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tv   Newscenter 5 at 7  ABC  October 24, 2015 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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that penalty will be enforced on the kickoff. >> mike: the crowd doesn't like it. mark dantonio doesn't know what he did yet. they'll see it on the film. >> ed: what a big extra point. two missed extra points from indiana. and now up 11, if you pick this, you're up two touchdowns. if you miss it, you're up a touchdown, two-point conversion and a field goal to tie you. so a big extra point here for michigan state. >> mike: connor cook has now thrown for 398 yards, four touchdowns and has his 3 out of 52. none prettier than that one. with pizza hut's $6.99 any deal, i can get a meat lover's and they can get all the freshr vegetables they want. r no more compromise. bring home the flavor with america's nor compromise pizza deal. get any two medium pizzas with any quality toppings, any crust,pany specialty, just $6.99 each. r
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and can you explain why you recommend synthetic over cedar? "super food?" is that a real thing? it's a great school, but is it is this really any better than the one you got last year? if we consolidate suppliers, so should we go with the 467 horsepower? ...or is a 423 enough? good question. questions... i think we should move you into our new fund.
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sure... ok. but are you asking enough about how your wealth is managed? wealth management at charles schwab. >> mike: what a day. 398 passing yards. career high. four touchdowns. i think we'll see the record go down. without him, what does michigan state have offensively. not a whole lot. i'm not sure the heisman is for mvp.
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that. graham on the return. working his way. now for indiana, they have to go super super fast. two touchdowns, 4:47 left. you cannot mess around. they're used to going very fast. let's see how michigan state on this -- in the last 4:47 tries to rotate some defensive players to keep them pressure. let's go to the sideline. laura rutledge. >> he said guys, be aware, it's going to take longer to get the call. be patient and i'll try to be as loud as possible. >> mike: he's got to be as quick as possible. play fake there. sudfeld trying to get rid of it, but he's down.
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and that was calhoun with his sixth sack of the year. >> ed: even if he wasn't down, which he is, he may have is gotten intentional grounding, which is the same as a sack. calhoun would rather have a sack stat than a penalty. >> mike: jones got his hands on it, couldn't hold it. demetrius cox there. a great throw by sudfeld. and a makable catch by cox. >> ed: have you seen either quarterback miss many plays today? that was cox before that. he had been a really nice job on jones being physical. jones couldn't quite get off. this is a place where he tried to cut in half. definitely going for it i think on fourth down if you're indiana. >> mike: looked like he mistimed his jump. pressure coming. sudfeld hangs in the pocket and throws. and he's kept the first down after the 43 yard line. westbrook -- i'm sorry. it was after the sack.
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feels like the ball game right here. this is sudfeld again. two receivers and you've got coverage at the bottom. >> mike: throws underneath. tipped and incomplete. demetrius cox out there with perfect coverage and knocked away. >> ed: we haven't seen much of 15, westbrook. he's the tall receiver. indiana doesn't have, other than simmie cobbs, which is surprising that cobbs wouldn't be the guy you're looking to. but westbrook, a true freshman, not able to make the play. give cox credit, very physical earlier on jones. looked like mistimed a jump. that time one-on-one, twice in a row. one is a catch, the other one not. a huge turnover on downs. >> mike: and now indiana in a world of hurt. 3:52 to go in the ball game.
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the only two they can stop it. williams in the tailback. he'll get the carry. williams hit in the backfield and taken down and clyde newton who was shaken up earlier got a free ride and buried the running back behind the line of scrimmage. >> ed: and connor cook may not break the single game now. indiana taking one of their time-outs. trying to save -- not sure why you would take that on first down with two. you would want to take it after second of the . >> mike: it's almost academic. you know, you take it -- you take them when you can. >> ed: i would say it's academic, except what happened in michigan state versus michigan last week, right? at the end of the game -- >> mike: that's an outlier. >> ed: but you have to play for the outlier. >> mike: good point.
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>> ed: the punter dropping the ball. if you don't have those ten seconds -- if you go back -- we'll show all the things that had to happen. the defense had to get a stop, the defense had to get several stops to make this happen. >> mike: first you have to have the bad snap. blake o'neill has to drop it. check. the ball has to be batted up in the air somehow by missing the kick. has to be caught by a guy who is not surrounded by defender, as jalen watts-jackson. he takes it downfield, picks up blocking. couldn't be tackled, forced out of bounds. all those things and more. i mean, the punter has got to pick it up. after he snaps it instead of falling on it. >> ed: gray son miller and
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mubdson. >> mike: that's a first down. nice hard run by scott. espn has a big double header coming your way. texas a&m and ole miss ready to kick off. stanford against washington at 1030 eastern. they have used -- they used a second time-out to stop it? >> ed: no, they're letting it run. and they're in a place where they're getting down to where michigan state is not going to have to run the ball. they're going to have to do offensive plays now.
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you take a look at michigan state, and ohio state. this is what you're thinking of if you're a michigan state or ohio state fan. what key games do they have left. michigan state at nebraska. ohio state against minnesota. we're not sure who that team is yet. of course, they meet on the 21st, and penn state and then a really tough game for ohio state at michigan. of course, big ten championship game. but looks like michigan state may get to that game undefeated. i have big concerns about their offensive line. >> mike: scott breaks a tackle. scott, touchdown! keep in mind, that scenario we just showed you that schedule. michigan state, ohio state and michigan all finish 3-1, it's
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right ride for everybody. >> ed: if there were a three-way tie where michigan state beats michigan and they all have a three-way, the tie-breaker is the college football playoff commit's vote for the team which won't come out until tuesday before the championship game. we have asked the big ten for a comment, have not heard back. i have to assume that the big ten is looking at a way not to wait -- not to wait until tuesday for the team from the east to figure out who would get in. >> mike: because all the other tie-breaks would not party matter. and mark dantonio knows they have salted this one away. >> ed: and dantonio knew coming in, they had that huge emotional win against their in-state rival last week. they come home, they're playing an indiana team that just gave it away against rutgers, very worried. because they do have a week off
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which they need desperately. they need to get jack allen healthy, and the offensive line. they're likely to get a couple defensive backs back after the bye week. so what a huge win and a brilliant performance by connor cook. and i still don't think he's going to break 400 yards in a single game record. >> mike: here's a stat i don't think people are aware of. michigan state has won 21 of its last 22 games in the big ten. that's stunning. 2:17 left. too much time to make up a 45-26 deficit. ball came loose.
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down. michigan state saying they had it. guys starting to push and shove each other a little bit. and michigan state has the football. >> ed: connor cook loves the special teams all of a sudden. >> mike: chris fry recovered and took the ball away from the return man. >> ed: fighting for it. and unfortunately now -- >> mike: indiana is so close. >> ed: they really are. >> mike: right on the edge of being a really good football team.
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quite run out the clock. with having one time-out, and because the clock was not running when they got the ball back, they're not going to be able to quite run this out completely without a first down. but here's indiana down the stretch. it has been a brutal run here. ohio state, michigan state. they like ohio state. the question for indiana, can they get two wins down the stretch. i think they're better than maryland. i think they're better than purdue. if kevin wilson can get this team a little healthier during the bye week, get howard more healthy at running back, i think if they could hold together -- i'm not saying they're out of both games before that. i think they're both than both teams at the end and i think they will get -- >> mike: line of scrimmage. holmes, touchdown. indiana is just worn out up front.
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>> ed: nice confidence booster for the offensive line of michigan state. a good way to go into a bye week. you know you're going to take some time off and for this offensive line, they've had two touchdown runs here to close it out. so coming through in the end and will go into a bye week, get healthy and a nice run to finish it out. >> mike: the extra point would make it 52-26. this is hardly a 52-26 game. just happy to execute a couple kicks. >> ed: the offensive line and kicking game needed some confidence. >> mike: geiger celebrating a little bit. >> ed: the other problem they've had in the secondary. we showed the graphic earlier. only two of the top eight defensive backs remain active, and yet they hold indiana with 26 points. only had one really breakdown at
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the end of the first half in the secondary. and this guy is just -- what a senior year he is having. >> mike: he's off the charts. and you mentioned in the beginning of the broadcast, you see his record, 31-3. if you is ask somebody at nebraska or washington, you know, not familiar with the big ten, they're not going to get around to mentioning connor cook. one of these option guys as outstanding quarterbacks. 31-3 says it all. you win 31, you're a big-time quarterback. >> ed: and you know what won't care come next time this year, your bank account. >> mike: no, he'll be happy and his agent will be happy. >> ed: connor cook has always played himself -- has a great gift. we saw him last year. had his moments where he would not be accurate. i've been studying him so far this year, and seen him today.
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there is not one throw that's off the mark. not one. >> mike: no. >> ed: it's really impressive. >> mike: this ball is loose. it's still loose. and it looks like michigan state may have it at the 2. >> ed: michigan state trying to make up for the bad kick plays in the season in one quarter. >> mike: this must have been what it felt like on the "titanic." >> ed: let me go, let me get one. >> mike: can i throw one pass. >> ed: is that ball on the 2 yard line? i only need two for the record. >> mike: well, you have to feel bad right now for indiana. for everything that's just come
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apart here at the end after they played so well and so hard. and michigan state, they're going to get that bye week when they really need it to get howard to 100%, bringing this turn-around the way he had been at the beginning of the season. howard just -- >> ed: it really is impressive what mark dantonio has done here. and i know all the hype around jim harbaugh at michigan. and i don't know that going forward dantonio is going to win as much as he did and michigan state is going to win as much as they did against michigan with harbaugh there. but it's not like it's going to go the other way. >> mike: no, it won't.
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especially the defensive players and -- it's becoming a destination. >> mike: howard. powers his way to the 4 yard line. >> ed: you hope for kevin wilson and indiana, they're going to have enough gas in the tank. they'll get a bye week, get some guys healthy. this is a good enough team to be in a bowl game. i know some fans get a little grouchy. but this team is so much better than it's been. progress this guy has made. michigan state with its 12th straight. connor cook with another brilliant performance and they survive the celebration hangover which was worrying them all week long after the win over michigan. let's go to the field and laura. >> thanks. coach, we know your offensive line is banged up but connor cook continues to be so accurate
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performance tonight? >> well, i thought he got hit a number of times tonight, and clutch catches by our guys. and they played -- the score is not indicative how close the game was, obviously. but hey, he's playing. and we keep moving. >> two rushing touchdowns to close this one out. how big was that offensive line to give some confidence going into the bye week. credit indiana. they played well. we busted a couple of them. >> this bye week comes at a good time for you. what are the plans to make sure everybody gets healthy. >> we're in the going to practice. we need to get our guys back healthy. we're going to work our guys hard and get back stronger and faster. we'll be ready. >> thanks, coach. >> thank you. >> mike: always a gentleman and an exceptional coach. and he has his ball club undefeated again.
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the final, michigan state 52. indiana 26. for ed cunningham and laura rutledge, this is mike patrick. thanks for watching. so long from east lansing. to john saunders in the studio. john. >> mike, thanks a lot. we're headed towards 8:00 eastern time. and there's jt barrett. the newly named starting quarterback of the ohio state buckeyes. they're set to play rutgers. when we come back, we'll get you ready with some scores and highlights in a moment, after this message and a word from our
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welcome back to the studio. john saunders along sight matt brown. state. indiana played a heck of a game. we'll talk more in a moment. we also had an interesting match-up between the alabama
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crimson tide and the tennessee volunteers. tennessee improved this year and peyton manning likes what he sees, but not expected to hang around with the big boys. and nothing stops derek henry. >> the offensive line banged up. they did a terrific job today in getting derek henry going. >> josh wood dobbs rolls and finds josh schmidt. 11 yards and a touchdown. >> josh was a good young player and bringing tennessee home. >> goes to the end zone. tennessee is on top. 14-13. takes the upset with jake coker leading the team back to our darius stewart. >> a great game but clutch in this football game. >> catches down the stretch. stewart and others. dobbs here getting sacked.
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what he sees. the tennessee volunteers oh so close. 19-14. guys, are you more impressed by alabama pulling out a tough win or by tennessee? >> a physical game at >> and like ohio state, and michigan and florida state, they're able to run the ball and
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because coker is getting better each week and all of those teams have been teams we have griped about. but all playing great, running the ball well and the quarterbacks keep getting better and better and that's what i see happening with alabama. >> any question with alabama's offense, it's moving slower but when the defense is that good, doesn't really matter that much, does it? here's a team that doesn't have to worry about their offense. baylor facing iowa state today. seth russell deep to cory coleman. 36 yards and a touchdown. 7-0. >> accurate pass. perfect pass, to make a touchdown catch. >> a handoff, and 171 yards. 45-27. but you mentioned seth russell, and the injury we are told, because he did not finish the game.
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we are told now it's a broken bone in the neck. that can be a severity of a big scale. but usually at the very least means you miss some time. >> yes, and seth russell playing at such a high level. and at the first of the year, they run the ball better than expected, and cory coleman is playing really good football. >> he's done a terrific job as a backup and now steps up and is a starter. completed over 80%. i know it's mop-up duty but has done a good job. >> really a good football player. >> we recruited from stevenville high school. >> one of the best they have ever had. >> here are a few scores before we leave you. >> duke in overtime. espn-u. virginia tech back and forth. and florida state and georgia tech on espn 2, seven minutes left there in the first quarter.
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don't forget, 8:00 eastern time, ohio state and rutgers, as the buckeyes look to remain unbeaten.
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