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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  December 11, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> two people killed in a shooting in revere. the questions about the violence. >> a runaway train lands an mbta worker off the job. the growing safety concerns. >> canada welcoming syrian refugees with open arms. >> you are watching wcvb, boston' s news leader. good morning, this is newscenter 5 eyeopener. emily: a very heated exchange
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the disagreement leading to quite the scuffle. good morning. antoinette: i' m in for randy this morning, along with cindy. you are keeping your eye on that fog. it is so thick everywhere. cindy: this is widespread. a dense fog advisory. the visibility is about two miles. in boston, a third of a mile. last year, it was under a quarter of a mile. widespread fog this morning. but it is mild. low 50' s out the door this morning in plymouth.
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worcester county -- a few 30' s through northern worcester county. once we hit lunchtime, the clouds break up, the fog is gone, partly sunny skies through the afternoon. temperatures are going to respond. by about 10:00 a.m., we should be around 50 degrees. mid-to-upper 50' s this afternoon. another warm day on the way. the greatest impacts through 9:00 a.m. kevin: good morning, cindy. thank you. the fog is getting worse in the brighton stretch of the mass pike. let' s take a look at the map. very heavy on the south side of town. braintree up to the o' neill tunnel. 93, slow going getting to the expressway.
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rollover crash taking up the left lane. not really affecting your ride too much here. up to the north, 93 busy through 495. if you are taking the trains, subways are running on time. emily, antoinette. emily: kevin, thank you. breaking overnight, shots ring out at a home in revere. two people are dead, but this is still a developing situation. antoinette: frank holland is live with what we know. frank? frank: we know the third person shot in this incident is in the hospital with critical injuries. the shooting happened on the first floor of this triple-decker on wade street. neighbors heard at least six shots ring out. someone then pulled a fire alarm. at least one of the victims was
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>> we saw a man lying on the floor on his back with what appeared to be a bullet hole in him. >> he was screaming for help. frank: right now, it is not clear which of the victims were killed. investigators are trying to figure out a motive for the shooting. at this hour, no suspects or arrests have been made in the case. emily: frank, thank you. a veteran mbta operator is under train. antoinette: this red line train without a driver. 5 investigates was the first to uncover the man who should have been on the job is now off the job. was supposed to be behind the controls when the train left the station. he
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no answer when news 5 knocked on his door. after the red line train was unmanned for nine minutes, he is the primary focus of the investigation. controllers cut power to the third rail to slow it down. >> it could have been catastrophic. for both drains. >> something happens that should danger. sera: investigators say two different breaks should have been engaged before the officer left to check on a problem. the union released a statement saying that having a second employee on the train could have prevented this incident. that was eliminated back in 2011. emily: mbta safety is the topic
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are there enough safety controls in place? most of you say no. i had -- ahead, safety concerns being raised for all riders in this incident. four people are dead after a medical helicopter crash in california. the chopper was headed to a hospital in bakersfield . bad weather and rain initially posed a problem for search crews , but that was near clear answer --no clear answer on why the helicopter crashed. antoinette: the first plane carrying syrian refugees has arrived in canada and this is a major step by the canadian government as the debate rages in the united states. todd: this is just the first batch of refugees brought to north america from the war-torn region. the canadian government plane
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the new canadian prime minister was there to greet the new families. 25,000 refugees by the end of in the united states, there is still a battle over allowing refugees to resettle here. several governors have vowed to block it, while others, including massachusetts, have expressed reservations. president obama has said the u.s. would take in 10,000 syrian refugees over the next year. emily: a new concern in the isis threat. the terror group using legitimate passports possibly to travel to the u.s. homeland security is on high alert over its concerns that isis got its hands on at least one official passport printing machine. isis members have been found with fake passports in europe, most notably in the paris attacks. someone traveling on a syrian
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visa to come to the u.s. immigration records are being scoured. antoinette: two very different scenes as donald trump picks up a key endorsement in new hampshire. cheers inside the event. outside, protesters making it clear they do not support his recent comments on muslims. inside the hotel in portsmouth, he won the backing of the new england police but 11 at association. -- benevolent association. outside the hotel, many made it clear his stance on banning muslims from entering the country is not acceptable. >> they are outrageous. there is no other way to put it. >> a lot of hateful speech that is creating a problem for our country. emily: a new wall street journal poll finds the majority of americans oppose banning muslims
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rand paul and lindsey graham will be on the campaign trail in new hampshire today. >> the hunt for answers in the california shooting rampage moves underwater. investigators are diving into a lake for clues. fbi and local divers are dredging the lake three miles away. investigators are trying to determine if syed fg arook and tosh fema leak -- tashfeen am malik' s marriage was for the purpose of creating terror. the government will sign a new executive order to stop those on the terror watch list from buying guns.
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philip chism murder trial are postponed until monday. one of his lawyers is sick. the defense claims he was insane when he killed danvers high school teacher colleen ritzer inside the school. prosecutors say he is faking mental illness. a mother is sentenced to life in prison in the murder of her two-year-old son. kimberly pano was convicted of murder in the incident. she had been drinking and doing drugs before she beat her two-year-old. she initially blamed for the death of her husband. her life sentence will be automatically appealed. >> hidden dangers inside your home. >> the morning as you celebrate this holiday season. >> a recall focused on a popular brand of iced tea. >> a police officer charged with
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is found guilty. the punishment he faces this morning. >> breaking news, two people are dead after shots are fired inside a triple-decker in revere . we will have new information as it comes in. cindy: we have dense fog out there this morning. dense fog advisories until 9:00 a.m. the skies will brighten up today. first, take a look at the temperatures as you are heading out the door right now. we are talking about readings in the 40' s for a lot of us. holiday season's just like football season... you got your big games... ...and regular games. get it all at a great price... ...and the holiday season is won. everything in one place.
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holiday season's just like football season... you got your big games... ...and regular games. get it all at a great price... season is won. everything in one place. my stop & shop. >> good morning, we are the
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had a fantastic session with cindy. we would like to say -- >> good morning, boston! >> good morning to all of you. why wouldn' t they be excited? they spent important time with this lady. cindy: the entire time we were chatting about the weather, they were so well behaved, what a great group of kids. >> i have seen that clown demo that you do. >> it is exciting stuff. >> when cindy speaks, people listen. cindy: it does not happen in my house. [laughter] cindy: we have widespread fog this morning. dense fog advisory until about 9:00 a.m.
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visibility is down to a third of a mile. as you head back into worcester county, the fog is not as thick this morning. it is not quite as dense as it is closer to the coast line. the highest impact is through 9:00 a.m. and then the fog starts to dissipate and low clouds are going to give way to sunshine today. we are starting a very mild. low 50' s, plymouth. you had farther north and west, there are some 30' s out there. everybody is above the freezing mark this morning. we have high clouds above the fog this morning. the rain is not bothering us. we are going to see dissipate. by noon time, we are talking
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the sunsets at 4:12. we are past our earliest sunsets of the year. heading in the right direction, i suppose. the southwesterly wind at about 5-15 miles per hour. we may hang onto a little bit more cloud cover in southeastern massachusetts. overall, becoming partly cloudy overnight. we are going to see patches of fog tonight. by tomorrow morning, upper 30' s to upper 40' s. we are talking about partly sunny skies tomorrow and temperatures between 55 and 60. it is the warmer day of the weekend. on sunday, we will watch a backdoor cold front start to back in on us. temperatures will be in the 50' s in boston, 40' s at the north shore. look at hartford, connecticut going into the lower 60' s.
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the warmth floods back in on monday. that is going to allow rain to move on and from the evening to the overnight hours. we could see half an inch to an inch of rain from that system. it is out of here on tuesday and the temperatures only fall back into the low 50' s. we are looking at these warmer than average temperatures. kevin: nobody is complaining. cindy: except the skiers and the snow lovers. kevin: yeah, right? let' s play guess where we are? cindy: in a blackhole. kevin: that is a live shot of route 1 in saugus. that is the story of the morning. dense fog around all friday morning. keep those speeds down. further north of town, not too bad. route 3 is picking up more volume.
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129 down to the city, it will take you about 51 minutes, and down to the lower deck. downtown is getting a little busy. framingham and natick. 30 minutes, braintree to boston. 24, you have breaks out of brockton. further south, still dealing with a rollover on the southbound side. emily? emily: thanks. a former oklahoma police officer is facing a 200-your is and you didn' t -- 200-year prison sentence after being convicted . he was convicted on 18 counts, including first-degree rape. 13 women accused him of rape or sexual assault, all while he was on duty. he will be sentenced next month. two louisiana marshals are facing murder charges in the death of a six-year-old boy. he was in the passenger seat of his father' s car when he was
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the officers chased christopher few after seeing him in an argument. they later fired 18 rounds into his car. there were no outstanding warrants against few and no weapon was found in the car. household trimmed for the holidays can be fun, but it can be dangerous. last year, 14,000 people ended up in the emergency room because of some kind of accident related to holiday decorations. there are the obvious warnings like not keeping candles for fabrics, but you want to keep your eye out for more subtle issues. >> make sure that there are no exposed wires. anything that looks funny about the light, just get a new one. antoinette: one little spark on a dry tree and experts say that
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within 30 seconds. friday morning. more than one million bottles of iced tea are being recalled. the company says six flavors of the 16 ounce bottles could contain glass fragments. raspberry, half and half, lemonade, green tea, citrus, peach, and mint honey. emily: asian markets were mostly lower overnight as investors looked toward the fed meeting. he surged to fame with his role as a gifted m.i.t. janitor in the movie "good will hunting." that damon is returning to the school as commencement speaker. the academy award-winning actor will address graduates.
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couldn' t have gotten into. [laughter] antoinette: he' s selling himself short. emily: he is a smart guy. still ahead, a spat between thrown. kevin: hitting a record -- heroin overdoses hitting a record. the surveillance video police want you to see. spend less time chasing sales
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and more time making room at the table. rfind thoughtful gifts at amazing prices everyday
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cindy: temperatures starting a pretty mild. lots of 40' s, even some 50' s on the map. the big thing is the fog. a lot of fog from the cape all the way up toward the north shore. visibility is down this morning. fog is reducing the availability -- visibility in the worcester area, as well. temperatures climb into the upper 50' s to near 60 today. we will do it again tomorrow. we will have a little bit more
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that is the pic day of the weekend. >> time for eye poppers this morning. >> we will handle it this morning. you have heard about this. this takes it a bit to the extreme. a brawl breaks out during the ethics committee hearing yesterday in brazil. some little punches thrown. it is not clear what touched it off, but tempers certainly flared. >> absolutely. if you think you' ve got gingerbread skills, check this out. a six foot tall gingerbread house sits in the lobby of this hotel. some gingerbread engineers -- their official title -- built the completely edible house in just a week. >> is that a criticism to say it could use more candy? >> uh, no. we did eat more candy.
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>> just ahead, a new focus on safety after that runaway tray red line.
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announcer: a horrific terror attack in paris. then, a brutal act of terror here at home. it's time for a tested and proven leader who won't try to contain isis. jeb bush has a plan... to destroy them. and keep america safe.
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should not delay in leading a global coalition to take out isis with overwhelming force. announcer: tested and proven leadership matters. jeb bush. right to rise usa is responsible for the content
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>> now, a newscenter 5 eyeopener. emily: a deadly encounter in a revere home. the first planeload of syrian refugees arrive just north of the border. and tragedy strikes a medical mission in california. antoinette: all eyes on this man after a runaway train puts commuters in danger. the safety concerns being looked at for everyone who writes of the t emily: police say this is a real grinch caught on camera and they need your help to find him. it is on the eye.
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s news leader. good morning, this is newscenter 5 eyeopener. emily: 6:30 on this friday morning. taking a live look at the mass pike area. i promise that is what it is. [laughter] >> sure. >> this is the story of the morning today. emily: good morning, i' m emily riemer. antoinette: i' m antoinette antonio, in for randy this morning. also with cindy and kevin. at all. cindy: this fog is widespread this morning. we are talking about degrees of density. you still have it in the worcester area. dense fog advisory. watch out for the kiddos at the bus stop this morning. temperatures at the bus stops running in the mid 40' s.
6:30 am
here is a look at where we have the fog. wherever you see the white. visibility is about four miles and worcester. a third of a mile in boston, beverly, plymouth. visibility near zero along the seacoast. 52 already in plymouth. it is another mild start. we do have some cloud cover above the fog. notice how we are breaking into some sunshine and the temperatures are going to respond. temps coming up to near 60 degrees this afternoon in boston. be advised that the fog is going to slow you down on your morning commute. let' s get you out there, kevin. kevin: you can' of those exit signs.
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this is that live shot in brighton. certainly, take it easy. let' s go to the maps. a little further south, we see that volume on the expressway. it is almost 30 minutes to get from the braintree split to the oatmeal tunnel. 24, you are on the brakes. southbound. slowdowns. up to the north, route three southbound, on the brakes down through trouble code. 93, easing out in andover. antoinette: thank you. we are following several breaking stories right now. first to revere, where at least two people are dead after a shooting.
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now, for people are dead after a medical helicopter crashed in california the chopper was headed for a hospital in bakersfield when it went down. video in overnight from canada of syrian refugees has arrived in that country. prime minister. he has pledged to take in 25,000 country. mbta operator is under investigation after a runaway train incident on the red line. david vazquez is now off the job. we are live in braintree with the safety concerns. sera: emily, there was a lot of concern about safety for passengers and commuters, especially after these safety procedures failed on the red line. it was a nine minute ride through four stops without an operator at the helm. and the ta workers were finally able to stop the train by
6:33 am
all passengers safely got off at the jfk-umass station. of questions this morning. >> the committee has concerns have not been followed. >> there wasn' t just two systems the train from moving. five involved. only one mbta operator on board since 2011. the agency claims that is perfectly safe if all safeguards are followed. state and federal agencies are looking into the incident and they say they are focused on operator error. antoinette: thank you. right now, police are searching for a man who swiped a donation jar in lowell. the video could be key in this case. todd:
6:34 am
there was only about $25 in it, but that money was intended to buy christmas gifts for families in need. it is a charity effort run by the local "sun." the suspect is seen picking up the jar and then putting a jar in the bag. this happened on sunday. police are still searching for the thief. a new donation jar has already been put on the counter. antoinette: right now, a plymouth woman is in the hospital after she was hit by a pickup truck in middleborough. 45-year-old jennifer mcgrady was hit on route 28 last night. the driver did stop and remain on the scene to talk with police. at this point, no charges have been filed. emily: staggering new numbers on the opioid crisis in middlesex county. the region has had more fatal overdoses of heroin than any
6:35 am
that as of 27% from last year. the city of lowell is logging one fatal overdose every week. antoinette: the role of santa. emily: a little boy gets a new hand and a close call for people walking on the sidewalk. look at that. the near disaster caught on camera. antoinette: hover board fires
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[barks] are those... you there... stormtroopers! halt! turn here. go go! follow them! bb-8! beep, beep! this way! where'd they go? they went that way! r that way, they went that way! i can't believe that worked! of course it worked!
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kevin: good morning, everybody. the big story is all about the dense fog all over the place. you can' t even read the exit signs at a lot of roadways. the fog is low, but the temperatures are going to be up there. cindy: they have been up there all night long. we are starting out above 43. the fog is going to be with us through midmorning. temperatures jump up to near 60
6:38 am
we will do that again tomorrow. we will cool off a little bit on sunday. look at that. look at monday. antoinette: cindy, thank you. near disaster caught on camera in london. this surveillance video showing the roof of a three-story building collapsing on a busy street. as we watch it again, you see that debris missing people walking by inches. the building was undergoing renovations. strong winds are to blame. emily: a dream come true for a six-year-old who was born without fingers on one hand . his grandmother wrote a letter to the university and they created three different robo -hands. >> we went to the grocery store and he is gripping the cart with both hands. we went down the slide and he says he can grip and push off
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emily: it took more than 30 hours to print each one. the designs have been around for years. with 3-d printer, the cost is less than $50. antoinette: we are following several breaking stories. two people killed in revere. also breaking overnight, a planeload of syrian refugees
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>> just about six: 40 five. frank is following breaking news on a deadly shooting in revere. sera is in braintree with the latest information on that runaway red line train. >> todd is following developments as a plane of syrian refugees touches down in canada. first, let' s check in with cindy and the forecast. foggy everywhere. cindy: you got it. the dense fog advisory until 9:00 a.m. notice how the dense fog advisory does not include the worcester area through the higher elevations. in worcester. get the idea. look at the temperatures. starting out mostly in the 40'
6:41 am
even 52 in plymouth. the mile there we have had lately. it has been more than six degrees above average per day for the month. we dipped down a little bit on sunday. we are back up to 60 on monday. the average tie this time of year -- high this time of year is in the mid-40' s. by lunch, we are in the mid-50' s, coming close to 60 four a high temperature this afternoon. we watch a backdoor cold front sneak on in on sunday. day. temperatures. let' s get you back out to the kevin. kevin: that is the story.
6:42 am
volume-wise, we are not too bad. your biggest delays are soon after the weston tolls. a little busy out in the natick area. mass pike, about 27 minutes down to the o' neill tunnel. route 3, not too bad. 24 is on the breaks down into brockton. we are picking up a new crash, 495 south before route 44. up to the north, 128 is a little busy in that redding stretch. worcester trains, delays up to 20 minutes. >> breaking news overnight, two people are dead after a triple shooting in revere. >> frank holland is live at the scene with what we know right now. frank: we know that one person
6:43 am
and killed on the first floor of this triple-decker. shots rang out around 9:00 last night -- at least six shots. someone pulled a fire alarm after the gunfire. the victims are a man in his 60' s and a younger man and a younger woman who were visiting. it is unclear who was killed. police are trying to figure out a motive. here in revere, frank holland. >> state and federal agencies are investigating what went wrong with a runaway red line train out of braintree. their primary focus right now is on the operator, david vazquez. two different breaks should have been engaged before he stepped off the train to check on a problem. the train left to the problem -- station unmanned going by four stops in nine minutes until workers cut power to the third rail to slow the train down.
6:44 am
procedures. >> breaking overnight, four people are dead after a medical helicopter crash in california. the chopper was traveling to a hospital in bakersfield in poor weather when it went down. it is unclear why that chopper crash. todd: the first plane carrying syrian refugees has just arrived in canada. a government plane carrying 163 syrians touched down in toronto. the newly elected canadian prime minister was there to greet the first families. president obama has said the u.s. would take in 10,000 syrian refugees over the next year, though several governors have threatened to block it due to terrorism concerns. >> a manhunt right now in geneva, switzerland, where several people in connection with a terror threat are in the city. four people may be linked to
6:45 am
raised. is warning americans there to be vigilant. >> donald trump picks up a key indoor smit in new hampshire. he got the backing of the new england police benevolent association last night. the group is particularly in favor of the gop front runner' s officer. outside the event, protesters made it clear that trumps stance on banning muslims from entering the country is not acceptable. >> the hunt for answers in the california shooting rampage moves underwater. investigators are diving into a lake three miles from the shooting. they are looking for digital devices the killers may have tried to destroy. >> president obama is finalizing a proposal to improve background
6:46 am
congress' s approval. he is frustrated by government in action. the white house is focusing on the gun show loophole, where people can buy weapons at gun shows without any check. >> high bail for one of the men charged in this robbery. luis garcia was armed with an ak-47 when he and another man stormed a brockton convenience store in june. during his arrest, he told police he could get any gun he wanted. garcia was pleading guilty in court. >> closing arguments in the philip chism murder trial are closed until monday. the defense claims he was insane when he killed danvers high teacher colleen ritzer inside the school two years ago. prosecutors say he is faking mental illness. >> a mother is sentenced to life
6:47 am
she was convicted in the march 2010 incident. police say she had been drinking and doing drugs before she beat her two-year-old. she initially blamed the death of her husband. her life sentence will be automatically appealed. >> eight cadets have been suspended at the citadel military college amid these controversial photos. the sheets on their heads look similar to kkk uniforms. cadets at the south carolina of the christmas get and they are supposed to be ghosts. chipotle is apologizing for the nora virus outbreak that has students. noroviruc s could be linked to a shift last week.
6:48 am
one of the most popular gifts this holiday season. delta, american, and united say hoverboards are now banned from their flights. the airlines joining a growing list of others that refuse to allow the device is on board. delta says manufacturers don' t consistently provide details about the size or power of their lithium-ion batteries. >> one person is hurt after a collapse in boston. one worker on the staging fell 50 feet and was taken to mass general. >> incredible video out of nile valley, washington. dozens of people forced to evacuate out of heavy rains that feet. their homes. the massachusetts gaming oversight of the growing fantasy
6:49 am
stephen crosby said that an agency or the gaming commission should be tasked with keeping tabs on sites like draftkings and fanduel. he said the games change so quickly that they need to be regulated. >> another big surprise found inside salvation army kettles. gold coins that are said to be worth $1400 each. at least three were dropped into red kettles at two different donations and they were wrapped up in a one dollar bill. >> patriots tight end rob gronkowski hitting the practice field. he played yesterday with a brace on the bruised and sprained right knee. he could play on sunday against the texans. rolled out. crossed. >> everything crossed.
6:50 am
kevin: hey girls -- or ladies, anyway. it is dense fog out there. route one in saugus. take it easy and use a lot of extra caution. let' s take a look at the maps. hey 128 getting through 93. 93, you can make it all the way down to spot pond. to the west, stood still slowdowns. to boston. 495 southbound, we have a right lane crash before route 44. the left lanes getting by. the worcester train number 504 delayed up to 15 minutes. the weather is not too bad out have the dense fog. up having a big impact on your
6:51 am
visibility is third of a mile. the fog will slow you down. the dense fog advisory is up until 9:00 a.m. cloud cover will be with us hours. we expect some brightening this afternoon. by lunchtime, mid 50' s. s to near 60 degrees. skies do brighten up into the afternoon. i' m not expecting widespread fog. weekend. 55-60 degrees with sunshine. sunday. approaches on monday, this is going to bring
6:52 am
overnight hours. gusty downpours. it is great, we need it. behind it, more mild air. we are cooling off into the 50' s. [laughter] cindy: it will change eventually. emily: thank you for watching.
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