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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  November 20, 2015 6:00am-6:59am EST

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announcer: now, on newscenter 5 eyeopener. emily: breaking overnight, a hostage situation at a hotel overseas. the warning for americans in africa. randy: also breaking, a man found a struggling at a bus stop in boston. a serious assault under investigation. emily: a sharon teenager killed in israel. his final act before dying in a terror attack. randy: congress blocking syrian refugees from the u.s. the tough entry restrictions as terror concerns linger. on the eye for this friday morning. announcer: you are watching wcvb , boston' s news later. good morning, this is newscenter 5 eyeopener. randy: rain moving towards the cape.
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emily: could make for a tough commute. cindy is tracking this. good morning, i' m emily riemer. randy: and i' m randy price. we had a tough drive. cindy: from west to east you will see improvements. dealing with here through 9:00 this morning. high impacts as you are getting ready to go on the roads through about 7:00 this morning. once you get beyond worcester, you see the rain has shut off. downpours from nashua to manchester, through the north shore as well. south of town down to where where him. rain coming down , not so nice in the. -- not so nice on the road. temperatures in the 50' s.
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by 10:00 or 11:00, rain falling. the rest of us seeing clearing skies. 52 in worcester, 56 in boston. temperatures in the 50' s with brightening skies. shifting wind to the north and west and it will cool down towards this evening. a changeable day and a tough ride on the roads with the rain and reduced visibility. olessa: hard to see. secondary roads, they might be a bit slippery. along the expressway, slow ride. the rain adding to problems. let' s get to the maps. 2 problem spots along 128 northbound by winter street, accident blocking one lane. a crash by route 2a. expect a link to be blocked. slowing things down north of
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the filling -- out of methuen . heavy delays out of brockton. a stuck truck, overhyped vehicle on soldiers road. a disabled car on the pike. trains and buses doing ok. randy: an update to breaking news right now. 20 hostages have been freed after gunmen storm a hotel in mali. randy: three people are dead. this is happening right now at the radisson blu hotel in the country' s capital. 170 hostages were taken, this is not far from the american embassy and americans are being told to shelter in place. islamic extremists took control of the northern part of mali following a 2012 military coup. randy: breaking overnight, boston police are investigating a serious assault after a man is found at a bus stop on washington street in the city' s south end. we' re told the man was taken to boston medical center with life-threatening injuries. no word on any suspects or arrests. emily: also breaking, 11 people are forced out of their home after this 2-alarm fire in brighton.
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around 1:30 this morning on champney street in the oak square neighborhood. firefighters are now looking for a cause. one firefighter was taken to the hospital for evaluation. right now, horror and heartache after a local teen is murdered in a terror attack in israel. randy: loved ones grieving the loss this morning. the eyeopener' s sera congi is in sharon where the community is searching for answers. sera: there are really two communities in morning. here in sharon where the young man grew up and in brookline, where he just graduated. he headed to israel to do charity work to give food to soldiers. ezra schwartz of sharon was one of five people killed in the attack yesterday. police say a palestinian man opened fire and rammed his car into a group of pedestrians. the teen' s high school is still trying to grapple with the news. >> the whole school went into
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upper school cancels classes and everybody came together to pray. >> this young, vibrant man, why was he cut down at 18 years old? sera: his rabbi says schwartz a year before heading to college. the rabbi is now calling on religious leaders around the world to step up and condemn violence. newscenter 5. randy: 5 investigates learning a hearing will be held today for the man charged with stealing guns from a worcester armory. james walker morales was based at the army reserve center until his discharge in 2013. he was arrested in may on sex assault charges, and investigators say he was wearing a gps bracelet when he broke into the armory saturday night. blood stains matching his dna were found inside. he was tracked down in long island, new york wednesday
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night. right now, a funeral is being planned for bella bond, the little girl we first knew as baby doe. her body has been released to her father. the family now planning a funeral and burial. the girl' s body had been in state custody since she was found on deer island in june. her mother and her mother' s boyfriend are charged in connection with the murder. emily: breaking developments overnight in the aftermath of the terror attacks in paris. the eyeopener' s erika tarantal is tracking overnight developments. erika: we' ve just learned a third body was found in the apartment where the so-called mastermind and his cousin or killed. also that abboud was spotted riding the paris subway. new details about the threat at home. on enforcement monitoring dozens of radicals. there are terror investigations in every state in the nation. fear after paris is turning political. the white house vowing the
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president will veto a new measure just passed by the house to dramatically tighten screenings of refugees from syria and iraq. we know isis is working to recruit nonstop on social media. federal officials promising they' re tireless, too. >> we are operating around the clock to disrupt any plot. erika: secretary of defense ash carter says the u.s. stands ready to change the rules of engagement to defeat isis. the french are stepping up attacks. emily: commitment boston mayor 2016, marty walsh is throwing his support behind presidential candidate hillary clinton. mayor walsh is expected to endorse clinton later this month. she is scheduled to headline a rally at faneuil hall on where walsh will give her his november 29, support. the mayor' s ties to clinton date back more than 20 years when he first got involved in politics. more controversy from donald trump. the republican presidential candidate telling a reporter in iowa, if elected president he would create a mandatory
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registry to track muslims in the u.s. since the attacks in paris, trump has called for new restrictions on civil liberties and enhanced surveillance including inside mosques. randy: a hit list with several names of students in seekonk is being investigated by police. they say the list threatened to cause harm to others. high school students and families involved in the list have been notified. the school is working closely with police to make certain appropriate steps are taken to ensure the safety of all students. emily: 5 on the opioid crisis. rochester, new hampshire taking new action in the fight against addiction. the goal, to protect little ones from poorly disposed needles. all emergency vehicles are now equipped with biohazard containers. the city has seen a spike in the number of discarded needles left on streets, parks and playgrounds. the needles potentially carrying drugs and disease.
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these. emily: a rochester teenager was found dead of an overdose in a motel room last month. are facing charges. randy: new at 6:00 the fda , giving approval to genetically modified salmon produced right here in massachusetts. aqua bounty takes the dna of a chinook salmon and the dna of an eel to create the fish. here you see a comparison, the genetically modified fish, much larger than your typical atlantic salmon. it' s being called a game changer, the first genetically modified animal product for your dinner table. just like genetically modified crops, the salmon does not have to be labeled. >> the only difference the food and drug administration could determine was that the salmon grows faster. nutritionally it is identical to salmon ground using conventional techniques. randy: critics are calling it franken-fish and are calling for labels so consumers know what they are eating.
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shelves. if you have concerns, you can always look for salmon that is labeled wild caught. corrections officers have a very difficult and sometimes dangerous job. emily:5 investigates looks at the disturbing number of officer suicides and what' s pushing them over the edge. plus, the nation' s largest health care provider could opt out of obamacare. the company considering the move, and what it' ll mean for millions of customers. randy: one huge diamond pushing profits for one company. the massive size of the coveted rock. erika? now, 20 hostages have been freed after african country of mali. 170 people were initially taken hotel. 10 gunmen stormed the hotel, arabic. cindy: rain continues to move
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heaviest up and down the eastern coast of massachusetts. we timeout when it ends and what is in store for the weekend. rain is making steady progress out of worcester
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5. we are in plymouth getting ready for the thanksgiving day parade. >> we are always happy to see channel 5 joining the celebration. s hometown. our name on the placards. good morning to everyone at plymouth north. plymouth schools are going to be in the parade tomorrow.
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introduce you to the lucky eyeopener viewer who will be joining us. amanda whitley from hyannis will be getting the vip treatment tonight and tomorrow. america' s hometown thanksgiving we can' t wait. randy: it' s always a great time. on facebook, emily and i were trying on the eyeopener gear over the years. cindy: maybe you should put it on right now. emily: we want to save that. cindy: a lot of people are looking for to the parade. last year the weather was pretty nice. this year looks pretty good. and little chilly. 8:00 a.m., upper 30' s. 40' s for the opening ceremony. with a northerly wind,, it will feel cooler. wind kicking up this morning. rain coming down along 498 east.
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fitchburg over an inch of rain. norwood close to an inch. county. area. the couple more once you head out to the framingham area. natick and stretching towards needham as well. and back towards lakeville and stretching over towards providence, we still have some downpours. these are going to be filling in over the next hour. that is the focus to about 9:00. by 10:00 or 11:00, range of the exiting. the rest of us are going to be clearing it out. the day starts with wet weather but we are going to see sunshine this afternoon.
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plymouth. rain tapers off late morning. time. 40' s by this evening. that is on the other side of the from a boundary, that is where we are heading tonight. 37 downtown. tomorrow is cooler with temperatures to 40' s to near s. around 51. west. more moisture could keep the rain going in southeastern massachusetts. : off and dry weather for most of next week.
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morning. lots of problems and delays. there' leverett connector. heavy volume. a few other problems, south of town and 24 very heavy. by the braintree split, you' re right on route 3 is heavy. accidents on 128 on winter street and route 2z. 93 south heavy out of methuen. overhead vehicle stuck by the bu bridge. disabled car on the pike. trains and buses on schedule. an alarming trend uncovered by 5 investigates. high numbers of suicides amongst corrections officers at our state prisons. they help protect the rest of us from the worst of the worst. it' s a stressful, sometimes dangerous job, as this surveillance video from inside the souza baranowski
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correctional center shows. an inmate comes out of nowhere, stabbing a c.o. over and over, leaving an 8-inch shank stuck in his neck. he' s been out of work since then, suffering physically and mentally. 5 investigates found those are common issues facing men and women working at the state department of correction. 12 have taken their own lives in the past 4 1/2 years. investigative reporter kathy curran spoke with a correction officer who lost one friend to suicide, and was able to help another who was desperate and depressed. >> he said i' ve got a gun inside my nightstand. i really thought about using a couple times. i did not want to live through another loss of a friend. emily: the department of correction wouldn' t do an interview, but tells 5 investigates in a statement they' re trying to better understand how the stress affects their employees, and how they can provide more support. randy: 6:19. a warning from the nation'
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s largest health care provider and insurance company united health , says it may opt out of obamacare after 2016. the move would force millions of people to find coverage some place else. united health offers one of the lowest cost plans in the country right now. the company blames the affordable care act for giving individuals too much flexibility in changing their plans. that results in the draining of insurance profits. slow economic growth and the prospect of higher u.s. borrowing costs help the asian markets hold on to their weekly gains. u.s. stock futures are higher this morning a day after the dow slid 4 points to close at 17,732. emily: a halftime show without any human entertainers. and one of the biggest diamonds in the world, ahead. erika? erika: then new at 6:30, home depot selling products years after they should have been pulled from store shelves. the missed recalls. and hate crimes at harvard.
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photos into messages of support. we do continue to follow breaking news. 20 hostages just free from a radisson hotel in mali.
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>> we can' t out for children living with diabetes. >> right here at joslin diabetes center in boston. support diabetes awareness . randy: and in honor of national diabetes month the folks at joslin are holding a pretty cool raffle. the winner gets an invite for two to elton john' s oscar party in l.a. emily: we have the information posted on check it out. it. cindy: in worcester, rain still training through metrowest and boston. have not seen too much cave on
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will see it linger until 10:00 on cape cod. in boston through 8:00 or 9:00 we see rain. we hold it in the 50' s this afternoon . a few showers coming in sunday. randy: olessa is back with friday eyepoppers. olessa: diamonds are a girl' s best friend. take a look at this, the world' s second largest diamond has been discovered in southern africa. it' s more than 1100 carats. randy: wow. i can see that on you. quite the workout. olessa: the diamond, the largest found in more than 100 years, was dug up in a mine in botswana owned by the lucara diamond company. the company' s shares rose 32% after it unveiled the stone. randy: no doubt. olessa: it is too much. a halftime show goes to the dogs, sheep and monkeys. this happened during monday' s halftime game between the cincinnati bengals and the texans.
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the monkey cam video. the monkeys, dressed in bengals gear, are riding the sheep and herding dogs to the delight of the crowd. to the delight of everyone except the monkey. he' s like let me go home. randy: emily loves animals and costumes. emily: my favorite story, hard-hitting. olessa: i believe you. emily: important news. still ahead, facebook helping people get over their exes. the changes that will make it easier to move on. and new services to help guys get a wardrobe. the sites taking decisions out of shopping, and whether they' re
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to challenge yourself, and that's what we're doing at xfinity. we are challenging ourselves to improve every aspect of your experience. and this includes our commitment to being on time. every time. that's why if we're ever late for an appointment, we'll credit your account $20. it's our promise to you. we're doing everything we can to give you the best experience possible. because we should fit into your life. not the other way around. announcer: now, on newscenter 5 eyeopener. randy: a man found assaulted an injured at a boston bus stop.
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the clues police are following. emily: a community in morning after terror claims a young life. >> why was he cut down and 18 years old? emily: the act of kindness. randy: a hate crime at harvard. the tables are turning on whoever committed the vandalism. emily: and we' re following breaking news right now in the african country of mali. 20 people have been freed after gunmen stormed a radisson hotel. in hundred 70 people w ere held hostage in the african capital. three people are dead. we will bring you more information. randy: rain in new england. good morning, i' m randy price. emily: and i' m emily riemer, along with cindy and olessa. the rain is moving out, which is good news. cindy: the rain that fell
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olessa: the biggest impact is through eight :00 this morning. then notice how the impacts lesson by 10:00 a.m. by noon, rain is gone. still dealing with it around boston. intensity of the rain in the city is less than it was a couple hours ago. west of 128 towards 495 in worcester, rain is winding down. north of boston looking at decent downpours. another one around a gloucester area. yellows and orange where you seat downpour. foxboro to walpole and broxton to taunton, some decent downpours. the area to the south is starting to feel in. this is aiming for cape cod. we will see rain focus on southeast massachusetts in the next hour or so. continuing on the cape through 9:00 or 10:00 before things wind down. temperatures out the door in the 50'
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we hold temperatures through lunchtime. rain and sun emerges this afternoon. looking better for the ride home . let' s get you out to the roads. how are we doing? olessa: a few problem spots as well as heavy volume. zakim bridge and leverett connector delays. south of town, an accident on the expressway. the northbound crash. 24 north is heavy out of brockton. delays from sharon and route 3 has the from weymouth to braintree. 2 accident on 28, winter street and route 2a. 93 looks ok out of methuen. volume heavy to the leverett connector. disabled truck eastbound on the pike. trains and buses doing ok. emily: thank you. breaking overnight, boston police are investigating a serious assault after a man is found at a bus stop on washington street in the city' s south end. we' re told the man was taken to
6:30 am
boston medical center with life-threatening injuries. randy: also breaking overnight, one boston firefighter is injured after flames rip through a home in brighton. it happened around 1:30 this morning on champney street. those injuries are not believed to be serious. emily: right now a community is teenager is killed in a terror attack in israel. police say a palestinian man opened fire and rammed his car into a group of pedestrians including 18-year-old ezra schwartz. the teen was taking a year in israel after graduating from maimonides jewish day school in brookline. randy: and right now, vandalism in the halls of harvard law is being investigated as a hate crime. black tape found covering the pictures of black professors. emily: the eyeopener' s frank where students are fighting , back. frank this morning, students are : turning the tables as campus police investigate who did this. the defaced portraits were discovered thursday morning at
6:31 am
wassarstein lecture hall. angered over the message of hate, last night students decorated the portraits with messages of love and support. this one reads amazing professor, mentor and role model. and this one, you are brilliant and loved. >> it is important to show students of color and everyone in the community that acts of hatred and expressions of racism and oppression will not go on responded to. frank the dean of harvard law : has condemned the hate crime. students say the university was slow to act until they pressured the university to discuss what had happened. frank holland, newscenter 5. randy: a medical scare for former providence, rhode island mayor buddy cianci. he collapsed during the unveiling of his portrait at city hall last night. the -year-old was taken to the hospital briefly but is doing in fact, here he is out at a local restaurant later in the evening. before the incident, cianci joked about his past legal troubles, he had served time. saying his portrait is not the
6:32 am
randy: -- emily: right now, jurors are preparing to head back to court after a grueling day of testimony in the phillip chism murder trial. randy: antoinette antonio is at the courthouse in salem this morning. antoinette: the trial is entering its 5th day after some graphic testimony yesterday that focused on the moments before and after the 24-year-old teacher was murdered. the jury heard from one of colleen ritzer' s freshman students who was with the danvers teacher just before she was murdered. the now 16-year-old said she told ritzer how she was such a prosecutors say phillip chism also stayed that after school that day, and once the other student left, he followed rtizer to the bathroom, where he killed her. a janitor also took the stand, explaining that a language barrier is the reason he cleaned up the bloody restroom. chism'
6:33 am
mounting an insanity defense, saying he was suffering psychosis at the time of the murder. live in salem, antoinette antonio, wcvb newscenter 5. randy: 6:35 on this friday morning. a warning for home depot shoppers. emily: why some products should have never been sold. a service to give men style. the web site delivering a wardrobe, and whether it' s worth it. randy: and ahead in news to go, getting over your ex in the
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olessa: welcome back to the eyeopener. zakim bridge and leverett connector, watching accidents and spin outs across the morning. you want to be careful and give yourself extra travel time. volume does not look too bad. rain moving out. cindy: still hugging the coast line with embedded down pours in eastern massachusetts. in worcester, skies starting to clear. everyone is going to see sunshine into the afternoon. rain around this morning, 50' s today and cooler in the 40' s this weekend. emily: sounds good. new this morning, you' ve probably heard of subscription clothing services for women, pay a fee, get clothes sent to you once a month.
6:35 am
but what about the guys? a new crop of companies promises but are they worth your time and money? bryan stone is a working dad, father to three young boys. >> i have a lot of things i could be spending money on and that list. >> but he agreed to test out two subscription clothing services for men, trunk club and he says set up on both sites was in less than 10 minutes, he' d filled out a style profile of bombfell let him set a price range. he asked for nothing more $100. trunk club didn' t talk prices, though his stylist called him two days later. and a sneek peak at the clothes re sent. >> getting a preview of what i had the option to say, i' going to wear a tie with dogs on so just don' that in the package. >> bryan says he likes almost everything he received, but the
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his budget. >> genes were $190. the belt to hold them up was $100. 05:10:41 -- >> bombfell did honor his price settings but he was still disappointed. >> i did the lowest one which was 50 to $100 and everything they sent me was $100. emily: bryan ended up sending all the clothes back, there' s no charge if you do that within 10 days. and says while it didn' t take much time at all, for him, it just wasn' t worth the money. randy: updates ahead on one of our breaking news stories this morning. the hostage situation unfolding
6:37 am
randy: the eyeopener team ready with your news to go in cambridge, sharon and salem. emily: and erika is here with new, overnight developments in the paris attacks. firstly want to get to cindy on the forecast. cindy: heavy downpours scattered about. the rain is hugging the coast. take a look at how much grain fell, around an engine and a lot of spots, since birth -- fitchburg and natick with about an inch. widespread beneficial rainfall across the area. some downpours right now. pouring from north reading
6:38 am
towards georgetown. this is what we have seen, downpours. once you get west of the city of boston, out towards framingham, a couple sprinkles. for the back edge of the rain, closing in around 128 and software it' s back around 95. some rain around taunton and marshfield-plymouth. it is going to be shifting towards the cape and islands. rain in the south lists to the cape you can see that over the next hour. we focus on rain massachusetts, it will linger through about 10:00 on the cape. this afternoon. 50' s. 59 in plymouth. frontal boundary. as winds shift to the northwest, afternoon. day saturday.
6:39 am
a brighter weekend day in the upper 40' s. cooler tomorrow and the clouds and showers sunday. let' s get you to the roads. a tough ride. olessa: a live look outside, route one in saugus. let' s check out the rest of your trip south 24 heavy out of brockton. expressly accident working at the braintree split. route 3 heavy front weymouth to bring braintree. eastbound pike heavy out to 128. winter street and as you approach route 2a. 93 south ok out of methuen. volume heavy from wilmington to the leverett connector. trains and buses on schedule. randy: about 20 hostages have just been freed after gunman storm a hotel in mali. we know at least three people are dead. this is happening right now at
6:40 am
the radisson blu hotel in the country' s capital. about 170 hostages were taken. this isn' t far from the u.s. embassy and americans have been told to shelter in place. islamic extremists took control of the northern part of mali following a 2012 military coup. also breaking overnight, boston police are investigating a serious assault after a man is found at a bus stop on washington street in the city' s south end. we' re told the man was taken to boston medical center with life-threatening injuries. no word of this point on suspects or arrests. emily: more breaking news, 11 people are forced out of their home after this 2-alarm fire in brighton. it happened at a triple-decker around 1:30 this morning on champney street in the oak square neighborhood. firefighters are now looking for a cause. one firefighter was taken to the hospital for evaluation. right now, a local community is trying to make sense of a senseless act. randy: the eye' s sera congi is in sharon this morning where , loved ones are grieving the loss of an 18-year-old gunned
6:41 am
israel. sera: ezra schwartz was well known and loved here in his hometown of sharon. >> it is heartbreaking. we are heartbroken. sera: schwartz had just graduated maimonides school in brookline this year, and traveled to israel to do charity work. he was delivering food to soldiers when he was gunned down, one of five killed when a palestinian man went on a rampage. in brookline say schwartz had a in sharon, sera congi, wcvb newscenter 5. erika: breaking now, the paris prosecutor says a third body, a woman, was found in the apartment where the so-called mastermind of the paris attacks that massive terror raid wednesday. this as we get a clearer picture of the threat at home. though the fbi says there' s no specific threat there are terror
6:42 am
the nation some 900 in total , with dozens of radicals being monitored. isis, which just released a 3rd propaganda video, is working to recruit nonstop with a massive presence on social media. secretary of defense ash carter says the u.s. is at war with isis and is prepared to do more to fight the terror group. frank? frank: a hate crime at harvard law school is now under investigation by campus police. portraits of black professors were vandalized. pieces of black tape placed on the pictures in wassar-stine lecture hall. the defaced portraits discovered on thursday morning. in response to the message of hate, students decorated the same pictures with messages of love and support. one reading, amazing professor, mentor and role model. another, you are brilliant and loved. the dean of harvard law has condemned the hate crime. students say the faculty only responded after they were pressure. wcvb newscenter 5. antoinette: the murder trial of
6:43 am
philip chism continues today, after testimony yesterday before and after the murder. the jury yesterday heard from a student who stayed after before the danvers teacher was killed. a janitor also took the stand, explaining that a language barrier is the reason he cleaned the bloody bathroom where chism chism' s attorney has been mounting an insanity defense, saying he was suffering psychosis at the time of the live in salem, antoinette antonio, wcvb newscenter 5. convicted spy jonathan pollard has been released from federal prison. the american was jailed nearly 30 years ago for giving classified information to israel. he is on parole and is required to stay in the united states for at least 5 years. emily: a hearing will be held today for this man charged with stealing guns from a worcester armory. 5 investigates learning james walker morales was based at the army reserve center until his
6:44 am
discharge in 2013. he was arrested in may on sex assault charges, and investigators say he was wearing a gps bracelet when he broke into the armory saturday night. he was tracked down in long island, new york wednesday night. a warning about products sold at after they have been recalled. between 2012 and 2015. they range from cables to shop lights to garage door openers. the consumer product safety commission warns that home depot also sold the recalled goods to salvagers and recyclers, who may have passed them on to consumers. randy: social media site facebook is trying to help you through a break-up. the company is testing a new breakup protection tool that saves users from constantly seeing their former partner' s posts and pictures as they scroll down their feeds. users would also be allowed to remove their names from posts linking them to their ex.
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emily: a big win for the bruins and an even bigger night for loui eriksson. he' d put the b' s up 2-1 in the 2nd period last night against the wild. and just about 3 1/2 minutes later, he makes it but he wasn' t 3-1. finished. hats off in the third period. eriksson helps the bruins take it home 4-2. bruins host the maple leafs tomorrow. randy: lots of excitement for the patriots-bills game, monday night football. our countdown kick out show with the live from gillette stadium. mike lynch will be one on one with bill belichick and bob halloran has an exclusive with gronk. don' t miss our coverage starting at 8:00. emily: rain making for a tough commute. cindy: traffic on route one in saugus does not look good. olessa: lots of delays and a couple accidents, 24 northbound out of randolph. route three from weymouth to braintree. a crash expressway north as we
6:46 am
expressway over half an hour. northbound 128, 1 accident by route 2a clearing and another north of route 20. 93 south looks ok out of methuen . volume picks up in wilmington near 125, stop and go to the leverett connector. in good shape with trains and buses. this is just about out of here, right? cindy: but this is what it looks like in boston, not the nicest start to your friday. a huge turnaround, the sun is going to be out shortly. we are seeing that metrowest and worcester county. downpours around boston. rain around new. ton. some heavy showers to the south. you can see a cluster of heavy rain through the north shore heading to newburyport and brockton. along the easternmost part of
6:47 am
on the cape over the next hour or two. through 9:00, we are going to have showers over cape cod. should be exiting. sunshine. 52 in worcester, 57 in boston. 60 employment. temperatures will hold in the 50' s through the afternoon as the sun emerges. around sunset we see temperatures come down quickly. cooler air on the backside of the frontal boundary. high pressure for your saturday. clearing out tonight, 20' s and 30' s for overnight lows. tomorrow, it is in the 40' s. upper 40' s to near 50. the brighter of the two weekend days. sunday, a lot of clouds. a front approaches to the west, not a lot of moisture. see the low sneaking up the coast? that might bring steady rain that could linger into sunday night.
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has attends, while perhaps overreaction, is understandable in a time of overreaction. many fear any intake of syrian refugees will be a trojan horse, inviting jihadist to unleash destruction on u.s. soil. with more porous borders in europe, the current u.s. process requires two years of vetting through several agencies. the severity of this crisis has the president saying he will accept 10,000 refugees, on an expedited this is an enhancing the risk. conservative governors are joining the resistance movement. it makes sense to scrupulously screen refugees in the new age of terrorist warfare , sleeper cells, suicide bombers and encrypted technology, the process by which our government scrutinizes immigrants from any
6:50 am
adapting to an ever-changing era of global conflict. let' s not respond to either the paris tragedy or the refugee crisis in a knee-jerk fashion. as a nation of immigrants, demagoguery will not solve the issue. as we debate the correct course
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people are sick and tired of establishment politics, zand they want real change! [ cheers and applause ] bernie sanders -- husband, father, grandfather. r he's taking on wall street and a corrupt political system r that keeps in place a rigged economy. p bernie's campaign is funded by over a million contributions -- r people like you, who see the middle class disappearing and want a future to believe in. i'm bernie sanders,
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