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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  October 21, 2015 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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it looks pretty mild, around 60 degrees, with a slight risk of a shower. notice the temperature trend, way down by early next week. >> now, on news 5' s eyeopener -- new york city police officer killed in light of duty. s finest. randy: and a major recall. the risk discovered inside millions of vehicles. emily: a bicyclist left lying on the street in plymouth. the search for a hit and run driver this wednesday morning. >> you are watching wcvb, boston' s newsletter. good morning, this is newscenter 5' s eyeopener. emily: a man runs across the tarmac to try and catch a flight. the destination you was desperate to get to and the
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do not do this at home. good morning. [laughter] randy: we have all thought about doing it every now and then. emily: not a good idea. cindy: not so bad in the temperature department. yesterday we got into the mid-60' s but that will not happen today. look at how warm it is -- we are close to 60 now. 50' s out of boston, near 60. it is a pretty mild start this morning. trade-off is a whole lot of cloud cover, and you can see one or two sprinkles showing up on radar. far to the west, there are a few more showers moving into western new york state, following this frontal boundary. we stalled out in our vicinity just far enough to the south that we will have a more northeasterly wind that will keep the temperatures down. because of the morning hours with a lot of clouds, and a
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umbrella. it probably won' t be needed, it will be pretty light. otherwise, just some clouds with some sunshine. more clouds than else -- but look at the temperatures. the northeasterly wind. upper 50' worcester. yesterday. s get you out to the roads and see how we are looking. olessa: good morning. so far we are very clear out there -- everything is looking good. let' s get to the map and check the rest of the ride. so far, no major problems on the construction. 93 from route 24 to the braintree split, clearing the road work by 138, and again on 128. the pipe looks good for you with
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north of town, you are in good shape. >> when the call comes, you ran toward danger. it was the last time he responded to that call. randy: police in new york city releasing new details about an officer shot and killed in the line of duty. the officer was just 32 years old. emily: antoinette antonio is following new information about a gun battle. antoinette: that officer was just 33 years old and a third-generation police officer. right now the suspect accused of shooting him is in custody. holder and his partners were responding to reports of shots fired in manhattan' s east harlem neighborhood. police say the suspect opened fire on officers when they confronted him. holder was hit and died at the hospital. city leaders say this loss is a
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>> mourning a man who gave his life as a guardian for all of us, and we are humbled by officer randolph holder' s example, an example of service and courage and sacrifice. antoinette: the suspect was tracked down several blocks away from the shooting. three other men were also taken into custody for questioning. officer holder was a five-year veteran of the force. he is the fourth new york city police officer murdered in the line of duty in the last 11 months. emily: thank you. breaking overnight, millions of toyotas are on the recall list this morning over a problem with their power windows. the automaker says a defect can cost a breach of buildup, causing it to overheat, melt, and potentially cause a fire. 2.7 million vehicles are affected, including the corolla, the camera, and the rav4. they were produced between 2005
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randy: right now, police are searching for the driver accused of hitting a man and taking off. we are on the south shore with what we know at this hour. jim: not a lot, but we can confirm that he was on a bicycle at the time of the crash. let' s take you back to the scene on carver road. that' s where police say a driver hit that bicyclist and took off. this happened around 10:00 last night. but police crews were on the scene for hours, reconstructing the crash looking for clues. we do not have a description of we' re working to gather more information on the crash and how the victim is doing. whoever was driving. we will keep you updated. randy: a hardwood couple is
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expected back in court in the case of extreme child abuse. a child was found beaten and starved in his father' s home over the summer. the father and his girlfriend are charged with five felonies, including assault and battery. emily: police are releasing a sketch of a man they say sexually assaulted a student. police say it happened near a garage and this morning they are stepping up patrols. the 18-year-old victim first met her attacker on kik. she agreed to meet him at a campus building on monday and that is when he assaulted her. students say the increase in attacks is disturbing. >> everyone is talking about it. it is happening far too many times. emily: bridgewater state, like many other schools, requires all students to take an online course on sexual assault and prevention.
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randy: a man is under arrest in two rapes and police want to know if there are more victims out there. this is the suspect -- he is behind bars this morning and charged with kidnapping and rape in a 2008 attack and september, 2014 rape on a nearby lane. police say he could be linked to more cases and are asking any potential victims to come forward. the u.s. is warning the attorney general of the commonwealth that fantasy sports. she tells "the globe" that she is focusing on consumer protection issues, not whether or not the websites are legal. they suggested that lawmakers will have to clarify whether those businesses should operate in the commonwealth, since fantasy sports. s attorney general and the fbi and u.s. attorneys
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the vatican strongly denies a report from a newspaper that pope francis has a brain tumor. a spokesperson says the report is unfounded. the newspaper' s editor tells the associated press that despite the denial, it is standing by the story. emily: house republicans are working toward a deadline -- if they want paul ryan to be their new leader. the former vp nominee said he will run for speaker of the house, but only if all the major groups come together and support him. he gave caucus leaders until friday to make their decision. he had been reluctant to enter the race after john boehner abruptly quit and kevin mccarthy dropped out because of conservative opposition. committing 2016. vice president joe biden changing his story about the way they killed osama bin laden. he says he advised president obama privately to go ahead with the raid.
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and walked upstairs, i told him my opinion, that i thought he should follow his own instinct. emily: several times in recent years, biden seem to say just the opposite. >> i said, wait another seven days for the following information. he took it under consideration. emily: then cia director leon panetta said biden did suggest the raid should be postponed for a week to allow for more intelligence to be collected. randy: the nbta' s fiscal and management control board will be meeting today and several presentations will be stalled, including a repair team, tasked with improving the t experience. there are also plans to expand safety measures like automatic braking in emergencies. subway cars are getting a makeover. the agency wants to know what you think about them.
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possible designs for the exterior of the new orange, green, and redline cars. you can vote over the next two weeks and we have a link on the first of new cars are hitting the track in 2017. emily: a new recommendation in the fight against breast cancer is causing some concern. randy: the possible unintended consequences. new this morning, saving money on holiday shopping. emily: a man scrambles to catch his flight and will be punished. why he ran onto the tarmac. antoinette: breaking news out of new york city where a police officer has been killed in the line of duty. 33-year-old officer randolph holder was shot in the head well confronting as suspect in. harlem. cindy: temperature trend of up
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of the week and our next chance of showers, had. take a look at the temperatures. not so bad out there right now -- mid-fifties.
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randy: that is great. doesn' t get much cuter. away. [laughter] randy: yay! emily: great job, you guys. and good morning.
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record a wake-up call and uploaded to our ulocal section. cindy: i like the group sitting on the floor -- they are not good enough. [laughter] emily: and then they had to go back inside. cindy: not bad weather. some clouds, but the temperatures will ere mild. up and down and up and down. today we are down again, but a below average holding in the upper 50' s. look at tomorrow -- a run at 70 degrees. so this does continue -- a lot of cloud cover, but not much in the way of rainfall. tomorrow is the day -- the warmest of the week. this morning is not so bad, temperatures mostly in the 50' s. 57 in marshfield, mid-fifties from taunton to webster.
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the next 12 hours the temperatures will barely change. we will hang on to a lot of cloud cover through midday, with maybe some breaks of sunshine later. you can see on the satellite imagery that we have a lot of clouds, rater picking up on a couple sprinkles, especially in southeastern massachusetts. sprinkles is all they are. we have a little bit of more organized showers off to the west indies are working in our direction. they are right along a stalled frontal boundaries so with this french in our vicinity, it will keep cloud cover around in the couple showers get closer as he had toward lunchtime. later in the afternoon, the clouds may send out. with this front sagging south it is giving us a northeasterly wind. unlike yesterday, the northeasterly wind will hold the temperatures down on either side of 60 degrees, coolest in
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northeastern massachusetts and looking for highs of 58 today. tonight, back down to the 40' s. wow, look at the change tomorrow. up around 70 degrees with a southwesterly wind as the front lifts back to the north. but the cold front crosses through tomorrow night into behind it, much cooler air will settle in, starting on friday and into the first half of the weekend. look at that morning low -- saturday looks like the pic of the weekend. with that front coming in late, or will likely be a couple showers. it is our best opportunity. it will cross through the evening hours and we will clear it out overnight to bring back the sunshine on friday. our best chance comes late tomorrow into tomorrow evening and then it is dry heading into the weekend. s so we are ok. so far, -- olessa: so far, no
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problems here -- let' s get a look at the rest of the ride if you are heading south which looks good. we are watching one accident just coming in -- an overturned car on the expressway. i will keep you posted but at least one lane is closed. down to new hampshire. transit buses running on schedule. randy: a plea deal for a man denver' s airport. you can see him running across the tarmac -- this was in august. he was trying to catch a flight to his school reunion, but he was originally charged with endangering public transportation. under the plea deal he has pleaded guilty. he will perform community service. emily: criticism over the new card lines on breast cancer.
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the new recommendations from the american cancer society say women should get screened annually starting at age 45 instead of 40, but there is concern that it could lead insurance companies to refuse coverage for mammograms before 45. one doctor disagrees and says that women should take control of their health. >> women need to consult with their doctors more than ever. women need to be their own advocates. emily: newscenter 5 also talked to dr. jim michaelson. he served on the american cancer society subcommittee that suggested the new numbers. he insists these are just minimum recommendations. asian stocks mixed this morning ahead of a policy meeting later this week. futures are higher following tuesday' s losses, the dow falling 13 points. randy: yahoo! plans to team up with google, hoping to cash in on their internet search and
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advertising expertise. they propose a three-year partnership. yahoo! will get a percentage of revenue from ads well-paying google for word and image search results requests. yahoo! already has a similar deal with microsoft' s bing. it does still needs final approval from the sec. new opposition to a bill that would allow liquor stores to open on thanksgiving, and it' s coming from store owners. they argue that business would not be enough to sacrifice time spent with family and friends. thanksgiving, memorial day, and christmas are the three holidays where liquor stores are banned from opening in massachusetts. backers of the bill say people bring their business to liquor stores over state lines on thanksgiving. emily: retailers are getting ready for the holiday shopping season so why shouldn' t we? you have probably seen the sale signs -- most consumers are starting to shop earlier, so
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there are some things that are better bot now and some that can wait. >> if you are starting to look and shop for things like home decor, fall fashion, even toys, i would pick those up now because you will find great, steep discounts. if you want to save some time, i would look to november and black friday for things like home electronics and even computers. emily: one last thing to keep in mind -- with so many people shopping online, do scope out in-store perks like cash back rebates. and in case you are wondering i found a countdown clock -- 64 days, 18 hours and 38 minutes until christmas. [laughter] randy: bacteria turned into art, and dimension with a low price tag. emily: but there is a catch, a head of in eye poppers.
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pay more for gas -- a hike that was just approved. and a flying tire causes chaos on 495. the two points of impact that nearly caused a disaster. reid: a doctor ' s office job, accused of taking a picture of a woman while she was using the bathroom.
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who's toughest on spending? fox news did the analysis and jeb bush had the best record. billions in pork, vetoed. eight budgets, balanced. and tax cuts every single year. right to rise usa is responsible for the content
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who has the plan for jobs? jeb. tax cuts for the middle class. eliminates special loopholes. an explosion in growth and new jobs. jeb: cut taxes. grow america. right to rise usa is responsible for the
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emily: 5:24. s, but won' s, coming close to 60 this afternoon. a little bit cooler. you will want the jacket at the bus stop. getting off the bus, mostly cloudy skies with a lot of stray sprinkles and a couple showing up on radar. the low impact overall, much milder tomorrow. temperatures may run toward 70 degrees, then fall back down again on friday. randy: olessa is back with the eye poppers. pretty interesting stuff. olessa: it is a little gross. bacteria used to re-create a masterpiece. a microbiologist re-created van gogh' s "starry night" using bacteria in petri dishes. she submitted in a competition that called on scientists to discover the beauty of infectious bacteria. [laughter]
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randy: what next? olessa: this mansion is up for sale but there is a catch. you have to pay to move it. the property is being converted into a property so if you buy it you have to haul it away. the 30 room homes on the market for $30,000. it is actually worth more than $600,000, but the cost to move it is $300,000. randy: that is a bit of a project. emily: pick it up and move it, what is the big deal? olessa: he wanted a project, randy. [laughter] emily: still ahead, a version of the tv show "shark tank." what he found here in boston while looking for the next big thing. we continue to follow breaking news out of new york city -- an officer was killed in the line of duty last night in east harlem.
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for the girl scout meeting... ok! for the soccer team... for the girl scout meeting... how many meetings are you having?! stop & shop just dropped prices on thousands more items. which makes the checkout lane, victory lane.
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>> now on newscenter 5' s eyeopener -- randy: breaking overnight, a police officer gunned down in the line of duty. what we have learned about the gun battle. emily: a worcester doctor under fire. the unsettling accusations about an incident in the women' s bathroom. randy: new overnight, gas hike on the highway. the community raising prices for drivers on the pike. emily: in the future is here. >> great scott! emily: the film favorite being celebrated today and the predictions that might surprise you. >> where we are going, we don' t need roads. >> you are watching wcvb, boston' s news leader. good morning, this is newscenter 5' s eyeopener.
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right here long crescent beach in boston. you can see some folks heading to work. thank you for for joining us. emily: it is dark out there. cindy: yeah. a lot of commuters having over glare issues. but the sun rises getting later and later. the sun is up today at 7:04. we are losing a couple minutes of daylight per day so by halloween it will be up at 7:16, then we turn the clocks back halloween night, back to standard time. the sun will be up on november 1 at 6:17. nonetheless, we have temperatures on the mild side, starting out mostly in the 50' s. we are running in the 40' s in boston and keen in some areas. from totten down to where hand, these are few and far
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off to the west we are seeing more showers -- these may follow this funnel boundaries so as to go toward lunchtime there may be one or two sprinkles that pass through your community. not a bad idea to have the umbrella. drying it out and notice what is sticking around -- cloud cover, a mostly cloudy day. with that son dropping southward, wind is turning to the northeast. even though we are in the 50' s this morning we will hold it in the 50' s all day long, especially from boston up to the north shore. to the south we may speak it to s. not as warm as yesterday. let' s get you out to the roads -- a couple trouble spots. olessa: a few problems early this morning. let' south of town, a couple issues. we start off with a crash on 24, a southbound accident. that is right over by route 106, 2 lanes are closed. another crash -- and overturned
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expressway with one lane still closed. major issues. trains and buses on schedule. emily: we are following breaking news overnight -- a 33-year-old police officer is dead and shot suspect in new york' harlem. he was a third-generation police officer and the suspected shooter and three others are now in custody. randy: 2.7 million toyota vehicles are being recalled because of the power window button that can short, melt, and start a fire potentially. no injuries reported. the affected models are made between 2005 and 2010. plymouth police are investigating a hit and run over the south shore. police say the driver hit a man on the bicycle and then kept going. the victim was seriously injured. jim lokay will have an update. emily: a dr.'
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s off the job acing unsettling accusations. randy: we are in worcester this morning with what we know. reid: good morning. the doctor was also an assistant professor and is accused of snapping a picture of a woman using his phone while she was inside a bathroom using a stall. the doctor is currently on a paid leave. he claims he accidentally walked into the wrong bathroom and was checking e-mails on his phone. yesterday, the clerk magistrate found not only probable cause to charge him with photographing an unsuspecting nude person but also disorderly conduct. the victim is a 26-year-old medical student. she told police that she saw a shadowy figure outside her stall, looked up, saw a cell phone camera, and heard a click.
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randy: thank you. a close call at lawrence after a chain reaction crash on the interstate. the couple says they are lucky to be alive. >> im am amazed how much damage there is to this and no damage to me. randy: he says he didn' t swerve when a flying car came right at his family. the impact sent the trailer he was pulling onto its side. seconds earlier, the tire had hit a car and flown off the tractor-trailer in the opposite direction. >> i think i am fortunate to be alive. i really think that. randy: we are waiting to hear from a company that owns the tractor-trailer and police are still trying to find out what caused the wheel to come off. emily: drivers may have to pay more for gas. antoinette antonio is here with
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antoinette: this is happening in charlton last night. town meeting voters gave approval for a three cent gas tax that would apply to any gas pumped within town limits, including the pike and on route 20. the money would be used to buy new vehicles for police, fire, and highway departments. the town estimates they could raise nearly $500,000 per year. the gas tax would still need state approval and all town voters would need to sign off on the plan in may. we will keep you posted. emily: sounds good. a second autopsy will be performed on the body of bella bond. her mother and boyfriend were in court as the judge approved the request to re-examine the child' s remains. the defense hopes to determine how she died. michael mccarthy is charged with her murder. her mother is an accessory. both have pleaded not guilty. 5:36.
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local entrepreneurs trying to catch the eye of the sam adams founder. randy: the winner of his competition and a disturbing find inside a school. the discovering forcing difficult conversation. emily: the officer killed in new york city last night was just
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olessa: a busy morning already, and accident blocking two lanes. by route 1a. there is also a crash on northbound. it doesn' t feel too bad out there. cindy: not a lot going on this morning in the world of weather. the wind is calm and there is a lot of cloud cover, a mostly cloudy day. temperatures go nowhere. not as warm as yesterday but look at that -- 70 degrees tomorrow, the warmest day of the week. the temperature trend is down heading into the weekend. emily: thank you. local entrepreneurs are getting their big break, right here in boston. john cook is behind the idea searching for the next big , thing. dozens of small business startups go before a panel of industry experts, and have two
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>> it is the cleanest and mayonnaise category. >> you get blindsided by a lot of stuff and we want to keep people making the mistakes that i made and luckily survived. emily: aveyo, an avocado mayonnaise, was the winner. founder ryan cahill of scituate now goes to the finals in nyc. randy: updates ahead on to following. on the job. and the new recall affecting the future is now. the accurate predictions of
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emily: 5:44. a mild start to the day. cindy: not bad. the past couple days -- do you have whiplash from the temperature? we started out with temperatures in the teens and didn' t get out of the 40' s on monday. yesterday, mid 60' s in a little cooler, but look at tomorrow. up is the temperature story. the final boundary stalled in our vicinity, focusing a lot of clouds. with this front just of the
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those showers may work in, so we have a fair amount of clouds and just a couple' s wrinkles showing up, especially down near where him. as you go through the morning hours, some showers may walk in and by lunch couple of sprinkles could be around. grab an umbrella today -- you may need it briefly. overall, the temperatures in the 50' s. they hold near 60 by noon time, and then a few breaks of sunshine by 5:00. but with that northeasterly wind temperatures holding near 60 today. a different story tomorrow. we are back in the mild air, a breezy day, temperatures near 70. the front comes by tomorrow night and behind it is cooling down. that frontal passage tomorrow gives us an opportunity to see a couple showers tomorrow. that afternoon, few and far between. if you are looking for a lot of
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rain we are not going to see it the we will see a big cool down after 70 tomorrow. let' s get you back out to the road -- what is going on? olessa: a very busy morning. we are starting things off where the problems are, south of town. a couple accidents, 24 southbound by 106 at bridgewater, two lanes shut down, causing stops. it is a southbound accidents a hopefully one impact your commute too much. 495, and accident clearing by 1a. two separate incidents here on the expressway, a . a lane is blocked in the right is 20 minutes from braintree and to boston. 495 to 128 is only about 15 minutes. beyond that, good shape with the construction cleared away. 93 south, a little bit of volume
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so far, no problems with trains and buses. emily: breaking overnight -- new information about a new york city police officer gunned down. randy: antoinette antonio is here. antoinette: he was killed last night after police say he was shot in the head while chasing a suspect. the 33-year-old and his partners were responding to a report of shots fired in manhattan' s east harlem neighborhood. police say the suspect opened fire on the officers went confronted. he was struck and pronounced dead later. the suspect along with three other men were taken into custody. holder is city police officer murdered in 11 months. of taiyo does on the recall list this morning. the automaker says that a defect can cause the debris to build up in the switch for power windows, causing it to overheat, melt,
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2.7 million are affected. they were produced between 2005 and 2010. no crashes have been reported. reid: police here are looking for clues in a hit and run crash on carver road, right near the plymouth-carver line. police have several evidence markers down on the ground, looking for information. someone was struck on the bicycle. no word on the make or model of the vehicle or the extent of the injuries. we do know that the bicyclist suffered serious injuries. we will get more details on this and check in with police throughout the morning, but still not a lot of information. randy: a doctor who also serves
5:43 am
umass medical is off the job after being accused of committing a lewd crime. he is accused of taking a picture of a woman while she was in a bathroom stall. he says he was checking e-mails on his cell phone after he accidentally walked into the wrong bathroom. a clerk magistrate yesterday didn' t buy the story and found probable cause to charge him. it will be officially arraigned on december 16. emily: thank you. new this morning, the vatican strongly denying a report from an italian newspaper that pope francis has a brain tumor. a spokesman says the report is totally unfounded. the newspaper' s editor tells the associated press that despite the denial it is standing by its story. randy: a couple expected back in court after a case of extreme child abuse. a child was found beaten and
5:44 am
the father and his girlfriend are charged with five felonies, antoinette: emily: police are releasing this sketch of a man they say sexually assaulted a student at bridgewater state university night. the 18-year-old victim met her attacker through social media that is when the men assaulted her. police are now stepping up patrols. newscenter 5 on the opioid crisis -- city council members to be part of the school curriculum. to have this substance abuse committee put together a plan to education into the system. the vote follows a new report following 42 overdose deaths in lowell this year. randy: a disturbing find in the school -- a swastika in a middle school restroom found by a school' s custodian.
5:45 am
seriousness of this -- officers do not believe that a specific student was targeted. emily: the u.s. and russia reached an agreement to avoid conflict between pilots and drones tasked with airstrikes in syria. there have been recent incidents of russian warplanes flying close to american aircraft' s. bashar al-assad has met with vladimir putin in moscow. russia began airstrikes in september. emily: randy: a daring leap in rough seas -- a man with his cat tucked in his jacket jumped onto a rescue ship as the sailboat was being tossed around. the coast guard captured this dramatic video on tuesday. the sailor says he lost both the rigging and the writer and became stranded. emily: bob barker is back at home after a serious fall landed him in the hospital. his publicist says he stumbled on uneven pavement during his daily walk. he scraped his leg and needed stitches for cuts to his head, but the 91-year-old walked out
5:46 am
of the hospital on his own. randy: boston honors travis roy. 20 years ago, he crashed and became paralyzed just 11 seconds into his first college game. roy day with several special events to raise awareness and money for spinal cord injury research. his foundation has awarded over research. emily: the cubs are down three games in the nlcs. top of the third, the mets daniel murphy red hot, driving this one deep for the solo homerun. with runners on the corners, yoenis cespedes hits one to left field. kyle schwarber can' t make the play and david wright scores on the rbi single. mets take this one 5-2 the final. randy: for the american league, the royals take a commanding lead in the series over the blue jays. they came right of the gate last night in game four, scoring four runs in the first inning. the jays came back with two of
5:47 am
was all they would get. the royals continue to hammer away. 14-2 the final. emily: it was one of the best games in world series history. 40 years ago today, red sox catcher carlton fisk slugged a homerun in the 12th inning in game six of the 1975 series. that gave boston a 7-6 win over the cincinnati reds, and forced a deciding game seven. the homerun is one of fisk' s best known moments in major league baseball. randy: it is here. it is "back to the future" day. emily: october 21, 2015 is the day and martinek fly arrived in the future in that classic 1980' s film. it envisioned a colorful 2015
5:48 am
the film made some pretty accurate predictions, accusing your finger to point and pay on screens. flat screen tvs, where you can watch multiple channels. drones flying in the sky. videoconferencing. one this is the cubs winning the world series. [laughter] emily: florida didn' t even have a major league team at the time. and it couldn' t happen today because both teams are in the national league. for a full list, you can go to hovercrafts -- still waiting. cindy: but they were pretty close with the drones and all that. although there are still payphones. [laughter] emily: 57 in boston. cindy: winds are calle m, that we will have a northeasterly wind keeping us cool. we start out in the upper 40' s. worcester, 57.
5:49 am
start out with 57 degrees and hold steady in the temperature department. a lot of clouds around with maybe just a few breaks of sunshine. another mostly cloudy day. even a couple sprinkles showing up here in southeastern massachusetts. a few more showers off to the west, and these may work in our direction. by the time we get toward late morning and into early this afternoon, there is a threat for a few passing sprinkles. otherwise just a fair amount of cloud cover. the front is dropping south, been marching northward to the temperature bounces up and down. on the cool side with afternoon high temperatures holding in the upper 50' s through the north shore. overnight, it is mostly cloudy -- 45-50. tomorrow, southwesterly wind brings back the warmth. we make a run towards 70 degrees, coming up tomorrow. but we are going to have the
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amount of clouds. notice that band of showers approaching by midafternoon -- will keep the threat of showers in the forecast. overnight we cleared out and a big front comes through. we go back to sunshine but only in the mid-50' that low on saturday morning. if you have plans early on start. let' s get you onto the roads. olessa: we have a couple problems spots south of town -- t impact your commute to much. up. this crashes on 24 southbound lanes blocked. back to 495.
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an blocks 128 southbound -- an accident blocks 128 southbound. you are right on the expressway with accidents -- 25-30 minutes from braintree and boston, been watching some delays on the pike. 15-20 from 495 to 128. heavy into andover. trains and buses still running on schedule. randy: breaking details of the new york city police officer killed in the line of duty. emily: his family' s long line of final moments. paul ryan says he will run for
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