot for the church next door. if you buy it, you have to move it. >> it's he estimated cost to move that mansion if it stays
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local is roughly $3 hoo. ed: new at 11 -- it's a shark tank of sorts happening right ston. local entrepreneurs looking for their big break. and the big-name local businessman is helping to make it happen. heather: newscenter 5's phil lipof is here with >> jim cook has had success. he is looking to help others do the same. he is looking far good story, a product and the passion to back it up. >> i love beer. >> of course he does! and we were with jim koch last night in his pitch room. >> the pitch room is like shark tank but with nice people. >> he calls it "brewing the american dream." the goal, to help small businesses get to the next level so food and beverage start-ups stand before aitch their product. they have two minutes. >> my name is ziggy goldfarb and i am the owner and head pickle maketr at fox point pickle company.l of good in all mankind. >> today aveyo is the cleanest and healthiest product in the mayo category >> everything from avocado mayonnaise, spicy pickles to beer and coconut butter, even cookies you eat in just two bites. pointed questions from the panel, deliberation then a
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winner. >> brian cahill at aveyo. >> avocado mayonnaise, a fifth of the fat and a third of the calories of regular mayo made with fresh avocados. >> im extremely excited. i almost teared up. i can't believe it. >> he and his fiance are from scituate. they now head to the finals in new york city. the winner there gets $10,000 and continued mentoring from koch and his team. those who didn't win still got speed coaching, and others in the industry to talk through their company's issues over beer, of course. because koch knows -- >> you get blinsided by a lot of stuff. we want to keep people from making the mistakes i made, and luckily survived. heather: wow! >> he did more than survive. cook tastes a batch of his beer every day as it comes through the brewery. quality control. cahill and his fiancee, who
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won, they are get married in december. also the finals are in december. that is going to be quite a month for them. heather: did you bring a sample? >> you want the beer or the ed: we're up and down. up and down. it is 55. as warm as it has harvey: i know. boston was below freezing yesterday morning. average. didn't take long to turn it around. 66 the average high. lots of ups and downs. that is going to be the pattern. no big storms are in sight but definitely this roller coaster temperature ride will continue. 59 light breeze. storms were earlier particularly on the cape but calmed down in all areas at this particular time. currently it is about 15 degrees warmer than it was last night at this time.
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bit milder than it was the night before. it has been quite a turnaround indeed. many 50's still showing up. 60 in haiyan is. a little bit cooler with the clouds. clouds coming in from the west. that temperature may come one a little bit. it probably won't be far from 50 either side of that. why did it turn mild so fast? jet stream lifted right back on up. it is going to wobble back and forth as we go through time and that is why we're going to be having temperature differences, but we don't have strong storm. we do have some clouds. you see them coming in. i do expect a goo cloudiness tomorrow. as this front comes through, this high pressure doesn't build that far south. the cool and the bansdz of clouds that move along -- bands of clouds that move along it. i don't see any significant rainfall coming up. difference tomorrow compared to today. you saw it, 60's to around 70. notice tomorrow 50's for the
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55-60 for boston, new hampshire, southern maine where it will be the coolest. well inland, providence, hartford, springfield, it could be around 70 but mainly in the 50's along the shoreline. that is the difference. the wind this time off the water opposed to the southwest wind that we had today. here is a look at cloud cover. you see a lot of clouds around the region. thursday afternoon it may brighten a little bit. if it does, we'll warm dramatically. we'll probably be around 70 anyway. if the front approaches late thursday to thursday night, a couple of scattered showers are possible. much cooler air comes in. here comes that roller coaster all over again. let's check it out for you and see how it all fans out for the next seven. lots of clouds tomorrow. temperatures cooler than they were today. thursday up around 70. if we had a fair amount of sun, we could be in the 70's late day or nighttime shower. breezy and cooler weather on
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chilly start, frosty, early saturday. sunday, another week front is going to come through the region. there could be a spot shower. that doesn't look like it is going to have much moisture either. looks to be around 60 degrees for the stoofert patriot game. it could be in the 60's if it clears off. turns chillier again for early nexthe fall temperature roller coaster ride is fully in effect. ed: actually it is a t ride and the t is getting a makeover and you can help. heather: you get to fick new look for the subway cars. they are ewell getting a facelift. the t releasing these images tonight for a possible new design. you can vote for your favorites over the next two weeks. go to to find link. ed: not this year to the best of your recollection year
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ed: i'm going to conduct a here. i'm going to start the stop watch. it is hard to imagine it has been 20 years. travis roy. i'm going to stop it. that took me nine seconds to say that sentence. heather: former b.u. hockey player has into a crusade of hope and determination. twenty years ago today, b.u. freshman travis roy crashed
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into the boards and became paralyzed just 11 seconds into roy day featuring several special events to raise awareness and money for spinalavis admits he still feels sadness when he looks back, .but he's focused on the good that came of it: >> i wish my life had take an different path but i recognize that i've sad an opportunity since my accident to try to use it to benefit all of us that are paralyzed. heather: boy, has he done that. grants for spinal cord research. ed: over $2 million. >> he has raised over $3.5 million. some people would sit idly by. he is one of those people who make things happen. heather: we needed a trast roy. ed: 20 yearsin the blink of an eye. >> remember what happened to the red sox.
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mike: todd club has won four of five games by two touchdown or more. they only lost by seven to the eagles. >> it is a big game. i've been part of this team going on my third year now. the first thing i heard was the jets there is no doubt. we'll be ready this week. >> you learn from him. one of the grea. i've just been playing how i play and taking what i learn not just from darrelle revis but from everybody. >> brandon lafell eligible to come off the list this week. the patriots have three weeks to make a decision whether or not they want to him. he had off-season foot surgery. now we know why the colts rusty gate play was such a mess. if you never practice it and
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one of the most important people in this picture here never practiced it, you u really shouldn't run it. >> clay ton gathers gets injured in the second quarter.halen who had never done it before. he is now new center in a play he has never prabbedot the heads up that this is happening. it is not in the play books. if he is not there for an audible that is added, he can't know. >> you don't know it, you don't you don't play it. >> five postseason games in a row murphy has hit a turn. six this postseason. these, folks, are the cubs. they get a strikeout. the ball gets away from the catcher and a run scores. then they try to make this catch and it winds up in the ivy. another run would score. the poor cubs just can't help being -- acting like the cubs.
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they lose 5-2. down 3-0. but anything can happen. meanwhile up in toronto, the kansas inning off r.a. dickey who throws a knuckleball which is hard to handle. one of those runs. this ball got away from the catcher. this thing was a route, folks. that is the shortstop. josh donaldson. this guy is in an olympic sprint here. he comes over and makes the catch. things get so bad for the blue jays that they brought in cliff penning ton. he the first position player to pitch. kansas city is one win away from going to the world series. we showed you this earlier tonight. this is julian edelman's facebook page.
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, danny amla, princess leia. bill belichick is kyleo red,
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