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tv   News Center 5 at 1100  ABC  November 12, 2015 1:07am-1:37am EST

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ed: why former spores ancr bob ed: why former sports anchor bob lobel is suing a local golf course. heather: in sickness and health. a plymouth's wife's lifesaving gift to her husband. harvey: another storm on the way. the timeline on the rain it will bring. ed: how this virtual battlefield is helping veterans deal with life after war. ed: right now, a warning about an online trap luring in more victims. good evening, i'm ed harding. heather: and i'm heather unruh. victims think they are meeting up for dates. but they are getting something much different. newscenter5's jorge quiroga is live in boston. jorge. f.m. they found shelves staring done the barrel of a gun instead. six incidents in the past five weeks. unsuspecting on-line daters finally arranging a meeting in person, only to be robbed at gunpoint. >> the sad thing that is so many people are des fright meet someone, they don't use common sense. jorge f. she owns match make in boston. every introduction she makes is
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she suspects the victims broke the cardinal rule are of on-line match making you never want to go anywhere where you are going to be line. jorge. the armed suspect always a man. the hold-up in mattapan andor capital chester. boston police it is part of a a fishing jem the robber pretendeds to be someone else after setting up a fake online profile. easy to do as one click. all i have to do is create new facebook file. i can take a photo from brever. jorge. police are not saying what dating service or apps were used. >> it is sad. there are a lot of vulnerable people throughout, who are dying for a relationship. and i hi they bre all caution to the wind by getting excited for a date, that they don't think twice. jorge. again, boston police tonight warning anyone meeting on-line connection to only do sign public place.
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never at place the other person has chosen. always do so letting other people know where you are. live in pos ton, jorge quiroga, wcvb newscenter 5. heather: boston is drying out after a rainy and windy veterans day. but more wet weather is right around the corner. meteorologist: not a ton. i won't think we get a real break interns of sunshine. heather: we get it at once? meteorologist: anyway, we will run done the rain fall amounts in full weather. look, there is still a little touch of drizzle here or there, two through parts of the area. that should be out of the commute. next system. moving through the midwest, it had snow on the west side, severe weather on the east side. i am not concerned about severe weather here. bands of showers will be with us before tomorrow is over. notice how the clouds are around early tomorrow. then around lunch-type. the first of a couple of showers could be falling west with of
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boston but during the lateer afternoon flash the commute, that i do expect rounds of showers in the area, so keep the rain gear handy for the second half and the latter portion of the day tomorrow. as far as temperatures are concerned, as you start the day out tomorrow, expect it to be in the 40's if the skies clear previously, it will drop back to the 36 answer cool spots during the day tomorrow. we should make it up to 50-55 degrees. notice, by the latter part of the day, the rains moving in t. i will let you know he about wind and changes temperature-wise, the weekend all of that straight ahead. ed: tonight, we learning a convicted felon accused of dragging two police officers with his car used to be uber driver. take a look. it shows the legs of a boston police officer sticks out of the car driven by gilbert. uber admits that the initial background keck was missed. gilbert's six license suspension and a record that includes drug possession was passed over thisment the are current uber
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there are issues. >> the ire of driver is easy. it is risky for a customer. >> that would have never happened. ed: filbert was fired after uber beefed up the back ground check. heather: new at 11:00, a helpless dog trapped at the bottom of an old well. getting him out proves to be no simple task. newscenter5's john atwater is live in taunton with the new video of the rescue. john: the only way in was bayousing a 25-foot ladder. >> ok, buddy. >> close your eyes, plin. john: firefighters try to call them dog. they carefully hoist him out of the cold, dark, deep, well. i couldn't believe how deep it was. it was probably 20-25 feet at least. >> i was praying he was ok. john: as team worked to rescue him.
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>> he looked scared. john. the family watched nervously. >> his har are rowing adventure began monday night. i heard him barking. always barking. i didn't think any thing of it. the family served and searched but for some reason, the pooch stayed silent. 25 feet underground. it was not until the next morning, the kids noticed the old wood on the well was gone. >> looking up at us. john. they called firefighters. i started talking to the dog and telling them, its ok, putty. that happened is on the maim. na was funny. john. putty stayed remark brbly calm. >> you made it, putty, boy. john: buddy emerged would you tell scrape oar a broken bone. >> we are lucky he is a live. john: his family relieved he survived and so are his parents. they went in. they ate a bunch milk bones and celebrated. john.
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and buddies now enjoying al the mill am bone he wants. the family does not want it to happen again, they do plan to fill in that old well. live in taunton tonight, john atwater, wcvb newscenter 5. ed: this is few at 11:00 fall dual is telling customers to keep playing. fanduel and boston-based draft king have the order after new york's attorney general declaredded them illegal. draft kings promising to fight to stain business in new york. massachusetts is looking into the companies as well. the attorney general says, the decision in new york won't affect the crout come of the investigation here. >> anybody looking that acknowledges, it is a form of gambling. we lay the stock market. all different ways unwhich gambling may happen. >> draft kings and fan dual argue that it is a game of strategy not a game of chance. heather: new at 11:00, a convicted sexual predator fights to get off the sex offender registry. now his victim is trying to stop it. newscenter5's phil lipof is here.
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phil, the law might not be on her side? phil: it is amazing that's the case, heather. you right in. this stems from a recent ruling from new hampshire supreme court, you but you one victims doing everything she can to fight the system. >> this is not a 17-year-old that made a mistake. this is a grown man that hurt a child for ten years over and over again. phil: the thought of that man, now you trying to debt off the sex person to registry is horrifying at best for his victims whose eye condition ty we'll protect. >> you when you a are murder, any more. is a sex offender. he doesn't get to be not a sex offender any more. phil: the man who pleaded guilty back in 1987 has been lieded by the courts to go by john doe. he brought a lawsuit against the state bass he wanted to equal by for pub brick housing and was not allowed to bases on the rg industry. in february, the supreme court ruled the gene cons slicked
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prior to 1994 before lifetime restriction en acted. they can apply to get of the rg industry. the coalition against sexual violence says the process not regulated enough. >> a hand aful of sex offenders have been removed the registry without hearings and without any of having any is passion. ask. ed: not this time. not this survivor. she's not that scared little girl from 30 years ago. >> i am not afraid. i am here. my voice is going to be heard time. phil: the attorney didn't want to participate in the story the coalition against domestic and sexual violence wants ledgegation that would create clear guideline for someone to get off that would include victim notification. heather? heather: investigators are working to find the cause of a fire that destroyed a historic new hampshire inn. the owner had to be carried to safety as smoke filled the armont inn in campton just after 4:00 this morning. a neighbor who heard popping sounds and spotted the flames
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called 911. ed: this is less than 24 hours after pundits called him the win wither and senator ted cruz heads to new hampshire. heather: he was looking to capitalize on that buzz. he held a town hall in cunningston putting the focus on the role of the u.s. military on this this vets day. voters eager to get a closer look at the candidates. >> stand up. stand up. if we stand up to the soviet union and key fend our rights, then will be damned we lose them to our own government. heather: tomorrow morning, cruise in concord, new hampshire to reg are the name in the first of the primary. ed: bob low bills sueing a newton golf course suing discrimination. wrongly denying the right to use the specialized golf cart for the disabled and seeking a quarter of a million in damages. >> they said you cannot autos
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it wasn't that i fot play. i could play. you can not use that cart here. ed: woodland's manager says he can play the course but can not use the cart in the bunkers. safety concerns, concerns over this greens because a test showed that the golf cart caused significantp impressions and tears on the greens during the test. ed: next on wcvb newscenter 5. heather: veterans on a virtual batfield. the high-tech therapy wounds you can not see. ed: new video of a home blown apart. the deadly plosion. the crime that may have caused it. meteorologist: barely done with one storm. the other one on the way.
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ed: stunning video tonight of the moment a home exploded in elizabeth, new jersey. one person killed, more than a
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dozen injured. it happened this morning as people inside the multi-family home were preparing for work and school. tonight, investigators are looking into whether someone inside the house was illegally tapping into a natural gas line. ed: neighbors say they smelled gas before going to bed last night. experts say that's a warning sign you can't ignore. heather: life saving gift for her husband. eye cannot believe we have gone through all of this. it is truly amazing. it is. facing a health crisis and she, it turns out, one of the few who can save him. mary saladna live in plymouth with how they are doing tonight. mar arery? mary: heather, six days after transplant surgery, they are back at home. both getting stronger every day. >> i am going to be the one to jeff you my kidney. mary. mag ann white knewle from the start she would be the one to save her hus opinion's life. prad wait's kidney failed. both of them out of the brew. >> i am 34 years old.
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it was complete sot system. two kids that was crazy. you cannot imagine. mary. ed were has big family, but in in the it was meg fan be who washingtons the perfect match. >> god wants me to be the one. i know. brad was nervous. i don't want to see her go through. what is going to hap wen the kids and both of us and god forbid anything happened. mary. megan within out. the doctors reassured them it was kaddocision. >> we, you know, encouraged people to find a living donor and so, soon they don't have to wait. they can get transplants soon and get off dialysis soon. mary: the pact they are husband and wife just one week after transplant surgery, mag gn and brd at back at home in plymouth with the 9-year-old gabe and 2-year-old hawley. they have support from family and friends and have so much to be thankful for. i cannot believe we have done
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rule to lay amazing. >> i think wilt make us a lot closer. heather:nd are mary. for now, this family is focusing on thanksgiving and giving thanks. in plymouth, mary sa plad, wcvb newscenter 5. ed: speaking of giving thanks. our five on veteran's coverage continues tonight. healing wounds can you not see. heather: just learned of this. doctors are use virtual realley toy bring veterans back to the now. >> right now, i am in the driver's seat of the humvee. clearly, in a coni have, on road in afghan tan. >> the distinct memories of life on the front lines. >> the gunner up in the turret. >> the harsh reality of war. everywhere you look. >> every are one remember ares this. vividly. >> veterans of ter battlingle to overcome the experience when they come home. the stress of it can really be
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>> ted works with home, a support program were are the red sox foundation a. a big part is avoidance. it. avoiding reminders. avoiding talking or thinking about event then also, perhaps, distance. >> harvey says face aing those memories can actually heal the wounds and that is are where this comes in. vertual reality therapy. >> for the second vehicle in convoy. >> joshua works with home is about and shows us how it works. >> you see the mountains. >> during tream, a therapist brings streetrance back to the event that triggers their trauma. they can ad and i real life effects to mirror memory. >> i.d.'s or a friend in the vehicle with them that was injured or killed. >> a footplate sheiks to memmic mo e. they can even release spell smells like weapon fire and diesel fuel to enhance the reality. >> it is just sort of easier to place yourself back there when it is a full-ed disk perience
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like that. >> egan is a veteran ups, deployed to iraq and afghanistan. he says the transition from the battlefield to regular life happens in a matter of days. it is a lot to handle. >> that sort of trick transition is what causes anxiety. >> the person starts to get down on themselves because the life is starting to kind of of crumble around them. >> harvey says virtualle reality success. stud i dids show veterans with post-traumatic stress who use it need less tream. >> if you can get a quicker response that more people would be likely to finish treatment. it is hard work. i have seen people really make pigng chas in their lives that you know, are powerful for them. >> harry says the treatment is not for everyone. and they start slowly. they can ease the veterans into the treatment. vittual reality testimony at home base pis to get upgrade so it can prevent more scen mar yeses that the troops may have experienced.
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ed: stimulates all the sense. the sense of smell. the sense of sight. the sense of feeling or floor move. heather: it is fascinating. ed: yeah. heather: it seems like it do good. ed: we aired hour-long special help veterans. we scud to doe hate to help them continue that work. heather: you gave more than $100 thousand. and it is not over. we're still counting. you can still give. the phone lines are closed. you can text veterans to 9199. or you can log on to home base. base./donate. i hope you will. ed: in 40 minutes, it is 11:18 at night. a bright colorful salute tonight. the bridges all lit up. life changing from red to blue oftering all kinds. look at the white at the top. sin it georgous? it is pretty. very receipt pri t. the weather is prettier today. meteorologist:s that how it
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some of us had a lot of rain. some of us not so. the vineyard and cape cod hat the bulk of it. vineyard almost two inches. wear happ, inch and a half. boston, a little over a half inch. worcester shall not even a quarter. some more, over 2-point inches of rain. marshfield, over two inches. beverly, three quarters of anp in. concord mass, only a quarter. look. only barely over a tenth of an inch of rain. the winds were strong. rockport over 50 and scituate to nantucket and blue hill, 600 feet up. the winds with gusting between 40 to 50 miles per hour. there is another look at boston tonight. there is still a little fine touch of missen the air in some places. temperatures is 46. dewpoint is close to when temperature and a dewpoint are close. the airs saturated and the low levels that he is how you get clouds or fog or drizzle or combination and right now, we have that channel north to north early wind. that is at time.
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the winds have come way down were what they were. look at that. only 2 miles per hour in springfield. notice they are tilting north-northeast to the low levels? we continue to have a damp low level ple. we have are it cleared now. still one gusts to talk about. that is down to man ticket. 28 miles per hour. it is def lnt i waning the wind with that is. all right. here are temperatures. very krahn form in the 40's. the way you will start the day tomorrow. here is a little bit of sprinkle or drizzle around the region. but i am watching the next quickly. it is going to the mid west and snow on the cold side of it. it did have severe weather end parts of missorry today ap a few other sos and nowp becoming an area of showers as it moves. you can see it is moving along so before tomorrow is out. you will need umbrella again for more showers and periods of rain. let me give a the idea on the timeline of this. first of all. the be front makes the approach tomorrow afternoon into the evening. that is when we have our chance of showers then the front comes through.
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after it comes through, it will be quite windy on friday. not that kill ry. until this little troughp comes through overnight friday night and that will turn it much chellier for saturday. here is a good close look at the showersp coming in after lunchtime. then last looing the evening commute. then ending during tomorrowing in the. some breaks of sun with the strong winds on friday then we see perhaps a prove shower during friday night and early saturday. mostly in the hilly der are in then the clearing skies come in for the rest of saturday. that is dad new also. all right. these are temperatures tomorrow. we make it to 50. 55 degrees. tomorrow afternoon, and evening shower, very windy amentioned on friday. then saturday, the coldest day of the next bunch. jet stream takes temporary dip to the south. guess what m by the time we get none day, we will watch the jet stream go the other way. it will with warm things all over again. finally, we want to let you know. it will be fine. temperatures starting in the. >> 's. dropping back to 45 to 50 at the end of the game. the game of course is down in new jersey.
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and so far, weather has been fine for al the am gas and we liked the results those of games as well. hoply that will happen all over again. heather, ted? ed: a lot of talk about cups.
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>> boy this is getting a lot of attention, isn't it?
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a group now urging followers flock to dunkin donuts this holiday season. >> all because of the coffee cups because of the attention is getting it is making one wonder. >> dunkin showed of the holiday cuts today and obviously still on the left of your screen and features joy with wreaths and holly. a faith-based group wants people to head to the left to head to dunkin instead of starbucks. >> either company. heather: how can you exist in the day and age without coffee? >> i don't know. they could have used a jolt tonight. they got a lot of support were the men and women of the armed
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celtics two-game winning streak is over. spaghetti night. the last two weeks wednesday had belonged to the indiana pacers, another wednesday win over the celtics.
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century with these two teams. rain moved the patriots indoors. new york giants sunday at 4:25 in the meadowlands. there's plenty yf history this century with these two teams. bill belichick asked about tom brady being mentioned as the league's midseason mvp. >> they got really good players, obviously well coached. we had very, very close games against them when we won. haven't as many wise have liked to have won. bill belichick asked about tom brady being mentioned as the league's midseason mvp. >> i don't think any wince focused on that. some midseason report card like who cares. what difference does it make? like give me an "f" it doesn't matter. ing now, we're focused on the giants. that is al i care about.
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i am wor are ry about trying to peat the giants. he don't care about some midseason midterm grades. give whatever you want. i don't care. >> i i will give you a "w "how is that into on this veterans day we present joe the only active fashional league football player who is active member of the united states military. >> it means a great deal. >> it tacks a tremendous a. pride as every service peb out there. >> and you know, just as american citizen, a great day to reflect ob the sacrifices that are made by the military and those that service row tech. this is something i wanted to do. my dad thanks the navy so i grew up around it. you know, that was always the golf mine to service the country. >> thanks to gentlemen and all the men and women who sacrificed and served for all of us. >> amen. >> amen. absolutely. >> thanks to everyone who supported our efforts tonight raising $100 thousand.
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>> great. >> yeah. >> great. >> still counting. >> a couple of seconds left as the worldle resumes tomorrow. back to work and school. >> what do you look forward ton up the morning? >> kind of a gray morning. kind can of a damp end to the


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