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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  October 27, 2015 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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right now looks dry on halloween with seasona temperatures. we're going to break down the forecast in detail right now as the "eyeopener" continues. >> now on newscenter 5's "eyeopener." randy: new fallout tied to the tunnels thousands of you use every day. the inspections drawing concern this morning. emily: breaking overnight word that a deal to avoid a government shutdown is close. the potential speed bumps ahead of a critical vote on capitol hill. emily: a pembroke school under close watch right now. the threat that has school administrators taking actionon the eye. >> you're watchingcvb, boston's news leader. good morning! this is newscenter 5's "eyeopener." randy: 5:00 a.m. also on the eye a bus load of school kids rescued from high water. the trouble they ran into and the bus driver that had to leave them alone. good morning. i'm randy price. emily: and i'm emily riemer along with cindy fitzgibbon back this morning. what a clear night. cindy: that moon is bright out there this morning for sure.
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you're going to notice it as you step outside but it is very cold. and a place that hasn't seen the freezing temperatures down here on the cape and the vineyard under a freeze warning until 9:00 a.m. when you get temperatures in the upper 20's to around 30 degrees, well, it's a killing freeze for a lot of vegetation out there. 26 on the vineyard right now. 29 hyannis. 28 fall mu. you can see up to plymouth we're in the upper 20's as well. it is a cold start. we're right around 40 in town but as cold as 24 in norwood. 26 in beverly. you head into worcester county, southern new hampshire, lots of 20's showing up as well. so cold start. clear skies. high pressure still hanging on right overhead so it's another nice day. sunshine this morning, just a few clouds as we get into the afternoon. by lunchtime, temperatures in the lower 50's. we'll top out in the mid to even upper 50's. 56 boston. average high this time of year is 58. pretty nice afternoon. enjoy the sun today. you see this moisture in the southeast this is on the way for the middle of the week later tomorrow into thursday. we'll break down the timing of
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that rain and wind too coming up in just a bit. let's get you out to the roads right now. good morning to you, olessa. olessa: a live look at the zakim bridge and the leverett connector no problems. let's get to the maps and check the rest of the ride. overnight construction in the final stages. 93 south at the zakim bridge also on the expressway expressing storrow northbound and construction along 93 here by route 138. and on 95 approaching 128. roadwork on 128 itself there by great plain avenue then along the pike two projects also picking up in just a few minutes by the weston tolls and again by newton corner. no issues north of town. the trains and buses are starting the morning on schedule. randy. randy: new this morning, new concerns about the safety of the tunnels that carry thousands of commuters through boston every day. we are learning about inspections raising serious red flags. emily: the eyeopener's sera congi is live in boston with what they uncovered. sera: emily and randy, we're talking about rust, corrosion, and missing steel plates.
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tunnels within the past year. as we reported just last week, state officials admitted they've found hundreds of cracked or damaged nuts on light fixtures in those tunnels. "the herald" looked at inspection reports for the past 12 months which reveal more problems. that includes heavy rust on construction joints inside the westbound mass pike connector over the summer so severe they were giving a poor rating by highway inspectors. on the eastbound side, the leaking ceiling above a travel lane back in march was marked as a major deficiency. inspectors also found cracks in tunnel roof slabs and on ramps. massdot says much of this is due to wear and tear because of the high volume of traffic. they also point out that highway inspectors never found anything that was so critical that it was at risk of imminent failure. again, they insist that the tunnels are safe. live this morning in boston,
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sera congi, wcvb, newscenter 5. emily: breaking overnight a major development to keep the government up and running and avert a debt crisis. but the fight may just be beginning. the eye's erika tarantal is following information as it comes in. erika: this morning there is a deal between the white house and g.o.p. leaders in the house. and it could come up for a vote as early as tomorrow. here are the bullet points of that deal. but that won't be easy. outgoing house speaker john boehner is already making a hard push trying to rally support from the plan including from the man who wants to replace him-- congressman paul ryan. the spending deal increases military and domestic spending by $80 billion over two years. that would be offset by new revenue like selling off oil from the strategic oil reserve. the plan also suspends the federal debt limit through march of 2017. the clock is ticking. congress must raise the borrowing limit by november 3 to avoid default. and money runs out to keep the government open on december 11. randy? randy: right now another local school is dealing with a threat of violence. the eyeopener's todd kazakiewich
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officials are responding. todd: good morning, randy. the most recent threat is here at pembroke community middle school. the school superintendent confirms that the threats were made over the weekend and police are investigating. she does not provide many more details. she says they were made by a student but would not provide more details. that student has not been suspended but is also not in school. this is just the latest incident involving a massachusetts school in just over a week. three students were arrested last week in methuen. those threats involving two different schools. a 14-year-old and a 13-year-old were charged with threatening to shoot up tenney middle school. but there was no evidence discovered to substantiate those threats. earlier in the week, a 16-year-old was charged with making similar threats again methuen high school. the charges a clear sign that these threats are being taken very seriously. as for the case here in pembroke, we'll keep you posted as we get new details.
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reporting live in pembroke, todd kazakiewich, wcvb, newscenter 5. randy: thank you, todd. new this morning boston public schools is offering options to so-called "sidelined" teachers. those include educators who lost their assignments due to school closings and maternity leave, among other things. they can can either take one of three severance options or receive special training. it's part of a plan to better use the money spent on the teachers annually. emily: two popular fantasy sports sites are hit with another lawsuit out of watertown. a man filed a class-action suit against draftkings and fanduel claiming the companies used insider trading to allow employees to win big bucks. employee won $350,000 on competing site fanduel. he was cleared in an internal investigation. this is one of more than 20 both have repeatedly denied the accusations. the nfl appeal against tom brady's deflategate ruling is now officially underway. the paperwork was filed late yesterday in manhattan. nfl lawyers say it is
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unfathomable that a judge lifted brady's four-game suspension. the league wants it reinstated. oral arguments won't happen before february, so the season will be over before there's any chance of a ruling. randy: a hearing on physician-assisted suicide is being held today at the statehouse. forty legislators have signed a petition to legalize the practice. it would legalize voluntary death by prescription drug for the terminally ill, not including minors. a right-to-die ballot question narrowly failed in 2012. euthanasia is currently legal in five states. and that's the topic of today's now poll. do you think physician-assisted suicide should be legal? right now, most of you say yes. cast your vote on or on our facebook page. emily: a heads up for parents. the nasal flu vaccine -- popular with a lot of kids because there's no needle -- is running low. many pediatricians say they've already run out. two companies that manufacture the vaccine say they're having problems making and shipping it.
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until the end of the year. commitment 2016 with some bad ratings for donald trump. a new survey finds he's widely disliked among hispanics. the ap-gfk poll says trump is viewed unfavorably by 72 percent of hispanics polled with most of those respondents having a very unfavorable opinion of him. only 11% viewed him favorably. marco rubio and jeb bush are the preferred candidates in the republican field. jeb bush is being outspent by some of his g.o.p. rivals in some key states. "the globe" reports he has spent less money than some of his rivals in iowa, new hampshire, south carolina, and nevada. his campaign says the data that information is based upon is skewed. for comparison, trump has spent nearly a million dollars in those early states, out-pacing all his rivals. randy: a major retailer breaking from the pack this holiday season. emily: the bold move supporting family time, and the incentive for employees not to come to
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work. an intentional act is causing big problems for those who live inside a chelsea apartment building. the setbacks for tenants. randy: kids left alone after their school bus hits high water. the mission to get them to safety. cindy: cold temperatures out there this morning but wet weather is on the way. when we'll see some much-needed rain and also gusty winds ahead. first take a look at what you can expect when you head out the door this morning. maybe 40 degrees in boston but look at the suburbs. just 25 in nashua. 29 as you head out the door in
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who has the plan for jobs? jeb. tax cuts for the middle class. eliminates special loopholes. an explosion in growth and new jobs. jeb: cut taxes. grow america. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. >> we're down here today in milford. we have contractors appreciation day to show the contractors how much we really care.
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our consumer sales to breast cancer national foundation. good morning, "eyeopener." randy: thank you so much. a great cause as we mark breast cancer awareness month. show us what you're doing to help outwith your own eyeopener wake-up call. just go to the front page of and upload it in the u-local section of our website. easy enough. olessa: i literally walked around my house twice this morning trying to figure out which light i left on. cindy: where is this light shining from? a bright full moon out there this morning. the fact that we can see it an indication that the skies are clear. it will be another nice day. take advantage of today. it's a cold, frosty start this morning. you may need some time to let the defroster do its work in the car, maybe scrape your windshield. we have wind and rain on the way for the middle of the week. later wednesday into thursday morning, a one- to two-inch widespread soaking rainfall which we desperately need but also stronger winds. that could lead to tidal flooding. in terms of the rain look at our deficit since the first of the year. it is up over eight inches now
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in boston. 7.5 in worcester so clearly we could use some rainfall. it is going to be coming on in. it looks as though the timing on that rain wednesday night into thursday morning, that's the peak impact in terms of when the heaviest rain is going to fall across our area. right now. this moisture coming out of the gulf. hurricane patricia that moved into mexico on friday evening. also there's energy to the north. these are going to combine to create a storm that's going to be moving in our direction. so we've got high pressure on top of us now. so that's why the skies so clear out their this morning. we're going to enjoy a lot of sunshine over the course of the day but it is a cold start. mid 20's out the door in beverly. 28 fitchburg. 38 in worcester. notice boston 40 degrees but as cold as 24 in norwood. and from plymouth down to the cape and also the vineyard, we've got readings in the upper 20's. this is your coldest morning here on cape cod. freezing temperatures, freeze warning up for you through 9:00 this morning. temperatures will come up slowly. by 8:00 a.m. we're near that 40-degree mark but for your lunch hour, certainly milder in
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the lower 50's and a good amount of sunshine here through the afternoon. looking for a high of 56 boston. 54 in worcester. mid 50's on cape cod as well. we'll start the night off with clear skies and then look what happens overnight. clouds start to work on in. it won't be as cold tonight. low temperatures down in the mid 30's to mid 40's and tomorrow temperatures will be in the 50's but rain is going to be moving in not so much for the morning but during the afternoon that rain comes in. as low pressure starts to strengthen, wow, the winds really increase as well. so we'll see the winds pick up out of the southeast tomorrow afternoon. but it's overnight tomorrow night into first thing on thursday morning at the coastline we could be talking about some winds gusting close to 50 miles per hour. so a wind-swept soaking rain on the way. timing that out for you on wednesday, looks like the rain comes in probably after lunchtime here from the west. notice by midday we're just start to go see the rain come in. there will be some impacts on the evening commute on wednesday but rits overnight wednesday into first thing on thursday morning. that's when the rain will fall heaviest. there could be some rumbles of
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thunder. morning. afternoon. with that strong southerly wind look at the temperatures. low 70's on thursday. patriots playing at home. we should be drying it out. right now halloween on saturday looks dry and seasonal with temperatures in the 50's. olessa: sounds good. thank you. so far no complaints on your roadways this morning. here is what's going on. overnight construction all cleared away. if you're traveling 93 south at the zakim bridge we had roadwork on the expressway by storrow. that too has picked up. all the construction along 128 here by route 138 is gone as well as by great plain avenue. 9 northbound construction at 128 cleared nice and early. some roadwork on the pike also picked up over by the weston tolls and by newton corner. no problems traveling southbound on 93 from methuen all the way down to the leverett connector. and the trains and buses are running on schedule. emily. emily: olessa, thank you. a dangerous ride to school for 20 kids in louisiana. their bus stalled when the driver tried to cross a flooded bridge. she then waded through the waist-deep water to get help,
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kids onto a pickup truck. no one was hurt. 2 district shows there is evidence that a woman intentionally drove into the crowd saturday killing four people. she struck a barricade and ran a red light before the crash. she's now facing second degree murder charges and will undergo a psychological evaluation. randy: 17 after 5:00. this flood causing a slew of problems inside a chelsea apartment building. it happened six weeks ago when someone intentionally opened a pipe, and tenants are still feeling the effects. this morning housing inspectors will be on site to make sure conditions are safe. the building's only working elevator keeps going out of service, but it was just fixed last night. it had been out of commission for two days forcing residents like 84-year-old florence
5:17 am
of stairs. firefighters have to respond. they were just in the building earlier this week to rescue several people trapped inside when it stopped working. and tenants say that's not the only issue. >> i also have to wear a mask because we were told that they found mold and asbestos after the flood. randy: a construction supervisor for the building blamed the insurance company for slow repairs, but insists it is safe. emily: asian stocks are lower today as investors await details on china's economic planning meeting. on wall street stock futures are also lower ahead of the start of trading. all three indices dipped slightly yesterday, with the dow losing about 24 points. outdoor gear retailer r.e.i. is saying no to black friday. they're using the hashtag "opt-outside," encouraging people to forego the busy shopping holiday. in an unprecedented move, r.e.i. will close all 143 locations on the day after thanksgiving. they won't process any online orders either.
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instead, employees will get a paid holiday off. walmart wants to get off the ground. yesterday the retailer applied for federal permission to test drones for home delivery and for use at distribution centers and stores. indoor testing has been going on for several months. competitor amazon has had drone delivery plans since 2013. randy: holiday shopping season is just about here. and believe it or not, your credit card can help you save time and money. first see if your card offers rewards. if you pay your bill in full, rewards cards give cash back on purchases of a certain dollar amount. you might also have price protection. a store might not give you a refund once you've found a better deal on a certain item, but your credit card company might cover the difference. in some cases you can get a refund of up to $300. your card might also have supplemental warranty coverage for big ticket items that goes beyond the manufacturer's
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emily: good advice. a new burger is taking sweet and savory to another level. randy: but is it appetizing? eyepoppers. erika? erika: a glimpse of dzhokhar tsarnaev's life in isolation behind prison walls. what we are learning about the report soon to be released. then-- >> our prayer goes to her family and the baby. i hope they make it. the driver who tried to help a this horrific crash is talking about the tragedy. and a new tribute to longtime boston mayor tom menino. it could give you new insight into his life.
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rgood morning. what can i get for you? va medium hot coffee, cream and two sugars, please? pmedium hot coffee, cream, two sugars -- sounds good. p at dunkin', we make your coffee just the way you like it. p if not, we'll make it again on the spot. see you tomorrow. that's the dd commitment. america runs on dunkin'. cindy: you may need extra time to clear the frost off your windshields this morning. freeze warning up in cape cod until 9:00 a.m. temperatures recover nicely this afternoon under sunshine. into the mid to upper 50's. upper 50's tomorrow but rain moves in in the afternoon. the winds pick up as well. we've got that rain winding down windy. it is mild and it's actually looking decent for the patriots game on thursday evening. should be right around 60 degrees as we're drying things out in foxborough. randy. randy: cindy, thank you. game one of the world series is tonight in missouri. the new york mets and the kansas city royals will face off for this will be the first world
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series appearance for the mets in 15 years. theater lovers can now stream some of their favorite broadway shows. broadway h-d has launched an on-demand service site. you can opt for monthly or yearly subscriptions, or just pick specific shows. the launch has over 100 recorded productions. founders hope to add more, as well as theater documentaries, show introductions and behind-the-scenes features. emily: it is 5:24. olessa is back with eyepoppers this morning. what do you have? olessa: some unusual vows exchanged in new hampshire last night. >> and haunt and howl at the mon together as long as you both shall live? olessa: spooky world in litchfield hosted its first-ever wedding marrying two of the park's actors. guests dressed up in costume and the bride's father walked down the aisle as beetlejuice. the two met at the park when the
5:24 am
his bride to be. >> i scared her when she went through the haunt. a few months later we met. under normal circumstances. she's like do you work there? some guy scared mement i just started laughing. i was like, yeah, that was this guy. olessa: that was me. may they live "hauntingly" ever after. take a look at this. halloween comes early for one restaurant in canada. that's a burger stuffed with reeses peanut butter cups. not for you. emily: i don't know. what about you? olessa: do you have to ask? ontario burger chain "the works" unveiled the product for national nut day last week. but they plan to keep it through halloween as a little treat. emily: i want my dinner separate from my dessert. olessa: why when you can have the best of both worlds? you never know until you try. randy: get it all done and out of the way. i don't know. police need your help identifying two people who ripped off an elderly woman. the plot to get away with the
5:25 am
victim's wallet. a health alert tied to bacon and other processed meats. the new warning from the world health organization and the boston doctors weighing in. a nice, quiet start to this morning. it's 5:26.
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>> now on newscenter 5's "eyeopener." randy: only on five, a man's desperate mission after a deadly crash. >> i said, "oh, my god! "oh, my god! "oh, my god! "i lost it." randy: even injured, how he tried to save the littlest victims. sera: more concerns about these big dig tunnels. what inspectors found inside that may not sit well with drivers. emily: and dramatic video causing a national uproar. an officer's excuse for tossing a student across a classroom.
5:27 am
>> you're watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning! this is newscenter 5's "eyeopener." emily: 5:30 on this tuesday morning. a live look here at 9 in somerville. things moving along fairly nicely. olessa: doesn't look too bad so far. emily: it's 5:30. good morning, i'm emily riemer. randy: and i'm randy price with cindy and olessa. it's cold out there. cindy: cold. dark. we turn those clocks back this weekend so the sun will be coming up an hour earlier next week. 7:11 this morning. a lot of 30's out there. so the kids are going to need the jacket. probably shed it this afternoon as we come up into the mid 50's but we've got freezing temperatures on the cape. a killing freeze. the first time we've been this cold widespread on cape cod this season. 29 high janes. provincetown 28. notice the vineyard is 26 degrees so it is a cold start. we're 40 in town. worcester 38 degrees but lots of 20's. fitchburg, nashua, just 26 in beverly this morning.
5:28 am
skies are clear right now. high pressure overhead so we're going to keep that sunshine around today. just a few clouds this afternoon. temperatures jump up as the winds turn to the southeast. the low 50's by lunchtime. we're looking for high temperatures today of about 56 in boston and 56 in lowell as well. the average high is 58 degrees. we'll be close to that after worcester county mid to upper 50's for you. south of town brockton to bridgewater 57. plymouth 57 degrees as well. with that wind turn to go the southeast, mid to upper 50's on cape cod. enjoy the sunshine today. these are the remnants of patricia. this will be working in our direction here for the middle of the week but it's not just heavy rain. strong winds and coastal flooding concerns as well. the full timeline coming up in just a bit. let's get you out to the roads. you'll need time to let that windshield defroster get work done out there, olessa. olessa: chilly out there. thank you, cindy. a live look outside. you can see the northbound side starting to pick up a little bit of that rush hour volume. let's get over to the maps and check out the rest of the ride.
5:29 am
that's good news. 93 south at the zakim bridge and also on the expressway. all the roadwork along 128 has cleared nice and early as well. and the pike so far wide open. traveling southbound out of new hampshire, no problems. and the trains and buses are running on schedule. randy. randy: thank you. new concerns right now about those big dig tunnels. "the herald" reports inspections in the past year have uncovered heavy rust, cracks, and leaking ceilings earning several stretches of roadway a poor rating. emily: right now pembroke police are investigating after a threats against pembroke middle school. that student has not been suspended but is not in school. randy: breaking overnight, there is a deal between the white house and g.o.p. leaders to avoid a government shutdown. but it still needs to pass the house which could vote as early as tomorrow. >> i said, "oh, my god!
5:30 am
"oh, my god! emily: a devastating crash in a woman killed at the wheel. this morning we're hearing from of two young children in that car. randy: the eye's rhondealla richardson is in oxford with the interview you'll see only on 5. snond good morning. the southbridgman said he was driving behind the victim's car right here on route 20 when he says that sturbridge woman somehow drifted across the center line. he says her car careened into his after it struck a cement truck. he says he didn't hesitate and rushed to help. he realized the woman wasn't going to make it when he saw two young children in the back seat. >> i saw the little boy still in the car seat so i get the boy out. he was coming in and out of consciousness. rhondella: the eight-month-old remains on life support this morning. the two-year-old is also in serious condition. lafleur was riding with his son at the time of the crash.
5:31 am
the cause of this crash still under investigation. rhondella richardson, wcvb, newscenter 5. randy: an update to yesterday's and run in saugus. the car they were looking for after the collision on route 1. but so far, no arrests. the victim, a 33-year-old man, was hit late last night while walking along the highway. the teen killed in a crash sunday night has been identified as a malden catholic senior. 17-year-old alex vitale was alone in his car when it crashed into a utility pole on summit street. he was taken to a hospital but didn't make it. malden catholic issued a statement saying the entire school community is praying for his family. emily: a judge could release new details tomorrow on the marathon bomber's life behind bars. erika's back with the one thing that could stop that information from coming out. erika? erika: that one thing-- arguments by lawyers in the case. the judge who presided over the tsarnaev trial says he'll make those details public unless he's convinced otherwise.
5:32 am
right now dzhokhar tsarnaev is being held at the supermax prison in colorado. that's where he'll wait to be transferred to indiana where he'll face lethal injection. the revelations we could hear include restrictions he's been communication and visits by friends or family. or how he is being protected from other inmates. that colorado prison is already one of the most restrictive in the country. it's nickname-- the alcatraz of the rockies. emily? emily: police are searching for these two suspectsaccused of working together to rob an elderly woman at a hudson, new hampshire, wal-mart. investigators say the man distracted the 89-year-old victim. that's when the female suspect stole her wallet from her shopping cart. police say the suspects took off in a silver four-door hatchback. if you know them, call police. randy: a pair of accused bank robbers from quincy called are now behind bars in pennsylvania. joseph and jenny carrier were arrested yesterday after allegedly robbing a bank in nearby wilmington, delaware. they're also accused in a string
5:33 am
of other robberies in massachusetts, florida, and maryland. emily: binge-watching takes a deadly turn in new mexico. randy: the bizarre claim from a man now facing a murder charge. a new hampshire store clerk fights back when a robber whips out a knife. the gift she credits with scaring the suspect off. emily: and ahead in news to go, a police officer facing backlash after this video from inside a classroom surfaces. the action the school is now taking. that's amazing. it's amazing. this is amazing.
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olessa: good morning. welcome back to the "eyeopener." a live look at the expressway. here it is by the south bay mall. that's northbound heading to the bottom of the screen. we're starting to pick up some of those rush-hour delays. it's about a 15- to 20-minute ride braintree to boston. an accident-free morning but a cold one, cindy. cindy: heater on high and that defroster will have some work to do this morning. it is a frosty start but today is a dry day. you see all that rain to our south. it will be lifting north ward in our direction tomorrow afternoon. so sunshine today. nice recovery into the mid 50's. wind-swept soaking rain on the way. heaviest overnight wednesday into thursday morning. we have a concern too with some flooding at the time of high tide. we'll have the full timeline on that coming up. randy? knife walked into a convenience store in manchester, new hampshire, there was one thing he wasn't counting on-- the clerk having a bigger knife. here it is. the clerk showed it off yesterday. she was behind the counter at "down the block"" convenience
5:36 am
saturday night. he pulled out a three-inch knife and demanded cash. that's when she grabbed a bigger knife, and the would-be robber took off. >> and he put his hand on the counter and screamed, "give me the money, give me the money." i looked at him. i thought it was quite funny because he had the knife here. i reached mine and i showed him. he thought for a second and then ran out the door. randy: she says she got the knife as a birthday present. manchester police are still looking for the guy. emily: 5:40. ahead in news to go, a new message for those wanting to build a casino in springfield. also a harvard club breaking from tradition. and coming to the rescue of a whale in trouble. the mission to set it free. and take a live look here at the southeast expressway. things starting to get a little bit busier. you have company if you are heading out the door right about now. sunrise not until 7:11 today.
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on the spot. that's the dd commitment. america runs on dunkin'. kicking off news to go today with a look at the city of boston. the lights are bright but there is no sun anywhere on that horizon. cindy: not for a while. 7:11 is the time of sunrise. randy: and not in city but in the outlying very cold. cindy: it really is. the moon is full. officially this morning at 8:00 a.m. brightness in the sky. you'll notice that moon as you head out. you're noticing all this rain to our south. this is coming at us here for the middle of the week.
5:40 am
it's not just heavy rain. i'm also concerned with strong winds which could lead to coastal flooding at the time of high tide and the timing on this is wednesday evening into thursday morning. could even be thunderstorms as well. so because of that big full moon out there, tides are already running at throw nomically high. you add a wind with you could gust out of the south to 45-50 miles per hour on thursday night, wednesday night, that's why we're talking about the threat for some storm surge two feet on top of that high tide already wednesday evening high tide. so it's all a function of the remnants here of patricia. that's the moisture that's out but there's also energy dropping from the north. these are combine into a pretty sizable storm that cuts up through the great lakes and sends a wave of rain in our direction. right now though the skies are clear. today is going to be another nice day. it is just a very cold start. 20's all the way down to the cape and also the vineyard. 40 in town. 38 in worcester. notice the 20's here to the north. let me step you through your 12-hour forecast. we'll be in the 20's and 30's early this morning. by 8:00 or 9:00 we're up near the 40-degree mark with lower
5:41 am
50's for lunchtime and temperatures topping out into the 50's this afternoon. just a few clouds this afternoon. it's generally a mostly sunny day. 53-58 the range in high temperatures today. we wake up tomorrow morning to clouds. that's all we'll contend with through about lunchtime. i think the rain comes in after about 2:00 in the afternoon. from west to east. so the evening commute will likely be wet. just west of the city of emboss ton. heaviest rain comes in during the overnight hours wednesday into thursday morning's commute. rain is going to start to exit. we're drying it out here through the afternoon. we desperately need rainfall. one of our computer models indicating a widespread one to two inches of rain. again those winds will be quite gusty wednesday into thursday. southerly winds though look what they do to our temperatures on thursday. we jmp up into the lower 70's. let's see how we're doing out there this morning. that defroster is working overtime. olessa: absolutely. and your patience is going to have to start building because we're watching those delays already picking up here on the expressway. this is by the south bay mall. northbound side head to go the bottom of the screen. let's get over to the maps now. watching late-running construction.
5:42 am
route 1 southbound at the tobin. two lanes still closed. expect volume there as you're expressway. 20 from braintree to boston. granite avenue. west of town eastbound on the pike 15 minutes, 495 to 128. and 93 south building volume out of methuen down into andover and then picking up some delays once again approaching spot pond. trains and buses still running on schedule. randy, emily. randy: new concerns about the safety of the tunnels that carry thousands of commuters through boston every day. emily: the eyeopener's sera congi is live in boston with what inspectors uncovered. sera: inspection reports over the last year reveal problems with rust, corrosion and missing steel plates. this comes on the heels of news last week about hundreds of cracked or damaged nuts on light fixtures in the big dig tunnels. the herald reviewed inspection reports of the past 12 months and found that there are more problems. heavy rust on construction joints on the westbound mass
5:43 am
pike connector have earned a poor rating by inspectors. on the eastbound side a leaking ceiling was marked as a major deficienciy. inspectors found cracks in roof slabs as well as on ramps. mass-dot insists that the tunnels are safe. they say this is the wear and tear on the tunnels due to the high volume of track. live if boston, sera congi, wcvb, newscenter 5. snond only on 5, we spoke with the southbridgman who tried to rescue a family here yesterday right here in oxford. >> i saw the little boy still in the car seat so i get the boy out. he was out coming in and out of consciousness. and i hold the baby for quite a while. snond that was roabz roabz in the mercedes that collided with the family's chevy cavalier. he says the 31-year-old mother driving the chevy drifted across the center line on route 20 and died in a crash with a 45-ton cement truck.
5:44 am
it happened eastbound on route 20 in oxford. the children in that car critically injured. an eight-month-old remaining on life support this morning. the two-year-old is in serious condition. the southbridgman said he didn't hesitate to help even though he was injured and in pain himself. the cause of the crash under investigation. live in oxford, rhondella richardson, wcvb, newscenter 5. todd: pembroke police are investigating after a threat was made against the pembroke community middle school. the superintendent says the threat was made over the weekend she said it was made by a student. that student has not been suspended but is also not in school. this is the third threat against a massachusetts school in just over a week. threats were made against two schools in methuen last week. a 16-year-old was charged in one of those cases indicating just how seriously police are taking these matters. reporting live in pembroke, todd kazakiewich, wcvb, newscenter 5. erika: breaking overnight, the white house and g.o.p. leaders reach a budget deal. but questions loom as hard-line
5:45 am
even as outgoing speaker john a vote could come as early as tomorrow. the plan increases military and domestic spending by $80 billion over two years. the money comes from cuts to medicare and social security disability and also new revenue, in part from selling oil from the strategic reserve. it also suspends the federal debt limit through march of 2017. congress must raise the borrowing limit by november third to avoid default. emily: thank you. two popular fantasy sports sites are hit with another lawsuit. a watertown man filed a a watertown man filed a class-action suit against draftkings and fanduel claiming the companies used insider trading to allow employees to win big bucks. last month, a draftkings employee won $350,000 on competing site fanduel. he was cleared in an internal investigation. both companies have repeatedly denied the accusations. randy: the nfl has officially appealed the ruling that cleared tom brady in the deflategate
5:46 am
scandal. nfl lawyers say it is unfathomable that a judge decided to lift brady's four-game suspension. the league wants an appeals court to reinstate the punishment. oral arguments in the case won't happen before february when the season is already over. emily: umass memorial health care is bringing 500 i.t. jobs to downtown worcester. "the telegram" reports umass is moving into vacant mall on front street as part of a $70 million project. other parts of the building will become shops and restaurants. randy: a setback for casino plans in springfield. the city told m.g.m. yesterday that the application is incomplete. the city says it needs more information about m.g.m.'s plans to reduce the size of its original model by about 14%. the company recently decided to eliminate a 25-story hotel tower replacing it with a six-story building.
5:47 am
>> house explosion at christine oh, my god. someone is in the house. >> how do you know they're in >> i don't know. we're running to see. the house just exploded. >> we're on our way. emily: the state fire marshal says the homeowner was trying to fix her hot water heater when she mistakenly removed the gas shut-off valve. home causing the explosion. several frantic neighbors called 9-1-1. randy: the death toll jumps this morning in a devastating earthquake in southeast asia. right now, 311 people are confirmed dead. most of them, in pakistan. the 7.5 magnitude quake struck early yesterday, rattling parts of several surrounding countries, including afghanistan and india. authorities believe they will find more victims as they reach remote regions that were affected. emily: for the first time, refugees will be eligible to compete in the olympic games. the international olympic committee made the announcement to the united nations yesterday. since the refugees don't represent a country, they'll be welcomed to the games with the olympic flag and olympic anthem.
5:48 am
the 2016 summer games will be held in rio de janeiro, brazil. randy: a derry, new hampshire man is accused of sharing sexual abuse images involving children. matthew rettig faces several charges, including attempted possession of child sex abuse images and indecent exposure. investigators say he used apps like kik and snapchat to target victims ages 11 to 22. emily: a murder suspect in new mexico says he killed his roommate because of the show the "walking dead." damon perry admits he got drunk and binge-watched the zombie apocalypse show before beating his friend to death. he says he thought his friend was turning into a zombie. perry now being held on a murder charge. randy: a south carolina officer is under fire after this video. it shows him tipping a female student out of her school desk and tossing her across the floor. the officer is now banned from campus as the school
5:49 am
investigates. the officer claims he was removing a disruptive student from class. emily: the world health organization is now calling processed meat a carcinogen in the same category as cigarettes and asbestos. it also says unprocessed red meat probably causes cancer. the report claims 50 grams of processed meat a day increases the risk. that's less than two ounces of lunch meat. the typical deli sandwich has 4.5 ounces. the national cattlemen's beef association questions the conclusions. randy: electronic cigarettes will no longer be allowed in checked bags. the government is banning airline passengers from packing e-cigs or other battery-operated smoking devices to prevent in-flight fires. e-cigarettes are still allowed in carry-ons, but passengers will not be able to recharge them on the plane. there have been at least 26 explosions or fires on planes since 2009 caused by e-cigarettes. emily: a historic change at harvard university. for the first time in more than a century, a prestigious group
5:50 am
all-male social club. the fox club admitted nine women this year. it is one of the eight so-called "final clubs" at the university, which promotes fellowship and bringing together people of high standards. randy: boston university has been chosen to receive the archives of late mayor tom menino. the menino family is donating a collection of artifacts from the former mayor's 30 years in public service. the collection will be made available to anyone interested in learning about his work. mayor menino was boston's longest-serving mayor. he died a year ago this friday at age 71. emily: an incredible rescue caught on camera. sea world employees to free a young humpback whale off the coast of san diego. it was stuck in a lobster trap. after several hours, the 30-foot whale was finally released. happy ending there.
5:51 am
a freeze this morning. cindy: the coldest morning we've seen yet here on cape cod. with temperatures well below that 32-degree mark we do have a way. as you can see upper 20's falmouth, hyannis. provincetown down to 27. 26 this morning on the vineyard. we're holding at 40 degrees in boston. look at norwood 24, beverly 26. also 26 nashua. 38 at the airport in worcester this morning. cheer skies out there. big bright full hunters moon here this morning. skies are clear. they're going to stay mainly clear today with lots of sunshine under high pressure but that's only temporary. you can see moisture coming out of the gulf of mexico. these are the remnants of patricia. going to meet up with some energy dropping down from the north and stays into a pretty good storm system that cuts through the great lakes. that will send a surge of warmth, wind and rain in our direction but that comes tomorrow. today is a dry day. frost this morning. by noontime sunshine. lower 50's. as we head home this evening, temperatures going to be still in the 50's. looking for highs today of 54 in worcester.
5:52 am
56 in boston. keep in mind an average high this time of year is about 58 degrees. we start the night clear. then overnight some clouds move in. those will blanket us. not as cold tonight. i don't think we'll see as many 20's. 30's to 47 downtown. tomorrow rain moves in in the afternoon. temperatures will be in the 50's but it's a wind-swept rain coming in. looks like it comes in closer to the evening commute. and those winds really start to pick up. initially out of the southeast tomorrow afternoon they'll be gusting over 30 miles per hour but overnight tomorrow night the winds shift to the south. we could see gusts close to 50 miles per hour along the coastline and then the winds continue eventually shifting around to the southwest during the day on thursday. so a wind-swept soaking rain on the way. temperatures jump up into the lower 70's on thursday. i just want to point out to you right now halloween is looking really nice with temperatures in the upper 50's during the day. trick or treaters heading out early will see temperatures in the 50's. sunset at 5:39. temperatures falling back through the 40's. we get past this mid-week storm
5:53 am
heaviest rain comes in overnight. looks like one to two inches of a wind-swept soaking rain on the way. olessa, let's get you out to the roads. how are we doing out there. olessa: busy. watching a few problem spots north of town. 93 south there is a crash by dascomb road with delays back to 110 already. also watching another accident. this one involving an overturned car 128 northbound by route 1. at least one lane is blocked and then more volume on the eastbound side of the pike. and a disabled car on the expressway by granite avenue. randy, emily. emily: new this morning, putting your credit card to good use this holiday season. three ways to get maximum benefits as you shop. big problems for residents in a chelsea apartment building. the intentional act weeks ago and the domino effect it's
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