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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  October 30, 2015 5:00am-5:59am EDT

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look at this, heading into next week. a mild start the month of november. we' re going to break down your forecast. emily: 7-0. the unbeaten patriots steam-roll the dolphins. the big plays, and the new franchise record. randy: an elderly couple attacked after running out of gas. how a wife tried to fight back, in the streets of providence. emily: and a plane bursts into flames before even taking off. how another pilot' s good eye, stopped things from getting even worse. it' s on the eye for this friday morning. announcer: you are watching wcvb, boston' s news leader. good morning, this is newscenter 5 eyeopener. randy: also on the eye this morning, a couch that could induce human hibernation. the hidden features making this
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emily: yes, please. i will take one. randy: good morning, i' m randy price. emily: and i' m emily riemer. cindy: no rain this morning. 70 yesterday morning. none of that happening. 52, in boston. lots of 40' s south of town. 40' s on the cape this morning. skies are clear for now. they will not stay that way all day today. if you rain and snow showers. this is a cold front that will drop southward. clouds bubble up. a few clouds mixing with the sunshine. looking for highs today in the mid-50'
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s on average. average high as 57. we will talk about your weekend, coming up. at least we do not have the rain to contend with. olessa: no overnight construction to contend with. you are in good shape heading into boston this morning. route nine, getting by at the speed limit. emily: breaking overnight, congress has approved an to avoid what could have been a catastrophic default. the deal raises the debt ceiling the next two years, until march 2017. it passed in the senate just hours ago, with a 64-35 vote. -- just hours ago, and now heads to the president for approval.
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the patriots revenge tour rolls on this morning. tom brady and company having no problem reeling in the dolphins. emily: and this morning, serious streak. s antoinette antonio is live at gillette with overnight reaction from inside antoinette: the patriots don' t brag, but there were certainly some smiles in that locker room. not only are they now 7-0 and they' re the best in the nfl this morning. gronk started things off early grabbing a 47 yard pass from tom brady putting that first touchdown on the board. and the pats really never looked back. number 12 threw four touchdowns before the lopsided night was over. after the game, there was plenty of praise to go around. >> a good play overall.
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touchdown. >> put a lot into it. an intensive three days of preparation. antoinette: after a very busy week, they can take a bit of a breather. they host the redskins on november 8. emily: this lexington school reopens today after a scare for students and teachers. several people heard a loud bang yesterday inside the estabrook school. the school was evacuated as a precaution. inspectors believe that noise was from a bolt expanding as the seasons change, something they say is normal for newer buildings. right now, students at a lowell school are preparing to head
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were sickened. this morning, the school is still trying to figure out what sparked the sudden headaches and nausea. cleaning crews were busy late last night, scrubbing and sanitizing sullivan middle school. that' s where just before noon yesterday, the school was evacuated after about 60 students got sick. 5 of them needed to go to the hospital. >> my best friend said she joins the water, but you could see in her face she was about to throw up. emily: firefighters were concerned of carbon monoxide fumes spreading through classrooms. that was ruled out. randy: right now, this man is behind bars, charged in a violent attack on an elderly couple. the victims found beaten in the middle of the street. the eyeopener' s frank holland is live in providence, where the suspect faces a judge today. frank: police say it started when the couple ran out of gas. this attack was gruesome. the suspect, 25-year-old viden chhoeun is accused of hitting the couple in the face, head and upper body with a metal baseball bat. police say he attacked the pair wednesday night at the corner of
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linwood avenue and cranston street. that' s where the husband ran out met him there to help. of gas and the wife met him there to help. -- that is where the husband ran out of gas and the wife met him there to help. moments later, police say chhoeun ran out of a house, started yelling and attacking the man. when his wife tried to hit the suspect with the gas can, he attacked her. she was found unconscious her husband' s eyes were swollen shut and he couldn' t speak. >> it is despicable, what has happened to these elderly people. franco: -- frank: the man is in critical condition his wife in serious condition this morning. frank: we' ll keep you updated on new developments all day long. in providence, frank holland, wcvb newscenter 5. randy: the t is boosting security at its stations, following this deadly attack on a teenager last week. 17-year-old mason raymond was stabbed to death at the jackson square stop, during a fight with
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now, transportation secretary stephanie pollack tells herald radio she wants more officers to be visible on both trains, and station platforms. emily: a billerica police law this morning. officer john hickey, a 19-year veteran of the police department he' s been on administrative leave since early this year, while the department investigates an incident at the billerica elks club in 2013. officer hickey allegedly assaulted another man. new developments this morning in the case of bella bond the toddler whose body was found abandoned on deer island. there may be new fallout on the way. the eye' s erika tarantal is here with the move the governor is considering. erika: and that could include serious discipline for the social worker who evaluated the bella bond case. governor baker tells the globe dcf will scrutinize the previous work of that employee who ultimately could be fired. an independent report released wednesday found the worker largely copied information when evaluating bella' s mother, rachelle bond, in 2012 and 2013
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before. rachelle bond is charged with covering up bella' s murder, her boyfriend is charged with the killing. the report blamed faulty information for the closing of bella' s case. a spokesperson for the union that represents dcf workers said. -- dcf worker said a full review of the case and related decisions will shed light on whether discipline is warranted, and at what levels. right now the worker is still with dcf, working as an adoption specialist. randy: one year in jail for the new hampshire prep school student whose rape trial made national headlines. owen labrie is free on bail this morning while he appeals his conviction. this case exposing an ugly tradition at the exclusive st. paul' s prep school in concord known as the senior salute. in a statement afterwards, the victim' s family said the judge got it right, recognizing, this was not a consensual relationship. the victim speaking out on tape during the sentencing, her voice distorted.
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understand why this happened to her and while this story has been hard to share, it' s one that needed to be told. >> why i am so adamantly pushing for justice for myself is because i am not only pushing for justice for myself, but for others, as well. randy: labrie will now have to register as a sex offender. remembering a legend. boston mayor marty walsh inviting the public to join him this afternoon for a moment of silence to honor former mayor tom menino. today marks one year since the 71-year-old died after a battle with cancer. the special ceremony is planned for 2:30 at city hall plaza. menino was boston' s longest serving mayor. emily: new video this morning of the moments before a deadly gang shoot-out. randy: the seconds leaving bikers scrambling for cover. and a plane bursts into flames on the runway. how another pilot'
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s good eye may have saved lives. black friday might be fading away. the big retailers, saying no to the shopping frenzy. cindy? cindy: holding in the 50' s. a beautiful day on tap. we will talk about your weekend. take a look at the temperatures as you head out the door.
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>> high. this is breast cancer awareness month.
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>> good morning, eyeopener. randy: a great reminder from the folks at mass general. emily: breast cancer awareness month wraps up tomorrow but the information is important all year long. record your wake-up call. go to the front page of and upload it in the u-local section of our website. randy: i called her a pumpkin earlier and she blushed. cindy: we are going to move on. it is not as warm as you head outdoors.
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we are going to hold in the 50' s. turning the calendar page to november. it is going to be a mild start to a brand-new month next week. temperatures are in the 40' s in many suburbs. north of town, beverly, 48. worcester, 45. hyannis, 44. the next 12 hours, dip into the upper 40' s. a few clouds bubble up as we head towards midday. clearer overhead right now. to the north, clouds and snow showers.
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a few clouds mixing in with the sunshine. low 50' s through the worcester hills. upper 50' s for you in cape cod. a chilly overnight. dropping down to 20' s in the coldest suburbs. boston in the 30' s. a cold start tomorrow. high pressure on top of us. the brightest skies come through the first half of the day on saturday. that puts us in a southerly wind on sunday. the whitest -- the whitest -- sunday. around 50 degrees. s. looks like pretty good weather
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next week, 60' s are back, maybe start. emily: thank you. -- olessa: thank you. you can see a few more headlights out there now, but we are getting by at a good pace. maps, no construction to contend with. great shape getting into boston. 95 wide open. route nine looks great. trains and buses running on schedule. randy: right now, police are releasing new video inside that texas restaurant that was the scene of a biker gang shootout back in may. this is security camera footage from the twin peaks restaurant in waco.
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you see several bikers armed , others scrambling for cover. in the end, 9 bikers were killed. this is incident is one of the most violent among motorcycle clubs. 177 bikers have been charged in connection with the shootout. scary moments for passengers sitting on a runway in florida as their plane erupted into flames. dynamic, a small airline, under the microscope right now as the faa tries to figure out why fuel was pouring from an engine. the jet was taxiing to take off to venezuela when a pilot on another flight spotted the leaking fuel. watch as the door opens the emergency chute inflates and passengers begin to slide to black smoke. emergency personnel scrambling. the folks on board were scrambling to get out with just >> i heard a loud bank.
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turned around, saw the lights, saw flames. i ran for the front of the aircraft. randy: the fire was knocked down quickly. more than 20 passengers were injured, including one seriously. everyone just thankful that the plane caught fire before it took off. emily: word that a u.s. interest rate hike can' t be ruled out this year sent asian stock tumbling overnight. as for u.s. stocks futures are , higher this morning following thursday' s losses. the dow dropped 23 points to close at 17,755. more and more stores are saying no to opening on thanksgiving. tj maxx and gamestop join rei in not opening their doors so employees can spend time with families. as we told you this week rei will also stay closed on black friday. november and december retail sales are expected to be around the $630 billion mark. randy: honda is recalling thousands of vehicles in the u.s. over faulty side air bags. honda says the air bags can inflate if a door is slammed too hard. the recall affects more than
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300,000 accords from the 2008 2009 model years. more than a dozen people have filed injury claims. erika: new at 5:30 -- working out with trainers, for a fraction of the cost. the new trend letting you skip the gym. and an odd discovery in ludlow. the contents of a bag, left behind in a cemetery. plus, a former millis police officer, accused of making up an what' s ahead today for the man,
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cindy: holding at 52 degrees in boston. you will notice the breeze as you step out. 40' s in the suburbs. 45 as you step out this morning. at mixing with a few clouds. a cooler day. no 70' s like yesterday. we will top out in the 50' s. mostly sunny skies on your saturday. more clouds on sunday. emily: olessa is back with your
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olessa: doug the pug is dressed up as a ghost buster. his facebook page -- at already has more than 50,000 -- what is this? give me a treat and leave me alone. how about spending this winter snuggled up under this? it' s popular in japan. it' s a couch with a space heater underneath, blankets on top and a flat tabletop. the woman in these pictures looks really relaxed. just imagine the binge-watching you could do with one of these. randy: i could see a lesser there with all of her snacks on the tabletop. parents and grandparents know,
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it can be tough to soothe a crying baby. but new research says a simple trick can get the job done faster. and a grown man takes a hockey puck from a kid. but the boy ended up with the last laugh. the even better prize he ended up with. >> this is an editorial by the president and general manager. >> there have been a number of news reports on unmanned aircraft systems, or drones. drug use is at an all-time high, with estimates of 500,000 rounds flying in u.s. airspace for recreation and limited commercial use. walmart joined amazon and google asking the faa to test drones for deliveries and other business purposes. the sky is
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there is a much potential for fun and efficiency. there are threats to safety and privacy. according to the u.s. department of transportation, the faa receives daily reports of unsafe drone operations. pilot sightings reporting drones have doubled. most recently, a drunk carrying drones and hacksaw blades -- clearing drugs and hacksaw blades crashing into an oklahoma prese ison. when the government outlines acceptable guidelines for drone use, innovators will have a
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randy: an elderly couple beaten and left in the street. the suspect facing charges this morning and the innocent issue that started it all. emily: he' s accused of faking a crime that put an entire town on edge. the police officer due in court this morning. randy: routed. stomped. reeled in. we take you inside the locker room as the patriots keep the streak alive. emily: and saving time and money while getting fit. the new trend that could keep you out of the gym. it is on the eye. >> good morning, this is newscenter 5 eyeopener. randy: 5:30 friday morning. light traffic is a look at the eastern turnpike in boston. good morning, i' m randy price. emily: and i' m emily riemer along with cindy and olessa.
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halloween eve. halloween on a saturday night. get a next hour of sleep this weekend. and candy. cindy: average high is 57 and we will top out in the 50' s today. the sun is up at seven: 50. lots of 40' s in the suburbs. worcester, 45. lower 40' s on the cape. beverly, 48. 52 in boston. skies are clear, little breeze out of the west, but i want to draw your attention to the north. there are a pheromone of clouds and a couple of showers through burlington, vermont. a frontal boundary will be dropping south. as it does, we will see a few clouds mixing with sunshine late morning and early afternoon. it turns the winds to the
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start to fall a little late this afternoon. we will likely hit our highs early afternoon, topping out in the mid-50' s. framingham, 57. lower 50' s to the higher elevations of worcester county. south of town, upper 50' s. maybe even 60' s around new bedford and make it this afternoon topping out in the upper 50' s. not as warm as yesterday, but a pretty good-looking friday. the trick-or-treat forecast let' s get you out to the roads. olessa: no contraction -- no construction or accidents. no problems looking at the pike. check out the rest of the ride, also looks good. a trouble-free spot in a boston. the expressway is still open. issue-free ride into braintree. the pike looks good. you just saw it live. problem-free write with everyone
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circo --sera: bryan johnson is due here in wrentham district court this morning for a probable cause hearing, on the elaborate tale he told that led to a massive manhunt. the 24-year-old suspended part-time police officer is accused of shooting up his own cruiser, then crashing it into a tree. the vehicle then burst into flames. johnson then allegedly radioed in, claiming he came under fire by a white man driving a maroon pickup truck. that set off a search for several hours across many towns. but it turned out the whole story was made up. johnson plead not guilty at this arraignment in early on several september charges, including misleading a police investigation. he' s been under home confinement and due back in court this morning. emily: a mystery in western massachusetts. a bag of human bones buried near established graves in a cemetery. ludlow dpw employees were working on an expansion at island pond cemetery when the bones were found.
5:31 am
bag was buried on purpose. it included bones from an adult who had a leg amputated most likely decades ago. serious criminal activity is not suspected. randy: 5 on the opioid crisis, there are new plans for a vacant building in new hampshire that was once home to a well-known business. the eye' s erika tarantal is here with the new idea to help those fighting addiction. erika: c.a. hoitt furniture in downtown manchester closed years ago. the building has been sold to developers who want to transform it into a recovery center for addicts. the building is 37,000 square feet and will offer temporary housing as well as recovery services through local non-profits. this building and it is amazing. and having the upper two floors recovery housing. erika: the building is near the the hope is to get the recovery center open in the next few
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months. a man arrested in a home invasion that left a teen tied emily: what police say the suspect did that same night. and new this morning, getting fit for a lot less money. the trendy new way to work out, without splurging on a gym membership. to enjoy a snow day.
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olessa: a live look outside at the pike. looking good in both directions. eastbound moving away. accident-free ride. no construction to contend with. emily: it is 52 right now in boston with clear skies. we will see a period of clouds mixed with sunshine around midday. that' s a cool front. temperatures hold in the 50' s with the gusty breeze this afternoon but a bright start your weekend on saturday, lower 50' s. mild, but mostly cloudy skies on sunday. emily: workout anywhere and take your favorite trainers with you. more and more people now streaming fitness classes for a fraction of the cost of a gym membership. but do you get the same results and are they worth your money? , workout while staying in. real-world club crunch gym offers crunch live. for $9.99 a month, you can
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from any device at any time. boot camp, dance, and yoga classes all available through the service. daily burn is strictly online. $14.95 a month gets you a variety of workout choices with access to personal trainers as well as to and if you' re looking for something more unique -- >> this medium allows us to bring krav maga to the world. emily: for around $20 a lesson, you can even take self-defense training online. the costs all much cheaper than the average $58 monthly gym membership, but is it worth it? >> anything that gets us moving as a population is a pro, that' s good. emily: lenore herget is a senior physical therapist at mass general hospital. she likes the streaming idea but says you should change up your workouts to avoid injury. >> variety is key. so working on mobility, so stretching, as well as strengthening and stability. emily: it' s also important to listen to your body, especially with no trainer or teacher there watching your form. if something doesn' t feel right, just stop.
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mass general also has an online resource detailing proper form for many common exercises. randy: we will steer clear of you boxing. kids hitting sick at school. the symptoms hitting about 60 kids. an older couple attacked. the only line of defense when her car ran out of gas. plus, a man kept his million dollar lottery prize a secret from his wife. his reason for not telling her right away.
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cooks ready with your news to go in foxborough, providence, and erica with new information in the bella bond case. randy: by cindy has her forecast for the holiday weekend. cindy: we get 49 hours this weekend instead of 48. emily: 75 yesterday? cindy: we will be back close to average which is 57. be prepared for more seasonal temperatures today. 52 in boston. notice the wind at 14 miles per hour, still a little breezy. 48 and beverly. mid 40' s and plymouth. it is a cooler start. skies mainly clear.
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to the north there is a frontal boundary and this front will bring in some cloud cover as we get for late morning and midday and then the wind shifts to the northwest behind it and that will start to bring in cooler temperatures. we will hold it in the 50' s, lower 50' s through the worcester hills, upper 50' s on cape cod. a cold, dry start to the weekend. halloween day on saturday is the brighter weekend day. notice the high slides eastward saturday night. more clouds with a southerly wind. i think most of the shower activity stays to the north so mainly a dry weekend. looks good for the trick-or-treaters. sunset at five: 39. it looks like temperatures right around 50 degrees. a little chilly by about 10:00 in the evening. temperatures recover nicely on sunday. mostly sunny skies on saturday. sunday, upper 50' s, mostly cloudy. olessa: no complaints so far.
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northbound side moving to the left. traffic getting by without any complaints. so far not releasing any volume. let' s get over to the maps and check out the rest of your trip making your way to boston. construction-free morning. northbound, little volume into the braintree split. the pike looks good. a little bit of a delay 93 southbound. trains and buses on schedule. emily: breaking overnight, the senate votes to pass a budget and debt deal that avoids what could have been a catastrophic default. that was just days away from happening. the deal raises the debt ceiling for the next two years until march 2017. it also sets the budget for the next two fiscal years. it now heads to the president for approval. randy: the patriots still unbeaten in the regular season. emily: the eyeopener' s antoinette antonio is live at gillette with the 7-0 record. antoinette: tom brady doesn' t
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that was no different last night. he is passing the praise onto his teammates, including gronk. >> what a playmaker he is. he is just an amazing player. it is a privilege to play with them. he is phenomenal. antoinette: gronk started things off early grabbing a 47 yard pass from brady, putting that first touchdown on the board. and the pats never looked back. number 12 throwing four over. the final score 36-7. the pats can take a little bit they are hosting the redskins in foxborough on november 8. that is the latest, live from jeanette stadium, antoinette antonio. emily: this lexington school reopens today after a scare for students and teachers. several people heard a loud bang inside the estabrook school. the school was evacuated as a precaution. inspectors believe that noise
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was from a bolt expanding as the seasons change, something they say is normal for newer buildings. emily: a providence man charged in the vicious beating of an elderly couple in court today. the 25-year-old is accused of hitting the husband and wife in bat. the couple, in her 70' attacked wednesday night. they ran out of gas. police say the man ran out of the house screaming and viciously attacked the couple. the white was found unconscious most of the husband had his eye swollen shut and could not speak. we will continue to bring you the latest of elements as soon as we get them. >> serious discipline could be on the way for a dcf worker who evaluated the case of bella bond. the agency will scrutinize that person' s previous work. in a debate report on the employee largely copied old information for evaluations on
5:41 am
bella' s mother in 2012 and 2013 and faulty information led to bella' s kay' s being closed. a spokesperson for the dcf workers union said a full review of the case and related decisions will shed light on whether discipline is warranted and at what levels will stop right now the worker is an adoption specialist at dcf. sera: the millis police officer who is accused of making up a story about coming under fire is due back in court this morning. in early september, 24-year-old bryan johnson allegedly shot up his own cruiser, then crashed it into a tree, causing the vehicle to catch fire. he called for help, claiming he was being shot at by a man in a maroon pickup truck. a massive manhunt was launched across several towns. but investigators determined johnson fabricated the events. he pled not guilty to several charges and has been under home confinement. today he returns to wrentham
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emily: at least one person injured after a fire at an apartment building in manchester, new hampshire. nearly two dozen people were forced out by the flames on clifford avenue. the person who was injured is being treated for smoke and elation. it is back there how the fire started, but investigators are looking at the back balcony. randy: right now, students at a lowell school are preparing to head back to class a day after dozens were sickened. this morning the school is still , front of figure out what caused the sudden headaches and nausea. cleaning crews were busy late last night, scrubbing and sanitizing sullivan middle school, where about 60 kids got sick. needed to go to the hospital. five labrie sentence emily: one year in jail for the new hampshire prep school student whose rape trial made national headlines. owen labrie is free on bail this morning while he appeals his conviction. the case, exposing a sex competition between male seniors at the exclusive st. paul' s prep school in concord.
5:43 am
labrie will now have to register as a sex offender. randy: a driver in this violent wreck is suffering serious injuries this morning. state police say the volvo was clipped by a kia as both were heading north on route 1 in wrentham yesterday. that forced the volvo to cross the highway and slam head-on into a tractor trailer. no charges have been filed. emily: wynn resorts offering new specifics about its plan for the sullivan square rotary, a route customers would take to its planned casino in everett. wynn will spend $10 million for improvements, including wider traffic signals. company reps met with boston city officials yesterday. the city filed a new lawsuit last month trying to block the project. randy: wynn executives have unveiled a handful of changes to the original design for the hotel and casino complex in the changes don' t affect the overall plans significantly. wynn plans to eliminate a 25,000 square foot nightclub for a
5:44 am
lounge instead. emily: a homeless sex offender is charged in a frightening home invasion. peter bardzick is charged with breaking into an andover home in july and tying up the 16-year-old girl inside. police say he stole money and took off. bardzick is accused of breaking he' s a level-three sex offender and is already being held on other charges. s the senate' s turn to vote on the budget bill that would fund the u.s. government for the next two years. the house approved the measure earlier this week following negotiations between the white house and leaders in both parties. >> paul ryan. emily: the new house speaker plans to wipe the slate clean. congressman paul ryan says he hopes to heal divides within the republican party. former massachusetts governor mitt romney, who picked ryan as his running mate in 2012, was there to watch ryan be sworn in yesterday. outgoing speaker john boehner' s last day on capitol hill is saturday. randy: an intense fire battle at
5:45 am
angeles. raw materials made the flames hard to control for firefighters. no one was hurt. emily: a new study finds singing to a crying baby is more soothing than simply talking to calm them. babies listening to music were calm for twice as long as those being talked to. the study shows babies get carried away by the music suggesting they have the mental , capacity to be enthralled by music like adults. randy: the pittsburgh penguins stepping it up for a young fan after this man snatches his souvenir. just as the buffalo sabres coach tries to hand him the puck, this man steps in and grabs it. penguins fans booed him, and rightly so. luckily, the mascot found the little guy and gave him a puck and added a little bonus -- a jersey. the team later tweeting, you deserve it, little man. >> it' s cold out there. what' s it'
5:46 am
s cold out there. >> snow day. emily: patriots fan favorite rob gronkowski is at it again in this latest nike ad. gronk celebrating snow days with other nfl players. finding the silver lining in new england weather. randy: absolutely cute. keeping secrets from your spouse can cost you. but it sure paid off for an upton man. raymond hazell' s been buying scratch tickets for years using money from a secret retirement slush fund his wife didn' t know about. he finally cashed in when he won $1 million on a ticket he bought at hopkinton wine and spirits. he surprised his wife with champagne and roses and of coarse that prize winning check. ,emily: all is forgiven. randy: it worked out. cindy: sometimes it is better when you don' t know certain
5:47 am
things. a surprise out the door this morning, yesterday it was so warm, around 70' s. back to reality today. we aren' t getting out of the 50' s. the week and looks great and it is a mild start next week. the jetstream will take a trip back to the north, putting us in above average temperatures. warming it up again. 45 and worcester, plymouth, 45. 52 in boston. clear skies now but to the north, there is a reinforcing shot of colder air with a frontal boundary. it is producing a couple of showers. as a drop southward, notice the wind kicks up around midday. we will see some clouds coming in, but that is it. i don' t expect anymore. it loses its punch. lower 50' s through the worcester hills. 57 in boston, upper 50' s on cape cod with a northwesterly wind. it settles down tonight. called.
5:48 am
36 s on cape cod. high clouds fill in, but the saturday night into sunday. sunday will be a milder day, but mostly cloudy and to the weekend. this is the week and that daylight saving time ends. before you go sleep on halloween night. sunset at 4:38 on sunday. daylight, we' re losing that, but notice the temperatures are spiking up again next week. it looks like a dry pattern with temperatures in the 60' s, maybe even touching 70 by tuesday of next week. i would call that a treat. let' s get you to the roads. olessa: so far, no problems. looking at the expressway, you can see the northbound side still looking pretty good, not picking up too much of those rush-hour delays. check out the maps into boston, a quite start. south of there, good on 24. route 3 and 95 expressways, 10 to 15 braintree into boston.
5:49 am
the pike looking good. 495 to 128. 93 south. trains and buses also running on schedule. randy: a new person under the microscope in the death of a toddler. emily: the governor' s due focus in the bella bond case. a plane burst into flames on the runway. the observation just moments before takeoff that may have saved lives. randy: a very pleasant start to this friday morning. it is halloween weekend. lots of activities tonight. in salem, having a crazy time, as always.
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